disabilityhealth · 2 days ago
Things to say when strangers ask about your disability
“That’s a personal question.”
“I don’t really discuss that sort of thing in the grocery store.”
“Who even are you?”
“That’s inappropriate.”
Explain (poorly) and then ask them what happened to one of their physical features, especially if there is nothing wrong with it.
“Oh, look at the time! My X-Men will never forgive me if I’m late to another team meeting.”
Make aggressive eye contact and say, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”
Roll ragefully into the sunset without saying a word.
“First of all - and I mean this in the kindest possible way - go fuck yourself.”
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a-witch-named-crow · a day ago
Alright, since this post is, for some reason, still circulating, I'm gonna mention this in hopes that it makes it to a least one or two metaphysical shopkeepers:
Burning incense in your shop creates an accessibility issue for some of us, which is preventing potential customers from coming in or staying long enough to buy anything.
I'm talking about (some) people with asthma, sensory issues, migraines, and probably other conditions that I'm not aware of.
I know you've got a witchy vibe to maintain, but there are other ways.
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kyra45 · 2 days ago
Fake felines and Sketchy blogs
There is a recent rise of new blogs who make a few posts then claim they need money for their cat. Unfortunately, for the most part, these felines do not belong to the one whose asking. If you received an ask along the lines of 'Can you reblog the post about my cat?' it is not sincere and the asker does not own said cat.
That is all.
(I have paid the minimum to send this post out by Blaze.)
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thefirewitchsthings · 9 hours ago
Older Sonic Fans, a reminder
Please remember that Sonic is a kid franchise. A lot of teens are going to be interested in Sonic. Keep in mind, when you’re talking to a minor, you are the one in charge of yourself and don’t act like a fucking freak.  Us adults need to keep this community safe and open for the kids. This franchise is meant for them. Their comfort is very important. We need to keep it a safe space for kids. I know it’s hard when you’re talking about a thing you’re into, but do NOT take it far.
DO NOT dump random emotional baggage or weird shit onto them. They’re kids. They don’t know how to handle that. I’m not saying older fans should babysit the teens. But, guys. If YOU choose to talk to a child, you have to make sure they’re even comfortable talking with you.
I’ve seen too many times adults being weird to kids in the Sonic fanbase because they don’t know how to respect boundaries. Just be normal around kids, ffs.
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mywitchcultblr · 2 days ago
Followers and anyone who sees this post, forgive me if I spam post a lot about trans/nb/genderfluid stuff. It's just the internet is the only place in this world where i can come out and be my true self because it is dangerous to be out of the closet in my country
Also just finally coming out to myself about my trans side... Ye ye I'm trans and genderfluid and I know I'm valid, anyone who say otherwise get a deadly bonk from obi-wan light saber
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easternblocrelics · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Fresh air is healthy in all weathers Health Announcement 1969
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demadogs · 2 days ago
im done answering asks from negative/doubting byler shippers that are just like “but what about this new interview!! it wont happen :((”. if you want you can ask me what i think someone meant by what they said but it’s so annoying when people who apparently also ship byler try to argue that it won’t happen.
i’ve said pretty much every reason why i believe it’ll happen and unless one of the cast or crew straight up say byler is not happening, i’m not gonna let their incredibly vague answers that can be interpreted in multiple ways influence what i believe.
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littleguymart · 2 days ago
image descriptions
hey y’all!
I’ve been thinking about image descriptions and this blog for a while. unfortunately, I know I’m not able to add them as a standard part of posts by myself, & I’m not comfortable adding another mod. 
that said, I think that image descriptions are really important for accessibility. so:
first, I’d like to plug @plushiesdescribed for well, plushies described!
secondly, I’d like to thank everyone who adds descriptions in their own reblogs or the replies. i’m so glad to see that happening and i really appreciate the effort people put in!
thirdly, i’d love to know more about what kinds of descriptions people find best for plush & toy stuff. there’s a lot that I don’t know how to convey in words yet, but that I’d like to be able to for when I’m able to add image descriptions. also,  are specific posts or types of plush that people want captioned more than others? when I’m able to, I can go in and add some of those.
fourthly, is there any way to add alt text on desktop (maybe with an extension)? can you edit it into a post that’s already made, like how you can edit a post? 
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shroomyart · 2 days ago
could i maybe get like... $15-20 for groceries? it’s been really hard lately, commissions are at an all-time low, and i’ve had to skimp way back on my daily intake which is triggering my ed.. i just need a little bit of money so i can eat for the next week, anything at all would be super appreciated <3 p4yp4l: ovmasai
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strawberryoverlord · 2 days ago
PSA: PLEASE do not give anymore money to this user! They are a scam artist and you are WAISTING your money
Tumblr media
They block anyone who questions their legitimacy, and hides any and all replies and comments pointing out their fraudulence
Tumblr media
The user is known for performing MULTIPLE pet fundraising scam
@softwaring has multiple screenshots highlighting other scams this person has pulled seen HERE
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So PLEASE report @azazelrose and any account asking for money to [email protected]
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5ummit · 4 months ago
PSA regarding tumblr’s latest Censorship Nightmare
For those of you who haven’t seen this announcement, tumblr recently made some changes to the iOS version of the app, purportedly to comply with Apple’s content guidelines. These changes took effect on Dec 21, starting in version 22.5.1 of the iOS app. As some of you may recall, Apple’s strict guidelines were the driving force for the infamous Great Purge of 2018, which coincidentally also happened around this time of year, but it seems banning all of the female-presenting nipples wasn’t good enough for Apple.
Below is a summary of the important changes. Note that these changes technically ONLY affect those using the iOS app. If you’re accessing tumblr through a different app or operating system (Google Chrome, Android app, etc) it won’t affect you directly but it will affect your followers who use iOS so you should definitely be aware of it.
The list of banned tags has been expanded. As before, there’s no way to know which words or phrases have been banned until you try searching for them, in which case you’ll either get no search results or the following message: “This content has been hidden because of potentially suggestive or explicit content.” You may think this doesn’t concern you if you don’t post explicit material, but do not make the mistake of expecting the banned tags to be logical or reasonable. I've already encountered multiple completely innocuous posts (random fandom gifsets) that seem to be hidden on iOS for no discernible reason.
Blogs that have been flagged as explicit can no longer be viewed. Previously, flagged blogs just had their posts hidden from searches, but if you knew the username you could still visit it after clicking through a warning about sensitive content. Now you can’t access it at all.
Likes and reblogs from blogs that have been flagged will no longer show up in your notes. This one won’t affect most people’s user experience as much as the others, but it does mean you may be missing notes. It’s unclear if likes and reblogs from flagged blogs will still count towards the overall note total (and only be missing from the activity feed and note viewer) but I suspect that’s the case.
THE BIG ONE: ANY POST TAGGED WITH A BANNED TAG WILL NO LONGER SHOW UP ON YOUR DASHBOARD. Previously, if you tagged a post with a banned word or phrase (even if the words were used inside another tag), that post would not show up in searches, but your followers would still be able to see it on their dashboard. Now those posts are hidden from your own followers as well. This includes both original posts and reblogs. And if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s the real kicker: even if you don’t tag something with one of the banned words, if the OP used a banned tag, any reblogs of that post will not show up on anyone’s dashboard (on the iOS app). The only saving grace here, and I hate to even call it that, is that the blocked posts are still visible if you visit a blog directly or if you have post notifications turned on.
As usual, tumblr was extremely unclear and evasive about all of this in their official announcement. Not surprising, of course, since if more people were aware of these new draconian tactics I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be more of an uproar about it. Tumblr claims that these changes are somewhat temporary and that they are currently working on something that will allow for a less restricted iOS experience, but they refuse to say what that something is and when it will be implemented. And let’s just say, considering their track record, I’m not hopeful.
All of this is horrible and infuriating for many reasons, but the worst part is how insanely counterproductive it is to creating the “safe” environment tumblr (or more specifically Apple) supposedly wants.
Tags have always been used for both blog organization and filtering purposes. Tagging posts with triggers and content warnings is a common practice that gives users the ability to filter out content they may find upsetting or just don’t don’t want to see for whatever reason. By choosing to ban a bunch of unlisted “sensitive content” tags, all they’re doing is encouraging people who want to share that kind of content to come up with alternative less well-known tags or simply not tag that content at all anymore if they want it to show up on their follower’s dashboards, thereby making it more likely for someone to encounter it when they didn’t want to.
So really, with all of the alleged concern for safety and “protecting the children,” all they’ve done is make tumblr less safe for everyone. Typical.
UPDATE (Jan 11, 2022): An optional toggle setting now exists to disable these changes. Please follow this tutorial to allow “sensitive content” on the iOS app.
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notchainedtotrauma · 4 days ago
The Buffalo shooting occurred in a food desert. That was the main groceries store and it’ll be closed for quite some time. So here is one concrete thing we can do to help and that’s donating to the link below:
Buffalo Community Fridges
There’s a Twitter thread breaking it down
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tikkety-tok · 5 months ago
"Love taking an 8 minute route that takes an abled 2 minutes"
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beyoncescock · a month ago
Tumblr media
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outofcontextsimsmachinima · a month ago
I dont want to get too off topic on this blog but since this is a somewhat big platform I want to talk about whats going on as we are facing the climate crisis head on.
Thousands of scientists all over the world are currently on protest in tears. No media is bringing this up. We should be seeing news about NASA scientists being arrested for asking to be heard but instead it is silent. Scientists say we have 3 years left to stop everything, we have the answers, but our governments arent listening. That we need to stop all new projects. Over 110,000+ new fossil fuel projects have been signed off in 2022. That should be concerning. Oil, gas and coal need to be stopped if we want a chance at survival and it needs to be talked about. We have 3 years, we have answers, we have alternatives and we need to government to act now. Theres a man on hunger strike just so the government will read the latest IPCC report. Just to look at a scientific document. They cant even do that.
A woman from Just Stop Oil was one of the only interviews in media ive seen as of recent, where she was mocked for her clothes and not given the chance to truly speak on the science as she was interrupted to be told her ego is too big. It was a copy and paste situation to the interview from the movie Dont Look Up. This response of mockery over a genuine concern for humanity should terrify all of us.
Despite Bidens word, he has signed off more new oil, gas and coal works.
Did you know that Congo just sold more oil blocks in their rainforest and river.
Maximum temperatures in India and Pakistan have been continuously over 40 degrees Celsius (104°F) for almost two weeks. Thats 10 celsius more than average.
The arctic passed over 30 degrees celsius this past month. Both sides of the earths ice experiencing heat waves. The arctic is bubbling METHANE.
And so so so so much more from flooding, new oil sign offs, etc.
If you are in a country thats just about to start elections, please look into parties that will do their part for the climate crisis. If you are not signed to vote, enrol asap. If youre in Australia, like me, you can enrol here by TODAY. (And maybe look into our third party system and what the greens have to offer? But i didnt tell you that..)
Look into protest groups like the Extinction Rebellion and see what protests are hapening nearby and what you can do to help. This is quite literally life or death for humanity and we cant risk ignoring it and letting it be ignored. We have to educate ourselves on whats going on, get mad and fight it. Because media is refusing to let us know of the doom were facing if our government continues to support oil, gas and coal the way they are. This isnt to make you feel doom, but encourage you to act to prevent doom.
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In light of the recent PostPlus nonsense tumblr is trying to pull, here's a reminder that monetization of fanfiction can lead you to legal trouble. On Ao3 it's against the TOS to even mention any money-sending site at all because of the conditonal protection they offer.
Putting your entire fanfiction blog behind a paywall is like pointing a neon sign saying "please sue me". I bring this up specifically because tumblr mentioned fanfiction in the post that they made and that is going to leave a lot of people misinformed.
Remember: Do NOT paywall your fanworks.
And rest assured, my blog will never be pay-to-read, even if this weren't a fanfiction blog. I think the whole thing is ridiculous.
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snickerdoodlesandsausages · 10 months ago
How to Stay Cool Without A/C
A lot of Northerners were very kind during the freeze in Texas this winter with tips on how to stay warm for people who had lost heat. This is an attempt to repay that favor for people in the Pacific Northwest and other northerly locations who are facing dangerous heatwaves without built-in A/C. My qualifications to give this advice are that I was a summer camp attendee and counselor with no A/C for many summers in humid-ass central Texas with highs over 100F basically every day. Hopefully some of it will be of use to somebody who isn’t used to the heat.
1) PUT ICE WATER IN YOUR BODY. Ice water is your best friend and the #1 way to drop your body temp. Drink more than you think you need (like, at least a half-gallon a day and closer to a gallon or more if you have to be outside doing manual work all day) to cool your insides down and stay hydrated. Have some bananas, trail mix, or a sports drink to help replace the electrolytes you’re sweating out and keep you from getting cramps, but try to have most of your fluid intake be water. I used to take a giant water bottle, fill it part way with water, and freeze it on its side so the ice would slowly melt over the course of the day and my water would stay cold longer.
2) PUT ICE WATER ON YOUR BODY. Cold water, ice, or a damp rag on your head and neck, the backs of your knees, the insides of your elbows, and under your armpits will help you cool down the best, because your blood runs close to the surface in those places. Cold packs designed for injuries or lunchboxes, bags of frozen vegetables, etc. can substitute for ice water as well. Even room-temp water will pull heat away from your body better than body-temp sweat will, especially if it’s humid, so if you don’t have enough ice, the sink, bathtub, or hose will do fine. Dipping your feet into cool water helps a ton as well if you have to sit and work and don’t want your clothes to be wet.
3) WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET SO MUCH ICE?  To make sure you have enough ice to last you the weekend, especially through a potential power failure, I recommend getting a cooler (even one of the cheap styrofoam ones is fine in a pinch) and ~10lbs of ice from the big coolers at most gas stations, drug stores, or grocery stores. Try to do this now, before anybody loses power, and store as much in your freezer as you have space for to keep it from melting. You can use it for drinking or to keep your food cold in a power failure. You can use it for a party later if you don’t end up needing it during the heat wave, but you will probably be very happy you had it.
4) AIR FLOW. Being inside a room with the windows closed is the worst possible place to be if you don’t have A/C, because glass windows create a greenhouse effect and the hot air can’t escape. If at all possible, find a shaded place outside where you can catch any possible breeze. If not, open all your windows and, if it’s safe, doors so you can get a cross-breeze. Hopefully you have window screens to keep pets and kids in and bugs out. If not, you’re gonna have to do your own risk assessment. Fans of all sizes and descriptions are your friend; ceiling fans should be set to spin counterclockwise in summer. Even if you have A/C, finding or making a handheld fan will be worthwhile for when you have to venture outside. If you aren’t in a situation where you need to conserve ice, blowing air over a cooler full of ice will give you a makeshift A/C. 
5) SHADE. You will probably immediately notice that direct sunlight is a miserable place to be when it’s super hot. Find or make a shaded location, and don’t be afraid to move around to avoid the sun as the day goes on. Stay on the shady side of the sidewalk whenever you walk someplace. Try to shade your windows as best you can without obstructing airflow using blinds, curtains, shutters, etc. especially if they’re directly in the path of the sun. Do not be a jerk to your neighbors if their shade solutions are ugly. If you can get a shade for your car windshield, I highly recommend it, as the steering wheel, dashboard, seatbelts, and even seats can quickly become too hot to touch in a sealed car and will hold that heat for a long time.
6) CLOTHING. Light-colored, loose clothing that is as close to 100% cotton or linen as you can find is your friend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be short as long as it’s breathable. You will sweat through anything you wear, so I personally prefer only wearing machine-washable stuff. Sun hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, aloe gel for sunburns, mosquito repellent, anti-chafing supplies, etc are all worth looking into if you aren’t used to spending time in the heat.
7) TIMING. Try to stay out of the sun and avoid doing anything strenuous in the middle of the day when the heat is the worst. If you have a choice, plan to be more active early in the morning and late at night when the temperature is more bearable, and take a break in the middle of the afternoon.
Here’s a graphic from the CDC about how to recognize heat-related illnesses and what to do about them. I will add to this that if it’s hot and you stop sweating, you are getting to a dangerous level of dehydration and need to drink something BEFORE you start having more serious problems.
Tumblr media
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disteal · 9 months ago
So... what’s going on with influencers in 2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
this should go without saying but these are all scams and they’re trying to steal money from kids
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arisatohamuko · 23 days ago
a lot of people think narcolepsy is just ‘being sleepy’ or even ‘being lazy’ but it’s so much more than that. symptoms of narcolepsy include:
extremely intense, vivid dreams/nightmares. narcolepsy is defined as a disorder in which most of, if not all of your sleep is REM sleep. this is what causes daytime sleepiness; your body is NOT RESTING CORRECTLY and is physically incapable of doing so. we have little, if any deep sleep.
sleep paralysis and hallucinations.
cataplexy, found in type 1 narcoleptics. cataplexy is very similar to a seizure, though it is not classified as one. episodes of cataplexy are usually (but not always) brought on by strong emotions, and cause you to lose control of different parts of your body, ranging from muscle limpness to full on collapse.
EDS, or excessive daytime sleepiness. often times, narcoleptics will suffer from something called a sleep attack, where they fall asleep uncontrollably. this can happen while working, driving, or doing hobbies.
increased risk of all cancers and other (yes, narcolepsy is suspected to be an autoimmune disease!) autoimmune diseases, as well as an increased rate of mental health issues. ADHD, diabetes, heart disease, and depression are often co-morbid with narcolepsy. tying in with this, we have an increased rate of suicide.
insomnia due to the nature of extremely fragmented and disrupted sleep. intense and vivid nightmares can often make WANTING to go to sleep difficult as well. pretty much any other sleep disorder can be co-morbid with narcolepsy.
decreased cognitive function. memory issues are common in people with narcolepsy; even a mild case of narcolepsy can be compared to going 48-72 hours without sleep in a normal person...except its every day.
extremely poor quality of life. [1] [2]
not a symptom, but it often takes narcoleptics several years to be diagnosed w this disability; it is EXTREMELY under-diagnosed, and testing and treatment are very expensive even with insurance.
there is no cure for narcolepsy, only treatments. the only treatments we currently have are various stimulants (adderall, modafinil, ritalin, etc) or just straight up GHB. many people cannot tolerate these medicines, making treatment even more difficult.
(keep in mind that i am writing this post from an american perspective; i know treatment is often more accessible in some ways in other countries, though i also know it can be worse/harder in different ways too.)
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theboombutton · 22 days ago
Since Jonny has come back to tumblr, I think it's a good time to remind everyone of the Do Not Archive tag.
If you have a post you don't want the TMA cast and/or crew to see, tag it "#do not archive". They know how fan spaces work, and have that tag blocked.
The same goes for AO3, where the tag is "Do Not Archive (The Magnus Archives)".
Pass it on for newer fans.
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