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#protect yourself and others
cannibalgh0st9 days ago
Happy whatever you're doing today! Regardless if it's celebrating a holiday or just chilling hope everyone is well and healthy馃А
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girl-of-many-fandoms3 months ago
I did it!
Took my 1st dose of the AstraZeneca 馃拤 today and thankfully all I'm feeling is the slight pain from the injection site
I'm praying that the second dose doesn't knock me off my feet 馃槄
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lostgirl-233 months ago
Who would have thought we would have lived and taught during a time of pandemic?
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rp2pda year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
One of fifty plus products available from RP2 Design and Photography. Many make perfect stocking stuffers and other gifts for the holidays and other occasions.
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p4radox99a year ago
If you meet or know someone who doesn鈥檛 鈥榖elieve in masks鈥 show them this video of a mannequin getting its face burned off because the person next to it didn鈥檛 wear a mask馃槈
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littleventsa year ago
TW NOTE: the following report discusses topics that may be triggering to some users - reader鈥檚 discretion is heavily advised.
I and a good few others are requesting that you report, block, or ignore user mai-ki-000 as they have shown abusive (verbal, manipulative, and narcissistic) and almost predatory behavior towards both adults and minors. They will go into group chats asking for a lover who is 18 or older, and if someone says they are a minor they will then ask them to 鈥渂e their daughter鈥 for a roleplay. During this, some may be groomed. Report showed they had said, 鈥淚f only you were 18鈥 to a 17 year old. It should be noted that user mai-ki-000 is 31 years old.
They also refer to a 12 year old as their 鈥減recious little kitten.鈥 While this is in a roleplay, many have pointed out their discomfort over the matter.
Please reblog, share any evidence you may have or share your story! This monster should not have free reign on this site.
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spielzeugkaiser9 months ago
A separate bear!Jaskier masterpost to link back to
Since I can鈥檛 plan anything out in my life and have way to much fun with hopping back and forth time-wise, this is (more or less) the chronological order of the story. The first thing I posted is bolded. [First meeting] [Getting to know each other through the years (1)] [Getting to know each other through the years (2)] [meeting another bear] [Jaskier helping Geralt out with Quen] + [exploding shield] [not quite human] [helping someone]
The first winter spent at Kaer morhen: [Trying on some witcher gear] [Jaskiers cover getting blown + a talk with Lambert] [training with the wolves] [Geralt doesn鈥檛 want Jaskier to fight] [Jaskier has good balance] [Jaskier is flexible] [Jaskier is also very horny] [Jaskier has scars on his back] [Jaskier is buff] [broken ankle + bonus lamden] [boys being boys] - [aftermath] [getting a wolf school medallion] [meditation one] + [meditation two]聽 [Jaskier gets a hug] [spending the morning together (E)] pre-Ciri, but somewhat later: [Jaskier training with Aiden] [scrub-a-dub-dub, bear!Jaskier in the tub] [being messed up after a fight] after they got Ciri: [Jaskier fights, if you hurt his family] [going on a hunt to protect Ciri] [how does one become a witcher?] [teaching Ciri to fight] [Geralt gets weak in the knees] [fighting against a monster] + [Jaskier is hurt] + [Geralt finds them] + [witcher eyes] - [the one I love] [Jaskier can be adoreably creepy] [there is a bard loose on the continent (in charge of a child)] [splitting up and saying goodbye] [comforting Ciri] [traveling] [get away from Jaskiers cub] [Jaskier remembering the past]
... (tbc) [Jaskier wears his armor] [finding each other again -聽 a bamf family!]
[witcher cuddle pile]
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panncakes10 months ago
the reason why tanbunn works so well is that bunn has absolutely zero regard for his own safety and tan will do absolutely anything to keep him safe
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quixoticanarchy12 days ago
Please for the love of anything be careful in the next few weeks and through christmas/new years - Covid cases are already surging in a lot of places so if you鈥檙e traveling, spending holidays with lots of people especially unvaccinated, or working in a setting where you鈥檇 interact w people who are - consider scaling back your interactions around the holidays. Take any potential exposure seriously. Get tested if you can. If >90,000 cases a day in the US at present aren鈥檛 reminding you we鈥檙e still in a pandemic, maybe the coming holiday surge will but I don鈥檛 actually want people to learn that reminder the hard way. please reduce your risk if you can
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grocerystoredean8 months ago
i can鈥檛 write about jw when i trans dean because imho dean wouldn鈥檛 transition under john. dean of canon is so obsessed with his fathers approval and doing what鈥檚 right according to his father, i cant rlly imagine it would even cross deans mind to do it until at least stanford era when he was left alone, no matter how early he figures out he鈥檚 a dude
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f1-girl-sv6 months ago
seriously tho, mick said that he's sorry while he's the one that thanks to his reaction helped avoiding a crash while the team says that it was a misunderstanding and mazepin goes around and talks about the incident but mick is not even allowed to mention it... just wow
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nathanielthecurious7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hey guys i keep hearing about this concerning new side effect where the covid vaccine turns you into an alpha chad and makes your dick bigger :/ stay safe out there
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