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** Cancer zodiac sign, the sign of Emotions **

Cancer Energy is so good. It makes us feel comfortable, safe, pushing us to get in touch with our sensitivity which always leads us to spirituality.

That’s why Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. Here wisdom is divine, becomes motherly and we heal our souls as we go deep inside our emotions. The Moon in Astrology is what’s inside our DNA, it’s our mind, our divine consciousness. We can’t exist without the Moon. It’s our light in the middle of the darkest nights of the soul. We can always look at the Moon at night and we feel safe, we feel nourished by its sensitive light. The night is magic because of the Moon.

The entire constellation of Cancer is quite small as it’s surrounded by a little part from Castor and Pollux’s constellation in Gemini and the Hydra constellation at the end, right before Leo’s constellation.

In Vedic Astrology, the Nakshatras of Cancer zodiac sign are: Punarvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha. 

The Punarvasu part is still in the Gemini constellation and is ruled by Jupiter. Here we have the great exaltation of our Guru planet, the Giant of our Galaxy. Punarvasu natives are usually very generous, expansive, fearless, in need of travel and adventure. They tend to repeat some patterns in their lives many times ‘til reaching spiritual enlightenment. They usually become teachers, investigators, travelers, writers, philosophers. Their mind is in a never ending growth. 

The Pushya part is at the centre of the original Cancer constellation and here the Cancerian energy is at its strongest. Pushya natives are the ultimate care takers of the zodiac. They are fathers and mothers inside their souls since young age and they feel like they have duties from the people they love to take care of them and attach themselves emotionally to everything they care about. They are self-sacrificing and they expect nothing from others when they give affection. Their way of loving someone is unconditional. Their love is like the one of a mother taking care of her child. That’s why they often get their hearts broken from people who take advantage of their good heart. They have a Karmic lesson to learn, since Saturn (Capricorn) rules their 7th house of marriage and partnerships. They need to learn who they can trust before putting their heart and effort away to people who don’t deserve their kindness. That’s why Pushya constellation is ruled by Saturn in Vedic Astrology. 

The Ashlesha part is at the end of Cancer zodiac sign, inside the constellation of the Hydra, the serpent Naga. Here the energy of Cancer emotions are at its highest, even without any control. Ashlesha people can often cling on things and people they care like a snake does when it coils around the object of desire. They find impossible to let go and this causes a lot of struggle in their lives. Ashlesha people are really intense. They often have penetrating eyes and a very sexy appearence. They are very sexual and have lots of dark fantasies. They sometimes act manipulative and behind the scenes because they are not direct people. The Yoni of Ashlesha Nakshatra is the male cat and they often have feline behaviour. They are quite interesting creatures, really mysterious. This is a misunderstood Nakshatra, sometimes mistaken as evil. They are just too intense and not too many people can handle them. This is what makes this star so special and magnificent.

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Tarot Reading Sale!


In celebration of my official business logo, I will be doing a SALE on my tarot readings! Here’s how it works:

  1. Find a friend, mutual, or family member that is also interested in a tarot reading for themselves!
  2. Both of you must contact me separately, either by my email, my blog, or my Instagram (posted on my bio)
  3. Once I receive confirmation from both of you that the other’s name is correct, I will find a reading that works for each of you and give you 20% off both your readings!

This will be running from 10/27 through 11/10!

Please repost this to support small business!

Be well, be love, be positive!

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The Queen of Sheba
The Queen of Sheba, Makeda, traveled from Ethiopia to Israel with precious spices and gold to trade with King Solomon. He was so charmed by her cleverness and beauty, that he fell in love with her immediately, and when she returned to rule over her homeland she gave birth to a son. The Queen is here to advise you to use all your charm cleverly, to get what you want out of negotiations. Be fair and enterprising.

To purchase a reading with this Oracle deck, check out my Goddess Within Reading on my Etsy shop, link in bio 🔮

To purchase any reading, shop the link in bio or dm me ✨

Any reading not currently available on Etsy is available by dm

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Tarot readings

Hey guys I’m sorry if I haven’t been able to get your readings done these past couple of months it has been a hard couple of months for me so I left for a bit

If you could message me again I will get those readings done if u want

My readings are open again as well

And if u do tarot readings as well I could do a tarot reading for u and u do one for me because I don’t like doing my own readings lol I’m too biased

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~ October 26 to November 1 Energy Reading / Collective Timeline Update ~

*Honestly, this kind of turned into a bit of a “November 2020 Reading” and a “General Predictions Reading” but I’m not mad about it. I’ll do a more in-depth November reading later on, but this is definintly a post for you to refer back to throughout the month<3

*These are some of the messages I started to channel through the BTS readings I was doing before the guides asked me to focus more on this information.

*If these messages are helpful to you, and you’d like to donate, you can do so through my cashapp or kofi. The links are in my pinned post. I am so grateful to everyone who makes love donations, it really helps me keep my personal readings affordable 

~ This week is about to be… something else… The month of November is about to be a total fucking shit show for anyone who doesn’t take accountability for their current realities or know how to control their energy. 

~ If you thought the beginning of this year was intense, you’ve got another thing coming for you…This week is the begininng of a crap ton of really intense energy. This week is the begining of the shit show. This week is when shit really hits the fan. 

~ People will be forced to really look at themselves as they truly are because the mirror effect will reach it’s climax. (I’ll talk more about this in a different post)

~ Pay attention to anything in your news feeds that has to do with extraterrestrials and space but stay away from the news in general. 

~ Politics are about to change drastically. This upcoming presidential election in America will be of little consequence. The American government is about to crumble at the foundation in order to be completely reconstructed. There will be no more minorities. We are about to experience a spiritual civil war. The only way to come out of this alive, is to focus on love and light. Nothing else matters. 

Cards for this week ahead:


9 of Swords, 5 of Cups Rx, King of Swords, 6 of Pentacles Rx, The Hierophant Rx, 5 of Wands, Ace of Pentacles Rx, 5 of Swords, Knight of Cups, Queen of Swords Rx, Page of Swords, Temperance, Wheel of Fortune Rx, King of Pentacles Rx, 2 of Wands

~ Pay attention to the number 55. That will be important this month (week?)

~ Everybody seems to be stuck in their head in one way or another. There are power struggles galore, and the best part is, they are all in your head. No one controls or changes your reality except for you. No one controls or changes your reality without your permission. 

~ The 3d world is crumbling down around you. Are you going to let yourself go down with it? Or will you rise as a beacon of love and light?

~ Basically, anyone whose still choosing to live in a 3rd dimensional reality is going to be bombarded with triggers designed to wake them up and help them ascend to a higher vibration. 

~ The more you fight this, the more it will hurt. 

~ It’s important for you to know that the only thing in pain is your ego. The only reason your growth has to hurt, is if you choose to let it.

~ Surrender to love. Surrender to light.

~ No one is asking you to fight except the energies (egos) involved in creating and sustaining the suffering your current matrix relies on to survive.

~ The end result has already been determined. We already know this rapid acension cannot be stopped. It’s time to sit down and ask yourself, are you choosing light and love? Or are you choosing fear? Will you move forward with this new earth? Or will you let your ego continue to give your power away because it enjoys suffering in the dark?

~ A change in financial systems is comng. You are going to want to get right with spirit. People on earth won’t use money after 2024 (probably sooner) Everyone will do what they love, out of love, and actively take care of each other. This kind of peaceful utopia will only be built after the tearing down of current systems. 

~ There will be a loooooot of major changes taking place this week under the surface that will not be revealed until after the portal on October 31. November really is about to be a shit show.

~ I really really do see money becoming obsolete. Especially in America and the UK. 

~ AI is about to be replaced with telepathy. This second wave of mass ascensions is the beginning of the crumbling.

~ The british government has been up to some shady shit regarding human trafficking. (America too, but we’re talking about the brits right now) “Wars that appeared to be coverups for oil syphoning were actually coverups for human trafficking.” Soldiers that think they’re doing what’s right and fighting valiantly for their country have actually been “hypnotized” or “brainwashed” into kidnapping women and children for unspeakable things and human sacrifices. This “brainwashing” happens through a form of mind control.

~ The American revolution was all for show. Those who control The U.S. also control The U.K. and Canada.

~ Everything you see in the movies is a twisted version of what is happening in the real world today. It is sold to you as science fiction so that you do not believe it when they can no longer hide it and these things start being shown on the news.

~ The Queen of England is not human. Neither are the people she keeps close. 

~ The people you think are in charge of the American government are not in charge of a goddamn thing. They are puppets on a string meant to take blame and attention away from what is really going on. 

~ These things are all going to make themselves known before the end on the year. By December 21, 2020 these facts will be unavoidable. Mid January/February 2021 is when the reptilians will no longer be able to hide their true forms and cosmic beings will no longer hide their visits to earth.

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Remember that this is time and energy spent on YOU. 

You would not ask a hairdresser to trim your bangs for free. You would not go without tipping a delivery person. You would not stiff the veggie vendor at the local farmer’s market. These are services that YOU have requested. This is time and energy that could be put elsewhere. These are resources that have been requested by YOU. 

So please, do not inquire and become upset if you know readings are free. When in doubt, ask! And if you cannot pay for a reading, kindly thank them for their time and move along. Tarot is not about the money, it is about a service provided for the betterment of others. And services do not go without reciprocity. Be kind to us, we are all trying our best!

Be well, be love, be positive!

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Got an amazing past life reading from AradiasReadings on Etsy!! Super well priced and very fast, also accurate. All she needed was my name and my date of birth. This is what I received, and EVERYTHING resonated.

Not only am I an aspiring writer, but I also often joke that I have “expensive” tastes. I also tend to fixate on stories of betrayal, righteous revenge, and vendettas. When I hear these stories I feel an intense satisfaction deep in my gut. I am an old soul and people older than me frequently mention that they feel as though they are talking to someone their own age. I am coincidentally of Southwest Asian and North American indigenous descent. I would recommend her, give it a try!


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I don’t think you’re thinking too much into it, like if you acknowledge you’ve been thinking of your ex, that would explain why this reading was a bit hard to discern to me 😂 because your thoughts were all over the place! I hope things have improved with this new guy since we last talked. I apologize for the late reply🙏🏻

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It’s a new moon 🌚

This new moon may be emotionally difficult, and with Mercury in retrograde in Scorpio we’re all feeling triggered. But, this new moon is a sign that the tides are changing and there is hope for whatever we are wishing for in this moment ✨

New moons are a good time to release and cleanse, in preparation of a new cycle

🔮DM me to book your reading today 🔮

Or shop my etsy, 🔮





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It’s 4:44 pm, and I’ve decided that I’m going to tap back into my clairvoyant/clairsentient vibes and offer intuitive affirmation readings. Your girl been struggling financially and i’ve been meaning to get back into readings, so this is a nice opportunity. 

I’m an intuitive empath with over 5 years of practice. I also read tarot (but won’t be offering that service atm, just bc i don’t have my deck close by lol) 

I’ll be using a deck of affirmation cards to help you with your concerns/needs/questions. Lemme know if you’re interested!!

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