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Prompts for characters with a Corpo Lifepath

  1. Someone framed your character for an offense they did not commit and they get sacked, the next day a job at a rival corp is offered if they bring along their files. What is the story behind the story.
  2. One of the local gangs stole a military grade vehicle from a warehouse where it was being stored, and your character has been tasked with breaking in and making it look like it belongs to a rival corp, how do they do it?
  3. An executive’s kid went to a party your character happened to be at and got way too high, they must get them home safe and sound without drawing attention, or letting the bosses know they were there.

Tag @welcometonightcity or join us on the Night City Discord to gush about your Nomad characters.

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Writing Prompt 468

You leaned against the tree, crossing your legs as you looked up at the green canopy. People from the village told stories about this forest, how it was haunted or that an ancient race of ancient beings inhabited it. If you were found by one of those beings, you’d be whisked away to their world.

Yoy smiled as you heard the birds chirp. You’d much rather be whisked away by a powerful being than be in the village. They’re said to be beautiful, enchanting, so it can make it easier to lure you away.

You took a book out from your backpack and opened it, blinking. Where you had las bookmarked it, there was text and an intricate illustration of said human looking beings. Confusion and panic started to set in as you flipped through the book frantically, none of the words or pictures there any more.

You closed it and opened it several times for good measure.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

A twig snapped nearby. You swiveled your head towards the sound, gawking at not what, but who you saw. An exact replica of one of the ancient beings depicted in the book. They looked like one of the nobles. It was quite eerie.

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Unfortunately, I am going to have to refuse your prompt request. It’s nothing personal, I’m just not interested in that specific project anymore and trashed it for good. It just wasn’t really going anywhere.

That being said, I did recycle the concept into something else. It’s not a fic, it’s just an idea I have that could be for later.

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But what about the opposite of this.

You know that au where you have more than one soulmate?

Well what if, your soulmate is the only one who is black and white and when you start to fall for them all the color in the world starts getting sucked into your soulmate.

Like theyre the only life and color of your world.

But as you fall out of love they start to lose the world regains its colors and they start to fade into the background.

But then when your soul dies and you were still inlove with them. All the color will fade and only your soulmates personal items have color.

Like imagine a person who has never met theyre soulmate but has loved them all the same. Suddenly lose all the colors in theyre world but they found a colored item and they go into a quest into finding out who exactly theyre soulmates are.

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thank u liv for this lovely prompt. fair warning: buckle your seatbelts for the not one but two sets of parentheses within another set of parentheses.  

i was tragically torn between soft and smutty in this one. we’ve ended up with kind of both and kind of neither — enjoy 😔

explicit(ish), 1389 words 

The first time, Draco takes Harry’s jumper. It’s his, his favourite, knitted by Molly and given to him when he was twenty years old. It’s blue, and has a whale on the front in a deep navy tincture (the naughties were when Molly entered her experimental phase — instead of letters, everyone’s Christmas sweater bore some kind of (no offence, Molly, but utterly random) image. Ginny’s had a platypus on it, Percy’s had yew branches up the sleeves, and Ron’s, an impressively detailed Muggle toaster (??) across the chest.) 

Whatever. Logic aside, Harry loves his jumper, and he loves his whale, who Ron dubbed Herbert towards the befuddled, tipsy end of the night. (“Herb for short,” he said, and then collapsed into his eggnog.) He loves that Molly chose it for him, the Warming charms entwined in the wool that feel like her fierce, protective magic against his skin, and the way it’s become loose and pliant with age. 

Unfortunately for Harry (and Herb), Draco likes the jumper too. Likes it so much that he sees fit to employ every Slytherin-y wile in his arsenal to try and steal it. 

“I don’t understand why you covet poor Herb, Draco,” Harry says, when he goes looking for the jumper and finds it missing from it’s drawer again. “I would have thought him nowhere near sophisticated enough for your tastes.”

Draco sniffs and rolls onto his stomach. “I’m sure I haven’t a clue what you’re on about,” he says, and manages to sound lofty even with his face half buried in a pillow. 

* * *

The second time, Harry takes Draco’s tie. It’s a silvery grey one that’s the same colour as his eyes, a custom made gift from Pansy for his last birthday. 

And Potter, the cheeky fuck, has stolen it. A looter, ruthlessly purloined it in an unscrupulous heist, that he’s probably been planning ever since they first started dating, or is it why he even pursued Draco in the first place(?!), just to whisk it away from everything it knows, and—

“That’s quite enough,” Harry says. “And I didn’t take your tie.”

Draco slams his hand down on the kitchen bench. “Lies! Fraudulence!—”

“—I took ransom. You’ll get your tie back when you return my son.”

Well. Well! Draco pretends to dust lint from his sleeve. He says, cooly, “Herbert prefers my company, anyway.”

“He does not.”

* * *

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Person A is a reaper in a world where when souls die, they either become reapers and join a sect, each one with a different core value, or go rogue. Person A is the protégé of their sect leader, who basically raised them, due to Person A dying so young, and war is brewing between the sects. Person B is from a sect that has a lot of tension with Person A’s sect, but Person A, due to being a rare reaper who died as an infant and therefore grew up in the spirit realm and gained more powers quickly due to it, is asked by Person B to help them with a problem. The problem being an infant soul, that Person B knows the sects will fight over, seeing as how powerful reapers raised from infancy in the spirit realm are. Person B asks Person A to help them raise and train the child.

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Hmmmm, this was a tough decision for an unintentional, sick, confession but I decided to do Masumi because literally no one has requested him 😢


Send me an Emoji 🥱

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Anger wasn’t an irrational person, no, she just didn’t think much before doing many things. Sometimes she picks the wrong fights but she also occasionally picks the right ones. She is a force to be reckoned with, she’s scary and downright intimidating at times but she also does a lot of good when she’s not being unreasonable. Everyone seems to see her differently; some say she wears leather, spite, and tattoos, the things they’re most afraid of. A few think she’s fear wrapped in silk and set on fire, soon to consume everyone at some point. To others, she’s their motivation, wearing gold robes and determination. She sees herself as courage in the devil’s suit, too powerful and set on something to stop. But one thing is sure, she is neither good nor bad; it all depends on when, who, where, and why, and every perception of her is just as accurate.

Sadness wasn’t a pessimist, no, if anything he was a realist. Him and Anger are similar to each other in so many ways, sometimes he just shows up at the wrong time and place, sometimes he’s too much when he doesn’t need to be and not enough when necessary, but he makes mistakes, he’s only human after all. He’s so many things to numerous different people. To some he’s anger wrapped in frills and cowardice, throwing insults at him as if they aren’t completely wrong. Others say he’s despair in a tuxedo, pretending everything’s not as bad as it is. Some believe he’s hopelessness in a hoodie and sweatpants, trying to soften the increasing loss of belief in the world. He believes he’s joy after standing in a downpour, not giving up, just a little soaked through.

Sadness and Anger go hand in hand, Anger at the Sadness in the world, and Sadness at all of the Anger. And maybe this is a cruel cycle, with more Anger there’s more Sadness and more Sadness leads to more Anger and on and on it goes, but sometimes this isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes the Angriest are the ones who make the most change happen and sometimes the Saddest inspire the most.

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I’m considering doing a 12 Days of Mingcheng thing from Dec. 13th - 25th so if there are any 1-5 word prompts you guys would like to see, feel free to reply to this post!

Actually please do lmao

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