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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Gamers of tumblr, I need help!

So, I recently bought a secondhand PS Vita (model PCH-1101) and I’ve been trying to find a super cute case for it. But all of the cute pink sparkly cases that make me squeal with joy are all for the Vita Slim (for reference, what I really like is the Sparkling Dream Kira Kira case from Japan). Does anyone know of anything over the top cute that would fit my vita? I’ve looked into some skins and they’re super cute, but what I really want is a snap on protective case, and those are all very generic.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!! 💜

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It took me like a thousand f***ed up to tried defeating Yozora on proud mode. Today is the day that I did! I could’ve not used the guide but I do need of it since I’m mostly not a hardcore of the gamer. I was about to like “screw it”, leave it undone and use this premium menu to be a fake king. I was about to be one fortunately. He’s one of the hardest boss in the game history. I did like screw it that one time few years back when I was playing this rpg for the vita, it’s called Freedom Wars. I was at the last boss, he was not that easy to beat. I believe due to not generally have enough experience I think. Perhaps I sort of rushed through the story and don’t take a lot of time to level up or something? It’s a way of rpg, but that’s how it is. This time, I don’t say “screw it” for the second time. Not my style. Won’t fail it again and ever gonna be of the VG history. It was day 3 since I tried beating him down by viewing the guide of his sick tricks, die a lot, then being sorta close to masterpiece? Just my oddly? Way to rehearse.

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I was cleaning out my attic and then I realized I don’t even have an attic. But I did manage to find a video I made about Persona! So, uh, click the link to watch if you want to:

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Katsucon: @jessakidding Cosplaying as - Zero Two - from the anime - DARLING in the FRANXX: Mixed the anime’s intro theme a bit more on the dreamy side 😊#katsucon2020 #katsucon #zerotwo #zerotwocosplay #darlinginthefranxx #anime #playstation #manga #cosplay #ps4 #psvita #cosplaygirl #cosplaygirl #autofantasy7 (at Katsucon)

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13 games that I really liked (some of them are real masterpieces) over the past couple of years:

1. The Last Guardian (PS4)
2. Человек-лось (Nintendo Switch)
3. Back to Bed (PS3)
4. Samorost 3 (iOS)
5. Machinarium (iOS)
6. Everything (PS4)
7. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Ninendo 2DS xl)
8. Limbo (iOS)
9. Journey (PS3)
10. The Unfinished Swan (PS3)
11. Salt and Sanctuary (Nintendo Switch)
12. Nightmare Boy (Nintendo Switch)
13. 13. Yoshi’s Crafted World (Nintendo Switch)

#psvita #nintendo #nintendo3ds #nintendo2dsxl #tamagotchi #PlayStation #ps4 #ios #gamecollector #нинтендо #нинтендосвитч #плэйстэйшн #люблюиграть #коллекцияигр #lovegame #tamafoxygame #game #gamer #gametag

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