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The Queen of Sheba
The Queen of Sheba, Makeda, traveled from Ethiopia to Israel with precious spices and gold to trade with King Solomon. He was so charmed by her cleverness and beauty, that he fell in love with her immediately, and when she returned to rule over her homeland she gave birth to a son. The Queen is here to advise you to use all your charm cleverly, to get what you want out of negotiations. Be fair and enterprising.

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Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

4 of Cups

I think this deck’s most important contribution to my life and to my readings is going to be its ability to help one introspect and meditate. The 4 of cups, at its’ best is about turning inward to realign your life. It is about ignoring outside influences and making the choices that are best for you. It is meditative, introspective, and meditative. I think this deck is a very spiritual one which will help myself and my clients to become more in touch with our inner selves.

What are your strengths?

6 of Swords

I think this deck’s greatest strength will be its’ ability to help people through transitions. In addition, I think this deck will help to empower the querent in making the best choices for their life.

What are your limits?

Two of Cups

Relationship/love readings are my bread and butter. They are what I feel I’m most gifted at in regards to intuitive work. However, I think this card popping up here shows that this deck is best suited to more spiritual readings. Readings about self growth, self love, and one’s spiritual and emotional development.

What are you here to teach me?

The Magician reversed

With the Magician reversed, I think this deck is here to teach me to realize my inner power.

How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

4 of Wands reversed

I can best learn and collaborate with you by starting to celebrate my own personal successes, and not feeling the need to tell others about it. Glow up in private.

What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Queen of Pentacles

The potential outcome of our working relationship is going to be me reaching a greater level of abundance and confidence in my life.

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Pile 1 Clear Quartz

It seems like you have been in some sort of struggle lately, perhaps with others or yourself. Your career has been a source of anxiety lately and things are not going your way in that area. However in October I do see things getting better for you in that regard. The King of Pentacles shows that abundance and stability are coming your way.

With Deception popping out this month you might become aware of a secret. This could be a third party situation in a relationship, or even something like finding out about two faced coworkers talking behind your back.

This month a lot is going to come out into the open and transform in your life due to the energies of the full moons, but ultimately this is all going to be beneficial to your growth.

Pile 2 Moonstone

The High Priestess is reversed, showing that you have been ignoring your intuition about a certain situation lately. You haven’t been in touch with yourself, which is making everything feel overwhelming. The Eight of Cups here tells me that in October you are going to walk away from this situation for good. Doing so will, in time bring you a lot of happiness. It’s important this month that you let go of your need to have control over everything. There are some things we simply can’t control and surrendering to that can be very peaceful.

Pile 3 Hematite

You’ve been immersed in an important project this month which has been taking up all of your time. You’re working toward your future goals and are incredibly focused. It seems like you’re married to your work, but at the same time a romantic relationship is progressing to a more serious level.

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Full Harvest Moon 🌕

Message for the Collective

This fiery aries moon is giving us all an opportunity to reset and restart. Do you see the girl in the Eight of Pentacles? She’s laser focused on what it is that she wants. Not only is she pursuing what she loves, but she is disciplined about it. If you’re anything like me routine is something which might not come naturally for you, but is desperately needed for you to feel healthy and happy.

The High Priestess is a bad bitch who knows exactly what’s going on. No one can pull the wool over this woman’s eyes. The High Priestess embodies our intuitive abilities and our connection to the spirit realm. How appropriate for this full moon night and this witchy time of year. Not only is this full moon going to help us get more organized, it’s also going to heighten our psychic abilities.

The Wheel of Fortune is all about cycles, and the full moon is an opportunity to end a cycle that isn’t serving us. This could be the start of an awakening when you begin to see the truth of a situation.

Happy October Everyone! 🎃

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I was a little freaked when Every. Single. Card. decided to pop out of this deck reversed, but I think this deck and I are going to have a really compelling and transformative relationship

I found this spread online, it’s not my own!

Card 1: Tell me about yourself, what is your most important characteristic?

Ace of Pentacles reversed: Whenever I do readings for myself or clients, my number one goal is to empower. Too many people view divination tools as a way to see a future that we have no control over, but in my opinion this is so far from the truth. Divination, and tarot in particular are meant to assist us in understanding ourselves and reaffirming what we know ourselves intuitively.

Card 2: What are your strengths?

Nine of Swords reversed: I think this deck’s strongest attribute is going to be its ability to show the bright side of even the most difficult of situations. I think this deck is an uplifting one which wants to empower us and help us learn.

Card 3: What are your limits?

Strength reversed

Once again I think this deck is telling me that it’s going to put so much power into the querent’s hands. The cards are a tool, but you are going to have to make your own choices and your own mistakes. The cards are just here to help confirm what we already know. Trust your intuition.

Card 4: What are you here to teach me?

Knight of Pentacles reversed

This deck is here to teach me about self-discipline, organization, and routine. Something which is DESPERATELY needed in my life.

Card 5: How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

Ace of Cups reversed

I can best collaborate with you by coming from a place of self-love and compassion.

Card 6:

The outcome of our relationship is going to be me gaining a deeper knowledge of my inner self and the patterns I am repeating in my life. I am going to learn how to release myself from these patterns and to forgive myself.

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Palm Readings. Hi. I am Mama Mponye the Spiritualist, Traditional Healer And Psychic Reader

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A video on how to properly manifest 💜

$10 tarot readings 1 question

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Wonderful collective message coming through today!!! Deep Freeze jumped out twice! 

Now is a time to pause with material work and projects that are in your life to further you financially or physically. We are in a collective period of reflecting inwards and we are all being called to focus on our spiritual wellbeing and growth, to take the time to connect with the magick of the world around us. To marvel in its mysteries and to explore what it has to offer us in terms of personal development.  

The globe is going through a mass great awakening and with all the chaos surrounding us currently, spiritual evolution has never been more important both individually and globally. In order to rise above the darkness and bring about the change we wish to see, we must stop focusing on superficial distractions put in place to take us away from our true purpose; to bring about a mass shift in consciousness / awareness. It may at times feel like nothing is happening, but we must trust in the process of the divine and keep raising our vibrations in love.  There is nothing any of us can do right now to bring about physical change to matters beyond our control, so we must focus on what we can change within, creating a positive butterfly effect around us. 

By the power of devotion and intent, we can be the change we wish to see and inspire others to do the same.  We are so much closer than we could ever imagine. Big changes resulting from our collective spiritual practices are on the horizon, coming very soon. We are being asked to keep doing what we are doing and celebrate our successes no matter how small. Times are changing rapidly and by staying grounded and present instead of loosing ourselves to fear, we are shifting our timeline beyond anything any of us could ever imagine. 

 I offer personal readings by donation, if you’d like one please do contact me via DM or
Follow my blog for more grounding energy updates in these chaotic times…!

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My favorite part about being a psychic reader is all the people I’ve met. Each new person who comes to me for a reading brings with them a story (and occasionally a spirit or two 👻) and it’s getting to know these people that makes me happiest in this line of work.

If you’ve got a question or are maybe just curious, send me a message, let’s chat! For a limited time I’ll be doing free one-card (or single rune stone) pulls for people who are interested. 🔮

I offer Tarot, Tea Leaf, and Rune Stone readings remotely! 🧙‍♀️

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The most valuable lesson i ever learned in tarot is to avoid using keywords.

Look into the card and interact with it. What is your intuition drawn to in this card, and what is it saying to you in the specific situation of the reading you are doing.

That will tell you more than key words ever will, and allow so many more possiblities.

(Of course in situations you may find your intuition being drawn to a key word but do not rely on that to be your only outlook on that card)

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If you’re on #Facebook,

If you enjoy learning more on #mindfulness, #spirituality, #astrology, #tarot, #oracle, #numerology, #synchronicity, #extraterrestrial / #aliens, #chakras, #holistichealth, #universe, #magic, #personaldevelopment, #selfhealing…


I share weekly card readings, videos from time to time, original content, & shared stuff!! Just wanted to build a community where people can fully express their inner nerd-weirdness-kookiness without a worry in the world!!! 🌈



— 💫

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Hello love ❤️ I’d love one of your free reading. I am MR ♎️. I’d love you to tell me what are the energies around my financial situation? Is there something my guides want to tell me? (Any blockages or on the contrary if I’m doing fine , or just way to boost it and improve it...) really anything you might channel!! Have love, be blessed sweetheart 💘💖💝💓💗

Hello MR, Regarding your question I pulled 4 of wands. There is nothing to worry about is the message I am getting. Always count your blessings(and your savings) and stay grateful for what you have. Keep up the good work, you are building a happy stable foundation. All is well when you secure the bag.(stay responsible)

I hope this helps. ^.^

question 5/11

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