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#protect black men

Hey guys, so I know it’s been quite a bit since I’ve put out writing and believe me, I’m working on it. I got bombarded by requests, so I will start to get them done hopefully soon.

Most importantly I wanted to give any of my followers resources to support the black lives matter movement, so here is a google doc FILLED with resources for you to find ways to help.

Please do your part in supporting and protecting the black community. Thank you, and black lives matter ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 ❤️❤️


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I'on got it like that so I’m learning to stretch my dollar(what I’ve been learning from black+caribbean moms; picking up on the lessons) and translating it over to eating plant-based foods. Been meaning to share receipts and planned it years ago, but life. Finally in a space to show… Working on art that involves tracing paper, the transparency of it inspired exhibiting the way art imitates life, the “carbon copy” which will be the title for the series… It moves me to do so, naturally. Therefore, for those who are interested in transitioning without hurting their pockets, if you’re not near a farmer’s market, Walmart has organic, non-gmo fruit that you can nab, from 2 lbs to 3lbs.


^ it’s not organic, yet, non-gmo has decreased exposure to pesticides, so where I can I get either or. In purchasing these larger quantities, from the frozen section, you get more and reduce the amount of plastic you consume in getting those pints and ounces that cost far more, and you are still getting them fresh, in the sense that they are picked fresh then frozen, so there is value in getting it this way rather than in those small packages where you end up paying more. You lose money in getting the containers of fruit, whereas, you can see I bought 5 lbs of fruit for the price of roughly 3-4 smoothies. This amount will net me 3 cups 5x over. It usually carries me over for a week or 2, since I use it in conjuction with greens(folate = salt in it’s natural form), I’m multiplying the nutrients I receive and compounding to make a meal of it. I think on average, one mason jar equates to at least between 800-1,200 calories depending on what I load it with. That’s enough energy to last me until lunch and sometimes dinner.

The 4-pack veggie burgers weren’t the healthiest, but, I get 30 mins for lunch and was crunched for time, so I got 2 packs of nori sheets with it to get iodine and b12, for more energy.

And for woc/black women who suffer from anemia, folate helps rebuild your iron deficiency, so not just men benefit from more greens and fruit, you do, too, at the base, our chemical makeup is generally the same, so what’s good for you is good for him and vice-versa, the human body only has slight variances in physiology and otherwise. Heat is generated from energy, and from circulation in the blood, it is in tandem, therefore, provide those cells with the right fuel. The revolution that takes place first, starts within. Iron sharpens iron. Dig for those minerals. You protect yourself when you do.

I can only protect you when you protect yourself rightly. You can’t save a dead horse, so if you’re killing yourself through suppression, self-harm, self-destructive habits, alcoholism, drug abuse, deviant behavior, avoidance of problems, tobacco/cigarette, on a high horse, refusing to be held accountable, there is nothing I can do for you. No one will babysit you, nobody, so here I am, caring, but it only works when you care more than I do, because I won’t sacrifice myself for you anymore in the ways that I was. I love us too much to do that.

No budging from self-care, a radical act, budget, how you manage your finances is how you manage your life, what you spend energy on time on will return to you, either illness or wellness, there is no in between with sanity. Reason, logic, those are functions of a sane mind. And for black women especially, intuition only works when your brain, womb, and gut work, meaning, if you’re placing stress on your kidneys, livers, and lungs, you’re taxing your body, meaning, all the signs can be shown but if your physically dead weight, you are unable to respond accordingly. Escaping pain won’t lift it, nor will numbing it, you cut yourself from inner senses, essentially disconnecting yourself from intuitively feeling and sensing. At the root, your health is being compromised and you are playing the biggest role in that, no one else, it is your responsibility, no one else’s. This is where saving yourself means saving money for more important things comes into play. You’re worth is in the investments you make in your internal world. What you put in and on you. If what you spent on cosmetics went to nutrition, your skin would glow up in 3-6 weeks, I promise you. Set aside funds for spring water and distilled water. Crystal geyser is 98¢ in most places, $1 in others, $30 automatically for water will secure you in remaining hydrated for the month, $60 would be premium. Goal yourself to $40 in fruits, $60 in the next couple of months. 1 lb of organic greens ranges from $4-5. You deserve it. Greens are a great source of chlorophyll which detoxes the body, purifies the blood, and massages your insides(improves digestion). If you can spend $200-$300 on hair, you can do the same on whole foods. If getting your hair done at the salon can cost you another $100-200 you can invest in your health.

Protect yourself. Prepare. Save to invest. Invest in yourself.

Your health is your wealth.

Foods boost mood, and natural foods act to regulate the hormones that influence that chemistry, so over time, the chemicals that release and circulate will fuel you and energize you and keep you clean and regular. Not only that, it can help with your sexual health. Watermelons, melons, mangos.

Don’t forget your citrus. A bag of blood oranges is $6-7 in most markets.

See what offerings there are online, too, there are options available that deliver boxes of fruits and veggies that are slightly bruised but still good. Just wanna put y'all on from the women that looked out for me when no one else did.

Paying it forward.

Pay yourself first. Your well-being either affords you opportunities or costs you setbacks. Be wise. The first step in protection and cures are prevention, baby girl. Same goes for my brothas.

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2020 - CG

A white coworker starting talking about Minneapolis. 

Everyone in the room looked to me, the “token” for some sort of reaction. 

I looked around at their faces, waiting and said no. 

The looked confused. So I explained. 

I’m tired. 

No I won’t engage with you on why the killing, oppression and incarceration of black men AND women at unjust and disproportionate rates is wrong. 

No I won’t talk about the riots and the looting. I won’t say how appalled and outraged you feel about a retail store is how black people feel everyday when we lose another at the hands of police violence. 

No i won’t speak about my outrage that the “president” of the United States is calling for us to be killed. I won’t talk about the fact that every time my brother, my dad, my friends, BLACK MEN leave my sight, I have a fear they won’t return. 

No I can’t talk about the fact that George Floyd had a knee on his neck for more than eight minutes, but “preexisting condition” is what they’re trying to list on his death certificate. 

Breonna Taylor was in her own house when police barged in and took her life. Our murderers walk free and we can’t even be black in our own homes.

No I won’t talk about the fact that Haircut Hannah got seven days in jail and that was enough to turn heads and upset people, but black people are dying and you say looting is the problem. Or we shouldn’t have broken the law. Or we didn’t protest the way YOU would have preferred. Or my, favorite, this isn’t what Dr. King would have wanted. 

You murdered Dr. King anyway. 

We’re tired. 

So no, I won’t try to educate you. I shouldn’t have to be the educator and the oppressed in 2020. I won’t be complicit in trying to make you feel better about your privilege. About the fact you aren’t hated for being born with melanin. I won’t sit and tell you how little has changed since Jim Crow and how that pretty little box people tried to shove racism in to act like it doesn’t exist has finally overflowed into action and demands. 

No. I’m at work. And while you can cut your feelings about blackness, and racism, and everything that involves an ounce of discrimination off at the end of your day, I still have to go home and be black. 

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