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01.06.2020 // Still some pictures from writing up my results, even though I am already doing the discussion. As it’s near the end of the academic year (only 2 more months for me!) I am of course really unmotivated to do anything…

Writing progress: 80%

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01.06.2020 ~ download here your digital bullet journal 💕 It has 100 double pages and I use them on goodnotes, but you can also use notability. Hope you like them ✨

Don’t forget to reblog or like this post if you download the bujos and to visit my studygram where I am a bit more active ☺️

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060120 - 25/30 days of productivity

Yesterday I went out with my parents and visited our farm after I told them I didn’t make it to my dream university. I got to plant mahogany trees in a deforested mountain!

Also, today I officially graduated from high school! 💛

Tag me in your posts! #heyyanie

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1 june 2020 // monday

hey you guys!! how’s quarentine treating you all? what have you guys been upto?

i just completed jay shetty’s love your life challenge and am feeling so positive right now.

also, guys now i have an Instagram account too, it’s @tea.andpsych

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Just because a conversation may be difficult to have does not mean it shouldn’t happen.

The data shows there are racial disparities in our education system and in outcomes. Not only does every child have the right to sit in a classroom and be treated as an intellectual but also we need to listen and see what is happening to our students who come from minority groups. Being colorblind does not fix the problem, it perpetuates it. It’s upsetting it takes such horrific acts to get people to see this is not a viable solution. I hope everyone is staying safe and educating themselves.

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Friday has got me feeling a bit less motivated than usual, but the good news is it’s almost the weekend 🎉

I’m going to solidfy a study plan for the PSYC GRE this weekend, and ideally work on selecting a topic for my directed readings course in the fall. However, I also want to take lots of time to relax and work on decluttering my junk room to hopefully make some room for a desk 🤞

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I’ve been gone, but coronavirus has been a bitch and so has been trying to organize how I want to pick up Japanese again. I’ve decided to forego traditional book learning which drives me nuts (sorry proponents of Genki; I just can’t) and do the 80/20 method. I’ll explain more of that later, but I did it with German and it made it much more fun and intuitive.

Lastly, if there are things you want to know about my blog, its:

1. Cursive>Printing. As a 90’s kid, I was told my teachers would yell at me if I didn’t write in cursive in middle school.

2. I like cherry blossoms. A LOT. And pink. A LOT.

3. I don’t take myself too seriously. You’re only as old as you feel.

Now, excuse me while I burn a Sakura candle, drink from my Starbucks Japan 2020 Sakura collection tumbler (OMG IT FINALLY CAME!!!!!!!./&7:;$3,!:&/.!;&382@$), and watch Steve Wilkos reruns 😘🌸🌸🌸

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052820 - 21/30 days of productivity

Guys are you serious we just reached 1k+… I wanna send a virtual hug to all of you 🥺 (esp. my mutuals I may not be very vocal w/ you but from the bottom of my heart I swear y'all are the best)

Also I will now be tracking #heyyanie. Feel free to tag me in your posts, I’ll check them out!

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