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Fun Fact
In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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jennamoran · a year ago
Proof Proof Update
Tumblr media
A few nights ago my cat (pictured) spoke to me again in my dreams. She was complaining about all the people sending her news hoping that she'd take advantage of her blogging platform and her position as an influencer to just mindlessly repeat it when in fact---she emphasized---she has to carefully research everything she posts. 
If anyone can find her blogging platform, please let me know?
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vvitchgender · 19 minutes ago
Me: [spends three days with my mother]
My brain: [gives me two nightmares abt her back to back]
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halo91 · an hour ago
Iouis be twerking on men in clubs and grinding on them, but when hes next to his gf he doesnt even know how to hold her hand and yall are still lying to yourself...
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Sides As Things My Friends Said
Keep in mind all these quotes are from girls cause all the guys I know are the sane ones.
Virgil: Too stressed to be blessed-
Roman: If their dick is called a twinkie, they are a twink! "So your a twink?" Who says I have a dick!
Remus: I don't care about his character development, I care about his dick hair!
Janus: Yes I'm bisexual, yes I'm homophobic. We exist.
Patton: Social media keeps telling me that I have daddy issues, but you can't have issues with something you've never had.
The Mystery Side: I live by the rule that my dreams will never happen, but I should be ready just incase!
Remy: Zestiiie
Emile: There is trauma in being the group therapist
Thomas: "Would you like some cocoa butter?" No, I lactose intolerant
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theyarebothgunshot · 3 hours ago
☕️ am I too late for this lol? anyway I find RobSen more shippy than J2. honestly every time I try to think of J2 as a ship I just remember that one J2 manip of pregnant Jensen 😂 and can never take it seriously. Also I remember when Jared said in a podcast how him and Jensen are both "alpha males." so I cant see anything remotely romantic happening there .
i am gonna assume that robsen is rob/jensen? and yes i agree sdjfhsjh even that would make more sense to me than j/2. i’m just... i just do not see it. i just can’t. mostly because j*red gives off the straightest vibes to ever straight.
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comdeazur · 3 hours ago
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wutbju · 3 hours ago
Watch Shielagh Thompson Clark's Victim Impact Statement yourself. Here's a transcript:
Twenty years might be a long time for most people, but it still feels like yesterday for me because trauma doesn't age. Neither should time wear out guilt or erode consequence.
Mr. Weaver didn't just touch my body, he shattered my personhood. I need you to understand that the damage done by the physical touch was enormous. But the most pervasive harm was done with the blame that followed.
For me to believe that I was evil, that my body had power I was neither aware of nor able to harness which made the Man of God do bad things and put the people I loved most in harm's way was the key to his control. He had me chasing after legalistic methods of harnessing my sinful self in an attempt to fix his bad behavior because I believed I was causing it.
None of this was accidental. It was the thrill.
These events were the culmination of a carefully crafted six-month grooming process. I was hunted like an animal, lured with the promise of a dad I needed, and then slaughtered when the time was right.
When I was 17, the widow of the founding pastor of our church died after lightning set her house on fire. I thought i killed her. I believed her death was a result of my sin.
When I was 18, I began starving myself to cope with overwhelming feelings I had no outlet for because I was isolated in secrecy, fear, and confusion.
When I left for college at 19 in search of freedom, I weighed only 87 pounds.
When his behavior was exposed the following year, he lied and mischaracterized me, ripping from me any support structure I might have had for recovery. I was church disciplined, and the idea that I was to blame was cemented as his sins were laid on my back and I was run off--an unprotected scapegoat.
The stress of that rejection caused me to miscarry my child, and I almost took my own life that summer after a plea to be institutionalized for safety was weaponized and exploded in my face.
And more religious men joined in the chorus of blame.
I've lived the intervening years 800 miles from home under a blanket of shame believing that just by existing I had broken the pastor, destroyed a church, hurt hundreds of people, and killed three more because I was simply unable to comprehend that someone who represented God would hurt me on purpose and then blame me to save himself.
In 2019 before I was even aware I had legal recourse, I made two emotional private unrecorded requests for the answer to the question, "why me?" My soul and clearly stated intention was to heal as quietly as I'd been suffering before my past destroyed my children and my marriage. But even with so much hanging in the balance for me, he stayed the course of dishonesty and the manufactured goodness he's cultivated over a lifetime for the purpose of deception. The pathetic apology I eked out of him a few months later to facilitate his arrest was simply a chess move--one he hoped would guilt me back into silence.
But even broken little girls grow up, learn the rules of the games our abusers play, and develop the courage to hold them accountable and to protect others.
The defense today will likely be a smoke screen of remorse and changed behavior. But the reality is this every single morning of the last 20 years, Mr. Weaver has woken with the power to speak the truth, correct my reputation, and grant me the freedom of knowing I was never to blame. Yet every single morning of the last 20 years he has put his feet on the floor and made the choice to continue in this very public lie at my expense.
Tumblr media
This plea has never been about accepting responsibility but like every move before it, it's simply a charade designed to arrange the best possible outcome for himself--everyone else be damned! See, the law is blind to the real issues at play here and as such it is allowing the defense to both ask and answer the wrong questions. Instead of asking "why now after all this time?" I think a more appropriate question would be: If Mr. Weaver is so righteous, repentant, and reformed, why did it ever have to come to this?
Thank you.
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comdeazur · 3 hours ago
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9h Tempered 2019 Sm-t510 Sm-t515 Scratch Proof Protective Glass Film Glass Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy Tab A
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koherston · 3 hours ago
Denial of Offer of Proof Is Harmless Error in Covington, Tennessee Parenting Dispute: A.W. v. M.N.
When is it error to deny an offer of proof in Tennessee?
Facts: Mother and Father met when she was a high school student, and he was a teacher at her school. She is over 20 years younger than him. Years later, they began a sexual relationship that led to the birth of Child. After a few months of marriage, they separated. Mother’s four-year-old daughter from an earlier relationship reported that Father sexually abused her. After Child returned to…
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mono-red-menace · 4 hours ago
i'm making a new map of my world and i definitely prefer this one to my old one because it actually looks pretty decent. though my wife said it looks like azeroth... 😔
Tumblr media
going to spread everything out a bit more, add more little islands in the ocean, break up the top of the right continent, gonna modify the bottom left island a bit. gonna change the angle of some things.
but this is the proof of concept i guess and i like it.
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hlgnlife · 4 hours ago
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