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Pronoun/Name post because im bored

from most preferred to least preferred


Alex // Neon // Hazel // Mocha // Mochi // Eli


She // He // They // Xe

Thank you! <3

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Welcome back to ✨my bnha ocs who use pronouns that need representation✨

Yuki Hanado/Gen Z- genderfluid, accepts neopronouns such as xe/xer when they feel like it, they/them when they feel gender-lacking, he/him when they feel masculine, she/her on more feminine days✨

Obuso Mistoka/Animorphina- demigirl, she/her usually, however she accepts neopronouns involving animal names when she’s taking that animal’s form (ex; bun/bunself when bun is in a rabbit or bunny form)✨

Ganore Tsugimoto/Helium- demiboy, he/him and they/them pronouns can be switched without a bother for him✨

Tsunari Koradu/Jelly- recently discovered they are non-binary, they/them and jel/jelself neopronouns✨

Isero Maredasu/Ise- cisgender male, however he’s fine with being refered to as a she/her or a they/them, doesn’t like being called neopronouns however he respects people who use them✨

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s perfectly valid if you need a little time to get used using someone’s pronouns/name after they come out to you. If you slip up, don’t make it a big deal cause that just makes it uncomfortable for everyone. Correct yourself and move on, just as long as you are showing the person that you are putting in the effort.

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With She/Her: “She sees herself being an artist in the future. Her favorite drawing medium is markers”

With Fae/Faer: “Fae sees faerself being an artist in the future. Faers favorite drawing medium is markers”

With They/Them: “They like their shirt.”

With Fae/Faer: “Fae likes faer shirt.” 

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🥴🥴 my dysphoria has been terrible lately. Trying to stay positive and hopeful about the future. 190 days until top surgery but I feel like I’m not gonna make it. I talked to my therapist for five hours today. I’m not doing well and I just wish things were easier. I wish I could see myself in the mirror.

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 With he/him: “He went to the park, he went there to reflect on himself. His life had been very chaotic.”

With xe/xem: “Xe went to the park, xe went there to reflect on xemself. Xer life had been very chaotic.” 

With they/them: “They love their dog. Their dog is very cool!”

With xe/xem: “Xe loves xer dog. Xer dog is very cool!” 

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