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love-me-a-good-prompt · 2 days ago
More non-sexual intimate scenarios to insert your characters into:
Person A tucking Person B into bed
Person A clasping Person B's necklace
Person A checking, at Person B's request, to see if Person B has bad breath
Person A and Person B trying on each other's clothes
Person A accompanying Person B to a doctor's appointment
Person A helping Person B clean / organize their house / apartment / room
Person A and Person B sleeping in the same bed together (just sleeping)
Person A checking Person B's hair for ticks / lice
Person A taking Person B's measurements to fit them for a custom garment
Person A making a playlist / mixtape for Person B
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falloutfandomeventhub · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
☢️Fallout OC-Tober☢️
A whole month dedicated  to your OCs and exploring what makes them great! What better way to do  that than to get inspired by some prompts. Everyone is invited to join,  and every OC from every game from the series is welcome (Yes, even Tactics). Whether you write, draw, screenshot, or cosplay, we want to see you participate.
Each week you will have three specific prompts to fill out. Use any medium you wish to fill them, then tag your post with #FOOCtober21 ! Also have fun with the bonus prompt on the 31st! It may not be original, but it certainly is a classic.
Don’t  like any of the specific prompts? That’s okay! We’ve provided you with an  alternative one word prompt for you to take inspiration from. If you  want to do both prompts, please feel free to!
Please  note, the alternative prompts are words intended to be vague to inspire  your own take on the subject. Anything will work for them, so get  creative!
Oct  1 - OC’s favorite location  or  Storm
Oct  4 - What makes your OC S.P.E.C.I.A.L.  or  Disuse
Oct  6 - OC’s preferred companion  or  Luxury    
Oct  8 - Random moment in time  or  Discovery
Oct 11 - Your OC’s biggest fear  or  Growth
Oct  13 - The ideal wasteland meal  or  Motivation
Oct  15 - OC’s favorite critter  or  Bizarre
Oct  18 - Your favorite thing about your OC  or  Psychedelic
Oct  20 - What the future holds  or  Familiar
Oct  22 - What your OC never leaves without  or  Dawn
Oct  25 - Your OC’s lowest point  or  Gigantic
Oct  27 - Your OC’s best outfit  or   Murky  
Oct  29 - A line your OC would never cross  or  Sound  
Oct 31 - BONUS PROMPT: Haunted!!
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zoasart · a day ago
hi zoa! what if… what if during LLAL, remus wants to try some more feminine stuff. and he’s kinda scared. and then sirius makes him comfortable wearing some makeup and a skirt and remus just feels so pretty 😩
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
keep reminding me
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deepherofanaticism · 22 hours ago
♡ for the intimacy thing! (With Dadmight maybe??)
♡: Accidentally falling asleep together
I see someone's fishing for their FAVOURITE trope again! And I'm so incredibly pleased for it.
"Young Midoriya?" Toshinori takes stock of the ratty-haired teenager slouching through the door to his office with raised eyebrows. Any standard greeting is foregone at the sight of the boy's drooping eyelids and slack expression. "What's the matter, my boy?"
Midoriya lifts his head up just briefly before dropping it again, as though unable to keep it straight. "Mnothing really..." He mumbles, and for how little his lips move, it sounds like he's talking through a thin wall.
Toshinori sits upright, strangely taken aback by the realization of what's happening with his student. He's seen his successor tired before. Has seen the boy downright exhausted more often than even that. However not once, not even in those ten grueling months of early-mornings and late evenings together on the beach, has he ever seen Midoriya so sleepy.
It's, frankly, kind of adorable.
The man chuckles, watching his boy shuffle over to his sofa unprompted. He looks like a little zombie. "How much sleep did you get last night?" He asks, in lieu of cooing at the teen's grumpy pout. More half-muffled mumbling answers him, but he manages to catch some mixed apologies in there. A very typical response, he muses while shaking his head. "Go ahead and sit down, I'll make some tea."
Midoriya doesn't sit, so much as collapse onto the couch. Still, although his legs stretch out in front of him and his arms lay limply over his stomach, his eyes stay open and follow his teacher while he bustles over their tea.
Tea in hand, he approaches. His student takes up very little space next to the armrest. "Scooch over." Toshinori says needlessly.
The boy twitches, but makes no other move otherwise. Either he recognizes his mentor's joke or he's exhibiting a rare bout of laziness. Toshinori chooses to sit in the center, between the two cushions, taking advantage of the opportunity presented to him by the absence of his student's usual skittishness.
Midoriya is so out of it that he doesn't even flinch when their legs nudge together. "Here. Tea."
The arm moves like molasses. He smiles wide and withholds his amused laughter as he manually takes and wraps Midoriya's fingers around his drink. The cup that feels dinky to Toshinori fits in his boy's smaller hand perfectly. This whole situation tickles him, for some reason. Makes his face settle into some fond expression that he can't describe, and sets off a warm and happy hum from deep in his chest.
"Don't fall asleep now." He says, while Midoriya breathes through steam with bleary eyes. "You've got your afternoon classes still. English with Mic, right?"
A heavy nod. "Mhm. Yeah."
He's losing him. Toshinori finds himself caught up in his successor's soothingly low energy, and slouches back himself, absorbing heat from his tea and the teen beside him. "Do you like your English class? I don't think I've ever asked you."
The answer comes slowly. "Yeah..." The boy repeats, squinting. He takes a sip of his drink, and his eyebrows pinch with the faintest frown at the heat invading his mouth. "I do like English. Present Mic is so cool. So cool."
Long legs meet resistance as they try to stretch out alongside the shorter ones of the littler hero. Toshinori picks up his feet one by one, and crosses them on top of his coffee table. "He is cool, my boy, but go easy on the praise. You'll make me jealous one day, you know?"
"Hmm?" Midoriya blinks up at him, and Toshinori's ground-level guard lowers even further at the trust he sees in the boy's big, sleepy green irises. "All Might is still the coolest. He'll always be... the coolest."
Smile crooking up on one side, he presses his arm to his student's gratefully. "I'm glad to hear you still think so, my boy. It makes me happy to be your favorite, even among all your other cool teachers." He's joking, of course. It matters little to him that his student admires other heroes besides All Might. Very little.
The teen startles him, a bit, by leaning into the press of his arm. Now they are shoulder to shoulder, and Midoriya's stocky build is deceptively soft now that it's so relaxed.
Wasn't Toshinori still relatively upright a moment ago? When did his head sink so low to rest against the back of the couch? He distantly reminds himself to fix his suit after Midoriya leaves, now that it's bunched up around his neck.
"Mmm." A stringy hum with very little breath, sounding very close. "S'true though."
His easy smile broadens. It's a silly thing to be happy about, the boy losing consciousness at every beat and with looser lips than he'd let himself keep before. But it's simply lovely to hear. To be here, too. Toshinori sighs contentedly.
The scrawny old hero sinks ever further into the cushions. And with the weight of his boy against him, nose full of familiar smells and the brush of fluffy, pine-green hair soon pressed into the skin of his neck and jaw, he falls dead asleep.
He wakes a bit over two hours later, to the unwelcome sight of Eraserhead looming over him. A shadow falling against the light of the low afternoon sun through the windows.
"Am I to believe." The disgruntled teacher says flatly. "That you are responsible for the bane of my existence going MIA on school time?"
Toshinori supposes he should be frightened of the dead stare being levelled at him from above. But, presently, Midoriya's nose is breathing puffs of hot air onto his neck. And their two arms have linked together at some point, a scarred hand curled in a loose fist tucked up into his own. And his elevated feet have been joined by a smaller pair, clad in scruffed-up red shoes that hold the same nostalgia as a pair of yellow boots and a white cape.
"Shhh, Aizawa." His voice is scratchy with misuse and the gumminess of sleep, even while whispering. He tilts his blond head just enough to see half of the freckled face drooling into his jacket. "He's sleeping."
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promptsforyourwhumpfic · 10 hours ago
Whump Prompt #774
(In the lead up to whumptober I will be drawing from the alternatives list)
Head Injury
While traumatic brain injuries are a horrific ailment to suffer in real life, there's something quite pleasing about the symptoms when writing them for fictional characters...
Light sensitivity
Balance Issues
Vision Problems
Short/Long-term memory problems
Trouble thinking clearly,
Feeling more emotional
Easily frustrated/angered
The blend of symptoms make for a wonderful slow recovery fic filled with angst - particularly if writing graphic injury is not your cup of tea. 
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creweemmaeec11 · 2 days ago
Suggestive Enemies to Lovers dialogue prompts:
"Please don't make me have to spell this out for you,"
"Screw you!" "Is that a request?"
"Oh look who finally came home. Morning after huh?" "Jealous?" "Given the fact you walked in here, I have nothing to be jealous about," "You willing to prove it?"
"Are we finally going to do something about this tension or...?"
"Just shut up, close your eyes, and slap me if you want me to stop,"
"Is someone jealous?" "Not for long,"
"Finish what you started or I swear-"
"Don't make me ask out loud,"
"I know you feel the same so... just do it already,"
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ghostly-prompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #39
A car sat crumpled around a pole—the hood smoking and glowing with flames. A twisted door clattered across the street as Hero crouched in the doorway to rescue the occupant. They froze in shock on recognizing the bloody, pale face of Villain.
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sambuckyprompt · 2 days ago
While on the run, Sam gets really horribly sick. It's bad enough that Steve, Nat and Wanda have him stay behind in Wakanda for a couple of weeks... with Bucky. Cue Bucky's instinct of taking care of stupid, reckless, sick boys, and Sam's "I'm gonna be such an ass because by God do I hate feeling incapable of taking care of myself" one.
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skriveting · a day ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #30
"If only one of us is can make it out of here alive... it's gonna be me."
"Honey, what's going on? Why are you crying?" "*sniffs* What if they don't like the wrapping paper on the gift?" "They will, honey, don't worry. Go back to sleep." "Are you sure?" "One hundred percent. Trust me." "Okay."
"This is outrageous!" "Sweetheart, you have to calm down."
"Back then I honestly didn't think it could get any worse. But then I met them, and I thought, uh oh." "And we've been inseparable ever since."
"How was your day?" "Nice. Why do you ask?" "Because I wanted to make sure you had a nice last day before I kill you"
"Where are the others?" "You mean the scum you call friends?" "Yes, now where are they?"
"You're an idiot." "Takes one to know one."
"Why did you do that?? I got what you were saying, I didn't need a demonstration!"
"Listen, we don't want any trouble." "Well I guess that's too bad, cuz I do."
"What are you laughing at?- Actually, I don't wanna know."
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 days ago
Dialogue Prompt
CW: Cursing
"I hate you!"
Now, why would you say that? You and me, we're a team.
"Every day, I wake up, and I'm forced to be the main character! I don't want to be the main character!"
Well, I'm the narrator, suck it up.
"I mean, why did you even choose me? There wasn't anything special about m--"
You're right, that's why we needed to give you a tragic backstory to spice things up and move the plot along.
"Killing my partner was necessary for the plot?! What the f*ck is up with that?"
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
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defectivehero · 21 hours ago
prompt #215
“At the end of the day, we all look up at the same night sky,” the hero reasoned, crossing their arms over the railing they were standing by. They chanced a sideways glance at the villain, who seemed to be contemplating that statement.
“Do we really?” the villain said. “Your night sky is filled with shooting stars, while mine seems to be filled with dying ones.”
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alwayseddietrash · 2 days ago
"What the hell did I just walk into?" Buddie optional:(+ Chim)
hi nonny friend
have some of the softest shit i have written recently.
what timeline, who needs that. most likely in the AU where they worked things out over the hiatus. I wrote this as early stages/ they havent quite told everyone yet era of their relationship, but could be read as pre-relationship/ oblivious idiots.
I hope you like it ❤
“What the hell did I just walk into?” Chim said, seemingly unable to control what he uttered out loud.
He was standing in the doorway, looking over the apartment that was pure chaos, but was met with complete silence. There were several bottles on the counter in various states of consumption, among other baby food- most notably the bowl that was flipped on the high chair tray. There were toys and blankets strewn about the living room. And then his eyes landed on the couch.
“I have to get a picture of this for the group chat.” he muttered to himself as he pulled out his phone.
Because there amongst the chaos, on the couch, sat Buck and Eddie, leaning- no snuggling into each other, Jee carefully cradled on Buck’s chest, Eddie’s hand spread protectively across her back.
Jee began to softly fuss, both of them stirred, from their evidently light sleep.
“I’m gonna go get her settled and put her in her crib.” Buck said in sleepy hushed tones.
Eddie didn’t reply but seamlessly both of them rose from the couch and made their way back to Jee’s room.
Chimney still stood in the doorway unnoticed. And he felt as of he was intruding in his own home.
Ficlet starter lines
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youneedsomeprompts · a day ago
Imagine your OTP getting home after a stressful day and still wanting to take care of their exhausted s/o
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stayevildarling · a day ago
Billie: *grins*
Wilhemina: „Don‘t you dare“
Billie: *smiles wider*
Wilhemina: „I swear to god“
Billie: *laughs*
Billie: „You are adorable“
Wilhemina: *rolls eyes but melts internally*
Tumblr media
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deepherofanaticism · 18 hours ago
♛ for Izuku and All Might, please?
♛: Sharing a dessert
Thanks very much for this prompt! It made me think a little, but I hope it works for you.
Izuku wasn't sure what the point was to this outing.
On the surface, All Might has been nothing but transparent about it. The hero spent some time talking up this small, cramped restaurant tucked away in quieter Musutafu that's apparently been here since he himself attended UA as a student.
"The food isn't all that spectacular," He'd said while signing the pre-prepared student leave form he whipped out not even two seconds after Izuku agreed to go with him, "But it's good, quiet and has a great homey atmosphere. At least, it did when I last visited. Which was when I was seventeen. Which was uh, decades ago. So." He'd sheepishly rubbed the back of his head after that, averting his eyes. "Hopefully, it's still just as good. We'll just have to see it for ourselves!"
As it turns out, his mentor was right about the establishment. Izuku has lived in Musutafu his whole life, and hadn't given much thought to the little, cracked-pavement plaza right between this side of the city and the other. But the restaurant All Might has taken him to is like a geode among its plain surroundings.
All Might's whole face lit up once he'd peaked his head in the glass-metal door, and he'd held the door open so that Izuku walked in first, despite the boy's protests. It's easy to see the appeal in the old place. Rather than the dingy, fluorescent lights most often found in hole-in-the-wall joints like this, rusty metal containers and recycled jars hang from the ceiling with warm, yellow lightbulbs inside. Every table has a dusty little cactus in a clay bowl, and is covered in colourful checkered cloth.
The menus are all worn at the edges, and while All Might kept his own in hand, he'd poured over Izuku's with him instead. Boney fingers jabbed at everything he said his student would 'definitely' like, energy abuzz and happy but nervous. Izuku couldn't think of any reasons for the unusual emotions his mentor was exhibiting, waiting diligently for instructions, important news or a One For All discussion that never came.
And now, they are sitting over empty, mismatched dishes cleared of food that was, as promised, quite good. Not spectacular, but tasty and hot and filling. All Might is still talking, gesturing with the cheerful disposition he'd walked in with and asking his student all sorts of questions about school and friends that he has no idea how to answer. And Izuku is still confused, not sure when the other shoe will drop or why his mentor brought him here to begin with. But he feels nice.
"Are you enjoying yourself?" All Might asks suddenly, out of the blue, and Izuku blanches at the man's resurgence of nerves. His hands fidget over the placemat, and his brow is tilted up in concern. Izuku wonders for a second why All Might's expression is so familiar. "Because you know, you didn't have to come if you didn't want to, my boy. I wouldn't have minded."
The answer appears before him like sunshine after a rolling cloud. Izuku has been here in the past, in these types of restaurants, having these types of talks. Just not with All Might, before.
He didn't ever think his mentor could look at him like his mom does.
"I'm fine!" He blurts, sitting straighter in his seat. Seeing as the man studies him for his honesty, Izuku gives All Might a massive, beaming grin. "I'm having a great time, actually! Do... Do you think we can stay a little longer?"
There's a moment of contemplation, or perhaps hidden astonishment, as All Might watches him. And then, the hero lights up again. Eyes clear and shoulders up, he reaches over and pats Izuku's hand, and then his shoulder, as though unsure what else to do with his poorly concealed relief. "Of course, my boy! Would, would you like anything else to eat? Maybe a drink?"
Izuku, delighted and flushed for reasons he can't name, enjoys the attention thoroughly. "Can we get dessert, maybe?"
All Might wastes no time and snatches up the second, smaller menu in a positively gleeful manner. "Of course, of course, anything you like!"
Izuku insists on his hero getting something for himself too. When he declines, already full from his meager portion of lunch, Izuku asks for an easy choice of a slice of strawberry sponge cake with whipped cream. When it comes around, the teen goes and picks up a second fork from the bucket next to the register.
"Oh, no. Not for me." Despite attempting to decline, All Might takes the utensil offered to him in hand. "You should enjoy your food, kid."
"It's just in case I can't finish it!" Izuku lies. His first bite of cake is sweet and soft, and he makes an appreciative noise through his nose. "Did they have this when you were in school too?"
"It must be new." All Might stubbornly crosses his arms on the table, the butt of his fork tapping the table.
Izuku won't give up, and takes his second mouthful of cake. "Please try one bite? It's really good." Instead of acquiescing, All Might smiles at his face, eyes soft and holding in a huff of laughter. "What?"
A chuckle escapes him. "You're already making a mess." Instead of explaining, All Might reaches over again, and Izuku finds his cheek being wiped over by a broad, calloused thumb. His mentor's fingers hold his chin steady while he works, and he feels secure in some silly way.
"Please try some?" Izuku asks again instead of giving in to his embarrassment, watching the man wipe cream off his thumb with his handkerchief. Neither of them acknowledge the perfectly good napkins stacked at their side. "Who knows when we'll get to come here again."
"My boy." All Might meets his eyes with great sincerity. Izuku thinks he knows what he'll say; that they'll come as often as they want to, that they'll have lots of opportunities and other restaurants to visit in the future too. But in the end, he sighs. "Fine. Slide it here."
They finish the cake between them, but continue talking far past when they've finished and all the way back to UA, barely making it in time for curfew. It was never about the restaurant, after all.
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Whump Prompt #773
(In the lead up to whumptober I will be drawing from the alternatives list)
It wasn't unusual for A to be forgotten by those around him. After all, he hid in the shadows and kept to himself - he spoke when spoken too and never really engaged in social events.
So when the first week passed of A being stranded at sea, they figured someone would come looking for them. 
But when the two-week mark heralded an awful storm, A wondered if anyone was coming.   
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sleepyprompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #483
“Oh, yeah. I fell. Down some steps. Kinda hurts.”
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sambuckyprompt · a day ago
Bucky is cold literally all the time. Sam doesn't question it - the dude's been a human popsicle longer than he's been properly living, that'd fuck up anyone's circulation and temperature management - and just kind of accepts the living conditions that follow: Bucky always having two or more layers on, sitting and sleeping directly by the radiator, and stealing the shirts Sam's just taken off, as well as his sweaters and hoodies.
Sam's only complaint? He wishes Bucky would just fucking cuddle with him if he's that cold. Christ.
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person-1n-progress · a day ago
More Assorted Prompts 2
1. “I just want to know what I did to deserve this.”
2. “I never meant to let it get this far.”
3. “That is the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
4. “You are my person.”
5. “Thank you for staying.”
6. “You saved me.”
7. “I thought it was a joke…”
8. “You deserve the world.”
9. “I will never forget you.”
10. “You make me want to stay.”
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