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kokoroisbleeding · 7 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don't bully Bruno! >:(((
Julieta just shoves arepas down their throat to heal then beat them up again to avoid suspicion and to get rid of evidence akajsjskfbkj
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mothmansaysso · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
AAAAAAH LOOK AT THE RAT MAN!! Seriously Bruno is my absolute favourite and I can't stop my brain from Hsjskso I love h I m
Art is mine!
Instagram: Kitnoxis
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doodlerh · a year ago
(Based off the last ask) summer duo unit alfonse and bruno where they hold hands
your brain is huge as always twi
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nevershoutnani · a year ago
Just imagine....Mista with a crush on Bruno's little sister....
Bruno would end Mista, like he definitely respects Mista but I feel Bruno is one of those brothers where no one is good enough for his sister regardless if she was younger or older. Mista brings up going on a date with her one day and asks Bruno, Bruno laughs but the awkward silence falls over them both and he realizes Mista is serious.
“She can’t she’s having open heart surgery.”
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stcries · a year ago
𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐏𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐏𝐓𝐒 //  𝐀𝐂𝐂𝐄𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐆 !! @lunamnix​ said : push. Mista and Bruno 👏
Watching the bullets come flying from the shadows of a nearby alley, almost every hair on Bruno’s body stood on end in an instant. It was too dark for the mobster to see who or where exactly they had come from, but it was enough time for a hand to reach out and forcefully shove one of his most trusted workers aiside ( maybe even rather roughly but hey he was saving his life wasn’t he )
Tumblr media
Even instinctively so, his own body moved out of the way, moving to almost cover the fallen man like some form of shield, wincing lightly as one of the stray bullets grazed across his back ; not enough to cause injury, but enough to scratch the skin’s surface. Blue hues darted back around behind them once the rapid fire ceased, adrenaline and heart beat pumping faster than they had ever been.
“ Trying to get some lucky shots in on us huh ?? I know we’re gangsters, but even that is uncalled for. ” Gaze looks down at Mista once more, quickly checking him over before reaching out with a hand. “ Are you okay, you’re not hurt ?? ”
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pudimdosubmundo · a month ago
Brainstormed all of this in the car dont judge me jghjgjh Each person's magical track: Bruno: Oracle Pepa: Ilusions Julieta: Healing + Potions (mixes healing potions into food so they dont taste icky) Isabela: Plant Luisa: Construction Camilo: Ilusions Dolores: Bard (idk ok sounds) Antonio: Beast keeping Mirabel: no. (dad's genes) Félix + Agustín: humans lmao Palismen! Abuela: caterpillar/butterfly Bruno: Rat Pepa: Groundhog Julieta: Lioness (cuz protecc the child) Isabela: Ladybug Luisa: Construction Camilo: Chammelion Dolores: Bat (they hear well) Antonio: Jaguar
Story: In an attempt to escape from Belos in his early days, Abuela and Pedro, two wild witches, go to eclipse lake with their newborn children. The plan backfires and, while Abuela managed to get to earth, Pedro fell prey to fool's blood and died. The runaways had brought a palistram tree sapling with them and, when the triplets grew older, they learned magic and carved their own palismen, forming a family of witches among humans. FEEL FREE TO ADD ANYTHING :D
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just-kinda-bored-blog · 12 days ago
I have not watched Encanto as of yet, but I already know I'm willing to fight anyone that wants to hurt Bruno, he seems so sweet, I just want to protecc 🥺
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gucci-giogio · a month ago
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#i did not read your first of second response as an attack but i do see there was miscommunication seeing as the tone wasn’t perceived well
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He Protecc 🛡 (1/4)
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stonerjesusbaby · a year ago
JJBA characters based on if I would commit a crime for them.
starting this since I just started part 5. 
Phantom Blood: Jonathan Joestar: Yes but I know he wouldn’t condone it.  Dio Brando: yes.  Robert E. Speedwagon: lmao yes. The lengths I would go for him is immeasurable  Erina Pendleton: I love her but no.  Will A. Zeppeli: no.  Battle Tendency:  Joseph Joestar: we all know that he is perfectly capable of doing it himself.  Caesar Zeppeli: yes, yes, yes, 110% yes Rudol Von Stroheim: he can do it himself.  Kars: no.  Esidisi: no.  Wamuu: no.  Stardust Crusaders: Jotaro Kujo: I would commit so many crimes for this man, its unreasonable Old Joseph: He is fully capable of doing it himself.  Mohammad Avdol: yes. I would commit so many crimes for him.  Noriaki Kakyoin: I will start crying if I start to describe how many crimes I would commit for this man. Jean Pierre Polnareff: I love him but no.  DIO: jesus, do it yourself.  Holly Kujo: Don’t mean to sound like Kakyoin but there’s just something about her smile that just... yes.  Diamond is Unbreakable:  Josuke Higashikata: YES.  Koichi Hirose: the only crime from me to him is me yeeting his arse across a football field.  Okuyasu Nijimura: there’s only one answer that is correct and it is yes.  Rohan Kishibe: I wouldn’t say no. Yukako Yamagishi: is there a reason I should say no? Tomoko Higashikata: the same thing with Holly. There’s something about her that i just. yes.  Yoshikage Kira: HAHA YES Golden Wind:  Giorno Giovanna: yes but he can do it himself.  Bruno Bucciarati: he told me no :( Guido Mista: probably. Leone Abbachio: king. Stan him. But no. Narancia Ghirga: YES 100% BONUS POINTS IF THE CRIME WAS COMMITTED TO PROTECC Pannacotta Fugo: No.  Trish Una: yes.  Diavolo: do it yourself. Doppio: .... YES
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Behold my fictional crushes
Well, since I love to talk about them and need to post more for the sake of not turning my blog into pure reblogging, please have and I hope you appreciate:
A list of all the fictional characters I have and had a crush on because I love these girls!
Dela from Ojamajo Doremi (she's just a greedy witch but wow she's beautiful and she sings so well)
Tumblr media
Seki from Ojamajo Doremi (best teacher in the history of teachers, she's just so beautiful and understanding! :'))
Tumblr media
Mire from Majo Minarai o Sagashite/Looking for Witch Apprentices (She's stunning, strong, determined to help her friends and to not let herself be brought down by the men who work with her, i fell in love in less than 1 hour of the movie what can i say)
Tumblr media
Elle from Crush Crush (She's adorable af and I want to protecc her!! and that's all I'm going to comment on)
Tumblr media
Bonnibel from Crush Crush (she owns a pastry, is incredibly nice and her voice is so cute!!)
Tumblr media
Sayori from Doki Doki Literature Club (she's so nice and friendly despite everything and the protagonist helping her with her problems is just adorable and I want to protect her with my life)
Tumblr media
Chloe from Detroit: Become Human (Pretty woman, if I played I would give her freedom the moment she asked, she doesn't deserve to have to deal with the dumbass who created androids whose name I don't even feel like searching up)
Tumblr media
Karui from Naruto (beautiful and gorgeous, I love her strong personality and determination, she deserves much more love and screentime)
Tumblr media
Kurenai from Naruto (I fell in love at first sight (literally), she's beautiful, she's strong, I wish we could have seen much more from her abilities and more of her and she's an adorable mom)
Tumblr media
Bayonetta from Bayonetta (pretty, pretty, pretty woman, really love her voice, she’s sassy af and witches are the best!)
Tumblr media
Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village (the way I forgot about her at first-, she’s pretty, i love her voice too, that’s all I’ll say)
Tumblr media
Lisa from Genshin Impact (I actually forget about her too no idea how but omg, she’s so adorable, she treats the traveler well, she’s powerful, she’s so beautiful and I love her voice as well, please marry me Lisa, sorry I forgot about you my beloved :( ) 
Tumblr media
Dolores from Encanto (Do I need to say much? She looks Stunning and so adorable, I love her bow and her personality, she deserved more screentime and her part in “We don’t talk about Bruno”? damn her singing is beautiful too)
Tumblr media
These ones are mostly older fictional crushes of mine from childhood (my lesbianism hadn't come out yet so I didn't consider them fictional crushes at the time but now i do and me from the past just has to deal with that) they’re all stunning, beautiful, smart, sweet and powerful women, they deserve the world and I need to rewatch the shows they star in again ASAP:
Aelita from Code Lyoko
Tumblr media
Raven from Teen Titans
Tumblr media
Princess Sheherazade from Princess Sheherazade 
Tumblr media
Sam from Totally Spies 
Tumblr media
(I also had a fictional crush on William Dunbar from Code Lyoko before but we don't talk about that dark part of my past, tho I'll put a picture of him because he's still adorable)
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie, I probably forgot some but if anything I’ll just add them later, but feel free to talk about fictional crushes of yours too!!!
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themountainsays · 24 days ago
What about some Luisa x Mirabel fluff? PS: after going throuh the Madrigalcest tag i came with a theory, that the madigal family wouldn't even need to keep the secret from each other since the whole family is already in a incestous relationship, but none of them know and everybody thinks they are the only ones on this kind of realtionship and also ot may be genetic since, in my head, Pedro (abuelo) and Alma (abuela) where close cousins.
You won't believe me anon but the character Abuela Alma was inspired by WAS IN FACT married to her cousin. She had 4 kids (one of them adopted) and 3 of them commited varied acts of incest as well. Or, well, at least I THINK Alma was inspired by Úrsula from Cien Años?? What with being the old household matriarch and leading her people across the colombian forest looking for somewhere safer to live, surviving the civil war and founding a town with her family. Not necessarialy in that order (the civil war part came later) but still. Also her husband was her cousin. Did I mention she married her cousin? Though to be fair they have quite different personalities. Abuela is very hard on her children and grandkids and will unintentionally exclude them from the family, while Úrsula will look at any random child and ask "is anybody gonna adopt that" and then not wait for an answer. And her husband was NOTHING like Pedro like literally 0 parallels that I can see. But yes yes anon YES i approve of your headcanon. Alma and Pedro being cousins and Alma being scared of their descendants being born "wrong" because of the nature of their union. And she warns them against incest because she fears they won't be as lucky as her. You know like in Cien Años.
Ay yes but the propensity to incest being a genetic thing is so intriguing 👀 Alma would feel so guilty, like she's cursed her family. And the angst of everyone being alone and not knowing and hiding things from the others ahhh.
I like to think Bruno, Pepa and Julieta have done some things together before Isabela and Dolores were born. They had to stop but they always missed each other. And once he comes back... well...
And of course in this context Luisa and Mirabel have their own thing. I imagine Luisa to be so protective omg like yes she'd be TERRIFIED of anyone finding out and stress herself over keeping the secret and keeping her sister safe above all else. She just has this constant feeling of DOOM like at any point SOMEONE will find out and physically hurt them, and Mirabel looks so fragile and tiny in her arms asjskxjdjd she protecc
But also, Mirabel can tell how scared her partner is and tries to reassure her that they are safe, they will be fine, no one will hurt them. She has her sit on a bed and stands on her tiptoes to kiss her forehead because she thinks Luisa desperately needs to feel small and cared for. Mirabel also protecc >:3c
And Dolores, who is probably banging Isabela on the side or something, hears everything and is like o_O 🐤🎶
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styletters · 2 years ago
10 tag game
Rules: name your top 10 favorite characters from 10 different fandoms and then tag 10 people.
Saw @edgarbright’s post and I haven’t done it yet so I’m technically “tagged” 😂
At the top of my head, these are my faves:
Yuki Sohma - Fruits Basket
Cheers to the Year of the Rat HAHA
Tumblr media
Waver Velvet - Case Files of Lord El-Melloi II
Protecc this boi pls
Tumblr media
Steven Stone - Pokémon XY/Z
Probs my first anime crush tbh but I already liked him in RSE
Tumblr media
Ugetsu Murata - Given
I’m a sucker for dark-haired guys ok AND he plays the violin
Tumblr media
Bruno von Granzreich - The Royal Tutor
I can hear him shouting “Master!” from miles away
Tumblr media
Rin Matsuoka - Free!
I love his passion and probably undying love for Haru/Sousuke lol
Tumblr media
Byakuya - Kakuriyo Bed and Breakfast for Spirits
I LOVE this man, well ayakashi more accurately
Tumblr media
Takaomi Hiyama - Stand My Heroes
REVEL girl all the way but he’s my absolute fave
Tumblr media
Viktor Nikiforov - Yuri!!! On Ice
I mean, I’d be a sexy katsudon too if I could
Tumblr media
Lancelot Kingsley - Ikemen Revolution
Aka the only one for me HAHA I swear no matter who’s route I do, I fall for him over and over
Tumblr media
Tagging my Charles buddy @kurasen-but-not-art and my fellow Isaac enthusiast @humi-and-co ~~
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softiekage · a year ago
that’s what i thought, till i watched all of it. you want emo bf who could break someone’s skull without powers? get through part 1 and 2. want mama bruno who will ADOPT and PROTECC you? get through 1-4 -🎾 anon
y’know what I WILL get thru these episodes 😤
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culthcnt · a year ago
Shield - protecc Kass -No Longer Accepting!! @arcitraditore​
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
      Getting in the woman’s face and yelling was never a good idea. Kassandra was damned near tempted to punch the damned bastard in the face but before she could Bruno got between them- facing the stranger with an authoritative tone. Scarred eyebrows furrow for a moment, but she stood back and watched the young man handle the stranger. Eventually, they scurried off. Smiling a little, she places her hands on her hips as she glances down at him.                  ❝Thank you, Bruno. You sure showed them.❞   
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moody-bloosh · 2 years ago
5'2", short messy perpetually greasy black hair, acne, constant dark circles under black eyes. Boxy, shapeless body with no curves or definition. For simplicity's sake, let's say that I'm a dude. Under-achieving idiot with no redeeming qualities and a lot of physical and mental problems. Has a very obsessive and annoying personality, can go on about their interests forever, not that they matter. Generally very shallow and thoughtless. Can draw and sew, and that's about it. Coffee addict.
Also greasy short messy black hair anon here, wanted to include "Hey I'd like a matchup" but I ran out of space, whoops. Sorry for the double ask and spamming in the inbox.
hello darling! im sorry this took a hot minute, here’s your matchup uwu I hope you like it <3 and hey im sure your interests matter! <3 
Tumblr media
Part 1: Erina Pendleton is a sweetheart and I am sure that she will love you. She is a great listener and a wonderful nurse who I am sure will be able to help take care of you with your physical and mental problems. Loves the cute things you sew for her~! Her day is not complete until she has had some of your coffee. 
Part 2: Suzy Q is an unfailing ray of sunlight and I am sure whenever you feel down, she will be there to lift your spirits. We know for a fact that while Joseph was healing, she was there for him. She’ll be there for you too! <3 Loves seeing your drawings, she even goes as far as to make the clothes from your drawings too uwu
Part 3: Endlessly patient and sweet, there’s a reason we stan our wonderful Egyptian king Avdol. He will always be down to listen to whatever it is you have to say. He also loves it when you sew cute little patterns in his clothes. Will kiss your forehead and call you the moon of his life or smthn alknsdkla 
Part 4: Sweet summer child Okuyasu is aware of the dark things in life but that does not restrain him from being the light of your life. When you are down he is there for you, he will take care of you. So don’t you turn your back on him because he won’t ever turn his back on you <3 
Part 5: Bruno’s adoption senses go FULL ON when he meets you. He just wants to protecc and care for you, you precious hooman. So please let him! Will dote on and spoil you, is there to hype you up no matter what <3 
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nicky-draws-stuff · 2 years ago
We protecc
Tumblr media
He attacc
Tumblr media
but most importantly
we want mama Bruno bacc
Tumblr media
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soft-femagines · 3 years ago
TGSA back at it again. I'm sure I'm gonna send A LOT of requests so don't feel bad about ignoring some for a bit if it's like a lot of the same person lol. Anyway, speaking of requests, this time FEH OC edition. How would Alfonse, Eir, and Bruno react to someone flirting with their S/O in front of them? Not like subtle flirting I mean like AGGRESSIVE flirting
Mmm.. Yes… Alfonse ask…. I like that. Also Bruno recognition! Yay! FEH needs more Bruno. I doubt we’re going to get much of him in Book lll though. Also I’m going to do headcannons for the bois and a drabble for Eir
Alfonse, Eir, and Bruno reacting to aggressive flirting with s/o
• Alfonse gets worried very easily. He cannot sit still if there’s any chance of you being in danger 
• So when this dangerously audacious individual chooses to flirt with you right in front of him
• He goes into protecc mode
• He waits for you to tell them off first. He’s not your mom, and he knows you can defend yourself against some silly flirt. But he’s still in protecc mode, just in case.
• At this stage, he can be found glaring over whatever he’s holding
• Usually, at this point, the flirt is gone. A combination of rejection from you and intimidation factor from Alfonse often has them backing off.
• Not this time. No, this person won’t give you a break, and even goes so far as to trace their hand along your face. You swat the hand away like a spider. The person proceeds to grab your wrist.
• At this stage, Alfonse can be found with Fólkvangr drawn, pointed, and ready to s t a b
• Look. It may seem a bit much to pull a sword on someone while you’re shopping, but Alfonse isn’t very old. People who aren’t very old don’t make the wisest decisions.
• The person turns pale and trips backwards. “Holy fuck, ok ok! I’m leaving!” 
• After they’ve run off, tail between their legs, you turn to Alfonse.
•“Alfonse. I love you. And I appreciate what you did greatly. But you can’t draw your sword in the middle of a store”
“But they grabbed you!”
“But nothing. There are probably kids around here somewhere. Just… Don’t do it again, alright?”
*sigh* He gives in. “Alright.”
• Bruno is a surprisingly kind man. But if he wants to be intimidating… hoo boy.
• All you wanted to do was get some shopping done with your partner. Was that really so much to ask?
• Turning towards him, you hold up a coat and say “Hey, do you think I can pull this off?”
• He opens his mouth to respond, but before he has a chance, a voice cuts in from behind you.
“How about I pull it off for you?” 
•You turned around. Bruno looked over your shoulder. Something twitched deep inside his chest. How dare someone say that to his partner.
• Someone had crept up on you, and was now leaning on the wall with a rose in their teeth.
“You’re my type. Ditch this loser and have some fun with me.”
• You told them off with a tight smile. They weren’t having it. 
•They stalked forwards and leaned towards you. “I said, ‘you’re my type’. I’ve got some friends here with me. I have my ways of making you say yes, you know.”
• Bruno proceeds to wrap his arms over your chest, resting his head on your shoulder. 
“Sorry, this one’s taken. Leave.”
“Oh? Did I ask you?” They said, looking down on the two of you, their tone insufferable. “Get lost, or I’ll call my- mmph!!?”
Bruno had detached himself from you and grabbed their jaw, thumb and forefinger digging into their cheeks. 
“Did you say you had friends here with you? I’m sorry, but it seems your jaw won’t be in one piece by the time you call them over.”
He released the flirt, who was gawking and making pitiful noises. They backed up, sputtered, and ran.
Bruno turned to you. “Are you quite all right?”
“Heh, yeah. Thank you, really.” You let out the breath you didn’t realize you were holding. “So, about that coat…”
He laughed. “It looks good on you!” 
You took your time to pore over the rows of market goods. You were in no hurry, as you wanted Eir to be able to find you when she returned.
“I just need to grab some apples, I’ll return soon. Wait for me!” She’d said, right before drifting away into the busy crowd. It was a wonder she didn’t get swept up in it.
It was as you were gazing over a particularly intricate sculpture when you felt a rough arm wrap around your waist, sending a jolt down your spine. You spun around and swatted the hand away.
“Excuse me!” You exclaimed at the one who touched you. Before you stood an unshaven, burly man with a disgusting grin on his face. Two of his teeth were missing.
“Aw, what’sa matter? Come on now, come home with me, I’ll show’ya a good time.” His grin widened. He stepped forwards. “Whad’ya say?”
You stepped back, your voice harsh. “No, kindly leave me alone. I already have someone.”
He continued his advance, sizing you up like a chunk of meat.  “I think you’d best stay quiet and come with me. If you’re good, I might even pay you…”
His eyes flicked up and focused behind you. “Oi. Get out of here. This don’t concern you.”
You looked behind you to see Eir standing behind you, bag of apples in hand. She did not look happy.
“Kindly remove your filthy hands from my partner.” Her voice rang out, clear, cold, and commanding. You shuddered. She never, ever used that voice with you. It was just like her mother’s.
The man threw back his head. “Grah ha ha ha! And what are you gonna do about it, huh girle?”
Suddenly, the air turned cold. Eir stepped forwards, past you, and grabbed the mans wrist. She leaned in and whispered something into his ear. His face turned white, his eyes widened. Eir leaned back and watched him, maintaining her firm hold on his wrist. 
“Eir? What in the world did you…” You reached out to place your hand on her shoulder.
She turned her head. “I’m showing him his… Wait, no!” 
Your hand connected with her skin. An onslaught of images masqueraded through your head. Dark alleyway, bathed in torchlight. Voices shouting. Surrounded. The man, the one who had grabbed you, was on the floor, begging and pleading for his life. But he was different somehow. Tangled hair, tattered clothes, lines etched roughly into his face. He was… Was he older?  Whispers began to fill your ears. They were saying… Numbers? Who’s voice is that? Your chest tightened. Dread slithered its way into you, taking hold of your thoughts.
You gasped, falling ungraciously onto your rear end. The market. A few curious people were beginning to gather. Eir still stood, her grip on the man remained. She was looking at you, worry etched in her face. The man was shaking. He had turned completely white. Eir released her grip and he fell to his knees, coughing for air.
“Wh- What was that?” You choked out.
“That man… Now knows the exact date and circumstances surrounding his death.” She said, helping you up. “He will not bother you again.”
“Oh, I- I see…”
“I’m sorry. Was it too much?” She brushed off your shoulders. “I simply wanted to make sure he couldn’t harm you.”
“No, I’m grateful, really! And besides, the way he was speaking,” You shuddered. “I suspect this isn’t the first time he’s done something awful to someone on their lonesome. He had it coming.” You took her hand. “We should leave, people are staring.”
“Mm. We should.” The two of you pushed your way past the whimpering man, through the gathering crowd. As terrifying as she could be, you somehow felt a lot safer having Eir near you.
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summoner-kentauris · 2 years ago
Dude I would love a possesed Zacharuno or Veronica unit
then they finally added bruno to the game as playable unit now my PROTECC instincts are firing on all cylinders
dont hurt he intsys plz
or at least give him lots of nice things first! like a snack. and a nap. a few dozen hugs if applicable
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mycatatemyslipper · 2 years ago
I think manipulative giorno theories bother me bc I relate to Giorno and wanna protecc and also bc I’ve seen people blatantly ignore canon things that have happened or state that he was lying or being dishonest bc “he kills ppl and wants 2 be boss”
I mean
Mista is canonically a hitman, I know Araki literally says “kill BAD” in the sleeping slaves arc (which doesn’t make sense considering literally everything that has happened up to that point, so I’m assuming he is specifically talking about not taking hit requests on civilians and ppl not involved in crime) but like, it was rly implied initially that his position on the team was to kill individual people.
Idk I think we’re supposed to trust the source material and see Giorno as a good person who functions with mafia logic.
(I think Bruno was shocked that Giorno was gonna kill him initially bc mafia logic/intent to kill was not something he expected from a civilian, and also Giorno was reasonable expect that he’d die later if he let Bruno go then) (even though Bruno tends to spare vs kill)
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sorikkung · 4 years ago
i asked @softbams to ramble about bambam just bc i love seeing other ppl love bambam as much as i do and now its my turn so here we go,,, warning i get soft easily,, , dont hurt me,,,,
hnggnhkgsnj so like BAMBAM right,,, he’s,,, a DORK there is literally no other word i could use to better describe him and ill have you know i may seem to throw around the word dork online, specifically here on my blog but in actuality i use it extremely sparingly for those people that are so dfjklshjkf dUmb but i love them so much??? like ill only call my closest few friends dorks, i just use it a lot here bc i post about what i love and i love!!! bambam!!!! idk ppl express their love in different ways and “i love you” just seems so overused and meaningless and calling people a dork is just more me and honestly its the most endearing thing i could say about someone ANYWAYS so like why is he a dork??? he’s so wild in like every way my first impression of this kid was literally him spazzing on the floor and dabbing while got6 hyped him on and i was like??? THAT ONE. I WANT TO STAN THAT ONE I- I WANT THE TRASH CHILD thats literally how it went down and as you can clearly see i haven’t changed lanes since,, honestly to me the most attractive trait in any person ever is stupidity, and i dont mean shitty grades i mean like their sense of humour!! someone who isn’t afraid to make fun of themselves and be loud and wild and random and is just a little (or a lot) drunk on life every now and then, its just so,,, refreshing??? maybe its bc im like that and i find it hard to find people who can keep up with me in a sense but honestly with bambam its like im the one trying to keep up with him. it’s just so endearing to watch him screaming and roll on the floor and??? to watch him bambam around the place. he’s just so funny and it always makes me smile like an idiot??? and it seems like its not just me bc!! the rest of got7 seems the same!! his happiness and silliness is honestly so contagious like they call jackson the moodmaker and yeah he is (i LOVE HIM TO PIECeS hes a dork too) but like have you ever realised that like 90% of the time yugyeom is being a crackhead, bambam is like within a leg’s distance away?? and i say leg bc DAMN have you seen bambam’s legs, he prides himself in his legs WITH GOOD REASON TOO and he always has to show them off with those tight ass leather pants like calm down you’re killing me here. but ofc he’ll never calm down the boy has no control and i LIVE FOR IT bc its always unpredictable??? like you get bored of the same thing after a while but bambam is always so new and wild and!! keeps you on your toes!!! hes just so exciting??? and like omg i mentioned yugyeom before hE REALLY LOVES YUGYEOM (me too man, me too,,,) AND!!! ALL OF HIS MEMBERS!! like whenever the situation is tense he’d do something stupid to make them all laugh and the way he talks about his members??? its SO heartwarming to see him love them all so much?? i mean they practically raised the kid, like jackson and mark especially bc foreign line stuck together as trainees as TRAINEES do you hear this shit they have stuck together for YEARS before got7 debuted and they still love each other to death AMERITHAIKONG IS FRIENDSHIP GOALS IM SOBBING I LOVE THEM ALL SO MUCH like you know they’re soulmates when one gets a laptop thrown at him but he still looks up to him as a hyung alkjhlkgahsdfgs ill never live that down sorry its too funny,,, also like he may be a fucking idiot at times but i dont think enough people take him seriously?? like he has this mature side to him and its so nice to see that even though we all joke that he has no chill, he does actually have it when necessary?? like!! in that recent thai interview and he talked about his mum oh my god he loves his family sO MUCH I AM SOFT literally like he bought his mum who biases jaebum lmfAO a house bc they grew up under a tin roof WHAT AN UPGRADE and he bought his sister a car and like hes so modest about his achievements too like in that one hard carry episode where he and jackson in the back of a taxi at 4am had to take turns boasting and trying not to be modest, he had to brag about his achievements, this episode was so memorable to me bc only one of them was actually about him??? he mentioned that something along the lines of 8,000 fans went to the airport in thailand to greet him but then he mentioned about the concert tickets that sold out but it was GOT7′S concert like he had to mention his group bc they achieved that TOGETHER and like he then said he bought a house for his mum and a car for his sister like he was meant to brag about how much money he had but instead he said the good things he did so generously for his family im??? so soft??? his love for his family is SO SO SO precious (like him) and when he talked in that thai interview i was talking about earlier (i apologise that i keep changing subjects so quickly this entire thing is so messy) he talked about how his mum is the reason for his dreams to be a performer and how he wanted to provide for his family and dAMN HE DID!!! but like omfg hes so passionate about what he does??? its so so so inspiring to see, he went to korea at age FOURTEEN without knowing the language, the culture or really anything bc he went to rain’s concert and was so inspired and learned all his dances and songs and like it kinda reaches out to me bc like??? he started off as nothing but a random international fanboy and LOOK HOW FAR HES COME IT GETS ME SO EMOTIONAL!! and his mum kept on telling him that its ok if he didnt make it, that he could come home if it didnt work out, she’d welcome him with open arms but he kept going!!! bc he loves music!!! and hes so talented!!! and hes just so passionate,,, and so determined too!! such a hard worker!! like i dont think most of you realise just how intensive trainee programs are??? like he was fourteen and training 12 hours a day, he said it was from 10am to 10pm every day, and now he gets even LESS sleep like hes constantly talking about how tired it is like let the poor baby sleep oh my god he deserves rest but apparently thats too much to ask for in the kpop industry,, but no matter how tired he is he always has tons of energy on stage and off stage to make everyone laugh and keep everyone in high spirits and like he’s actually a ray of sunshine, a precious angel, a blessing to this world oml im rambling but thats fine that was the point of this lmfao i just!! MY HEART IS SWELLING FOR HOW MUCH I LOVE HIM!! and everything he does gets me so soft like i literally have an instagram saved collection of his smile that makes me smile and not like his smirk (which is,,, whew,,, REALLY attractice im weak for smirks) but like his full teeth, face wrinkled and eyes scrunched up smiles where he looks so happy and cute and i wanna pinch his cheeks hes just SO CUTE and whenever i see him smile like that i swear 7 years are added to my lifespan and it just MAKES ME SMILE SO MUCH bambam always makes me so happy like i think my parents i convinced i have a boyfriend at the amount of random smiling i do at my phone but like 90% of the time its just bambam,, hes just so aesthetically pleasing like we all know he is the fashion KING, like his style is so stunning but like i think his visuals are highly underrated tbh he had THE most iconic glo-up of all time, i remember during early realgot7 episodes he’d talk about how he wanted to no longer be the cute/aegyo type member and he wanted to be sexy and charismatic and oH bOy iS hE sExY aNd ChArIsMaTiC,,, if only the members that kept telling him he couldnt and that he was adorable would see him now, still just as cute and squishy as before but also a fucKIGNF BEAST????? like i think every time he does that prrah in never ever a part of my soul leaves my body. idk if thats even related. but like WOW HES SO PRETTY EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM IS JUST SO ATTRACTIVE PHYSICALLY like he has rlly pretty eyes, esp w/ contacts they really just make you notice them so much more and his lips?? everyone talks about his lips but NOT ENOUGH like theyre so plump and kissable and honestly i could kiss them all day if hed let me omg is that a bruno mars lyric ANYWAYS if you do era killed us all, dont deny it, even jinyoung noticed his lips i just LOVE BAMBAMS LIPS and like his JAWLINE is so sharp it could cut a bitch it just defines his face so well and his makeup too like bambam’s makeup is always so on point, kudos to the stylist noona like its not that he needs makeup, makeup needs HIM like it compliments him so well  and adds to his,, aura?? idk about you but he owns the stage, like he has this aura to him he has made the stage his bitch, he’s not on the stage he owns it do you HEAR ME???? HE!!! IOWNS!! THE STAGE!! his dancing is so mesmerising?? and his voice??? he has every ahgase wrapped around his long ass legs finger whether you like it or not. and what i was saying about makeup like without makeup he transforms into the cutest, squishiest bean that i just want to PROTECC like his dUaLiTy you can hear that about any kpop idol but still, bambams duality is so crazy, he’s just....so sOFT AND FLUFFY offstage (when he isnt screaming like a maniac, but even then,) his laugh. is so cute, and so contagious i feel like ive said that already but its not any less true and like barefaced bambam just being barefaced and wholesome and cute and????? im??? adjhgjkahkldghalkj,,,, he just,, just him smiling makes my day fUCK ive said that already but as you can see i am whipped asf for his smile i,, and also how hes so bad at aegyo when he needs to do it but he has natural aegyo when hes not?? ??? ? HES SO CONFUSING i love it honestly i love him i just ugghhhhhhh. and hes so talented too!! SUCH AN UNDERRATED DANCER GOSH he has been dancing since he was a really smol bean and HES SO SHARP AND FLUID AT THE SAME TIME like nobody appreciates his dancing as much as they should and that makes me really sad bc its so enthralling to watch him dance, he really puts his all into it you can see it, but nOBODY TALKS ABOUT IT ENOUGH???? WHERE are your fuckign eYES YALL ARE BLIND AND MISSING OUT and his voice oh my lord his voice makes me fEeL thInGs especially when he does that thing when he talks all low and raspy and his accent is attractive too and like i would pay good money just for bambam to just talk to me like that all day like sure he isnt the best rapper in the industry, jyp never really had impressive rappers until stray kids but like he does his job as a performer well and UGH HIS VOICE IM WEAK IN THE KNEES like i die on the inside every time he says baby or honey or smth like that and usually i hate those specific pet names, but have yall seen that video of him saying “goodbye honey! awh, im your honey?” or just him saying honey in whos that or jsut AJAKLKAJKJKGFJ HIS!! VOICE!! and when he says double b i just FEEL his confidence and that aura i was talking about before now i have the habit of yelling out or at least mouthing double b along with him its actually everything??? omg and his meme game like i know i already rambled about how dumb he was but like specifically his meme game and his TWITTER OML like the whole dabbing thing, idk who started it but he made dabbing his bitch like he gave zero shits what other people thought, dAB ON THEM HATERS AMIRITE, and even on that one vlive where he claimed that dab was history he ended up saying he IS the history of dab and then dabbed in the next japan promotions with yugyeom anyways. the dab is not dead. the dab will never die. and his twitter holy fuck did you guys see the whole steven deng fiasco where he agreed to his petition to rename bambam to dabdab bc he couldnt be stopped then he INTRODUCED HIMSELF AS AKA DABDAB ON LIVE TV WHAT AN IDIOT IM SO IN LOVE and like in the video where everyone was saying you dont pick your bias, your bias picks you (bambam didnt “pick” me, he grabbed my hair and yanked me down into hell) he fucking said “i pick you” like hES THE KING OF FANSERVICE FOR A REASON OMG hes always flirting with his fans on twitter and calling them baby or babygirl and like at fansigns and concerts whenever a fan goes on stage with him he just flirts with them so much and calls them his queen, his everything etc, just i cant even begin to list all the times where he flirts with ahgases idk if hes naturally flirty or he just likes to give the fans what they want but BOTH IS GOOD TBH bc flirty ppl are attractive and like if its just for fanservice then that just proves how much he appreciates and cares for his fans like wow he really loves ahgase?? REMEMBER THAT CONCERT WHERE HE TEARED UP AND CALLED AHGASE “THE BEST GIRLFRIENDS EVER” I GOT SO SOFT HES SO GENUINE aKDFJLSJFLgdfklgjalfk and back to how stupid he is like he is also a petty ass bitch like he casually exposes his members a lot i LIVE FOR IT like the whole mark throwing a laptop thing or like other shit i cant remember off the top of my head and hes just so sassy and petty all the time like i love it so much oh my gosh sassy bam is an underrated concept bc savage jinyoung steals all the spotlight rip :(( nothing against jinyoung i love him to bits too but!! sassy!bam is just, my will to live tbh oh also can we talk about how hes literally a model like he made the camera his bitch too not just is his face gorgeous and his makeup stunning and his hair on fleek and his style amazing but like you can feel his aura through the camera too, he just stares with this LOOK its like hes actually looking at you his visuals are SO POWERFUL again not talked about enough bambam in general isnt talked about enoguh outside of being a meme and :((( it makes me sad esp when people still baby him like no hes a grown ass man hes had his glo up like have you seen him??? sure he can be effortlessly cute but also effortlessly sexy like he really is the entire package and oh my fuckign god he LOVES CATS HE REALLY IS THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE like everyone knows about pudding and latte but even before then he loved jb’s cat nora and apparently nora liked bambam more than jb and would wake him up at 9am every day and bambam would play with her for a while then go back to sleep and nora would sneak into his bed and omfg bambam and cats, two of my favourite things wow what a concept?? i just DIED when i saw his insta story updates calling his cats his babies or his sons and its just so precious i want to cry. speaking of social media again can we just appreciate that he runs most of his social media in ENGLISH, not hhe language he usually speaks (korean) or his first language (thai), but ENGLISH, just to accommodate for the international fans, hes going outside of his comfort zone and its so considerate of him and that once again proves how hes the sweetest person ever and loves ahgase so much and i feel so honoured to be an ahgase and i love BAMBAM, kunpimook bhuwakul, dabdab, double b, lil’ shit whatever you wanna call him, so much, and this got way too fucking long and random and the subjects changed too much lmao its rlly messy but like its a ramble so there you go i like bambam im out
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