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dalloga · 21 hours ago
Hey there, I know you're probably overwhelmed with asks but thought I would give it a try.
Have you seen the Jikook blogs that seem to be getting a lot of asks from Korean Army Jikookers? I've seen a few where they don't post the actual ask because of some insider information, but they respond back asking questions to the anon in hopes they'll get back to them.
Is there a lot of insider information that Korean Army knows that is absolutely taboo for International Army to know? It all just seems really suspicious I guess, I am a huge skeptic and know the internet is full of people wanting to mess around with people.
How likely is it that all of this confidential information can actually be kept behind closed doors and out of the general public, when people like these anons are coming on to talk about it to blogs? Anyway, I'm just worried that Jikookers are being fed fake info, there is already enough to go without them.
Hello! I don't know if it's the same anon going around, but I've seen one example of an ask sent by a blogger who wanted to confirm if the anon was indeed Korean. Reading it, I wasn't entirely convinced that they were. The awkward sentence structure and fluctuating formal/informal speech made it sound like something copied and pasted into a translating app.
Basically, I'd be suspicious of any "K-Army" who enters into an English-speaking space (particularly a niche English-speaking space like Tumblr) with the intent of stirring up drama/gossip. While there could always be certain exceptions, from what I've seen that's just not how the Korean fandom moves.
It's possible that some kind of "insider information" exists within K-Army circles, considering the privilege of physical proximity to the members, but it's a privilege that most fans care not to abuse. Especially those who want to support and protect JK and JM's bond. It wouldn't make sense for a generally private and insular K-Army community to go out of their way to "leak" sensitive information to the international fandom, where it is likely to be amplified and reproduced to a vastly larger audience and consequently misconstrued by antis.
In light of all that, I definitely think it's a good idea to keep a healthy dose of skepticism at hand.
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daisiesonafield-blog · an hour ago
Attention everyone who went to Harry’s DETROIT show - GET TESTED, possible exposure
Someone has confirmed they were exposed to COVID-19 before the show, and are now experiencing symptoms, COVID-19 test results pending:
Tumblr media
Link for more info from the fan.
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aroacedavestrider · a day ago
also lemme just talk about how when regarding homestuck, trying to prove youre the “real character” with a selfie isnt even a point that can be made anyway cause like. who even says dave strider is white and blond with straight fluffy hair??? dave isnt inherently white. no one can prove theyre “the real dave” by posting a selfie cause dave can look like literally anybody
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rpmemes-galore · 21 hours ago
consider this express permission for your muse to use their powers on mine!   i never, ever want you to feel like you’re overstepping or that you need to hold your muse back.  i read your about.  i agreed to interact with your muse. i knew what i was getting into!  and if you’re ever afraid that something might be a step too far, you’re more than welcome to message me and double check.  but chances are my response is gonna be,  “ use your muse’s powers on mine! “  
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this is your annual reminder to leave Billie Joe Armstrong the fuck alone
if you didn't know, the song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" is about coping with the loss of his dad. do not send him messages or make jokes about waking him up once october rolls around. its insensitive and rude.
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strangesigils · 2 days ago
PSA On Usage of My Sigils
This doesn't really apply if you're only using my sigils for your own tattoo or spiritual use. If that's all you're doing hell yeah I fully support that and I thank you for your support ❤
But a word to people that may be using my sigils on products that they sell.
I post the majority of my sigils publicly, but I own commercial and intellectual rights to them. Yes this includes commission pieces, buying a commission is not the same as buying commercial rights. They are not yours to put on products you are selling, and unless you have spoken to me and worked out a contract with me where I grant you commercial rights to a design or designs I've made. Without taking that step, selling my sigils on your products without that contract in place is illegal. It is theft. And I am well-versed enough in what my rights are as the artist of these works to take legal action.
If you're putting my sigils on gifts or for personal use that's a different matter and you are okay to do that, but if you are profiting off my sigils in any way without having these important conversations with me you are breaking the law and you are stealing my art.
If you've already been doing this and didn't realize till reading this post please message me and I'm sure we can work something out. If you intend to keep doing this without going through a process with me in any way I will take action.
Thank you all for your support
This has been your PSA to not take advantage of artists.
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angeliiic-brat · 2 days ago
here’s your reminder that dumdolly/dollymattel is literally a nazi and not to follow her or her content
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jovishark · 22 hours ago
beware a blog called casdog. theyre running the same scam as multiple twitter users using an image of a dog and an xray to ask for donations. if they ask you to promote their blog/tweet dont do it unless they have photos of a vet bill or additional pictures of the dog. the posts are often written in broken english with "vet advised us" or the dog having some kind of head injury
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mythnmagic · a day ago
Get it, ladies! 🥰😈
If seeing Casey/Cruz 😂Casey/Brett, AND Stella/Severide make out 💋 within the first 15 minutes of the episode isn’t motivation enough to get vaccinated so that we (and they) can get more of the hotness on screen, y’all are beyond help…
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littlejowo · 21 hours ago
Minors stop publicly posting and/or interacting with NSFW content
It's EXTREMELY unsafe for you, and also it can get adults in legal trouble in our own spaces, made for us
If you, as a minor, post sexual content and an adult HAPPENS to see it, we can literally be charged as sexual predators, even if we have no idea what your age is, or try to avoid you, or stick solely to adult spaces. YOU are putting people in danger, ESPECIALLY if you are using adults-only tags (nsft, rule34, suggestive, etc) or interacting with sexual content made by adults. An adult even SEEING nsfw content posted by a minor, whether we intended to or not, can result in us being charged with a crime and/or put on the registry
Not to mention that you are opening yourself up to predators. Adults who know your age and don't care will use the opportunity to groom you. Adults who DON'T know your age may interact with you sexually as well, because if you post adult content in adult spaces, the assumption will be that you are an adult
Keep it private if you create nsfw content yourself as a minor, and stop interacting with nsfw content made by adults. Even if the content is censored
Stay out of adult spaces as a whole and learn some fucking internet safety before someone gets hurt
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eskateerr · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Reposted from @neurodivergentrebel PSA: for #ActuallyAutistic People: DON’T ever share your private medical info (diagnosis paperwork) with strangers on the internet. Even if they demand proof. Showing “your paperwork” doesn’t help & can leave you vulnerable to more abuse. My diagnostic statement is 10 pages long and filled with a lot of personal information about me & members of my family. It’s nobody’s business. Even if you do show your papers, it’s likely the next step will be for the abuser to accuse you of Dr. shopping. People have accused me of doctor shopping for my diagnosis, despite being diagnosed by the first person who saw me. The point is these people are normally already set on not believing you anyway, and who cares what they think? #PSA #Autism #NeuroDiversity #Autistic #safety #privacy #bullies #trolls #ABA
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stavangersroses · 2 days ago
friendly reminder
never ever ever go on kekma . net it will mess you up. 
i was sent a link and i pressed it, and it scared the shit out of me please do not go on this website 
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rpbetter · 9 hours ago
If you're my writing partner, I am not tolerating you. I am not just putting up with you. Your value to me is not simply relegated to what you are giving me and/or how much of your inherent downsides as a real, live human I can, personally, stand to deal with. Obviously, both of our personal downsides do not clash, or we'd not be writing partners.
I value you as a person. You're almost certainly my friend if we've been writing for a while, but even if you are not, I appreciate your creativity, skill, dedication, interest, enthusiasm. Whatever it is you're bringing to the experience, I value that. I appreciate your reblogs of aesthetics, gushing over your muse, your Munday activities, and other things that have nothing to do with the stories we're creating.
I appreciate you for being you.
I appreciate you as a writing partner for being exactly that.
In both ways, knowing you enriches my experience here as a roleplayer and improves my life for you being in it.
Can we please stop using self-negativity to buffer positivity toward others, already? If your interactions with other muns here merely make you feel tolerated, they probably shouldn't receive your attempts at positivity. It isn't positive to be thanked for putting up with you, I'm sorry that your anxiety compels you to phrase things this way, but this isn't how we fix it. It's ten past unlearn this 'o clock, RPC. Let's start really valuing each other and ourselves.
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nunyabizni · 2 days ago
Looks like we've gotten a actual good functionality update. Content filtering
Tumblr media
Looks like it goes through the text of a post and filters out ones that have a word or a phrase that you don't want to see.
Doesn't matter if the post is tagged or not, so if you don't want to hear about the "great emu war" you put that in your filter instead of trying to get everyone to tag their posts about it.
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hypnodolls · 2 days ago
Aaaaand we’re back.
PSA: Don’t post any links to the site “Beady Essem Lurr” or the Tumblr algorithm will IMMEDIATELY terminate your account. Took ‘em a week to restore it, but you can request your account be restored. :P
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In light of the recent PostPlus nonsense tumblr is trying to pull, here's a reminder that monetization of fanfiction can lead you to legal trouble. On Ao3 it's against the TOS to even mention any money-sending site at all because of the conditonal protection they offer.
Putting your entire fanfiction blog behind a paywall is like pointing a neon sign saying "please sue me". I bring this up specifically because tumblr mentioned fanfiction in the post that they made and that is going to leave a lot of people misinformed.
Remember: Do NOT paywall your fanworks.
And rest assured, my blog will never be pay-to-read, even if this weren't a fanfiction blog. I think the whole thing is ridiculous.
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How to Stay Cool Without A/C
A lot of Northerners were very kind during the freeze in Texas this winter with tips on how to stay warm for people who had lost heat. This is an attempt to repay that favor for people in the Pacific Northwest and other northerly locations who are facing dangerous heatwaves without built-in A/C. My qualifications to give this advice are that I was a summer camp attendee and counselor with no A/C for many summers in humid-ass central Texas with highs over 100F basically every day. Hopefully some of it will be of use to somebody who isn’t used to the heat.
1) PUT ICE WATER IN YOUR BODY. Ice water is your best friend and the #1 way to drop your body temp. Drink more than you think you need (like, at least a half-gallon a day and closer to a gallon or more if you have to be outside doing manual work all day) to cool your insides down and stay hydrated. Have some bananas, trail mix, or a sports drink to help replace the electrolytes you’re sweating out and keep you from getting cramps, but try to have most of your fluid intake be water. I used to take a giant water bottle, fill it part way with water, and freeze it on its side so the ice would slowly melt over the course of the day and my water would stay cold longer.
2) PUT ICE WATER ON YOUR BODY. Cold water, ice, or a damp rag on your head and neck, the backs of your knees, the insides of your elbows, and under your armpits will help you cool down the best, because your blood runs close to the surface in those places. Cold packs designed for injuries or lunchboxes, bags of frozen vegetables, etc. can substitute for ice water as well. Even room-temp water will pull heat away from your body better than body-temp sweat will, especially if it’s humid, so if you don’t have enough ice, the sink, bathtub, or hose will do fine. Dipping your feet into cool water helps a ton as well if you have to sit and work and don’t want your clothes to be wet.
3) WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO GET SO MUCH ICE?  To make sure you have enough ice to last you the weekend, especially through a potential power failure, I recommend getting a cooler (even one of the cheap styrofoam ones is fine in a pinch) and ~10lbs of ice from the big coolers at most gas stations, drug stores, or grocery stores. Try to do this now, before anybody loses power, and store as much in your freezer as you have space for to keep it from melting. You can use it for drinking or to keep your food cold in a power failure. You can use it for a party later if you don’t end up needing it during the heat wave, but you will probably be very happy you had it.
4) AIR FLOW. Being inside a room with the windows closed is the worst possible place to be if you don’t have A/C, because glass windows create a greenhouse effect and the hot air can’t escape. If at all possible, find a shaded place outside where you can catch any possible breeze. If not, open all your windows and, if it’s safe, doors so you can get a cross-breeze. Hopefully you have window screens to keep pets and kids in and bugs out. If not, you’re gonna have to do your own risk assessment. Fans of all sizes and descriptions are your friend; ceiling fans should be set to spin counterclockwise in summer. Even if you have A/C, finding or making a handheld fan will be worthwhile for when you have to venture outside. If you aren’t in a situation where you need to conserve ice, blowing air over a cooler full of ice will give you a makeshift A/C. 
5) SHADE. You will probably immediately notice that direct sunlight is a miserable place to be when it’s super hot. Find or make a shaded location, and don’t be afraid to move around to avoid the sun as the day goes on. Stay on the shady side of the sidewalk whenever you walk someplace. Try to shade your windows as best you can without obstructing airflow using blinds, curtains, shutters, etc. especially if they’re directly in the path of the sun. Do not be a jerk to your neighbors if their shade solutions are ugly. If you can get a shade for your car windshield, I highly recommend it, as the steering wheel, dashboard, seatbelts, and even seats can quickly become too hot to touch in a sealed car and will hold that heat for a long time.
6) CLOTHING. Light-colored, loose clothing that is as close to 100% cotton or linen as you can find is your friend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be short as long as it’s breathable. You will sweat through anything you wear, so I personally prefer only wearing machine-washable stuff. Sun hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, aloe gel for sunburns, mosquito repellent, anti-chafing supplies, etc are all worth looking into if you aren’t used to spending time in the heat.
7) TIMING. Try to stay out of the sun and avoid doing anything strenuous in the middle of the day when the heat is the worst. If you have a choice, plan to be more active early in the morning and late at night when the temperature is more bearable, and take a break in the middle of the afternoon.
Here’s a graphic from the CDC about how to recognize heat-related illnesses and what to do about them. I will add to this that if it’s hot and you stop sweating, you are getting to a dangerous level of dehydration and need to drink something BEFORE you start having more serious problems.
Tumblr media
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blobbynfriends · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
PSA from Blobby. Something we should talk about more ❤️
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beyoncescock · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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disteal · a month ago
So... what’s going on with influencers in 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this should go without saying but these are all scams and they’re trying to steal money from kids
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