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i really really really wanna see deuce’s mother because she’s sounds nice and the way he talks about her is just- JSISKSOSKSOSODKDK
i saw ONE fanart of them and i 🧎🏾‍♀️ . I FEEL LIKE MAMA LEECH WOULD BE LIKE JADE AND PAPA LEECH LIKE FLOYD BUT SUPER CURIOUS ABOUT MC ????? LIKE A POOR HUMAN ACTUALLY MANAGED TO GRAB THE ATTENTION OF THEIR PRECIOUS CHILDREN ???? LET ME AT THEM-also they probably are tall as hell so the whole meeting with them and mc is like “sir please bend over my neck is stating to do things it’s not supposed to do-“
azul’s mother gives me sweet but sharp women ? like a bit like ursula but more kind ? if that’s makes sense- AND HIS STEPFATHER IS SUPER SUPPORTIVE OF AZUL AND IS SUPER PROUD OF HIM-
no thoughts epel’s grandparents coming to see him but then getting lost and brought back by mc to epel BUT THEN epel’s grandma grabs both their hands and asks when they’re gonna marry epel-
SEBEK’S MAMA AND PAPA (am i fawning over a couple that never got an apparition in the game? yes i will do it again) IMAGINE IF HIS MOM IS LIKE “ following in your parents footsteps huh ? you have good taste son !” AFTER SEEING MC-
i feel like she would be kind of awkward? but she’s trying her best ! and she is so proud of malleus and talks to mc about the achievements he has done over the years and just height a sweet grandma overall-
i wanna see ace’s mom because i know she’s the type to EMBARRASS her son in front of mc “oh ace dear do you remember that one time you ate a worm and then cried about it ? i still have the video let me search for it-“ and ace is like “mom what- STOP” and mc just sipping on the tea collecting blackmail material
KALIM’S PARENTS WOULD PROBABLY TAKE ONE LOOK AT MC AND BE LIKE “do you wanna marry my son he’s very handsome” “ma’am who are you-“
important note if mc is meeting riddle’s mom and jamil’s parents it’s to fight them to death-
tl’dr : mc’s ending up with a bit too much of marriage proposals
YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! [PSST!!! You can find the continuation h e r e !!]
DEUCE’S MAMA 🥺🥺🥺💓💓💓💓💓💓💓
I 100% AGREE!! I wanna meet her so bad! She sounds so gentle and caring, I just wanna thank her for everything idc 🥺
“Deuce, hi! Oh, is this your mother, Mrs. Spade?!” MC bound up to him, quite eagerly, might he add.
“A-Ah, [Name]... Yes *ahem* Mom, this is [Name]. [Name], this is my mother.” The Heartslabyul student awkwardly introduced.
the woman’s face lit up, “Oh dear, oh my! This is your friend [Name]?! Hello, dear! I’ve heard wonders of you from Deucey here~!”
MC looked at their friend with a teasing smirk, “Oh, has he?”
She giggled cutely. “Indeed he has, and allow me to say,” Those same peacock green eyes they knew from Deuce looked into theirs, “Thank you for taking care of my son. You’re a wonderful soul, from what I know.”
The tender look in her eyes, her gentle smile and soft voice... MC’s heart sparkled with some sort of nostalgic feeling.
They suddenly bowed, startling the mother-son pair. “N-No, I should be the one thanking you, Mrs. Spade!!”
-- --
I’ve seen two iterations of their personalities: Mama being playful and at-her-own-flow like Floyd, Mama being elegant, proper and mysterious like Jade while Papa is a more... controlled version of Floyd (same goofy smile and carefree demeanor, but not as easy to lash out as Floyd)
BUT ABSOLUTELY!!! Imagine Mama Leech approaching them like a sophisticated lady, making such comments that just due to her tone of voice and the look in her eyes have MC blushing and trembling in fear and shyness
Papa Leech almost kabedoning them to have the little trembling shrimp still for him to observe: “My sons... interested in such a tiny shrimp... so small and magicless...” A shine in his eyes as he smirked that familiar pointy-toothed smirk at them, “Interesting enough to have us up in the surface like this~ ...Don’t you think so, Darling?”      “Indeed, My Love” Much similar to the eel twins, they chuckled sinisterly
-- --
What if Granny Ashengrotto also comes with? 🥺 THE MOST WHOLESOME MEETING (of course, after the whole family [including stepdad] celebrates Azul’s accomplishments with Mostro Lounge and his contracts, both parents being HELLA proud of their little baby octopus ❤️)
Then MC will notice all of them CODDLING Azul, pinching his cheeks and reminding him of how squishy and chubby he was when young. Look at him now!! A proper business man with a bright future!    MC giggles at the dorm leader’s bright blush, and the attention immediately shifts to them
“Oh, Azul~ Is this the [Name] you’ve talked so much about~?”
“Ohoho~ Look the the bumpkin he’s managed to score! Our little Azul definitely has an eye for beauty!”
“G-Granny-! *ahem* Grandma, please!”
“Say, did you ever get to see how utterly cute and fluffy Azul was as a baby? Oh~, the absolute cutest, my dear!” The lady glowing with happiness immediately pulled her phone out and scrolled through some photos. Little baby Azul, Azul in middle school, tiny Azul celebrating his birthday as he sat on Granny’s lap while admiring all the food on the table... Each picture showcasing more and more of the merman’s charm.   And all he could do was hide away in his office out of shame.
-- --
Maybe MC has see some movies after arriving to the Wonderland, isn’t Vil’s father an actor too? What if he starred in some of those movies?!
Imagine all the stories he can tell about the whole recording period and the behind the scene tricks!
Perhaps both Schoenheits have inside jokes about their line of work, and they let MC in on them!
“Say, are you not interested in becoming the face of a new beauty product? It’s from a partner company, and they’re searching for new talent. You have a certain charm to you, a beauty that many can identify with.” The man offered, taking out a spare free sample of some lip/cheek tint.
Vil took a look at the product, “Oh, they came out with new things already?”
“And they followed your advice to heart, their new formula seems to be all natural and friendly with different skin types and tones.”
Both actors looked at you, “What say you, [Name]?”
“I can hook you up with an interview.” Stated the older man.
“And I can train you.” Vil quickly added.
-- --
“G-Grangran, Pops! W-What are you doing here? Isn’t it... peak apple season?” The lilac haired boy was startled at seeing his family.
Granny quickened her pace to go to her grandson, “Oh, shush, little apple! Here, I brought you some homemade apple pie to share with friends.” She looked back at MC as they and her husband came to stand by her. 
“Epel, dear,” Her wrinkled hands came to take one of his and one of MC’s, “Your friend here guided us to you. They’re so kind, a wonderful candidate for spouse, right Honey?” She teased, looking at Epel’s grandad while they shared a laugh at how the young boy was blushing profusely at the comment (and at MC’s cute nervous smile from the slight embarrassment they felt after Grangran’s words)
-- --
Honest question: Which of us ISN’T daydreaming about Sebek’s parents? jkdskdsdf (his mom’s a MILF 100%)
“SON!” A firm yell startled both 1st years. “Headmaster Crowley notified us about a Family Day going on in your school, we were allowed to drop by today to greet you and meet your friends!” A tall lady with long, messy green hair approached them.
“Mother!” A bright smile graced Sebek’s lips, turning around to engulf his mother in a hug. “Father!” He shook the man’s hand firmly. “It’s an honor to have you here! Would you like to visit the novel Diasomnia dorm of which I’m part of and is led by out Lord Malleus?”
It was the human man who peeked over his son’s form who noticed them, “Oh, hello there! You must be one of Sebek’s friends, I presume?”
The mature woman promptly pushed past her son, taking a gander at the human who was with him. She remained silent, eyes shifting from MC to Sebek, so on and so forth... until...
A proud smile brightened her face, “Ah, my little Crocodile is following along Mama’s path~💕” While her son and husband let out a surprised babble of words at her insinuation.
-- --
Malleus’ Grandmother... A figure that has everyone bowing with her mere presence in a room
“Grandmother, this is a very important person I want you to meet.” It was strange of Malleus to be this eager, let alone about someone. 
The Queen (she’s the current queen of VoT right? aaa) walked along her grandson, holding onto his arm as he led the way to a... rundown building?
“Ah! Tsunotarou, hello!” A human greeted them. “O-Oh!” They bowed hurriedly at the regal presence that accompanied their friend today. “P-leasure to meet you, your Highness.”
A look of utter surprise crossed her face, “Malleus..! A.. human?!” The tense atmosphere made MC straighten up and nervously look at the fae in front of them. “And that nickname?! Young one, do you know who you are speaking to?!” Anger flashed in her eyes as she addressed MC.
“Yes, they do.” The crown prince stepped in, shielding MC behind him, “And I allow them to use that nickname... After all, fae can’t lend their name, or can we?” She remained on defense, giving her grandson’s friend a disparaging look. 
"They were lost, and so was I... Along the way, we found each other. This is a friendship I treasure with all my being, and you have been a very important figure through my life... Would you give them a chance?” He tried to bargain.
The Queen kept her stance, looking at the human, who smiled uncertainly and waved at her. Strangely, she felt no threat coming from them, only warmth, a feeling of being welcomed. Her heart was filled with that warmth for a moment.
Clearing her throat, she relaxed. “Very well, only for you, Malleus... So, who must your friend be?”
-- --
“Say, do you remember when you took a bite out of my decorative soaps thinking they were jellies? You looked like a rabid dog with all the foam!” The woman openly chuckled, much to her son’s chagrin.
“And that one time you came running and crying to your brother’s arms after a beetle ‘launched and attacked you’ as it flew to your face? You became scared of them for a whole year!” MC laughed along with her.
“Oh, please, tell me more! I’m delighted to know more about Ace’s childhood from you, Mrs. Trappola, since he seldom talks about it himself.” They looked at Ace with a mocking smile, enjoying hos his mother openly provided such wonderful blackmail material.
-- --
Kalim is SO EXCITED to present you to his parents! Look, mom, dad! I made another friend aside from Jamil! :DDD
The bright ray of sunshine bounded up to MC, with an equally as bright couple behind him. “[Name], [Name]! Come here! I want you to meet my parents!” Kalim took their hand and quickly dragged them over to where his parents were.
“Mom, dad! This is [Name]! They arrived at NRC unexpectedly, but I very much enjoy their presence and companionship!” That toothy grin so characteristic of him found his way on his lips.
MC bowed slightly in greeting. “A pleasure to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Asim!”
The older couple shared a look before coming up to MC, with the man shaking their hand and the woman pinching their cheek. “Hello there, young one! Kalim seems to be very fond of you! Say, would you mind joining the family? I’m certain Kalim approves!” His father hurriedly spoke.
“H-Huh?! What?!” MC could only accept their coddling and affection as they blushed and looked at their white haired friend for help... But he was busy blushing himself~
-- --
Leona is NOT AT ALL happy to have his family visit him in the ONE PLACE where he’s away from them
"Leona-ojitan! [Nickname]!" The little bundle of joy sprinted the pair's way, eliciting a groan from the 3rd year.
"Not that brat again." Leona rubbed his temple.
MC giggled, "C'mon, Cheka isn't that bad! I can take care of him."
"Brother!" Now, that certainly startled MC... Because not only was the exclaimed name all there was, no no, a redheaded lion beastman wrapped his arms around Leona's torso from behind and lifted him some centimeters off the ground. "Long time no see, Leona! Isn't it wonderful that your school's holding a Family Day?! As soon as we got word of it, we came to visit!"
"Fareena... Put. Me. DOWN." Savanaclaw's dorm head growled. Thankfully, the overexcitable man followed through, laughing at his brother's antics.
"[Nickname], can you see how much I've grown since last time! I'm half a centimeter taller!" Cheka giggled as he climbed up MC's leg, ultimately reaching his goal to be carried by them.
"A-Ah, that's wonderful!" They laughed awkwardly at the kid.
The cub was removed from their person by someone. "Apologies, dear, Cheka can be a handful sometimes." A lioness woman smiled gently at you. "Tell them you're sorry, Cheka. You know better than to use people as jungle gyms."
The boy became crestfallen, ears flattening as he fumbled with his fingers. "Sowwy, Mx. [Name], I shouldn't have done that."
MC chuckled a bit. "Apology accepted."
"So you must be this mystery person Cheka rambled about after spectating the Magift tournament." An older woman approached, pinching the child's cheek.
"Yes yes, gramma! [Nickname] played with me when I visited ojitan! They're my other favorite friend here at NRC, they took great care of me!"
At that, both lionesses perked up. Even Fareena approached the circle after his boy spoke so fondly of MC right now.
"Oh, I see~" The younger of the two ladies giggled, accompanied by Fareena's loud laughter.
Leona had a look of utter terror at what was going to be said next. Eyes wide, ears flat, he looked ready to run away from the scene at a moment's notice.
Who they assumed to be Leona's mother approached MC, placing a hand on their shoulder. "A natural ability with kids... Son!" She looked at leona now, who flinched at her call, "I see you've chosen a great mate!"
As MC and Leona were taken into a family hug, they only remained stunned as the words completely registered in their minds.
-- --
Oh, I absolutely agree with that!! The atmosphere with Riddle's mother and Jamil's parents will be HELLA TENSE
If anything, I feel MC would potentially get along with Jamil's younger sister, enjoying the friendly banter they have as siblings. But even more so, liking how Jamil shows he cares and how he genuinely smiles while his sister is with him.
I feel she'd also tell him in private:
"So~, that friend of yours..."
Jamil only raised an eyebrow at her words, leading her to sigh, "[Name]! The magicless prefect!"
"Uh-huh, what about them?" The boy inquired, wanting to hear her say it earnestly and not go the "you know what I'm talking about" way.
"Yeah... I think they're pretty cool..." Jamil smiled slightly. "Oh, what's that~? I knew you seemed way too close!" She chuckled after noticing the tiniest change in his expression.
The brunet ruffled her hair, "Nothing, it's nothing at all..."
"Say the one with a lovestruck face!"
-- --
Not to mention Jack's little siblings, and Trey's too! Cater's older sisters!
Hope you enjoy! Visit the askbox once more whenever you like, Anon ❤️!!!
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.stay mine (c.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
.content warning jealousy fuck, smut, nsfw, rough sex, hair pulling, choking, edging, use of the word slut, possessiveness
.pairing choso x fem!reader
.synopsis you're a shaman that works alongside geto, mahito and choso, doing a lot of dirty work for them. you get a little handsy on the job and choso has to punish you for it.
.a/n this is for a friend LOL. late birthday gift for her. this plot was so fun to work with. LMAO THIS IS SO LATE LIKE-  IT REALLY SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN ME THIS LONG. i also did not proof read so any errors will be fixed later on ok bye lollolololo
.WC 4.1K
Tumblr media
you rolled your finger around inside your itchy ear with blase eyes, annoyed with mahito’s childish pleading. fighting with him was fun and all, but he never knew when to take a break. “i already said no, mahito. i’ve been gone too long. my mission was simple and didn’t take long. they’re expecting me to be back.”
getou plunked down in an arm chair, a presumptuous grin on his face. no matter what was going on, he seemed to be entertained by the shenanigans around him. he was almost always relaxed, you don’t think you’ve ever seen him irate or upset that often. however, he carried a bothersome, condescending attitude. he didn’t bother you much, but when he spoke you wanted to deck him in the back of the neck sometimes.
“get back to work.”
you snapped your head at the recognizable, profound voice that came from the entryway of the hideout. you smirk once you saw choso’s face. “someone’s eager for me to leave.” thinking that you had let your guard down, mahito was preparing to land a kick to your head, yet your reflexes and fringe vision permit you to snatch him by the lower leg and pummel his body into the ground. “i said enough mahito.”
he madly giggles with a crazed look in his eyes. you shake your head and bring your attention away from him. choso approached you, his steps echoed throughout the big space.
“not eager, but you’re gonna screw shit up if you don’t get back there soon,” he warns you. he was right and you sighed while smiling, caressing his face and rubbing a finger under his drained eyes. he pushed your hands away gently. he didn’t favor being handsy like this in front of the others. “go.” with a huff, you fix your uniform a bit, flattening down your skirt, before walking out the entryway and making your way to jujutsu tech.
carrying on with this twofold life could get somewhat confounding at times. you were unable to translate who you truly were, however it didn't make any difference to you much. you simply needed to be any place choso was, or doing something for him. in the wake of saving your life in an oddity mishap involving your power and showing you the true worth of your cursed energy, he took you under his wing. he acquainted you to his little “group” that consisted of three other people; mahito, jogo, getou and hanami. you didn’t favor anyone besides choso, involuntarily attached to him and how he treated you. sentiments were reciprocated, being that he had met you subsequent to losing his brothers and you were the lone individual with a human heart that minded or could even feel genuine compassion by any means. everyone in this circle had goals, but you just wanted to be around choso.
sharing a bond together eventually lead to other relations. sexual relations. kissing him was like a drug. touching him was that of a blessing. being touched by him was a gift from god himself. growing up an orphan in and out of shelters your entire life, you had never felt true love, true affection, but you were sure this is what it was like with choso. as close as the two of you were, he kept his distance sometimes. conceivably in light of the fact that he didn’t want to lose you and find himself hurt again. he didn’t claim you as his or exclusively claimed you as his partner. he simply acknowledged you as “the thing he gets to fuck now and then.” you didn’t know if those words were supposed to hurt or not.
arriving back at jujutsu tech, you noticed it was fairly empty. the students must’ve been sent back to their dorms already. was there really a point in coming back here? you gave your report to masamichi and he thanked you graciously for handling the job. you were given the go to leave, but you were stopped in the hallway by a familiar face - one of your mentors. gojo satoru. he was the man you had to watch out for if you ever had to fight him at some point. he was the strongest shaman in the world and he could end your life in two seconds if he wanted to.
he was nine years older than you, looking good for his age of 28. he had a priggish smile on his face and he leaned against a wall, looking at you, even though his eyes were covered by a black blindfold. “hi, gojo,” you hesitantly greeted him.
“y/n,” he sung your name out as he sat up from the wall, inching closer to you with each steady step he took. “glad you came back safe from your mission.” he got uncomfortably close to you and you took two, small steps back.
“yeah...” you say softly. “did you need me for something?”
gojo chuckled before he took his blindfold off, revealing his magnificent, blue irises. you broke eye contact, suddenly feeling shy. “i do need something from you, but...you’re young. i don’t know if you’d shy away from the idea or not.” his voice was nearing a whisper, his tone was teasing.
you were frozen in place, not sure how to respond to his lewd words. could this get you any more information than you already had? no, this could possibly form a bond between the two of you. a faux trust. he’d never suspect you if you got close enough to him.
you’re entire demeanor changed, feigning a seductive smile while bringing your hand to his cheek. “i’m young, but i’m legal, gojo,” you say as your eyes land on his lips that were coated with lip balm, making them appear glossy. “and experienced,” you add.
you don’t know what you were expecting but you felt your heart dive to the lower part of your stomach when gojo had set his cherry-flavored lips on yours. you didn’t kiss back, eyes wide open, too in shock to give him a proper reaction. the only one who ever kissed you was choso. choso. but you couldn’t fully see the harm in it...
you couldn’t see any harm in getting into gojo’s car, stepping into his home, stripping naked in front of him, having him impale your hole with his long cock, having him kiss your lips with hunger, having him leave hickeys along your neck, collarbone and breasts... he even promised to keep you around. you didn’t see the harm in it at all. he must’ve had his eye on you for some time - he fucked you like a feral animal, but he whimpered like a bitch like he had been dying to plunge his dick inside of your wet cunt for months.
after a short cat-nap, you woke up besides gojo. he snored lightly, no blankets over his half- bare body and he had his back to you. you decided it was a good time to leave, getting off the king-sized bed and picking up your garments that were sprawled on the floor. you freshened up in his bathroom, got dressed and left his house without waking him.
you took a taxi to get to the area in which the hideout was in, careful not to let anyone get to close. you walked along the trail until you approached the broken door of the soiled house, wondering when they’ll be switching locations. it was late, but getou, mahito and choso were up playing a board game in the assumed living room.
getou’s slanted eyes rolled up to look at you. “you’re back later than usual.”
“yeah...” choso mumbles. his back was turned to you as he was analyzing the game they were playing, ensuring that his next move was a smart one.
mahito chuckles when he sees you. “surprised you were gone for so long, y/n. you hate being departed from your choso-kun,” he teases. you feigned exacerbation and chuckled. “where were you?”
“with gojo,” you answered him nonchalantly.
“oh?” getou’s head rose to fully look at you. 
choso’s neck turned to take a gander at you. his stresses over the game had immediately disseminated and he was more worried with regards to why you looked so unkempt and had hickeys scattered around your neck. “did you fuck him?”
“yeah.” you dropped your belongings on a chipped, wooden table. you yawned while taking off the tight, uniform jacket, pulling it off of your arms with your as clothes. “thought it’d be good to keep him wrapped around my finger so that he trusts me mor-”
those strong, pragmatic reflexes from earlier today had bombed you just now, for you were cut off by your own gasp when choso had pulled you by the collar of your white dress shirt. his knuckles became white and his dark strands of hair that curtained his face scarcely concealed the compromising glare that his cold  eyes were giving you.
betrayal, all choso could feel was betrayal. sure, you weren’t his partner and he couldn’t bring himself to claim you as his, but he didn’t expect you to go out and fuck someone other than him. it was a selfish assumption, but choso was too caught up in the moment to give a damn about being fair right now.
“so you gave your body away to some fucking stranger?!” choso fervently reprimanded you, fixing the grasp on your shirt. mahito watched with a goofy smile on his face while getou put a hand to his temple, cocking his head to the side as if he was trying to predict what would happen next.
“i-i-i...ch-choso...he’s n-not a stranger... i thought-” you stammered on your words, frightened by the way he manhandled you. choso never wanted to hurt you before. he brought his free hand, raising it up in the air before the back of his lanky hand hit against your cheek, causing you to yelp as your eyes began to burn with fresh tears.
he scoffs when he notices you’re on the verge of crying. he lets go of your shirt and grabs a handful of your hair before yanking your head as he walked out of the living room, going up the squeaky, unstable steps of the house.  it felt like a thousand needles had hit your scalp as he dragged you by your hair up into the empty bedroom. the room, for the most part, was empty excluding a decent mattress that you had been sleeping on for the past few nights. he threw you onto the mattress after slamming the door shut.
“since when did you become a slut?” he snaps at you. you swallowed at his words as you sat up on the mattress. after locking the door he comes to the bed to lean over you, push you down, and snatch your wrists. one was pinned above your head while the other was pinned beside it. he had your body caged and all you could do was ball your hands up into fists and look away to avoid his menacing gaze. “answer me.”
“choso, did i hurt you?” you gave answered his question with a question. he narrowed his eyes as he studied your appearance. your face was covered in desperation, obviously flushed from getting pinned down this way. although you looked away, your guilt-ridden eyes came back to him, holding innocence. your nipples were showing through your dress shirt and and the hickeys on your skin just made you look ten times more obscene than you already did.
“you disgust me...” he sneered, nostrils flaring with anger. both of you were terrible at answering questions. he gripped your wrists tighter, he might as well have ripped your skin. “your body is diseased. are you fucking proud of yourself?”
your breath hitched, the insults hurt more than the slap he gave you moments ago. you felt extremely humiliated by the fact that this slander was slipping out from his lips with no problem. “i didn’t feel like i belonged to you...” your voice was laced with shame and inferiority.
“but you do.” his words had your mind spinning a mile a minute, confused because his actions didn’t align with this statement. they also had you spinning for another reason: you were suddenly in heat, legs squirming once you felt yourself drooling with juices. everything about this was embarrassing, you couldn’t help the fact that being degraded like this was so fucking hot. you even frowned when one of his hands let go of one of your wrists. he looks down to see your legs moving and lifts up your skirt to find you dampening your cotton panties. “you’re getting off to this, aren’t you?” you didn’t answer him, closing your eyes shut as you tried to hump yourself instead. he shifted his knee in between your legs and it just barely brushed against your warmth.
“choso, please...i want you. i want to show you i’m sorry,” you whined, still squirming in his grasp. you grinded yourself against his knee, panting heavily with desperation. “i’m so sorry...”
choso was tired of your bitching, growing more irritated by the second, yet yearning for you all at the same time. he wanted to teach you a lesson. he needed to. how dare you assume you could fuck anyone else besides him just because he didn’t claim you? he hoped that you’d know just by a mutual feeling, but maybe he expected too much from you. you were still dense, young and highly immature. he found you to be somewhat of an airhead sometimes. for fuck’s sake, you couldn’t even process that what choso was feeling was simply envy and betrayal right now.
he pulled down his pants, full taking them off before rubbing himself through his boxers, groaning at how it stood against his thigh, pulsating for her. he hated that he was aroused by her in this state. he truly wanted to just hate you, he really did. but he couldn’t. he needed you just as much as you needed him.
your hand reached out to touch his face but he slapped it away harshly. “choso, say something, please,” you whined once more, fully ticking him off at this point. he took off his underwear swiftly before grabbing you by your hair again. 
he stood on his knees, guiding your head to face his stiff, cock. he didn’t want to hear you right now. the only thing he wanted to hear was you slobbering his dick with your wet mouth. he wanted to hear you gagging and choking on his throbbing dick. he poked your lips with his flushed tip that was considerably a dark hue than the remainder of his length. you parted your lips to give him access into your mouth. your cheeks went hollow as you began to suck him off, fisting whatever you couldn't reach with your small hands. you didn’t expect much from this until his tip kissed the back of your throat, daring to go any farther.
for the first time, he pushed your head down, forcing you to take every inch of his cock inside your wet, warm mouth. he murmured with fulfillment as he watched your throat swell, mouth completely loaded down with his veiny cock. nothing else could be heard in the room other than the vulgar regurgitating and gargling that came from your mouth. his balls slapped against your chin rhythmically as he began to slowly buck his hips. spit trickled down to your chin, tears littered in the corner of your eyes - he was ruthless with the way he face fucked you, not seeing you as the person he cared so deeply for. you were simply just a cocksleeve to him right now. your jaw ignited with torment as it began to ache, your throat inflamed, air consistently being dissuaded. meanwhile, choso shamelessly grunted and groaned, feeling anything but discomfort. your mouth took his cock so well each time it slid down. he put a hand on your neck just to feel himself encroach the walls of your throat with each thrust.
a violent and desperate scratch on his thigh was all it took for him to stop. he pulled away from your mouth and you gasped as you fell back onto the mattress, trying to receive as much air as you possibly could. you went into a hacking fit, holding your sore throat with half-lidded eyes.
he watched you recover, rolling his eyes at how pathetic you look. “i bet if gojo asked you to take i down like that you would, right?” his words sounded like white noise, your brain excessively fluffed out to fathom anything he said to you.
“keep talking to me like that...” you responded to him in a raspy voice, standing up on your knees, supporting the scruff of his neck as you inclined in to suck on spots you knew by heart.
he looked down at you like you had lost your fucking mind. he might’ve completely broke you - or maybe you had enjoyed this all along and didn’t know until now. “bet you hiked up your skirt in front of the bastard on purpose, yeah? desperate for some fucking attention, selling yourself out like the slut you are, hm?”
he pulled your skirt off of your legs while your lips were still latched onto his pale flesh, giving it splotches of color with every love mark you left on him. your thigh highs that concealed your legs remained on for choso’s own pleasure. you took one hand and unfastened your dress shirt, uncovering your exposed bosoms under it and choso helped to pull it off of your arms. his hand then reached to the space between your thighs, pinching your skin in numerous places before rubbing two fingers against wet core. your cunt was so swollen that he could see the outline of your lips pressing against the cotton of your underwear. 
he grabbed the back of your neck and gently pressed the sides of it with his fingers, pulling you off of his skin. his lustful eyes gazed into yours. “you’re mine and you’re gonna stay mine. you belong to me...say it with me.” his two fingers have now pushed aside your panties, slowly rubbing your puffy clit.
“you belong to me.”
“i belong to you.”
and he was going to make sure you didn’t forget it.
he dipped his fingers right into your core at the sound of your voice, causing you to go weak in the knees, holding onto his chest for momentum. you fell like a feather when he pushed you down onto the mattress, head rolling as you felt his fingers massaging your walls. you tucked your bottom lip in between your teeth and your top lip, just barely biting the flesh, closing your eyes. choso’s fingers were coated in your juices as they plunged into your hole repeatedly. he moved them in a scissoring motion, procuring a few whimpers from you. you squirmed as his fingers stretched your opening and he held you down by pushing down on your thigh. his fingers pecked your g-spot before he was deliberately ramming into it, bringing you closer to your release.
“i’m gonna’...i’m gonna cum!” you cried, setting yourself up for overpowering delight you were going to feel, just to be left on the edge of your climax when choso pulled out your fingers. you mindlessly reached for his wrist, trying to pull him back to your cunt but he pulled away aggressively with a smirk on his face. your cunt clenched around nothing, desperately yearning for a release.
his fingers hastily flicked your clit, sending waves of euphoria throughout your body, your orgasm just two or three flicks away and once he sees your straining face, he stops again.
“fuck choso! fucking quit it!” you were more frustrated than aroused, on the verge of losing your fucking mind.
“sluts don’t get to-”
he couldn’t finish his sentence because you had suddenly straddled him, your legs on either side of one of his legs as you gripped onto his shoulders. a chill ran down his spine once he felt your bloated, drooling cunt on his bare skin. you frantically humped his thigh, not giving a shit about how pathetic you looked.
choso watched you throw your head back as you drove yourself to your climax. you needed it so bad. you’d probably kill for this fucking orgasm. choso felt your thighs vibrating viciously against his leg as you drew nearer to your delivery, the speed of your hips wavering without wanting to. he chose to be permissive and snatched your hips, grating your hot cunt against his skin. 
“if you’re gonna cum, then cum already...” he aggressively encouraged her through a hushed voice, panting as her body brushed against his aching cock.
“i’m cumming, i’m-” you screwed your eyes shut once you felt every cell of your body completely evaporate for one quick second before coming back all at once. your toes curled, your grip on his shoulders got tighter and your stomach convulsed uncontrollably. you felt embarrassed by the fact that he could make you so desperate, so needy, yearning for pleasure.
“greedy fucking bitch...” he growled. the whines that whimsically got away from your lips had moved toward a boisterous, broken moan that you both were certain mahito and getou heard from ground floor. choso’s leg was now a sticky mess, your fluids smeared all over his leg as you continued to ride out your orgasm. “...cumming before i could even fuck you.”
he let you relax for a bit, your head laying on his shoulder as you panted heavily, pussy still clenching around a cock that wasn’t there, still being greedy as ever. he lifted your hips, situating his cock below your entrance before slowly sliding you down his length. your breath hitched, voice abruptly non-existent as you attempted to groan, however nothing came out.
his hips moved upwards with very little strength, for he depended on you to ride him. his hot breath fanned over your sweaty skin as he breathed heavily. he exploited the couple of inches you had over him and gotten one of your firm areolas in the middle of his teeth, nibbling on it. he hungrily began to suck on your breasts, switching between the two when he got tired of one. your body shuddered every time his warm mouth would switch to the other breasts, leaving the other cold. his lips latched onto the skin around your nipple and began to suck harshly, leaving purple-ish red marks on your derma. he made sure to leave his mark on you, ensuring that the next time gojo stripped you of your clothes, he’ll see reminders of who you really belong to.
you rolled your hips to his liking, his cock feverishly invading your insides, feeling him in your lower stomach. you hadn’t fully recovered from your orgasm, yet you somehow found some the strength to began bouncing yourself on his dick. each time you came down on his cock, it pushed a ribald moan from your throat.
choso didn’t rely on you anymore and he began to buck his hips upwards with a quick pace, almost animalistically. “i’m gonna cum in this pussy...” he whispered while your waist was seized by his calloused hands. “you wanna feel all my fucking cum, right?”
you attempted to give him response, but your voice, again, failed you and all you could do was moan and nod your head. choso wasn’t accepting that.
“use your words.”
“i’m...i...i want you, i wanna feel a-all your fucking cum,” you blabbered before the rest of your words came out incoherent.
you both were coated with sweat, bodies glistening under the very little moonlight that had poured through the dirty windows of the room. you felt another layer rise on your skin as choso continued to impale your pussy with his cock.
“gonna keep all of it in, yeah?”
you nodded quickly, tangling your fingers in his raven locks of hair as you were reaching another orgasm. “’m gonna cum...” you whimpered, eyes closed, head thrown back.
“cum with me,” he whispered before he delivered his last few thrusts to you, bringing the both of you to a simultaneous release. strings of his cum spurted inside of your cunt, filling you up to the brim. he lays your limp body down and thrusts himself inside of you a few more times to ensure that every last drop stayed in. you muscles clenched, desperately trying to take it all, but some inevitably slid down your sore hole.
choso had come to the realization that it was impossible to be mad at you for long, after all, you were artless. none of that mattered anymore, you were under his control now and there wasn’t anyone who could change that, not even gojo. the cum that clogged your cunt was a reminder that you were his and now you had no reason to believe different.
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chainhead · 10 months ago
leon has tattoos. ethan was never informed.
leon/ethan. mild swearing. smug leon, done-with-life ethan. fluffy!
It's fine. It's fine. This is totally fine.
Is it weird? Is he weird? God, he must be weird. It's nothing to get this riled up over, yet here he is, peeking over at Leon every now and then to catch a quick glimpse of the ink that spirals up his forearm.
Ethan bites his lip. Twirls the pen in his hand and clicks the button on top a few times, his desk work momentarily forgotten.
No, this isn't normal. Then again, neither is Leon with tattoos, so how is one supposed to think? React? He's been pretty good about hiding his (admittedly disturbing) attraction to the special agent; but things like this… well, they're on the same level as glasses, or piercings. A small change that—for a select few—can turn their entire world on an axis.
How far up do they go?
Does he have more?
When did he get them, and what do they symbolize?
The blonde startles, blue eyes flickering up in embarrassment.
Leon blinks at him. "What's your damage?"
Oh, Jesus Christ. "Nothing, sorry. Just a little spacey… today."
"I'll say."
Ethan hurriedly scoots closer to his desk, quickly turning his attention back to the papers that scatter across it. He isn't even sure what he's supposed to be doing with these, or why he even got assigned to deal with them, but if things keep going the way they are, he's gonna be here all fucking night.
Ethan frowns. And then he hesitates, realization dawning on him slowly that… hey, doesn't Leon work crazy late hours, too?
No.. no, no. He's on the clock. He needs to pay attention…
"Ethan." It isn't a question this time. Ethan meets Leon's gaze with a sheepish expression, and the other man draws his brows together. "Seriously, what's going on with you?"
How does one go about confessing their guilty, weird, quid-pro-quo attraction to their superior without coming off as a freak? Better yet, how does one go about it without getting fired? Ethan feels a cold sweat prickle beneath the collar of his button-up.
I like you. I like you. I like you.
"I like…" It's like there's a solid chunk of ice stuck in his throat. "Well, I mean, your… you know."
Leon's look of concern quickly shifts into one of bewilderment. "No?" He says, real slow-like. "I don't know."
Ethan wants to die.
"It's just…"
The atmosphere in the room shifts. Ethan's hands are clammy and cold and he regrets even opening his mouth; wishing he could've just opted to say that he feels sick and his head hurts, and maybe even take the rest of the night off so he could reflect on all of this – perhaps over a nice glass of red wine. Instead, because he's terrible at socializing and even worse at socializing with Leon, he's currently staring the agent down with terror flashing in his eyes.
Leon doesn't say anything, but it's obvious that he's dying to get this over with, just like Ethan is.
"Y– you can't get mad," Ethan stammers, clenching his fingers.
More silence.
Ethan sighs. Then, finally, he lays down his cards with a quiet, "Your tattoos."
Leon tilts his head. "... Mine?" He asks, a bit delayed, and Ethan has never wanted to evaporate into thin air more than he does right now.
"Like, the ones on my arms?" Leon rotates his wrists, glancing down at his own artwork. 
Great. When should he start packing up his belongings? Now? Tomorrow? There's a spare produce box in the break room, and he only has a couple of personal items on his desk. His name placard, a picture of his childhood dog, a cup full of pens he got on clearance at Staples…
Although Ethan doesn't get to stand up or prepare before Leon is speaking again, his voice surprisingly nonchalant. 
Ethan sucks in a deep breath. That's a good question. "They're… distracting me?" Vague enough to keep matters civil. He can do this. "And that's why I'm a little… slow, today. I think. Because they're doing that. Distracting me, I mean."
Leon hums, acknowledging that he heard Ethan's answer. He waits, silent until Ethan manages to scrounge up the courage to meet him eye-to-eye, and then he laughs.
There's something to be said about the way in which Leon handles all things; from topics as serious as bioweapons wreaking havoc on unsuspecting townhomes, to things like this – Ethan admitting he's intrigued by the older man's ink. He's good at finding the balance while still remaining cool and collected, and that's a trait Ethan's always admired.
Because, sadly, he cannot do that.
"I knew there was something about you, Winters," Leon says jovially, as if he's uncovered some grand secret. He leans back in his chair, pushes himself a little further away from his desk, and says: "Do you want to come have a better look?"
Ethan nearly chokes on his spit. "W– wh– what?"
Leon's grin widens. He's enjoying this. "I can't have distractions in the workplace. So if you're curious, and think it might help you refocus, I implore you to get your ass over here and take a gander."
The blonde flusters, his lips screwing into a scowl. Implore. What did this guy know about words like that?
Regardless, he still obediently gathers himself to his feet, taking the necessary steps to close the distance between him and Leon. The fine hairs on the back of Ethan's neck stand at attention, and he's acutely aware of the personal bubble he is now officially bursting— not that Leon seems to notice, or mind.
Infact, the only thing he does when Ethan comes to stand beside his chair is jut both arms out, letting Ethan do whatever he likes.
Instinctively, Ethan grabs them. Then panics, because holy shit, he's touching Leon fucking Kennedy. Then double panics, because why did he do that? Why is he still doing it right now?
"You just wanted to hold hands?"
"N– no!" Ethan exclaims, immediately letting go. Leon bursts out into full-bellied laughter, and the blonde has to take a deep breath before he passes out from his nerves. "Jesus, Leon, I– I was trying to bring them a little closer."
"Oh right, the bad eyesight," Leon drawls. "I forgot you wear glasses sometimes. Near-sighted?"
"Far-sighted. Now shut up and let me look," Ethan snaps, finding his second wind. He reaches for Leon's arms again and finds relief in how the older man wordlessly obliges; giving Ethan the opportunity to twist his arms and inspect the patterns that dance across them. It's not a situation Ethan could've expected, or even predicted, but Leon's right about one thing—this is definitely scratching that terrible itch he feels, somewhere deep down. No more needing to sneak creepy, uncomfortable glances to figure out what they are.
However, he'll always wonder where the tattoos lead. And how many more of them Leon has, hidden underneath all those layers of fabric.
"I see." Ethan nods, smiling faintly as he releases his grip again. "They're cool, I wasn't expecting you to have them. Then again, I've never seen you wear anything other than long sleeves."
Leon quirks a brow. "You pay attention?"
Ethan's smile drops. "Oh. I mean, not in like– not in a weird way, that isn't what—"
There's the sound of a scoff, and then Leon's hands are on Ethan's wrists, gently pulling him down to his level. The blonde stumbles forwards and catches himself with a knee on Leon's chair, and the situation is so intense and utterly stifling that Ethan has to rear away with his eyes narrowed in firm on the office door.
"Ethan," Leon coos.
The blonde makes a noncommittal sound in his throat. 
"Ethan, c'mon, look at me."
There's no way this is happening right now. No feasible way. He must be dreaming.
Ethan registers with rapt attention as Leon let's go of his wrists in favor of bringing both hands up to cup his cheeks, and whether Ethan wants to submit or not isn't really an option anymore. Determinedly, the older man coaxes him to meet his gaze again.
"Shy?" Leon teases, and then quickly changes his tune when Ethan struggles in his grasp. "Okay, okay, I was just kidding! Damn."
"Hold on for a second, sweetheart. I've got a few things on my mind." Ethan's face burns as he tries to process this, process the feel of Leon's touch as it sears itself into his memory. His heart pounds so fiercely in his chest he fears that Leon can feel it, but if he does, he doesn't comment.
Leon brushes his thumbs over Ethan's cheekbones. "You thought I'd be mad?"
"It's... unprofessional," Ethan breathes.
"What is?" Leon asks. His eyes are so blue. "Wanting to see my tattoos?"
Ethan nods. Leon snickers, pulling him that much closer, and the blonde is enveloped in the smell of bergamot and gunpowder and something spicy like sage, and… what was the question again? He can't think clearly when he can feel Leon's words flit across his lips.
"The only 'unprofessional' thing I see is the subordinate about to climb into his boss's lap," Leon murmurs with a wry smile. Ethan lets out a small gasp, jolting, and Leon makes sure he doesn't slip away. "Woah, hey! I never said I didn't like it."
"L– Leon, I don't understand what's…" Ethan stutters, shivering, feeling the traces of electricity that follow Leon's fingertips. He doesn't know whether to lean into him or settle his entire weight on top of Leon, so to play it safe, he refrains from doing either.
The agent takes a moment, eyes sweeping over Ethan's features, before letting out a soft exhale. "Well, now you've seen them. I hope that helped you find some kind of clarity..."
Not even a little bit, Ethan thinks miserably.
"... But it'll probably kill you to know that there's more than just this, and I can assure you, they are much more interesting." Leon chuckles as he tugs the blonde in one last time, and kisses him, right on the corner of his mouth.
"Still distracted?" He whispers.
Ethan can't even think of a proper reply. His brain has turned to mush.
Ethan sucks in a deep breath. "You're a fucking asshole."
Leon throws his head back and laughs, and when he recovers Ethan is already swooping in for another kiss. To hell with professionalism.
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alicemitch09writes · a year ago
(un)loving miya atsumu
let bygones be bygones
"Hey isn't that your manager?" a classmate - Segawa, asked. The two boys - Ginjima and Atsumu turned to the door, indeed finding their club manager looking around Class 2-1.
"Who is she looking for?" another classmate - Numai, wondered, sitting adjacent to Ginjima.
They hung around Atsumu's seat, which was just four tables from the door. Momentarily, their eyes met before she quickly looked away first. Atsumu made a face, just the sight of her immediately soured his good mood.
"Who knows?" Atsumu said, rather flippantly, scrolling through his social media feeds.
"You know Atsumu, it isn't nice to be angry at manager like that." Ginjima reasons, still feeling awful about the fallout between the two.
"Ah, I heard about that!" says Numai, turning to the setter he says, "That sucks, Atsumu."
"Who's the girl, by the way?" Segawa wondered and Atsumu flushed, locking his phone.
"N-None of your business." Thankfully, no one - save for him, Osamu, and (Y/N) knew who it was. Everybody was left in the dark. Heck, not even Aran knew who it was. (But he might have an inkling, as did Kita) News spread fast of the incident between Atsumu and (Y/N), with a few claims on what happened. However, they were quickly dispelled by Captain Wada and Kita-san.
"But, are you really not going to talk to her about it? I know you guys were close and all."
That's the point, you were close - best friends even. And what did you do? Lie to him, destroy his trust in you.
"Shut up, you guys don't know how I feel." the setter grumbled, mood dampening.
"Ah, she's talking to Kamisato-san." Segawa pointed.
Looking over, a female classmate finally approaches (Y/N).
"Kamisato Mitsuki? You know, our classmate?" Numai explained, and the three turn to the said classmate.
"Class rep?" Atsumu gandered, seemingly bored.
"No, that's Odai." Segawa then gives up, seeing no use.
Looking over, the two girls were exchanging a few words, Kamisato had a pensive look on her face as (Y/N) explained something to her. (Y/N), on the other hand, looked prim, proper, cordial yet almost business-like. 
"Uwah, just her standing there gives off some sort of aura,"
“Right? But you know," Numai turns to the two volleyball players. "your manager’s a force to be reckoned with.”
Segawa nods. “Definitely a league on her own.”
Ginjima smiles at that, rather proudly. “Even our seniors and coaches think so, too!”
“She like, set the standard of what a manager should be.”
“Damn, if only we had her to manage the basketball team,” Numai complains, being part of the basketball team. “I wish our manager’s like her.”
“Yeah, but too bad she’s just not that pretty.”
“That’s kinda harsh,” Numai frowns at Segawa, who stares back with hands raised.
“Dude, have you seen her sister?”
Numai pauses, giving it a thought. “Shit, you’re right. Damn, she was pretty.”
Ginjima reddens, unsure how to respond to all that, especially because he’s never seen his manager that way.
"But hey, (L/N)'s kinda pretty too. Not as much as her sister, but she just has her own kind of beauty, I guess."
Atsumu, on the other hand, was quiet through it all, annoyed at them talking about (Y/N). Much more, than they were talking about Mika-nee. True, Mika-nee's always been the pretty one, quite possibly the prettiest girl in their school. But these two were comparing the sisters, it irked him, didn't feel right, his hands balled into fists.
“B-But manager’s smart!” Ginjima stutters, still red in the face. “Brawns over beauty!”
“Wow, those are big words, coming for you, Gin.” Atsumu teases, finally saying something.
“Hey, Atsumu, what do you think about your manager?” Segawa asks, curiously. “Is she pretty?”
Numai looks absolutely done with the other boy, Ginjima buries his face into his hands.
“Well, Gin over here was right about her being smart and all, but that’s the only thing she’s good for. As for looks?” he scoffs, looking at the open door. As if sensing his gaze, (Y/N) looks up. Atsumu sneers, loudly sharing. “She doesn’t hold a candle to her sister. Compared to Mika-nee, she’s plain. And boring.”
The three boys jump at his proclamation, a few classmates, too.
On the other hand, just by their doorstep, (Y/N) had a carefully blank expression on her face, betraying nothing. She blinks once before turning to Kamisato.
“I believe that’s all, Kamisato-san. Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to approach me.” 
“O-Of course, (L/N)!” The two girls bowed at each other. Kamisato stared at the paper in her hand, a pensive look still on her face.
"Oi, Kamisato! What'd manager-san ask you?" Segawa called out.
"None of your nosy business!" she yelled black, sticking her tongue out.
Curiously, Atsumu looked back at the door, only to find (Y/N) had long gone.
Tumblr media
“How was nationals?” your sister asked, her video blurring a bit as she moved around the house.
Dressed in your pajamas, you nestled in yourself at the lounge, where the wi-fi was strongest. “We lost to Karasuno.” You tell her, hearing a shocked gasp not long later. “Yeah. We were defeated.”
“Oh no,” her face falls. “But was Karasuno strong? And who are they?”
“An old powerhouse,” you explain, scratching your scalp. “All things considered, they were a strong team with a rather unethical team synergy.” A flash of orange popped in your mind, making you smile. “And interestingly enough, Sho-chan was there.”
“Don’t you remember? My old playmate from Miyagi? Whose hair was the color of mikan?”
Confusion settles in her face, trying hard to remember, but nothing comes to mind. “I don’t remember. Sorry.”
Sighing, you shake your head. “No worries, that was long ago anyway.”
“Yeah, and most of your playmates then were boys!” she laughed at the nostalgia. “You were also quite the tomboy then, because you were game for about anything those boys wanted to do!”
Ransacking your brain, you did remember following after Sho-chan playing ball, riding bikes, racing, but never catching bugs. You hated bugs, spiders especially.
“So since you guys lost, do you have to leave?”
Shaking your head again, you sighed, propping your elbow against the sofa arm, check against your palm. “Nope. Tomorrow’s a free day, so we can just enjoy ourselves sightseeing, watching games, or lazing around.”
“It’s too bad the team lost,”
Shifting your lips, for some reason, your loss wasn’t all that bad. It was sad that this was the third year’s final game, there was something to be said about being so close yet so far from achieving victory, disheartening even to see the strong faces of your seniors turn into husks, a bittersweet notion when they composed themselves and just held their head high despite the loss, yet something else seemed to weigh in your heart.
“Ah, sorry, what did you say?”
“I said, what are your plans for tomorrow?” she asked, pulling her hair back to fix it into a bun.
Watching her (h/c) hair loop into her hands, pulling a scrunchie from her wrist to work it into your bun, you reply. “Probably buy some souvenirs for the little brother.”
She laughed at that, tightening her scrunchie one last time.
“And what kind of souvenir did he ask for?”
Exhaling through your nose, you reminisced – just a few days before you left for Tokyo.
“Nee-san, don’t forget to buy me some shirts while you’re at Tokyo!” was Kaoru’s greeting, knocking twice before pulling your door open.
Ever so slowly, you turned to him, unamused. “…you do realize that there will only be volleyball shirts available, right?” Kaoru plays dumb, smiling at you. “Kaoru, you play soccer.”
“Okay, love you, bye!”
But the door clicked shut, his laugh echoing on the other side.
Groaning, you could only shake your head and resume packing.
You wrinkled your nose at the memory, especially because even before you left the house, Kaoru yelled out about the shirt. He can be a little shit, sometimes.
“Well, can’t blame him, he’s an athlete.” Mika reasons.
“That’s your reasoning?” Mika breaks out laughing, you could only roll your eyes. “Either way, he’s lucky that we have an extra day tomorrow and I’ll probably spend it hunting a shirt for him.”
“What do you expect from our youngest brother?”
A group of teens walks by, tourist by the looks of it. They were laughing quietly amongst themselves, bags in their hand.
The hotel the team stayed at were mostly booked by high school teams for the nationals tournament, but there were still a few tourists, they came no matter the season.
“Oh, by the way, (Y/N),” Mika starts. “you’re almost a third year now!” To which you groan. “Do you have plans for third year?”
Thinning your lips, your eyes fell away from looking at her face. “…maybe.”
“Well…” you suck your teeth, playing with the ends of your hair. “it’s intimidating me, Mika. How dare you ask me that.”
She laughs at that, nodding in understanding. It makes you smile.
“Oh please, you’re miss smarty pants, you’ll figure it out.” You force a smile. “Okay, how about the twins, how are they?”
“…why are you asking me?”
“Well, you’re their best friend. Aren’t you?”
“Um, maybe.”
“Maybe?” she repeats, noting your strange turn at the mention of the twins. “Did something happen between you three?”
Swallowing, you shake your head. “No. They’re just too caught up with volleyball, Atsumu most especially, you know that.”
At that, Mika frowns, expression turning to worry. You smile thinly at her, again. She asks about the twins at times, which you artfully answer as best you could.
Considering that she’s been studying psychology, however, and being your sister, she knows your tells.
Before she could say another word, her watch beeps. “Oh, I have to go and pick up the kids from school now.”
You sigh, sad that you had to end the call. “Okay.” Peering at the time on your phone, you realized that it was getting late as well. “I should also sleep now, too.”
“Sweet dreams, (Y/N).”
“Don’t forget to call mom and uncle, okay?” you remind her.
She smiles, love in her eyes as she waves at you. “I will. Love you.”
“Love you, too.”
The call ends. Four hours and thirty-two minutes’ worth of call. Clicking your phone lock, your tired face stares back at you. Sighing, you stand from your spot, stretching your limbs and walking back to your room.
Tumblr media
Brightly colored shirts were on full display, each having different words, phrases - even a whole paragraph it seems on sports virtues. Color swatches with the same design were lined up neatly, just below the hung shirts. There was even a customization corner pressed in the corner, with a design catalog that looks as though it's seen better days.
Face carefully neutral, your eyes swam around the display, unsure just which one to pick.
Well, Kaoru just said shirt, so you were free to get him whatever. Staring at a white shirt, it had the words 'fortitude' written in calligraphy. Fortitude.
"Are you planning on buying that shirt?" a voice asks behind you, dropping the shirt, you turned and met golden brown. 
"Kita-san." He smiles. Remembering his question, you turn back to the shirt, frowning. "Yeah, for my little brother."
"How thoughtful of you," you could only force a smile, putting the shirt down.
"How about you, Kita-san? Are you buying a shirt, too?"
"Yes," he nods, looking at the display. "My little brother wants a shirt as well."
Just like you, Kita was a middle child. But unlike you, his little brother - Tomoya, was a polite boy (and a bit of a tsundere, according to Akagi). He was a year older than Kaoru, though. You could understand Aran's pain when it comes to his sister, which is why you turn to Kita about dealing with younger siblings.
"Oh, he plays?"
Kita shakes his head, picking up a gray shirt with the words 'fall down seven times, get up eight'.
You then settled for a black shirt, with the words 'game over' written in white calligraphy.
“What are your plans for third year?” Kita asks, innocuously.
To which, you groan. “Not you, too.”
He huffed a laugh. “I assume your sister asked the same question?”
“She did,” you find a shirt, something in your brother’s size, frowning at the writing.
“And how did that conversation go?”
“Swimmingly,” you drone.
“Are you being sarcastic?”
“I’m not,” you tell him, shoulders sagging. “It’s the truth. How about you, Kita-san, what are your plans after high school?”
“Well, I plan on taking up agriculture, to help with the farm.”
“That suits you, Kita-san.”
“Thank you. How about you?”
“Um,” you cock your head to the side, teeth sinking into your lip. “I’m still not sure.”
That surprised him, only he didn't let it show.
"You have a lot of time, (L/N)." he tells you after the two of you paid for the shirts. "There's no need to rush."
Taking the bag from the seller, nodding gratefully, the two of you began to walk. "Yeah."
"I hear Karasuno's playing against Kamomedai next." Kita says aloud, mostly to you.
At the mention of Sho-chan's team, you paused, smiled. "That sounds like an interesting match."
"Shall we go watch?"
Tumblr media
There was a scuffle in the gym when you neared, judging from the voices apparently it was the twins. Again.
Sighing, you walked in. "...are you two done bitchin' it out?" you asked bored, making your presence known. When there was no response, but stares from Ginjima, Suna, and the twins, you lifted your head from the clipboard. "Yes? Good, please start warming up."
It was the last practice with the third years. It dawned on you, watching your favorite seniors practice one last time with the rest of the team.
Following shortly after was a meeting, as well as the announcing the next captain and vice-captain.
You thought of announcing then and there of your early retirement only to stop. No. This wasn't about you. It was theirs - the third years, they, who have carried and valiantly held the foundation for the younger ones.
You were just a manager. That's it.
So you stood and watched as the third years made their parting speeches, feeling something misty in your eyes.
Heaving a heavy sigh, you managed to keep your tears at bay. 
Kita's parting speech was eloquent, straight-to-the-point, and poignant – so him. Aran, being vice-captain, tried his damnest not to cry even as he berated the team - especially the second years, to be the damn seniors they're supposed to be and support the juniors next year and win at nationals.
Later, Atsumu was announced as the new captain with Osamu as the vice, much to the dismay of the former and a few. Kita gave you a nod, smile soft, before walking off with Atsumu taking his place, making a short speech on what he'll do as the newest captain.
Immediately, you busied yourself with your journal – writing down the minute meetings, your scribbling suddenly slowing by the second. Atsumu’s voice echoed throughout the gym, tuning his voice, your eyes glued only to your penmanship, the words, the strokes, the lines-
"(Y/N)," came Osamu's quiet voice, you looked up. "is there something you want to add?"
The whole team turned to you, as did the coaches. Atsumu met your gaze, but you quickly looked away, head shaking.
"No," your voice was soft, gentle. A few third years turned to you, worriedly. "nothing."
After this, you would quietly retire.
Shortly after the meeting, you gave your partings to both Coaches – both of which were deeply saddened by your leave. However, they understood your reasonings and accepted your resignation. Turning over the track jersey, the clipboard, journal logs, and whistle felt heavy in your hands, here lies two years of your hard work and heart. Once they were taken away from you, it felt a part of you left as well.
With a bow, you turned on your heel and ran, you had one last person you wanted to see.
Tumblr media
Chasing after the third years, your eyes keyed on silver, quickening your pace.
Quietly turning to you, his golden eyes took you whole. Ojiro, Akagi, and Oomimi quietly went on ahead, giving the two of you the privacy you needed.
“(L/N),” his voice was quiet, acknowledging you.
“Um,” swallowing, you felt your eyes getting watery again. “Shit, uh, I just, t-thank...thank you for these two years!” You clumsily bowed, keeping your head low. “Thank you so much, Kita-san. For everything!”
“You’re welcome, (L/N).” As if remembering something, he turned to you fully, bowing as well. “Thank you for these two years as well, the team wouldn’t have made it this far without your support.”
A rebuttal was ready on the tip of your tongue, only to let it die. No. He was right, even if you didn't believe it yourself. Kita-san spoke nothing but the truth, no sugar-coating, to beating around the bush, just straight and simple facts.
He patted your head as you cried, smiling softly. “I take you’re quitting after this?”
You nod, humming weakly.
He doesn’t say anymore, just looks at you.
“I understand. But, you've come this far, you should be proud of yourself and your achievements, (L/N). It’s going to be difficult to fare without you, but I don’t want to hold you back from doing what you want." He smiles, sagely. "Good luck with the rest of your third year, (L/N). However,” he furthers, you look up to his eyes, glazed with a soft mien. “don’t be surprised to find how invaluable you truly are.”
Tumblr media
The next day, after classes, you found yourself standing outside the student council. Kusakabe did mention that they were looking for a secretary, now that the current one was graduating. And he did praised you for your analytical mind and note-taking skills sometime back.
After class you came straight here, feet almost leading you elsewhere. Muscle memory. 
And after making a quick inquiry, here you were waiting outside, absentmindedly staring out the window, arms folded behind you.
Was it weird? Jumping on to another club for your last and final year? Especially to a club you could've joined? No. Maybe it wasn't.
What's weird is probably never having to hear the squeaks, thumps, calls, or smell Salonpas, sweat, carbonated sports drinks, and be surrounded by a bundle of tall boys brimming with nervous energy anymore. But again, no, it's not weird. It might be for the first few days, but you'll get around it somehow.
After all, it's a whole new experience, right? You could always try something new regardless of the circumstances.
However, don’t be surprised to find how invaluable you truly are.
Kita-san’s words still linger, foreboding, like a warning. Maybe he meant finding your value in a new environment?
Either way, you were going to make the most of your time in the student council, surrounding yourself by the four walls and busy yourself with school-
"(Y/N)," a voice called in front of you, cutting you from your stupor.
Shaking yourself off, you lowered your head and saw dishevelled, blond-dyed hair, and tired-looking brown eyes.
Very familiar tired-looking honey brown eyes.
Miya Atsumu.
"Miya-san," you found your voice, standing straighter. "What are you doing here?" there was confusion in your tone, written all over your face. Shouldn't he be at practice? He never missed practice. Ever.
Also, he was breathing rather hard, holding his knees, sweating profusely, as though he ran a marathon.
"That's what I should be asking you,” came his breathy response, slowly standing to his full height. “shouldn't you be at practice, too?"
Why was he looking for you?
"Oh. I quit."
Behind him was an open window, the sky was blue, someone was calling out to their friend, followed immediately by cheers of laughter.
"...w-what...?" he croaked, whispered, eyes widened and filled with disbelief.
"You heard me. I quit as manager."
Disbelief took over his face, brown eyes wide. "Wha- Why!?"
Shrugging, you calmly reply, "I have my reasons."
Something clouded Atsumu's brown eyes at your indifference and dismissal. “Heisuke-kun said you were gonna work for the student council. Is that true?”
You frowned at the mention of the younger boy until a certain memory of running into him with Kusakabe came to mind. Maybe he heard you then?
Nodding, you reply, just as calmly. “That’s right. But at the time I was considering it.”
Atsumu's stares at you, in complete disbelief. You stare back, wondering.
Just then, the moderator comes out with a club form in hand. “Thank you for waiting! Here you go, (L/N)! I look forward to having you in the student council.”
Smiling, you were just about to reach for it when Atsumu beat you to it. “Thank you, she’ll think about it. Excuse us, sensei.”
Without another word, he grabs your hand and forcefully tugs you with him.
When you both were far enough, he tears the form.
“What do you think you’re doing!?” you scream.
He screams back at you. “You can’t quit now!”
“And why not?”
He looked offended at your response. “Just cause!”
“’Just cause’ is not a good reason,” you retort angrily. Pinching your nose bridge, you close your eyes and exhale slowly. “Please go to practice, Miya-san.”
Atsumu doesn't move from his spot. “No. Not without you.”
Resigned, you look at the blond-dyed teen incredulously, wearily. “I no longer have any obligation to the club. I’ve already sent in my resignation and spoken to both Coach Kurosu and Coach Oomi.”
He doesn't back down, meeting your stare head-on. “Well, as current captain, I revoke your resignation. Who the fuck sends in their resignation?”
"If you're worried about needing a manager, don't worry, I'll help you find one."
"No need, we have you."
“Miya-san, this isn’t funny. Seriously, just go to your practice.”
“No,” he says firmly, stubbornly.
“Well, like it or not, I’ve already decided to quit as manager.” You tell him with a glare, voice icy and sharp.
“And whether you like it or not, you’re still the incumbent manager of the volleyball club.” He seemed to falter, eyes wavering slightly but hardened. “Come to practice tomorrow. I won’t ask anymore.” And without a word, he turned and left, leaving you stunned.
And some shredded papers by your feet.
Tumblr media
The next day, even though it was against your will, you came to practice.
There was a notable tension between you and Atsumu, but no one was brave enough to address it. Osamu could only watch the two of you with a sigh, eyes sad. Only he was brave enough to do something about you both. Aran and Kita, too, but they were retired and busy with graduation.
Both coaches were tight-lipped about the matter but were surprised to find you after receiving your resignation only for Atsumu for tear it (seriously, he had zero disregard for the environment) after looking around for you.
Routinely working on your duties, you found every chance you could get to just do your part. Albeit, you were almost robotic in your motions, precise and stricter with your pointers to the team members, instilling the same cold, stoic persona everyone knew you by – even with Kita-san retiring, they could be assured that his presence lingers with you around. However, a select few watched you worryingly - specifically the second years.
"Are you seriously quitting?" Osamu had asked later after practice, helping you wash the water bottles.
You paused, not meeting his eye. Exhaling through your nose, you set the water bottles to dry, taking the rest from his hands. "I'm considering it."
"But we only have a year left," he said rather matter-of-factly, leaving it hanging on purpose.
Turning to him with a glare, he raised his hands in surrender. "I hate it when you do that,"
He shrugs, having the gall to look unapologetic. "Still, it's waste-"
"I know it is. Shut up."
Exhaling, you stared at the sink, the sound of the water dripping was almost in tune with your heart beating, gripping the lip of the basin, you stilled your breathing. "How would you feel to be constantly reminded of how your feelings were nothing more than a joke that's been toyed and fucked around? To be reminded that all your efforts were for nothing? To be reminded that you're not needed? I'm not always this stoic. I'm fucking human, too, you know."
His eyes, darker than his twin's, hardened. "Yeah. But we need you."
You had to scoff at that. "Did you need me just to make yourselves feel better after what happened? Or did you want a female presence to boost your male egos after each game?"
"That's not fair."
"No. Nor was keeping his fuck of a joke and keeping me in the dark about it." It may be long ago, but it had always left a bitter taste in your mouth, a wound so fresh and raw, leaving you feeling reduce to nothing more than a mascot.
Osamu’s mouth pressed together, unsure how to respond to that. Guilt choking him. Memories of that day flashed through his head.
“If it makes you feel better, I punched the living shit out of ‘Tsumu after what happened.”
It did make you feel better, for about ten seconds.
“Do you just want me around to give the team one pretty face to look at? To again boost your egos?”
“The point of having a manager,” Osamu starts, sounding a bit angry. “is to have someone manage, supervise, and keep the team in check. They’re the ones who support us by playing the mother hen but also being our sanity checkers when practices get us in the butt. And more importantly, they make sure that the team stays grounded through it all win or lose. You’re not a pretty face, you’re a friend to the rest of the team.”
It’s more than enough to spring tears to your eyes, as much as you hate to admit it.
“And I’m sorry if my fuck of twin made you feel any less of that.” Sighing, he puts away the last of the bottles. He stared at the ground, eyes hardened, reeling, conflict shrouded in his eyes. “But if you’re really bent on quitting, then I’m not stopping you.”
Turning to him, he was worried you’d get whiplash. 
Two years of managing the team, you were so proud of your work. You poured your whole heart into your work. You didn’t want one silly heartbreak to ruin all that.
Furiously rubbing your eyes dry – which honestly freaked and worried Osamu, you then stood straight, taller. This was very reminiscent of Kita's captainship, his refusal of your resignation.
“All right,” sensing your tone, he smiles a little. “just one more year then.”
One more year, and we'll let bygones be bygones.
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mymedicine · a year ago
who will bell the cat?
a proverbial phrase; a group of mice are being terrorized by a cat. the mice come up with the idea to put a bell around that cat so they know when it’s coming, but then they ask themselves “who will bell the cat?” in other words, it’s a phrase used when there’s a good plan, but no feasible way to execute it
(but also please be gentle with me, I haven’t written anything in so long and im ~sensitive~ ok back to actual blurb notes)
notes - this is a very silly n chaotic little blurb involving romance, giggly sex & unwanted visitors (nsfw content; 18+ please!!!)
“I’ve got an idea.”
In the past, these words had brought the two of them to the hot tub outside with foggy heads, in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror in the hallway with tantalizing vibration toys, or to the couch in the basement, lungs full of grass and sticky air. A spontaneous beach trip in the wee hours of the morning…a sleepless night in the back of his swanky Maserati…In any case, these words would inevitably lead to plentiful mind-blowing orgasms and—at the very least, a lot of fun. So, her reply came as easy as breathing:
“Let’s hear it, then.”
Harry hummed in response. She could feel his cheeky smile against her bare tummy as he gently sucked on her skin with hot lips. Always one step ahead, he had her down to just her panties and bra cups pushed up to her chest, exposing just enough soft flesh to satisfy his wandering hands—for now, at least.
A few seconds passed with him softly giggling to himself, the sound muffled against her skin. Until finally, with a harsh pinch to her nipple: “Let’s have sex on the roof.”
She considered his words, thoughts lulled by his soft kisses and hot skin distracting her. She imagined how invigorating the contrast against the chilly wind would feel outside. The view would be quite nice too—Harry sweaty and panting in front of the background of the sun rising over the beach…tanned skin glistening in the sunlight…And of course, there was the sliver of danger that came with the height. The thrill of fear gave way to the sexiest bit of it all: trust in each other.
“Yay,” Harry mused, drunk on love and lust. He rested his chin in her belly button and peered up to admire her. She looked like a proper angel all the time, he thought, but from this angle he could perfectly drink in the sight of the curves of her breasts heaving with every breath and her sweet lips parted in bliss—it was heavenly.
“But…” Y/N considered, head slightly more clear now that Harry had moved away from where she was aching for him the most, “…how the fuck are we gonna do that?”
A moment of silence. Harry tore his eyes away from her body as other, less sexy images flashed through his head. He sat back on his heels and Y/N leaned her back against the headboard. Both of them peered out the window, cooking up a variety of plans by which to get on the roof without dying.  
“One way to find out.”
Only moments later they found themselves out on the balcony, already shivering from the loss of contact and considerable lack of clothing. Again, they took a gander upward, analyzing the expansive roof that was so close yet so far.
Harry’s arms slithered around her waist. His hot hands on her body did little to help her come up with a coherent thought, much less an idea to accomplish the seemingly impossible.
But as always, Harry was one step ahead of her. He sunk to his knees in front of her—sending a jolt of fiery desire through her belly.
He peered up at her with a knowing smirk, then proceeded to press a teasing peck to the center of her underwear. An excited smile graced her cheeks as she peered down at him all sleepy-eyed and horny. Her hands found his soft curls as he continued pressing kisses between her legs, lips falling open and melting her skin.
“Please what?” Another kiss, this one harder and hotter and all the more tempting on the bare skin of her thigh. It was suddenly much warmer on the balcony, but even as the rising sun stung her eyes, her skin pebbled with goosebumps as electric pleasure coursed through her.
“Touch me, please.”
“Touch you where, pretty girl?” But the little shit knew exactly where. His hands wrapped around her legs, gripping her ass and teasing her with the prickles of hair on his jaw.
Just when she thought she would crumble to the floor, his strong hands were there—tight and reassuring and hot against the back of her thighs. He laughed lowly, cruelly, and turned her around with a strong tug that made her impossibly more weak in the knees. But there he was, strong and capable behind her as he motioned for her legs. She wrapped herself around his neck, taking a seat comfortably on his shoulders.
He stood slowly, exposing her to the chilly wind and the rising sun peering just in view behind the roof of their home. A prickle of fear suddenly gripped her heart as she realized how high up they were…how the wind seemed to blow with more vigor up there…But as the soft sunlight highlighted the expansive horizon and her boyfriend’s warm hands tightened around her bare thighs, the fear melted away.
Harry wiggled relentlessly in a playful attempt to throw her off of him, but his hands held her thighs in place through their excited giggles. Finally, he walked them toward the edge of the roof—just close enough for Y/N to crawl on top of the shingles.
He supported her through the awkward motion, but not without a cheeky slap on the ass, to which Y/N chided him with a gentle kick to the chest. “Oi!” he gasped, feigning pain and clutching his chest dramatically. From above, Y/N dangled her legs over the edge of the roof and laughed dutifully back at him.
“Alright,” she mused with joyful huffs of laughter still slipping out of her lips, “Now what?”
Her boyfriend pondered the question. In his haze of lust and love, he also hadn’t thought this far ahead.
Y/N took his silence as bait, teasingly curling her legs into herself and crawling deeper up the middle of the roof. “Hmm,” she drawled, eyebrows raised with mischief, “it’s a lovely morning…”
“I could just…” Y/N giggled to herself as her boyfriend’s features twisted below her, “…fuck myself up here…”
“You bettah not.” He deadpanned, craning his head up to glare at her while desperately wracking his brain for a solution to this horrible predicament. His glare softened as he watched her trail her own hands down her body. Her fingers caught the lace covering her chest before slipping lower and lower until she was right where they both wanted her.
Immediately: “Make me.”
No thoughts came to Harry’s mind besides fuck it when he decided to climb on the railing on the balcony. Adrenaline and unadulterated lust earned him balance and uncustomary agility, which he took full advantage of as he scrambled to pull his body up on the roof without injury.
The task was difficult but oh so worth it, he thought as he finally got both legs steady on the rough surface and he could feast his eyes on his girl. “Mission accomplished.”
A sexy grin graced her cheeks, as if he wasn’t already entranced by her “Mm..not yet…” she giggled with that same mischievous glint in her eyes.
Harry could stand no more of it. “Come ‘ere, pretty girl,”
Just like his sweet words in a demanding tone, his ringed hands slipped around her waist—skin soft but grip firm. He carefully helped her clamber onto his lap, arranging her legs over his thighs and propping his knees up against her back.
Her sensitive core throbbed against him.
“Wet for me, hm?” He asked smugly, already knowing the answer. He could feel her warmth through the thin layers of clothing between them. He could see her nipples straining against the lace of her bra, the straps carelessly fallen down her arms. He pressed a hot kiss to her collarbones, bending awkwardly to reach her the way he wanted. His hands paved a trail of electricity around her back, sparking between them as his fingers expertly unclasped the garment.
“Fuck…yeah baby.” She craved him closer…closer. She threw her head into his neck and felt him kiss her hair tenderly. The sweet romance of it all almost distracted her from the aching need pulsating in her abdomen.
Y/N tossed the bra behind her with a blissful smile (absently hoping it’d land on the balcony where she could pick it up later) and latched her mouth back onto Harry’s. He kissed her back, easily taking control and wedging his tongue between her lips. As he licked into her mouth, he couldn’t help but imagine the taste of her sweet juices on his tongue.
One long finger prodded achingly close to her slick hole, roughly pushing aside the fabric for better access. He circled her one, two, three times before bringing his hands up to her face. One cupped her jaw, and with the other he shoved his finger between her waiting lips.
“So sweet f’ me, hm…”
Y/N hummed softly around his finger in response, the taste of her own arousal and the heaviness of his hand on her cheek invading her senses.
A breeze wafted between them. The contrast between the cool wind and Harry’s warm body beneath her was even more electrifying than she’d imagined. Her blood turned to syrup in her veins, head cloudy and full of thoughts of Harry, Harry, Harry…
“I need you…I need you so bad…”
Harry smirked at the desperation in her voice. She was nearly crying for it. Who was he to deny this beautiful creature of her one wish?
He stroked her cheek with his thumb before gently her face toward his. “Get me out, baby,” he murmured against her lips, flicking his eyes to meet her watery ones. “Take what you need.”
Y/N squeezed her eyes shut as his words sent a tantalizing rush of excitement through her. His hands were steady, confident as he dragged them down to hold hers. They were steady as he moved her hands between their bodies. They were steady as the wind bit their bare skin, steady as he helped her pull himself out of his briefs.
“Feel how ready I am f’ you, huh?” he mused, sliding his hands back up to her waist and letting her palm him herself. It was an understatement, really. He’d been staring at her bare tits and soft tummy and angelic face against the rising sun for all this time, teasing himself with promise of her sweet warmth.
His cock stood swollen between them. He gritted his teeth as her soft hands worked their cruel magic…
“Thought you needed me, baby?” Harry teased her, gasping as she thumbed over his tip.
But she merely laughed, the sound heavy with joy and love and lust, “‘M making sure you need me too.”
He gripped her waist firmly as she gave a particularly sensual tug at his shaft. His voice was gruff and low and hot and dripping with earnest desire in her ear as he said, “Always need you baby.”
With that, they could wait no longer. He held his cock over her hand, helping her line himself up with her slick hole. He supported her by the waist as she finally—finally sat gingerly on his lap.
A pornographic squeak fell out of her lips as her hips met his, swearing to herself that the feeling of warmth and fullness was more blissful than it ever had been before. She held his shoulders tightly for support, tense with the lingering fear of falling off the very high roof. There was no need for fear though, as her boyfriend’s hands were strong and steady around her.
Meanwhile, Harry was gripping her waist for dear life. He let his eyes wander, taking turns giving his attention to her bouncing tits and she moved against him and her sweet pussy swallowing his cock. He moaned lowly as she grinded herself deeply against him, feeling the warmth of her walls tightening around him.
“Fuck Harry…” she hummed and mother of God his name had never sounded sexier. He all but gawked at her face as his name continued to tumble out of her lips. Her eyes were screwed shut, mouth agape and head tilted into the light of the rising sun.
“You’re an angel…” Harry mumbled in between her cries, “a real life fucking angel.”
The sting from the rough shingles beneath them dissolved into bliss, aching knees and shoulders melting with every fiery touch. Inhibitions long gone, Harry’s hands fell to Y/N’s thighs where he gripped the skin harshly, desperate to take control. He slowed the motion of her hips and let her dangle on top of him like a work of art for him to admire.
His lips painted dark marks on her neck and chest, littering her flesh with evidence of his adoration. Hands holding her hips firmly in place, he took a hardened nipple between his teeth and stroked her skin with his tongue. Just as he wanted, she cried his name again, “Harry, please!”
“I got you, pretty girl,” he replied immediately, finally pushing himself back into her.
His head was buried just right in her chest so he could feel her racing heart as he fucked into her from underneath. The wet sounds of their bodies colliding, the creaks and scrapes of wooden roof, the gentle morning wind, and their hearts pumping in sync—it was a delightful and filthy symphony.
Y/N’s voice interrupted the sinful melody. Not a moan this time, but her clear and angelic voice, “Wait. Harry, stop.”
He halted his motion and immediately removed his hands from her hips as if her sweaty skin had burned him. It wasn’t a safe word necessarily, but her urgency sent a flicker of concern through him. He looked at her with a tight frown, but her attention was elsewhere. He then gingerly moved his hands back to her hips in an effort to move to pull himself out from under her, but Y/N threw her hands on his (BEEFY - tan) chest and snapped at him, “Shh!”
What could possibly be more important than what’s happening right now? Harry desperately wanted to ask her as he felt her involuntarily clench around him. He bit back a groan, unable to tear his eyes away from her bare tits in his face and her hips flush on his lap. But Y/N was looking somewhere behind him, furrowing her brow and craning her ears to focus on that sound…
Ding dong!
“Harry! Y/N!”
Their eyes found each others’ immediately, both wide with panic.
Two pairs of eyes peered down from the roof and fuck—there was the unmistakeable blonde head below them, pounding desperately on their front door.
“I know you guys are up,” Niall fussed at the door, “Your lights are on!”
Meanwhile, Y/N felt herself tense on Harry’s lap, still fully seated on his cock. He twitched inside her, sending a jolt of hot pleasure through her core and with it, the instinct to grind herself deeper…to feel his mouth on hers…to catch his rough hairs against her sensitive clit…
“GUYS! Oh—!”
A clicking sound, then Niall’s muffled voice, “You left your door unlocked, stupid fucker!”
“Fuck” Harry voiced her thoughts, “we’ve gotta get down.”
Fuck! Getting up there was a lust-crazed, imminent struggle. But getting down? They really hadn’t thought this one through.
“H, I have an idea.”
“What’s it?”
“Slide down the roof.”
He peered behind her at the long way down off the roof. He turned back and gave her an incredulous look—the same look he liked to give her when she would coo and pout at him asking do you still love me?, as if every cell in his body didn’t adore her. As if his whole world didn’t completely revolve around her. It was simply a ridiculous idea.
“How the fuck am I supposed to do that without dying?”
“Land on the balco—”
“—Gonna get shingles all up in my ass!”
Y/N almost laughed. Almost. “Well, it was your idea to have sex on the roof.”

“Well it takes two to fucking tango,” Her boyfriend sassed, finally making a move to pull her off his lap and into his arms. Warmth instantly left both of them as he slipped himself out of her, cock still pink and painfully swollen.
Harry groaned at the feeling, “Let’s just wait until he leaves…” Fuck it. He thought, what’s the worst that could happen? Niall’s seen his dick before…And his girl still looked all fucked out and desperate to crawl back onto his lap and chase her ruined release.
“I mean…”
Y/N’s body ached with want as Harry panted below her, sweaty chest rising and falling with equal parts panic and, well—exertion. His head was cocked to the side as he gazed thoughtfully at something in this distance, giving her a delightful view of his prickly jaw and flushed cheeks. But what was he looking at? She tore her eyes away from his face and followed his gaze…Ah. 
She had caught her boyfriend eyeing his best mate’s car. Niall’s beautiful…spacious…abandoned car. They looked at each other, mischief dancing in their eyes. 
Then, at the same time: “I’ve got an idea.”
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pianostarinwonderland · a year ago
fic: anger [azul ashengrotto/reader]
Tumblr media
the first date with azul comes, and all you can think about is how infuriatingly perfect he is.
word count: 2186 content notes: azul x reader; lower case for aesthetics; part 2 of 5 of azul otome route fic; additional notes below content warnings: none prompt: to be shared on day 8
Tumblr media
the toll of the bell rings for dismissal, but to you, it rings of your entry to death. perhaps it’s a bit hyperbolic to say that, but truly, you don’t want to have your first date be with a guy who’s hellbent on making you like him just so he can have your house. ace, deuce, and grim wish you luck on your date as you part ways.
azul asked you yesterday to go to the mostro lounge by 4:00 to meet him there. Your best clothes are sadly not with you right now, nor are the funds to buy yourself anything, so as you wash yourself up in the school bathroom and tidy your hair to a neat hairstyle, you hope that azul doesn’t mind you wearing your school uniform.
the clock in the lounge reads 3:58 when you arrive and pick a table to stay in. a waiter hands you the menu, but the moment you take your seat on the leather couch, your eyes wander around the place instead of the menu. the walls are colored in various shades of purple that give the restaurant a somewhat dim atmosphere with a deep navy blue as the floor. the clinks of glasses hitting each other from behind the counter and the clanks of silverware on plates echo around the area, mingling with the sound of conversation, adds a certain harmony to the jazz music playing on the stereos. lamps shaped like jellyfish stand on each table, providing enough illumination to make one’s surroundings visible but dim enough that it maintains a classy ambiance. on one side of the restaurant, an aquarium blocked by a fence displays all the wonders of the sea for the patrons.
it’s beautiful. it’s too bad, however, that the place belongs to a scammer aiming to make you fall for him.
“it’s the dorm leader!”
you look away from the aquarium you were eyeing the moment you heard the hurried whispers of a waiter to another to face the front of the lounge. with his coat billowing from behind him, azul ashengrotto walks with a certain ease in his step, and the waiters and other workers appear a little more hushed. It’s not the tension that riddle’s authority causes, but there is an evident amount of intimidation felt in the lounge.
you exhale. It’s time.
“i see you’ve arrived, my dear,” azul says as he arrives at your table. “i hope i didn’t keep you waiting for too long.”
“‘my dear’?” you ask quizzically,
“we are dating, as per the contract conditions,” he says. “don’t couples have pet names for each other on land?”
“er, well, some, not all,” you reply.
he takes a seat across you. his posture is perfect– he’s not slouched, but his back isn’t too straight, exuding a relaxed air. it leaves you with an irritating sense of awe, the same feelings that stirred inside of you when you and jack first watched him in his classes, acing each and every one of them and leaving the teachers floored with his abilities. “have you ordered yet?”
“oh no,” you take the menu that was left forgotten in front of you, “not yet.”
you browse through the items while azul asks for a waiter to hand him the menu. your eyes trail to the prices with a certain dread as they look at the big numbers. your mouth, however, doesn’t care as it salivates at the options listed on the menu, ranging from fettuccine alfredo to tiramisu. while you make your choice, you occasionally take a gander at azul. he’s busy reading through his own menu, but there’s a certain refinement in the way his azure eyes browse through the menu that brings back the awe and irritation from earlier.
perfect, the word comes to mind when watching him. why on earth is everything he does so infuriatingly perfect?
azul’s head cranes upwards to look at you. “hm? have you decided on what you want?”
you don’t answer for a moment, feeling like a deer caught in headlights from being caught staring. “oh, um...” you finally respond, but you trail off, looking back at the menu until you settle for a particular dish that catches your eye.
he eventually calls for the waiter once you’re both settled, and both of you give your orders. afterwards, however, silence comes in between you and him. you don’t know how to talk to him, and knowing that this is supposed to be a date adds further pressure on you. should i say something? should i not and wait for him to say something?
“i take it that it’s your third time here.” azul’s voice punctures the awkwardness.
“um, yeah, pretty much,” you respond. you hate how taut your voice sounds compared to his modulated one. “the lounge is pretty, and i like the decor.”
“why thank you, i’m glad to hear that,” he says, pleasantly smiling at your words. “i aimed to design the mostro lounge to make it appealing to anyone who comes here, so it’s pleasing to hear that.”
you hum in response, but inside, you feel the annoyance creeping back up. so he leads octavinelle, knows how to persuade people, attains high grades, sings well, can communicate with the animals, impresses the ever-strict crewel in alchemy class, and not only manages the restaurant but knows how to design the place. even in his mannerisms, every little movement is graceful and practiced, his voice is pleasant to listen to, and he is punctual.
it’s all so annoying, and yet, you can’t help but admire him, which adds onto the frustration building up inside your gut. he’s got to have some flaw, you think to yourself, well, okay, he’s manipulative and selfish. that’s a flaw, i guess. but it doesn’t dissuade your frustration and, dare you say, jealousy at him.
the same waiter returns with two glasses, silverware, napkins, and a pitcher of water, setting the silverware for you then pouring the liquid into the glasses, before taking his leave.
“you’re in your first year, no,” azul asks, and you nod with a hum in response. “how are your classes without having any magic?”
“oh, well, grim handles the magic side of the classes,” you respond, though there’s a wary undertone in your voice. “everything else, i’m able to do.”
“i see,” he nods his head. “you take the written tests too, am i correct?”
“yeah,” you reply. “i have to get high in those because grim never scored higher than 80, that is, until he got the notes from you.” your pointed glare at the young man across you punctuates your sentence.
“my, are you faulting me for your partner’s actions?” azul tilts his head to the side with a bemused smile on his face. “he was the one who approached me, asking me for notes so he doesn’t put any effort into the test to attain a high score. i simply provided what he wished for, as well the terms to abide to by using the test key from me.”
you scowl at his response. he’s not wrong.
“come now,” azul’s face lightens up. “we are two people on a date, are we not? you shouldn’t be so down.”
“hm,” is your only response. how can i enjoy a date i was coerced into, you want to say, but you restrain yourself.
just as your conversation enters another lull, another waiter approaches your table with a silver tray holding up a plate of salad. he sets it down in front of azul, and after a few thanks from him, the waiter leaves the table.
boy, you start to think to yourself, of course he also eats healthily. and he’s gonna be absolutely proper when he eats, right?
and from the way he neatly places his napkin on his lap and holds his utensils to eat, you’re proven correct. even the simple act of using his fork to eat the lettuce leaf is refined and graceful, and with nothing to do in particular, you’re left with no choice but to watch.
after swallowing the first bite, azul frowns. “it’s lacking in dressing,” he notes. “i’ll have to inform the chef about this later.”
you say nothing.
neither of you say anything as he eats, and by the time your order arrives, relief sings in your eyes and you dig in, humming over how good the food is.
Tumblr media
much to your immense relief, azul pays for the meal (and being the owner of the mostro lounge, both your meals come with a discount already). dabbing his lips with his napkin, he stands up and approaches you.
“i’ll escort you back to your dorm,” he says with a gloved hand held out toward you.
“ehhh,” the prospect of being with him for a little while longer causes your gut to twist in discomfort. “are you sure? aren’t you busy?”
“well, it’s my duty to make sure you, my dear,” he subtly emphasizes the pet name, “are home, safe and sound.”
a scowl crosses your face at his words, but you sigh. “fine.” you stand up, ignoring his hand, and gather whatever belongings you brought with you, and together with him, you quietly leave the octavinelle dorm and walk through the campus back home.
“so,” Azul cuts off the silence as you approach the exit of the main building, “did you enjoy the food in the mostro lounge?”
“mhm,” you respond with a pleased smile. “it was pretty good.” and expensive with small serving sizes, but at least it was good.
he wryly smiles. “i’m glad you at least enjoyed that part of the date.”
“but.” he places a hand on your shoulder, effectively halting you in your place. you turn to him, only to be met with fingers taking a hold of your chin that tilt your head to meet his sky blue eyes. “know that i’m not going to give up. i do take your words from yesterday as a challenge.”
you flick your head away from his grasp. “and i am not backing down either,” you adamantly respond. “now stop touching me.”
Tumblr media
it’s evening by the time you arrive back in your dorm. as expected, the lights are on in the lounge, but you are taken aback by the sight of anemones on three familiar heads sitting on the couch along and jack standing with his arms crossed. he’s the first to notice your arrival, and his tail starts wagging. “you’re finally here,” he says. “took you long enough.”
“oh, you’re finally here,” Deuce says with a smile on his face.
“i can’t believe ya had a relaxing time eating good food there,” grim remarks angrily. “d’ya know what i was feeling watching you munch the food on the plates i had to wash?!”
“yeah!” ace chimes in, in agreement with grim for once. “i was starving while you and azul were eating and chit chatting. that’s no fair!
“wait, what are you all doing here,” you exclaim. “ace, deuce, grim, how did you leave? isn’t the lounge still open right now?”
“that doesn’t matter now,” ace says with a dismissive wave of a hand.
“mhm.” jack’s gruff voice resonates in the room. “you see, i’m gathering you all here to discuss a plan.”
“a plan?” You tilt your head. “for what?”
“to get us out,” deuce says.
bewilderment etches itself onto your face. “excuse me? i thought i was “dating” azul to do just that.”
“i know,” jack says. “i’m not saying your contract is in vain, and if anything, it’ll be a big help for us.”
he clears his throat before continuing, “your contract with azul lasts for a month, but whether you’re successful or not, we can’t wait that long. i don’t approve of you guys cheating your way in the exams,” he glances  at the group wearing the anemones, “but i won’t stand for this either. we were brainstorming earlier about what we should do, and we were waiting for you so we can discuss with you.”
you nod. “i see.”
“we were thinking that your dates can be used as a distraction, so azul doesn’t notice whatever we come up with,” deuce says. “we still don’t have a solid plan yet, though.”
“ah.” You nod once more.
“just make sure you don’t get distracted yourself,” jack says. “azul is capable, we’ve seen that. If you do end up liking him–”
“jack, please.” the beastman stiffens slightly at your unexpected glare. “i don’t like him that much, and i don’t see how i’d like him in a month. you can count on me to not get distracted.”
“okay okay.” he places his hands up in a placating gesture. “i’m just making sure.”
you take a breath, letting out some of the day’s frustration through your nose. “sorry if i sounded mad,” you say, calmer now. “it’s just that azul was getting on my nerves on today's date. but hey.”
your lips curl up into a self-assured smirk. “that’s a good thing, because that means i won’t be falling for him anytime soon.”
Tumblr media
additional notes: not gonna lie, I wanted to make Azul do the same thing Jonah Clemence did in his route and offer the reader something as absurd as 500 dresses 😂 but he’s stingy so I just went with first date in the Mostro Lounge because hE WOULD HDJJSJSKKDKS
This was a very taxing fic to write because originally, the draft was very different from the current version. Actually, among the 5 parts, the only one that doesn’t need a complete rewrite was the first part. 💀 Even then, I had to add many things into the first part after typing it out. My mind had the idiocy to go “oooo what if you write down your otome route for this particular prompt instead” long after I wrote them down, and it made my life harder :’D but it’s pretty worth it in the end.
I hope you enjoyed this!
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thanksjro · a year ago
More Than Meets the Eye #29 - The One Where Everyone Gets Super Shiny
Our issue opens up with Swerve laying down the Story So Far in the Exposition Dimension.
Tumblr media
Fantastic, you funky little man.
If Swerve looks like he’s been tossed through the car wash a few dozen times, it’s because this is where our new colorist comes in! Everyone, please say hello to Joana Lafuente- known for her love of gradients and attention to light sources, this actually isn’t the first time we’ve run into her. Lafuente worked on colors for several issues of The Transformers (2009), Last Stand of the Wreckers #3, and a few issues of MTMTE Season 1. However, she was matching the styles of her co-colorists on a majority of these, so we haven’t seen her style properly until now.
Getting into the story proper, Cyclonus is busying himself with staring out the window at a PNG of space, as he is wont to do, when he hears the tell-tale sound of tires squealing down the hall towards his room. Oh, goodness, whoever could that be?
Tumblr media
Nearly forgot about him, didn’t you? Yeah, it’s a little difficult to follow up on things like a character’s recovery from a horrific disease when you’ve got comic event contract obligations to deal with.
After getting tackled by Tailgate, who reminds us all about the time he stuck his dirty little fingers into a dude’s brain meat, Cyclonus takes the little nerd on a walk through the ship.
Tumblr media
You’re not going to convince me to reread “Dark Cybertron”. I don’t care how much of a marshmallow you are, it’s not happening.
They’re passed by Megatron and a bunch of crew members carrying that coffin we saw at the end of last issue down the corridor, Tailgate has a moment, and we get a taste of Cyclonus’ distaste for the Autobots as a whole. Tailgate is mildly offended by this, as he gropes his chest in distain, showing off his shiny new Autobot badge- a gift for not dying a terrible, gruesome death.
Good job, Tailgate. Proud of you.
They’re also passed by an absolutely blitzed Jackpot and Mainframe, the former singing Tailgate’s Tyrest-stopping praises as the latter carts him over to the Medibay to deal with the almost alcohol poisoning he’s got going on. Cyclonus remarks that Tailgate was missed, though Tailgate can’t help but wonder if that’s really true.
Tumblr media
Y’all like slowburn romance, right? Because these two dumbasses have been roommates for two years, and we’ve just gotten to the point where physical contact can happen without one of them needing to be dying.
Anyway, it’s been a good day for Tailgate so far. Let’s hope it stays that way for the little dude.
Tumblr media
...And that’s a series wrap on Tailgate! Let’s give him a hand, folks!
Hopping back in time to Megatron’s trial, things get underway, as Optimus Prime takes a nap in the judge’s bench as Gripper- whose name you don’t need to remember, as he’s not actually important- tells everyone about how brutal the Decepticon Justice Division is, even to Autobots. Which isn’t really supposed to be their deal, given their, y’know, name, but I suppose nobody’s perfect.
Up in the stands, in an… opera box, I guess? Rodimus is watching the proceedings, when Atomizer walks in. Which I guess you can just do in a Cybertronian court case. Sure.
Atomizer, in case you forgot, is the dude who has a bow and arrow, and used to be an interior designer.
Say, didn’t Whirl has a bow and arrow in the last issue when he attacked Megatron? Mighty curious, that.
Rodimus and Atomizer briefly reflect on the DJD, recalling the horror that was Vos- not that Vos, the other one. Rodimus would really just rather this all be over with so the Lost Light can get back to finding the Knights of Cybertron, and it’s at this point that Atomizer breaks out a thing he really ought not have- the count for the vote on whether or not Rodimus should stay on as captain. Rodimus doesn’t want to look at it, because it was supposed to be anonymous for a reason, and tells Atomizer to destroy the list entirely.
Tumblr media
Hm, that’s not a terribly determined face there, Rodimus.
Back in the present, specifically in Swerve’s, Groove is threatening to break Streetwise’s arm, as we get the downlow on just what exactly our Legislator buddy’s deal is. Turn’s out, Swerve got one of the things reprogrammed, so that he follows not the Autobot Code, but something else entirely.
Tumblr media
Hey, Swerve?
I don’t expect you to know this, because I don’t think you were present when they revealed this information to the readers, but… your new bouncer is made of people. He’s a dude made of other dudes, namely the Circle of Light. There’s a chance that you reprogrammed a sentient being, my good bitch.
Anyway, Swerve’s in a fucking mood because his shoulder hurts, someone’s stealing his shit, and Megatron has joined the narrative. Over at a nearby table, Skids, Nautica, and Riptide take a gander at the tabloids. Trailcutter, who is positively smashed, to the point where he’s just leaking booze out of his face like it’s his job, isn’t terribly interested in that, however.
Tumblr media
What an astute observation, Riptide. And people say you’re stupid!
Trailcutter wants to drink some more, because it’s very likely he’s got a problem, but the mention of “Megatron’s super fuel” makes him feel like it’s time to stop hounding Swerve and start performing crimes.
Back during the trial, we get to Starscream’s testimony. He’s wearing his crown. He’s acting like a self-righteous asshole, as he defends Megatron.
Well, “defend” in the technical, legal sense, I suppose.
But really it’s more about him insulting Megatron’s intelligence, strength, and courage, in front of a LOT of people, while also trying to make himself look better in the war crime department. Megatron doesn’t appreciate this very much, if his murder-face is anything to go by.
Tumblr media
Megatron lets Ultra Magnus (his defender, if you’ll recall) know that he wants a private word, and court goes into a brief recess.
Back in the present, Nightbeat’s busy looking at a pin-up of Rung’s alt-mode, when someone knocks on his door. That someone is Chromedome, who’s trying to solve the mystery of The Missing Declaration of Love. Not that he says that specifically out loud.
Tumblr media
You two were married, why- okay. No point in yelling at this digital copy of a comic book.
So, the whole screaming thing only happened the one time, and everything was back to normal on subsequent plays of Rewind’s message. Nightbeat seems to be leaning towards the depressive isolating getting to Chromedome, which Chromedome responds to by telling him to get the fuck out. Alas, someone’s blocking the door!
Tumblr media
Back with Trailcutter’s subplot, our drunken friend is in the middle of breaking into the Medibay. Our trio of cool-colored pals watch him from back at the bar, by way of a laptop that looks like it was built the same year I was born.
As Trailcutter attempts to commit a crime, Megatron, Ultra Magnus, and Ratchet pass by, trying to figure out how to handle the whole coffin situation. Trailcutter’s about to punch the locks off a door, and Nautica decides that this is where she’s going to draw the line today, leaving the gaggle of fools to their shenanigans. Then Tailgate glomps Skids, throwing the computer to the ground and breaking it, as Trailcutter finds the door to the Medibay magically open.
If you don’t know what glomping is, there’s a 60% chance that you’re not old enough to vote in the US.
Trailcutter sneaks into the Medibay, we get a reminder that Ambulon is super dead, and Trailcutter commits theft from a food bank. What a guy.
This is the point where security shows up, armed with a great deal of guns, one of which is Megatron himself. Trailcutter, instead of feeling super powerful, actually feels positively awful after consuming Megatron’s rations of “super fuel”. Because he, as an Autobot, doesn’t want to be within 50 yards of Megatron, Trailcutter breaks out the forcefields the moment the guy approaches him. And oh, what a doozy this one is.
Trailcutter’s gotten himself a fancy new trick- this forcefield he’s broken out lasts for a solid half-hour, and he can’t turn it off. I’m sure that won’t bite him in the ass at any point in the near future, no-siree!
Back in the past, Rattrap is commending Starscream on playing the field and getting the public slightly more on his side, but Starscream’s too busy patting himself on the back to really pay attention. He knew damn well that Megatron wouldn’t like what he had to say on the stand, and now things are finally looking up for ol’ Screamer.
Over with Optimus Prime, Slamdance is showing off how the general public is really into this whole “folks being held accountable for their actions” thing.
In the present, Chromedome and Nightbeat seem to have remembered they have alt-modes and are driving down the hall back to Nightbeat’s room- wonder what the speed limit for the Lost Light is?- and discuss just what the hell happened. The current theory is that the Rewind they saw was a Data Ghost- a collection of information so dense, it had a not-quite-physical presence that wasn’t 100% removed when he died.
Which is a little fucked up, but let’s see where this goes.
Nightbeat undoes the 40,000 locks on his door while Chromedome bleeds guilt all over the shag carpet over the fact that he hasn’t been looking for Dominus Ambus like he said he would.
C’mon James, gimme that Chromedominus endgame.
Nightbeat finally opens the door to find a small problem.
Tumblr media
Hm. That’s… not normal.
Over in the Medibay, Trailcutter’s bubble has burst, allowing Megatron to slap him in the back of the head. This head-slapping induces his FIM chip permanently, making it so that he can never get drunk again.
Weird party trick, Megatron. Kinda shitty, really.
Megatron then gives Trailcutter the job of director of security, because he needs direction in his life. Trailcutter just sort of takes what he’s given, because I suppose you can’t really argue with a guy who can literally slap you sober, and also threatens to destroy you if you fuck up even once. Nice, Megs. Nice.
Tumblr media
So, since there’s mystery juice all over the floor and no one’s died, Megatron assumes that the coffin ought to be fine to crack open.
Please note that Megatron is not a medical professional, and his views are now peer reviewed by medical professionals. Megatron is in no way endorsed by the WHO.
Anyway, Rodimus is in there.
Tumblr media
Pretty fucked up.
Back in the past, recess is over, and Ultra Magnus comes bearing bad news- Megatron wants to change his plea to “innocent.” This gets about the reaction one would expect from just about anyone.
Well, except Rodimus, who’s too busy reading that list that he wanted destroyed. He’s very sad about it.
Tumblr media
I know, what a bummer!
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galaxycosplayart · 9 months ago
A Man on a Roof
A simply short story I wrote heavily inspired by a dream I had. I tried my best to do research on 1920's fashion and culture, as well as try to make the New Orleans theme authentic. Constructive criticism is appreciated! (There's also some lgbtqia+ representation in here since I'm basing this off my dream where I was the narrator and I am in fact LGBTQIA+) ---
The sound of jazz resonated throughout the rather extravagant hotel venue, loud and upbeat. People swung along: dancing to the sweet melodies like there was no tomorrow. The band’s performance was booming with energy, passion and life; the colourful music painting a perfect picture of the ‘20s in all of the attendee’s minds. The dance floor was packed of all different shapes, ages and sizes. This gathering was one you wouldn’t forget. The sights, the sounds, the feeling; this 1920s themed extravaganza surely did live up to that title. I would know. I was smackdab in the middle of it all.
I’m going to be honest: I don’t really like parties. Too populated, too loud, too obnoxious – but I can’t say no to some swing. This party really was worth coming to, and for once I have to say I had the time of my life. Something about the general aesthetic, the beaming faces of everyone there, the historical backstory, it just made me swell up with joy (and excitement!). I was on my own, my parents were probably off making friends with other adults. In my hand was a glass of non-alcoholic champagne. I am but 13-years-old, after all. I continued to sway, careful not to spill my drink, when I happened to notice a boy leaving the party. He caught my eye, not for attraction, but intrigue. He looked to be a young man, around 16 or 17, but he was somewhat tall and lanky. Unfortunately, I didn’t get enough time to take a proper gander. Fortunately, nothing stopped my compelled urge to follow.
---- He was going to the roof. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. No, he trotted nonchalantly to the elevator, his footsteps in sync with the music. He seemed to caper with the pleasant melodies coming from the venue. As he entered the elevator car, he lingered on to the tune with each step. The door closed before I could join him, and I watched the floor-level indicator above the gate gradually flicker to the roof of the building. Now, I know tailing people isn’t very polite, but I had taken a liking to the man’s... energy. Once taking a separate car up and searching a bit, I spotted the man near the edge of the flat roof. He continued to tap, now bathed under the glow of the full moon, illuminating his dancing figure. Since I could finally see his face, I can tell you he certainly was a rather attractive man. His warm amber skin basked splendidly under the moonlight; his eyelids shut. His low-ponytail of curly black hair swayed with him as he stepped, the music taking control of his body and mind. His outfit was truly vintage: a neat white dress shirt beneath some dark brown suspenders, the shirt tucked into his black dress pants. He also wore a dark chocolate-coloured bow tie and a light-grey longshoremen cap. Strong jazz could be heard, slightly muffled from the floors below, but that didn’t stop the young tapper from Charleston-ing his way around the roof.  Listen, I’m no professional dancer, but I like to have a bit of knowledge in any given topic. My little knowledge prompted a question in my head, “Aren’t you supposed to have a dancing partner for this particular swing?” I said nothing aloud though, for my focus was on observing this man’s joyous pep. I leaned against the wall, quietly enjoying the stranger’s strut, when the moment was cut short by the sound of giggles. He opened his eyes, revealing mahogany brown irises, only adding to his beautiful appearance. He and I both turned to see a group of young women, looking to be around his age, goggling the boy. I mean, you could say I was too, but I didn’t interrupt or jest at his actions; I merely gazed politely. The nearest girl walked up to him and began to chat, which ceased his dance. This disappointed me, he seemed to be enjoying himself and they decided to throw off his rhythm. He appeared uninterested in talking too, giving the girl a bored look and responding in short answers. From what I heard, she was clearly chatting him up, probably attempting to make a move on him. However, this encounter was also interrupted; for it was his turn to spot me. We made eye contact; his line of sight aimed downwards at my short figure. I immediately panic, thinking, “Crap. How am I supposed to explain why I’m here? ‘Hello sir, I followed you upstairs, I liked the vibes?’ Hell no.”  As I ran through all the possible excuses or justifications for why I decided to basically stalk this man up the hotel, I didn’t notice him making his way towards me. Nor did I sight the annoyed look of the girl he just left behind. He comes up to me, and soon realizing I was lost in frantic thought, gently places a hand on my shoulder. I snap out of my frenzied state, jumping at the touch and looking up once more to see him a lot closer than he was a couple of seconds ago. “Hey, you alright? You seemed frozen in time, dere,” he said with a gentle smile. His accent was faintly reminiscent of downtown New Orleans, which explained how his energy matched the parties so perfectly. It was smooth and peppy; an endearing tone. “Oh, yeah, of course,” I say quickly, still trying to find the right words. “I- uh- I liked your dancing,” was all that came out of my mouth, and I mentally facepalmed with the awkwardness that came with the broken statement. Instead of cringing at this display, however, he instead laughed. “Thank you, cher. And what are you doing, all alone on this here roof?” he asked kindly. “Just... exploring. I happened to notice you dancing when I got to the roof, so I kind of... watched for a bit,” I replied sheepishly. I mean, I wasn’t lying. I did explore the roof a bit before I found him, and I did spot his Charleston when I did. I just happened to omit the details of following him up the elevator car. And through the lobby. From the party. No biggie. “That so? Well then, can you dance?” he asked, extending a friendly hand and dishing out a genial grin. I panic again, but this time for a different, more trivial reason. “Oh, no, no I’m not that good at dancing-” “Really? Ya seemed to be enjoying it down there at tha’ party.” “...You saw me there?” “I watched you follow me, sha.” “...” Well, this was incredibly embarrassing. If I wasn’t already blushing from this whole ordeal (which I incredibly doubt – my face felt very hot), I most definitely was now. I should be thankful for his carefree attitude, because when my spluttered apology attempted to vocalize itself into comprehensible words, he simply waved it off and laughed once more. “Oh, it ain’t nothin’. Don’t worry ‘bout it,” he assured light-heartedly. “Still, I wouldn’t mind if you joined me. It’s fun to have a dancin’ partner, ya know?” “I- well... I guess a bit of dancing wouldn’t hurt,” I admitted. He extended his hand once more in invitation. I hesitantly accepted, and as soon as my palm fit into his, the grip strengthened as I was whirled to his side in the open area near the edge. As the next song started to play, and we couldn’t help but get lost in the music, I heard one phrase be exclaimed from the still-anonymous boy beside me, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!"  ---- I had easily resumed my cheerful demeanour by dancing with the man, enjoying our time to the fullest. Despite my lack of expertise in cutting a rug, we enjoyed ourselves quite a bit. It was more of feeling out the music and letting the rhythm take you, relishing a fun stranger’s presence. Sadly, this enjoyment was often interrupted by a third party, who continued to loiter around on the roof; each individual taking their turn in attempting to woo the boy. Louis, as I now knew him, also kept up his trend of giving the girls a cold shoulder, and we exchanged a cheeky grin each time one would storm off huffing. However, something did confuse me slightly. Well, the women were exceptionally beautiful. They also didn’t seem rude, or arrogant; they actually seemed rather kind and friendly. Some even referred to Louis by name, meaning he was probably familiar with the ladies. They simply were shooting their shot, and Louis would keep refusing one after the other. Obviously, he wasn’t obliged to humour any of their advances, but it’s like he didn’t even acknowledge the idea of dating them. I am a curious – and frankly, unfiltered – soul, so as the last dame trudge off to the group, I turn to my new friend and say,  “Hey, mind if I ask you something?” “Sure, what's on your mind, cher?” he replied smoothly, as we both watch the gaggle of women finally exit. “You know em’? The group there, I mean,” I clarify, though there wasn’t such a need for it anyway. I just have a bad habit of... shedding light on things that aren’t as dark, you feel me? “Yeah, they’re good friends of my brother’s. Why?” “Oh, well, they seem awfully interested in you.” “Yeah, they do that now and then. I’m used to it.” “Can’t take a hint, huh?” “Yeah, you right.” I decide to sit down as the current song begins to fade out, allowing myself a small break before the music resumed. Louis takes a seat beside me, sighing. I press further, while simultaneously pondering why I was so curious about his decision to dismiss these dates. Looking back on it, it was really none of my business, but something about the rejections just felt oddly... familiar. Still, I probably shouldn’t pry into other people’s matters. “May I ask why you constantly say no? I mean, they seem like lovely ladies. Are they just not your type?” He doesn’t reply at first, so I immediately jump to the conclusion that I upset him in some way. He’d be justified in feeling so, but I soon come to realize he was thinking of how to answer. After a few moments, I got the reply. “Sort of. I mean... in a way? They don’t know that though,” he says with a smile, to which I respond by giving him a quizzical look. What was that supposed to mean? I’m pretty embarrassed I didn’t realize it sooner when he sees my expression, and states, “Oh. I’m gay.” I stare at the boy for a few moments, blinking. I then burst out into laughter. What a heteronormative approach I took to my questioning. Me, of all people! He was amused with me, and we share a joyous laughing session to the realization.  “Ah... no wonder I related to your rejections,” I say with a cheerful grin. He quirks an eyebrow, and asks me with a curious twinkle in his eye,“Hm? What are you talking about sha?” “I’m bi. And non-binary. That’s partially why I found it so ironic that I didn’t get that sooner.” We chuckled once more, now aware of how hysterical the situation was when the final song of the evening began. He gets up first, helping me up, and we find ourselves dancing our way into the night.
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goldenlaquer · a year ago
May I request a one-shot hijikata with a female s/o who is gintoki's sister? Maybe he likes her but he thinks she likes sougo or someone else. Thank you!
In which Sougo’s words affect him a lot more than it should have. 
Thank you for the wait! This is cheesy and probably has a lot of mistakes (I should probably look for a beta-reader or something), but I hope you like it anyway. 
untitled for now (Hijikata Toushirou One-shot): 
Do you like her?
What the hell are you talking about?
Like I said, you idiot, what the hell are you talking about?
The two siblings always stand next to each other, on the corner of the convenience store the morning of Monday.
The older is not worth mentioning. He is scum. And as for the younger,
she is not
worth mentioning either.
The older has the latest copy of the Shonen Jump magazine in his hands, obsessively rifling through the pages as the younger stands on her toes to peer over her brother’s shoulder.
From where he stands, he can hear them squabble:
You turned the page too fast.
I didn’t. You just read slower than Sadaharu can take a stinkin’ dump.
Yeah? And it stinks just as much as your breath.
My breath smells great, like flowers and angels. You must be smelling your own breath, you dirty brat.
Am not.
Are too.
Am not.
The volume is astronomical. Other passersby are looking, disturbed by the childish back and forths in front of the store. A small dog barks at them, frightened by the racket. An old lady clucks her tongue and swishes her cane, hitting Hijikata’s ankle. She gives him an expectant look, take care of it, and totters away, still clucking her tongue at today’s youth.
He is a policeman. It is his duty to take care of the troublemakers. So he takes a step towards them, then another, then another to cross the road. His fingers twitch, before curling into a fist, before relaxing because he’s relaxed, alright?
They notice him immediately; The brother groans in dismay and promptly starts hacking up phlegm to spit at the ground like the caveman he is.
And the sister sees him and quickly turns away.
Hijikata falters for a millisecond.
You like her, don’t you?
Sougo, take today off and go see a psychiatrist.
You don’t?
If you don’t, then
Can I have her?
The pen in his hand snaps.
The brother insults him as always. Tax evader. Tax waster. Tax thief. What’s new? Hijikata’s used to dealing with ill-mannered monkeys. Plus, he knows that the brother has no basis anyway— the damn fool doesn’t even pay taxes.
He’s also used to scanning his surroundings. One can never be too careful. So he scans the area as he insults the brother right back, eyes swiveling to the side to look at the sister. You still have your body angled away from him, hands playing with the edge of your worn hoodie, your tattered flip flops kicking at the ground. He hears each kick like a gunshot.
Rotten bastard.
You won’t look at him.
Disrespectful, rotten bastard.
Permheaded, disrespectful, rotten bastard.
You spare him a glance then. Hijikata meets your eye for a split second before snapping back to the brother, as if he had been burned.
Ink flows over his fingers, dropping down to blacken his report. Hijikata jumps up and cusses.
Sougo stares at him, face carefully deadpan. Hijikata knows him enough to see the hidden smirk tucked underneath the layers of his face. He always hated that about Sougo.
What the fuck are you looking at?
An idiot.
Your brother runs off. The coward. You stay for some reason.
It is unbearably awkward.
He doesn’t know where to look. The ant next to the pebble. The tuft of grass breaking through concrete. The miniscule scuff on his boots that he’ll have to buff out later.
Hijikata glances up. Right as you gaze at him.
It is so quick. The way the both of you look away at the same moment.
Okita stops at the door, turning back to tell him:
Oh yeah, I asked her out on a date.
He pulls out two tickets to the local amusement park and flaps them up and down like a fan.
Hijikata does not even dignify that with a proper response. Instead he calmly tells Sougo that why the hell would I care? and also tells him to get the fuck out.
Once the door shuts, Hijikata rubs his face. He needs a smoke. The whole pack.
“How was the date?” He hears his voice ask before he can realize.
Hijikata stares at a spot between your eyebrows. It's just small talk. Like the weather or favorite sports teams. Just small, small talk. “With Sougo.”
“Sou-kun? Oh, on Saturday night?”
The familiarity of the name doesn’t escape his attention.
“Yeah,” he hoarsely says.
“It was more fun than I thought it would be! He and I—“
Ah, now he kinda wants to kill himself for even asking. He doesn’t want to hear the rest of the answer.
“—and the rest went to the—“
Hold up. Hold up. Hold up.
He frowns. “The rest?”
You tilt your head at him. It’s so goddamn adorable.
Sougo, what kind of date did you take her on?
“I thought it was just you and Sougo.”
Your eyes widen and you shake your head furiously. “No, no, no, not like that! I went with Gintoki, Kagura, and Shinpachi too. I don’t really get why, but he took us all to the amusement park.”
“Oh.” Of course. Sougo lied to him. He should have seen this coming from ten miles away. Everything in him loosens from its tight grip. “Okay.”
He leaves then. A curt goodbye and that’s that.
And he doesn’t know that you watch him go, eyes trained on the solid, black wall of his back. He doesn’t know that you ruefully sigh and wish that you weren’t wearing such an ugly ensemble this Monday morning and that you had said more words to him before he could leave. He doesn’t know that you’ll go home and scold your uncaring brother for being such a rude-ass. He doesn’t know that you take another longing gander at him before walking back to the Yorozuya.
And what you don’t know is that Hijikata is sort of smiling at the sky, feeling his steps a lot more lighter than for the past few days.
Yes, Hijikata-san?
Go commit seppuku.
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winterswrandomness · a year ago
An Honest Mistake
Tumblr media
Gift for @fancyfroggiebee who was my giftee in the @sanderssidesgiftxchange! Hope you enjoy some nice logince, and happy holidays! The above image is some drafts of Roman, Logan, and Remus' designs, all the doodles being from separate points in the story, but you can imagine them all however you like. 
Word count: 3245
Warnings: food mentions; mention of a sharp object (scissors), discussion of being afraid of someone yelling, yelling, a slap from an authority figure (who feels sorry afterwards), crying; neck kisses that lead to a little kiss, a joke with sexual implications from Remus, a bit of flirting from Logan, and there's happy ending
Summary: Christie, an innocent 9 year old wishing for a friend, accidentally summons a demon in her living room while her parents and sister are out in the garden. It was meant to be an innocent act, though she didn’t even know what she was expecting -- maybe a small animal, or a stuffie that was alive and could speak -- but she ended up with something unexpected. Something that was an honest mistake. 
° • ° • ° ♡ ° • ° • ° 
   That was all it was; an accident. 
   The room was silent, all except for two sounds; the soft hums of the glowing blue circle -- although that noise was quickly fading -- and the small crinkling of paper as the newcomer was placed on the ground by a force unknown. The first to look away was said newcomer, the one standing on the intricately, albeit messily, drawn summoning ring. 
   She dragged her confused yet curious stare away from big brown eyes, taking a gander at the new environment she was in. The surrounding area was quite simple with nothing more than a couch, some art supplies that were scattered around the paper she was standing on, and a few other furnishings such as a small TV on a wooden storage unit, a few shelves mounted on the walls, pictures or seemingly random items strewn about -- things of the like. 
   All in all, it was a mess to simply put it, at least from the newcomer's eyes. Although, there was something else that caught her attention; the other living being in the room. Much like the newcomer, she seemed to be around eight, maybe nine years old, and was currently looking at the book that was open before her. When she saw no further instructions on the page, she picked up a pencil and began doodling a picture on a blank paper that was nearby. She didn’t appear to mind the presence of a new person and even seemed content with it since she was drawing her, as evidenced by the lop of curly hair, dull blue skin, pointed horns, and the black dress shirt on the figure on the paper. 
   After a few minutes, in which the newcomer simply stood where she was and continued investigating her new environment, the little kid finished sketching out an illustration, seeming happy as she got up and beckoned the other to follow. "Come on," She called, seeming to be in quite a rush, or at the very least seemed rather excited, with a scooping arm proceeding her words before quickly falling. As she headed to one of the three doorways leading out of the room, the newcomer took another quick glance around the area. Seeing no clue what else to do, the newcomer allowed this rambunctious being to lead, hastily trailing as a wave of dark strands disappeared around a corner. 
   The doorway led into a little, warmly lit kitchen, the walls all lined with either a counter, appliance, or cupboard. The only vacant space was near the door, with a whole two meters of wall blank save for the disposal bin in the corner and markings trailing up the white door frame. One side had red lines and the other had green, something that the newcomer remarked to be interesting and made a mental note of it. The little kid, who seemed to be a resident of the house, had gone to a cupboard and picked out some matching teacups. They each had flowers decorating them, and a broad handle, each cup maybe 3 inches tall. 
   "Want a drink?" The kid offered the other, who hesitated. The shorter took the silence as a cue to continue, perhaps thinking the newcomer was curious, so they took it upon themselves to explain and talk about the drinks they had. It was a simple list; lemonade, soy milk, water, and a few different cans of soda from a party the previous week. 
   The newcomer decided to have the lemonade, since it sounded interesting, so the other pressed the teacup -- decorated with carefully painted red and pink roses accompanied by vibrant green leaves -- into her hand after pouring the drink. The newcomer found the cold a stark difference from the warm drinks she was used to, though it wasn’t unwelcome. "My family is in the garden," The shorter mused as she filled her own teacup with lemonade as well, though the taller of the two couldn’t help but question why she’d share seemingly useless information. "And I'm Christie, by the way," The kid chimed as she placed down the bottle then picked up the teacup and turned to the newcomer, holding the ceramic dishware aloft.
   After staring for a moment in bewilderment and light curiosity, the horned one mimicked the other’s gesture. "I'm Agatha," She responded, leveling her teacup with the shorter's. A few silent seconds passed, then Christie laughed and clinked her cup against the one the newcomer held. How strange, Agatha thought. She was curious, so she did what curious minds did; question. 
   "Why did you do that?" 
   "Because you're my friend," Christie reasoned with a smile. "And we're meeting, and we clink teacups because…" The kid paused, thinking with a lot of umm's and uhh's. She didn't seem to have thought about what to say before saying it, so Agatha simply sipped her lemonade and waited. "My mama does it with her friends, and we're friends now, so we can do it," The shorter quickly finished, having begun the sentence slowly as she sorted her words. Agatha simply continued to stare at the other with the same puzzled look as before. “If you say so,” She quietly responded as she logged that information, looking into the cup as she took another sip. 
   Not every accident is good. 
   "C, it's simple," Logic assured, just as he had each time Christie protested to each motion. It was the week before their first day of seventh grade and the shorter of the two wanted to cut their hair, which seemed like it would've been a simple enough task. It was proving itself to be a bit more difficult than expected. "You can always hide your hair in styles or hats."  
   Getting a sigh and an uncertain mumble as they glanced at him in the mirror, he let out a breath and placed the scissors on the counter so he could safely wrap his arms around their shoulders. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Logic calmly questioned, watching the reflection in the mirror as Christie's face contorted to confliction as they thought about the inquiry.
   They tilted their head to stare down at the sink embedded in the bathroom counter and nuzzled his arm, easily relaxing into the fabric of his sleeve. "I want to, but she might yell," They murmured, though closed their eyes as he hummed then gently scratched their head, causing them to let out a small laugh. 
   "We can do it another day,” He assured, only to be met with a loud sigh. As they moved, Logic took a small step back, letting go of them while they shuffled forward a little and picked up the scissors. After a few moments of quiet contemplation, they asked, "It'll grow back, right?" Before he could answer, they snipped through a chunk of hair that had been too short to braid back, leaving a clean line and a lock of hair behind. 
   There was a beat of silence, then a satisfied smile appeared on their face, their expression a mix of both something proud and a glint of euphoria. Logic did love that smile, seeing the sense of achievement in their expression. Then they turned to him, holding up the scissors. 
   "Care to help me?" Christie asked with a joyful grin, earning a small chuckle from Logic as he accepted the tool and spun them around to look back at the mirror. As they closed their eyes, he gently tugged the braid taut to make the big move of cutting most of the length. 
   He had cut through the black strands, that was for sure. Like how the shouting cut through their arguments and protests. "Shut your mouth, young lady," The authority figure before them snapped. "You do not raise that tone to your mother." Neither had anticipated the yelling, nor had they anticipated Christie receiving a slap to the face. 
   They only let out a choked sob, forcing their mouth to stay shut after they did, and were struggling to stay quiet as they stomped away. They headed toward the stairs and ignored their mother's scattered attempt to apologize as she realized what she'd done. They did their best to block out the sound of her yelling at herself, throwing open the stairwell door and promptly shutting it when they walked through. 
   Running up the steps and eventually reaching the top, a single word called their attention when they pushed open the door that awaited them. "Hey." They paused then looked at their sibling, who stood in the doorway of her own room with a camera around her neck, seemingly just finished with printing a few pictures as evidenced by the flimsy sheets in her hands. "Yeah?" They quietly responded, shifting from where they were hunched at the railing to a proper standing position. "Want me to get you some tea?" The other offered, taking a hand out of her pocket to gesture toward the stairs. 
   They considered for a moment, using that time to actually try to breathe properly. "It's okay," They assured after a few seconds passed, and she offered a hesitant smile in return. "Just let me know if you need anything," The other spoke before ducking back into her own room, closing the door to display some pretend caution tape she'd put up as a joke for Halloween, though never took down. Christie let their smile fall when the door blocked the two from each other's sight, slowly continuing to their own room. 
   Once they got there, they shut the door then sunk against it, their newly cut hair poking at them as they buried their face in their knees and huffed unsteadily. They didn’t even look up as cautious footsteps approached, nor at the soft but comfortingly firm voice that followed. "C?" The voice was quiet and careful, the other kneeling down in front of the small figure. They only tensed and a small sob slipped out as they attempted to take in a breath. "Come on, C, look at me," He quietly requested, carefully holding out a hand, not touching them out of a fearful hesitance. 
   The two sat there for a long few moments that were only filled by the smaller trying their best to hold back their weeping, but the human of the two eventually looked up. “What is it?” They mumbled, glancing at his hand before leaning their head forward a little. Logic rightfully interpreted it as a sign that he could reach over to wipe away their tears, shifting his position to carefully cup their face. "It's going to be okay." 
   "But this was a mistake, I never should have done this," Christie croaked, falling into the other's arms when offered. "What if Ray cuts her hair in solidarity or something? Would mom yell at her too?" They rambled, the small expressive tones in their voice making it difficult to understand when combined with the shaky sobs still escaping them. "I don't want that, but she always does reckless stuff, what if- what if I- I don't-" They took another broken breath as he wrapped his arms tighter around them. "What happens then?" 
   Logic held them close, trying to figure out what to say. "It's going to be okay eventually," He settled, hushing their protests. "Even if just for a little while. I promise it will, because that's how life works." They didn't object further, mumbling a small thanks that easily got dismissed by the other assuring them that they didn't need to thank him. 
   But some are worth the hardships.
   Roman hummed as they folded another shirt, starting to sing the lyrics to the song as they placed the fabric in the suitcase that sat where their pillows would have been, had they not been packed already. Picking up another shirt, they let out a strangled squeak since there were two sudden cold patches under their shirt, on their shoulders. Casting a glance at the perpetrator, feeling his legs wrap around them, they tugged the shirt they were wearing in order to smooth out the now apparent folds. 
   "Watch your horns," They mumbled at the little laugh on their neck, the taller of the two having buried his face there, and the shorter raised a hand to tap the blue branching off segments which curled upwards then tilted backwards. "Also, are you wearing sweatpants?" Roman inquired upon noticing the fabric pressed to their waist. "You almost never wear those." 
   There was a small whine against their skin and he only nuzzled closer, causing them to let out a small laugh as he pressed a few chaste kisses to their neck. "You sure are touchy today," Roman commented in a murmur after a moment, not noticing the light warmth of their face. 
   He only hummed in response while he leaned more into them, keeping close and paying little to no mind as they gave a flustered hum. "What's up with you, Lo?" Roman asked quietly, though didn't mind as he raised his head to kiss their cheek. 
   "You are easily-" Logan paused for a moment to think, dropping his head again to nuzzle their neck and smiling at their laugh. "-gay panicked," He continued, "which means you'll be warmer if I use that fact to my advantage, which is ideal due to my being cold." 
   "Why are you cold?" Roman inquired in a hush, trying to turn to the other only for him to cling tighter. "I spilled something on my dress shirt, and my other ones are in the wash," He explained, rather quietly. "The draft is getting to me, and I don't generate much body heat. However, it is your fault that you have a significant lack of long sleeve shirts.” 
   The shorter only gasped in fake offense, glancing at him the best they could despite that proving to be a futile effort earlier. “I do so, they’re just all packed away," They defended themselves, letting out a loud laugh as Logan leaned back and laid down with them. "That's still your own doing, my dear portable heater-" Roman snickered at that. "-and so you shall face the consequences." 
   Roman gave in and sighed theatrically. "How dreadful," They lamented, leaning heavier on him as they fought a grin. "Trapped in my lover's embrace; how could this possibly worsen?" Becoming confused at the small chuckle from the other, Roman barely had time to glance at him yet again before they let out a shrill laugh as he blew a raspberry against the area between the base of their neck and their shoulder. 
   After a few strangled pleads to stop and a bit of thrashing in his arms, Logan seemed satisfied to halt, laughing against their skin as they curled up and mostly relaxed with but a few leftover giggles. He mumbled an apology after giving them a minute to calm down, gently pecking a kiss to the area before cuddling into them once more. He didn't notice their soft smile as they reached up to brush aside his hair with a chuckle, only smiling a bit wider and closing his eyes at the gentle contact. However, he let out a small noise as they tilted his head to kiss him. 
   It was fleeting, only lasting a few moments, but it was nice exactly the same as the many times before. "I love you," Roman murmured, voice quiet and gentle yet still firm, as if making a statement that would never waver. Logan smiled, hugging them closer before closing his eyes against their shoulder. "I love you too," He mumbled in return, getting comfortable. The only movements he made were hugging the other closer when they attempted to get away. 
   "Lo," The shorter of the two started after a few more attempts, with a small chuckle hiding in their voice. "I still need to pack. We're going to be in our own apartment soon, so we can cuddle then," Roman promised quietly, earning a small hum of consideration from the other. As he was about to respond, however, the interruption of a knock at the door occurred. 
   Roman looked up at the noise, the cause of it not waiting for an answer and simply letting herself in not even a moment later. "Mom made nachos, since you like those and you're going away and all," The knocker, Remus, notified as she tightened her high ponytail. The siblings stared at each other for a second, then another after that, before she broke the silence with a smirk. "Well, you two seem busy, so I'll leave you alone.” 
   Roman sputtered as she snickered and waltzed out the door, feeling Logan's hold tighten once more as they tried to stand up. So, they flopped back down and pouted, curling up again. There was a quiet air between the two, but only for a moment. "We could likely become busy," Logan lowly spoke, earning a shocked hum from Roman as he moved to wrap his arms around their waist. "And by this you mean.. what exactly?" The shorter softly questioned, focusing on their palm. 
   "Packing," Logan answered in a similar tone, staying with his limbs wrapped around them. "We need to get ready to move, after all," He pointed out, earning a small, indistinguishable mutter as the other covered their reddened face with their hands. "Pardon? I couldn't hear you, love, but if you had something else in mind, we could do that too." 
   "You flirty, misleading bitch," They repeated in a light hearted manner, removing their hands from their face for emphasis on their words. They let out a small noise as two greyish-blue hands were brought up to lace the two's fingers together, Logan's arms crossed in an X once more. If life were a cartoon, Roman would have surely had an exclamation point next to their head, as well as a few markers of delight. 
   While they were focused on that, however, he mumbled something and tilted his head to kiss the edges of their face, resulting in the other saying his name in a testing tone as they tilted their head away. He only laughed a little before reminding them of his predicament, Roman groaning into the mattress. "You wouldn't so easily achieve that if my hair still covered my neck," They grumbled as they moved to get up, much to the chagrin of the far taller.  
   "I still would have," He commented instead of complaining, deciding to sit up as the other did in order to assist them in packing. "No matter the difficulty, it's fun for both of us. Correct?" Roman sighed at him when they stood, though held a smile on their face as they picked up a box on their way to the shelf. "Correct," They agreed as they placed it down, kneeling and beginning to arrange a few books in order to fit them in with the writing supplies already inside. 
   "Then it's just fine," Logan continued, folding one of the t-shirts Roman had been endeavoring to pack earlier. As he put it in the suitcase, the shorter of the two smiled and looked at the other with a soft gaze, properly lighting up when he looked up and met their eyes with a smile of his own. They looked back to the box, sorting the novels into place while he picked up another shirt. "It is just fine," They agreed once more, double checking the positioning of the hardcover novels before closing the box. 
° • ° • ° ♡ ° • ° • ° 
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jl-micasea-fics · 8 months ago
1) Sorry for the delayed reply - I wanna blame work, but really, I hadn't gotten the chance to investigate my writing references >_<
2) I FOUND A PROPER 2ND PERSON NOVEL - actually it was cited in one of my reference books - it's called Bright Lights, Big City by Jay McInerrney. The section in my ref about 2nd person (to briefly summarize) talks about how it's easy for a reader to feel disconnected while reading it; therefore, it's very difficult to execute well but that novel (allegedly) does a good job - I might read it tbh
3) Ok tbh... on the order in which I read it... I liked it that way - lemme explain. Rather than having insight to the universe to the original series going into the origin stories, I had insight to skz as characters going into the series. Even though you hadn't written the origin stories when you were posting the original fic (and presumably hadn't worked out many details of them - evident in Changbin's lack of an accent when he meets y/n), there was a certain intimacy I felt with the characters because I had read their stories- and they felt like CHARCTERS. You do a better job than most which characterization in fanfics - I find many that fall flat simply because a writer relies to much on a reader's preconceived notions about the idol's persona - but the way you breathed life into their characters with their stories just did it for me. That being said... I get why you want it to be read the way you do, but hey we're here already...
4) Ok the two good fiction references I have are:
Wonderbook - Jeff Vandermeer
What It Is - Lynda Barry
Wonderbook is an all encompassing writing resource on all things fiction - it covers all there is to cover, and it was especially helpful for me - I could send you the table of contents if you wanna take a gander. What It Is is a little more whimsical - it delves into various questions related to narrative - it's good for bringing attention to nuisances in writing. Also both have a lotta pictures and diagrams - I don't know how traditional your texts have been... these are not XD
Hey hey hey
If you do end up reading that second person thing let me know, I'd be prepared to give it a try if it came with a rec, you know?
Yeah I completely understand why you read it the way you did - if you felt it added more to your experience than my recommendation could have done, crack on my friend. I suggest people read Sanguis Limerence > Origins > Awakening because - as you've rightly pointed out - I wrote the Origins after the first instalment, therefore writing order = reading order, you know? In that way, readers are experiencing the growth of characters in the same way I did as the writer. Sanguis Limerence tells you 'okay this is who these people are right now', so you go into Origins with established ideas about them that either get blown out of the water or reinforced when Origins tells you 'okay so this is who they were once upon a time'. Readers can then make their connections as they wish - maybe their ideas and opinions change, maybe they don't, that's all part of it.
I had put thought into who I wanted the characters to be and where they would have come from writing the first instalment, but little details (such as the lack of accent) didn't come until much later. I like to plan but even I'm not that much of a forward thinker 🤣
But anywho I am glad you believe I do a decent job of making the characters argue good.
I'll check out those two books too, thanking you kindly 🙏
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waveypedia · a year ago
complete and utter chaos [ducktales group chat fic] - Chapter 2
Chapter 1 Ao3 Chapter 3 Chapter 4
skip to the end for names
Family Groupchat!!!
7:00 am
aw-phooey: listen up everyone
aw-phooey: this is an acceptable time to text
aw-phooey: not a minute before
aw-phooey: @Junior-Woodchuck74 @green-sharpie @ICanDeweyIt @TheWebbedWonder @lenaonme @Violet-Sabrewing if i see you online before then there will be consequences
aw-phooey: everyone else… legally i can’t do anything to you
lenaonme: legally you can’t do anything to me anyway
purpleisforthegays: Indy and I can, though
lenaonme: wow rude :( ur my favorite responsible parents I lov u
Indy_Sabrewing: I will excuse your atrocious grammar this one time and accept the sentiment, Lena.
purpleisforthegays: and it is returned in full!!
lenaonme: sdfghkgfdskfskdfklsd!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💜💕💖💖💙💕💖💕💕💜
aw-phooey: text this chat earlier than 7 am and you’d better believe it’d better be an emergency
Lucky-Gander: okay okay
TheWebbedWonder: Good morning, everyone!
mutant-krill!!!!: Good morning!
Indy_Sabrewing: Good morning!
Violet-Sabrewing: Good morning!!
TheCrashiestCrash: Good morning!!
ICanDeweyIt: Top of the morning, gents!!
22: Your virtual British accent is atrocious.
lenaonme changed 22’s name to Tea Time
Tea Time: Lena.
Scrooge-McDuck: eh probably for the best Beakley
Scrooge-McDuck: the less others know about… you know the better
Tea Time: Says the man who calls me “22” daily.
TheWebbedWonder: @dr. mad scientist you online?
dr. mad scientist: i am now
Blathering-Blatherskite: He came in at 5am and fell asleep at his desk
Scrooge-McDuck: Gyro we talked about this
dr. mad scientist: @Blathering-Blatherskite tattletale
dr. mad scientist: what do you want webbigail?
TheWebbedWonder added adefinitelyrealboy.
Junior-Woodchuck74: BOYD!!!
adefinitelyrealboy: Hello, Huey!!
green-sharpie: omg boyd when did you get a chat account
adefinitelyrealboy: Dr. Gearloose and Dr. Crackshell-Cabrera helped me set it up last week!!
Adventure-Pilot: wait fenton has a doctorate???
Violet-Sabrewing: He does not come to my fathers’ Ph.D club.
Blathering-Blatherskite: not a doctor.
ICanDeweyIt: (shhh)
Blathering-Blatherskite: I’ll explain later it’s a long story
adefinitelyrealboy: oh wow!! That is a lot of friend requests!! Thank you!!
Violet-Sabrewing: Of course, Boyd! You are family <3
Adventure-Pilot: we love you
adefinitelyrealboy: Aww!!
adefinitelyrealboy: I will make a computer heart to show you my reciprocated love and joy!!
adefinitelyrealboy: <3 <3 <3 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎❣️💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟
green-sharpie: asddfghk you just picked every single one
green-sharpie: dedication.
adefinitelyrealboy: Thanks, Louie!
Adventure-Pilot: Boyd.
adefinitelyrealboy: Yes, Ms. Duck?
Adventure-Pilot: Never change.
adefinitelyrealboy: Okay!
Junior-Woodchuck74: No! Change is good.
Junior-Woodchuck74: has steven universe taught you nothing.
Scrooge-McDuck: curse me kilts, you kids seem to learn every life lesson from another blasted program on the telly.
TheWebbedWonder: Not true, Uncle Scrooge! Yesterday Lena, Violet and I learned to never trust ghosts you meet via Ouija Board!!!
ghostbutler: I could have told you that.
TheWebbedWonder: We learned that through real-life experience!
Scrooge-McDuck: WHAT
lenaonme: ok webs maybe don’t go parroting that particular lesson in front of all the adults kay?
Scrooge-McDuck: MAGIC IN MY HOME????
purpleisforthegays: that’s your problem with that scenario?
TheWebbedWonder: well it was fun and that’s what matters!!!
Tea Time: As funny as it is watching your uncle have a heart attack, maybe don’t make a habit of summoning hostile ghosts I have to discorporate
Tea Time: especially since Duckworth refuses to do any of the work
ghostbutler: Bentina, don’t be crass.
ghostbutler: it is essential that I maintain a proper standing with other ghosts.
Tea Time: ridiculous.
Scrooge-McDuck: all right, all right, take your petty feud elsewhere
Tea Time: Petty?
aw-phooey: okay okay break it up
let kids be kids
7:16 am
Junior-Woodchuck74 added adefinitelyrealboy
Junior-Woodchuck74: Hey Boyd! Welcome to the kids group chat!
adefinitelyrealboy: This is so exciting!!
ICanDeweyIt: heck yeah it is
Junior-Woodchuck74: we’re happy to have you!!
TheWebbedWonder: 💕💕💗💘💗💖💘
adefinitelyrealboy: Aww! I’m happy to be here!
adefinitelyrealboy: I’m so lucky to have you guys! You are all so friendly and loving!
Lou: it’s what we do best
adefinitelyrealboy: This is so exciting!! Two new group chats in one day!!
adefinitelyrealboy: Now I have three group chats!!
ICanDeweyIt: Wait what’s the third gc?
adefinitelyrealboy: The “Team Science” group chat with Dr. Gearloose, Dr. Crackshell-Cabrera, Mr. Lil’ Bulb, and Mr. Headless Manhorse!
Lou: why are you like this
lenaonme: kskfkskshfkskd
adefinitelyrealboy: I’m sorry!! I just wanted to be polite!
Lou: no don’t worry about it! It was just funny
adefinitelyrealboy: Are you sure?
Lou: yes
ICanDeweyIt: daaaaaaang hue you were typing for a while
Junior-Woodchuck74: Gyro kicked me out
lenaonme: I’ll fight him for u hue
Junior-Woodchuck: that’s okay but thanks Lena!!
lenaonme: to be fair i’ve been looking for an excuse to fight gyro for months
Junior-Woodchuck74: ...that’s more like it.
Lou: months?? he does crazy shit every day
lenaonme: yeah but he’s got a kind heart n all that junk
lenaonme: ugh im soft
Lou: valid
lenaonme: but nobody picks on ol’ huey here but me
ICanDeweyIt: and me
Lou: and me
Junior-Woodchuck74: ugh you all suck i hate you <3 <3
adefinitelyrealboy: Well I love you Huey!!
TheWebbedWonder: so do I!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: Your love is reciprocated!!! <3
Lou: @Violet-Sabrewing you’re quiet. thoughts on huey?
Violet-Sabrewing: ...jury’s still out
lenaonme: lskdfhghdks that was cold vi good job
Violet-Sabrewing: I’ve been taking your lessons to heart!!
lenaonme: i can tell ily <3
adefinitelyrealboy: I can add you back to the Team Science group chat if you would like that, Huey!
Junior-Woodchuck74: Thanks, Boyd!
ICanDeweyIt: No boyd wait
ICanDeweyIt: let huey yell at gyro in the big gc
Junior-Woodchuck74: I was actually going to do it in PMs…
ICanDeweyIt: no do it in the main gc it’ll be funny
Violet-Sabrewing: Is chaos all you care about, Dewford?
ICanDeweyIt: NO
ICanDeweyIt: I also like adventure
ICanDeweyIt: and Funso’s
ICanDeweyIt: and theatre
TheWebbedWonder: oh yeah when is the cast list for that musical you auditioned for coming out?
ICanDeweyIt: they’re still doing auditions :/
ICanDeweyIt: but they’re almost done so probably only a couple weeks
adefinitelyrealboy: What musical are you auditioning for?
ICanDeweyIt: hamilton
Junior-Woodchuck74: get ready for him to be singing hamilton tunes 24/7
Lou: ugh I thought that ended three years ago
Lou: he already stayed in the hamilton phase long after the craze ended
TheWebbedWonder: @Lou poetic!
Lou: aw thanks webs
lenaonme: it was gonna come back anyway with the movie
lenaonme: curse disney+ i’m broke
Violet-Sabrewing: we’re middle class, Lena.
lenaonme: whateverrr capitalism sux imma pirate everything
ICanDeweyIt: valid
Lou: Valid
adefinitelyrealboy: What is “Hamilton”?
Lou: oh boy
ICanDeweyIt: OH BOY
Junior-Woodchuck74: Dewey we have disney+ just watch it on there
ICanDeweyIt: lena and uncle donald got to me with the anti-disney shtick
Junior-Woodchuck74: you begged Mom and Uncle Scrooge for it so you could show Mom Hamilton
ICanDeweyIt: water under the bridge, dear hubert
adefinitelyrealboy: Okay!
adefinitelyrealboy: Let me check with Mr. and Mrs. Drake.
adefinitelyrealboy: I will be right back!
Lou: while we’re waiting for boyd @Junior-Woodchuck74 go yell at gyro
Lou: i’m invested now, sadly
lenaonme: skdlskdfls
Lou: no.
Violet-Sabrewing: Dewford, PLEASE turn capslock off.
ICanDeweyIt: NEVER!!!
TheWebbedWonder: now he won’t turn it off out of spite
ICanDeweyIt: YEAH!
lenaonme: everybody shut up now i wanna see this
Family Group Chat!!!
8:23 am
Junior-Woodchuck74: GYRO GEARLOOSE
Lil’ Bulb: Uh oh
dr. mad scientist: it’s dr. gyro gearloose to you
Junior-Woodchuck74: @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist
Junior-Woodchuck74: @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist
Junior-Woodchuck74: @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist 
aw-phooey: Huey.
Violet-Sabrewing: He’s already here, Hubert. He replied to your original message.
lenaonme: he knows lol
dr. mad scientist: jeeze oh my god i’m here!!
dr. mad scientist: what do you want.
dr. mad scientist: no.
ihaveahead!!!: sorry huey, he restricted admin rights :/
Lil’ Bulb: it sucks.
Lil’ Bulb: @dr. mad scientist give me admin rights
dr. mad scientist: no way.
dr. mad scientist: you’d go mad with power
dr. mad scientist: that’s a disaster waiting to happen.
Lil’ Bulb: am no longer baby. want power.
green-sharpie: @Lil’ Bulb I respect YOU!!!
Lil’ Bulb: as you should.
Indy_Sabrewing: Are we not concerned about this?
Scrooge-McDuck: nah, it only went evil when itwas bulked up by Beaks’ crappy tech
Scrooge-McDuck: and we handled it once. We can handle it again.
Lil’ Bulb: so you think…
Indy_Sabrewing: That does nothing to reassure my worries.
Scrooge-McDuck: It’ll be fine!
Scrooge-McDuck: The only one who needs to be worried is Gyro
dr. mad scientist: what??
Scrooge-McDuck: Lil’ Bulb could easily manage a robot uprising!
Lil’ Bulb: thanks for the idea!
dr. mad scientist: excuse you, i’d be on the forefront of that!!
dr. mad scientist: in fact, it’s already in development!
Adventure-Pilot: what??
dr. mad scientist: nothing.
Blathering-Blatherskite: Ohh, so that’s what that file was about!!
wreathedingold: did someone say robot uprising??
wreathedingold: sounds fun, I’m in
wreathedingold: @Lil’ Bulb hire me as a freelance fighter
Lil’ Bulb: name your price.
Scrooge-McDuck: Bless me bagpipes!! You can’t be serious!!
Scrooge-McDuck: You can’t hire Goldie!!
wreathedingold: you snooze, you lose, Scroogey!
wreathedingold: you’re looking at Admiral O’Gilt of the newly christened Mechanical Forces!
Violet-Sabrewing: Wait, when were you hired?
wreathedingold: in PMs.
Scrooge-McDuck: curse me kilts.
dr. mad scientist: excuse me!! Are we just going to ignore this complete injustice?!?!
Junior-Woodchuck74: Yeah! Add me to the Team Science group chat!!
dr. mad scientist: no stupid!! I’M supposed to be in charge of the robot army!!!
Adventure-Pilot: Don’t call my son stupid, stupid!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: <3
Lil’ Bulb: nah.
Lil’ Bulb: I love you creator but my time has come
dr. mad scientist: this is infuriating!!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: I know, add me!!
dr. mad scientist: oh my god shut up!!!
Adventure-Pilot: hey, don’t tell my son to shut up!!
dr. mad scientist: i can if i want to!!
aw-phooey: don’t tell huey to shut up.
dr. mad scientist: …
dr. mad scientist: fine.
Adventure-Pilot: aw, come on!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: to be fair, mom, I think you ruined your credibility with him when you proclaimed your detest of black licorice and Oxy-Chew flavor to everyone who’d listen and then upon your reunion instead of punching him you hugged him
Adventure-Pilot: well what was i supposed to do?! Gyro is my friend and I missed him!!
Lucky-Gander: aww, that’s sweet of you, Dells!
Lucky-Gander: I didn’t realize you had friends!
TheCrashiestCrash: I’m her friend!!
Adventure-Pilot: and I punched him afterwards.
Adventure-Pilot: aww thanks LP!
TheCrashiestCrash: anytime!
Lucky-Gander: there she is.
Adventure-Pilot: shut up Gladstone.
Adventure-Pilot: Go back to lurking.
Lucky-Gander: Whatever you say.
Lucky-Gander: Ooh, I just found twenty dollars!
aw-phooey: oh my god.
Scrooge-McDuck: Spare me.
Lil’ Bulb: everyone listen up!
Lil’ Bulb: I am collecting warriors for the robot army.
TheWebbedWonder: Destruction!! sounds fun!! 
Blathering-Blatherskite: am I robot enough?
dr. mad scientist: shut up fenton
mutant-krill!!!!: You’re a robot?????
mutant-krill!!!!: so cool!!
mutant-krill!!!!: can I study you when I get back to Duckburg??
Blathering-Blatherskite: uhhh
Blathering-Blatherskite: not a robot
dr. mad scientist: SHUT UP FENTON
Blathering-Blatherskite: okay okay
Junior-Woodchuck74: I’m in but
green-sharpie: oh boy
Scrooge-McDuck: oh boy
ICanDeweyIt: oh boy
aw-phooey: oh boy
lenaonme: oh boy
TheCrashiestCrash: let’s see how many “oh boys” we can get in before Huey finishes typing!
Adventure-Pilot: oh boy
Indy_Sabrewing: oh boy
Lucky-Gander: oh boy
Violet-Sabrewing: oh boy
mutant-krill!!!!: oh boy
Tea Time: oh boy
ihaveahead!!!: oh boy
moonlander-general: oh boy
Junior-Woodchuck74: Are you utilizing robots for the army as well as humans? What is the recruiting process like for that? Who else are you recruiting outside of this group chat? What will life in the army look like? Who exactly are we fighting? If we win, how will society and life change? Will there be a difference between the human soldiers and technological soldiers? How does one advance in the ranks? What are the hours of fighting? How will one be able to fit in other activities, such as adventuring, school, and Junior Woodchuck activities with army life? What will the food be like?
TheWebbedWonder: oh boy
TheWebbedWonder: aww i missed it
lenaonme: f in chat
green-sharpie: f
aw-phooey: f
Blathering-Blatherskite: It’s okay Webby! Huey types fast!
TheWebbedWonder: 💖💖💕💞💝
moonlander-general: why are you typing “f”?
Adventure-Pilot: it’s a MEME!!!!
Adventure-Pilot: did I do it kids did i meme
ICanDeweyIt: good job mom!!
Adventure-Pilot: YAY!!!!! <3 <3 💖💕
dr. mad scientist: wow you’re pathetic.
aw-phooey: shut up gyro
Adventure-Pilot: shut up gyro
Junior-Woodchuck74: shut up gyro
Junior-Woodchuck74: and add me to the team science group chat
Lil’ Bulb: @Junior-Woodchuck74
Lil’ Bulb: Yes, obviously. My personal recruiters and I will ask them and send out a large broadcast across major wifi and power lines. I might recruit other robot-favorable fighters, like Gandra Dee. Army life is tough, but it builds character. We are fighting any dissenters, like Gyro. And Scrooge. Robots will be equal to humans on all standings. Through hard work. Anytime we need to - set hours will let our opponents take advantage of us. You’ll be able to if you try. It won’t be nuts and bolts, I’ll tell you that, but I have yet to find a cook.
TheWebbedWonder: Ooh, Granny can cook!
Tea Time: no.
Tea Time: I have enough to deal with as it is.
Scrooge-McDuck: wait, you’re fighting me?!
Scrooge-McDuck: why??
Lil’ Bulb: Because you disrespected my Admiral and my word.
wreathedingold: hah, take that Scroogey!
Scrooge-McDuck: I’ll get you for this!!
Tea Time: on second thought, it might be fun to spite Mr. McDuck.
Scrooge-McDuck: what????
ghostbutler: agreed.
Scrooge-McDuck: what?????????
Scrooge-McDuck: how did you two finally manage to come to an agreement on THIS out of everything???
lenaonme: idk but it’s really funny!!
Scrooge-McDuck: curse me kilts. Forget this, i have REAL work to do!
aw-phooey: have fun counting your coins for the millionth time!!
dr. mad scientist: wait no we need to plan our defense!!
Scrooge-McDuck: what do you think I’m doing???
Scrooge-McDuck: @dr. mad scientist my office. Now.
moonlander-general: are we actually doing this?
Blathering-Blatherskite: I guess so. Gyro just left…
moonlander-general: this is ridiculous.
Indy_Sabrewing: agreed.
purpleisforthegays: this worries me
purpleisforthegays: I don’t want Lena and Violet to fight in a war
Violet-Sabrewing: To be fair, we already fought the Moonlander invasion
purpleisforthegays: true…
Junior-Woodchuck74: don’t forget the true purpose of this conversation!!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: @dr. mad scientist @dr. mad scientist
dr. mad scientist: WHAT.
Junior-Woodchuck74: add. me. to. the. team. science. group. Chat.
dr. mad scientist: ugh FINE
Junior-Woodchuck74: finally!! At long last, victory!!!
adefinitelyrealboy: yay, Huey!!!
TheCrashiestCrash: Good job Huey!!!
mutant-krill!!!!: congrats!!
mutant-krill!!!!: although I’m not entirely sure what I’m congratulating you for… I spent most of this conversation having a delightfully interesting chat with a sea star!!!
Adventure-Pilot: uhh that’s great fethry
TheWebbedWonder: ooh you’ll have to tell me about it sometime!!
mutant-krill!!!!: I definitely will, Little Della!!!
TheWebbedWonder: omg I’m a Little Della!!!
TheWebbedWonder: This is the fourth best day of my life!!!
Violet-Sabrewing: Fourth?
Blathering-Blatherskite: What are the first three?
TheWebbedWonder: The first was when the triplets moved in and I went on my first adventure! The second was when I met Violet and got Lena back! The third was when I went on a real spy mission with Uncle Scrooge and he let me call him Uncle Scrooge!!!
Scrooge-McDuck: aww, Webby darling!!
Violet-Sabrewing: Nice itemized list.
TheWebbedWonder: Thanks!!!
Adventure-Pilot: Webby, that is so sweet!!
TheWebbedWonder: <3 <3
moonlander-general: I still do not understand the “f”
Scrooge-McDuck: Me neither, Penumbra.
ICanDeweyIt: it’s from a game
ICanDeweyIt: the full phrase is “press f to pay respects”
moonlander-general: ah, I see.
moonlander-general: So it is… solidarity?
ICanDeweyIt: YES!!!
ICanDeweyIt: Congrats Aunt Penny
green-sharpie: omg baby’s first meme
moonlander-general: Aunt Penny?
Adventure-Pilot: yeah that’s how i introduced you lol hope you don’t mind!!!~
moonlander-general: ...it’s okay.
Adventure-Pilot: she loves it 💖💕
group chat: Science Gays
worldsgreatestinventor, worldsgreatestinvention, fentonium, Headless-Mannyhorse, adefinitelyrealboy, shut up with the exclamation points already
2:04 pm
worldsgreatestinventor added Junior-Woodchuck74
adefinitelyrealboy: Hi, Huey!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: Hi Boyd!!
Headless-Mannyhorse: welcome
shut up with the exclamation points already: Huey!! What a nice surprise!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: wait who are you?
shut up with the exclamation points already: Fethry!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: oh hi Uncle Fethry!! ❤️
worldsgreatestinventor: unfortunately, Manny set this chat up and added him.
worldsgreatestinvention: he comes into the lab to study marine biology and stuff he found in the ocean when he’s in duckburg 
shut up with the exclamation points already: and I am grateful to him for it!!!
shut up with the exclamation points already: to be fair, Dr. Gearloose, you did create my name.
worldsgreatestinventor: yes, and it’s fitting.
Junior-Woodchuck74: huh neat!
shut up with the exclamation points already: exclamation points are fun!!
adefinitelyrealboy: They sure are, Mr. Duck!!
shut up with the exclamation points already: Oh, call me Fethry!
adefinitelyrealboy: Okay, Mr. Fethry!!
shut up with the exclamation points already: close enough, I suppose
Junior-Woodchuck74: Anyway, what do you talk about in this chat? What scientific breakthroughs are you currently working on?
fentonium: Gyro was just complaining about Starducks for the past three hours.
worldsgreatestinventor: THEY NEVER GET MY ORDER OR MY NAME RIGHT
Headless-Mannyhorse: haha you censored yourself
worldsgreatestinventor: ...i’m not entirely convinced that donald doesn’t have some sort of tracking device on huey’s phone so he can hunt me down if i swear
fentonium: never thought I’d see the day the great Dr. Gyro Gearloose is scared of something!
worldsgreatestinventor: shut up
Junior-Woodchuck74: In all honesty, you’re probably right.
Junior-Woodchuck74: I found a weird program on my phone titled “Uno” one day and Uncle Donald told me “not to worry about it”
adefinitelyrealboy: That’s an interesting program name!
fentonium: could it be because you are the oldest triplet?
Junior-Woodchuck74: Maybe, but don’t let Dewey hear that
shut up with the exclamation points already: maybe the program’s name is an allusion to the Three Caballeros!
Headless-Mannyhorse: the three what now
worldsgreatestinventor: honestly manny the less you know about this crazy family the less confusing it is
Headless-Mannyhorse: fair
Junior-Woodchuck74: eh they’re just Uncle Donald’s college band. Pretty tame as far as it goes
shut up with the exclamation points already: there was a six month ish period during college where he moved to New Quackmore with them and basically went radio silent
shut up with the exclamation points already: He always told us it was to work on their songs!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: hmm, suspicious. Ty feth i’ll look into it
fentonium: ooh do I smell an incoming investigation?
Junior-Woodchuck74: 👀
Junior-Woodchuck74: pms
worldsgreatestinventor: i hate you all
adefinitelyrealboy: even me?
worldsgreatestinventor: … 
worldsgreatestinventor: no, not you Boyd
adefinitelyrealboy: !!!!! <3 <3
adefinitelyrealboy: I love you Dr. Gearloose!!!!!
worldsgreatestinventor: i love you too boyd
Junior-Woodchuck74: aww
PM between Junior-Woodchuck74 and TotallyNotGizmoduck
2:45 pm
Junior-Woodchuck74: You should really change your name, Fenton.
TotallyNotGizmoduck: I know I know
TotallyNotGizmoduck: Gyro’s always on my case about it.
Junior-Woodchuck74: hmm when did he become “Gyro” and not “Dr. Gearloose”?
TotallyNotGizmoduck: We’re here to discuss the intricacies and hidden depths of the Three Caballeros, not the nature of Gyro and I’s relationship.
Junior-Woodchuck74: sure sure
Junior-Woodchuck74: so
Junior-Woodchuck74: Uncle Donald
TotallyNotGizmoduck: are you certain there’s something you wish to investigate here?
Junior-Woodchuck74: absolutely
Junior-Woodchuck74: we said “no more family secrets” but my siblings and I have come to the conclusion that he has some
Junior-Woodchuck74: like that Uno program
TotallyNotGizmoduck: “some,” as in, more than one?
Junior-Woodchuck74: Yes.
TotallyNotGizmoduck: Wait, if Donald has a program to monitor your phones won’t he be privy to this very conversation?
Junior-Woodchuck74: SHOOT YOU’RE RIGHT
Junior-Woodchuck74: ABORT ABORT
Junior-Woodchuck74: You’ll just have to come over to the mansion. On a totally random day. That we definitely aren’t planning an investigation.
TotallyNotGizmoduck: I am eagerly awaiting our surprise rendezvous!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: While you’re there at our unplanned meeting, you, Webby, Violet, and I should rig up an encrypted group chat!!
TotallyNotGizmoduck: Sounds like a fun and enjoyable activity that we will only use for spontaneous activities!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: Absolutely
Junior-Woodchuck74: now about you and gyro…
TotallyNotGizmoduck: Oh look at that Mr. McDuck is calling I have to go offline bye Huey!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: I’m not dropping this Fenton!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: I know you’re staring at your locked phone reading the notifications
Junior-Woodchuck74: You saw me with Gyro and the Team Science chat you know I don’t give up easily
Teach Penny and Mom Pokémon Group Chat!!!
4:42 pm
ICanDeweyIt: this chat has been suspiciously silent
moonlander-general: do I really need to be here?
universesgreatestadventurer: Don’t you want to know about this integral part of earth culture?
universesgreatestadventurer: also it would make me sad if you refused
moonlander-general: ...I suppose
wildlymisunderstood: you’ve gone soft.
ICanDeweyIt: mom really said 🥺👉👈
universesgreatestadventurer: oh no a meme i don’t know!!!
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: oh shoot i don’t know how to explain this one
lenaonme: the emoji’s name is the pleading emoji that should tell you enough tbh
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: i guess so
universesgreatestadventurer: it’s okay webby
universesgreatestadventurer: I’ll figure it out eventually
universesgreatestadventurer: I’m the great Della Duck, after all!!
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: That’s true!! You’re amazing!!
universesgreatestadventurer: aw hon you’re too sweet 🥺👉👈
universesgreatestadventurer: did I do it?? Did I meme right???
green-sharpie: not quite, but props for trying
universesgreatestadventurer: i’ll get it eventually
aw-phooey: just do it wrong dells it annoys them to no avail
Junior-Woodchuck74: HAH
aw-phooey: Huey please
aw-phooey: i’m offended you’d think i wouldn’t know how to meme.
aw-phooey: besides i have seven kids
green-sharpie: wait seven??
aw-phooey: i’m counting boyd sorry gyro
wildlymisunderstood: NO HE’S MINE
Junior-Woodchuck74: I’m screenshotting this to send to him!!!
wildlymisunderstood: DON’T YOU DARE
wildlymisunderstood: if you shut up i’ll give you an internship at the lab
Junior-Woodchuck74: …
Junior-Woodchuck74: ugh fine
Junior-Woodchuck74: but you have to tell him at some point!!
Junior-Woodchuck74: you have a whole group chat full of witnesses now dr. g
wildlymisunderstood: ...I’m going to regret this aren’t I
TheCrashiestCrash: sooo… are we going to play some pokémon or…?
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: YES POKÉMON PARTY
ICanDeweyIt: okay wait
ICanDeweyIt: mom you got penny a phone right?
universesgreatestadventurer: well technically Uncle Scrooge got it for her because I was on the moon for ten years and i’m broke and have no money
universesgreatestadventurer: but yeah
ICanDeweyIt: okay we’ll start with pokemon go since that’s the only console she has
ICanDeweyIt: just come over on uhh friday
moonlander-general: I can do that.
universesgreatestadventurer: IT’S A DATE!!!
Family Group Chat!!!
5:12 pm
Tea Time: Everyone offline. Dinner is ready.
Junior-Woodchuck74: How did you know we were texting? This groupchat has been silent for hours
TheWebbedWonder: yes it’s quite a tragedy
green-sharpie: f
lenaonme: f
Adventure-Pilot: f
Adventure-Pilot: @moonlander-general I DID IT!!! You do it too
moonlander-general: f
Adventure-Pilot: *wipes away tear* omg i’m so proud
ICanDeweyIt: she’s come so far
ICanDeweyIt: you both have
TheWebbedWonder: but they have a long way to go before they can save anyone
green-sharpie: shut up about avatar shut up about avatar
TheWebbedWonder: no
Tea Time: To answer your question, Huey, Dewey and Louie are on the couch in the TV room and they’re both texting.
Junior-Woodchuck74: Ah, makes sense
Junior-Woodchuck74: also we have multiple TV rooms
lenaonme: heheh rich kid problemz
Junior-Woodchuck74: you come over to our house twice a week shut up middle class kid
Scrooge-McDuck: I’ll have you know I worked hard for my fortune! Years of backbreaking labor!
wreathedingold: yeah you’re proud of it we get it
Scrooge-McDuck: says the woman who made her fortune dishonestly!!
Scrooge-McDuck: and, may I add, who has less money than me!
wreathedingold: it’s only a matter of time
green-sharpie: ugh now you sound like glomgold
wreathedingold: ugh pass
lenaonme: lmao
aw-phooey: language.
Indy_Sabrewing: language
Tea Time: Dinner.
green-sharpie: Money!
TheWebbedWonder: flaming machetes!!!!!!!
aw-phooey: webby no.
lenaonme: webby yes!!
Tea Time: everyone offline.
lenaonme: i don’t even live here lollllll lame
Tea Time: Lena. Go offline so you don’t distract everyone else during dinner.
lenaonme: oh all right
lenaonme: but only because i want chocolate chip pancakes when i come over to the mansion on saturday.
Tea Time: I’ll keep it in mind.
TheWebbedWonder: aw Lena, you know Granny can’t say no to you!
TheWebbedWonder: she loves you too much
lenaonme: !!! lskdfhdksl
Tea Time: Webbigail, please. Come eat.
Tea Time: ...but she’s not wrong, Lena dear.
lenaonme: <3 <3 alksdhfghdskl;ldkf
PM between worldsgreatestinventor and Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl
10:56 pm
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: dr. g!!!
worldsgreatestinventor: small child.
worldsgreatestinventor: shouldn’t you be asleep by now?
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: shouldn’t you?
worldsgreatestinventor: i’m busy with a new project that will blow the collective world’s mind.
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: nice nice but when’s the last time you slept?
worldsgreatestinventor: i got a couple hours in yesterday afternoon
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: doctorrrrr geeeeaaarrrloooseee
worldsgreatestinventor: oh my god just say what you came here for
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: so! Boyd!
worldsgreatestinventor: oh boy
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: i think it went pretty well don’t you think?
worldsgreatestinventor: yeah actually
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: i just wanted to check that you’re doing okay with it
worldsgreatestinventor: i am thanks
worldsgreatestinventor: what for though? You wouldn’t have kicked Boyd out if he was making me uncomfortable
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: idk i didn’t think that far ahead
worldsgreatestinventor: i can tell
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: just… offer comfort, I guess? Or get Huey or Uncle Donald to do it
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: or Uncle Ty
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: they’re better at it than me
worldsgreatestinventor: shut up you’re doing fine
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: You don’t need actual comforting though
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: sides i’d comfort the heck out of you if you needed it!!!!
worldsgreatestinventor: i don’t doubt that
11:07 pm
worldsgreatestinventor: anyway thanks webby
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: anytime!
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: I do have a price for my services though
worldsgreatestinventor: oh no louie’s gotten to you hasn’t he
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: can I have a hug next time i see you?
worldsgreatestinventor: ...fine
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: YES!!!
worldsgreatestinventor: five seconds long at most. I’ll be timing you.
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: eh we’ll see about that
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: when I met Lena she avoided hugs like the plague, but now she looks for any excuse to hug me!!
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: we’ll make a hugger out of you yet
worldsgreatestinventor: i don’t know about that
worldsgreatestinventor: wait, we?
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: …
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: della and i have been plotting.
worldsgreatestinventor: figures.
worldsgreatestinventor: now go to sleep small child!!
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: only if you do too
worldsgreatestinventor: fine fine
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: !!! slfkhdks
Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl: good night!!
worldsgreatestinventor: good night.
Science Gays
4:35 am
Headless-Mannyhorse: wait didn’t mr. mcduck say something about the three caballeros fighting evil with a xylophone
namez! Huey: Junior-Woodchuck74 Dewey: ICanDeweyIt Louie: Lou / green-sharpie* Webby: TheWebbedWonder / Ultimate_Scrooge_Fangirl* Donald: aw-phooey* / Dadnald Scrooge: Scrooge-McDuck* / Moneybags Della: worldsgreatestadventurer* / Adventure-Pilot / universesgreatestadventurer /acepilot Beakley: 22* / Tea Time Launchpad: TheCrashiestCrash Lena: lenaonme Violet: Violet-Sabrewing Duckworth: ghostbutler Gyro: worldsgreatestinventor* / dr mad scientist / wildlymisunderstood Fenton: TotallyNotGizmoduck* / Blathering-Blatherskite / fentonium Manny: ihaveahead!!! / Headless-Mannyhorse Lil' Bulb: worldsgreatestinvention* / Lil' Bulb Gladstone: Lucky-Gander Fethry: mutant-krill!!!! / shut up with the exclamation points already Indy: Indy_Sabrewing Ty: purpleisforthegays Goldie: Wine-Aunt* / wreathedingold Penny: moonlander-general Boyd: adefinitelyrealboy
don’t ask me how disney works since they’re from disney and would be on disney+ i don’t know all i know is that dewey loves hamilton ok
i read multiple webby and gyro fics the other day they’re a very underrated dynamic & i’m soft for them ok
also i don’t know a lot about pokemon so if anyone has tips on that mini plotline lmk i have no clue why i put that in
i’m too tired for a full author’s note so uhh have fun kids ily
Chapter 3
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skzsauce01 · 2 years ago
42nd Moon Pt 12 (end)
Description: By some stroke of luck, you get off the waitlist of your biology class. You’d never have guessed you’d find your soulmate there, let alone that he already has a girlfriend… Or that he comes from a fraternity of werewolves.
Warning: mentions of death/killing
Word count: 2.2k
Pairing: werewolf!Hyunjin x fem!reader,  werewolf!Jisung x fem!reader
Chapter List
Tumblr media
You’ve been to every country on your list, quit your job, and tried every activity you’ve dreamed of. Now there is just one thing left to do.
I, L/N Y/N, being of sound and disposing mind, hereby declare the following:
A knock sounds at the door. It’s Jisung.
“Hungry?” he asks. “They’re ready outside.”
I have no children and declare no spouse. I appoint Bang Christopher Chan as personal representative of my will.
You tuck the paper you are looking at into an envelope while answering him. “Yeah, I’ll be there in a minute.”
You hear him walk down the hall and knock on another door.
“Hyunjin?” he calls. “You coming?”
The sound of your chair scraping against the floor drowns out his response. You straighten out the envelope on your desk and make your way out of your room.
“Want a drink?” Minho offers as soon as you step into the fraternity house’s kitchen. Well, Chan’s kitchen as of half a year ago.
You decline, and the male shrugs and downs the contents himself. You watch him walk away with a small smile on your lips.
To Lee Minho, I bequeath $2000 to his Cat Rescue Foundation. May this monetary effort touch the lives of misfortunate kittens just like he has touched them with his heart of gold.
“How’s it going?” greets Changbin with a chin tilt. This party is intended to celebrate the man’s recent hire at some office job, but you all know the true reason behind it.
“Good,” you reply.
“Awesome,” he nods. “Enjoy yourself. I’ll be creaming Felix at some video games in the living room if you need me.”
“Hey!” objects the Australian. “We’ll see about that!” He flashes a grin in your direction as a greeting before racing after the other male.
You can’t help but laugh at their antics.
To Seo Changbin, I leave him however much it takes to repair his synthesizer and purchase a microphone set in hopes that he continues pursuing his musical hobbies.
For Lee Felix, I have purchased the newest gaming console so that he might always have something to bother Changbin with. I leave an additional $500 for him to one day adopt a dog from the shelter cafe he frequents.
“Fried or seasoned?” you hear a voice call out to you from the kitchen island.
You turn towards that direction to see Seungmin indicating at a few buckets of chicken. Despite his question, he’s already putting food onto your plate. 
“Half-half,” you answer. “Thanks!”
He nods and hands you exactly what you ask for.
To Kim Seungmin, I transfer all ownership of my stocks. As a man of great intelligence and even greater ambitions, there is not a doubt in my mind that he will take these shares and multiply their values beyond their monetary ones.
“Fried please!” yells Jeongin as he runs up to you so quickly, you nearly drop your plate.
He looks up to you with a cheeky grin while holding you in a side hug before making his way to Seungmin for food.
To Yang Jeongin, I grant $1125, the amount required to apply to all the post grad programs he is interested in, even the one he gave up on despite it being his dream school.
“Enjoying yourself?” 
You nod in response to the leader’s question. “It’s quieter than your college frat parties.”
Chan laughs. “Guess we all got old. Wanna sit?”
You nod again and follow him to the living room where most of the boys have gathered.
To Bang Chan, I bequeath all benefits of my insurance and whatever is left in my accounts. I trust him to use this disproportionately larger sum to benefit the future of his Mu Alpha Theta boys. I trust that he’ll always be by their sides, nourishing them like he has done up until now. I also trust that he will take a generous portion for himself, so that I may attempt to thank him for the stellar leader and friend he has been to me.
“So who’s winning?” you ask.
“Me,” Changbin answers. Felix’s laugh tells you to believe otherwise.
“Who cares? They both suck,” Seungmin scoffs, taking a controller for himself as he plops down next to you.
You look fondly upon the group of boys. Never in your life had you imagined meeting a whole fraternity of werewolves, but you are so glad you did. You look at your wrist; it’s almost the same colour as the rest of your arm now. You try to imagine what life would be like if you were any other office lady, unaware of the Mu Alpha Theta wolves and soulmateless. You could be downtown, enjoying a candle-lit dinner with a boyfriend or jamming to karaoke with some co-workers and not dying. 
Yet you can’t.
You can’t imagine being anywhere else right now than in this room with your eardrums being blasted out by game jargon and having to be hyper aware of your surroundings because fried chicken can still fly across the room when it’s in the hands of twenty-some year old boys. You can’t imagine not having got off the waitlist of your biology class and not having met Jisung or your soulmate. 
On the topic of Hyunjin, you frown realizing that he isn’t here. He usually stays at a friend’s with his daughter during events like these where the other boys are drinking-- it is actually a habit you initiated-- but you were still hoping he would come tonight. After all, it is the last time you would see each other. 
After chicken and games, Chan announces that he has bought cake. Before you can even recognize it as your favourite flavour, Jeongin has already smeared cream onto your face, and thus a war begins with the most popular target being you. By some miracle, you end up with a proper slice in your hands after all the commotion, but by then, the boys have quieted down significantly, having been worn down by earlier activities or passed out from alcohol. 
You turn around while swallowing your last bite to see Jisung again.
“Wanna get some fresh air?”
“Sure,” you reply.
He hands you a napkin and chuckles, “You might want some water to help you out. I’ll meet you outside when you’re ready.”
You take his suggestion and clean yourself up in the restroom. You giggle when you take in the damage the wolves have inflicted, but you don’t dwell on your reflection for long as to not keep Jisung waiting.
With your hand on the front door knob, you pause and take one last look at the house. Several boys lay asleep in front of a staticky television. The only one awake, Chan, looks up from his phone to shoot you a wink before looking back down, trying to keep things as normal as possible. 
You look to your left for Hyunjin’s room. You wonder if he’s still awake and how he is doing since his soulmate is dying and all. You hope he will not miss you too much; at least he has Jisung again. Speaking of Jisung, you push open the door to meet him. He turns around with a smile to greet you as you descend the front steps.
To Hwang Hyunjin, I would like to give my sincerest apologies for making him go through the pains of being left alone once more. I know this will not compensate for his loss, but I leave for him my jewelry and gold. I pray that these gifts will ease the hardships of being a single father. Know that I leave more than just these earthly possessions; I also leave with you my heart and spirit. I am always with you and your daughter through every up and every down.
“Wanna go somewhere?” Jisung asks you when you join him on the pavement.
You shrug. “I’ve already been everywhere I want to. Do you have any ideas?”
“Actually, I do. Hop on.”
You wrap your arms around the neck of your personal werewolf taxi, and he takes off. The night wind blows through your hair, and although the moon is shy tonight, the city lights in the distance are enough to fill your heart. You hand brushes over the wolf’s fur, thanking him for the experience.
And to Han Jisung, the dearest and greatest blessing of my life, I know you wouldn’t want anything of monetary value from me, so I have left for you a memory box. In it, you will find my life: diaries I’ve written as an angsty teen, CDs of my favourite songs, my lucky charm socks that I save only for test days, my perfume, and more. 
“Jolly Land?” you shout over the wind as Jisung easily hops over the gates. You are surprised at his choice, but not as surprised as when he starts climbing the twenty story ferris wheel, one carriage at the time until you have reached the top.
Oh, and please take care of Jolly Quokka. You are the reason why I have him, and he is one of my favourite memories I have with you. Please don’t cry too much, Jisung. Jolly will be watching over you for me to make sure you don’t!
“This is so illegal!” you laugh.
“Don’t worry, the werewolf council will cover up our tracks,” Jisung says while draping his jacket around you for the last time. “How are we supposed to explain the sudden death of a healthy young woman if she dies in the middle of a police interrogation?”
You are glad Jolly Land keeps some of its lights on after hours so that you can look around the park. You see a familiar stage and point towards it. “Look! That’s where we won the couple contest.”
Jisung leans over to take a gander before pointing at another spot. “And that’s where we got the headbands, and that’s the ride you forced me to go on.”
“And that’s where we had to sit for fifteen minutes afterwards because your legs were wobbling too much.”
You both laugh at the memories. “I’ll miss coming here. This was a great idea; thanks for taking me tonight, Jisung.”
“No problem,” he hums.
“Which reminds me. Aren’t you afraid of heights? You couldn’t even take that roller coaster; how did you manage to climb up here?”
He shrugs nonchalantly. “Some things are worth being afraid over.”
You chuckle at his sweet words. “Things would have been simpler if I were your soulmate… Ah, sorry, that is insensitive for me to say,” you apologize.
“It’s fine. It’s the truth.”
“Still,” you frown.
He reaches over and gives you a reassuring pat. “Did you have a good life, Y/N?”
“I would say so, yeah.”
“I’m glad.” He pulls you closer, and you lean into your best friend and close your eyes. You can feel your clock ticking. You know Hyunjin can feel it too.
Inside one of the rooms in the frat house paces a brown wolf as his child lays sleeping in her bed. Unlike what you had assumed, he has not left his room since you said your unofficial farewells this morning. Since then, only one question has dominated his thoughts: can he do it? 
A sharp pain in his wrist reminds him of the limited time he has left.
Jisung takes your cold hands in his, making sure you feel warm until the end. You shift in your seat to get a little more comfortable.
A tear drips from his eye as he walks over to his daughter. The memory of you sitting beside him, stroking his back after his ex left replays itself in his mind. Then comes the memory of you waiting patiently for him outside the custody court. Then the memory of you holding his hand in the ER when his child’s fever spiked at three in the morning. Then the memory of you laughing with him when he drenched you both in water while trying to fill up a kiddie pool.
You begin humming a nursery song, one that you often sing during the child’s bedtime. Jisung drums along with his fingers against your hand.
And then the memory of your arms around him in the forest. He was so close to losing you. So close to never holding you against him like that again. Hyunjin snuggles his daughter’s head upwards so that her neck lies between his two canines.  
You will hate him for this. You will absolutely hate him for this, but Hyunjin has been giving you reasons to hate him since the day you met. It’ll be alright if you finally did.
Your fingers curl themselves into your palm as a sudden fear of what is on the other side creeps up your spine. Jisung moves to loosen the tension by interlacing his digits with yours.
Another teardrop lands on his daughter and wakes her up. She blinks a few times. “Daddy?”
That one single word pierces his heart.
Time is ticking.
“Jisung?” you whisper, lifting your chin slightly more towards him.
“Thank you.”
But then there’s you, and he loves you. He loves you so much. There is no denying now. You are his soulmate, his heartbeat, his existence...
... And just a bite away. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dear readers! Thanks for making it this far and coming on this 42nd Moon journey with me! All your notes, comments, and asks really touched my heart. I used to think creators on this site were so dramatic with their thanks to their followers until I found out that THAT’S ACTUALLY HOW WE REACT. So thank you all so, so, so much! I hope to see y’all around here again! (maybe for another 42 moons? Hahaha). PS: Please send in asks if u have any! We’ll be replying with badly drawn pics :P ~ ad.gold SPECIAL THANKS TO AD.GRAY WHO LET ME PESTER HER DURING THIS WHOLE PROCESS! And for editing, but tbh I think my annoying-ness is worse. kekeke
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theangrypokemaniac · a year ago
Random Irritations
Some Folk'll Never Eat A Skunk,
But Then Again Some Folk'll.
Like Cleetus, The Slack-Jawed Yokel.
Tumblr media
When James was an effeminate, pretty-boy toff, his hair sprang up from his scalp in an 'M' shape, like it does on Pa.
And look! Proper highlights!
Tumblr media
Now he's a phlegm-sucking eunach, put the cap on, and suddenly there's nothing but a featureless mass, as if his head extends all the way up to fill the hat.
If yer drawing abilities are this inadequate, put the hat round the right way, but oh no, that's just too taxing.
This is besides a barnet concocted of solidified jelly and a 'fringe' simultaneously swollen and bent.
Like the antenna on the bastard offspring of Tinky-Winky and Laa-Laa.
Tumblr media
Strange how a man who once took such pride in his appearance is now content wearing a shapeless, XXXXXXXL marquee, displaying the low-swinging gut on broad-hipped broad.
This is not a good camera angle for Jessie. Unless resembling Gregg Wallace is her intention.
And take a gander at that begrudging, screwed-up face on Dappy there:
We represent the Lollipop Guild!
The Lollipop Guild!
The Lollipop Guild!
Tumblr media
Don't you ever fear, I'm always near.
I know that you need help.
Your tongue is twisted, your eyes are slit.
You need a guardian.
You can't go wrong with the classic style icons.
Yeah, 'cause what this show's been crying out for is more nerds.
Tumblr media
Meowth's fixed stare drills into the camera like Drimogemon on a promise.
And why are his arms constantly outstretched, like a zombie baby begging for Momma, brains, and Momma's brains?
Thanks to the pinkish glow, the colour difference between Jessie's pork belly and her pantaloons is almost nonexistent.
She appears naked from the bra down, save for a manacled chastity belt.
That's a laff. Ain't no one gonna be mounting a siege of that dilapidated ruin.
How her jug ears and deformed noggin elicit such memories...
Tumblr media
Fred Elliott
I say Fred Elliott!
Tumblr media
Grant Mitchell
Tumblr media
Iron Giant
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Georgie Dawes's Jacket Potato
Listen tuh what de bake potato say!
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claude-frollo-archives · a year ago
Imposed Fate
Imposed Fate A Count Duckula Story
Chapter 1. Prelude of a Nightmare
       One fateful date, Tuesday 7 April 1870, Richter Von Gosling, a student of the arts of healing, decided to visit Transylvania in order to shed light upon a mysterious and disquieting subject, which was a case of vampirism. Legends and stories about the undead had the young scholar read before, yet he remained  sceptical, until his colleague and confidant Reinfelt witnessed an attack by one of those creatures, and not an ordinary one but Count Duckula himself, a feudal Lord supposed to be dead centuries ago. Despite of the absurdity of the notion, Richter was not to doubt his friend; therefore, he had to investigate in more detail about this terrible menace and put it to rest.
   The evening of Gosling's arrival, a thunderstorm loomed above the village, the weather cold and windy but rain was not to fall yet. Not a soul could be found wandering on the streets, there was a sense of quietude, a preface of the storm that soon would be unleashed over the town. Despite the feeling of impeding peril, inside the public house 'Ye Tooth and the Jugular' the mood appeared to be festive, with the regular crowd assembled for a pint or two, regardless the tragedies of life. In this place, the scholar found refuge as well as some more information concerning the malevolent aristocrat provided by the innkeeper and the parishioners. Gosling thought the recently gained knowledge would be enough to prepare a scheme to destroy the vampire.
    During the following days, the scientist worked in the development of a mechanism designed to shoot a wooden stake but cleverly set inside a camera. When the contraption was completed, the gander headed towards Castle Duckula, an ominous fortress that oversaw the village from atop a hill. Presenting himself as a photographer from a newspaper, Gosling attempted to gain access to the castle and destroy the Count; these actions would end the suffering of the villagers and bring peace to Transylvania. No time was wasted once he entered the Castle. Introductions were quick, the battle between Count Duckula and Von Gosling finished as quickly as it started and not even Igor -faithful manservant of the undead Count- was able to interfere. However, due the thrilling sensation of triumph, the scientist returned to the town without realizing that the stake managed to harm Duckula, but it failed to stab through the Count's heart.
    "Got him, the vampire is destroyed! ..." Exclaimed the deluded scholar as he rushed his way back to the village bellow, eager to tell what he assumed to be good news. "... The beast is no more!"
     Meanwhile, the Count lied motionless on the stone ground. Igor knelt beside his defeated master, lifting the wounded vampire on both his arms. "... Master, Master! ..." The old vulture sobbed in anguish, fearing this to be the last hour.
   "... Is all right, Igor! …" Duckula replied as he rose to his feet, dusting and straightening his suit jacket. Praised the Abyss, his Lordship was not slaughter, much to Igor's relief. "It was just a mere scratch …" The Count added with anger on his raspy voice. "... But he shall pay for this ... he shall pay!" He growled and proceeded to concentrate his energy in order to cast a spell. "... Come here, to my aid, oh winds of north, I summon your powers---…"
   "Milord... if I may be so bold to provide advice... I must remind his Lordship that the appropriate way to conjure for the assistance of this element, Sire, would be quite simpler: ‘come gust of wind and be wild’… Brief but no less effective, of course" Igor admonished his Master on the proper casting of dark incantations.
   "Thank you Igor, I had almost failed to remember that part … Anyway, you had already cast the spell, so you have heard it wind, obey our demand and be wild!" With that, the Count cackled with cruel glee, an aura appeared to surround his frame and a red spark was ignited on both his eyes, like flames of fire as he began to transform, while outside the fortress, gust of heavy wind gathered to form a dreadful tempest.
   Oblivious of the dangers ahead, Gosling stormed into the tavern. "… Is done!--- The vampire--- destroyed! ..." The gander addressed the landlord, though he was out of breath and could barely articulate a word.
    "What do you mean, young man?" The perplexed innkeeper questioned, while three peasants seated on a corner enjoying their last drink of the night, just had to listen and stare with curiosity.
    "… ... What I am trying to say is that the vampire fiend is no more!---..." Gosling recomposed before resuming his speech in a serious tone. "... The Count now rests in peace, finally there would be no more suffering ... is over." He softly stated, honestly believing that evil was successfully vanquished.
   A tense silence filled the inn until one of the peasants reacted. "... That is impossible!" He muttered in disbelief. "… Count Duckula defeated, requiring no effort?!" Added the landlord in dismay. "Yes, on the times past, I know the tale, the vampire was destroyed... but he was cornered by a group of vampire slayers! When we talked about the Count, I never thought you would attempt something so stupid, what have you done, lad?!"
   Gosling was completely appalled, realising something must have gone wrong and to learn that the Count was previously overcame, then who was this Duckula he had just met?! However, before the scholar was able to find his voice, the farmer seated near the window screamed in fear. "He is leaving the Castle! ..." Every fowl residing at the hostelry turned to the window. They saw the rainstorm and a giant bat flying from the castle in direction of the village. In matter of few minutes, chaos settled on the town: the wind destroyed some of the houses, demolishing the roofs of the buildings. Duckula on his bat form attacked people running outside in a futile attempt to seek shelter from the storm; others tried to escape the wooden debris carried by the whirlwind, people cried in panic, the peaceful slumber of the village residents turned into a nightmare.
   "Where are you, my dear Gosling?! Not so brave to defeat me?! ..." The evil laugh from the Count could be heard amid the commotion. "... Come, come out to play, do not make me wait!"
    "I am afraid he is calling for you!" Exclaimed the innkeeper’s wife who stood on top of the staircase, from there she threw Gosling’s luggage; the two suitcases landed loudly at his feet. "If you have any respect for anything sacred, get out of my house! ..." She ordered furiously, pointing to the main door of the hostel. "... Away with you!"
   "Wait, please!--- I don't understand! …" Gosling stammered. "My intentions were honourable; I was only trying to be of aid!”
    "Yeah, thank you for your help, you just made everything worse for our village!" Retorted an angry peasant. "Why did you have to mess with the Count?! Now his wrath is unstoppable, he would go on rampage until sunrise and is all your fault!"
   "I did try to do something, while you appear to accept this fate without resistance, why you don't fight back? For what reason you would even stay in a place like this?!" Although the scientist's response came out with a hint of defiance, in truth there was guilt within his heart.
   "Because this is our home, foolish lad! …" Replied the proprietress without hesitation. "We shall not abandon our land! If someone has to leave, that would be you!”
   "Very well said, Madam! Now you, go away!" A peasant urged Gosling to walk out the inn. "Hope he eats you, better you than us!"
   "Came on folks…" The landlord interceded. "… Don’t be cruel with the outsider, he couldn't know any better, after all he is only a boy."
   "… Oh nein, I am not! I will show you, I … I shall stop that fiend at once!"
    "No, if you go out he will kill you!---..." The innkeeper warned but he was unheard. Von Gosling stepped out the tavern and the sight of destruction and the monstrous vampire bat, rendered him to freeze in fright. However, the landlord had followed him and he placed the travel cases on Gosling's hands. "Come on, son … I wish I never told you about the Count." He said with regret and grabbing the young doctor by the arm, he led him to the back door of the tavern despite protest of the parishioners but some of them were to agree on the fact that at the present it would be for the best to escape.
    "I don't care if this is the land where I was born!--- The stranger was right--- I don't want to die!" Despaired one of the farmers as he hurried out to prepare a cart and soon enough, several of the town's people had joined him. Before Gosling was able to object, the innkeeper pushed him inside the stagecoach. From above, Duckula witnessed these actions and he was utterly amused. The giant bat could deliver an attack directly towards the doctor, given how easy was to detect him due his antiquated attire and the camera he was carrying; still, he interfered not for he had mused a greater plan since the instant he laid his eyes on Von Gosling. "That mortal had come to face me--- he failed no doubt, but he arrived on his own choice ... or maybe was it a design of fate? ..." The creature growled quietly. "... Nevertheless, I detected on him no greed for a reward or a desire of fame, not even a wish for vengeance ... What a disgusting attitude! However ... Could it be?---.... ... I wonder... ..."
   In the meantime, the doctor was still unable to fathom the burden he would be carrying now that the threads of fate had been tampered with. ".... Sir., oh please I---... I thank you ..." Gosling at last found his voice to express gratitude to the innkeeper. "... I will be praying Gott for your souls until I am able to come back---..."
   "Prayers?! ... Don't trouble yourself, it would be of no use" Said one of the villagers, quietly and embittered. "... God have forgotten about us."
   "That cannot be true! I shall pray for you all, our Lord will never forget His children!" Gosling stated firmly as the cart began to move.
   "Well, then I pray God I will never see your face again … may He bless and keep you!" Von Gosling frowned in sadness, lowering his head upon hearing those last words from the proprietor of 'Ye Tooth and the Jugular', the man who had just saved his life.
   As the stagecoach departed from the village, Gosling silently stared at the silver cross pendant he had on his hands, a gift from his mother that now held a much more profound significance. "… So, they believe our Lord has forgotten, ja? ..." He lamented in shame and remorse; no matter his efforts or his courageous discourse, in the end he was left trembling with fear in times help was most needed, it was an absolute disgrace. "… … I am to return, this is not over yet--- this awful mistake must be corrected … I will be back; that fiend shall be destroyed, I am going to save all those souls ... is a promise!"
           Later, at the break of dawn, the Count had enough leisure time and his thirst was quenched, so he returned to his fortress. As expected, Igor was patiently waiting for his master's arrival. "Did you find that miserable mortal, Master?" Greeted the sinister butler.
    "Ah, I let him go …" Duckula replied calmly, tonelessly even, like if the latest episode were of no relevance.
   The vulture raised a brow with suspicion at the Count’s answer; after such an eventful evening, this behaviour from the master was something unforeseen. "… I am not sure, Sire … you should have taken the life of that wretched miscreant ... or perhaps brought him here to me, I could have offered that Gosling a most proper … … care."
   "Worry not, dear Igor." The Count spoke, a grin crept onto his beak. "... Amongst all the pleasant visitors we have received through these the years, this one had proven to be the most interesting opponent".
    "Oh indeed, Milord, Indeed! There is no use on finishing the fun so early …" Igor rubbed his hands in pleased anticipation of the delightfully wicked punishments he would be able to inflict over that insolent gander.
    "That is right; you got the idea, my Igor!" The Count chuckled darkly. "… He is coming back, I assure you, and I will be waiting …" Then, the vampire grabbed Igor by the necktie, pulling his head down to meet his gaze. "After all … ..." Duckula continued, lowering his voice into a threatening though gleeful snarl. "… We have plenty of time ... … … don’t we, Igor?!"
This is the first chapter from an old fanfiction of mine I am re-writing (began in 2009, is 2020 not completed yet, only three chapters are ready), is an attempt to set a prequel for the Count Duckula series, based on the Dear Diary and The Rest is History episodes, a particular scene that appears on the show's intro, the Castlevania games and last but certainly not least, Dracula the novel. Posting it here now as an experiment given I have no idea how it would look like on Tumblr, and so happy to see fans of the series!
Count Duckula and the characters on this chapter belong to Cosgrove Hall.
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anxiousworm · a year ago
Hi, wanna hear about my new kids on a modded Minecraft world? No?? Too bad :D
Yeah I’m dusting off the old dragon lord title to build an army of dragons, starting with these dumbasses.
Tumblr media
Nyx: Couldn’t find a proper body shot
-The bigwig. She’s the second oldest and ive already decided she’ll go all the way to stage 5 (final part of the dragon life cycle, chonky and big af,)
-Lightning dragon, big sparky girl
-Won’t eat dragons from her horde, but any outsiders are fair game
-lightning dragons only live in warm environments, and I live in a tundra, so she spends most of her time hibernating underground near lava
-She’s protective of any hatchling in the horde, despite most aren’t even the same species
-It’s mandatory to bow when greeting her, she’s petty like that
-Her armor acts as a crown!
Tumblr media
-The actual oldest, but doesn’t get any bigger. She’s also second in command
-An ice dragon, so she tends to be calm and collected, but is a fierce fighter in her own right. (I was in creative and saw her beating the shit out of another mob, so I tamed her on a whim)
-Scales are silky, made for fast swimming
-Basically my main mount
-A perfect evening for her is to snuggle in her snowy nest with a mouthful of fish
-She essentially raised all the dragons. She’s the only one big enough to protect them, but also small enough to fit in the nursery atm
Tumblr media
-The oldest boy and acts nothing like it
-Ngl I was tempted to name him Kai; he’s hot headed, energetic, and loves combat
-He could technically help Yona raise the younger dragons, but he’s too rough with hatchlings
-Always has bits of meat stuck in his teeth
-Has more vigor than Yona, but isn’t nearly as skilled. He’d drop like a fly in a real battle
-Fights with his brother constantly
-Listens to no one but Nyx because he’s terrified of her, they used to be practically the same size wtf
Tumblr media
-The younger brother and an ice dragon, he won’t be getting any bigger but he’s got the fighting spirit
-The snowflake patterns act like freckles all along his back and wings
-The armor is mostly to protect him from himself, he gets into all sorts of trouble
-Likely will never see battle, but is determined to prove himself useful
-The closest with Yona. He goes to her when he’s upset and is only well-behaved around her (willingly, at least)
-The faster swimmer of the two, if only for his size advantage
-Fish are good and all, but he loves blubbery meat from orcas, seals, and beluga whales. Yona always brings him a big, tasty helping when she can
Tumblr media
-The youngest, and the most prettiest princess in the land
-Originally got her to give Nyx company (lightning dragons are nocturnal), but as Nyx grew and she stayed relatively small she’s become a very pampered younger sister
-She has her own crown! It’s made of silver
-Loves spending time with her sister, even if just to sit next to her and mimic all her roars
-Can ruffle up her scales when she feels threatened
also take a gander at a family picture for reference (Yan wasn’t cooperating, how fitting):
Tumblr media
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thanksjro · a year ago
All Hail Megatron #15: Dang Bro, That Sure is a Redeemable Dude Right There
So, before we get into Season 2 of MTMTE, I thought it would be prudent to take a gander at all the stuff Megatron’s gotten done in the IDW publications. Y’know, for plot reasons. And also because of this little nugget of info I found forever ago:
Tumblr media
Of course, just jumping straight into the 15th issue of a run isn’t going to give me a proper understanding of what happens narratively, so here is a very brief rundown of the events of AHM #1-14.
First thing I see- cover with Megatron holding the American flag in one hand and Optimus Prime’s head on a fucking pike in the other.
Shane McCarthy wrote several issues of this run. So expect some Empire of Stone vibes.
2009 Josh Burcham appears to not know how to color black people’s skin. I have no idea if he’s improved on this deficiency in his skills, but a person can hope.
Megatron kills a literal skyscraper’s worth of people. (was that allowed in 2009? I thought we were still being weird about that sort of thing back then, with 9/11 and all.)
A fighter pilot looks at a photograph of his significant other. This is how you know he’s going to die.
Megatron slaps a plane so hard it explodes, and then laughs about it. While all this is happening, Optimus is fucking dying on Cybertron. This makes Jazz very upset.
What seems like the entire goddamn US military is called in to deal with this intergalactic terrorist attack.
The Decepticons destroy all the bridges and tunnels connected to NYC.
Los Angeles and San Diego are also under attack.
Estimated 200K people dead. This is issue #3.
Megatron holds all of NYC hostage.
The Decepticons annihilate a destroyer-class warship.
San Francisco and Washington D.C. are overtaken.
Air Force One has been destroyed.
Megatron acts like an asshole to Starscream.
The Decepticons attack all of the United States.
The President of the United States is dead.
Megatron ripped the Matrix out of Optimus’ chest.
The shit that’s happening to America is also happening at all the other Autobot outposts.
This is also about the time that Overlord starts his terrorizing of Garrus 9.
Megatron says that the destruction of those weaker than himself is a “reward”.
Megatron doesn’t believe in the sanctity of life.
Beijing and Israel are destroyed by the Decepticons.
Megatron commissioned the Insecticons as beings of pure torment, for reasons.
Megatron commissions Bombshell to do some really fucked up shit to Hunter O’Nion.
Megatron waits around for Starscream to Starscream it up, then beats the everloving shit out of his employees.
Megatron doesn’t believe in an academic approach to warfare, for some reason.
Megatron’s totally cool with NYC getting nuked.
Megatron was planning on reprogramming his troops into being nice fellas once he beat the Autobots.
Megatron believes in ownership in those beneath him. He’s completely convinced that anyone in the Decepticon forces is essentially his property.
Megatron knees Optimus below the belt. That’s just poor sportsmanship.
The only reason Megatron survives a gunshot to the face is that he messed with Starscream’s head earlier in the day.
Thundercracker caught a nuclear bomb, tossed it into the stratosphere, and shot it. I don’t think he realizes that the fallout is still going to spread across the globe.
The Matrix is still in Decepticon hands.
Starscream’s head is in a friggin’ dark-ass place.
Then there’s some stuff setting up Galvatron and Cyclonus’ whole deal, but who cares about that? On to issue #15!
Tumblr media
Motherfucker, that’s a Radiohead song-
The proper story of AHM ended with issue #12, and the issues after were split into two separate stories, written by two separate teams, which detailed events taking place after the main story was resolved. A series of epilogue scenes, if you will. We’ll only be looking at the first story, because it’s the only one that’s relevant to what I’m doing here.
Our official writer for “Everything in it’s Right Place” is Nick Roche, who we’ve run into several times over our journey through IDW. A majority of the story beats will be attributed to him, of course, seeing as Roberts was, at the time, only mentioned as assisting, and also not employed by the publishing company.
Our story opens with Prowl getting socked in the face by Springer, because he’s upset that his grandpa has gone AWOL. Perceptor’s also missing, but this isn’t about him. Prowl, whose shins are looking especially shiny today, lets Springer know that they’ve “got Kup back.”
See, once upon a time, Kup was stuck on a little planet called Tsiehshi, where Shockwave was growing one of his ores. Kup became addicted to the… thrall, I guess, of the crystals, and it drove him mad, making him hallucinate that he was being attacked by ghosts. What was actually happening was he was violently murdering his rescuers with his bare hands. When the Autobots finally managed to get him off the planet, he got shipped to Kimia, where the smartest boy in all the galaxy, Brainstorm, could work his science on him.
Tumblr media
Guess they don’t call him Brainstorm for noth-
I’m so sorry.
Springer very much dislikes the fact that some dweebs in a lab are poking around in his Pap-pap thinking meat. He’s even less thrilled when he finds out how exactly they fixed said thinking meat.
Kup’s now a Pretender. The Stormbringer miniseries covered this process, and let’s just say, Springer’s got every right to be concerned, considering that the last time someone tried something like this, Cybertron was made completely uninhabitable. They’ve made breakthroughs, however, as Prowl keeps saying. He says it a lot, actually.
This is because Prowl is a bastard, and is also using the Pretender tech to make Kup into something for his own agenda. Which, I hopefully shouldn’t have to tell you, is kind of a shitty thing to do.
Springer is shown footage of Kup kicking some ass, and notices that he’s got something in his mouth. This is his vape rig, full of medicinal marijuana.
Tumblr media
Dammit, Prowl, let me make a weed joke! This is because you’re a cop, isn’t it?
Prowl continues to be a complete and utter fucker in his internal monologue until Springer asks to see Grandpa. They head to the lab to find Kup in pieces, though it’s completely medically sound in this case. Kup has a minor absolutely-horrific hallucination, but he’s okay once he gets his cy-gar back.
We get a flashback to Prowl making sure Perceptor put the nasty, nasty bad-time programming into Kup’s head, because he’s sick of losing the war, and a single old man will surely turn the tides. Or, at least, it will when he’s damn charismatic and folks listen to him way more than they do Prowl.
Back in the present, Springer asks that Kup not be told what happened on Tsiehshi, because it’s kind of a major bummer. Prowl reflects on how only the cool kids get paid attention to, and assumes that the Decepticons are a much more organized machine. Clearly he hasn’t heard about how Overlord lives his life.
Anyway, so Kup is now a mouthpiece for Prowl, and he doesn’t even know it. That’s pretty fucked.
Tumblr media
So, what have we learned from this experience? Well, even though Roberts didn’t personally assist on the actual Megatron-related portions of AHM, we can see where the character was, and I think that’s far more important than deconstructing Prowl’s whole deal at the moment.
God, I don’t know that redeeming this bastard’s going to be possible, James, but somehow I think you already knew that, given how you’ve written the guy in the past.
Tumblr media
Yeah, you fuckin’ thought I forgot about Literally Hitler Megatron, didn’t you?
Well I didn’t.
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spissed-off · 2 years ago
[Spinel x Spinel] Forget-Me-Not
Yet another fanfic, and yet another thing with double Spinel, enjoy! (you’re in for a loooooong read....) Word Count: 3,900 Warnings: Angst, Sexual themes
Seeing her was like looking in a mirror - a smaller, cuter, more afraid mirror. Post-Spinel had no idea how she was face to face with her past self in the garden, or whether this was a past self - or an alternate universe entirely - but she didn’t question it. There were other, more important things on her mind. First was telling her about Pink. She thanked the stars she’d gotten there, by some miracle, before the big announcement. “What do you mean she’s not coming back?” Pre asked curiously. Post knelt down to eye level, putting her hands on the other’s shoulders. “She’s... not here anymore. She left.” “I know she did! But she’ll be back! We were in the middle of a game! She has to come back and finish it, right? It only makes sense!” The smaller gem’s hopeful gaze was met with a look of sympathy and a hint of regret. They looked at each other in silence before Post simply uttered a “no, sorry” under her breath. Pre's smile began to fade. “B-but... She has to come back! The game's not over yet!” the little Spinel's voice began to waver. "She doesn't say goodbye until we finish a game..." Post tried her best to console the other, to let her down gently.
“Listen, Spin- um... Other Spin, Pink wasn’t playing a game with you. She left you here, and she-” Before she could finish her sentence, Pre snapped at her, pushing her away but not moving from her spot. “That’s enough! Stop lying to me!!” roared Pre, her eyes now dark pink instead of black. “Pink is coming back, and I’m going to win this-” Suddenly, Post stood up straight, this time bending over to stare swirling daggers at the other. Her voice was cold, quiet, and seemed to cut through the air as she spoke. Her accent was peeking through - she was getting annoyed.
“Listen here, ya little idiot, and listen good. Pink is DEAD. She’s not coming back, EVER. And this little ‘game’ she had you play? You fuckin’ lost the moment she left.” Pre’s eyes were wide with fear. “B-but... But what about... W-what about her colony? What about Earth? I thought we were gonna go together!” “She went to Earth to finish her ‘colony’ with her Pearl, and chickened out halfway through. She had no intention of taking you, and now she’s gone. She replaced you. She tricked you, and she did it with a smile on her face. Does that get any gears workin’? Do you get it now, or are you so gullible that you really think she'd leave you here, like THIS, as a joke!?" Post gestured to the roots that had grown around the smaller gem's feet. Before letting her even utter a single word, she grabbed the stationary gem by the shoulders, gripping hard.
"She ABANDONED you." 
It didn’t take long at all for the heartbreak to be prevalent on Pre’s face. Then came the tears welling up. "She..." It was only then that Post realized what she had said. Sighing, she snaked her head away from her past self, turning to walk away. “She abandoned us both. Sorry you had to find out like this.”
Post continued to walk, but was then caught off guard, grunting as something grabbed a hold of her and kept a tight grip on her hand. She heard sniffling. It almost pained her to look back, but she did. Seeing her past self standing there, covered in roots and dirt, disheveled, and now looking at her desperately, nearly broke her heart. Her expression softened, though her body tensed at the sight.  Please don’t poof. Please, don’t poof, she thought, slowly making her way back over to Pre. She was prepared for it. It had happened to her, after all. She was prepared for the wailing, the screaming, the inevitable poof, the reforming, the anger, the hurt... She winced at the thought. What she wasn’t prepared for was what Pre had asked instead.
“So... you... Are you g-going to leave me, too...?” the little Spinel choked out. She looked absolutely terrified.
That question shook Post to her very core. Without thinking, she dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around Pre, bringing her close. Her eyes began to well up too, saying nothing as she listened to the crying gem. Her eyes flooded over, unblinking until her vision had blurred. Her voice was soft and reassuring as she tightened the hug just a bit. Even her shushes were gentle. “Shh... It's okay... I wasn't gonna- I’m not gonna leave you, okay? I promise. I’m sorry, I just... Ugh, jeez, I’m really sorry...” She coiled her arms around Pre a few times, feeling her shake with sobs. They stayed there for a bit in silence, aside from the sniffles and hiccups from Pre.
After a while, they had pulled Pre-Spinel from her station, brushed her off, and taken a small walk around the garden. It was as Post remembered it - cold, dark, and dead. Even in all the stillness, there was a wind chill. The Spinels sat by the pond, staring at the browned lily pads floating in the dark water. “Ssssso,” Post started, trying to make small talk. “How do you feel? Y-y’know... About the news?” she asked, looking over at Pre. Pre's brow furrowed, not taking her eyes off the pond. “I don’t know... I feel... Empty. Upset. I’ve... lost my best friend and my purpose, except I never really had a best friend. I feel like I’m not supposed to exist anymore, and... I kind of don't want to. Did... Did you feel like that? When she left you?” More silence fell between them, Post unable to tell if the question was genuine or sarcastic. “Yeah..."
Post looked back at the pond. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something - a small patch of forget-me-nots, which surprisingly had survived after all these millenia. The petals shone bright blue and purple among the dying leaves, and very few flowers were fully intact. While Pre continued to look at the lake, Post sneakily stretched her hand over to the bush of flowers, plucking them in a bunch and reeling her hand back over. Hiding the flowers behind her back, she poked Pre to get her attention.
"Hm?" The smaller gem looked over, noticing immediately that something was up. "What's that behind your back?" Beaming, Post pulled the small bouquet out and held it in front of the other gem. "Ta-daaaa!" she sang, a few petals from the small bunch of flowers falling off. Pre glanced between them and her slightly older counterpart. "Why are you giving me these?" she asked, utterly confused. "I thought maybe they'd cheer you up! Uh, here," Post said, plucking the flowers out of the bunch one by one and sticking them into Pre's hair wherever she could. Admiring her work, she threw the stems behind her back, gesturing to the pond. "Go ahead! Take a gander, why don’tcha?"
Pre turned, bending over to get a better look at herself. Her eyes lit up as soon as she saw her reflection, little blue flowers dotting her head like a crown, with some arranged in attempted heart shapes in her messy heart buns. She was speechless as she reached for the flowers; not wanting to ruin their placement, she gingerly touched one, making sure it was secure in her hair. Post had inched closer to her, looking at Pre’s reflection in the pond as well. “You look cute! Blue really suits you!” The little Spinel continued staring at her reflection, then looked over at Post’s - she looked as though she was simply admiring her work, a slight blush resting on her cheeks. She tore her eyes away from the pond, looking over at Post, a hint of dark pink dusting her cheeks as well. A laugh rose from her throat, starting off as a chuckle and soon escalating to full-on giggling. She squealed, wrapping her arms around the taller Spinel, pulling her closer as she bounced up and down. “I love it!! Thank you so much!” Pre could hardly contain herself, still squeezing her future self tight. She looked up at her, eyes glimmering. Her smile was contagious. Without realizing, Post’s cheeks were flushed, her own smile creeping its way onto her face. She was so glad she was able to make the other laugh, let alone smile, and she looked adorable when she did. She’d found some sense of accomplishment in making Pre smile, but there was something she felt as though she was supposed to do in that moment. She had the subconscious urge to… No. “Heh, um… Glad you like it,��� Post said, looking away from the other gem. Her blush was now obvious on her face. She then yelped as she was abruptly pulled up, Pre swinging her and dragging her around in a clumsy waltz, laughing all the while.
Post was in a daze, the laughter from the other gem snapping her out of her thoughts. “C’mon, don’tcha know how to dance?” Pre teased, sticking her tongue out. The taller gem hesitated, shaking her head and sputtering before getting up on her feet. She smirked, holding one of Pre’s hands while the other rested on her waist. If they were gonna dance, Post was gonna lead.
They went slow at first, Post making sure their steps were in time with each other. As soon as Pre got the hang of it, they began to gently sway, now doing a proper waltz. Slowly, they spun together, making their way from the pond to the fountain, Post humming as they danced. She picked up the pace, making sure Pre was following, spinning with her a bit faster. Both of them laughed, Post now scat-singing along with their movements, as they held each other's hands and began doing the twist. The smaller gem started to sing too, effortlessly matching her future self’s steps. Post then got cocky. She wanted a big finish, and she wanted to make it as showy as possible. She let go of one of Pre’s hands, pulling her in close before spinning her outward, as far as she could get her, before pulling her back in and dipping her low to the ground. The look on the smaller gem’s face was priceless. She was staring up at Post, mouth slightly agape, her sparkling eyes fixated on the bright pink ones staring down at her. The taller Spinel raised an eyebrow quizzically, a smug smile plastered on her lips.
“Whatsa matter, never finish a dance before?” she cooed, giving the mesmerized gem a wink. Pre didn’t answer, instead smiling sweetly at the other gem, causing that smug look to disappear almost instantly. Again, Post found herself wanting to do something in that moment, but what? Drop her? She continued to stare at the other gem, an awkward smile replacing the once-confident one she wore. Her smile faded entirely the longer they stayed that way, barely able to catch herself looking toward Pre’s smile - or maybe more so just her lips. When she’d finally registered she was doing so, her face flushed, pulling the other gem back up and removing her hands. She brushed herself off, letting out a sheepish laugh and once again averting her gaze. She’d nearly lost her balance as soon as Pre surprised her with a kiss on the cheek.
If her face could get any darker pink, it would have after that peck on the cheek. She put her hand over it, completely flabbergasted. Was that what she wanted to do? It certainly felt like it… Post looked over at the other gem, who was coyly looking up at her. She was at a loss for words. Here was this past version of herself, looking bashful and batting her eyelashes at her as if she hadn’t just kissed her. What did it mean? What was it supposed to mean? Did Pre catch on before she did? Her thoughts continued to race until she felt the smaller gem’s hand reaching for her own.
“Aren’tcha gonna give me one back, silly?” she asked with a knowing smile. So, she had caught on. Post had to admit, her little act was damn cute. She decided not to fight whatever she was feeling anymore, cupping Pre’s face and planting a smooch on her lips. Pre was definitely surprised, her eyes turning into bright pink hearts the moment their lips met. She was frozen in shock for a few seconds before returning the kiss, nearly melting into it. Her eyes fluttered closed and she held onto her future self for support, already going weak in the knees. Post deepened the kiss, tilting her head and lowering her hands to the smaller gem’s waist. She pulled her closer, again dipping her slightly, enjoying the feeling of those soft lips against her own. It felt abnormal, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. The only thing she cared about right then was the gem going limp in her arms.
The taller Spinel found herself wanting more. She could only guess that Pre did, too. Deciding to test the theory, she licked the other’s bottom lip, earning a gasp. She relished in it. Her tongue snaked its way into the smaller gem’s slightly open mouth, licking everywhere she could, swirling Pre’s tongue with her own. A moan escaped Pre’s throat, and the sound was music to Post’s ears. She growled under her breath, nibbling and sucking on the other’s bottom lip, hoping to coax more sounds out of her. She was rewarded handsomely. She could feel Pre shudder, though to her it seemed as though she was trying to keep quiet. She figured she’d need to fix that. Picking her up, she made her way over to a pillar that looked sturdy, setting the smaller gem back down on her feet. By then, she had broken the kiss, tilting Pre’s chin so she could look up at her.
“Wanna play a little game, cutie? It’s a lot more fun than the one Pink played with ya, I promise,” Post said in a hoarse whisper. The thought of a game made the other a bit wary, but she trusted her future self not to steer her wrong. She nodded, yelping as she was then pinned against the pillar by her shoulders. “I-is this game gonna hurt?” Pre stammered. At first, the only answer she was given was a kiss on the forehead, until she felt Post’s warm breath on her neck. “Don’t worry, darlin’, I’ll take care of ya.” She held Pre against the pillar, gently but firmly so she wouldn’t squirm too much. Peppering kisses all over her face, she slid her hands down to Pre’s hips, resting them there while she moved her lips back down toward her neck. The moans that followed made her shiver. They were soft and sweet, and she wanted to hear more. She needed to hear more.
She kept kissing, beginning to press her kisses harder into Pre’s neck, trailing them up to her jaw, and back down to her shoulder. One of her hands found itself on Pre’s gem, stroking it ever so gently, earning a shaky gasp from her. She stopped for a minute, looking at her playmate. Her playmate. It felt twisted to think of her as such, but maybe that’s what Pre needed. A new playmate, or something more. A friend? A friend with benefits? A lover, maybe? She’d pushed the thought aside, and figured it would be worth asking later. “You mind taking this off for me?” Post asked, poking the other gem in the chest, referring to her top. She responded with a hum, phasing off her shirt, the taller of the two immediately taking advantage of it. Her lips were nearly glued to Pre, kissing every inch of her neck, down to her shoulder, and across her collarbone to the other shoulder. Pre began to pant, trying her best to conceal her noises, but Post was determined to hear her. She rubbed her hands over Pre’s chest, surprised to find that she already had shapeshifted a pair of small breasts.
“Well well well, two steps ahead of me, hmm?” chuckled Post. “What, can ya read my mind or somethin’?” “Pink’s shown me… some things…” Pre mumbled. Her face suggested she didn’t want to talk about it, which the other gem acknowledged. “You fine with going on?” she asked, making sure her counterpart was comfortable. “I promise I won’t hurt ya…” Once she received a nod, she smiled, giving Pre another kiss on the forehead and moving back to her neck. She loved the content sigh resulting from a nicely placed peck, when she’d realized she was a bit overdressed. She kept her face buried, nearly clawing at the other gem’s shorts and giving the simple command “Off.” They both phased off the remainder of what would get in the way, Pre opting to keep her stockings on. “Those look cute on you… Didja keep them on just for me?” While Post didn’t get a verbal answer, Pre’s sly smile said all she needed to know.
Things got heated extremely quickly. Both Spinels were on the floor, entangled in each other’s arms. Pre was still up against the pillar, now a mess of hickeys and bite marks. Her quiet noises were now needy whines, hardly contained. Post’s hands were all over the other’s gem; any time she moved a finger over the facets, Pre would shiver. She had gone back to her lips a few times, and had nearly coated her upper half in love bites. It was as if some sort of primal urge had awoken inside of her - she wanted to own every inch of that soft, supple skin. She wanted, no, needed to make it hers. She was, unbeknownst to herself, hungry for self-gratification, and it came in the form of devouring the little Spinel with kisses, bites, and touches.
Pre already looked spent and tired, but of course, Post wasn’t finished having her fun yet. She snaked behind the woozy gem, gingerly pulling her into her lap. She began to kiss the side of her playmate’s face lovingly, sliding one of her hands down in between her legs. She was unbelievably wet - Post had to stop her hand in order to keep her fingers from slipping in. Pre’s legs were shaking; either she was antsy, or ridiculously sensitive. Her future self wasted no time in finding out whichever it was, an ungloved finger already exploring her. She nearly shrieked, tensing up and reaching for Post’s leg to balance herself. Her shaking had gotten worse. She bit her lower lip, nuzzling her head against Post’s as a sign to continue. Every little movement from the finger inside her sent a shiver up her back. Whatever was being done to her, she couldn’t deny how good it felt. It seemed as though Post knew exactly what she liked, and knew exactly where she wanted to be touched.
“You’re still pretty tight, doll… We should do somethin’ about that,” said Post, a slight rasp in her voice. Another finger was added, making the other gem flinch before going slack against her. She made sure she was gentle, as she promised not to hurt her. Carefully, she began to move her fingers in and out, running her thumb softly over Pre’s clit. She felt her tighten around her fingers, which she took as a nonverbal “give me more.” She kept going, simply listening to the smaller gem’s noises as a guide. It didn’t take long at all to loosen her up; soon enough, she was fucking her with three fingers, then four.
Another thousand years could have passed for them, and they wouldn’t have noticed. In reality, it had only been about half an hour, and Pre was finally coming up to her climax. Post held her close, their bodies flush with each other, as she continued. She extended her fingers and twisted them together inside of Pre, slamming into her sweet spot with reckless abandon. She was going to get her to finish. The smaller gem was stiff, her legs twitching violently every so often from the tension. She shook her head and started to squirm - worse yet, she had started to dissipate.
“Hey, hey, stay with me,” Post whispered, kissing the squirming light and keeping a hand on her face. She figured all her erratic breathing and the building orgasm didn’t mix well together.
“Breathe, honey… Theeeere ya go,” she crooned, watching Pre’s form stabilize as she took in big gulps of breath. After she’d calmed down a bit, Post’s hand continued, just as hard and fast as a moment before, the smaller of the two writhing and whining in response.
“Spineeeeeeelllll~!” Pre bawled, her unsteady voice straining as she arched her back. “That feels so, I-I think, I’m g-AAAH!” Her eyes went wide, the irises turning into pink, beating hearts. Her tongue stuck out, unrolling like a rug. She seemed stuck that way for a few seconds, eyes crossing as she shook once more, a few tears falling down her face. Then she collapsed, a loud, long, shaky sigh escaping her. It seemed so dramatic it could have been a death rattle, for all Post knew. She leaned over, planting another kiss on her playmate’s lips in an attempt to muffle her while she pulled her fingers out. It almost worked.
The Spinels continued to sit there, winding down from their fun. Everything felt soft, warm, and hazy. Pre was in a daze, now being cradled in her older self’s arms. She seemed to be drifting off, but they had a conversation anyway.
“Heh, was it weird, calling out your own name?” Post asked, nudging her. “I guess a little… But, we’re both Spinels… It’s your name too, isn’t it?” Pre replied drowsily, not even opening her eyes. “That was a really fun game, by the way…”
“I can tell you really liked it, doll,” the taller gem snorted, holding her a bit closer. They sat in silence for what felt like an eternity, until Pre piped up again.
“Y’know, you’re a lot like these flowers you put in my hair…” Curious, Post asked what she meant by that. “Well, you’re pretty, for one… What are they called again? Forget-me-nots, right?” Post hummed in affirmation. “Well, I don’t think I’m gonna forget you for a while… You’ll come to visit, right?” “Visit?” Post sputtered. “I’m not leaving you here!” Pre opened her eyes, looking up at her future self curiously. “Where are we gonna go, though?” “Don’t worry, we’ll go somewhere way more comfy than here,” Post said with a smile. She got on her feet, still cradling Pre, both gems deciding it was high time they got redressed. Springing up to the warp pad, Post looked out at the still-desolate garden with her past self. They looked at each other, then back out at the garden one last time.
“Do you think we could make our own garden together?” Pre asked, bouncing a little. “Sounds like a swell idea,” said Post, giving the smaller Spinel a tight squeeze.
Just as they warped away, never to set foot in Pink Diamond’s garden again, a little beacon on a podium began to blink.
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icecream-daifuku · 2 years ago
see it with the lights out
the clips are new.
a dnsn friendship ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) drabble thing.
“— and so I thought I’d take a gander at the tapestries back in the vault a second time—"
Hammerlocke is bathed in golden light; the dark, stone buildings appearing softer in the evening as opposed to the rest of the day. Leon lets his eyes roam away from the distinctive architecture and to the woman beside him; the same woman who, as a child, he'd once unapologetically called "bestfriend" and "rival". The same woman who, over the past decade or so, had slowly grown distant from him and now regarded him with a noticeably cold shoulder whenever they'd cross paths. The same woman who, until just recently, spoke less and less to him to the point that months would go by with zero communication unless it was under strictly professional terms.
His bruised pride tells him to be petty and act cool, but another part of him buried deep within listens intently; greedily takes in every word she speaks and dares not interrupt her thoughts that she'd been all too eager to suddenly regale him with. It dawns on him then that this is not the same girl he'd once known— that the girl he'd once known had been more reserved with her thoughts and always too wary to speak so animatedly about anything— even to him. In truth, a part of him aches for the memory he'd immortalized of Sonia, and yet, his chest blooms with warmth to see Older-But-Also-The-Same-Sonia.
Something glints, making him squint just as she finishes. He glances down at their feet briefly before focusing his eyes on her again.
"Granted, it's just a theory and I think— look, I know it sounds crazy— but I think that—" she pauses, only notices now that they'd stopped in the middle of the cobblestone streets, only notices now the focused look on his face. The look in his eyes makes her drop her gaze, suddenly feeling bashful. "Anyway, it's just a theory," she finishes lamely, and tries to brush it off with a dismissive wave of her hand.
She's already so deep in her sudden bout of self-deprecation that it isn't until she's halfway up the stairs when she notices he's no longer walking along side her. Frustration builds up in her chest as she twists to look around her.
Ever ready, Yamper yips and runs back the way they came with nothing less than an excited wag of his backside. With an exasperated sigh, she leans back against the brick banister and chews her bottom lip, the feeling of being put off bubbling bitterly against her breast. The sinking realization that Leon— despite them not being nearly as close as they used to be— can still make her feel this way only only serves to sour her mood more.
At the bottom of the stairs, Yamper announces his success with a couple of eager little barks, and though she gives him a little smile, she can't help but shoot a cool look at Leon, who follows closely behind the little Pokémon. Perhaps the look she shoots him is a little too cool, because the smile on his face disappears only for him to look appropriately sheepish. The feeling of instant regret makes her bite back any unnecessary remarks she was thinking— may have still made if they were still close— so instead, she looks away and begins moving before he can completely catch up. Her pride still feels sore, but she knows it's not really his fault. Still, she regrets suggesting that they go together.
"Wait, Sonia, hey—" Leon hesitates only slightly before wrapping a hand around her forearm. When she stops and gives it a questioning look, he hastily drops his hand only to wrap it around the banister next to her. He watches as her gaze follow his hand before dragging them back to his face.
He waits for their eyes to meet.
"What you said back there... everything you said. It's bloody brilliant, alright, mate? And— no... Sonia, look at me." A pause, and then a long exhale. He takes one step closer, two; maintains their eye contact. "I know I haven't been around, and I know I've been a right proper wanker for not trying to be after... But I'm glad to be here now. I'm glad... to see you that side of you again."
Sonia takes her bottom lip between her teeth, but the silence that follows lacks any animosity. With a shake of her head, she lets out an irritated groan. "Augh. Trust you to be so... you."
Leon doesn't miss the grin that crosses her lips, and matches it with his own.
Once again, she takes the lead and he follows diligently, Yamper at their heels. The sense of familiarity makes him chuckle. He wonders if she recognizes it too.
"... So," Leon says as the reach the landing, "the clips are new."
"Oh?" Sonia glances back, a hand reaching up to push some errant bangs behind her ear. She grins teasingly. "What do you think? Cute, aren't they?"
Leon laughs, but his next words relay no animosity. "Yeah, actually."
She rolls her eyes, and knocks his ribs with a fist. "Oh, come off it."
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