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And when clay comes full circle,

when we nourished ones become nourishment,

when your hand in mine is just bones in the soil,

and your head finds permanence on my chest,

I will be home, my love.

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Missing Piece

Meeting you was like finding something I never knew was lost. There was an emptiness and my heart was always yearning, but for what, I never knew. Then I met you and discovered that it was you who held that missing part of my heart all along.

And now, I don’t know how to live without it.

—Fatima Haider

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No sé como expresarte lo que siento cuando estoy contigo, creo que mil palabras no son lo suficiente, siento que mil horas junto a ti no me bastan. Esto que siento es nuevo para mi y te juro que voy a entregar todo de mi

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I still sit where you rest, old friend.

You have not been forgotten.

As long as I’m here, you won’t be.

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the pills to make me taller when I feel smaller than everyone else and a potion to shrink me back down to size when it’s time to sleep, a tiny little secret, a tiny swallowed key (sharper than it seems,

the city strangles everything, you know) I know you know because you tell me you’re glad I can hear birdsongs again and you’re glad it’s warmer today and you’re beautiful for that alone but coming home is only now leaving home,

the pills to fill me up when I’m empty the smoke the measurement of abu the proof and proof of life the spirits in your eyes (flammable like so much of everything else,

you know) and you know this like instinct like why you feel just a little bit safer when you hear the rain on the roof and on the windows I know you know you love the silence at the center of chaos like the first boy you ever kissed,

all the greens turned brown here all the trees just neatly stacked altars of bones reaching up toward what they still believe is god I guess the city strangles that, too

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I always believe that people never change no matter they said they would. It was stupid of me to give you a lot of chances. Maybe somehow I hoped that you would change, at least for me. Now I am certain that people never change, thank you for the final proof.

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Just so you know,
I no longer look for your hugs
when I woke up at 3 am
from a scary nightmare.

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<div> —  Michael Carini, #MostlyForHer </div><span>You don’t believe you’re beautiful…you are. You don’t believe you’re capable of change…you are. You don’t believe you’re the one…you are.</span>
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I woke up without a “good morning beautiful” and I survived, but I miss having someone special giving me attention and reminding me that I’m thought of.

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I was the river…
calming all your senses,
saw the stars in your lenses,
wanted put down the fences.
Running through lost corridors,
touching every of your shores,
I reached the bottom line
but it was never mine.

I was the fire…
burning from far away
warming up your frezzing hands
cause we were good friends.
The blazes filled you inside out
protecting you from harm,
I lost something I never had.

No matter what I did it was never enough.
No matter how hard I begged for attention you never saw stars in my eyes.

I could be the next world miracle,
I could owe the seas and skies,
I could dance through fire,
I could walk on shattered glass
but still it wouldn’t be enough.
I could keep the heaven blue,
I could scare away the clouds,
I could steal the Moon for you,
I could bring up the most of your light
and still it wouldn’t be enough.

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Reminiscing our good old times, I find myself smiling more than I would like to admit. Our souls were connected seamlessly. I dont know how or when we became comfortable without each other.

[From the things I write every time I miss you]- Yasira Bello

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don’t tell me about sunsets in rome when the proprietor of the newsstand down the street said something cryptic before the ambulance doors slammed at his feet

it’s hard enough to admit I forgot what he told me without the images of whatever beautiful landscape you’re attempting to fill me with rushing in to replace the lost thought

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movie clip compilations.


women calmly covered in other people’s blood.

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<div> —  h.w </div><span>Like calls to like, darkness calls to darkness. I know this because when I’m laying in my bed at night feeling too much, it’s your name I’m calling out. It’s your name dripping from my lips, your voice I long to hear. Our love is a secret garden with winding paths, with white roses and ivy climbing the walls. It’s walks through a sleepy town where nobody knows our names. It’s the best kept secret that tastes like summer strawberries on the tongue, and it belongs to us.</span>
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it’s all the same to me

you have move away without a warning

and I’m not certain if I’ll ever see you again





your hands are the prettiest

even though you say it’s wrinkly and transparent

I don’t know if where you are

there’s a sea where you love so much to swim

or there’s a river where you can sing your songs

I just hope you’re not alone

because lately I have weird dreams

floating in an uncharted sea

swimming in the river

Were you there?

Were you calling me?

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