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"Maybe Something A Little More Woody"
Tumblr media
(Pic not from the last ep. Congratulations, Jodie, on your face.)
There was so much beauty in this final episode, after a crushingly annoying and incoherent beginning to s4 (what happened?? on the bridge? ??)
Villanelle as Parishioner of the Week was funny, since she invented the award.
So, let me just start at the end of Season 4, with the aching beauty.
Eros and psyche are not mere figures in a tale but are two ends of every psychic process. We cannot view anything psychologically without an involvement with it: we cannot be involved with anything without its entering our soul. - James Hillman
The best moments of Killing Eve are when a fantastic cast has free rein, when they're allowed their natural incandescence and PWB's fantastic writing, and then later, they rose above mediocre writing. Other moments were quiet, unbelievably intimate—the micro expressions in this show have always been SO good—when the actors were given the space for their characters to be immensely monstrous and unlikable as well as compelling and hilarious.
There had to be an innate ability to choose whatever take broke open a scene just enough that I became erotically complicit and aware of my complete psychological involvement in the show’s generalized anxiety re: being human, and a woman of a certain age. Is Eve an everywoman? Are there recesses of the unconscious where Villanelle resides in us? Yes Of Course we have shadows and secret lives and, also, Not Really—because this is one iteration of a goofy spy thriller, the two leads are women. Within that genre, no one’s identity or character development is subsumed to the engine of the plot. Season 1 and 2 asked key things in slight different tones. Who can survive Love? Is there a soul (Psyche) at the End of Time and the End of the World as written by Phoebe “Don’t get drunk and shit in your sink again.” Waller-Bridge.
Hey, there’s a huge mythology dropped on our heads out of nowhere in the 4th season so I’m going to address it.
The books read like fanfiction. I preferred the show. Altho now I'm thinking a linguistic degree is pure genius.
This is a genre romp that didn't take itself seriously. What a relief. Yes, it’s about getting these two women in a room together, yes, it’s always been a love story. Yessss, it’s about a psychopath assassin in great clothes (not gonna lie, V's fashion choices was 50% of why I watched the show at first) who looks like Jodie Comer obsessed with a beautiful and bored Sandra Oh from Connecticut (who looks like Sandra Oh)—who loves and obsesses over and hates her right back.
Yes, there are wild, mythological elements that the later showrunners 1) introduced randomly and banged over our heads with an anvil of foreshadowing and 2) COMPLETELY FUCKED UP because you know what? The Daniel Craig James Bond era did not have to piston in anything remotely like that. Whatever happened in the Bond universe made so much sense (yes there was a Mother Complex, whatever) and ended up being great fun. The man is like, 537 years old already and 3) that is NOT how the Eros and Psyche myth ended in this essay I will.
What happened to all the sausages from season 1? They were everywhere. They were a riot.
Even a wiki page got it right, wow. The show was about female agency and rage and the dissolution of ego and identity under late-stage capitalism and yeah, there’s a shadowy organization of Utter Chaos with faceless, nameless, anarchistic, ridiculous evil figures in different cells that know nothing of the other ones just for funsies. Like, who the fuck cares? There’s Jodie Comer. There’s Sandra Oh. Sure, why not. Whatever gets this road trip going. I was all in. It got me through the first lockdown in 2020 and I re-watched it. Obsessed. Because I LOVED it.
Honestly, some of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 were so godawful and weird it reminded me of my fanfiction and how ludicrous my final thirds can be. I was like, SAME.
Tumblr media
Someone still has to explain AUs in the Killing Eve universe. How do they work work, you know? I’m genuinely curious.
The cast was glorious. Sexy, funny and in on the joke. They also took it as seriously as we did. And I will forever love them for that.
I’m truly flummoxed and a little scared for the children. What was your deal with Niko? Do you know what an honor it is to have Owen McDonnell play opposite Sandra Oh? No? He was not a useless ex-husband. Grow the fuck up. Get a therapist. That man ate his role. He was the only sane one. His mustache was great. He's a great actor from Galway! He’s super handsome, I think. Do you know how sexy that is?? He was the least neurotic. He loved Eve. She destroyed him. He was pitchforked because he loved Eve. Tortured because he was in the way, and depicted as abusive in fanfics. I’m sorry y’all can’t deal with men and decent, well mannered, stew cooking, reliable, codependent partners. They are a gift. Enjoy them.
Kenny. Oh, my god. I’ll never forgive that death. Kenny's death was not needed and i hope he's off doing amazing things in some other show. Bill's death was awful. That one hurt.
What a group of amazing people! Kenny and Elana and Bill and Konstantine and Carolyn. And Hugo! Loved Hugo and his fried chicken. Croissants, hungover M15 meetings on the weekends. I loved Frank. I love that actor too! He was in “Imagine Me & You”, little homosexuals, he was in that movie! and the whole first season was extraordinary. I was literally scared of my reaction to that season. I was invested.
And then in a pretty strong 2nd season, Villanelle leaned caaaasually on the balustrade of a bridge in Amsterdam in a gorgeous ensemble of rare 2012 asymmetrical Alexander McQueen couture staring off into the distance thinking about idk, murder (Eve, steak knives, perfume, how perfect she, Villanelle, looks amongst the Great Unwashed) and I almost stroked out.
Tumblr media
I fainted? To say that I fell in love with her is pretty tame for what my subconscious was actually doing at that moment. Something something utter devotion to a fictional character who looks like Jodie Comer. I had the same reaction to Jule's special episode and S2Ep5 of Euphoria, when Zendaya gave a masterclass in everything.
Jodie is mesmerizing. Villanelle is mesmerizing, and she is vaguely immortal (to the "Ghost" assassin she is the embodiment of demons, faceless. And my god what a face. )
And, as it turns out, she is human. The toxins of undying love have infiltrated her—they’re eating away at her. She’s a construction: pathologized images of herself have moved her soul in several ways: she’s afraid; she feels vulnerable and in danger, dangerous. She’s fucking in LOVE. Just like that myth. Here we go.
Her life force, her passionate vitality, her chaos, her hilarity and murderous sexuality (interesting actually, that for a show showcasing so much about libidinal force, there's not much sex), her vulnerability, her queerness. Well.
Jodie was all, and I’m paraphrasing, “yes she's herself and gay as hell and I don't question it. No one does."
It almost doesn’t work. It’s almost too much. Nothing about the first season works except the idea of a monster. And Eves really naïve sense of safety. And it’s fascinating. V’s money, couture, her arrogance, her irritation, the untethered violence and confusion, her sheer glee in her flamboyant kills—was I ever more scared or turned on as she walked unhurried through the fields of Bletchem with that extremely hot look of utter calm? No, not until the Hélene kill, where she’s jealous and feral, in Season 4.
It’s probably her uncanny, austere beauty against the sunlit Pride and Prejudice English countryside. Mr. Darcy just railed you and ran over you with his car, twice.
If Jodie hadn’t played this with the exact amount of curiosity and awe during the undeniable moment on the road with Eve—recognizing their shared “both/and”—it wouldn't have taken. Sandra and Jodie got the vulnerability, the terror and threat, and the irritation and the pull—they got the irrationality exactly right, and so did PWB.
It was a simple throwaway acknowledgment of a lack of guilt (not amorality, but guilt) which belongs to the experiences of deviation—that pivots them both into the Mythos that should have really taken them from Death and The Sun into a future. I mean, the showrunners brought this up so let’s go.
Villanelle’s foray into Christ was a disaster. It was camp, and not very good at all. And I was the disaster gay who watched it. I wanted it the way Fleabag had done it, "Quaker Meeting. You're not allowed to speak. If The Spirit moves you to speak, you have to stand up and share it with everyone. It's Very Intense. It's Very Quiet. It's Very, Very Erotic."
Neither of them has the impulse to repair, except with each other.
But I have a real impulse to repair a shitstorm of a tarot reading. One of the funnier moments at the end. "Don't shove the Sun, Eve.”
Writer rooms? Writers? Do your research. Villanelle has always been the Revelation. She’s always been liberation. She’s ferocious.
And Carolyn knew her. She told her. You can’t find yourself outside of yourself. You’re good at what you are. She’s always been the Sun. The Sun is not a wholly comfortable place for anyone, there are 19 stages to get there I believe? You go thru Death to unification and completion. The numinous roots down into Being.
Enlightenment bears the same characteristics in all people, it is an experience—not an idea. You feel struck by a burst of light and suddenly the world is seen or felt as spiritual and eternal rather than a day-to-day existence of drudgery and confusion. You feel totally alive with a childlike joy that most children never really know—for you have gone beyond your childish fear of darkness by traveling through it.... Here we will see happiness. Here there is victory.
They got Villanelle right! She’s always been a preternaturally gorgeous, spellbinding, sadistic child who tortures and murders her way thru everyone Eve cares for just to get her attention. Why? For love. And power. And Villanelle goes perfume shopping. And she wants out of her golden cage. And Eve’s soul finds the God in the assassin.
So, the heartbreaking thing. She is the Sun. She and Sandra embodied and played every moment of beauty in the final episode. Jodie and Sandra had free rein with Eve and Villanelle, they gave them this moment. Eve crossed over to her. Eve made the descent into the underworld. She had yet to come out unless Eros claimed her. Psyche, or Soul reached the end. To hope for nothing, to expect nothing, to demand nothing. Eve reached analytical despair. Some otherworldly alchemy had to happen. Eve’s big, gorgeous, wonderful mind stopped. And all her intelligence asked for love, and she asked for help.
I could cry with how much they fucked this up. I did cry.
It’s just a card, Eve.
“Your “ego” is only a mask, never releasing energy—it fights even sexual climax, for at that moment it must partially dissolve. Accept the death of your “ego” mask and your fears will dissolve as you experience a new maturity and new freedom of energy. Simply give up the old “ego” mask and allow the transformation to take place.  By force of will and with the help of a guide…”
The Death card is neither here nor there. It’s just mere mortal-grade standard transformation. It ends, however, in ecstasy.
Sidebar: l love that V landed in a simulacrum of her fantasy Alaskan life with Eve and Gunn was as insufferable as V had once been and V was over it and noped out immediately.
SG and LN signed off on an ending that is godawful and abjectly literal. It was mean-spirited and unimaginative. It was a betrayal of Eve and of Villanelle. Not only did we have to endure the tediously morally punitive ending of a show I really enjoyed, not only did I have to navigate real grief and saying goodbye to characters that delighted me, all of whom I so absolutely in love with (Martin!), so annoyed by—Laura Neal and co. added an extra layer of pain and screwed up a unwieldy, funny, batshit insane love story between two idiots. I was down for that. It could have worked! Nice life, cool flat, fun job. Someone to watch tv with. We’ll never see this particular constellation onscreen again.
Death is the end, in the final seasons very mainstream interpretation of reckoning. It’s like, someone got uncomfortable with a hurricane and panicked. Unless there’s a reboot. Which, who knows, it’s happened. I’ll kiss Konstantine when he fishes V out of the Thames.
They were both exasperating and irreplaceable. If I was Eve? I'd drown myself. It’s that simple and that stupid.
Psyche and Eros ends with a marriage, and immortality. It is triumphant. It’s one of the oldest, wildest and eeriest and best stories in the western canon. Greek myths and the Pantheon are petty, fractured, vengeful, brutal, blood-soaked and a fair approximation of the Mystery.
So let me back up. With all the mess of Showrunners switching off between each season (and they basically all said that was a major mistake for everyone involved), and loose ends, and weird kills and lost characters and promising alliances and dumbass character dev.... You had Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh (AND THE OTHER CAST MEMBERS) serving everything they had in the last few episodes, and throughout the uneven seasons and honestly in most episodes. The actors got it exactly right.
I’ve read Jodie and Sandra especially were pretty much given free range. Their giddy and tentative beauty and joy, THE UTTER JOY IN THE LAST EPISODE, was ravishing for 42 minutes. Weren’t you ravished? I was crying through the whole thing. Jodie cried all day and night on the last day onset—when they shot the last sequence.
I’m so sad. And so tired of writers who think they know better than their characters and the very powerful emotions they invoke. That ending, well, that was certainly a choice.
A friend who has minimal investment in this clown car said that you really had to work hard to screw up that amount of beauty and fun and love. Like, that took work.
I’m so so tired and heartbroken.
Give two psychos in a fictional, ridiculous universe a happy ending. And never, ever use the word problematic in a serious discussion about it.
Thank you, Killing Eve cast. I hope to see you all again soon.
Tumblr media
From Joy all beings have come, by Joy they all live, and unto Joy they all return. - The Upanishads
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Tumblr media
summary: You have trouble keeping your hands to yourself on the Don’t Worry, Darling set.
word count: 2.5k
warnings: fluff and smut ahhh
reward (another dwd centered fic bc i’m a literal slut for actor harry)
i’m supposed to be working on a longer piece but i couldn’t resist the set pics and videos just awakened something in me
Although singing is Harry’s favorite thing in the world, acting is a close second, and he’s really good at it. (To be fair, he’s good at most things.) Which is why you were not surprised when he snagged the main role in a psychological thriller, replacing Shia LaBeouf and successfully expanding his already-thriving career.
You’ve been helping him rehearse his lines—sometimes ‘help’ is not just limited to the standard practice, you recall, feeling your face heat up. Before filming started he was a bit nervous on how shooting would go. You’d reassured him things would go smoothly and you were right.
The cast absolutely adores him, of course; his subtle charm and genuine kindness always manages to attract people. You’ve met all of them once before, at an outdoor dinner party hosted by Harry and you the day before filming had started.
You’ve known Florence for a while because Harry’s friends with her boyfriend, and she’s a sweetheart you absolutely love. Same goes for the rest of them; they were extremely easy to befriend, especially Olivia Wilde. When Harry’d made a toast that night, his eyes had sought yours and he’d smiled.
“Being surrounded by such incredible people means a lot to me, and that’s why I toast everyone involved in the production of this film—it’s a spectacular thing to be able to produce art during these challenging times.” You’d clinked your glass and he added, “And I just want to add a special dedication to my girlfriend, for always believing in me and pushing me to accept this role.”
You were slightly embarrassed at all the eyes on you and the cooing from his cast mates, but you were mostly quite touched, and you knew that your good partnership was extremely reciprocated.
Which is why, despite spending most of his weekdays on set from early morning to late at night, Harry still does his best to meet with you everyday. He stops by your house every night, even after you tell him that it’s okay and you understand and you’d much rather have him rest because you know how tiring filming can be. He doesn’t listen, of course; stubborn as ever, he arrives at your doorstep with an exhausted, but wide, grin on his face.
Then someone on set tests positive for COVID-19 and production is halted for two weeks. You immediately fret about it but he’s quick to reassure you he’s okay. Harry quarantines away from you, not wanting to potentially expose you, and you two spend most of your time video chatting. Although you were separated from a screen, both of you were able to spend more time than you guys did while he was filming.
When he’s back to work, you find yourself missing him more than ever. It gets hard to concentrate on your own work because you’re too busy thinking of how badly you want to hear his laugh or have him explain exactly how Rumi’s poems resonated with him more than any other work.
Sometimes you find your thoughts drifting to dirtier places. Imagining how he clenches his jaw when Jack is feeling particularly murderous, or the way a fake cigarette dangles from the corner of his mouth. Other than his looks, the character Jack is not very appealing to you (he is a misogynistic asshole, after all), but it’s Harry’s portrayal that turns you on. It also fascinates you, how at one moment he’s playing an eerie douchebag you feel like running away from, and then the next he’s your doe-eyed dork who watches too many romantic comedies.
You wish you were spending the whole day with said dork on your guys’ anniversary, but the filming schedule is fast paced and can’t budge.
“‘M so, so sorry angel,” he tells you the night before, lying in your bed with a somber expression. His eyelids are fluttering from exhaustion. “If I could, I’d be spending every moment with you.”
“It’s fine.” He presses a kiss to your temple and you rest your face on his shoulder, a small smile on your face as you rub his smooth chin. “I kind of miss the stubble.”
“Mr Misogynist is very particular about shaving,” Harry laughs.
The next morning he’s gone before you wake up. There’s a note on the pillow, as well as a large bouquet of white flowers.
You read his words first and they make you tear up. It’s a very sweet message detailing how much he cherishes you. The message also excites you as it says he can’t wait to see you later tonight and you know what he means by that. He’s been so tired the past couple nights you two had just cuddled in bed together, but in the note he underlines the word tonight four times.
“Happy anniversary, H,” you say out loud, imagining his presence. You fold the note and hold it close to your chest.
An hour or so later your work is interrupted by a phone call from Florence. She’s an extremely fast talker so it takes you a few seconds to register she’s asking if it’s you and Harry’s anniversary.
“Yes it is,” you smile, leaning against the countertop. “Did he tell you that?”
“Yes, a few times. You’re usually who he talks about anyways.” She laughs. “Why don’t you surprise him on set today?”
“But it’s a closed set,” you point out.
“I know, but production’s willing to bend the rules for one day. We all like you, and as long as you test negative, it should be good. It’ll boost Harry’s spirits anyways, I know he’s upset about not being able to spend today with you.”
So that’s how you end up driving to Palm Springs, dressed in Harry’s Full Stop hoodie and jeans. You’re really excited to see him—playing Jack, in the flesh. You won’t have to imagine anymore.
Florence greets you at the entrance, looking beautiful despite the white mask. She’s wearing a bathrobe partially revealing a flowy dress underneath.
Olivia’s there too and the two of them laughingly inform you Harry is totally oblivious to this whole thing; he’s having lunch on the other side of set.
“You’re going to make him choke on his sandwich,” Florence laughs.
“Let’s get you tested first,” Olivia says.
It takes fifteen minutes for the results to arrive and luckily you’re negative. But you can’t greet Harry just yet, you learn, there’s a short scene that has to be filmed.
“I’m so sorry, but this shot has to be finished today,” Olivia tells you. “It shouldn’t take more than twenty minutes though.”
All of a sudden, Florence cringes and grips your arm gently. “Oh, shit, Y/N.”
“What? Are you filming the murder scene?”
“Oh, no, nothing like that.” She laughs. “No.”
“A sex scene?”
She cringes again. “Well, kind of close. It’s a scene where Jack leaves to work and he kisses Alice before backing out of the driveway. I mean, I know it’s nothing insane, but still. It’s your anniversary and all. And well, I’ve had girlfriends mad at me before even though they were literal movie productions.”
You put your arm around her. “Please, Flo, you both are playing husband and wife. An unhealthy couple yes, but still, husband and wife. I know that it’s acting, you don’t have to worry.”
Well, you do know that it’s acting, but that doesn’t stop a vague sense of jealousy filling you when you hear Harry’s seductive whisper echoing throughout the set.
“Can’t wait to see you later tonight,” he murmurs, his hand on Florence’s waist. You’re reminded of the note he’d left you and as if on cue, he spots you near the camera, his eyes widening in surprise.
“Hi,” you mouth, waving.
“Cut!” Olivia says. “Alright, H, go say hi to your girlfriend first.”
Harry laughs gleefully, running over to you. He’s dressed in a crisp brown suit, his hair slightly gelled. He looks so handsome.
“Baby!” he says, throwing his arms around you and picking you up.
“Careful, Harry, don’t wrinkle the suit!” someone from production yells and the two of you chuckle.
“What’re you doing here?” He presses a kiss to your temple. “Not that I’m complaining of course.”
“It was Florence’s idea for me to surprise you.” You smile up at him. “Besides, I really wanted to see Mr. Misogynist live in action.”
He laughs. “Well, I’m glad. You look—”
“Okay, Harry, let’s go! We need to get this done before 2PM,” Olivia calls.
He kisses your forehead again before retreating back to set, picking up a briefcase.
“Take two!” Olivia says.
Florence says her lines, then Harry exits the home and counters lovingly. But there’s a tinge of creepiness in it you know Jack is supposed to have.
“Can’t wait to see you later tonight,” he murmurs, then he pauses for a second before kissing her.
“Cut!” Olivia calls. “Harry, you paused for too long. Let’s try again.”
The same thing happens in take three, then in take four the kiss is too short.
“Just pretend she’s Y/N, Harry!” Olivia says in exasperation, which causes Florence to giggle loudly and for a slight flush to rise on Harry’s face.
“Right, yeah, okay,” he says. Take five is the final one.
“There you go!” Olivia says happily. “Well, now I know the secret on having Harry master the scenes. I’ll just tell him to imagine Y/N.”
“Except the murder ones.” you point out, laughing.
“Oh no,” Olivia laughs, “not those. Alright, let’s have a thirty minute break.”
You chat with Florence and Harry for a bit, but she winks and leaves after she says, “Gotta give you two lovebirds privacy.”
You giggle at that, turning to your boyfriend who’s towering over you, the smell of expensive cologne filling your nostrils.
“You made me nervous,” he pouts.
“What?” you laugh.
“You made me nervous,” Harry repeats. “You were watching me kiss someone else! Of course I’d be nervous, that’s why it took five tries.”
“Oh please, H. It’s acting.”
“I know,” he says mischievously, but then his voice lowers and he whispers in your ear very Jack-like. “You can’t tell me you weren’t a little jealous, though.”
You think of the way he cupped her face as he kissed her.
“Well, you’re right about that,” you say, rolling your eyes.
You two stare at each other amusedly until he clears his throat. “Well, I wish I could give you a detailed tour of the set, but we don’t have much time.”
“At least let me see your dressing room, then, I’ve always wanted to see that.”
“Your wish is my command, dear lady.” You giggle as he leads you to the trailer parked near an assemble of palm trees.
There’s nobody else inside, but you can tell they have very busy mornings in there. There’s plenty of makeup stacked on drawers and colorful clothes hanging.
“That’s what I’m wearing for the next scene we’re filming,” Harry says, pointing to a dark blue suit lying on a table.
“Very nice,” you compliment. “Snazzy.”
He laughs. “Snazzy?”
“It suits you,” you murmur, drawing closer to him. “Or Jack, I should say. Just like the one you’re wearing right now.”
“Yeah?” he stares down at you. “You like it?”
You tug on the jacket. “Well, I’d like it better if it were off you, but...”
Harry smirks at that, instantly grabbing your waist and setting you on the orange leather couch before double checking if the van door is locked.
“Can’t really take off the shirt, though,” he says, taking off the blazer and adjusting the cuffs of his tight white shirt, “Need it for the next scene.”
“That’s okay,” you say. “As long as you can unzip your pants.”
“Needy, are we?” Harry laughs, entrapping you on the couch with his arms either side of you. Your eyes flit to them.
“What is it?” he asks, watching you intently.
“Oh, it’s just—No tattoos.”
He looks down at his arms as if in surprise. “Oh right. Forgot about that. Covering it is a pain in the ass everyday, and it makes me feel rather naked.”
“Well, that part’s always good,” you smirk before reaching up to kiss him. One hand cups your cheek and the other pulls up your hoodie, his thumb circling around your breast as you grope his bulge through his brown trousers.
“Jesus,” he breathes, his trail making its way down to your panties, “you’re so fuckin’ wet already.”
You groan against his kiss-abused lips as he rubs your clit gently.
“C’mon, H—we don’t have much time.” You can feel how hard he is.
“‘S our anniversary, babe, let me take care of you.” He smirks. “‘M very attentive.”
“Unlike Mr. Misogynist,” you two say at the same time, but your laughter quickly fades as he uses his hands to spread your legs widely apart and buries his face in your heated core.
“Fuck—” you begin as his tongue swipes a hot lick against your throbbing bundle of nerves; he shushes you, but you can’t help it— “Ah, fuck, Harry—”
“You’ve gotta keep quiet,” he says, lifting up his face, his gelled hair now askew. You can’t help but let out another mewl as his finger flicks your clit.
“Alright then,” he says, retrieving your soaked panties from the ground and looking at you for confirmation before shoving it in your mouth.
You shut your eyes in bliss. You love this, the taste of your own wetness on your tongue, and when he gets all rough and grips your hips tightly enough to leave bruises, muffled noises of pleasure leaving your lips as his warm, moist mouth sucks on your bud as if his life depends on it. Your legs flail around his head wildly as you finally come.
“Happy anniversary, baby,” he smirks lowly, and he gives you a total of one-and-a-half minutes of rest before picking you up and slamming you against the wall, finally letting his leaking erection spring free.
The panties don’t leave your mouth and this time it’s him who vocalizes his pleasure as his thick cock fills your tight entrance. Every thrust is fast and deliberate, hitting your G-spot so ferociously you grip his hair tightly.
You come simultaneously, and the soreness that follows is sense of familiarity for you, a cake walk compared to how many times Harry’s over stimulated you in the past.
You spit out the panties and pull them over your trembling legs as he quickly shrugs on the blue blazer.
“Well, I’m gonna have to repay you for what you did to me on the couch later tonight,” you tell him, assisting him in zipping up his new pair of trousers.
“Can’t wait,” he smiles, and the two of you kiss for a split second before Olivia opens the door, trying to hide a very amused grin.
You two break away immediately. “Uh, was just showing Y/N, um, how the dressing room works,” Harry invents, scratching the back of his neck.
Florence steps in behind her and laughs. “Well, it looks like your hair’s gonna have to be redone.”
Harry looks up in surprise, blushing as he attempts to flatten it, matching guilty smiles on your faces.
lmk what u think and leave some stuff in my inbox if u want :D
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Sandman I
Tumblr media
Hyung Line X Reader
Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Horror
Rated: M
Word Count: 3K
Release Date: February 22, 2021 @ 5 p.m. (GMT-5)
“Three years ago, the town was rocked by the disappearance of YN YLN. A bright young girl who had dreams of attending university and becoming a nurse. YN was a kind, shy, studious girl who kept to herself and never caused any troubles associated with teens her age. So imagine her loved ones surprised when she disappears one night from bed - never to be seen again. The strangest part was that all her belongings had been taken, all the photos with her disappeared, and all her social medias deleted. But perhaps most peculiar was the wet sand found at the foot of her bed.”
Trigger Warnings: kidnapping, violence, and gaslighting.
Tumblr media
           There was screaming, yelling, I felt so angry. It felt like everything I had been holding onto just boiled over and exploded. Mount Vesuvius ready to unleash its hellfire on the unsuspecting below. My mother always told me I was like a ravaging bull; on a never-ending quest once I got angry. At that moment all I saw was red. Fiery red. Crimson red. Blood red. So I charged forward and unlike the bulls, I was used to seeing on tv I met my target.
Tumblr media
           YN didn’t wake up in her bedroom. Sure, it looked like her bedroom and it had the same layout as it, but the lack of furniture and layer of dust made it feel desolate. The room felt like a hollow shell. On the faded powder blue walls she could see the outlines of picture frames and scratches left by her younger self. Where is everything? YN stood up off the ground, immediately feeling a sharp pain in the back of her head, but when her fingertips pressed into the flesh lightly there was nothing there. “Mom? Dad?” They should’ve been back from their trip. Her parents often went on impromptu trips abandoning her and her sister with nothing but cash and a post-it note. Maybe it's a prank? Or we’re moving? Why would they move all her stuff without waking her up first? When she opened her bedroom door, there was an abnormal silence permeating the house.
           None of the usual news cycles that seemed to play for twenty-four hours straight, nor her mother yelling on the phone, not even her sister playing loud music to cover up the truth of what happened in her bedroom. Panic overtook YN immediately, she ran down the hall and the stairs. “Mom?! Dad?! Sis?!” What the fuck is going on?! When her feet reached the last step, YN froze. There was nothing: no furniture, pictures, nothing to suggest anyone had ever lived there. Am I dreaming?
When she was younger YN had stayed up late and watched television with her sister, unbeknownst to their parents. Usually, they were adult sitcoms with jokes that flew past her head, but once they gave reruns of a show from the fifties. It was nothing special, an episodic format with condensed stories meant to teach a lesson, but YN remembered this one specifically. A man had woken up alone in a world that much resembled his own but there was no one but himself. As if humanity had just disappeared while he slept; YN felt as if she had just stepped into the twilight zone herself.
The sound of a car driving by snapped her out of her daze. From where she stood YN could see people walking outside and her neighbor, Mrs. Park, watering her plants. Tears fill YN's eyes as she becomes relieved overseeing such a familiar face, her feet hurry to the front door where she pulls it open. The grass on her lawn is dead despite the cool weather, but that was the least of YN's concerns right now. "Mrs. Park." She yelled out as she strode towards the elderly woman, hoping to get some answers from her. If anyone would know surely it would be her neighbor. Upon hearing her name Mrs. Park froze in shock before slowly tearing her eyes away from her petunias towards where YN was. Their eyes met and before YN could get even a single word out, Mrs. Park let out a blood-curdling scream.
Tumblr media
I always loved my sister. Loved the way she shined. She was the only pearl in this piece of shit town. A pearl surrounded by empty mussels and clams that wished they shined as brilliantly as she did. They envied her - I did too. That's why I'm to blame. I missed the signs or maybe I ignored them. Either way, it's all my fault. I have always been the jealous type, in the end, my jealousy blinded me. It’s all my fault. I hate myself.
Tumblr media
The door to the interrogation room opened briefly allowing YN to see all the flashing lights and reporters lining up the front of the police station. She had only been here for about an hour yet it felt longer. As if time had slowed down and she could physically feel every passing second. The door clicked shut and she turned away, facing forward staring at the one-way mirror. I look like my mom...kind of. She didn’t look like herself, that was certain, at least not the self that YN remembered. Sure, she was older but that wasn’t enough to explain how strange she felt. The skin she was wearing felt like her own, yet it didn’t. Her long hair lacked shine and volume. The strangest of all was her face, older certainly, with more defined details but long gone was the youthfulness YN always thought she would carry. YN felt like an imposter.
The soft rasping of the metal chair grounds her as she focuses on the young police officer before her. His facial features were sharp and his hair was slightly overgrown in a way that made him stand out. The uniform he wore was a dark blue and it struck a chord of familiarity within YN. It wasn't until he smiled, cheeks becoming round and soft that she could finally place him.
He had been one of her sister’s many hookups before she finally settled down, at the time YN had been intimidated by him. It wasn’t until he gave them a ride from school and offered to give them both surf lessons that she had started to like him. Started to feel comfortable around him. Her sister dumped him before he could keep his promise though. Kim...something is his name. "Hello YN, my name is officer Kim Taehyung. Not sure you'd remember me but I was a lifeguard at the beach when you were younger." His smile was sympathetic if it wasn't outright piteous. Still, his eyes didn't hold the mistrust or morbid curiosity most did when they glanced upon her. YN nodded, "You dated my sister." Her tone was monotonous, but the quirk of her eyebrow said enough all on its own. Officer Kim stiffened, "I wouldn't necessarily say date," his hands crossed in front of him and he avoided meeting her eyes, "but yes, we knew each other from school."
Taehyung wasn't the first person to become uncomfortable at the mention of her family.  When the lady at the front desk had asked if there was anyone she wanted to contact, YN uttered she did not know her parents' numbers from memory. The officer had smiled bittersweetly at YN and replied, "That's okay. We'll get in touch with someone else." YN had found it a bit odd, shouldn't her family be the first people contacted? Every time she had asked if they had spoken to her parents they would shake their heads or outright ignore her. "Officer why isn't my family here?" YN asked, calmly the exact opposite of what she felt like inside. Why haven’t they called? Why did they move? Didn’t they know I would come back? Couldn’t they wait? Where’s my sister? Minsuh wouldn’t just leave! Her hands started to shake but she clenched her fist tightly willing them to stop. In the yellow lighting of the interrogation room, her pink bracelet looked weathered and old. The golden coin at the center looked more bronze than ever.
Gently, Taehyung placed one of his hands over hers when she glanced up the sound of tears hitting the table could be heard. They were hers; she hadn't even realized she was crying.  "I'm sorry. There's no easy way to say this but YN, your sister and mother passed away in an accident two years ago. We've been trying to contact your father but he moved to the states, so he's been difficult to reach." His words were barely above a whisper, but in her head, it felt like he was screaming at her.
After a long bout of silence, she spoke hesitantly, "What kind of accident?" Her sister didn't have the cleanest streak and if the worry of YN missing had driven her off the edge, she could've turned to the only de-stressor she knew. Her mother though wasn't as reckless, she was flimsy as a parent but overly precautious for the rest of her life. She didn't know what incident they could've been involved with that would have taken their lives. A car accident maybe? Whenever they were together they always fought, if her mom had been distracted...she didn’t want to think about it. Hopefully, it wasn't painful. Taehyung opened his mouth several times, not knowing how to put it into words. Just from his expression YN gauged it was bad. Very very bad.
"You know what, nevermind. They're gone and my dad will be here soon. I can just ask him about it." It might have seemed that she was processing it rather well, but she wasn't. Not really. YN was just doing what she had always done, nodded, and moved on. Though she could feel the pain building in her stomach and the scream clawing at her throat, YN swallowed it and forced herself to dwell on the positives. At least their last moments were together. At least they had each other. As she took a deep breath to calm herself a slight heave escaped her. YN clasped her hands over her mouth ashamed. “I’m sorry,” she apologized, unable to look Taehyung in the eyes.
“It’s alright. You have nothing to be sorry for.”
She didn’t believe that to be true, but she agreed nonetheless. Her hands rubbed anxiously up and down her dress
"Alright, I know you've had a lot to deal with but I do have to ask you some questions to see what it is that happened that night." Taehyung took out a file from under the table and opened it, before grabbing a pen from his pocket. The small 'click' scared YN for some reason. "That night?" The officer nodded, "Yes the night you went missing or what you did on that day. Any information, no matter how small, can help us." Distantly yelling and commotion being caused outside the room, drew Taehyung's attention as he glanced towards the door and at his back were some other officers were hiding behind the screen. Confusion marred his features as it kept growing louder, he worried the press had somehow broken in and looked towards the girl in front of him. Yet she was lost in thought, a faraway look in her eyes as she slowly blinked.
“I-I d…” the words were said so quietly Taehyung struggled to hear her. It didn’t help that the commotion outside was growing louder.
“What? YN can you repeat yourself?”
"i-I d-don't r-remember." Her voice trembled as she said this, as if in shock herself. Her body started to tremble and her breaths became labored. The officer having been trained to recognize panic attacks stood up softly with the intent to calm her down and give her space. At that exact moment, however, the metal door slammed open and Kim was able to see exactly who was at fault for the tumult. Thankfully it wasn't the press, but the officer would've preferred sleazy journalists to him.
The second YN's eyes met with his, she sobbed throwing herself towards him with little reason. "Jin!" Seokjin caught her in his arms and cradled her gently, his lips came to press against the top of her head as he sighed in relief. "Thank goodness you're alright YN. Everyone has been so worried." Had his voice always been that comforting or was she simply happy to see someone she knew? Someone she could trust. YN clung to him the way a child did to their parents, but Seokjin didn't complain - he never did. "Shh, it's okay. Cry all you want." Not that she could do otherwise, the front of his jacket was already stained with tears and snot. His hand tenderly stroked her hair, it was as if the two of them were in their little bubble.
Taehyung took note of that before clearing his throat, "Pardon me Mr. Kim, but you aren't allowed in here." The glare Kim Seokjin fixed him with was unnerving, to say the least, dark pools of black pierced right through him as if he could see directly into Taehyung's soul. YN didn't see it, however, for her face was still shoved into Seokjin's chest. Taehyung wasn't too familiar with Seokjin, but he had been long-time friends with Hoseok, that was enough reason to dislike the man. Instead of responding, Seokjin returned his attention to YN. "Have you been to the hospital yet? Anyone checked up on you?" The dulcet tone he used was at odds with the man Taehyung had just seen.
“No,” YN shook her head. “We came straight here.”
“And somehow you’ve been here for an hour and no one bothered to contact me or care enough to call a doctor.” It was directed towards Kim, but it was said loud enough that those outside could hear.
Damn, this shitty rich kid. “There’s a procedure sir, a way to do things.” Taehyung’s voice was professional if a bit passive-aggressive.
“Ah, so harassing a victim and mistreating them is procedure.” Seokjin smirked, his embrace on YN growing tighter. “What, want to play the heroes now after being useless for so long?”
"Why, you!" Taehyung stepped forward, but his arm was gripped tightly. Sheriff Min stood at the threshold of the door, the man was of short stature but the aura he exuded always made him appear much larger. His once handsome face was now riddled with frowns and wrinkles that the years had slowly etched into his skin. Once full black hair was now thinning and molten with patches of grey. Min Youngsoo was a mean son of a bitch. One who claimed the title of being the town's longest-running sheriff and its strictest one: keeping the crime rate incredibly low for a tourist town. The only thing that happened was petty thievery and the occasional drug use - all of which were typically perpetrated by one man.
“That’s enough Kim. Can’t you see the commotion you’re causing?! Disrespecting our victim and guest.” Sheriff Min screeched, using his palm to hit Taehyung over the back of the head. Before he turned and bowed to Seokjin, “my apologies Mr. Kim.” His eyes then focused on the girl, “YN, I’m so sorry this has happened. I know it has been a long day and there was a lot of information just dropped on you.” Min placed his arm on her shoulder, giving it a small squeeze. “You still need to undergo a medical check-up and we can continue this tomorrow.” YN gave a curt nod, before thanking the sheriff. The smile the old man gave didn’t seem sincere to Taehyung but either she didn’t pick up on it or didn’t care.
The YLN sisters had always been difficult to read and though Taehyung had previously thought the eldest was the most elusive, it appears he’d been wrong.
Tumblr media
I always hated this small town. It was like living in a postcard with its temperate weather, sandy beaches, and picturesque vibe. People usually came here during the summer to disconnect: they'd leave the city behind and pack their bags, ready for sun and relaxation. To them there was no better place on earth, it also helped that paradise came at a cheap price. But can those people eventually longed for reality and return to it. While the rest of us remained here; skins tanned, smiles on our faces, wind-swept hair. Until your skin is so tan it starts to blister, until your cheeks ache from how long you've had to hold the smile, until the wind sweeps your hair in front of your face so much you stop seeing the truth. Most people don't stick around long enough to feel those things, those who do are happy pretending they don't. I used to drive myself insane thinking I was the only one who recognized the farce of it all - until I met them. Now I long to go back to the old days before I realized that this paradise town was really hell on earth.
Tumblr media
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three--rings · 7 months ago
Beyond Evil (2021) Review
So Beyond Evil...
Tumblr media
I basically went in mostly blind and almost entirely unspoiled and I highly recommend that experience because this show has SO MANY twists and turns and wtf moments. And knowing really nothing about the plot is the correct way to experience it, honestly.
I basically had it pimped to me as Korean Hannibal, which....yes, but the show that it reminded me most of throughout was actually Broadchurch? (And generally Scandinavian Noir shows I've watched, which genre influenced Broadchurch, so yanno, it's a circle.)
So if I were going to compare it to shows I'd say the first half is Hannibal-esque and the second half is Broadchurch-esque. The show is definitely divided into two 'seasons' in my mind, ending with ep 7 and then the rest is season two, but it does all come together to form a nice, complete whole.
And on the Hannibal thing, because I was a Fannibal, it's more...if you liked Hannibal you will probably like this show, but it's NOT Hannibal. It's a little bit reminiscent of what Hannibal might have been like if the entire world didn't already know that Hannibal was a serial killer. If it had ever been an actual mystery. Whatever, just this is very much a leave expectations at the door kinda show.
As far as a sorta review of the show as a whole, the mystery plot is very strong in the first half, keeping you constantly guessing, but it does flag for my money in the second half. There are sort of compounding mysteries upon mysteries but none as compelling as the initial one, and it became a little more predictable.
HOWEVER, none of that really matters because the ACTUAL POINT of the show is the characters and character development and that is 100% delivered. Writing, acting, everything is excellent in terms of characters and that's why I show up anyway. Though, there were definitely moments/episodes where I was like...I don't understand the character motivations or what is happening at all while I was watching. But I'm fairly confident it would all make sense to me on a second watch? It's just...the show keeps a lot mysterious except in hindsight.
If there's an overused trick in this show it's definitely the "omg wtf is happening I don't get it" scene happening (usually at the end of the ep) followed by the next ep having a flashback that explains exactly what was behind that scene. However, those wtf scenes almost always got me anyway, so I guess it worked. (This was also a thing in Hannibal. Though that was usually people dying and then not really being dead.)
Onto the topic I haven't really addressed yet: the Gay. As I was watching this show I felt very much like I was watching it with my brain split in two: one half watching a neat psychological thriller and the other going "....so have they fucked yet?"
Because yeah the two mains have incredible chemistry and tension between them. Very much the "two men completely wrapped up in each other, obsessed with each other, staring at each other ENDLESSLY." And there's a lot of flirting, in an antagonistic way. It's kinda a tsundere for tsundere ship.
The show basically provides a very fertile ground for a ship to grow, and it's clearly not unintentional, but also it's not at all canonical, if that's something you care about. It's about as canonical as Hannigram for the majority of that show (which is honestly only considered "canon" because of Bryan Fuller lbh.)
Anyway, yes I highly, highly recommend it. If you're intrigued you should just start watching it. It's 16 episodes, on Netflix (US), you won't regret the ride.
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onlydylanobrien · a year ago
Dylan O’Brien is on the run. Quite literally.
It’s a crisp October afternoon on the Toronto set of Flashback and the former Teen Wolf star has just arrived. O’Brien gives director Christopher MacBride a hug before gearing up for the physical sequence on the horizon. As the cameras begin to roll, the 29-year-old actor sprints up the staircase of an abandoned warehouse. Again, and again, and again. As he repeats the scene, O’Brien lightheartedly voices his concerns about holding his head up during his mad dash. “I’m untrained as an actor,” he says to MacBride.
“That was just me joking about things in movies that you don’t think about, like trying to run upstairs and you are not watching your feet because you have to keep your head up for the camera,” O’Brien tells SYFY WIRE as he plunks down on a chair in a remote corner of the building. Running at full tilt, while also ensuring that you’re making sure the camera can capture your performance, is a skill in and of itself, it turns out. “It’s hilarious because then you are tripping and you’re like, ‘Oh, this is not easy.' It’s one of those funny little things. This must be what they teach you in acting school.”
Landing in select theaters and VOD on June 4, Flashback — previously titled The Education of Fredrick Fitzell — follows Fredrick Fitzell, an ordinary guy on the cusp of his 30s. Locked in a corporate job, he must make some tough decisions regarding the next chapter of his life and career. To complicate matters, a chance encounter with a man from Fredrick’s past triggers disturbing memories of Cindy, a high school classmate who vanished. To unravel the mystery behind her disappearance, Fredrick turns to his old druggie buddies and the substance Mercury. Could a trippy bender unlock his repressed memories… or allow something more troubling to resurface?
Fredrick’s existential crisis immediately spoke to O’Brien. The New York City native previously suffered an accident, involving a stunt gone wrong, while filming his movie, The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. The incident left an injured O’Brien hospitalized, broken, and mulling whether to continue acting.
“The two things I had done the longest since I started acting were Teen Wolf and Maze Runner,” O’Brien says. “I had always had those homes and knew I would be moving on from those at some point. They happened in the same year, too. They both kind of ended. It was a new stage that I was going to be entering into. I wanted to take my time, for me personally, because I had been going nonstop since I was 18. I always believed that as an artist, the only thing you are inspired by is life and experience. You can’t be on set all the time. I was reading a lot and trying to figure out and feel what was right to do next. I wanted to be patient about that.
“I read this script and called my manager, ‘I absolutely love this!'" he adds. "It’s an incredibly well-written script and wildly unique. It’s completely out there, and yet, at the same time, it’s really structured and written by somebody who knows what they are doing. Beyond that, it felt like my world at the time. Something could not have fallen into my lap that I was more connected to.”
Although marketed as a psychological thriller, Flashback’s narrative is rooted in genre, with elements of horror and sci-fi. Reminiscent of Jacob’s Ladder, the story switches between past, present, and future versions of Fredrick. In addition, a horrifying creature, with a personal connection to Fredrick, haunts his visions. The monster serves as an interesting device used as a metaphor for motherhood and exploring the complexities with a parent.
“I love that instead of hammering home what his relationship was like with his mother in the script, it’s sort of a very important piece of the film that he’s losing his mother,” explains O’Brien. “You never really see how he feels about that, outside of what he is going through. The only way you do that is through this creature and through this hovering energy.”
Viewers will be treated to multiple Fredricks (nine, to be precise) on this deeply personal journey. There’s 17-year-old teen Fredrick, his present-day self, and an older version. O’Brien was impressed by the aging and de-aging process — enough that he admits to occasionally getting a little lost in time.
“Every day, I’m like, ‘Where the hell am I?’” he jokes.
“The makeup team has been doing an amazing job because it’s not an easy thing to do and you have to be subtle with it,” O’Brien says. “They will do things, like when I’m 30, it’s no makeup aside from enhancing my little wrinkles that I have, the natural things in my face and have a little scruff. Then, at 17, they are young-ing us up. They put makeup on us to make our skin look younger, our face look better. A little foundation smoothes everything out. We shave and try to cover up the shadow.
“I didn’t expect it to be so mentally and emotionally draining,” he continues. “I do feel spent at the end of so many days. It’s a lot of focus. Again, in this time crunch of 25 days, sometimes we are doing three big scenes of the entire arc of the film, three completely different stages of his life. I want the performance to be there. It’s difficult, but it’s such a fun challenge because it’s something I connect to, something I dearly care about and want to get right.”
O’Brien concludes, “It’s been nothing but a blast and a pleasure to have that challenge of exploring these subtly different nine versions of this guy and having traces of him still be there in each and every one.”
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nhkamira · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
October is finally here, and thanks to the universe we have a great amount of new animes and new seasons. Again, I found myself with a long list this season, and I don’t think any of these would be bad enough for me to drop it, actually my expectations are very high ^^ so, what I’ll be watching?
1. Jujutsu Kaisen (呪術開戦) the one I’ve been waiting the most, I have this manga physical and it’s amazing TT I can’t wait to see it animated. Studio MAPPA it’s in charge for this, and a number of episodes haven’t been decided. Genres: Action, Horror, Shounen.
2. Higurashi: When they Cry (ひぐらしのなく頃に) the first version of this anime was really fucked up, a great horror, I’m really excited about this new version. Studio Passione is in charge of this, I hope they do a great work because I’ve only seen comedy animes from them. No amount of episodes have been set yet. Genres: Mystery, Dementia, Horror, Psychological, Thriller.
3. Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You (トニカクカワイイ) I wanted a good romance anime so bad and I think this is definitely going to be one. About a boy looking for the girl that saves him and whom he feel in love with. Brought by studio Seven Arcs (Arte ^^), seems like it’s going to be a really sweet story. Genres: Romance, Comedy, Shounen.
4. The Day I Became a God (神様になった日) a boy preparing for college who met a girl that randomly proclaimed herself the god of omniscience, and telling him the world would end in 30 days, well somehow she ended up living with him. Well P.A Works (Another, Angel Beats) it’s in charge of this one and I think it’s going to be really good, so I’m looking forward to it. Genres: Drama, Fantasy.
5. Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season (ハイキュー‼︎) I haven’t seen the previous season yet but I’m definitely going to do it before this one end. I bet everyone it’s really hyped for this one, so am I. Production I.G still working on the series, and definitely doing an amazing job. Genres: Comedy, Sports, Drama, School, Shounen.
6. Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon (半妖の夜叉姫) I can’t explain my love for Inuyasha ever since I can’t remember. When I saw that this was coming for fall I was beyond excitement, I even rewatch Inuyasha. Studio Sunrise will work on the series just like Inuyasha. Genres: Action, Adventures, Comedy, Historical, Supernatural, Fantasy.
7. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World (君と僕の最後の戦場、あるいは世界が始まる聖戦) according to myanimelist synopsis this one seems to be a kind of Romeo and Juliet type of story with magic and war involved, and I’m actually excited about it, so I will give it a chance. Studio Silver Link is in charge and they gave titles like Kenja no Mago, and Maou Gakuin from last season so I believe it’s going to be good in their really unique way. Genres: Action, Romance, Fantasy.
8. I’m standing on 1,000,000 lives (百万の命の上に俺は立っている) this one is an isekai, 3 school mates get transporter to a world full of mythical creatures and some game master put them in a quest giving them roles, op getting nothing but a farmer roll. Hopefully this one won’t be the usual isekai where op it’s way to talented I’m every, and we get to see a proper character development. Maho Film it’s in charge pm they don’t have much works but if you saw Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba you must remember our precious Latina and what a great story it was, so let’s expect a decent story. Genres: Action, Game, Drama, Fantasy, Shounen.
9. The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc (魔法科高校の劣等生:来訪者編) well I’m happy to see this one is having another arc animated, it’s been a while since first season so I’m going to properly rewatch it before I start this. It’s a different studio this time instead of Madhouse is 8bit, I’m not quite related with their work but they are the ones who brought my favorite original anime Hoshiai no Sora. Genres: Action, Sci-fi, Magic, Romance, School.
10. The Journey of Elaina (魔女の度々) the story will follow a witch named Elaina and her journey around the world meeting different people. I think it would be a nice funny, soft and cute story, like a really nice slice of life but with magic involved. Studio C2C it’s doing the job, I’ve never seen any of them before but I know they do a lot of slice of life. Genres: Adventure, Fantasy.
11. Noblesse (ノブレス) another manwha getting and anime. A lot of people are a bit hard on this, since many found Tower of God (for me it wasn’t) and The God of High School (this one yes but for me was amazing anyway) to rushed, many fear it’s going to be the same with Noblesse specially since people who read the source say they included some people in the poster meaning they have to rushed a lot a material to get where they appear. Hopefully it would be amazing as the others mentioned. Genres: Action, School, Supernatural.
12. Adachi and Shimamura (安達としまむら) it’s a shoujo ai story, hoped this would be really well done, a story about friendship and love that would be heart touching, I feel like this genre it’s not easy to be well achieved but Tezuka Production is behind it and they have done an amazing job with some classic animes and movies, and they also worked on Dororo, so I expected a nice story. Genres: School, Romance, Shoujo Ai, Slice of Life.
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lunarrwolf · a year ago
mini series coming soon!!
since you guys got me over 300 followers, i held up my end of my own deal and was finally able to think up the first of a 100% written series (social media included only when needed to build the story).
there will only be two for now but i want to get the sykkuno series a good ways in before bringing in new content like this! i’ve been a writer since middle school and have major writer’s block for a book i’m working on rn so i’m really excited about writing an actual story for lunarrwolf! these are the banners, very tiny synopses, and sneak peek excerpts for DAYWALKER!s and Siren Woods
s.h warning: siren woods will not be for the faint of heart as it will be put in the category of a psychological thriller. it will contain suspense, fear(s), anxiety and/or mentions of depression, isolation and swearing
d.w!s warning: this is an apocalyptic world w/o zombies. it will contain violence, anxiety, entrapment, fear(s) and swearing
disclaimer: i will do my absolutely best not to treat either of these as if they were actual novels. i plan on putting in comedic lines and scenes to lower any thriller/horror vibes from the stories, and not too go too far to avoid truly triggering myself or anyone else. warnings will only be issued in chapters that are going to actually include one or more of above the above. but if anyone who reads them in the future have issues do not feel like you need to keep reading.
Tumblr media
a variety youtuber mini series
ten creators find themselves amidst a city with an oddly familiar vibe, a weird yet intimidating apocalyptic appearance, and hundreds of strangers that feel the need to do nothing but fight their way through the city. even if that means to the death.
“You’re all going to die, you know.. so you might as well give up now and let it take over.”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
You blinked at the growl woven in with your friend’s deep voice, knowing for sure that if you were in an animation a sweat drop would be making its way down the side of your head. He hated confrontation more than anyone here but when it came to his friends, and being trapped in a place like this? Who knew what damage he would do to keep them safe.
The man ahead of the group did nothing but stand there with a mocking grin on his face. It was unnerving, and dare say almost bloodthirsty. There was no amount of sanity or free will from where you all stood just a couple of yards away, and just that thought alone chilled you to the core.
“Corpse.. maybe you shouldn’t.” You stated, stepping closer to him to lower the risk of the strange man hearing the second part. “I don’t like the looks of that guy even from over here. We’ve already had to deal with a ton of crazy shit since finding each other. We can’t risk losing our only real muscle of the group.”
Ignoring the offended voices of Sean and Ludwig, the man with the torn mask looked at you only when you put a hand on his shoulder. It took sharing glances and seeing head shakes from most of the others to have him loosen the fist his hand was already in. Standing up straight, you watched as he rolled his shoulders, jaw still clenched from the tension. Rae was taking advantage of the off putting interaction and explored the small area, so capturing everyone’s attention when Corpse relaxed a bit wasn’t hard. “It’s gonna be a tight fit but I think we can make it work.”
“Where did you learn how to hotwire a car?” Ethan questioned, being the first to make his way toward the beaten vehicle.
“Video games?” The brunette answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. She hit the side of the driver door twice, motioning to the group. “Now get your asses in here before that guy decides to pull a Resident Evil zombie sprint on us.”
“Yes ma’am.” Sykkuno saluted, earning chuckles that were a rare sight since ending up here. The two of you didn’t waste time in calling the front seats beside Rae and Ethan, forcing everyone else to get in the back of the truck and make it work. No one could complain, though, seeing the circumstances you were all in.
It took a few seconds of revving the seemingly old engine before the machine began making its way. You could actually hear the ones in the back shift around to get in more comfortable positions for however long a ride it would be. The girl behind the wheel didn’t pay any mind to the stranger that watched her drive you all away, but you did. And even when he continued to shrink in distance and eventually disappeared, you knew his words would stay with you.
“You’re wasting your time! No one gets out of Mirror City!!”
Tumblr media
Siren Woods
a variety youtuber mini series
seven internet personalities find themselves in the middle of an old town myth as they take a break from their careers and head up towards a rural mountain area. among every spooky or jumpy experience with a horror game here and there, never did any of them think they’d end up in this situation.
The fire crackled with a sense of release, almost as if this large flame represented the time everyone needed away from their jobs. After how crazy the media has become the past few weeks, you and your friends agreed that a trip towards a much lesser known area would do you all well. It was a teenagers on summer break scene where everyone was gathered around a campfire in the backyard of a lake house, telling stories to either amuse or scare each other. Seán and Ethan were the first to do so, tag teaming in a very dramatic reenactment of the first time they met in person, which of course had to be followed by your own scene with Y/F/N.
Time flew by and before you knew it, the sun was completely set and the darkest shade of navy possible was barely lit with a crescent moon and a few stars. The only real source of light was the fire, illuminating the six faces in an orange glow. Any laughter died down minutes ago, leaving a silence that was comfortable for everyone. “You guys want to hear a funny story?”
Squinting at the man sitting in the log across from you, you leaned forward, hands folded in your lap. “Funny haha or funny we might want to kill you after we hear it?”
“Uh..” Corpse met your gaze immediately, his mask somehow looking more eerie with the natural lighting. “Funny kind of hoping you won’t kill me, if I’m being honest.” He confirmed, leaning forward himself to warm up his hands while the rest of you debated on whether to let him tell it.
After a few minutes, and three overtaking two, he was allowed to do so. It was an old myth of the town you all resided in for the week; a Slenderman type of entity of the forest that the locals from dozens of years before chose to call Siren Head. The name stuck once old photos were found and set up in the small museum in the Common. He stood at forty feet tall, with two megaphones for heads and tangled wires for a torso. He had the ability to perfectly mimic broadcasts, conversations, sirens and screams, and had been said to only emit white noise if ever asleep. Speed nearly matched that of a cheetah and his strength was unbelievably high due to his size. Every sighting of said species had only been released by victims, and it was an urban tale that stood alive to this very day.
Rae was on the grass now, legs crossed one over the other as she tried to look at everyone at once. “Why the hell did we all come to a place called Siren Woods, then?!”
“Well.. the town looked really nice online, and it’s living up to that. And I thought siren meant more mermaid than a freaky Creepypasta-type thing.” Sykkuno could do nothing but respond with nerves showing through his face and every subtle movement of his body as he explained why he ended up agreeing with the destination.
“Yeah, I did too.” Y/F/N piped in, shrugging her innocence as you all began telling your sides. “Who doesn’t think of a mermaid when you hear the word siren?! That’s basically what they are.”
“I, for one, think we should find another place to stay.” Ethan spoke up.
Seán gaped at his longest friend in the group, “You don’t actually believe in that.”
“I’m not taking any chances, dude. Those people believe in that thing enough to build a whole section of the museum for it.”
You watched your friends go back and forth, some freaked out by the story but not believing it was real while the rest wanted to find a new vacation spot. “What do you think, Y/N?”
You turned to Corpse, blinking as the simple question processed in your mind. “I’m with Ethan on this.. even if that thing isn’t an actual being the belief here is hardcore.” Three faces lit up in relief while the roommate, Irishman, and faceless internet persona felt differently. “Let me finish..” you sighed, “Let’s stay another night but keep an extra cautious eye on Spencer and Luna. Animals have a sort of sixth sense, so if anything weird happens they’ll warn us. Deal?”
Y/F/N shared a glance with you, letting out a sigh of her own. “Suddenly I’m feeling a lot better that we brought our dogs instead of getting sitters.” She bent down to pet the canines laying between the logs, hoping if they did bark it would just be from a resident knocking on the door.
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Tumblr media
𝑞'𝑠 𝑞𝑢𝑖𝑐𝑘 𝑐𝑙𝑎𝑟𝑖𝑓𝑖𝑐𝑎𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛 — Angst. Male character, no direct character specified. I wrote this when I was in 10th grade, and I did not go back and check for grammatical errors. Sorry if you run into any. ♡
tw: self-loathing, depression, language, a sprinkle of salt
Tumblr media
chi·me·ra: something that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve
Tumblr media
Hello, you've reached my–
Sharing is caring, babe!
You've reached our voicemail. Say your message after the beep, please.
Another person?
They had moved on so fast, yet he can't seem to believe they had left.
"Another person," he repeatedly thought.
He slumped on the floor, choking on the air lodged in his throat. The closing up of his airway to refrain from sobbing didn't help his case at all. He wondered how they could love someone simply because the person they loved weren't him.
He gathered the strength to force a coherent word out of his mouth. Tears stung his eyes, waiting to tip over the brim of his lower lash line.
He inhaled sharply, almost being strangled by the wild thump of his heart.
This was his chance to tell them how much he missed them. The room spun as his heart rate inclined even more. Thoughts of how he'd explain how much he'd do anything to have them back ran through his mind.
If you are satisfied with your message, please hang-
He leaned his head backwards to rest it upon the wall behind him. He missed them. He wanted to know what they were doing. He wanted to know where they were. He needed to hold them in his arms again, to make contact with them. He needed to feel it.
He needed to feel loved.
Tumblr media
"I can't remember the last time I felt good about what we have."
"What do you mean? We love each other."
"We? You love me. It's not like I tried to stray away from loving you. It just seemed to happen that way."
Tumblr media
He jolted, finding himself in the same spot he was in the night before. His spine still alined vertically against the cold, cracked wall. There was a static sensation in his legs due to the position he had been in all night. He saw the dimness of the sky's glow penetrating through his livingroom window. The sun was just starting to rise.
Placing his palms against the fuzzy carpet, he pushed downwards to lift himself from the floor. The stiff tiredness of his legs made his knees buckle and awkwardly stumble to his feet. He set his journey off to his bedroom.
The ebony door creaked, ajaring as he pushed it to reveal the room. Hesitantly, he made his way over to the neatly tidied resting place. He plopped on his bed and traced the stitching of the duvet with his fingers. It seemed that it had been centuries before he decided to touch it again. He didn't like to sleep in his bedroom now. It often reminded him of the love of his life.
The room made him lonely.
He still felt weak. He was definitely not up for going to the office today. He'd probably call into work with an excuse for him to stay home, again.
He slowly rolled over on his side to pick up the phone. He tapped the phone icon and dialed the number of his work place.
After explaining why he wouldn't be attending work once again this week, the assistant just sighed, gave him a sympathetic "it's fine," and hung up.
He hated that. He hated pity. He hated all the whispers and stares he attracted once he stepped into a room. Most of all, he hated himself.
Tumblr media
"You're saying that... that you don't love me anymore?"
"Honestly, I never did. I tried. I really did, but you're so dull. I could never love such a dull person."
"I'm so sorry. Wh- what can I do to make you love me? Please, please tell me."
"Nothing. I will never love you the same way you love me."
Tumblr media
9:30 PM
He slowly sat up, looking around his room that felt unfamiliar. He came to an agreement with himself that it wasn't his fault that he had ended up alone. However, he could never forgive himself for letting a precious jewel slip out of his grasp so easily.
He'll never let that happen again.
After being in such deep thought, he decided to take a shower. Oh boy, did he need one. He rose up from the bed, made his way towards his closet, and grabbed the things he needed for the process of showering.
Once he stepped in the bathroom, he looked in the mirror. His eyes were puffy and swollen from crying, but also sunken in from the lack of sleep he had gotten. All of the sorrow, doubt, and hate was carved onto his face. He looked weak. He was drained.
Repulsed by his own face, he turned away and walked over to the shower. He turned the knob to the hottest setting. If he wasn't able to achieve his hopes of dying, this man is about to feel the second hottest thing to hell.
The steam from the water was visible, yet he stuck his arm in the water to test it. His nerves hadn't received the heat of the nearly boiling water until a few seconds afterwards. As soon as his receptors indicated pain, sense knocked the hell out of his brain.
He quickly retracted his arm.
"What the fuck am I doing?"
He turned the knob back a few notches and tested the water again. This time, it was just right. He hopped in and tried to put some liquid soap in his hand.
"You can't be serious," the liquid base didn't come out of its bottle.
Unscrewing the cap from its coil, he looked inside to see the soap gunked to the bottom of the bottle.
"How long has it been since I've taken a fucking shower?"
He sighed in defeat. He didn't have any other option than to pour a little water in the bottle to loosen the base's particles up. When the liquid finally dispensed from the plastic bottle into his palm, he rubbed it into his matted, untamed locks.
Still cleansing his body, he closed his eyes and relaxed under the soothing warmth of the water. The thought that it was not his fault reapproached his mind. He couldn't force someone love him for who he was. Dull. He hated the word and how well it described his personality.
As he stepped out of the shower, he grabbed one of the towels that hung on the hanging rack. He took the cloth and ruffled his hair briefly before tying it around his waist. Maybe he was just the problem.
Tumblr media
"I don't mean that I hate you, though."
"What do you mean then?"
"What I meant to say was, you aren't fit to be in a loving relationship."
Tumblr media
"Relationships suck anyway," he mumbled while he roamed through the various shows Netflix has to offer.
He heard a soft grumble emanate from his stomach. How long has it been since he'd eaten a proper meal? Ten days? With an exasperated sigh, he headed over to the refrigerator. The door of the refrigerator only revealed a half eaten container of peanut butter and a jar of mayonnaise.
"Un-fucking-believable," he scoffed, "I guess I'm going to have to go grocery shopping."
He shut the refrigerator. Walking to the sink and filling up a glass with water, he looked over at the clock on the stove.
11:23 PM
He shrugged, grabbing the remote to resume the hunt for something to watch on Netflix. Each recommendation being something he had already watched, he finally decided on a psychological thriller. His stomach complained once again, but he knew it was too late to go to the store or order takeout. Sipping on his water, he sat there contemplating what he was going to do. Suddenly, he remembered that he had a box of cereal in the cupboard.
"I assume that's dinner."
Tumblr media
© gyecm 2021. do not repost or modify.
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Yeah. It me
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watergator · a year ago
i’m about five years too late and nobody asked for this except me and i need to just get this out of my brain because it’s 2am so here’s a list of things i wish happened on glee that didn’t HERE WE GO:
- new directions being actual teenagers. just them hanging out. going to group sleepovers. giant study sessions (because school exists in this universe?) like remember in tpp when they were eating lunch together ? that’s what i wanted MORE of. just them being actual friends. a sleepover episode is all i wanted imagine all the abba songs we could have gained from that episode
- a halloween themed episode. the closest to this that we got was the ‘thriller/heads will roll’ mashup which YES was iconic but im greedy and it’s not enough. my idea for a halloween episode is that the gang gets trapped inside the school after staying behind to idk rehearse? or something? and then things get progressively worse as they start to go a little mad, thinking the school is haunted and they split up into pairs trying to find an escape and they think they’re seeing ghosts/someone lurking around the school and they’re getting real spooked but it turns out it’s just sue fucking with them lmao
- kurt and finn being brothers. THE POTENTIAL WAS THERE and sadly after furt we are left with crumbs. why ?? WHY?? little moments like finn saying that he’s driving back home with kurt or them saying they can’t do something because they have a family thing would have been good enough. more scenes of them hanging out in their home with their parents would have been *chefs kiss* but alas. it never happened because glee writers are bastards
- based off my last point: sam actually living at the hudson-hummel house because he actually did live there? but nothing is ever said like what’s the dynamic there why weren’t kurt and sam and finn close if they all lived together for what? like a year? was sam living in the mf shed? did he ever get close to carole and burt?? where tf did he live when everyone went off to college did he just stay in their house lol who knows not me LMAO
- blaine dealing with his trauma ? mental health was never dealt with very well on this show. emma’s ocd was just ignored after she got married or whatever and blaine mentioned his trauma once and then it was ignored until it was mentioned in passing a few seasons later and even he just brushed it off and it was never brought up again like wtf. i have no idea how they wrote a whole episode about hate crime in bash and they never once thought to have blaine and kurt have a single conversation together, let alone a conversation about how they’d both been victims of a hate crime. AND THE ONLY TIME BLAINE DOES MENTION IT IS IN TESTED WHERE ITS JUST USED AS A REASON FOR THEM TO FIGHT AAAAAAAA no wait im calm it’s okay. i just would have liked to have seen kurt and blaine have an emotional moment together in that episode that didn’t include blaine singing and kurt being knocked tf out. just sayin.
- kurt dealing with HIS trauma !! again, glee gets bad points for talking about mental health and it just is crazy that they had so much potential with kurt, ie: depression, anxiety, ocd (kinda?) his bullying, being literally assaulted (i see u ryan murphy taking that whole plot line so loosely mmhm) and then shoehorning in the fact that he was suicidal AT THE SECOND TO LAST EPISODE when they had a whole episode about suicide and they could have mentioned it at any time but ofc they didn’t because the writers just wanted to shove in as much as they could in the flashback episode AYE AYE AYE the potential!!!! oof.
- literally just more tina. jenna ushkowitz is a fantastic actor/singer/preformer and she was criminally underused. i like the episode props because of two reasons: one. everyone switching characters was amazing. and two. some actual tina scenes. even if she.. technically was rachel but also herself or something? either way. i digress
- this is just in general but MORE ABBA AND ALSO THE CARPENTERS and also some sound of music songs would have worked GREAT but they already had like a million songs and as the show progressed they veered away from old songs and more towards popular songs at the time to help chart numbers blah blah blah whatever it’s cool. but also how did they only do a few abba songs that is criminal
- a more fleshed out ending that wasn’t so rushed. like rachel won a tony and everyone else is just? there? why is sam at mr shue’s house ??? how did artie get up the stairs? did quinn graduate from yale? and where tf was kurt and blaine’s child during ‘i lived’ because burt and carole are vibing in the audience and rachel isn’t pregnant so like? is the baby just?? alone somewhere in the wings?! lmao where are u bby girl!! but once again i know they didn’t have the time to do it so idk it’s fine what they did it just sucks we didn’t get more! but again. fanfic exists so yah im all good
- more of blaine’s mum. or mom, in this case i guess. why cast gina gershon and then give her ONE line like ? ik there was a whole deleted script that explained why she was there but i love that up until that point blaine seemed like he genuinely murdered his parents, lived in their big house all alone and when people got suspicious he just told them that they were “out of town” :) either way pam is great i love her and i wish she had more to do in the one episode she was ever in. not even a moment with blaine?? wasted.
- more of cooper anderson, matt boomer is so fucking funny everytime i think of the emotion tornado i bust a lung laughing like it’s so fucking stupid but oh my good i love it. (and if you haven’t watched the special feature of cooper’s transformers audition tape please please watch it because it’s just so funny.) ik he was just a special guest but i wish they got him back for at least the wedding ep but guess my mans was just busy. boo ;(
- going back a couple of points, i wish they’d done a whole episode like props. every actor here just shines when they’re impersonating each other. finn and puck as kurt and blaine is beautiful and quinn and sugar is incredible. also idk why they refused kevin the right to wear the cheerios skirt; they could have put a little more effort into some characters but that’s glee for ya lmao but yeah. a whole episode like that would have been so much fun
- they should have let chris colfer write more episodes. purely for the fact that he wrote with his own bare hands the whole scene where lea michelle’s character gets dragged down a road by dogs. this guy. it’s a shame he only got to write one since he actually did a really good job! i would have loved to have seen what other episode ideas he had :)
- glee in the summer! obviously it only was centred around the school year but after season 3 who honestly gave a shit about the glee club and mckinley lmao i wanna see them in SHORT SHORTS and POOL PARTIES but nope we just got september - june so like rip all my hopes and dreams
- WHAT HAPPENED TO DALTON? bitch just burst into flames ?? and for WHAT?? oh yeah plot convenience smh this is so sad i wish they’d either written something better than “we need the warblers to team up with new directions so uhhh the school burnt down” like. it’s a private school. if the school is gone and they’re just staying at mckinley what are the parents paying for? they’re just cool with sending their kids off to public school now? every adult in this universe has been murdered by these kids, haven’t they? they’re just doing whatever they want jfc
- a wedding was a good episode. ish. and yknow, huge kudos to them because gay marriage wasn’t legal in the us at the time so im less harsh on the fact that they definitely threw up the rainbow flags and made it less about the characters getting married and more so “we have gay characters and look they’re getting married what a concept” but i do wish we could have gotten some more married!klaine since they don’t really have much to do after this understandably but a little moment alone together after the wedding would have been nice :) IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE IM TELLING YOU
- get rid of the hummelberry friendship and send mercedes to new york instead. i have nothing else to add to this other than the fact that i mourn the fact that kurt and mercedes went from bffs to just. school mates. this is tragic this is traaaaagic !! and all for more of the rachel berry show smh
- every day i wonder what was going through carmen tibideaux mind when she watched the kurt hummel preform not the boy next door and was like :) and then watched rachel berry have a breakdown on stage and then proceeded to give rachel the spot at nyada and kurt gets payed literal dust. and THEN she had the nerve to tell him it was because his performance had no heart. AND HOW DID ADAM GET IN THIS BABY GOT BACK MOTHERFUCKER?! nyada is a circus school oh my god !!!!! kurt deserved better im telling yall he deserved so much better
there’s so much more i could rant about but im going insane im so tired and i need psychological help after watching glee so im gonna leave it here and say peace out homies it’s been fun but i need to sleep so bad
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Halloweekend Movie Recs
Tumblr media
I’ve been having really interesting conversations with my friends when I take them to the cemetery for socially distanced Goth Walks. Particularly, I love learning everyone’s personal definition of what, to them, constitutes “a horror film.” It can vary so so much!
I have yet to arrive at an answer to the horror question for myself, but I do know that there are certain movies I associate with the month of October. Many I would not call horror, some I would, but what they all have in common is that I look at them and think “that’s a Halloween watch.”
This year I thought I’d put a bunch of these together—24 of them in fact, grouped into loose categories—for those whose tastes, like mine, tends to skew more atmospheric than slasher, and are looking for something to watch this Halloweekend.
More Style Than Scares
Movies that I suspect most would not classify as horror, but maybe somewhere sort of adjacent to it—somewhere styled to all hell.
The Double (2013)
This theatrical little Dostoevsky adaption is the one in this category I would most push for actually being classed as a horror film, due to the dark tension of the plot and how it’s scored with straight-up horror movie violins. But, it rarely shows up under that genre marker, so there you go! Anyway I love this movie. It’s shot in vivid chiaroscuro with colored light and pitch black shadows, and has a philosophical drollness I’ve described before as somewhere between Samuel Beckett and Terry Gilliam. Richard Ayoade please direct more movies!
Tags: tension, dark comedy, supernatural
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2014)
Ana Lily Amirpour’s Iranian ghost town vampire western delivers and then some. Reeeally good atmosphere, quiet and lovely and cool and feeling. The lead’s giant dark eyes are like their own special effect. In aesthetic and attitude it could maybe be described as a younger, more yearning Only Lovers Left Alive, which really could have been on this list as well but instead I’m just mentioning it in the copy.
Tags: spare & quiet, vampires, female lead
Thoroughbreds (2017)
I gotta take every chance I get to recommend Thoroughbreds, as I’ve been mystified for two years by how Tumblr didn’t eat up the sardonic sapphic murdergirls movie with a SPOON. It’s nervy and stylish and great fun, sort of like a Secret History of two, only they were both kicked out of their Connecticut prep schools and prefer Classic Hollywood to the Classics. I really think you’ll like it.
Tags: murder, dark comedy, female lead
The Lighthouse (2019)
“Is The Lighthouse a horror movie?” is the question I’ve mulled over with everyone in the Horror Conversations. It’s been so interesting: seemingly none of us were overly frightened by it, so had been inclined to say no, but then once we thought about it, began to be more inclined to say yes. There are certainly unworldly elements---the horror of something beyond human comprehension being a key feature of the genre for one of my theater director friends---and there’s also plenty of heightened emotions and ominous portents and raging storms. There are even strong arguments that could be made about it being a kind of vampire story, or even a kind of ghost story—the latter aided by the unreliability of our main character. ALL of these things are big ol’ classic horror tropes, plus, the boys are wearing cozy sweaters, so that’s it decided: The Lighthouse is absolutely an October movie.
Tags: tension, supernatural
Genuinely Unnerving
Now these are definitely gonna show up in the horror section of the haunted Blockbuster, but, I am very particular about what I like in this genre. Gore and jump-scares I cannot do, but spookiness and ambience? That’s my jam. That’s these.
Shallow Grave (1994)
Shallow Grave is Danny Boyle’s first feature, and by my lights, easily the best thing he’s ever done sorry Danny. It stars Ewan McGregor in his first feature as well, a lovely Australian actor named Kerry Fox, and baby Christopher Eccleston. The premise is basically what if Ferris, Sloan, and Cameron were young professionals who lived in a big New Town flat in Edinburgh, and it was actually a psychological thriller this time, instead of just always skirting one. This is one of my favorite movies, full stop.
Tags: tension, murder
Under the Skin (2013)
Yes this the movie where an alien in the guise of brunette Scarlett Johansson drives around Glasglow picking up men to take to a secret location and dissolve into blackness, but it’s more than that, becoming very much about the ideas of both preying and being preyed upon. There is very little dialogue, which is why the score by Mica Levi both stands out so much and is so impressive for the amount of storytelling it accomplishes. Honestly this movie disquieted me in a big way, but I still think about it, in a good way.
Tags: spare & quiet, alien unknown, female lead
Don’t Look Now (1973)
HAUNTED VENICE. HAUNTED VENICE. It’s gloomy and watery and cold and everything is in ‘70s browns the color of dead leaves and dusty icons in the quiet, empty cathedrals, except for the flash of a small red raincoat that Donald Sutherland keeps seeing, and the pale blind blue eyes of an elderly psychic & her sister that Julie Christie is becoming entangled with. Influenced nearly too many directors to count, but perhaps its most direct homage (‘or pastiche, or a nod of the head’) is 2008’s In Bruges.
Tags: occult horror, autumn atmosphere
The Witch (2015)
You’re on Tumblr, you already know about The VVitch, Robert Eggers’s second entry on this list. But you may be afraid that you live too fearfully to live deliciously. I understand. I felt the same way. But a friend of mine, who knows I am a scaredy-cat, told me I’d actually be fine with this one, and guess what: she was right. It’s a little hard to explain, but the frightening aspects of this movie were presented in such a way that they didn’t completely subsume my attention, just enhanced it. I imagine this might be how people who actually like scary movies feel about them. Anyway, I like this one!
Tags: occult horror, autumn atmosphere, female lead
Creature Features
One sub-category of horror that I’ve found does not scare me to the point of no longer being able to enjoy it is the one with BEASTIES, frequently also comedies and always featuring big bold practical effects, the blood colored with the same red-40 sheen of the Jolly Ranchers you’re eating out of a plastic pumpkin.
An American Werewolf in London (1981)
The ultimate werewolf classic. Funny and mesmerizing, the colors so intensely 1980 it will take you out of now entirely. Come for the legendary, game-changing prosthetics & makeup work, stay for the puffy parkas. You know the song ‘Werewolves of London’, a classic and a banger maybe one of the five actually good Halloween songs? Well I don’t know if it’s actually related to this movie, but, it is. Spiritually.
Tags: dark comedy, werewolves, autumn atmosphere
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
The only musical on this list, which was not intentional, but if it had been, this still would have been what I picked for the musical slot in a heartbeat! This is the story of a bloodthirsty plant deviling a flower shop, and it is quirky and kinky and sweet and salty. I have never seen a Muppets thing, but the feeling I get when I look at the production style of this movie is what I imagine loving the Muppets would feel like. Try to watch the version with the original director’s cut ending if you can!
Tags: dark comedy, musical
Ginger Snaps (2000)
This is a schlocky Canadian monster movie by a female screenwriter where one night in early October the elder of two morbid outcast teenage sisters gets her first period and then immediately gets bitten by a werewolf, and that is ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW. Well also content warning for talk of suicide and suicidal imagery, and also lots of corn syrup blood and snarling.
Tags: werewolves, autumn atmosphere, female lead
The Thing (1982)
The Thing is actually a classic whodunit masquerading as an Antarctic creature feature and I love it. A locked-house Christie Mystery where the question is WHOM is secretly a fantastically gross alien facsimile. Platinum-level dog acting by this husky! Extraordinarily gloppy animatronics! A creepy thriller but fun about it, just big levels of snow and suspicion and Kurt Russell’s hair. Will make you jazzed for winter to come! [This statement has not been verified]
Tags: polar, alien unknown
Jewel Box Gothic
I’m pretty proud of this category: these are all gothic romances in rich jewel-tone colors. A genre unto itself!
Crimson Peak (2015)
This is another one you definitely already know about, but if nothing else will set the tone for this category: Crimson Peak, the movie I’ve seen described as two Pre-Raphaelite paintings in a battle of wills in a haunted Victorian mansion. The china! The butterflies! The red mud! I haven’t actually seen this one since I saw it theaters in New York, but at that time I was twice so overcome by excitement that I punched the arm of the boy I’d gone to see it with, a whole 200% more often than I traditionally punch boys while watching movies. High praise!
Tags: haunted house, autumn atmosphere, female lead
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)
Dracula is like Crimson Peak’s even more goth older sister. This movie is absolutely unhinged, and MAGNIFICENT. The costumes are by the woman who did the costumes for The Fall, and the direction is by Francis Ford fucking Coppola, somehow. At one point Gary Oldman does chortle the line “Oh I never drink….wine.” This is a movie that understands that that line is awesome, that midcentury-style practical effects rule, and that Peak Romance is arranging for your beloved to safely pet a very soft and very fangy wild animal.
Tags: vampires
Suspiria (1977)
Alright maybe less on the romance aspect with this one, but very gothic. This is the original Dario Argento Italian gaillo film that Luca Guadagnino riffed on recently, a movie waaayyy too scary for me, oh my god I regretted it... But the splashy, ornate ‘70s Suspiria I actually really enjoyed. It is gory but in a totally unreal, fuchsia-tinged way that I can handle. Plus every scene is basically lit through a bi pride flag, and the score is by a prog rock band called Goblin---there’s just a lot going on here.
Tags: occult, haunted house, female lead
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (1989)
This is a very shall we say intense movie, but I have seen it multiple times, because one of the things it is so intensely is aesthetic, in a way that makes my brain yell! Aaah! It’s the kind of movie where when characters walk from one room into another room the score and colors DRAMATICALLY CHANGE. Listen, a lot of bad things happen to young Helen Mirren in this movie, but I’m just going to tell you: she’s gonna get hers. This movie was a huge influence on Bryan Fuller when he was making his Hannibal series and it shoowws.
Tags: tension, cannibalism
Black & White Frights
Vintage delights for your spooky nights.
Nosferatu (1922), and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)
We didn’t really know how to make movies yet in the 1920s, and what we ended up with were slow as treacle but/and, especially in the case of the German Expressionists, wonderfully strange. Come for the incredible imagery, stay also for the incredible imagery—there’s no recorded sound, after all.
Tags: vampires (Nosferatu), occult (Dr. Caligari)
The Innocents (1961)
With a script cowritten by Truman Capote, The Innocents is an adaptation of a play of the same name, itself adapted from Henry James’s famously eerie ghost story, The Turn of the Screw. To me the film felt perhaps a bit less ambiguous than the original Victorian piece, but there was still something slippery about it. Despite the two layers of remove, it is quite faithful to the novella, and also QUITE SPOOKY.
Tags: haunted house, female lead
Rebecca (1940)
My Rebecca story is that I spent the whole time I was reading the Daphne Du Maurier novel thinking that the Narrator/the ghost of Rebecca was the scandalous lesbian subtext, only to be later surprised that it was actually supposed to be Mrs. Danvers/Rebecca. What can I say, [slaps roof of Manderley] you can fit so many gay vibes in here! Anyway this is Alfred Hitchcock’s only Best Picture winner, and that was not a miscarriage of justice.
Tags: haunted house, female lead
Comfort Classics
You know ‘em, you love ‘em, I’m just gonna list ‘em---
Over the Garden Wall (2014)
Clue (1985)
What We Do In the Shadows (2014)
The Addams Family (1991)
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Hibari Headcanons
that nobody asked for
Tumblr media
He likes small animals but not your usual small animals. (The way he kicked uri out in the future instead of letting the cat stay 😭) I.e he’d pick a sugar glider over a guinea pig
He hates crowds because he still hates the fact that when he was still learning to be sociable kids had the power of alienating him. He despises that group mindset that children had. In kindergarten some kids invited him to play then told him to get lost and nobody stood up for him. He has one intrusive thought and it’s that feeling. He genuinely hates crowds because it feels like an opportunity for people to get to decide who isn’t welcomed. He lowkey doesn’t want to witness that moment to happen to anyone else.
His overthinking only stops when he’s alone so he genuinely does prefer it. He doesn’t mind one or two people in an intimate setting but when it’s more he wants to disconnect.
He’s all about repaying debts quickly I think he takes this on an emotional level too so he feels if you get too close or kind he has to return that by being transparent as well and he knows he’s bad at it so he just stops you altogether by not letting you even create that environment around him. I.e in the future he’s fine in the hospital room then more people come and he warns Tsuna then beats his ass because it was getting too emotional seeing ppl visit chrome when he just wanted to check on her from afar and not hear everyone’s emotions.
He takes pictures of random things , like a leaf with water droplets, clouds from Nami middles roof , his sneakers when he’s walking. They’re not amazing but he just always does it and never shares. It’s kind of grunge but unintentionally.
He has a knack for throw blankets. He has one in every room they’re mostly black white or purple no designs except for the ones from his grandparents.
If you have ever watched Saiki k I think he has the exact same relationship with his parents. If you haven’t : he’s serious and reserved and willingly antisocial but not because of trauma and his parents are so normal and caring it’s funny in contrast. But they’re a tad bit more refined than saikis.
He was partly raised by his grandparents when he was much younger and that’s why he really loves tradition and order while his parents are hardly as strict.
His grandfather was probably a vet who joined solely to protect Namimori . Hibari has that same love for the town because of him but like his grandfather he’s in no way patriotic. They both just love this town He thinks of his grandfather when he thinks of Namimori and because he is gone now he latches on to the town even more.
His grandfather is Fon. Hear me out. Fon could have been around 40 when he was cursed , could’ve had a son young (18) but it was fine because he was a very well respected champion. The Hibaris had money and as long as he was a positive image in his career field they wouldn’t mind what he did although their lineage is that of leaders and scholars. He stopped for a bit to go into the army and when he came back he stumbles upon the mafia . His son grows up to also have a kid young Fon and his wife watch after Hibari until he’s around 7 while his son and daughter in law work extremely hard to get established in their career paths. They come back and one day Fon just vanished bc he’s cursed and hibaris dad knows he was in the mafia so he just doesn’t dwell on what might have happened but doesn’t share because he didn’t want to pain him as a bad guy to his son but they’re all pretty upset about it.
Fon taught hibari how to fight , that’s why he has his grandfathers disposition and tenacity although it’s a tad immature in comparison. Fon tells him his style will be what he picks and hibari randomly picks tonfas as his weapon. Fon has it in his house because although he uses no weapons he’s fond of their history. Fon gets him a pair of silver ones.
He’s not the brightest, he’s not as terrible as Tsuna and Yamamoto but he’s average academically. He’s not interested in excelling academically and getting a painfully respectable job like doctor lawyer or something in business. And I think his air of nonchalant attitude can only come from a trust fund kid who’s parents don’t expect them to be their carbon copy.
He literally gets himself held back just to stick around a middle school he likes and nobody objects or is worried about his future. It’s definitely secured.
He really doesn’t care about the disciplinary committee members because he didn’t mean to form it. Students have a love hate relationship with him. He was just some scary strong guy who happened to beat up the right people who were pests and they thought he did it for the good of everyone. But they realized too late that it’s really just who irritates him and that sometimes coincides with their best interest so they let it be because he’s a comforting and unsettling presence to have. Like even Tsuna acknowledges this despite being terrified of him most the time he’s always like “wait Hibari will handle it”
He likes that he has disciples because it’s a crowd he’s apart of and is the center of but doesn’t have to be too close and nobody can kick him out or make him feel unwanted.
His parents actually like that he’s respected (oblivious to the fear) as the leader of this club around town because their family is known for strong leadership and he’s applied it to what he wanted.
He likes hamburger steak because when his parents came back his mom liked to test American recipes once she moved back to Japan. This was the only one he really liked enough to ask for again
He can’t cook. At all. Hopeless. Would burn water.
He would kill you for a well made dessert. They put him in a good mood but he’s a weirdo that doesn’t like rewarding himself so it has to be a gift or offered.
He actually likes band t shirts ripped jeans boots and all of that but hardly wears it out because he finds he likes being in his uniform more.
He’s a good boxer because everyone seems to forget he won a BOXING match for royhei. Hello he couldn’t use tonfas he actually had to punch ppl. Yeah he’s strong but that’s a style of fighting he definitely learned from Fon.
He jogs on a private trail around his families property, sometimes his father joins him.
His parents know him really well. He’s not a difficult kid to them. they’re the only ones he answers to but even then they raised him to be independent so they’re not that authoritative over him.
He has a hard time listening to them because he thinks they leave him to govern himself too much and shouldn’t only get a say sometimes.
They feel bad about leaving him to his grandparents for so long but his mother says she’ll never regret making sure their lives were better for him.
They have a good relationship give or take a few problems stemming from their separation from him.
He can draw really well. I don’t know why. But he just does. He does it often on random papers his only collection being a small box his mother keeps of them. He hates when she saves them.
He’s the baby of his entire family but his father is on the higher end of his family and same with his mother for hers so everyone is always asking to see him but he refuses to leave Namimori for longer than a day or two.
He has a sister. Idk. I just feel he has a sibling that’s either way older or a toddler that spends time on trips with their mother because she doesn’t have school yet.
He watches horror movies with his parents a lot. But they have to be psychological thrillers and he always has to fight his dad with his mom on what everything meant.
He’s spoiled. He’s nonchalant about everything but when it comes down to it he is a trust fund baby who would have been sent to a nice private high school abroad.
He has been arrested but his father being his father makes an arrangement with the police force in Nami where he’s just his own independent junior division. It would explain why the people in his committee look significantly older than him sometimes😭.
Tetsyua has always been the only member who’s name he learned because he doesn’t disappoint him. He is to him what Shoichi was to Byakuran , competent in other areas and capable of surprising him. And he never made Hibari feel like he had to say anything to him for that hibari considers him to be a good friend.
Tetsu and Ryohei are the only people he finds familiar and respectable enough to converse with like a normal fucking teenager 😭.
Royhei is loud but he doesn’t mind him because the boy is ALWAYS alone training. And like him he doesn’t backdown from a fight , also he causes no trouble at school.
He hangs out with him more than you’d think but he never initiates it or stops it.
Hibari lets Royhei use his private trail to jog sometimes. His parents know the sasagawa kids well because of this, they get invited to dinner a lot.
He likes kyoko better because she’s like a quieter Royhei but just as kind and determined. He tries to be nice to her by greeting her from them to time but stops because she popular and it draws attention and annoying rumors.
She says he really hates crowds and understands how nosy people in their grade are and says it’s okay if he doesn’t wave back sometimes. She assumes he’s actually extremely shy and misunderstood. (Sis he’s just a delinquent)
It’s platonic but he actually fond of her and is nice to her and they text from time to time. She’s the only one who knows to give him sweets because they talk about them.
He tries to get revenge on Mukuro for making him associate something he actually liked enough to go view (Sakura) with humiliation and anger that he tries to return the favor. The bastard loves nothing that much so he’s still thinking.
His parents think some girl broke up with him at a Sakura filled place and that’s why he suddenly hates it. He won’t explain they’re wrong because it’s better than the real story.
He’s a history buff , but a world history buff not just Japan.
He has an admirable garden that he tends to and sells half the vegetables his chef only cooks for three and doesn’t need that many.
He likes the snow he thinks it’s calming when everyone stays home in their house while outside is cold and harsh but pretty. He makes his parents special hot chocolate on days like that. They let him drink hot wine sometimes but only a sip or two.
He’s bilingual because his parents taught him Italian when he was younger after they had come back. They also taught him a little English.
He watches a lot of American media and listens to their music as well.
On his birthday he never goes out because it’s a holiday and more people are out than usual so his family has a dinner for him and get him gifts.
His mother gives more thoughtful gifts that he appreciates later while his father indulges him and gets him stuff like a popular manga series or a meeting to upgrade his tonfas again or clothing he really likes.
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girlmeetsliv3 · a year ago
Sandman V
Tumblr media
Hyung Line X Reader
Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Horror
Rated: M
Word Count: 3K
Release Date: March 12, 2021 @ 3:15 p.m. (GMT-5)
“Three years ago, the town was rocked by the disappearance of YN YLN. A bright young girl who had dreams of attending university and becoming a nurse. YN was a kind, shy, studious girl who kept to herself and never caused any troubles associated with teens her age. So imagine her loved ones surprised when she disappears one night from bed - never to be seen again. The strangest part was that all her belongings had been taken, all the photos with her disappeared, and all her social medias deleted. But perhaps most peculiar was the wet sand found at the foot of her bed.”
Warning: suicide, hallucinations mental illness, drug abuse/substance abuse, manipulation, gas-lighting, medical restraint, obstruction of justice, toxic and/or abusive relationships. Please proceed with caution.
Tumblr media
           “Minsuh?” She turned around; eyes wide with fear. She was crouched over the cement in a defensive position. Fingers gripping the stem of flowers so tight it was a miracle they didn’t break. “Sorry I didn’t mean to startle you.” Taehyung apologized; he hid the bouquet of roses behind his back. He didn’t think anyone would be here today. ‘Her anniversary isn’t until tomorrow.’ Minsuh simply nodded turning her attention back to the gravestone, her hand delicately trailed the engraving on the headstone. Taehyung took the time to really look at her, it had been years since he’d done so. Her once radiant skin was washed out, hair flat against her head and the clothes that once fit her to perfection looked more like hand-me downs. “You’re a police officer now, right?” The question caught him off-guard, he wasn’t even in uniform. ‘How does she know?’ Taehyung nodded, then realized with her back turned she couldn’t see him. “Yeah, I mean I’m in training, but yeah.” A slight huff exited her, “Good.” Was all that she said.
           Minsuh placed the flowers in the tin vase provided and leaned over to give YN one last kiss. She stood up and dusted her clothes, turning around to look Taehyung over one last time. The silver band tied around her neck glimmered even in low lighting, he wanted to ask her when the wedding would be. If she was truly happy? If she was healing? But when he looked at her eyes Taehyung knew the answer: there was nothing but pain in them. The type that ate away at someone day by day. “She’s alive Minsuh. I’ll find her – I swear I will.” He didn’t know why those words slipped from his mouth, but they were sincere.
           A smile spread across Minsuh’s lips, briefly she looked like herself again: the YLN Minsuh that had set the town ablaze with her looks and sharp wit. The Minsuh Taehyung had fallen head over heels for. “My sister’s gone Tae. She’s never coming back.” She said it with such certainty, that it froze Taehyung in place. Chilling him to his very core. ‘Could it be?’ Where the rumors right? Had Minsuh actually… ‘No. Minsuh wouldn’t!’ A car horn drew both their attentions, Kim Seokjin and Min Yoongi leaned against it both waiting for Minsuh. She cast one last look at Taehyung before walking away and heading towards them.
      ��    Taehyung wished he would have followed after her, begged her to explain, had confessed how he truly felt about her. Instead he watched as she walked away, wondering if his precious Minsuh was the cold-blooded killer everyone in town said she was. Perhaps it was those vicious rumors that drove her to the extreme. Or perhaps it was guilt that consumed her. Taehyung didn’t know, he simply laid the flowers down on YN’s grave and went home. Took a long shower and fell asleep, when he woke up the next morning it was all over the news:
“Sandman’s victim sister commits murder-suicide.”
Tumblr media
           YN woke up in a cold-sweat, head pounding as images flashed in her head. “Took you long enough, I was getting bored of waiting.” Sitting at the foot of her bed was Minsuh. She wore a red summer dress, her hair tied up into a loose ponytail, and pretty sandals adorned her feet. “Those are my clothes.” YN replied, not understanding what was going on. “It’s hot and I’m meeting Seokjin’s family tonight, so I need something appropriate.” YN chuckled, suddenly she was back in her room. Walls decorated with posters and polaroid’s, a frame in the center of the room displayed her sister, her, and the boys.
           “I don’t think a summer dress is appropriate dinner attire, Suh.”
           Her sister rolled her eyes, “It isn’t a formal dinner, it’s just to convince them to let us rent out the cabin for the summer. If all goes well by this time tomorrow Seokjin and I will be vacationing in his family cabin for three whole weeks.” YN stood up, from her bed walking towards her dresser to get out her favorite butterfly necklace. “A cabin? But you hate bugs.” She walked back holding out the necklace to her sister. Minsuh smiled and took it, clasping it around her neck. “Fuck the cabin, the point is Seokjin and I can finally be alone for once without having to risk his parents or you walking in.” YN frowned, “I’ve never bothered you guys though,” at least she didn’t think she had. “I’m barely ever around you all at all.”
           “Yeah, but whenever you are Seokjin doesn’t want to do anything. Barely even touches me. Think it’s because he’s worried about corrupting you or something.” Minsuh laughed, poking fun at YN. “I’m not a little kid.” YN pouted, completely aware that she probably looked like one. Minsuh pouted back and the two broke out into a fit of giggles.
             “YN?” Her head snapped to the side, Seokjin stared at her with worry. “Who were you talking to?” Her eyes danced around the room she was still in the hospital, still tied up, Minsuh was still dead. “Oh baby.” Seokjin walked forward, embracing her tightly. “It’s okay baby. You’re safe. You’re okay.” It wasn’t until she tasted salt that YN realized she was even crying. “I’m sorry Jin.” He shushed her, telling her there was nothing to be worried about. “The doctors said this would happen. Hallucinations are a common side effect, once it’s all out of your system it won’t happen anymore.” It did little to calm her down however, knowing that she could so easily imagine things and they weren’t real.
           “I know I just forget sometimes.” She dug her head into the space between his neck and shoulder, seeking warmth.
Seokjin patted her hair softly, “That’s fine. Just remember that what you see isn’t real.”
YN nodded, closing her eyes and taking deep breaths to even out her breathing. They stayed that way for several minutes just comforting each other. Seokjin was always so good, so kind, sometimes she wondered what she had done to deserve someone like him in her life. He was the one who tore away first, “You should rest. I’ll be here in case anything happens.” When she pulled away, she still saw Minsuh sitting at the foot of the hospital bed. The smile that had been there before now gone from her face, as she was lulled back to sleep her sister mouthed something to her: “Don’t trust anyone.”
Tumblr media
“Well I must say Jeon, you’re a pleasant sight in the morning.” Jungkook didn’t know whether to be annoyed or terrified that Min Yoongi stood in front of him. It should have been the former, since the man’s incessant knocking had roused him from bed at five a.m. far earlier than he normally woke. But Min Yoongi showing up at your front door only meant one thing: it was time to pay up.
“I only have three-fourths of the money.” Jungkook could feel the sweat building on his brow, “Plus you said I had until the fifteenth.” He pointed his finger accusingly but put it back down once Yoongi glowered at him. “Did I? I specifically remember saying the twelfth, oh well. If you don’t have my money, then you know what that means.” Yoongi took a step into the tiny apartment. “N-no wait,” Jungkook held his hands up, “J-just give me another day and I’ll have it all. Y-you k-know i-I never pay late.” He walked backwards until he ended up tripping over his work shoes. “True but if I let you off this time what’s to guarantee you won’t be late the next time? Plus, it’ll look bad if I let just anyone off.” Yoongi smirked, slowly reaching to his back pocket.
“Please! I’ll do anything! Anything you want.” Jungkook was desperate, didn’t even realize that he had fallen perfectly into the laid-out trap.
When Jeon saw that Yoongi grabbed something from his back pocket he was fully prepared to die or be severely deformed. He even closed his eyes in preparation, what he didn’t expect was something paper-like smacking his face. When he opened his eyes, he saw an envelope resting on his lap. “Deliver that to your superior officer.” Yoongi said before turning around, heading towards the door. “Oh, I better have my money by the fifteenth.” Then he slammed the door shut.
“Taehyung?” The officer in question looked up from his desk, there was a white envelope with his name printed on it. He looked up at Jungkook, “Yes?” He didn’t recognize the handwriting but knew due to the loops and neatness it was likely from a woman. “Someone left this on my desk. Asked around but no one seems to know, maybe it was the mail guy.” Jungkook shrugged, dropping the envelope on Taehyung’s desk. “And people wonder how evidence goes missing, can’t even get the mail delivered properly. Thanks Kook.” Jungkook shrugged, walking away hoping Taehyung didn’t run into the mail guy and complain. I should have never gotten involved. Should have left this fucking town when I could. It was decided, he would pay Yoongi his money and ask for a transfer. There was no reason to stick around when it all blew up. He cast one last glance at Taehyung whose eyes lingered curiously on the envelope.
“I’m sorry bro.” He whispered, but it was every man for himself from now on.
Tumblr media
Taehyung knew better than to tear into the envelope in front of everyone, very few people – very few women especially – would right him a letter. He waited until the last of the officers had left, all teasing him about staying over hours. “Still got a rookie mindset, eh Kim?” He laughed with them, hoping to not arouse suspicion of any sort. Then he tore into it, fully expecting a letter from YN to be hidden inside. He unfolded the envelope and was shocked at what he saw.
I did it. I killed her. I murdered my own sister. What kind of sick monster would do that? I don’t even know what happened or –
Taehyung tore the paper. Tore it to shreds, he dropped it in his wastebasket and poured his coffee all over it before getting up and throwing away the bag. He went through the actions already building a schema in his head. I’ll just say it was a letter from YN. That she asked to meet me. Taehyung wrote it down on a sticky note and filed it into his calendar. No one’s going to know. He remained entirely oblivious of the camera recording every single one of his movements.
Tumblr media
“Hello this is Korea’s up and coming news reporter Park Jimin speaking.” The blonde pitched his voice up making sure to sound extra-cheerful just in case it was his boss calling again.
“You’re covering the Sandman case correct?”
Jimin chuckled sardonically, “Darling it’s ten p.m. I don’t have time for fan-calls from creeps. If you’ve got tea spill it otherwise, I’m hanging up and blocking.” This wasn’t the first time he’d received a call like this. Plenty of strangers claiming to be private investigators or ‘the Sandman’ himself had attempted to get in contact with him. Most were wannabe internet sleuths, while others were total weirdos, he wanted nothing to do with.
“Lead investigator Kim Taehyung just received a confession letter from the victim’s sister and disposed of it.”
Jimin jumped up from bed, No fucking way. He willed himself to calm down and replied, “How is it that you have this information? No police officer would simply dispose of key evidence like that.” It was like something out of a bad cop drama.
“Because I have the evidence to prove it. Not to mention a copy of the letter that is currently sitting in your inbox.”
Leaving the call Jimin scrolled through his phone and opened the mail app, at the very top reading was an email reading ‘evidence’ with two attachments. This was it. His big break! Something like this could take him all the way to the top. Curiosity killed the cat Jimin. But satisfaction brought it back. Nonetheless he kept it cool, “Why are you doing this?” The sender was a random string of numbers and letters followed by a do not reply. Clearly whoever he was speaking to didn’t want to be tracked.
“I just want the person responsible to be brought to justice.”
Jimin laughed, not believing a word out of their mouth. “Trust me they will be.”
Tumblr media
Though YN would never admit it, her dreams were always the same. She was choking something hard being shoved down her throat, then she was running as fast as she could, then a bright light and a crack. Followed by yelling – so much yelling – then everything went to black. That is usually how it ended, except that night things became clearer. YN saw a face, Minsuh’s face, yelling at her. She had never seen Minsuh so upset – didn’t even know she could be that upset. She heard her voice as well, screaming back but couldn’t make out the words being said. Suddenly a push, Minsuh had pushed her, and YN could feel herself float through the air before landing at the bottom of the stairs. Could’ve sworn she felt something wet on her face, near her head, before everything faded to black.
When she woke it wasn’t Seokjin in the room anymore but all of them, watching the television. The sun was up filtering in through the hospital windows, but she could tell it was still early morning. The television on the opposite wall was on for once, on it YN saw the reporter from the other night. She recognized the words on the television before being focusing on the image: it was a letter in Minsuh’s handwriting. After her vision focused her ears did too, “In this letter likely written moments before her suicide, YLN Minsuh confesses to the murder of her younger sister. She describes getting into a screaming match before pushing YN off the stairs. Though the letter cuts off towards the end there is an implication of someone aiding her in removing her sister which many believe is officer Kim Taehyung who is currently in prison due to tampering evidence and obstruction of justice.”
“No!” YN yells drawing all four men’s attention towards her. “It wasn’t Minsuh. It wasn’t. It wasn’t!” All four of them attempt to calm her down, but YN repeats herself over and over again. Whenever one of them gets close she begins to kick and pulls at the restraints. “No! It isn’t Minsuh. It wasn’t Minsuh.” An influx of nurses enters the room, one carrying a needle as YN continues to scream. “It wasn’t Minsuh! It wasn’t Minsuh!” With everyone holding her down they manage to insert the sedative into her iv, breathing a sigh of relief once she slackens. YN’s eyelids become heavy and begin to droop, but her rambling continues as she swears her sister’s innocence.
“Poor child, she’s in denial.” One of the nurse’s mutters sympathetically, offering her condolences to the men.
No, it wasn’t Minsuh. It was them.
Tumblr media
Author’s note: Next chapter will be a flashback!!!
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beccasbigworld · a year ago
Violent Media & Its Psychological Effects: Irréversible Film Review
Tumblr media
The movie Irréversible directed by Gasper Noé is a psychological thriller drama film that portrays the romance between two lovers and the tragic event of rape. The movie takes place in France and was released in 2002. The director shot this movie differently than any other cinematic work I have watched before. First in the beginning the credits are played first, indicating that the film is backward. Secondly, the film is shot differently by the camera in a spiraling, swirling motion to emphasize the thriller and drama that is happening. Giving the viewer a sense of nauseousness and discomfort. The noise of sirens and dark music helps narrate the beginning and the seriousness of characters Marcus who is played by Vincent Cassel and his best friend Pierre who is played by Albert Dupontel who seem to be on a mission to find a man by the name of “Le Tenia''. This is because supposedly he is the one that committed the crime against Alex who is played by Monica Bellucci. Personally, the beginning of this movie had me very confused because it was hard to understand what was going on. This is because I didn’t realize at first that the movie was played backward and once I got to the ending it all started to click and piece together like a puzzle. The ending portrays the love between the characters Alex and Marcus, 1hr:16m:36s-1hr:24m:05s, they are both cuddling, naked, and making jokes with one another as they are in their apartment. The romantic intimacy at the end makes the viewer understand why Marcus and his best friend Pierre, who we learn was also a previous lover of Alex are frantic in finding this man “Le Tenia” at gay and gentlemen clubs throughout France. When watching from start to end things aren’t given many contexts however, one event after the other we can piece together why certain events happened. Marcus acts careless, assaulting people left and right in pure anger at the start of the movie because we suspect that this man “Le Tenia'' raped and brutally assaulted Alex in an underground tunnel. His best friend Pierre notices the rage in Marcus because he constantly tells him to relax and to stop acting like an animal, 0h:15m:15s-0hr:15m:31s, Pierre tells Marcus, “We will find him, Stop, Stop this now! You’re not a man, you’re an animal. Even animals don’t seek revenge”. And Marcus replies, “It’s my right! Drop it. It’s my problem”. I believe Marcus is more enraged with what happened with Alex than Pierre because Alex is Marcus' girlfriend and he was in love with her. It’s interesting because this movie had my feelings and thoughts scattered all over the place. In the beginning, before I knew what had happened to Alex I agreed with Pierre because I didn’t understand why Marcus was acting like a savage beast. However, after I knew why he was acting in such a way I was glad that Marcus wanted revenge on the man that raped and brutally beat Alex because he deserved to feel the consequences of his disgusting, savage actions. Alex deserved justice for what had happened to her and Marcus was the driving force behind it. Shortly following the confrontation between Marcus and Pierre, Marcus finally runs into a man who seems to be “Le Tenia'' yet he doesn’t say yes or no instead he starts to fight with Marcus drawing suspicion to himself. In this scene, 00hr:21m:50s-00hr:24m:10s, the man gets Marcus on the ground and crushes his elbow he then proceeds to say “I’m going to fuck his ass” and before he can do anything Pierre takes a fire extinguisher and bashes the mans face in until he is unrecognizable.
The movie shows the rape of Alex first which, a trigger warning is a very graphic scene and can be difficult to watch. Scenes that depict and show sexual assault and rape are always difficult for me to watch. They make me very uncomfortable and angry. However, I think it was important and intentional for the director to include a scene in this graphic because this is a subject that needs to be touched more on in the world of cinema. It needs to be brought to the world's attention that women and girls are not objects and don’t owe anyone anything. They can wear revealing clothing, dresses, skirts, tank tops and it doesn’t mean they want to be cat-called or touched or unfortunately in Alex’s case raped. The rape scene goes on for about 8 minutes, 00hr:43m:43s-00hr:54m:54s, and after the man who is suspected to be “Le Tenia” rapes her he then assaults her by kicking her and bashing her head onto the concrete. After this scene, the film brings us to the life of the party where it shows us why Alex found herself in the tunnel in the first place. Marcus is acting recklessly at the party and is on drugs and this makes Alex upset, she tells Marcus she is going to go home and he tells her he will bring her home and it’s not safe. However, he wasn’t sober and ended up not following her home and that’s when she was assaulted. I think this is why at the beginning of the movie Marcus is acting crazy because he feels guilty for not walking Alex home and he wants revenge on whoever hurt her. I would believe anyone would feel guilty if they weren’t to help and be there for the person they loved. If I were to give this movie an overall letter score I would give it an A- because I believe that it’s an excellent work of cinema that is highly misunderstood by the viewer. At first, it is confusing because of the way it starts from the end to the beginning however, the director did that intentionally to portray how a person’s life can turn violent and deadly in the blink of an eye.
Tumblr media
A similar film review also helped emphasize the positive that I mentioned about how this movie is misunderstood, “Why is the movie so misunderstood? A large part of the reason is Gasper Noé’s fault. He did such a good job completely alienating the audiences with brutal scenes of rape and violence that a lot of what the movie was trying to say was lost in translation… It might’ve been a brilliant satire, but it was so disturbing that it was years before I could get my wits together to finally think about what it was saying and doing. People just couldn’t get past the brutality” (Minababe). I completely agree, at first I couldn’t get past the brutality of the movie yet once I did and the pieces started to click the deeper meaning triumphed over the brutality. As another similar review explains the purpose of the chronology of the film and why Gasper Noé directed it to be this way, “The fact is, the reverse chronology makes “Irreversible” a film that structurally argues against rape and violence, while ordinary chronology would lead us down a seductive narrative path toward a shocking, exploitative payoff. By placing the ugliness at the beginning, Gasper Noe forces us to think seriously about the sexual violence involved. The movie does not end with rape as its climax and sends us out the theater as if something had been communicated. It starts with it, and asks us to sit there for another hour and process our thoughts. It is therefore moral- at a structural level” (Ebert). This was beautifully said and explains why the director filmed it this way and the deeper meaning behind it. This is why I gave the film an A- letter rating because so much thought and creative energy went into creating this film that It deserves an A-.
Tumblr media
Overall I genuinely enjoyed watching this film, the sexual assault was hard for me to watch yet, the way the movie was set up when I got to the end I almost forgot about it and was more focused on the love between Marcus and Alex. In a film review, that covered rape culture in the movie Irreversible and other works, stated a quote by the director himself explaining why he structured the movie in this format, “I walked out once during a rape scene in a movie, which came in the middle because I said, “Well if this is the middle of the movie, I don’t want to see what happens next. ‘ “I suppose in my movie a lot of people suspect that the end of my movie is going to be worse than the beginning because that’s how the climax of the movie works. “The fact is if they stay they will get something that will erase these first images.” (Tribble). A cinematic masterpiece in my opinion that sheds light on rape culture in film and every single detail in the film was thought out. Nothing went overlooked and that’s why I gave it the letter grade of an A-.
(The video attached is available to watch and view by clicking Watch on Youtube, the only reason why it's unavailable is because of the restricted age due to the talk and scenes of rape culture in movies)
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Gravity Falls Theory - Bill Cipher CANNOT Lie
Tumblr media
Plenty of characters, fans, and even Gravity Falls writers have called Bill a liar. But Bill strikes me more as an old-school Fae. He can’t outright lie, but he can find all sorts of ways to bend the truth to APPEAR like he’s lying. For proof, let’s look at all of his appearances.
Dreamscaperers - Bill’s Debut
Bill was always a part of the show, but he didn’t receive his official debut until Gideon summoned him to “enter the mind of Stanford Pines & steal the code to his safe.” Bill laughed, then repeated “Stan Pines” to himself as he mulled over the deal. Bill KNEW that the man Gideon called “Stanford Pines” wasn’t the real Stanford Pines, and Bill never called Stan “Stanford.” He called him “Stan,” or “your uncle” when he was talking to the kids, and told Gideon he’d “help him with this” in exchange for Gideon’s help later on, but never said he would go into “Stanford’s” mind.
Granted, later in the episode Bill disguised himself as Soos to better track the Mystery Twins as they hunted for the code to the safe, but he never claimed to be Soos. In fact, it’s impossible to pin down precisely when Bill subs in for Soos. Most fans theorize the Soos who came across the memory of Stan going into the secret room behind the vending machine was Bill, since Bill already knew Stan’s secret and would declare the Portal “boring” and move on to more useful or entertaining secrets. And Fae that are incapable of verbally lying have been known to cast glamours & illusions to trick mortal victims.
Sock Opera
When Bill returned in Season 2, he offered Dipper a way to get into the mysterious laptop and “unlock the secrets of the universe” in exchange for a puppet. Unfortunately, once Dipper accepted the deal, Bill seized control of his body & smashed the laptop. At first glance, it appears Bill was lying to Dipper about his deal. But let’s break it down.
Bill said he wanted a puppet, but took Dipper’s body instead. Yes, he led Dipper to believe he wanted a SOCK puppet, but he was never specific. And to Bill, a “being of pure energy,” the human body may seem like nothing but a meat puppet.
Bill said he would give Dipper access to the laptop & the secrets it contained, then smashed it. Bill CLAIMED he did it to keep Dipper from getting too close to “some major answers,” but smashing the laptop also led Dipper to discovering that it was invented by Old Man McGucket, leading to information about Fiddleford’s past, his relationship with The Author, and the Portal in the basement of the Mystery Shack. Bill may have wanted to keep Dipper off his case, but he was bound by the rules of the Deal & his own inability to lie, so he found the most inconvenient way to uphold his end of the bargain while keeping Dipper in the dark.
And like when he impersonated Soos in “Dreamscaperers,” Bill!Dipper never claimed to be Dipper. He just let everyone assume he was Dipper.
The Last Mabelcorn & Journal 3
I’m combining these into one section, since they both cover the same information.
After some poorly chosen memories & paranoia led to Dipper discovering Stanford’s past with Bill, Ford finally came clean about how he met Bill & created the Portal.
According to Ford, Bill introduced himself as a muse who “chose one brilliant mind a century to inspire.” He also led Ford to believe that all of the weirdness in Gravity Falls was caused by extra dimensional weirdness leaking into our world from his, and building a transdimensional portal would help Ford understand more about the universe & anomalies. And Ford trusted Bill completely, worshipping him as a god, until Fiddleford got a peek into Bill’s Nightmare Realm during the first disastrous test run of the Portal. Ford accused Bill of lying to him, but let’s once again break down what Bill said.
Bill called himself a muse, a source of inspiration for others. And in some ways, he’s right. Granted, he mostly inspired chaos, paranoia, and destruction, but inspiration is inspiration. And Ford was far from the first one to fall for Bill’s flattery - his past victims include the Native Americans who originally settled Gravity Falls (who created the cave paintings warning against his tricks & the Prophecy Zodiac), the ancient Egyptians (who created the Pyramids to appease/honor Bill), George Washington (who included the one-eyed triangle on the currency, again to appease/honor the insane triangle deity he’d been plagued by), and Stanley Kubrick (whose psychological thrillers may have been inspired by Bill’s own psychotic nature). So Bill calling himself a “muse” was the truth, From A Certain Point of View.
Bill claimed all the weirdness on Earth was caused by transdimensional leaks. Ford later realized Gravity Falls itself was a magnet for anomalies, but he never got the answer for where the anomalies came from in the first place. The comic “Lost Legends,” though, confirms that The Boiling Isles & Eda the Owl Lady from “The Owl House” are part of the same multiverse as Gravity Falls, and Eda told Luz that every myth in the human realm was caused by a little of the magic of The Boiling Isles leaking into the other dimension. If that’s true for her dimension, it could be true for other dimensions.
Bill said Ford would gain a better understanding of the multiverse if he built the Portal. And again, Bill was right. Granted, Bill’s intent was to bring all of his weirdness to Gravity Falls & turn everything in that dimension inside-out to suit his whims. But getting shoved into the Portal & spending 30 years on a transdimensional revenge road trip did open Ford’s eyes to the wonders of the multiverse & give him new insight into many mysteries.
Again, these are all truths. Twisted truths, but truths nonetheless.
Dipper & Mabel vs The Future
This is the last major source of lies for Bill, but I want to touch on it real quick.
After a heartbroken Mabel ran away from Dipper, she retreated into Sweater Town & wished summer could last forever. A nervous voice said “that might be possible,” then entreated Mabel to listen to his offer. “Blendin” walked out of the trees, saying “M-M-Mabel, it’s me.” He then told Mabel that, because she once did a favor for him, he was willing to “bend the rules” and give her a Time Bubble where summer could last as long as she wanted, but he could only do it if he has a “small thing” from Ford’s workshop. The “small thing” turned out to be the Dimensional Rift (which Mabel knew NOTHING about, so shut up jerks who still blame her for Weirdmageddon), and after “Blendin” smashed the Dimensional Rift, he revealed himself to be Bill piloting Blendin’s body & trapped Mabel in a dream bubble with a snap of his fingers. Last breakdown, I promise.
How did Bill get inside Blendin’s body to begin with? Again, Journal 3 has all the answers. Blendin wrote a coded letter to Dipper & Mabel explaining that after Globnar, everyone in the Time Enforcement Bureau wouldn’t stop teasing him. Even Time Baby gave him a hard time about being beaten by a couple of kids. One night, Blendin had a dream about a certain triangle who promised to get everyone off of Blendin’s back in exchange for a “little favor.” Blendin agreed before asking about the favor, and Bill upheld his end of the bargain by vaporizing Time Baby & the Time Police during Weirdmageddon.
“Blendin” never gave Mabel his name, or any details about the “favor” he owed her for. He let Mabel assume he was talking about using her victory in Globnar to restore his job & his hair instead of wishing him out of existence, but Bill could also have been referring to the events of Sock Opera, where Mabel’s obsession with impressing Gabe Benton led to Dipper being overworked, neglected, and perfectly primed to make a bad deal.
The Time Bubble. “Blendin” claimed he needed the Dimensional Rift in order to give Mabel her eternal summer, and he was right. Bill is a chaos demon with reality-warping abilities, but without a physical form in our world his powers only work in the Dream Time. By destroying the Rift, he made it possible for his powers to have lasting effects on the real world.
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daredevile · 2 years ago
Well, I read a bunch of books during the quarantine and most of them were great! So, if you're looking for something within these genres - mystery/thriller, sci-fi, romance and horror - I got your back :) Also, my favourite genres are mystery/thriller and sci-fi which is why those lists are huge. Everything is linked to Goodreads, go check out the blurbs but, watch out for those reviews with spoilers!! 
Tumblr media
THE SILENT PATIENT - Love, love, love this book - second favourite of all time! Seemingly innocent woman randomly shoots her husband in the face and never speaks again. And we primarily follow a criminal psychotherapist's perspective as he uncovers details about the why, the how and much, much more. If you're into human psychology and are a mystery/thriller aficionado in general, READ THIS BOOK. Also, has one of the best plot twists ever!
THE TURN OF THE KEY - The story follows a very unfortunate and young nanny who ends up being accused of murdering a child in her care. No parents in the obscenely technology-controlled house that malfunctions all of a sudden. Ah, the horrors of digitalisation. And she's neither innocent nor guilty. The atmosphere created by the author is truly remarkable and you cannot stop reading. I'm warning you. Prepare to be absorbed for a few hours because this is one chair-gripping story.
THE ONE - We're getting into the Black Mirror zone here. DNA tests that pair people with their genetically matched soulmates. What could possibly go wrong? Hint: one of the characters is a murderer - don't worry that's not a spoiler! Everyone has their secrets and issues and have to navigate through a complicated mess that morphs into a different problem for each character. Have they found The One?
GONE GIRL - Do I even need to explain?
EIGHT PERFECT MURDERS - We got a killer who replicates murders from fictional books and the FBI enlist the help of a bookstore owner to solve the case. Quite entertaining and major book-nerd vibes from this one. Not gonna lie, this started phenomenally but fell a little short with the ending. Still worth the read though! Also, it spoils a few classic, well-known books [ listed on Goodreads ], if you're planning to read any of those, I'd advise you to finish them before starting this one.
THE KIND WORTH KILLING - I'd say this's the better Peter Swanson novel out of these two. Quite Gone Girl-esque in nature but equally well-written and amazing! It's a type of story that makes you question humans and our moral code. Think intense Tom and Jerry with 200% more stress, nail-biting moments and of course, murders.
AND THEN THERE WERE NONE - A classic whodunit. Who doesn't love those? Group of people trapped in a remote island and one by one they drop dead in mysterious ways. Everyone seems like the killer, but who is actually behind these murders? Edge-of-the-seat feels with this one! And as the group becomes smaller and smaller, the criminal gets closer and closer till there are none.
LONG BRIGHT RIVER - This one delves into quite sensitive themes and topics such as addiction, struggles with withdrawal and ultimately, the devastation caused by it all. The relationship between the two sisters is portrayed with powerful emotional language and it's truly heartbreaking. Tension arises when one sister goes missing the same time when murders occur in the area. Not an easy read by any means but an exceptional story indeed.
NO EXIT - Four strangers stranded at a secluded highway rest stop and one of them has kidnapped a little girl and locked her in the van. And our main character has no means of communicating with anyone but has to figure out how to save the child from the psychopath. This has thriller written all over it! My stress levels were through the roof but, the action and the twists just blew my mind! Love this book!
LOCK EVERY DOOR - Creepy high-end hotel. Check. Disappearing people. Check. Dark secrets. Check, check, check! Again, another author who perfectly conjured a ghostly ambience as the plot thickens and the main character is so close to the killer. I'll be honest, I was scared at some parts. But it was a good kinda scared, you know. 100% will read again!
DARLING ROSE GOLD - Sounds like a cute story right? Don't be fooled by the title. This twisted mother-daughter story evokes an unsettling feeling as we follow both the daughter, who became overwhelmingly ill due to malnutrition and her abusive mother, who recently got released from prison. I found the narrative style to be very unique as they're both unlikable characters with hidden motives beneath their now-tolerant attitudes to each other. In other words: this book is CRAZY AND GOOD!
Tumblr media
DARK MATTER - This is my favourite book. Ever. Written by one of my favourite authors. Ever. It's the perfect blend of a seemingly confusing narrative, a true mind-fuck, thought-provoking themes, slightly disturbing yet very much stress-inducing plot progression - in short: I love it!
SCYTHE - The premise caught my attention and it didn't disappoint at all! This universe is remarkably built through Shusterman's compelling imagery and mystery revolving around a Scythe's morals, ethics and concerns with their profession as they have to randomly kill people due to overpopulation. And good news, this is a series!
THE PASSENGERS - Listen, if you like Black Mirror-y stories, then you're gonna love this one! It's set in a world that's transitioning from manual to autonomous vehicles where eight driverless cars are hacked and programmed to collide in one location at a specific time! Initially, keeping up with so many POVs was challenging, but, it's completely worth it and possibly one of the most stressful books I've read in a while. John Marrs just understands writing.
THE TEST - This one's a short story - a hundred pages or so, yet thoroughly entertaining and has an intriguing plotline. Again, kinda gives Black Mirror vibes and jumps straight into the action. It's also severely messed up and horrible to think about. Dives into human behaviour and psychology in terrible this or that scenarios. Definitely one of my favourites! Are you sensing a pattern?
WE ARE THE ANTS - Alien abduction? The world in danger? And the fate of it rests upon a hesitant teenage boy's shoulders? Caught my attention. The plot is quite touching, emotionally-driven and weaves through several heavy issues such as depression, suicide, bullying and marginalisation, however, lightens up around wholesome themes like love, family and friendship. Great story and also, the book cover is pretty cool!
Tumblr media
RED, WHITE AND ROYAL BLUE - Yet another book that needs no introduction. Just read it fam. No regrets!
THE UNHONEYMOONERS - Looking for the fluffiest of fluff story ever? Here ya go! Christina Lauren has nailed the romance genre and this one's nothing short of spectacular. Humour, wit and banter are smoothly intertwined into both main characters who hate each other with a passion... for a little while. Also features the classic and unsurprisingly entertaining hate to love trope!
THE HATING GAME - Can't seem to get enough of this enemies to lovers trope! Hilarious writing paired with two lovable characters - definitely a mood-booster. Just the mere chemistry between the characters as you experience their both funny and tender moments is *chef's kiss*.
THEY BOTH DIE AT THE END - Another favourite! A tear-jerker that's incredibly raw and thought-provoking. It explores the connection between two strangers spending their End Day with meaningful conversations, dealing with love and loss and going on that one last adventure before - well, you know how it ends.
Tumblr media
PET SEMATARY - If you're into severely disturbing and horrific imagery spiralling through your mind - okay, why would you do that to yourself? Major theme of death described in a terrifying and a very Stephen King manner. Personally, I found the writing to be a little boring but still eerie, however, my friends and a lot of other readers love this book! To each their own, I guess?
THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD - Two words. Home invasion. This book made me question all the fundamental things in life and the writing speaks volumes! Filled with subtle symbolism and allusions to real societies and how they operate under crises. Possible heartbeat escalation, intense moments laced with undertones of sadness for the family. Gets straight into the action and it's utterly overwhelming. I don't read much horror but this is probably one of the best [ though some have contradicting opinions ]!
I spent a lot of time making this, so reblogs are very much appreciated! Hope you found something interesting :D
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isekai-tearooms · a year ago
hello! can i request a matchup (male characters) for bungou stray dogs & assassination classroom if that's okay? thank you 💕
― i’m a female and a grey asexual!
― appearance-wise, i’m 165cm (5’4"), asian, with shoulder length black hair and dark brown eyes! i don’t like wearing dresses, often times i’m wearing long sleeves paired with shorts or jeans.
― personality-wise, i can be cold and really blunt at first and i don’t let people in easily bc trust issues™ at the rare times people actually succeed in making me their friend, i’m a bit chaotic. i’m a rational person (which sometimes offend others??), but i can be very childish at times. i have pretty dry and dark humor, and i love making sarcastic comebacks. it’s literally second nature at this point. i’m a vv moody & have a short temper. people say i’m iNtElLiGeNt, and so naturally, i’m the person my classmates go to for academic help, despite being super harsh when they get something wrong. (i can’t help it bc what i teach them usually seems easy to me ;-;"). and sometimes i’m just so done with everyone’s shit that i don’t care about anything HHHHH it’s like i have two separate personalities??
― i like horror, psychological thrillers, action & action comedies. i’m very interested in psychology & pathology, and i want to be a psychologist or a forensic psychologist one day. i love spicy food and have a sweet tooth! (ill eat literally ANYTHING sweet) i also prefer working alone than in groups, bc i do better alone. i love foxes & cats too! (i have a cat named ginger eEEE) i also really love collecting stationery!!
― i hate crowds & socializing. i’d prefer staying in and binge watching anime or movies! despite being the person people come to for academic help, i absolutely hate studying and rarely ever do study.
― my hobbies are writing, drawing, playing the piano, violin & guitar and singing! at a young age i’ve been taught how to play those instruments, but i’m only really good at piano. the life of an asian lol
this is rly long omg- anyways, thank you!!
{i hope this is alright! it’s my first time doing a matchup ^^; i hope you enjoy! i wrote them in a headcanon format since that’s what i’m most comfortable with, hope you don’t mind that! - s}
i ship you with...
Tumblr media
{.⋅ ✯ ⋅.}  RANPO EDOGAWA  {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.}
at first, ranpo finds your bluntness interesting; he isn’t going to push you just for the sake of figuring you out, but he can tell there’s something more to you than your cold attitude
completely understands you getting annoyed when your classmates ask you for help and get it wrong, he feels similarly whenever he has to explain the reasoning behind his deductions, and when his clients don’t understand him
he loves that you’re both chaotic/childish and also rational, as he understands that sometimes life really does call for being serious, but downtime is still precious to him and he’s glad he can have someone to relax with outside of his work/the agency
supportive of your dream to become a psychologist, he definitely knows you’re smart enough for it. if anyone tries to convince you to do something else even if you don’t want to, he’ll honestly just like, complain about them to you but he’ll do it in front of them to put them off the subject. he also thinks the idea of being with a forensic psychologist would be interesting, but not in a kind of way where he’d be dissatisfied if you chose to do anything else
stubbornly possessive of his own sweets and sweet stash, but honestly doesn’t mind sharing with you or letting you take some, just as long as you replace anything you’ve taken for yourself
ngl i hc that he loves cats too, if the two of you were to move in together at all but ginger stayed at your family home he would be constantly, cheekily asking to see them, but if ginger moves in too he is chuffed
thinks it’s super endearing that you like to collect stationary, though he doesn’t particularly understand why you love it so much. doesn’t mean he’s not going to buy or ask yosano to buy things for you if he ever spots little stationary things like stickers or memos that he thinks you might like
prefers to stay inside with you anyway, most if not all dates planned by him consist of things like movie nights or playing games inside. if you do want to go outside somewhere though, on occasion, it isn’t a problem with him but it doesn’t change his preference considering he struggles to do certain things without using his ability
isn’t going to pressure you into singing/playing for him when he figures out you can but i feel like he’d enjoy it if you did, even if you’re not specifically playing for him, just practicing, he still likes to listen to you
he’d ask you in a cheeky/childish way, like “not to be cheekyyy, but can you play/sing for meee”
Tumblr media
{.⋅ ✯ ⋅.}  KARMA AKABANE  {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.}
teases you for your height, but in a kind of “aww, you’re so small, so cute” way, even though you’re only about a head shorter than him. he’ll stop if you ask him seriously enough but until you do he’s just going to assume that you don’t mind it
treats you the same way as he would with anyone else in the class, until he gets to know you and sees that you aren’t entirely as cold and blunt as you were letting on
he likes getting on your nerves to a certain extent, only ever really driving you to a “i love you but if you don’t shut up-” kind of mood, not too much to really set off your temper and make you mad at him. he finds it fun to bounce off your sarcasm with his own, either to tease you or someone else
willing to help you out with your classmates if they ever come to you for help, after all he has some of the highest grades in class if not the highest, so he’s capable of helping. however, he’s similar to you, he’s harsh and gets a little agitated if someone fails to understand something that’s so easy for him
similar film tastes, his favorite genres are action & action comedies. he gets surprisingly into discussing films with you. if there’s a new film coming out that you both want to watch and he ends up seeing it before you, he might joke about telling you spoilers but he wouldn’t actually ruin the film for you, because it would annoy is sm if someone did that to him
honestly not too fussed about what your dream job is and what you’re aiming for, that’s your business, just as long as your happy. if you need help with it though, he’ll take an interest and try to help as he knows it’s something that’s going to make you happy
he’s fine with either going outside or staying in with you, he prefers to go out but isn’t going to pressure you to. sometimes he sees spending time inside with you as special even if you’re just watching anime, it’s more private
if you do go out though he’ll try avoiding crowded areas with you, whilst also trying not to make it obvious that he’s doing it ig
he’s never particularly been interested in creative things like writing, drawing, and music; his strong points in class being more maths and science; so anything you make or play is honestly amazing to him especially since he has nothing like his own experience to compare it to (if that makes sense-- sorry for the personal comment aha but like ig it’s similar to if you’re drawing and you don’t like it but someone who doesn’t draw will think it’s great)
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