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knifeearsan hour ago
Do you think Brienne鈥檚 wings would flutter when she gets flustered, excited, or embarrassed? I imagine Jaime would tease her a lot while he was teaching her and kiss her forehead when she clutches him when she stumbles.
waaaah yess I love that! 馃槶馃槶 her butterfly wings would def flutter when she鈥檚 flustered!
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astaticworld2 hours ago
so yeah in essence i think the human condition comes down to sharing a big pot of soup and holding hands
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shrimpboat4 hours ago
You鈥檙e so right about the writers not giving shortcuts into Sam鈥檚 inner world. A really easy shortcut to give him Main Character Energy would be to lean into his taste in music. So far they鈥檙e done a callback to his general appreciation of Marvin Gaye and one montage of funk music.We know he鈥檚 a music dude because of the way he talks about the trouble man album. He鈥檚 clearly taken the time to sit down with it instead of just hearing it once. Sam carries his inner world & culture out into the rest of the world. Depending on his mood music can get a really chill flow going on or reflect intense frustration with the situation or moral confusion. Henry jackman is trying but the traditional horn instrumentation feels almost. Sterile? Lifeless? Blank? Compared to what Sam is experiencing. Music also ties Sam into his generational background. Marvin Gaye鈥檚 albums came out mostly before he was born. That鈥檚 what he grew up with but what did he pick up on his own as a teenager/ in his 20s. If he was born in 78, that means he鈥檚 in his 20s for the 90s hip hop era. I don鈥檛 know. Common. Blackalicious. Nas. Mos Def. Jurassic 5. J Dilla. Those are just easy picks that sonically stay close to Marvin鈥檚 lyrical skill and rhythm that i know. There鈥檚 a bunch more really good stuff that has a ton of emotional range. (The training scene from the last episode. Instead of giving cap鈥檚 theme with blues guitar. Let him have the aux.)
no comment. genius take.
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heytherestilinski5 hours ago
i must ask, will the recurring dreams that dream had be addressed in helium? will we delve deeper into his psyche and trauma? i really hope that you're going in that direction, because so many cool things were introduced in heat waves
yessss definitely :) the dream stuff is honestly such an interesting part for me, and i love writing about it so i have plans to address it/bring it back in for sure!聽
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psyche-tips-the-candle10 hours ago
I kissed you and you kissed me,
When interrupted by a sheep
It looked at you, you looked at me
And laughed at the absurdity
But recently, it seems to me
Now every time I see a sheep
Whose slitted eyes stare dolefully
I think of you; please think of me
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the-ephemeral-ethereal12 hours ago
Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health. What concerns us here is only an excessive amount of them.
from The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche by Carl Jung
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cannibalsukuna13 hours ago
Twice/Hawks Anon: #15 Favorite book you read as a school assignment?
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, it was the only time i ever enjoyed reading a school book assignment lol
Twice/Hawks Anon: #55 Favorite fairy tale?
oof that鈥檚 hard I don't think I have a favorite fairy tale? 馃 Tho I do think it's metal that in one version of cinderella the step sisters eyes get gouged out by birds
Twice/Hawks Anon: #60 If you were a character in an anime, what kind of anime would you want it to be?
I want to be a background character in a shounen, I want to see all the wacky bullshit going on without having to participate in it lol (tho that also means I have a higher chance of dying 馃様)
Twice/Hawks Anon: #62 Seven characters you relate to?
Hinata Hyuga (Naruto): First character I ever stanned (before i even knew what stanning was) and she still holds a precious place in my heart after all these years despite canon doing her so fucking dirty聽馃槶 I really sympathized with her struggle with anxiety and failing to live up to family expectations
Goro Akechi (Persona 5): I have a hard time putting into words my feelings about Akechi but I really empathize with his desire to both be recognized by his father and want revenge on him and the frustration of bottling up all your negative feelings behind a mask. Akechi is a really cathartic character for me (especially in Royal) because by the end he can bare his true self (or at least a part of it) and still be accepted by the person who matters to him (Joker).
Arthur Boyle (Fire Force): Dumb of ass nerd who copes with his abandonment issues with extreme escapist fantasies = #relatable
Crona (Soul Eater): Their character hit me so much harder during my rewatch of Soul Eater ;w;
Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia): I replayed TOV 3 times last year and it really made me realize how similar Yuri and I are. We both sought to join law enforcement hoping to change things only to get disillusioned, then we suffered from a lack of purpose and then we turned to a more "radical" sense of justice. For "legal purposes" I will point out that I wouldn't kill people like Yuri does BUT he makes an excellent point about the failures of the legal system.
Tyki Mikk (D.Gray-Man): Murder himbo who has no idea what's going on and just wants to have fun? #mood
Twice/Hawks Anon: #63 Five songs that would play in your club?
Dancing Queen by ABBA would play five times in a row, then Money, Money Money once and then back to Dancing Queen and this cycle will repeat until I鈥檝e converted every miserable soul in my club into an ABBA stan. People will have to write a short essay about why ABBA is great before being allowed to leave my club 馃槫
Jokes aside I've never been to a club so I don't really know what kind of music they play but these are 5 songs I always dance to:
My Type by Saint Motel
Sunny by Boney M
Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson
Tonight Again by Guy Sebastien
Outasight by The Boogie
And number 6 just cuz I can: LOST IN PARADISE by ALI
(Ask game)
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raisinrat13 hours ago
I鈥檓 getting Rottmnt dreams once a week but this is def the worst one
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rotrose13 hours ago
im vibing thinking about star guardian isolde potentially as a star guardian zoe attempted to revive to use as part of her legion ,聽 however ,聽 the animosity she bore repelled her from zoe鈥檚 direct influence .聽 聽though her powers have definitely been corrupted ,聽 she鈥檚 lost in an incomplete form ,聽 unable to physically fight ,聽 crafting dolls that have since been turned into monsters .聽 聽one of those dolls ,聽 after being purified ,聽 became gwen ,聽 when her own desires prompted the first star to grant her powers independent of her creator .聽 聽
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reigenhusband16 hours ago
im doing slightly better mentally. Letting myself ship with a dude that's genuinely a nice guy is...??? Nice???
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fraeuleinich19 hours ago
Hallo B枚rni 2.0
Es gibt Tage an denen ist es besser, aber auch mal schlechter. B枚rin ist einfach aktuell anwesend, lacht mich aus und ich muss damit klar kommen. Irgendwie. An manchen Tage besser, an anderen schlechter. Solange ich was zu tun habe, ist meistens alles gut. Habe ich dann meistens keine Zeit gro脽 nachzudenken oder irgendwas zuzulassen. (more鈥)
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jjinana day ago
lulu I miss u coming to hang out on my blog 馃ズ but I hope you鈥檙e having a relaxing break from this place & doing well 馃А
erinnnnn 馃ズ馃А i miss doing that too 馃様 but i am (maybe unsurprisingly) doing way better now that ive been on here less and less :D i hope youre doing alright too 馃А
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the-kirka day ago
Tumblr media
Here she is! The 鈥渂oss鈥 of the Graveyard biome, Junebud. I鈥檓 making steady progress, can鈥檛 wait to share more with ya!
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niche-hot-takesa day ago
huh. thinking about the time i burst out crying at costco because the elephant on the sample tv had a mom and i dont. dad didn't even notice. classic
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gleepglorpa day ago
"what's the fun of having an oc that's misogynistic & homophobic" anon.... how isn't it?
LOL, its not that different from any other version of having an oc, youre right. i get that some people have ocs as a form of escapism but im more about exploring themes and different aspects of people. whats more important is that vardan is a nationalist and how these views function as a component of his nationalism . like he doesnt just go around dunking on women i think i made this clear before, lol聽
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