nymphadorathebubba · a day ago
James and Sirius: *Bursts into room*
Remus: What the fu—
Remus: Sea and— oH My gOd
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · 2 days ago
Sirius: So tell me now. Regulus said you’re falling for him. Do you really have feelings for my brother or are you just using my brother to get over Lily?
James: *overwhelmed, unsure of how to respond* it’s gotta be the first one
Sirius: Really?
James: *nodding nervously*
Sirius: Well this is great! You and my brother sitting in a tree!
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mara-uders-map · a day ago
police officer: anything you say can and will be held against you
james: reggie
police officer: ???
james: you heard me
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padfootl0vr · a day ago
Tumblr media
just me an my silly little memes
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imgayandilovedaggers · a day ago
James: I hate when Lily says, “Are you even listening to me?” It’s such a random way to start a conversation.
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ihrtprongs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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sirius: do you think he knows i like him? i mean i’m really subtle about it.
james: i don’t know, maybe.
sirius: eh, probably n-
remus: hi
sirius: *tripping over the table leg, spilling water everywhere* oh, hey! didn’t see you there.
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gayremus · 2 days ago
Sirius: Remus always shoots down my ideas and I'm sick of it 
Sirius: Two sentences in and he's already shouting "what the fuck, that's illegal" or "we can't do that”
Sirius: Like dear god, Let me talk
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stargazedmoony · 2 days ago
Do you think Snape would have been nicer to Harry if Lily and James were still alive?
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glowingprongs · 2 days ago
Sirius: if we go to hell for being gay
Sirius: its gonna be like a fucking speed dating centre down there
Sirius: I CAN'T WAIT
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gaysnowrose · a day ago
the marauders would put on a show whenever they had to present a project to the class.
peter would be in charge of the visuals (and it would always be awesome)
remus would present the facts (actually telling the useful information)
and sirius and james would do the practical part, performing the spells and being ultra dramatic.
remus: ...acromantulas usually inhabits dense jungles-
james: *sort of jungle noises*
remus: so, as i was saying-
remus: now sirius and james would do a, um, demostration.
sirius and james: *fighting while making spider noises and throwing tissues to each other as if were webs*
mcgonagall: each person will be marked individually
remus: *muttering* thank god
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alxarasm · a day ago
There is no canon evidence that James constantly asked out Lily- only that he asked her out in fifth year and that he tried to show off in front of her. Stop making it seem like he basically harassed her every day.
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mischiefhasbeenmanaged · a day ago
James: Hey! I brought by some stuff for your new apartment
Sirius: Oh great!
James: so here’s some coffee, there’s mugs in here as well. And this candle is for the bathroom for…well you know
Sirius: *nodding* I do know
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whiteflcwerss · a day ago
james: i don't know man i just think that these glasses kind of ruin my facial structure
sirius: nah bro your face is fine
james: are you sure bro
sirius: completely sure bro
james: but it's not as good as yours
sirius: aw come on, no one looks better than you do
james: bro!
remus and lily:
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marauders-heir · 2 days ago
Lily : if one of you had to pick one of the others guys to go out with, who would you pick?
James: no way
Sirius: I don't know
Peter: I am not answering that.
Remus: Sirius
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imgayandilovedaggers · a day ago
James: What’s the difference between 💙 and ❤️?
Lily: ❤️ is for Love and 💙 is for friendship
James: Thanks ❤️
Lily: You’re welcome 💙
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ihrtprongs · 23 hours ago
rip regulus black, you would have loved “better than revenge” by taylor swift.
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James: how did none of you hear what I just said?
Y/n: I've been zoned out for the past two and half hours
Sirius: I got distracted about halfway through
Remus: ignoring you was a conscious decision
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my-dearest-moony · a day ago
Tumblr media
In in addition to james loving mamma mia here we go again I truly think that sirius would love 10 Things I Hate About You. He's reluctant at first because he heard its a cheesy rom com and he'd rather watch something else but he watches with you because he'd do anything for his girl <3
He absolutely adores Heath Ledger as Patrick and quickly points out the parallels between him and the fictional character (the hair, taste in music, and much to your disdain, the smoking) Naturally he promises to give it up immediately and he'll follow through because again he'd do anything for his girl <3. This gives him an idea as he watches you giggle and blush as kat is serenaded on the soccer field.
Sirius is a big believer in grand gestures, and loves them even more as surprises. So a couple of weeks after you watch (you've forgotten and Sirius has been careful to not bring it up) when you're out with him in public, maybe at Hogsmeade or a Quidditch game and you lose him in the crowd.
All of a sudden "Cant take my eyes off of you" starts playing and the crowd starts to dissipate as Sirius emerges once again with his wand amplifying his voice.
He's got a big bundle of flowers and sounds like heaven while trying to mimic the same moves he saw in the movie. (Its harder than it looks since there's no big stone set of steps/bleachers)
This only makes you giggle more as he finally reaches you with the dopiest grin on his face. When you ask your dear boyfriend what the occasion is he just shrugs and somehow grins wider.
"Cause you're just too good to be true darling"
(Not my gif!!!!)
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mymauvemaude · 2 days ago
Marauders as t swift songs (no discussion, i am right)
sirius: cowboy like me, august
remus: exile, this is me trying
peter: no body no crime
james: seven, mirrorball
lily: cardigan, willow
regulus: gold rush, champagne problems :(
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