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The letter G can be pronounced two different ways in French:

#1. [g]

  • G+A: grammaire \ɡʁa.mɛʁ\
  • G+O: goéland \ɡɔ.e.lɑ̃\ 
  • G+U: gueule \ɡœl\

#2. [j]

  • G+E: gentillesse \ʒɑ̃.ti.jɛs\
  • G+I: girafe \ʒi.ʁaf\ 
  • G+Y: gynécologue \ʒɔ.lɔɡ\

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The dropping of letters…

In y’all and c’mon and be’a (better) and beau’iful …

As though it would ameliorate one’s way of thought, as though it would make life lighter…

As though the words themselves were a mere game, and the phonemes wouldn’t count at all…

As though one would by the swiftness of pronunciation lift up each word, give it wings…

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You can pronounce the letter X five different ways in French:

#1. [ks]

  • when it’s inside a word: Texte \tɛkst\
  • when it follows E and is followed by a consonant: Excellent \ɛk.sɛ.lɑ̃\
  • when a word ends in -ax, -ex, -inx, -ox, -ynx, and sometimes -ix or -yx: Thorax \tɔ.ʁaks\, Lynx \lɛ̃ks\ 

#2. [gz]

  • when it’s the first letter of a word: Xylophone \ɡzi.lɔ.fɔn\
  • when it follows E and is followed by either a vowel or H: Exactement \ɛɡ.zak.tə.mɑ̃\, Exhumer \ɛɡ\ 

#3. [s]

  • in SIX (6) and DIX (10), when used without an object: J’en ai six \sis\
  • in DIX-SEPT (17) and numbers from 60 to 69: Soixante \swa.sɑ̃t\

  • in the name of certain cities: Bruxelles \bʁy.sɛl\, Auxerre \o.sɛʁ\  

#4. [z]

  • in numbers derived from DEUX (2), SIX (6), DIX (10): Sixième \si.zjɛm\, Dix-huit \di.z‿ɥit\, Deuxième \dø.zjɛm\ 

#5. [/]

  • when a word ends in -eux: Heureux \œ.ʁø\, Ceux \sø\
  • when a plural word ends in -aux, -eaux, oux, aux: Chevaux \ʃə.vo\

  • when an invariant word ends in -x: Choix \ʃwa\, Voix \vwa\ 


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