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Dialogue Prompts I guess?

1. “I’m so far into this metaphor I forgot my point”

2. “There was a lesson in there somewhere but I really gotta go so you gotta figure it out on your own”

3.” Do you have any questions?”


4. “How are you not dead?!”

“Was that rhetorical because let me tell you it’s a wild story”

5. “Shit that was super wholesome I can’t even make fun of you now”

6. “Jesus Christ, have a little faith I know what I’m doing”

7. “Aren’t you going to say ‘this isn’t what it looks like?”

“That’d be a lie”

8. “You are tiring , holy shit”

9. “Just because you say ‘and that’s a fact’ afterwards doesn’t make it one”

10. “ okay in retrospe-“

“Don’t you fucking dare”

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Send me a number, ship (or character) & verse - I’ll do some headcanons!

thanks for this one, nonnie! 

1. Is your muse a romantic? Do they dream of love and marriage?

  • Growing up, Tony’s mother spoke about his soon-to-be kingly duties - taking and bedding a wife being one of them. At a young age, Tony noticed how many woman went in and eventually made their way out of his father’s chambers. It didn’t make sense until he was a little older - but it colored him a little. When he encounters Peter in the woods just outside the kingdom, marriage is the last thing from his mind. The ethereal boy is intriguing and filled with knowledge about so many things that Tony always longed to know about. If things go his way, Tony won’t ever take a wife. He’s plenty happy with the tantric way Peter can drive him crazy - sometimes without even laying a hand on him. 

3. Is your muse good at kissing? Are they experienced?

  • Tony’s first kissing experience happened in court, which immediately got him in trouble. It didn’t make sense to him until much later that boys did not kiss other boys in the presence of nobles - especially the eventual king. The idea of kissing didn’t come back to his mind until Peter pressed his lips to Tony’s - the wreath of his flower crown scratching against his forehead ever so slightly. He doesn’t know much about the process other than the fact that it’s wet and it requires more finesse than could ever be predicted. Peter is patient and always seems up for Tony’s explorations. He might not have started the interaction with much experience, but he’s slowly learning the ins, outs, and betweens - Peter is an enthusiastic teacher, the witch’s taste casting spells on him with every caress. 

5. Is your muse comfortable with public displays of affection?

  • If they were ever in public together, Tony doubts either of them would be all that excited about letting the world see them. It’s incredibly hard to be a man who likes other men - there are so many taboos around it, especially for the king. What he does in private is one thing. The kingdom doesn’t care what the monarchy does behind closed doors; his father was evidence of that enough. No, the lynch mob wouldn’t come knocking at his door unless his secret slipped through the cracks. Peter is an outcast and avoids the city walls and public place like the plague. Their intimacy is just for them and Tony is more than okay with that. There were some things the public didn’t get to have from their king. 
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Harry didn’t believe in running away. Not really. He faced every challenge thrown at him. Every year, he struggle with the obstacles that he had to face. There were many times when he wondered what his life at Hogwarts might have been like had he been normal. How many battles could he avoid, how many enemies he might never make. They were only “what if”s but Harry liked to imagine.

But he wasn’t running away. He simply didn’t know what to do anymore. He had spent his entire teenage life standing and fighting and facing Tom that there had been hardly any time for anything else. And now, it was over. Everything. The war, the pain, the constant presence he felt. Now everything was… empty. Quiet. It was almost unsettling. He felt useless sitting at home, twiddling his thumbs.

There was just no need for action any more. There was just the reparation period. The world had to be put back together.

But Harry had never been good at that. 

So, without much fanfare or recognition, he had packed up a bag and hopped on a train, a MUGGLE train, and left England behind. He wanted to feel like he could exist, breathe, and not need to explain himself to anyone. And home was not the place for that at the time. 

Ron had been angry at him. Of course he was. They were finally able to be kids, or whatever was left of the kids they had been. And Harry was throwing it away? For what? Some peace and quiet? Hermione had understood though. She had placed a soft hand on Ron’s arm, saying that Harry was entitled to a life outside of being Harry Potter. And maybe he needed to learn how to do that on his own. 

Keep reading

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hi Sierra! I can do that for you bb!

13. Mine.

20. Could he make you feel as good as i do?

55. Look at you, I’ve only started using my fingers and you’re already shaking.


Steve’s grip on the steering wheel is painful and tight. His jaw is set and your arms are crossed as you both glare out of the windshield. 

“Can you tell me what I did wrong?” you ask finally. 

“Are you joking?” he asks. “What the hell was that?”

“Use your words, bud.”

Steve seethes. “You were back there talking to that - that - asshole.”

Your mouth drops and you scoff. “Are you joking?” you repeat.

“Oh, did you forget?” he asks roughly. “Did you forget that you were over there flirting with him?”

“Steve,” you spit. “You know I hate him. You know that. That’s what got you and I talking in the first place. And you think I’m flirting with him?”

“Why else would you be talking to him?”

You see red. You slam yourself back into the carseat, enraged. “You know what? Maybe I should have flirted with him instead of telling him to eat shit.” You look over at Steve, and you know it’s a low blow, but you continue. “Maybe he’d be a better fuck.”

The expression on his face alerts you that you’re in deep shit. Lowly, he asks, “You think he can take you better than I can?”

“Guess I’ll never be able to tell since you interrupted us ‘flirting’,” you throw back. 

Within twenty minutes, Steve has you laying on your back in his bed, two fingers pounding into you. You cry out repeatedly, in complete bliss as one hand fucks and the other rubs. 

“Look at you,” he breathes. “I’ve only started using my fingers and you’re already shaking.”

“Steve, please,” you cry out. 

“Please what?” His fingers pick up the pace.

“Fuck me - I need -”

Steve aligns himself at your entrance and you give a nod before he slowly sinks into you. He rests for a moment, allowing you to adjust, before fucking you roughly. His fingers grip your thighs, leaving bruises. You cry out over and over again - realistically, Steve was the best you ever had. It was like he was made for you. There’s no possible way another boy could be any better. 

“Could he make you feel as good as I do?” Steve asks, fucking you hard. “Could he?”

“No,” you whine. “No, Steve - no one else.”

“Mine,” he growls, picking up his pace. 

“Yours,” you agree, reaching up to tangle your hands in his hair the way he likes. He bends down and kisses you deeply. A finger circles your clit and you shout, hands pulling on his hair roughly. 

“Fuck, I love you,” he moans. “Love you so much.”

“I love you - I’m going to -”

“Now,” he pants, and you both climax together, shaking with the pleasure it brings. As you both catch your breath, Steve kisses your forehead. He lays down beside you and pulls you in to him, holding you close. 

“I really was telling him to eat shit,” you say eventually. “Fuckin’ hate that guy.”

“I’m sorry,” he whispers. “I just - god, I hate that guy too.”

“Well, he did let us have some hot sex tonight, so we can thank him for that,” you muse.

Steve rolls his eyes. “I’ll be sure to give him a toast.”

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ok wig!

62. Wanna see what I’m wearing underneath all this?

30. If you don’t like my teasing, then why are you moaning?

29. Say it.

25. What? Does that feel good?

4. Like what you see?


“Wanna see what I’m wearing underneath all this?”

Steve swallows hard but nods eagerly. You smile at him and begin to strip, going slow, letting Steve take you in. You reveal a lace set, complete with a garter, and Steve’s not quite sure how he didn’t cum on the spot. 

“Like what you see?” you ask, and he quickly pulls you down onto his lap. You straddle him quickly as his lips attack yours. His hands travel everywhere - over the lace, over your bare skin, over your ass and back. His hand goes to your clothed clit and starts to rub, making you moan. 

“What? Does that feel good?” he asks. 

You nod in response, but Steve wants words. He lightly smacks your ass and you gasp. “Say it.”

“Feels amazing, Steve,” you moan, your pussy grinding down on his fingers. He moves at a painfully slow pace, slowly rubbing circles into your clit as his lips find the sweet spots on your neck. You continue to moan and grind, and right as you’re on the cusp, Steve removes his hand from you. 

You glare at him, frustrated, and whine. “What the hell?”

“You like it,” he mumbles, his fingers now unclasping your bra. 

“I hate it.”

“If you don’t like my teasing, then why are you moaning?” he asks, and then kisses across your breasts. You sigh lightly, hips grinding down again. 

It’s going to be a long night. 

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Wanna know what really butters my bread? Like REALLY powders my donut? It’s fics that have just the right amount of unrequited love and angst that just gets you ya know???

You know what I mean tho, even if you have no fucking clue what I’m talking about. You KNOW.

That one story where two characters obviously love each other but due to their own stupidity and obliviousness or just due to some sick twist of fate the two never come together. It isn’t until after chapters and chapters of the two stumbling around one another and a countless stream of heartbreak that finally, FINALLY the two see each other.

YOU KNOW- That one moment where the see each other and their feelings just click and the two FINALLY say how the feel


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hi syl love u I hope u wake up to this and u r happy <3

46. I’ve never hated you. You just… make me feel things I don’t understand.

49. Please, don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry.


You get out of Steve’s car bitterly, slamming the door shut behind you. Steve quickly gets out of the driver’s seat, tripping over his seatbelt as he stumbles to go after you. “Y/N, please -”

“Why do you hate me?” You ask, voice thick with emotion. “Why are you so mean to me?”

Steve winces. “I didn’t mean it -”

“You say that every time,” you cry. “Every time we get close to each other, you push me away. Why do you do that?”

Steve steps forward, reaching out to you. His expression is pained and sad. “Please, don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry.”

You step back. “Yeah? Do you know how many times I’ve cried over you?”

Steve steps forward again and takes you in his arms before you can get out of reach, and you melt into him, sobs wracking your body. Steve’s own eyes brim with tears as he holds you closely, tightly, rubbing gentle circles into your back. 

“I’ve never hated you,” he whispers. He presses his tongue to the roof of his mouth for a moment before continuing. “You just… make me feel things I can’t understand.”

“Like what?” you say into his shirt miserably. 

“Like… like what trust is,” he says softly. “You make me feel safe. You make me feel listened to. I’ve never felt that way with someone before.” He takes a shaky breath. “You make me feel like… like I’m home. And I’ve never felt that… I’ve never felt home in my entire life until I met you.”

You finally hug him back and he begins to cry, burying his face in your hair. “When I get too close to being happy, when I get too close to figuring it out… I have to bail. I can’t let myself get hurt again.”

You pull back and cup his face, using your thumbs to wipe the tears from his cheeks. “I will never hurt you, Steve Harrington. I will never do what others have done.”

Steve winces again, his hands coming to rest on your wrists. “I know that, I just - I get so scared -”

“You’re allowed to be scared,” you whisper. “But you’re also deserving of love and happiness.”

It’s not something Steve had never heard before, but coming from you, it means the world. It’s like something clicks in him. And despite his mind’s protests, despite the anxiety coursing through his veins, he kisses you. It’s soft and sweet, just like him. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted, and you kiss back, wrapping your arms around his neck. 

You stay kissing for a few moments before you both pull back, staring at the other. 

“We can try,” you whisper. “Just - give me a chance to love you, Steve.”

He squeezes his eyes shut and laces his fingers through yours. After a moment, he nods, pulling you into him again. Steve doesn’t know what love is, doesn’t know what it feels like, but if it’s anything close to what he has with you, he won’t pass on it. 

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*Marianne and Dawn after a few drinks on girl’s night*

Marianne: you’ve really never thought about going out with Sunny?

Dawn: oh, I’ve thought about it, don’t get me wrong. He’s cute, funny, smart, cute, and–and–yes. But you’ve seen how it is with me and guys. They don’t last long and I don’t want to end up tossing my bestest friend into the discard heap with all my other ex-boyfriends

Marianne, pouring another drink: you should just marry him then

Dawn, missing when she grabs for her glass: say huh?

Marianne: not that I recommend, y’know, love, but if you gave Sunny a ring he’d be yours for life


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(Christ, I’m late getting to this one.)



bruised knuckles. bloody noses. eye-rolling. empty bottles. messy hair. sarcasm. lip biting. unwashed jeans. coffee breath. loud music. broken neon signs. chipped nail polish. leather jackets. always wearing headphones. swearing. sneaking out at 3am. dark lipstick. frown creases. burning cigarettes. plaid shirts. under eye circles. dark colors.


honey tea. flower crowns. giggling. blowing kisses. dancing without worries. white lace. soft textures. fluffy throw pillows. using too many heart emojis. empathy. constant daydreaming. handwritten letters. fairy lights. bullet journals. designated driver. warm hugs. garden picnics. quiet. smile lines. optimism. flowy clothes. pastel colours.

Tagged by: I know for a fact that @chanaihimaa, @asterixkearn​ and @aroseyetbloomedwrites have tagged me in this! If you tagged me also, I apologize, and thank you! :sob: It’s done the rounds I think, so open tag here if you wanna do it. 

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you got it!

24. C’mere, you can sit on my lap until i’m done working.

32. You better shut that pretty little mouth before i put it to work, doll.


Sometimes, Steve could be really needy. Take, for example, this instance, when Steve is palming himself while acting like he’s doing homework. He looks to you, lounging on the bed, and formulates a plan. 

“Sweetheart,” he says. “C’mere. You can sit on my lap until I’m done working.

You sit up, looking at him with furrowed brows. But then you notice how wide his eyes are, where his hand is, how he’s practically pouting, and you get the gist. You walk to him and set yourself down, gasping at the feeling of his erection on your ass. Steve hums happily, wrapping one arm around you as he continues to work. 

You decide to tease him, because it’s just fun, so you sigh heavily. “You know, I’m not sure if I should really be sitting here.”

“What? Why not?” he asks, his arm tightening around your waist. 

“There are probably better things to do,” you respond. “Like touch myself, or -”

“You are not about to touch yourself.” His voice has a hard edge to it, but you can feel his dick twitch. 

“What are you going to do? Stop me?”

Steve’s hand gently grasps your jaw, moving you to face him. Your breath hitches as you see his expression - he doesn’t look so innocent anymore. “You better shut that pretty little mouth before i put it to work, doll,” he murmurs, his lips ghosting over your neck.

You’re way ahead of him, though, on your knees under the desk in an instant. Your hands make quick work of his belt and zipper and soon he’s exposed to you. Steve bites his lip as he looks down at you, desperate for attention. You give it to him swiftly, taking him in, his cock hitting the back of your throat. He moans and throws his head back, hands flying down to grip your hair. He fucks into your mouth, his own mouth falling open in ecstasy. “So fucking good, shit,” he groans. “Feel so fucking hot ….”

You continue for a while until he cums, continuing to suck him off until he’s finished. You pull back and Steve pulls you up quickly, allowing you to straddle his lap. “So good for me,” he whispers, tucking your hair behind your ears. “Good girls get rewards, you know that?”

You nod in anticipation. “What are you waiting for?”

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Tough & Soft: Asterix Kearn


Tough Shell;

bruised knuckles. bloody noses. eye-rolling. empty bottles. messy hair. sarcasm. lip biting. unwashed jeans. coffee breath. loud music. broken neon signs. chipped nail polish. leather jackets. always wearing headphones. swearing. sneaking out at 3am. dark lipstick. frown creases. burning cigarettes. plaid shirts. under eye circles. dark colors.

Soft Inside;

honey tea. flower crowns. giggling. blowing kisses. dancing without worries. white lace. soft textures. fluffy throw pillows. using too many heart emojis. empathy. constant daydreaming. handwritten letters. fairy lights. bullet journals. designated driver. warm hugs. garden picnics. quiet. smile lines. optimism. flowy clothes. pastel colours.

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wig can do!

trope 17 - locked in a room

angst prompt 24 - She’s hot, but she’s evil.


After a particularly grueling shift with Steve, Robin has had enough of your constant bickering. You and Steve argued almost every shift, seeming completely oblivious to the very obvious feelings you both had for each other. Robin had tried to level with Steve, who was usually the one to start the petty arguments. 

“Come on, Steve,” Robin says. “There’s no way you don’t have a soft spot for her.”

“She’s hot, but she’s evil,” Steve hisses, nearly falling from the heavy box of tapes in his hands. 

“Is she evil because she’s hot? Or is she hot because she’s evil?” Robin asks, and Steve only hisses again before disappearing into the break room.

Which led to Robin locking both of you in said break room after a shift one night, baiting you both in on the promise of snacks stolen from the counter.

“Oh, not cool!” Steve shouts, banging on the door with the palm of his hand. “Robin, you said there were Twizzlers!”

“Yeah, you didn’t say there was a dick,” you shout back, and Steve whips around, pupils flaring. 

“I’m sick of you guys fighting for no reason!” Robin shouts back. “I’ll be out here, you can let me know when you’ve talked it out. We aren’t leaving until I watch you guys hug for at least five seconds. So I’d get to talking, shitbirds.”

Steve sighs heavily, resting his forehead against the door. 

“What’s your problem, man?” You ask. “Why don’t you like me?”

Steve rolls his eyes before turning around to face you, crossing his arms. “It’s not that I don’t like you.”

“You literally called me evil. Robin told me.”

Thanks, Rob, he thinks. “I never said that.”

“Yes, Robin definitely made that up to fuck with us, right?” You say, agitated. “Come on, Steve, what’s the problem? That Keith doesn’t give me shit for calling off? That customers tip me? What’s your deal?”

Steve sighs and narrows his eyes. “You know why.”

You scoff. “If I knew, would I be asking?”

“When you first started here, I rented you a movie, remember?”

You nod. “Yes?”

He throws an arm out, gesturing. “And I put my number in it.”

You furrow your brows, angry and confused. “No, you didn’t?”

“Uh, yeah, I did,” he says, and runs a hand through his hair. “And I remember specifically writing it down, and slipping it into the cover of Pee Wee’s Big Adventure -”

“Steve,” you interrupt. “I rented Raiders.”

Steve blinks. “No -”

“Steve, I rented Indiana Jones.” You pause before gasping. “Oh my God, Steve, you gave Mrs. Wheeler your number -”

“What?! No I -”

“She was renting it for Ted, don’t you remember? She was telling us about her date night -”

“Oh, shit!” Steve exclaims, his hand flying up to his forehead. Realization makes his eyes wide. “Oh - oh my god - when I was at Mike’s last - his mom wouldn’t even look at me - and Ted - Ted glared at me so hard -”

“Steve,” you say incredulously. “You accidentally hit on a married woman.”

Steve slinks down to the floor, holding his head in his hands. He looks tainted, scarred. “Oh - oh, dude, I will never be invited back -”

“Steve -”

“His mom probably thinks I’m a pervert -”

Steve -

“Ted’s gonna shoot me for defiling his daughter and attempting to defile his wife -”


He stops finally, lifting his head to look at you. You rest your hand on his shoulder and he rests his on top of it. “I’m so sorry, Y/N, I thought you just - ignored me -”

“And that made you that mad?”

He frowns. He doesn’t talk for a moment, and finally he says, “I’ve been through a bit.”

You look at the floor, and he speaks up again. “I’m really sorry. That wasn’t cool - I should have never been pissed at you for something like that.”

“You’re right,” you say. You pause, biting your cheek as you contemplate your next steps. “Look, we can unpack your baggage and talk about how to trust over dinner on Friday.”

Steve jumps to his feet, his hands grabbing yours gently. “No, you don’t have to say that -”

“I mean it, Steve,” you reply, squeezing his hands. “Let’s unpack that shit together.”

Robin’s loud knock ruins your moment. “Are you done in there? I wanna go home.”

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A Month of Location Prompts;

(Note; While the goal is to do one a day, please go at your own pace, this is for fun after all!)

1.  An underground bouncy castle party, with some very interesting dancers and very loud music.

2.  Find three photos of completely different locations and use them as reference to create one location, take note of anything standout features or unique landmarks in particular.

3.  You have been invited to the Experimental School for Inventors, the school grounds can be located suspended over a large river and requires either nautical or aerial entry, we apologise for any potential projectiles that may hinder your arrival.

4.  A black and neon themed pub, all pieces of furniture are black with bright coloured patterns, decorations or accents, even the wall paintings are the same.

5.  Organise several items into a pile then use the outline created as the silhouette for a mountain based city.

6.  An apartment that has been split down the middle, one half is near pristine while the other is littered and crowded with innumerable items.

7.  At the bottom of a drained lake surrounded by dried mud is a statue that seems to be reaching upwards to where the lakes surface would have been. There are stones positioned around this statue in an unnatural pattern.

8.  A place of worship built entirely of recycled glass, metal, rock, wood and plastic from several other long destroyed places of worship. The floor is a mosaic of colour in celebration of being rebuilt from the ashes.

9.  The middle of a kite festival, hundreds of kites in the air and picnic blankets all around, the breeze is just right and the suns rays bake the earth.

10.  The back of a secret lab has a room with nothing in it but a half constructed inactive android that has a chain leading from it’s back to a bolt on the wall, one hand of the android is behind it’s back clutching something tightly.

11.  The Galactic Court House, the judicial panel has twenty seats of different themes to signify where each judge hails from, the jury seated above the court with a layer of glass between them. The room is mainly of a smooth polished silver material, cushioned seating is coloured according to the role in court, the Galactic Pledge is carved into the back wall in all prevailing languages.

12.  A small shelter made from a tarp attached to a three wheeled car, surrounded by moss, trees and mountains during a stormy night.

13.  Holographic park that has projections of people walking through it, these projections change periodically to reflect a different time period for both entertainment and education purposes.

14.  Look for a diagram of an insects wing, enlarge it. Now view it as the pathways of a forest and decide what caused these paths.

15. Within the branches of a tree is a few hammocks and fairy lights, baskets with pulley systems filled with books, food and other trinkets are adjacent to each hammock. 

16.  A shimmering lake with many small rowing boats tied to a board walk, these little boats are painted to resemble teacups. In the centre of the lake is a bowl like rock filled with marbles.

17.  Desert landscape where parts of the sand are a shimmering pink colour, rocky structures carved by the wind peek out of the ever changing dunes and the snakes have ancient script on their scales.

18.  Welcome to The Grand Library of Memoirs, where only journals, diaries and personal logs are stored, the history of peoples lives and thoughts. All books are categorised by last name and sectioned off by century. The ceiling is a large clock.

19.  Within a forest in the depths of winter, all around is shades of white and ash with the exception of red berries and lines of red carved into several trees.

20.  A tennis court long overgrown and covered in graffiti, some ribbons tied to the fencing around it. There are several posters and pieces of litter scattered on the ground.

21.  The typical office setting except the interior designer had some strange obsession with frogs.

22.  A memorable spot from your past but scaled to the size of a giant, the average person no larger than a squirrel.

23.  Your typical ideal flower shop, blooms of all colours lovingly arranged and labelled, located right next to the gateway to the underworld.

24.  Entering a company building that has been built between two cliffs, the walls are solid and shimmery while the roof is completely made out of glass, each floor part of a large atrium to allow the light through. In the centre is a themed water fountain with many coins left at the bottom.

25.  An art gallery that only has gloves on display, some even pinned to the walls where paintings used to be.

26.  Place three drops of ink or pain on paper, then either blow on or tip the paper at different angles. The lines left are now paths and roads of a map, create different locations and terrains for these paths then have your characters navigate this map.

27.  At the top of a mountain surrounded in mist is a shrine decorated with copper leaves and carvings of various creatures.

28.  The middle of a toy store, the floor is decorated with see-through solid plastic that has hundreds of different small toys and figures inside, in several areas are small huddles of pillows, cuddly toys and other soft things as rest areas and drones with toy passengers attached fly around the store.

29.  A large swimming centre with several grand attractions, the colour theme is dark and cool to appeal to its main customer base; supernatural and mythical beings.

30.  A cosy room with a lightly burning fireplace, in front of it is a plump sofa that has clearly been patched up in a few places, the window has its shutters closed and locked, a slightly chipped but well loved teas set it placed on a table beside it and thread and yard weaves through the rafters above.

31.  Far inland stands a large lighthouse, the inside walls covered in ruins and ancient script and the stair case metal railings twist and curl into wave like patterns.

Completion Bonus!;

Do a one shot or a sketch for something you love that you haven’t had the chance to do for a while! Or read one chapter of an unfinished story! Or watch one episode or movie of that thing you like! Satisfy whatever urge you have right now, you have all the time in the world for this so relax and treat yourself, you did great!

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🖤~Song Of The Day~🖤

The song of the day is:  The Soldier -by- Lacey Sturm

Suggested by @ahumanbeing0331

The challenge is to write something based off of this song, be it the name, the lyrics, or the tune itself. Let your imagination go wild and see where the music takes you.

Have at it Darlings!

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i forgot to say!! those prompts i sent are for the nsfw ones!

you got it dude!

24. C’mere, you can sit on my lap until i’m done working.

7. I really don’t care. You still look hot and i’m trying not to kiss/fuck you senseless right now.

25. What? Does that feel good?

2. I’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly.


“C’mere, you can sit on my lap until i’m done working.”

Steve regretted the offer as soon as you sat down, his attention leaving the psych homework in front of him and focusing on how your ass feels pressed against him. You shift to get comfortable, knowing exactly what you were doing, and Steve moans lightly. 

“What? Does that feel good?” you ask, shifting on him again. 

Steve grits his teeth, savoring the feeling, but trying to focus on the textbook problem in front of him. In a way, you’re using psychology to get him to pay attention to you, continuing to shift on his lap while you act interested in his reading material. On a particularly rough grind, Steve groans and stills your hips with his hands, making you whine. 

“Why?” you ask. “I liked it.”

“I really don’t care,” he says roughly, fingers digging into your skin just the way you like it. “You still look hot and I’m trying not to fuck you senseless right now.”

Butterflies erupt in your stomach and a blush creeps up your cheeks. “That sounds like a ‘you’ problem.”

“It’s gonna be a you problem if you don’t stop,” he says, picking his pencil back up and tapping it against the book. It’s a dumb comeback, but effective.

You’re good for a while, sitting still, and Steve finally relaxes. Just as he starts to write another answer down, you shift again, and he catches the smile on your face. Steve shuts the book and pushes away from the desk, gently slapping your thigh for you to get up. You do so, looking up at him timidly. “Something wrong, Steve?”

“Can’t just let me get through one problem, huh?” he asks, backing you up so the back of your knees hit the desk. “You want fucked that bad?”

You nod, biting your lip, sending Steve’s stomach flipping. “I’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly.”

A groan escapes Steve, and he grins before dramatically clearing the desk. He pushes his books and pencils off of it and onto the floor, a look of regret sweeping over his face for a moment. 

“I’ll clean it,” you offer, hopping onto the desk and laying back. “Just fuck me, please.”

“After that little stunt? You bet I will.”

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