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perfeqt · 14 minutes ago
Loving someone means taking the risk that they might f*ck up your nicely ordered little life.
Mark Haddon, A Spot of Bother
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mnetha · 16 minutes ago
I thought that in capturing our likeness I had found the key to this mystery which was, fundamentally, a supreme desire to escape pain. Either into the planets, or into human affairs, or into another love. One love as a refuge from another. The need of refuge immense in proportion to the sensitiveness.
Anaïs Nin, Winter of Artifice
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quotefeeling · 20 minutes ago
The man who views the world at 50, the same way he viewed it at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.
Muhammad Ali
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romancehoe · 24 minutes ago
you and me
we're bad at letting go
you and me
tend to hold on
you and me
eat grief for lunch
you and me
do not understand
why people must leave
you and me
are hard to perceive
you and me
we choke on our pride
you and me
we're not always right
you and me
are like thorns
we'll survive
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thegreatestbreakout · 28 minutes ago
I wanted to write again about you but all my proses and poetries are all about you and I grew tired of it.
I no longer want these hopeless feeling or a one sided love I wanted to write again but not all about you.
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mothersofmothers · 40 minutes ago
Adnorn thy soul
with pearls
a plenty.
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itsmegallene · 42 minutes ago
I hope you have someone whom you can tell your thoughts or what you're thinking— where you think and feel it's the most safe and don't have to be scared or worry of sharing them out. Keeping those thoughts to yourselves aren't as bad but sharing them whether to someone or to a world of strangers, does always lessen some of the baggage.
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perfeqt · 48 minutes ago
I talk about you like you put the air in my lungs but that’s because you were the only person who made me want to.
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the-breathing-pen · 52 minutes ago
Isn't it ironic that, we poets, actually have more things to talk to, i.e. we have got this cool little superpower to talk with the moon, the stars, the raindrops, the clouds, the photographs hanging on the wall, the flowing river and literally many more, but many of us, do write or do poetry, as we have got noone to talk to, or to express to, in person!?...🥀
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manka-on-main · 55 minutes ago
I've heard that every moment is infinite.
That it's possible to revisit the moment before every great catastrophe and bask in the moment before the bomb dropped.
Before the towers fell.
Before every mistake we've ever made.
If that's true then, somewhere, there's still a girl with her feet on the dashboard of an old truck going down gravel roads while we listen to Landslide and you roll the windows down and tell me "babygirl this is the good music."
Maybe we're still dancing to that song while I'm wearing a white dress.
Somewhere you're still breathing and living and laughing and Fleetwood Mac is on the radio and everything is okay.
Someday, I could finally make it back home.
Maybe, someday, you'll be there waiting for me again.
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rei-colawyeroffice · an hour ago
Langgar Prokes, Pengelola Wisata Rivera Park Tebo Hanya Minta Maaf Tanpa Proses Hukum
Langgar Prokes, Pengelola Wisata Rivera Park Tebo Hanya Minta Maaf Tanpa Proses Hukum, Tebo – Atas kelanjutan kasus yang dilakukan tempat wisata Rivera Park Rimbo Bujang, yang telah dianggap melanggar Protokol kesehatan (prokes), hingga saat ini tidak sampai ke Penegak hukum, Meskipun sejumlah pengelola sudah diperiksa dan dimintai keterangan oleh Polres Tebo. “Kita juga sudah memeriksa beberap pihak, mulai dari pengelola termasuk satgas Covid-19. Namun dari…
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purposetastic · an hour ago
Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
– Joshua Marine
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