write-it-motherfuckers · 2 days ago
Person A: “....Uhh....I’m pretty sure that’s meant to stay on the inside.”
Person B: “How the hell are you still standing?!”
Person A: “Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.”
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juststoryideas · a day ago
Acts of Intimacy
definition of intimacy: close familiarity or friendship; closeness (not just sexual acts!)
- brushing teeth together
- building a blanket fort
- butterfly kisses
- caressing
- calming each other down
- cleaning together
- compliments
- cooking together
- cuddling
- dancing together
- date nights
- decorating together
- endearing nicknames
- eye contact
- face masks together
- falling asleep on each other
- forehead kisses
- game nights
- gardening together
- gifts
- grocery shopping together
- hand holding
- head-scratches
- hugs from behind
- indulging in guilty pleasures
- inside jokes
- knowing their drink orders
- linking arms
- long drives
- long hugs
- making sure the other ate / drank water
- massages
- meet their friends / family
- movie nights
- nuzzling
- opening up about personal details
- philosophical conversations
- pick up lines
- picnics
- playing with hair
- pranking each other
- ranting to each other
- reaching for the other in their sleep
- reading together
- regularly texting
- routine kisses
- sharing clothes
- sharing food / drinks
- sharing music
- showers / baths
- showing childhood photos
- stargazing
- teaching each other’s hobbies
- telling stories
- tickling
- touching noses
- undressing each other
- vacations
- walks together
- writing love letters
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bebemoon · a day ago
outfit masterlist~
evil winx club
urban + solitude 
cream + fresh + cherry
modern medusa
ice + moon + curse
gentle witch of the wood
fire + sun + deity
swim practice
budding mage
hemithea aestivaria moth
silver galleon centrepiece
“the girl who became a knight”
night-clubbing in an alien metropolis
spring tea in the garden
cupid (princesscore version)
“the nymph of the garden“
waking in the middle of a stormy night to explore the castle corridors ..
“aphrodite wants everyone to remember she is a goddess of war too”
“going shopping in an ancient carthaginian market”
star + angel + light + silver
“starlit prom in late june”
the goblin king queen
“exploring a marketplace on an alien world”
“catching a train and leaving your old life behind”
“blush pink city romance”
“autumn elopement with a ghost”
“eating your heart out"
“cinderella at a high school dance”
aunt spiker
poe dameron 
“visiting a garden in late july”
“ancient queen sleeping under a misty hill”
“binge-watching bad television with a tub of ice cream”
disco vampire
“dancer on the edge” 
“new office job and i am barely holding it together”
“sleek bacchante” 
“winx club meets euphoria”
“tropical holiday on crystal, clear waters”
“early morning delicate beauty”
snowdrop + black licorice
“attending your lover’s execution”
“living in a stone cottage by the stormy sea”
“getting to know the vampires of southern italy”
forgotten rococo porcelain doll 
“rococo-inspired femme fatale“
“watching the slaughter of trojans and strong-greaved achaeans from the walls alongside helen“ 
“dragon hunting in the fjords” 
“spring in genovia”
“blood moon witch” 
“the illicit daughter of a romanov grand duchess and rasputin“ 
elizabeth báthory 
“disappearing into the mountains to never be seen again” 
“wlw victorian lady who lives in a cottage with her gf” 
“gilded age heiress with a rebellious streak and sapphic tendencies” 
“siren who swims in silver waters in a snowy land” 
“attending a princess’ baptism (self-invited)” 
blind date on the moon 
anna pavlova
“femme fatale monster-killer from an alternate reality” 
“taking a walk on a foggy black sand beach” 
“juno the mafia daughter”
“artist who speaks to fairies” 
padmé naberrie 
“grimoire librarian” 
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promptspa · a day ago
Random prompt #78
"You're always getting yourself into matters that don't concern you," Villain states, no room for arguing in their tone. They stalked out of the shadows, reaching Hero in a few strides and draping their arms over the back of their chair, hands resting on their shoulders. "Aren't I enough trouble for you?" Hero hums, pretending to think about it for a moment before tipping their head back to meet Villain's gaze. Apparently, this was the wrong decision, as the criminal's glare intensifies tenfold. With an angry flourish, Villain grabs the back of the chair and gives it a harsh tug to spin it around as they begin to walk away. Soft alarm bells ring in Hero's mind. Villain was upset with them. "Villain, my love, can't we talk about this?-" Hero's attempts at saving their own skin are cut off when they hear the crackle of electricity in the air. They resist a sigh. So that's what they're upset about. "Talk? Oh yeah, we can talk." And thus begins Villain's lecture and rant. "Or, maybe you want to go speak with Other Villain? Maybe listen to their cheap monologues or their stupid plans?" "Honey, I can't just let a villain destroy the city. It's my job to-" "They have their own hero!" "Other Hero is on sick leave." "Ugh! Fine! Whatever!" Villain stomps their foot down, their power still flowing around them uncontrollably. "I'll just go fight somebody else! Maybe Vigilante, or even Anti-Hero. At least they know a real threat when they see one." Hero gives a huff at their words before they scramble onto their feet to follow Villain out the door. They weren't jealous at the mere suggestion, of course not. It was just that Villain could be a handful and Hero had been assigned to them for a reason. They were their villain.
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writing-ideas-inc · a day ago
"You're always so strong, making sure we're all safe and cared for, " B says, running their hands through A's hair in soothing motions. "But, when was the last time someone took care of you?"
A's facade cracks, and tears begin rolling down their face. B hugs them, letting A hide in the crook of their neck as the sobs finally break out.
-Mod Vienna @see-through-stars
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daily-prompts · a day ago
Prompt 152
Farming is the hot new tech. Write the relationship between foragers and agriculturists. What are their opinions? Do they think it’s just a passing trend? Whose doing better? What happens if there’s a drought?
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glassesblu · 2 days ago
Blankshipping+ Guardian for the pairing meme, please?
Hi @scribeprotra ! Thank's for the prompt!
-Send me a “Guardian” and I’ll write a drabble DRAW about one character swearing to always keep the other safe
This came out a bit goofy and silly, I hope you don’t mind!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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friendlylocalwhumper · 15 hours ago
what is your character's ideal ending? the outcome they don't dare to dream they'll ever reach? what would they sacrifice to get there?
who in their life would be horrified to witness that sacrifice?
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ghostly-prompts · a day ago
Prompt #269
I honestly never thought we’d make it this far
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injuryprompts · 2 days ago
Injury Prompt #767
Head forced underwater
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write-it-motherfuckers · 2 days ago
Person A: “We’re going about this all the wrong way, aren’t we?”
Person B: “I believe we are, yes.”
Person A: “....Should we scrap everything and take it from the top?”
Person B: “I don’t think we have any other choice.”
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soprompt · a day ago
“Let me do this.”
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sleepyprompts · 2 days ago
Prompt #698
“No, you are forbidden from doing as I did for exactly those reasons.”
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promptspa · a day ago
Random prompt #76
"I've waited millennia for you to come back to me... Why are you hiding from me?"
"Because, unlike you, I miss the comfortable mortal life!" "Do you not miss me then? You still insist choosing humans who would fear the real you over me, dear beloved?" "I do miss you, but I can't live another century in that stiffy temple of yours, dearest."
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writing-ideas-inc · 2 days ago
Setting Prompt
The crypt wasn’t opulent. There were no mounds of gold coins, no gem-encrusted sarcophagus, no beautiful sculptures or artifacts. A stone casket dominated the space, plain and unadorned. The only thing that marked the crypt as special at all were the runes etched into every surface, even the casket itself. The language was unknown and unreadable, but if one ran their fingers along the deep lines and dots and swirls, they’d feel the message, like a vibration spreading into their bones: there was power here, and it was more valuable than any earthly riches.
- Lynn
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dailyau · a day ago
We have to build thirty set pieces in a week, your hilariously bad singing to the radio is the only thing getting me through this, bless your soul AU
- @dykeactivities)
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lureofthegallowsgame · a day ago
wrap or tousle for eli and warren please 🥺
I went for ‘wrap’ but the prompt sort of got derailed. I still think it’s good, though!
“You have five seconds to stop,” Eli started, their voice dangerously even, “before I plummet you to death, Warren Sinclair.”
From his perch across the couch, Warren paused. He sized his opponent up carefully, squinting in concentration, his arm still poised mid-throw.
“Should I move?” I asked, not budging from my spot in the middle. I had fought relentlessly to get my spot, never mind the fact that there was a cat curled up in my lap, purring sleepily despite the silent war going on above our heads. I burrowed deeper into my pile of blankets stubbornly and hummed, “I feel like I should move.”
“You can stay,” Eli said calmly. I tipped my head to look their way; Eli had chosen to retreat to the farthest end of the couch, much like Warren had once the popcorn fight started in earnest. Movie nights were a tradition for us despite the way it always ended in one of two ways: either a full-on wrestling match between Warren and Eli or all of us crammed on the couch and asleep by midnight. I had hoped for the latter in a pitiful sort of desperation.
“You’ll risk putting our sun and stars in the crossfire, my old friend?” Warren motioned to me. His tone pitched in mournful despair. “And Apollo, no less?”
Eli, their pajamas rumpled from the sudden escape from Warren’s attack and popcorn kernels dusting their lap, hesitated for a split second. Briefly, I wondered if they were worried on my behalf or behalf of their cat. Nemesis had enough sense to curl up on her favorite armchair on the other side of the room, but Apollo was too clingy to be by himself when someone could be cuddling with him. Eli had a martyr’s guilt when it came to both of them: they would rather be trapped by a sleeping cat for hours instead of bothering them by giving them a nudge to move.
And Warren Sinclair, one of the very few people in the world that knew Eli like the back of his hand, had used that hesitation to his advantage. Warren’s arm moved instantly, the piece of popcorn barely missing my head as it pinged against Eli’s forehead.
Eli went deathly still, their steely gaze settling on Warren with blazing contempt.
Soundlessly, Apollo stood up and lept off my lap, sensing the danger brewing. He managed to escape before I could; Warren laughed at Eli’s expression, and all hell broke loose. I tried to slide out of the way of the worst of the scuffle but still somehow managed to be in the middle of it all, Warren’s warm arm wrapped tightly around my waist as Eli squirmed around to try and hit him. Eli slammed their fist on Warren’s shoulder - he let out a wheezy laugh at the attempt - and scowled so darkly that I could almost taste the smoke.
“You’re an idiot,” Eli told Warren, punctuating each word with another firm punch to his broad shoulder. Warren gave a sympathetic, dry-toned, ‘ouch, ouch ouch’ in response, then settled his chin on the crook of my neck, nuzzling my cheek.
“Come on, Eli,” Warren said sweetly. “Wouldn’t you rather use that energy for something else?”
Eli pulled back abruptly, surprise flashing in their irises before settling into a flimsy glare. I couldn’t see his face, but I could feel Warren’s sly smile against my skin, tempting and sickly sweet. Ozone crackled softly in the air around us. Warren’s touch, his skin against mine, suddenly felt scalding in an addictive lure.
“I hate you,” Eli finally breathed. They dropped their fist, uncurling their fingers and tightening them together in a familiar burst of anxiety. I could see when the determination seized them; Eli leaned in and pressed a fleeting kiss to Warren’s mouth, silencing his half-hearted tease mid-breath. They pulled back quickly, pausing just long enough to press a soft kiss to the corner of my mouth before escaping our little bubble entirely.
“You’re still an idiot,” Eli told Warren, but the fondness in their eyes gave them away entirely.
“I know,” Warren said with a smile, because he knew it, too.
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creweemmaeec11 · 22 hours ago
A vampire hero and a human villain who isn't scared of anything...
except vampires...
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ghostly-prompts · 16 hours ago
Prompt #270
Shattered by grief
Reforged in anger
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theroyalpretender-if · 15 hours ago
how would the ROs react to getting home super late and being greeted by a very sleepy mc hugging them and saying "I missed you"?
K is exhausted themselves, so it doesn’t register for them at first just how late it is. They fall into your embrace before the realization hits them. “What on earth are you doing awake?!”
F grins impishly as you rub at your eyes. “There really was no need to have stayed up MC, I could’ve woken you up myself…”
L doesn’t say a word as you embrace them. Instead, they take you by the hand and lead you to bed, wrapping their arms around you as they hold you against them and whisper into the nape of your neck. “I missed you too.”
E’s brows furrow when they see your face before bringing you to bed and kissing your eyes closed. “Please don’t wait for me MC. That’s my duty.”
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