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About psychic readers: a problem with free psychic readings.

I decided to make a post about why I won’t be doing free readings anymore. I often do them because I know some people may need an answer and they don’t have the money to book a tarot or astral chart reading or just because they don’t want to and that is totally fine. I offer private paid readings where we can talk about any topic you would like and if you want more than a paid reading we can talk about prices. In fact, I will often offer you a discount, I know life is hard. I offer all these readings (that you can check on my blog or clicking here) because I’m willing to help whoever needs it and they money I get will be used for student purposes but I don’t use my abilities to earn money just “because” because otherwise I wouldn’t bother in offering free readings, I do it because i spend a lot of time doing then for you to tell you as much as I can, to be as detailed and accurate as possible. But there’s a problem with this:

I always see a lot of people offering their services as psychic readers with very low prices and sometimes offering free readings too. We always tend to set low prices so it may be easier for people to book a reading but sometimes we do the free readings just because we actually enjoy what we do. However, when we offer paid readings it is because we know that our abilities are worthy, we put a lot of effort in them so the other person feels satisfied with what they paid for. But it is another story with free readings, that’s the reason I won’t be doing them.

Even if it is a free reading we will want to put a lot of effort and be as accurate as possible because if we’re truly psychics and good at what we do we won’t lie nor keep some information but we will tell you everything we see and feel. But honestly I’m tired of this: I had to deal with people that would be pressuring me to do their free reading first or constantly asking when I’m doing it. I had to deal with people that asked for a free astral chart reading and after doing a whole deep reading about their sun, moon, rising, Venus and Mars and which houses they were in, I wouldn’t get a response. Not even a “fine, thank you” after I spent the whole morning doing it, looking for aspects so I can give a more accurate reading and all of that. I had to deal with people that would ask me about what feelings their crush had on them and after I did the reading they wouldn’t even like the post. I had to deal with people that would literally suggesting that if didn’t do a specific BIG paid reading for free they would probably have a breakdown because they were very depressed. And so much more…

When we offer our readings for free we do as much as we can and as good as we can do them. And know that if we do it right we will feel drained after a couple readings. We don’t just pull some cards and say exactly what any book or the internet says about that card. We channel messages and some of you probably have found a reader that seemed to speak to you on a soul level. This takes time and effort and we are always willing to help but I don’t find it fair to be putting too much effort in some things for some people that won’t even read them. That’s the reason why I make this post, and also I wanted to say sorry for the people that have been waiting for readings and would have given an answer or just read and liked their own anon post, and also thank you for the people that really understand this and say thank you and even tell you a little bit about how it resonated (and you don’t know how much joy we feel when you tell us about anything like that).

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Full Harvest Moon 🌕

Message for the Collective

This fiery aries moon is giving us all an opportunity to reset and restart. Do you see the girl in the Eight of Pentacles? She’s laser focused on what it is that she wants. Not only is she pursuing what she loves, but she is disciplined about it. If you’re anything like me routine is something which might not come naturally for you, but is desperately needed for you to feel healthy and happy.

The High Priestess is a bad bitch who knows exactly what’s going on. No one can pull the wool over this woman’s eyes. The High Priestess embodies our intuitive abilities and our connection to the spirit realm. How appropriate for this full moon night and this witchy time of year. Not only is this full moon going to help us get more organized, it’s also going to heighten our psychic abilities.

The Wheel of Fortune is all about cycles, and the full moon is an opportunity to end a cycle that isn’t serving us. This could be the start of an awakening when you begin to see the truth of a situation.

Happy October Everyone! 🎃

DM me to get your personalized reading today!! 🎃🎃

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My ask box is currently open now for free 1 card tarot readings ✨🌸 If you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine. All I ask is that you either give me an alias, or your first name. Whatever I can refer to you as. I will be using the Hermetic Tarot, a deck I deeply connect with.

This advice reading will give you an outlook on your current self or situation. If you would like to ask a question, feel free.

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hi hello I am a practicing astrologer and tarot reader and I’m in a need of a little extra cash!! here’s a list of my services:


- basic chart reading (planet placements and how they interact with each other/love language reads/etc): $10

- comprehensive chart reading (houses and aspects as well as planetary placements): $30


- $5 per card

- I can do past/present/future readings as well as any spread you can find an outline for (Pinterest has a lot as well as websites like biddytarot)

I am an intuitive reader and have been reading for over a year now with several people having told me that my readings are accurate and enlightening/hopeful/whatever. I pinky promise I’m not a charlatan lol

anyway! I have paypal, cashapp, and venmo, and I’ll only give it to people interested in my services :}

thank you so much for your time!! feel free to message me here, on snapchat (morrrisseysucks), or through my personal phone number (ask off anon/in messages) if you have any questions or want a reading of any type

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Hey Beautiful Souls 🦋

My new reading called “Letter From Spirit” will be $5 off for the next 72 hours

Click on the Paid Readings link in my bio for details BEFORE messaging me

Click on the Reviews link in my bio to see feedback from past readings

Reading will be $5 off until September 5th, 9:00 AM PT

Can’t wait to read for you loves!!! Stay blessed 🤗🌼☀️✨🌻

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You have fine words, and I sense that your voice will have an impact on your career 😊 Writing will defininitely an impact as I got a vision of a very internally focused energy. Make sure you also get out of that internal energy sometimes to balance that out for your wellbeing 🤗 You want to know what I also sensed? You are very blessed and the four clover wanted to appear to me 🍀

Hope you liked the quick reading! 😊

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