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“It was Good While it Lasted”

A Hinny Prompt

Summary: Harry is leaving on his Horcrux Hunt, and is thinking about Ginny one last



Originally posted by suddenlysomewherethatsgreen


Harry had been dating Ginny only for a little while when all this happened, first his Horcrux Hunt with Dumbledore, then Dumbledore dying, and now him leaving to look for those Horcruxes himself.

He could feel his heart shattering as he got ready to leave his dormitory, he had to tell Ginny that he was going, and that he might never come back. All that he hoped for right now, was to go back in time, and tell Ginny that he had always liked her. He would give anything get himself just a little more time with her, just one more day.

Everyone, including Ginny herself, thought that only she fancied had Harry since the beginning, but the truth was that, Harry had always found her likeable, and had fancied her since his fourth year, especially since they went to the Yule Ball together…as friends, but he had never allowed himself to think about it, mostly because he was terrified of Ron’s reaction to this thought.

He still remembered a brief conversation between Ginny and her brother, George from that day, which he was sure he wasn’t supposed to hear.


“Wow Ginny! Quite the bullet you’ve dodged, isn’t it? Just your first ball and already with your celebrity crush!” George snickered.

Ginny turned bright red and smacked her brother in his face, “First of all, he isn’t a celebrity crush, he’s my friend just like he is Ron’s. And second, we’re here with each other because we did not have dates. We came to the ball as FRIENDS. Now bugger off before I hit you again.”


He couldn’t forget how much he’d enjoyed at the ball with Ginny and how hard he’d hoped that they’d become something more than friends one day. That ball was one of the very few good things that happened to him that year.

Harry came crashing back to reality when he heard Hedwig flapping her wings on his bed. She was sitting there, waiting for him to take her with him. He signalled his owl to fly up and sit on his arm and started walking out.

Well, he thought, it was good while it lasted, as he headed to tell Ginny that they would have to leave each other, once again.


Hi! This is a Hinny prompt, on the request of @bleurandwolfstararethebestships

I hope it met your expectations, if it didn’t, please forgive me because I’m new to writing and not very good at it as of now. If you like the story, please like and reblog, it would be helpful. Thanks!

(Should I do Ginny’s POV on this?)

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I have something like that here, but here’s more!

- - - - -

“Come on, (name), get your feet off the desk.”

“Blah, I thought you’d like these new boots I got.”

“They look good on you.”


- - -

“Let’s have a deal. You do my homework and I’ll make sure those weirdos stay off your ass.”

“They aren’t even that much of an issue…”

“Really? What would you call that black eye, then? A gift?”

- - -




- - -

“Are you sure I shouldn’t punch their face?”

“I’m very sure you’ll get in a boatload of trouble.”

“Not even breaking his nose a little?”

- - -

“I don’t understand any of this! What- What does this even mean?”

“You’re hopeless. Do you wanna study at my place later?”


“I- No! I’m not insinuating anything, stop, sTOP LOOKInG aT me LiKE tHAt.”

- - - - -

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Reformed Villains

heavily inspired by this prompt

A villain who had a change of heart and joined the heroes’ team, and deeply regrets their past actions as a villain. They’re committed to the work they’re doing now, they’ve formed bonds with the team, and the heroes trust them.

The thing is, they haven’t told any of the heroes that they used to be one of the villains they’d fight on a regular basis. As far as the heroes know, they’re just a friendly, hardworking member of the team.

They’re terrified the heroes will find out about their past and reject them, or even worse, assume that they’re a spy trying to sabotage the heroes’ missions.

Bonus points if one of the team members suspects the truth or has actually figured it out, but realizes that the villain has changed and that they’re reluctant to reveal their former identity, and stayed quiet about it for their sake. Extra bonus points if the whole team knows and just didn’t want to freak the villain out or cause them anxiety.

thanks to @red-river-potato01 and @promptsforyourwhumpfic for the inspiration! I hope you don’t mind me building off your prompt a bit 😅

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The human race travels to a new, habitable planet far from their solar system only to discover that the planet is already populated, not by strange extraterrestrial creatures or intelligent bipeds, but by dinosaurs. Classic, unmistakable, Earthen dinosaurs.

Somewhere out there, someone saved the dinosaurs. They might be the only hope to save the humans.

- Lynn

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hmmmmm Steve and Stephen pulling a Rose and Rosie - except it’s not a perfect fit and unrequited

I genuinely can’t think of Steve crushing on anyone. my mind just goes ‘Steve? Emotions? god no’ and I don’t even understand why. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyway cute prompt though! I can just feel the sexual tension between tony and Stephen from here 👌🏻 along with Tony’s self-doubt 👀 perfect combo

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Dialogue Prompts: “Improvements…”

1. “Your aroma is better than a rose garden’s, and you shine brighter than all the stars.”

“That’s so cliché.”

“Fine. You smell like Jupiter. Is that better?”

2. “No, don’t call it that. I prefer to think of it as… redecorating.”

“And that chair stuck in the wall—is that part of your redecorating?”

3. “Hm. We’ll have to do better than that.”

You’ll have to do better! Everything was going fine until you abandoned the plan to steal a guy’s watch!

“It was a good watch! And he’d clearly stolen it himself, so you could say I’m enacting justice.”

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Of course! We need more parent prompts lmao, hope you like these!

- - - - -

“So, um, this is your room. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me! I saved my number in your phone under my name.”

“Thanks, dad.”

“I- You’re welcome.”

- - -

“I know it’s gonna be a little hard to get used to, and- and you don’t need to talk to me, or-”

“Hey, dad, it’s okay. You’re way cooler than my real dad.”

- - -

“Are you trying to win me over?”

“I…I guess? I mean, I thought you’d like me if I bought you fancy stuff.”

“I appreciate the gifts, but I’d rather you don’t empty your bank account on me. Besides, you should work on wooing (other parent) over.”

- - -

“You really don’t need to try this hard. I think you’re pretty cool. The only thing I hate are your dad jokes.”

“Oh yeah, I have more in my dad-abase.”


- - - 

“You…got me a step ladder?”

“I never knew my real ladder.”


- - - - - 

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I created a group chat for writers and poets that would like to share their work and ideas with others! I hope writers are able to give each other advice and tips, or just get to know each other as friends. Feel free to request to join. Have fun! 🤍

*You must be active in the chat to join, and I check blogs*

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“You have been asked to make choices you did not want for almost 10 years now. Blunt may have pulled you in but it was your decision to go to SCORPIA. Your decision to betray it. And every drop of blood on your hands has been based off of your decisions. You did what you had to survive, but you are a monster of your own creation, Alex. If you want a place to lay the blame for what has happened then you can lay it at your feet.”

Alex reeled back as if Yassen had physically struck him.

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hey guyss!

i had hit a follower milestone (a fair while ago lol) and would love to do something fun i came across! recently i had so much fun playing around with InspiroBot, that i decided to take prompt requests based on any nonsense that bot churns out! if you are interested, find the rules below. thank you so much!!

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“Do you tell me lies because they sound better?” - Currently Unknown

Leal - Faithful

Lily by Alan Walker

“I could finally keep my head up, and everything looked better when nothing was getting in the way”

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Person A is the child of a god/goddess of memories and has psychometry, the ability to touch an object and see the memories associated with it, learn information about the makers, owners, users, etc. of the object. Because of this, Person A hates touching objects that haven’t been thoroughly cleaned (which dispels their ability) and hates touching people due to being able to access all the memories of the individual. Because of this, Person A has social anxiety and OCD habits in regards to cleanliness about anything coming into their home. A witch friend of Person A created enchanted gloves, covered in fancy talismans and charms and painted with sigils and seals, to dispel Person A’s abilities for Person A to wear and be able to function as a normal person outside. But Person B is a detective, looking into a series of crimes (murders or other crimes) and needs Person A’s help to catch an extra elusive and dangerous criminal. At first Person A is reluctant, but then people they know start succumbing to the crimes, and Person A is forced to step out of their comfort zone to help Person B end the criminal’s reign of terror over their city.

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Since @snafu-07 and I watched Supernova tonight, spent the following hour talking about death, I feel this prompt is especially soothing to me.

“Oh, careful.” Eggsy had to bite down the urge to snatch their pup away from Merlin. The alpha was careful, handling their little bundle of joy with the utmost care. Yet Eggsy couldn’t contain the crippling anxiety, when Merlin placed Noah in his carrier.

Eggsy was being discharged, finally, after two long bloody days in hospital. He knew how to change, nurse and burp his pup, yeah? Weren’t like he had zero experience, helped raise Daisy from a wee pup. Now she were seven, blossoming into the prettiest flower Eggsy had ever seen.

“There.” Merlin stood back, pride and happiness radiated off of him. His smile was huge, taking up the whole of his face, as he gazed down at what they made.

His earlier worry melted. There was nothing more pure and natural as the love and adoration rippling off of Merlin. He was made for this. Destined to be a father, and Eggsy knew he’d be the best one.

“Good job, Papa.” Eggsy grabbed his hand, his own eyes falling onto the tiny face of their son. “Looks proper snug, yeah?”

Noah was swimming in the newborn bear winter suit they purchased. All that could be seen was his tiny nose, little bow lips and small eyes that hadn’t opened in the last four hours. He was perfect. Their amazingly wonderful boy that didn’t really let either man sleep, but that was okay; Eggsy wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We ready?” A new anxiety bubbled in his chest. Sure, yeah, he was ready for home, but that didn’t mean Eggsy wasn’t scared. “Think the other members will be accepting?”

Merlin trailed the back of his hand down Noah’s rosy cheek. “We’re ready, and they’ll cope.” He turned to scent Eggsy, washing away doubt with his confidence and security. “Let’s go home, Daddy.” Eggsy grinned into the kiss Merlin offered. Merlin tightened Eggsy’s scarf before he grabbed their bags and Noah while a nurse wheeled Eggst out.

Noah’s car seat was snapped into the base, they’d been prepared for weeks, making the trip home almost effortless. 

Snow fell around them as they headed up the walk. The bitter cold of January was harsh against his exposed skin, it made Eggsy fearful for their pup’s face. Merlin got them in as quickly as Eggsy’s sore body was allow, and settled in the sitting room with a warm fire where Eggsy gently unwrapped their tiny man. He was left alone while Merlin tended to JB and Gus, Merlin’s German Shepherd, and unpacked their things.

Which was fine with him, seeing as Noah decided then he’d wake from his slumber for a feed. Unfocused blue eyes stared up at what Eggsy assumed his face, but knew babies couldn’t see much yet. That didn’t stop him from talking to his son, humming to a songless tune and stroking his dark downy head of hair.

“Alright, lad’s. Time to meet the newest member.” Eggsy heard Merlin at the front door. He had Noah propped over his shoulder, satisfied when he let out a tiny burp, and tucked him into the crook of his arm. “Are we awake, Daddy?” Merlin asked, showing up in the archway with JB in an arm, and Gus’s collar gripped in his freehand.

Eggsy smiled, nodded, and waved them in.

“He eat?”

“A bit, yeah. Think he’s gonna need a change though.” His bum was a little squishy.

“I’ll get the bag.” Merlin left the boys, finding what Eggsy needed, and assisted in Noah’s diaper change. Eggsy didn’t need the help, but Noah always seemed calmer when his alpha Papa was around. “I dinnae know how something so tiny could make so much mess.” It didn’t smell like nothing yet, but it were kinda gross.

Eggsy silently agreed.

“Time to meet your brothers then, innit?” He nosed Noah’s cheek. Merlin hefted JB between them, Gus sat obediently in front of them; ever the patient canine. “Okay. This is JB, Noah. He’s gonna be your cuddle bug, teach you all about naps.” Eggsy winked at the pug, who’s head tipped curiously when Noah made a small noise.

He brought Noah toward the dog, allowing JB to sniff him. JB were a bit apprehensive, not sure what to make of Noah, and licked a finger before laying his head on Noah’s leg.

“Protector, aye. That’s a good lad.” Merlin praised, patting JB’s head and offered a treat.

Eggsy breathed a bit easier, then turned toward Gus who never took his eyes off Noah.

“And I know you ain’t gonna harm him, right? Papa taught you well.” Gus held his head with pride, but did look on curiously at the baby. Noah started to fuss a bit, tiny fists and feet wiggled a bit before he let out a full on cry. “Oh.” Eggsy went to take him away, except Gus nosed Noah’s hand.

Gus licked a small fist, then up his arm, and nosed him again until Noah’s cries lowered to whimpers that eventually stopped completely.

“You see that, babe?” Eggsy asked, stunned.

He could detect Merlin’s pride before he saw it reflected in the smile he held for his dog.

“I did.” Merlin slipped Gus a treat, as well, and kissed his muzzle. “Noah’s got himself a few protector’s, eh?” He scooped Eggsy close, only nudging JB a bit, and pressed lips to his temple.

Eggsy fully relaxed against him, welcoming the warmth of not only his comfort, but of their small family, that he denied himself. And it was in that moment Eggsy knew, they’d all be okay.

No harm would ever come to their precious boy.

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As luck would have it I’m off tomorrow.. go ahead send me stuff lads! Silly, questions, nsfw.. Have at it dudes!

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A castle healer is pursued for recruitment by a band of assassins with the promise that they’ll never have to kill anybody. The assassins insist that the healer will be a valuable member because their skills are twofold: they can take care of other members when they get hurt and teach them about poisons and the body’s weaknesses. Eventually, the assassins put pressure on the healer for ins to the castle and information about nobles and royals, and the lines between the healer’s jobs blur. They are torn between two worlds: their old life of stability and respect, and a new life of danger and excitement.

- Lynn

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🖤~Song Of The Day~🖤

The song of the day is: What You Need -by- Beth Crowley

The challenge is to write something based off of this song, be it the name, the lyrics, or the tune itself. Let your imagination go wild and see where the music takes you.

Have at it Darlings!

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(Almost) caught | Fred Weasley x Reader

This is my first Fred x Reader (and first time writing in this format) so please don’t be too hard on me

Keep sending prompts

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