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#psych ward
hii how long did it take to reach your cw from your hw and how much did you restrict ? did you also fast ? and did you do sport ? sorry for all the questions hhh i’m just really curious bc we’re the same height and you look so good

hi !

it took around 3 months.

i did restrict but it was not necessarily on purpose for the most part! and no fasting! i balanced my food but ate less. i spent a portion of this time in a psych ward (not for ED) where the food was healthier and portioned anyway and I couldn’t really snack between meals.

Some part of me is concerned I unexplainably dropped around 10kg - however not complaining lol as it’s now motivated me to keep losing.

please stay safe.

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TW: Suicide, hospitals, psych ward


Sorry about the rb spam, everybuggie! Hopefully it wasnt too obnoxious, I left a handful of tags! Ive just had to catch up on all the babes content I’ve missed the past month or two, cause I’ve been away in recovery! I’m not gonna get too-too into it, but I made an attempt on my life, failed, and spent a little while in the hospital, then a psych ward, then a residential, and took a little while away from the internet after that. I’ve been out since february 11th, I believe, and I’m feeling and doing much, much better now. Happy to be back with the community!

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the days keep getting harder & harder. the hospitals going into lockdown procedures which I understand but it doesn’t make it any easier. we’re only allowed one visitor a day on weekends for half an hour, in a fenced off part of the hospital after the visitors are health screened. all I wanted today was a hug from my dad and I couldn’t. patients aren’t allowed leave & inpatient groups are cancelled, and rumours are full lockdown begins Wednesday. so I’ve been stuck in my room, trying not to pull my tube out or turn the pump off, trying to distract myself with Netflix, Stan, the switch, colouring everything but I can’t hear anything over my head screaming to pull my tube. I’m sick of being sick. Yet I just seem to be incapable of acting in accordance to that. I don’t want this to be my life I just don’t see a life were I wouldn’t be reliant on these behaviours. 

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