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Cassian as your mate

  • You need to give him a lot of attention
  • He only replies to “Sexy commander of the night court”, “handsome” and “hot stuff”
  • Like all illyrians, he is very sensitive when it comes to the wings. But the difference is that he’s dramatically sensitive. You know exactly where the secret spot is.
  • As soon as your fingertip touches that curve on his wing, he would quickly grab your wrist and growls.
  • “You don’t want me to unleash myself, don’t you?”
  • Since you you started sleeping with him, he has become addicted to holding you at night. Cassian always complains that you change sleeping positions too often.
  • So he locks you in his muscular arms and wraps his wings around you.
  • Also, he sleeps nude.
  • Believe it or not, Cassian always gets nervous when he flirts with you.
  • He is so good at hiding it because he’s the master of seduction. No to awkward silences.
  • “Your eyes say a lot, my love.” He bites his lip. “Do you like what you see?”
  • *smirks*
  • The fact that he’s shirtless with a messy bun, you do.
  • Because he is one of the most powerful illyrians and made grown fae piss themselves just by standing in front of them. Imagine, if something happens to you.
  • Imagine his anger and how he would tear an entire army apart to reach you.
  • Cassian is very serious when he trains you, he wants you to be able to defend yourself when he is not around.
  • But he would still let you knock him to the ground and play dead.
  • He would be the type of mate who would prepare a bubble bath with rose petals and candles on Valentine’s Day.
  • Cassian likes to tease you.
  • It usually ends in two ways, you kick him where the sun doesn’t shine or you use his sarcasm against him.
  • The third way is the *wink wink* way.
  • Every Christmas, he puts a mistletoe in your pocket so he doesn’t have to explain himself why he suddenly kisses you from nowhere.
  • One of his many talents is to make you blush. He gave you the nickname “Chameleon” because you can change the colour of your cheeks very quick.
  • When he’s drunk, he sometimes hiccups a lot.
  • “Hello my-“ *hiccups* “love”
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Azriel as your mate

  • Nothing is more important than your happiness and safety, according to Azriel. He would would return to the dark cell and get his hands burned if it means you will be safe.
  • When visiting other courts and meetings, he stays close to you by your side, let his shadows surround you as well to mark that you are his mate.
  • Azriel would let you touch his wings, but he would appreciate if you ask him first.
  • He smiles a lot when he’s around you. It reveals that he has dimples.
  • He calls you “love” a lot.
  • As a Winter Solstice gift, he gives you a necklace with his shadows trapped inside a clear stone, big as your thumb nail. They would whispers to him when the mating bound does not work.
  • Azriel is gentle and takes his time to pleasure you.
  • But if you touch that sensitive curve on his wings, there’s no return when he starts to dirty talk.
  • When it comes to comfort, he’s not good with words. Azriel prefers to sit quiet next to you and holding your hand, listen to every you have to say.
  • Even if you take a long time to gather yourself, he is patient. He would stay if you fell asleep in his arms.
  • You will probably wake up in his bed, wrapped in sheets under his wing. Azriel sleeps peacely next to you.
  • He likes to cuddle and cozy cold nights, when you automatically sleeps closer to him. He find it cute when you’re searching for the hot source in your sleep.
  • He blushes every time you say you love him. It means a lot to him.
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Okay, so in ACOTAR Tamlin tells Feyre when she’s pleading with him on how to save him “What I have to face, what I have to endure, Feyre…you would not survive.” Which we know is true, but when she doesn’t believe she can repair the cauldron in ACOWAR Rhys tells her to humor him by trying then GIVES HIS FUCKING LIFE SO SHE CAN DO IT. He doesn’t tell her she can’t or that it will kill him. No he supports her all the way, and that’s the fucking difference.

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no nuance november ACOTAR

  • not liking nesta doesn’t mean you have internalized misogyny
  • liking the main character but understanding narrator bias is perfectly fine
  • rhys is not that problematic
  • the IC is an amazing found family dynamic
  • elain did nesta dirty in ACOFAS
  • tamlin deserves a redemption arc
  • elain has zero characterization and personality
  • we shouldn’t pit nesta and feyre against each other just to bring the other up
  • if your only argument to support a character is to drag another down, your argument is weak
  • trauma cannot be compared
  • just because rhys is 500 years old doesn’t mean he can’t have lapses of judgment
  • nesta’s own trauma and abuse doesn’t excuse her shitty behaviour in ACOTAR, ACOMAF and ACOFAS
  • i actually really like nesta in ACOWAR and i hope we get to see more of that in ACOFS
  • feyre isn’t a bad choice for high lady
  • feyre and rhys aren’t arrogant, terrible leaders
  • the court of dreams is not responsible for illyarians terrible treatment of women
  • lucien and elain aren’t suited to each other
  • i don’t want feysand to have a baby yet
  • i don’t see chemistry between cass and nesta yet
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Come join our sjm server!

I have seen a lot of discourse over the past few days and I know the days leading up to ACOSF and beyond more antis will show. So I decided on creating a safe haven.

A place where you can discuss any of SJM’s characters, ships, and series and not be attacked for it. We shouldn’t have to worry about antis commenting on posts or sending negative asks. Unfortunately it happens. Here in this discord that’s not something you need to worry about.

This is simply a place for people who enjoy the series. You talk fics, theories, write, show off edits and art, talk real life. Whatever you’d like!

If this sounds like a place for you then

Come join us

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i dont want feysand to have a baby yet

truly i don’t feel like feyre or rhys is mentally stable enough to have children yet. they’re literally immortal. they can sort their combined shit out together for the next hundred years or so and think about kids later. i feel like feyre is rushing into it because things in her life are finally calm and she doesn’t know how to deal with that. same goes for rhys. love them both but yikes.

don’t get me wrong feysand baby makes me just so soft but. not yet. let them be a sexy badass couple together first. let them travel across prythian and the continent. let them establish their reign over the night court. let them fix all the shit wrong with the night court. THEN have a baby.

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Okey so Rhysand is apparently the most powerful High Lord of Prythian’s history but can we speak about the fact that Tamlin literally KILLED his father, a High Lord over 900 years old? Can you imagine the strength it takes to fight (because I guess they fought, I don’t believe Rhysand’s father let it be) against a High Lord OVER 900 YEARS OLD?

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let’s get messy.

i disagree with critique of the IC on the argument that it is ‘imperialistic’. yes it totally is, i’m not disputing the simple fact that prythian runs on an imperialist, monarchy system. 

HOWEVER. it is what it is. and i think the critique that the system therefore makes the IC flawed is… not a very good argument. 

personally i think they do they best they can with what their given. the best thing to do would obviously totally upend the system and create a democracy. but i think y’all are forgetting that this is a high fantasy series, with FAE. not humans. fae don’t like humans- it’s their whole thing. so naturally they would reject any sort of human idea of democracy, leaders voted in by the people (that’s not to say i personally dislike democracy lmao… please don’t take away my voting rights), and any other human idea that would impede their fae natures. 

like i can’t stress this enough. they look human, but they aren’t. they’re immortal. any elected official would have the lifespan of a monarch anyway… but that’s not the point. 

i’ve seen a lot of people dislike rhys because he treats illyrians like shit, and that he hasn’t stopped the abuse of women in his court. and part of me (the mean part) is like ‘did you read the book?’. the illyrians are essentially a court of their own, they don’t want to listen to rhys because he isn’t a full-blooded illyrian, and they’re certainly not going to listen to cassian who’s actively trying to get more women raining because of his birth status. they’re a warmongering clan of creatures (i stress, not PEOPLE per-se). fear tactics, though i hate them in the real world, are the only thing stopping the illyrian territories from full on disputing rhys and cassian’s authority. rhys’ power (but not his authority) is god-like sure, but he isn’t the type to just crash into people’s minds and force them to treat women like equals (as they should… obviously). so i feel like there’s a bit of hypocrisy in the criticism, either y’all don’t want him to be a blood-thirsty ruler or be one only when it suits. but then when he is… y’all don’t like that. ie. when he goes over mor’s head to make a deal with eris. 

i think when looking into the series people forget that it’s a fantasy series, it doesn’t necessarily mirror real life (the racism allegories are obviously real). and that fae and humans have no contact, not really, not until feyre. 

then again if you read my blog you know i don’t like rhys slander and i’m probably just as passionate as any other nesta-stan is for nesta but for rhys.

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