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ggukkiereads · 42 minutes ago
Hiii! Did you have a nice day? I wanted to ask for a fic rec of fics like @youremypride 's apocalypse. I'm not looking for zombie ones, just fics that are creepy?? Thanks!!!
🌷 Hello! My day before was kind of weird! Like all the wrong files/documents happening at work. I don’t believe much in mercury retrograde (astrology) but I asked my coworker who’s into astrology if we’re under this phase (so the answer is NO lol; my files are just really messed up. It’s all on me 😅). So I hope it’s better today!
I am assuming you binged on the author’s fics too? That’s what I did after reading their hilarious Gamer!Jungkook fic! 🥰
For your request, I had a lot in mind but I realize they’re either pure yandere or thriller or horror/suspense or killer aus. I get what you mean with Apocalypse. It’s creepy and haunting (but I can’t really classify it as horror too for some reason). It is more of a strange, peculiar romance (like what the writer said in their a/n). Kudos to the writer @youremypride for writing this!
Tumblr media
Creepy  (and Haunting) Fics
- I tried to recall ones with similar vibes of Apocalypse (creepy but sad; haunting and not just scary) so the genre will be a mixture of horror, thriller, suspense, some yandere.
⚠ (please check tags and don’t proceed if the themes are uncomfortable for you):
Beloved @bang-tan-bitches - Yoongi
one shot | 17.4k | political, historical, daechwita-inspired, thriller, yandere themes | s
so this is part of my favorite Daechwita fics! That last part, I had my mouth open and I wanted to scream for OC. It’s creepy in a different way and I don’t want to think about what’s their story after the fic (if I were OC I’d probably go crazy)
Motive @jessikahathaway  - Jungkook
one shot | 12.6k | outcast!reader, popular!jungkook, OC accused of  murder, and yes sh*t happens | A, S
So I read this on AO3 last year and I was captivated by the story; maybe because in my mind I was thinking that the story will be your regular popular guy meets normie!reader and they fall in love. I don’t know if I can say this is “creepy but haunting” but it haunted me a bit and it played with my emotions (😥)
Room 105 @park-jong-seong - Jungkook
drabble | 1k | creepy hotel vibes, horror | s
this has the vibes of those creepy ghost stories shared during Halloween.
Dollhouse @itskimtaehyung - Jungkook
one shot | 10.4k | established relationship, horror, spirit possession, supernatural, haunted house | a, s
I still think about this. Every time I see this, I just remember the ending when OC snapped. I started to question: was it even real? Or was it some psychological issues that led to...that ending? I hope it’s creepy enough for you.
The Dulcie Inn @yandere-society - Taehyung x Reader x Jungkook
one shot | 12k | yandere!jungkook, fiance!taehyung, horror | a, s
I have so many questions! But, seriously never take your fiancé’s concerns for granted. Just look at Taehyung 😭. This is more of a thriller too.
L’Appel Du Vide + Satisfied @infireation - Taehyung
two shot | 16.7k | serial killer au | s, a
it’s just...creepy; and that fact that OC still made an appearance in the sequel made it creepier. I love how Taehyung was written - he just fits the scary but enigmatic character. *chills*
Totem @yeoldontknow - Hoseok
one shot | 5.5k | horror, suspense, thriller, haunted house au, light romance | a
What follows is an account of YouTube vloggers Euripet3s1 and theJungProject. This is a report of the last known whereabouts of Jung Hoseok.
Please don’t read this at night. It’s creepy and haunting and mysterious until the very end. I love the writing style too (like a transcript). It’s more of horror/suspense/thriller too.
Apothic @jiminstonic - Jimin
one shot | 6.1k | thriller, zombie au, yandere!zombie Jimin who will protect you, post-apocalypse | s, a
okay so seems romantic that a Zombie!Jimin will do everything to protect you from other zombies but you have to check his intentions and all. He is still a Zombie end of day plus the idea of a romance with a zombie should be creepy itself (but when do characters listen?!?!).
Lichterloh @saturnmyg - Taehyung
one shot | 12.9k | small town horror au, action, dullahan!taehyung, newcomer!reader, teacher!reader, supernatural | a
dullahan is a headless horseman. this is set in modern times about someone escaping the busy city life. the small town itself is creepy and the mom kept telling OC they can’t find it in the map, etc (lesson: always listen to your Mom). The people in the town seem...okay? And then Taehyung seems scary according to the “legend” but he’ll show up at one point of the story and you’d think you can trust him. Okay I’ll stop now and let you discover things yourself.
A Portrait’s Whisper @jimlingss - Seokjin
one shot | 4k | psychological thriller, horror au | a
“When you’re trapped in a house controlled by a witch’s power, Seokjin will go through every means to search for you again.”
- uhmm, yeah right 👀
Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun by various authors - OT7 (each gets a one shot)
all the fics are inspired by psychological thriller films so expect the same kind of fics. I can’t say that all have the same vibes you are looking for (maybe they’re more of psychological thrillers/suspense) but I put a 👻 to the one closest . Some of the links are not updated so I’m posting it here:
The Seance @junqkook - Seokjin |  inspired by Demonic! | ghost hunters au, demon au, horror  👻
Wraith @gimmesumsuga - Yoongi |  inspired by The Shining! | boyfriend!yoongi, music producer?, possession, thriller
Perfidy @yminie - Hoseok |  inspired by The Babysitter! | horror, thriller, demonic rituals
Moving On @gukyi - Namjoon | inspired by Carrie! | supernatural au
Zemblanity @cinnaminsvga - Jimin |  inspired by Misery! |  fan!jimin, idol!reader, horror/thriller
Hide & Seek @oppamanse – Taehyung | inspired by Sinister! | author deactivated
Sub Rosa @jincherie - Jungkook |  inspired by The Thing! | alien au (sort of), thriller, horror  👻
Tumblr media
posted: 2021 June 24 | updated:
other fic rec lists
feel free to chat about fics =)
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relatablepoetryandquotes · 46 minutes ago
“It is solely on the basis of common interest that every society should be governed.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract
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shannonhartcounselling · an hour ago
Anti-Depressants have been around for a long time and are used in a combination with talking therapies in order to treat depression and anxiety as well. However, like you, the reaction to them is unique. Some anti-depressants might work for your friend but not for you. It is important to find the right treatment plan that is best suited for you and your mental health issues. Speaking with your GP and healthcare provider will allow you to find a treatment plan that fits and helps improve your quality of life.
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juniperpublishers · an hour ago
Estimation of Evaporation at Tharandt, using Daily and Ten-Minute Class-A Pan Data from Automatic Measuring Pressure Sensor Instrument | Juniper Publishers
Tumblr media
Juniper Publishers-Open Access Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources
Authored by Antensay Mekoya 
Evaporation is major component of global water cycle and water balance of a small/large irrigation area, reservoir or lake, and a catchment. In this study, evaporation from Class-A pan (Ep) for the years from 2004 to 2013 at Tharandt, Germany is calculated and analyzed using daily and ten-minute Class-A pan water level data from automatic measuring pressure sensor instrument.
Daily Ep is first calculated at two different times; at 7 a.m. and at midnight. Because daily Ep calculated at 7 a.m. had shown less errors as it had fewer negative values (n = 43 out of a total of 2145 values) than Ep calculated at midnight (n = 84 out of a total of 1971 values); Ep calculated at 7a.m. is selected for the calculation of Ep. The correlation between Ep calculated at midnight and Ep calculated at 7a.m. was ‘very good’ (R2 = 0.87, MSE = 0.32mm d-1). Therefore, Ep calculated at midnight is used for filling as well as for correcting Ep calculated at 7 a.m. values. Accordingly, missing values of daily Ep at 7a.m. are filled using 0.908 × daily Ep at midnight values + 0.385 (Eq. 7). In Eq. 7, the cause for non-zero offset (0.385) could be instrument error. Assuming no instrument error, out of 1836 days, Epd which is the difference between 7a.m. and midnight Ep (see Figure 1) was larger than zero for 1184 days (64.5% of the days). This means out of 1836 days, for 64.5% of the days next day ‘night time’ Ep was greater than its previous day ‘night time’ Ep. Also, for at least 54 days |Epd| ≤ 1.5mm d-1 which means that the ‘night time’ daily Ep had to be ≥ 1.0mm d-1.
Figure 1: Understanding Epd which is daily Ep at 7 a.m. (‘blue’) minus daily Ep at midnight (‘red’) for day n.
Finally, 2098 daily values of Ep are calculated from March to November for the available data; however, only the summer half year (April to September, n=1702) values of Ep are mainly used for most of the analysis.
Generally, the accuracy of the self-recording ten-minute and daily water level measurements from Class-A pan at Tharandt from 2004 to 2013 can be considered as very good. However, the measurement should be carefully checked as it might have sensitivity to other than pressure or water depth difference in the pan. Hence, the sensitivity of the pressure sensor instrument at 7a.m. and at midnight for same pressure (depth of pan water) might have slight difference.
Keywords: Tharandt; Class-A pan Evaporation (Ep); Ep at 7 a.m. and at midnight, Epd
Abbrevations: Ep: Class-A Pan Evaporation (Ep); Epd: Ep at 7a.m. minus Ep at midnight; ET: Evapotranspiration; V: Water Level at 7 a.m.; P: Precipitation at 7a.m.; V’: Water Level at Midnight; RF: Precipitation at Midnight; NSE: Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency; MAE: Mean Absolute Error; RMSE: Root Mean Square Error; RSR: RMSE-Observations Standard Deviation Ratio; MPE: Mean Percent of Error; ‘night time’: The Time between Midnight and 7 a.m.
Measured and estimated evaporation data has been in use by agricultural, hydrological, hydro meteorological, irrigation and soil and water conservation applications. Evaporation or evapotranspiration (ET) which is a major component of the global water cycle and the hydrologic budget or water balance of small or large irrigation area, reservoir or lake and a catchment is important consumer of energy. On average, across all continents about 70% of precipitation reaching the land surface evaporates; in dry regions (e.g., Australia) this ratio is higher and can reach up to 90% and in Europe to approximately 60% of the annual rainfall (Nova´k 2012 & Baumgarter and Reichel, 1975) [1,2].
Measured and estimated evaporation data has been in use by agricultural, hydrological, hydro meteorological, irrigation and soil and water conservation applications. Evaporation or evapotranspiration (ET) which is a major component of the global water cycle and the hydrologic budget or water balance of small or large irrigation area, reservoir or lake and a catchment is important consumer of energy. On average, across all continents about 70% of precipitation reaching the land surface evaporates; in dry regions (e.g., Australia) this ratio is higher and can reach up to 90% and in Europe to approximately 60% of the annual rainfall (Nova´k 2012 & Baumgarter and Reichel, 1975) [1,2].
Materials and Methods
The station is situated in-flat and grass covered area and fulfils the WMO standard for meteorological measurements. This station has special characteristics because it is situated at the bottom of a V-shaped valley and close to an asphalt road, buildings and the Weißeritz River (see Figure 2 & 3). Therefore, it has a reduced sky view factor and consequently sunshine may comparatively reaches the area late in the morning and leaves earlier in the evening resulting in lower sunshine hours. Due to high shelter effects at low level, it is expected that the wind speed at 2m (which was derived from the wind speeds at 3m and at 10m) would have been higher than real values (if actual measurement had been conducted at 2m height).
The pan used for measurement of pan evaporation is a standard Class-A pan evaporimeter (see Figure 3). The readings of the water level in the pan for every 10-minute interval (V’) as well as for daily basis (V) are recorded automatically by a pressure sensor device.
Daily Class-A pan Evaporation at 7 a.m. and at midnight
Using Eq. 4 and using daily water level (V) and the corresponding precipitation at 7 a.m. (P) daily pan evaporation from Class-A pan (Ep) is calculated at 7 a.m. Similarly, Ep at midnight is calculated using 10-minute water level (V’) and daily precipitation at midnight (RF).
The change in water level for a day say d (ΔV’d) at midnight is calculated by subtracting the water level at day d at 23:59:00 hour (V’d) from the water level at previous day (day d-1) at 23:59:00 hour (V’d-1); i.e., images/IJESNR.MS.ID.555778.I001.png Δ can also be calculated by taking the sum of 144 ten-minute water level differences for each day. Both will give same result if V’ has no missing values. Similarly, The change in water level for a day say d (ΔVd) at 7 a.m. is calculated by subtracting the next day (day d+1) water level at 7 a.m. (Vd+1) from the water level at day d at 7 a.m. (V’d); i.e., images/IJESNR.MS.ID.555778.I002.png . Note that those days with missing V or V’ data are excluded in the calculation of ΔV and ΔV’.
Class-A pan Evaporation (Ep) estimation
According to Dingman [3], pan evaporation is calculated using eq. 1 below:
E pan evaporation (in mm)
P precipitation (in mm) during Δt,
V1 & V2 the storages (in mm) at the beginning and end of Δt, respectively.
According to (WMO 1994 Sec. 9.2), the amount of evaporation that has occurred between two observations of water level in the pan (E) is calculated using Eq. 2 below:
P the depth of precipitation during the period between the two measurements,
P the depth of precipitation during the period between the two measurements,
Combining Eq. 1 and Eq. 2, we get:
Modifying Eq. 3 and replacing E with Epan or Ep, we have:
Where, Ep is daily evaporation computed as the difference in Class-A pan water level on successive days, corrected for any precipitation and Δd during the period. P, Δd, V1 and V2 are as defined above. For the calculation of daily Ep, Eq. 4 is used throughout this article with Δd = 0 (because of missing Δd values). However, 41 days have information for ‘special features’ (‘Besonderheiten_Daten’) like emptying or drawing out (pumping off) some water, cleaning (e.g. using Anti-Algae chemicals) and refilling of pan (including information about confirmation of no precipitation during the refilling time); removal (fishing out) of grass, seeds, coarse dirt or suspended matter (solids) from the pan; and so forth which are excluded from the calculation of E
Note that the maximum possible value of daily Epan in mm d-1 can be set to be equal to the upper estimate of daily PET in mm d-1 (PETmax) (see Eq. 6). PETmax is estimated to be the extreme maximum value of the ratio of daily net radiation (in MJ m-2 d-1) calculated using Eq. 19 and (daily) latent heat of vaporization (in MJ kg-1) calculated using Eq. 5. It is calculated with the assumption that all the available energy provided by radiation is consumed (used for vaporization).
λ latent heat of vaporization (in MJ kg-1)
T air temperature (in °C)
Where, Ep_max is the maximum possible upper limit of Ep (in mm d-1), PETmax is the maximum possible upper limit of PET (in mm d-1), λ latent heat of vaporization (in MJ kg-1) and Rn net radiation (in MJ m-2 d-1). For the calculation of Rn refer Appendix A.
Note, however, that the estimated net radiation used in this paper is based on measurements above grass level and that the Class-A pan will have a different radiation balance. Therefore, Eq. 6 can be a suited check for PET estimations according to Haude, Wendling, and Penman and ETo but only a rough check for Ep. Ep_max resulted 7.198 ( 7.2) mm d-1.
Monthly Ep is calculated by aggregation of daily Ep values for months from April to October of each year. Note however that few days at the beginning of April and at the end of October had considerable missing daily Ep values. Hence, the average values of daily Ep for the available ten years (from 2004 to 2013) is used for filling missing daily Ep values of each year (see Table 1).
Results and Discussion
Comparing Class-A pan evaporation at 7 a.m. and at midnight
Daily values of pan evaporation from Class-A pan (Ep) were calculated at 7 a.m. and at midnight using Eq. 4. The calculation was performed for n = 2145 and 1971 days {from daily P and RF data and their corresponding fully available daily (V) and tenminutes (V’) water level data, respectively}.
Generally daily Ep at 7 a.m. resulted in greater values than daily Ep at midnight. It also resulted in less (121) negative values whereas daily Ep at midnight resulted in more (213) negative values (see Table 2). Thus, comparatively Ep at 7 a.m. has the advantage of having a greater number of values with a smaller number of negative values which made it preferable to Ep at midnight. Therefore, Ep calculated at 7 a.m. is selected in this article. Its missing values are filled using Ep at midnight values following the description in section 3.2.
aEpd is used to denote daily Ep at 7 a.m. minus daily Ep at midnight
bout of the 1966 days for two days both Ep at 7 a.m. and Ep at midnight had equal values
cthe number in parenthesis is the number of days where both Ep at 7 a.m. and Ep at midnight had values;
dthe corresponding average value.
To evaluate the error among case A, case B, and case C of Table 2, the methods for comparison and evaluation of models which are discussed in Appendix B are applied by considering the daily Ep at midnight as observation values (i.e., x or Oi) and daily Ep at 7 a.m. as model (estimated) values (i.e., y or Pi).
For all the three cases, the p-value was 0.05 (not shown). It indicated that existence of statistically significant difference between daily Ep at 7 a.m. and daily Ep at midnight values at 5% significance level could not be concluded. In all cases, the MPE was around 7.1%; which means that Ep at 7 a.m. values were relatively larger by 7.1% as compared to Ep at midnight values (see Table 3).
For case A, three ‘goodness-of-fit’ measures (R2, NSE, and RSR) showed ‘very good’ relationship between daily Ep values at midnight and at 7 a.m. (see Table 3). However, the RMSE was comparatively the biggest. Moreover, in case A (see Table 2) daily Ep at 7 a.m. and at midnight resulted in 43 and 84 days with Ep ≤ -0.5mm d-1 and in 28 and 21 days with Ep ≥ 7.2mm d-1, respectively. Thus, comparatively, using case B or case C was better than using case A. Overall, it can be concluded that case B was the best because it had the advantage of using more values with better NSE and RSR as compared to case C.
Note that in this article the minimum possible Ep from Class-A pan for the climate condition of Germany is limited to ≥ -0.5mm d-1 in an assumption that there could be a maximum condensation of up to 0.5mm d-1. Similarly, the maximum possible Ep, as calculated using Eq. 6, is limited to ≤ 7.2mm d-1 [5-12].
Filling missing values of Ep at 7 a.m.
Case B resulted in a regression equation (see Eq. 7and Figure 4) which is used for filling the missing values of daily Ep at 7 a.m. by using daily Ep at midnight values as given below:
In Eq. 7 a zero offset was expected; however, an offset of 0.385 had resulted. The cause for non-zero offset might be instrument error; the sensitivity of the pressure sensor instrument for same pressure (depth of pan water) at 7 a.m. and at midnight might have slight difference. Assuming no instrument error, for example for case B, out of 1836 days, Ep at 7 a.m. was larger than Ep at midnight for 1184 days (64.5% of the days). Note also that R2 = 0.87 in Eq. 7 indicates that daily Ep at 7 a.m. explains 87 % of the variability in the observed data (daily Ep at midnight values).
Therefore, out of 2145 daily values of Ep at 7 a.m. the values which are missing and were not in the range between -0.5 and 7.2mm d-1 are corrected using 1971 Ep at midnight values (Table 2). Accordingly, 24 values of Ep at 7 a.m. are filled or replaced using Eq. 7 while other 47 values are omitted and 2098 (2145 minus 47) values of Ep at 7 a.m. are used for next analyses.
Estimated class-A pan evaporation (Ep)
As discussed in the above sections, daily Class-A pan evaporation (Ep) is calculated using daily Ep at 7 a.m. values for n = 2098 days from March/April to October/November. Accordingly, the daily Ep resulted in average, extreme maximum and extreme minimum values of approximately 2.16, 6.87 and -0.50mm d-1, respectively. Throughout the 2004 to 2013 period, it was above 6mm d-1 for only 8 days (see Figure 5).
The ten-year daily average Ep calculated from April to October (see Figure 6) was approximately between 3 and 4mm d-1 from mid of May to mid of August except for one day in July where it was around 4.28mm d-1. In the rest of the months it was between 3 and 1mm d-1 except from mid of September to October where it declined to between 1 & 0.14mm d-1.
As shown below in Figure 7, the monthly total Ep calculated from April to October had the highest value in July (103.2mm) followed by June (97.3mm), May (81.8mm) and August (77.4mm). The least value of Ep was in October (17.3mm) followed by September (42.4mm) and April (57.0mm). Figure 7 also shows that the peak value was in July for five years, in June for four years and in May for one year.
Understanding Epd (for case B)
Epd (daily Ep at 7 a.m. minus daily Ep at midnight) means a next day (Day n+1) ‘night time’ Ep minus a previous day (Day n) ‘night time’ Ep (see Figure 1). Note that ‘night time’ is used in this thesis to represent the time from midnight to 7 a.m.
Like Table 3, Figure 8 & 9 graphically show that there was a general ‘good’ relationship between Ep at 7 a.m. and Ep at midnight; Epd was between ±1 mm d-1 for majority of the days. Daily Epd was > 1 and < -1mm d-1 for 107 and 14 days, respectively.
In Figure 10 the regression line shows only a slight increment in Epd. The increase was very small; from about 0.1mm to 0.4mm. That means an increase of around 0.3mm per 10 years. Moreover, R2 was too low. Thus, the trend (existence of a systematic increase or decrease) of Epd can be neglected.
If all other conditions are constant or if instrument and calculation errors are negligible, Epd shows the ‘night time’ difference of Ep (in mm d-1) between two consecutive days. Also, because:
1. there was no a systematic significant trend, shift or lag (Figure 9 and Figure 10);
2. daily Ep at 7 a.m. and at midnight have good correlation (R2 = 0.87); and
3. Epd > 1.5mm d-1 for 48 days and < -1.5mm d-1 for 6 days; it can be concluded that the ‘night time’ daily Ep had to be greater than 1.0mm d-1 for 54 days.
The accuracy of the self-recording ten-minute and daily water level measurements from Class-A pan at Tharandt from 2004 to 2013 could be considered as very good. However, the accuracy of the pressure sensor instrument which is used to automatically measure Class-A pan water level shall be carefully checked for the available daily and ten-minute measurements; it might have sensitivity to other than pressure or water depth difference in the pan. Hence, the sensitivity of the pressure sensor instrument at 7 a.m. and at midnight for same pressure (depth of pan water) might have slight difference.
Missing values of daily Ep at 7 a.m. can be filled using 0.908 × daily Ep at midnight values + 0.385 (Eq. 7). In Eq. 7, the cause for non-zero offset (0.385) could be instrument error. Assuming no instrument error, at Tharandt from 2004 to 2013, out of 1836 days, Epd was larger than zero for 1184 days (64.5% of the days). It is also concluded that the ‘night time’ daily Ep had to be ≥ 1.0mm d-1 for 54 days. The existence of ‘night time’ Ep might have made the comparison of Ep at 7 a.m. and Ep at midnight a bit complicated.
The sensitivity of the automatic Class-A pan water level measuring instrument to other than pressure (water depth difference in the pan) must be checked. If there was no measurement error and if ‘night time’ Ep is negligible, then the question: ‘Why Ep at 7 a.m. is greater than Ep at midnight for majority (65%) of the days?’ may require further study.
For more articles in Open Access Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources please click on:
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theannacentre · an hour ago
The pandemic has affected all of us and made our mental health take a turn for the worse. You might have lost a job or have been facing a business shutdown, or might even have been stuck at home alone for extended periods. We know you require some extra support during these trying times, and you need it from someone who understands what you’re feeling and is there to help you get through it.
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suevincent · an hour ago
Ghosts in the night
Ghosts in the night
Image: Jonathan Tucker Tonight the tinnitus is playing up. It is often worse at night when there is so little background noise to mask it. I won’t go into it all again, I wrote about it a while ago and once was enough. Suffice it to say I can’t sleep. It will need something to ‘re-set’ my attention and take the focus off it, so I will walk the dog… or listen to music… or get on with one of the…
Tumblr media
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medicalroute · an hour ago
Tumblr media
ماذا يجب على الذين يريدون الخضوع لعملية تطويل القامة التجميلية معرفته؟ ⠀ معظم الحالات التي تتقدم الى عمليات تطويل القامة التجميلي هم أولئك الذين يعانون من مشاكل نفسية بسبب قصر طولهم مقارنة بمحيطهم. في مثل هذه الحالات، قد يكون تحقيق المطلب معقَد للغاية. والسبب في ذلك، أن القرار على زيادة طول القامة كان بتحفيز مشاكل نفسية واجتماعية، ولم يكن بقرار الفرد الصحي. وعادة ما تعاني هذه الحالات من خيبة الأمل والندم لأنها انتقلت من مرحلة مريحة الى مرحلة متعبة، مما قد تتطور الحالة النفسية الى مستوى غير مرغوب فيه. يرغب الكثير من هذه الحالات في عدم استكمال برنامج الاطالة، وذلك بسبب فقدان الراحة أو التردد من الوسط. كلا من الأمرين مرتبطان بالحالة النفسية. في المقام الأول، يجب أن يعرف مقدم الطلب أن العملية الجراحية تذهب راحة الفرد لفترة معينة. يجب القرار على تلقي البرنامج بفكر حر دون تفكير وتردد. يجب فهم جميع ما يتطلب معرفته حول فترة ما بعد العملية وفترة العلاج الكاملة قبل الخضوع للعملية. يوصى بتلقي الدعم النفسي من طبيب نفساني إذا كانت الحالة النفسية غير مستقرة. ستساعد كل هذه الأساسيات في توجيه القرار الصحي. بعض الحالات قد يتوجه لقبول الحالة دون تلقي العملية والبعض الآخر لتلقي العملية ولكن بقرار سليم ومستعد على تجاوز مرحلة الإطالة بسهولة. توصي المراكز المؤهلة في عمليات تطويل القامة للأشخاص الذين يرغبون زيادة طولهم اختيار الطرق الأقل اجتياحاً، والتي توفر الحد الأدنى من فقدان الراحة وتقييد الحركة. مع هذه الأساليب الحديثة سيكون المتقدم بحالة شبه الطبيعية بعد تخطي فترة المكوث في المصحة.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #تطويل_القامة #قصر_القامة #تطويل_الساقين #تطويل_العظام #limblengthening #height #Psychologicalproblems #Psychology
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Tumblr media
Ethan in the short movie "The House on Arch Lane"
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caitlynlynch · 2 hours ago
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Lily’s mother died of cancer only a year ago. When she finds out that her father is not only seeing someone else already, but planning to get married again, Lily is utterly horrified… and even more so when she discovers it’s Maria, a friend who helped Lily’s mother out during her cancer battle. Something about Maria seems off to Lily, and when Lily’s little sister Emma vanishes, Lily just knows Maria is at the bottom of it.
Every now and again I come across a book with a protagonist so utterly insufferable, I just want them to be proven wrong about everything. Unfortunately, Lily is one of those characters. She was juvenile and determined to be right, no matter the cost to anyone else. I felt desperately sorry for Maria from the beginning, having to put up with such a self-righteous, entitled little madam hellbent on sabotaging her life, and that feeling only intensified as the truth of Maria’s past was revealed. She’d been through enough, and the worst part was, by the end of the book, even though Lily knew the truth, she still didn’t seem to think Maria actually deserved happiness. I honestly despised Lily, and it’s rare I say that about a book character who’s not clearly intended to be a villain!
The premise was interesting, but the execution left me cold as we repeatedly rehashed Lily’s desire not to have Maria around and Lily continuously searched for justification that Maria was an awful person who didn’t deserve to be happy. By the end of the book, I was gritting my teeth every time the narrative moved from Maria’s POV back to Lily’s, and for that reason I cannot give this more than two stars.
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The Perfect Stepmother is available now. Disclaimer: I received a review copy of this title via NetGalley.
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Author’s Intent: Motivation
A common question for any writer is why we write. For me, I have a desire to express myself and do so better in writing than speaking. This has been consistent throughout my life. When speaking extemporaneously, I often disengage my brain, leading to either saying the exact wrong thing at the exact wrong time, or fumbling over my words, barely able to articulate what I want to say. I have a…
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SPECIALISM: Neurology, Neuroscience, Psychology and Psychiatry 
TITLE: Psychedelics Being Adapted for Mental Health Care 
DATE: Thursday 24th June 2021
New treatments for patients with depression or addiction are now underway at being developed from psychedelic drugs. Second generation psychedelics, mind you. These drugs are being developed to create a multitude of new, highly promising therapies for people suffering from depression or addiction - but to halt the concept of where these drugs may continue to show promise is foolish: it could be the answer to many more cognitive disorders and psychiatric issues. 
Whilst still undergoing trials, specialists truly now believe that these medications can be an alternative to long standing anti depressives, which over long term use come with their own side effects neurologically, and have also proven to dwindle is efficacy as the body builds an ‘immunity’ and resistance to said drug. Much like having a tablespoon of honey consecutively one after the other: the first spoon on a starved stomach is so sweet your senses practically explode… but spoon after spoon, it won’t taste sweet anymore as the palate becomes used to it.  
 With COVID having exacerbated not only the prevalence of mental illness, but also the strain on the already crippled and - quite frankly - abysmal mental care system provided by the NHS (and dare I say private facilities also), it’s critical that we start to think outside of the box and with rapidity as to how we can handle the indefinite surge and slow tsunami wave of both short and long term mental health disorders underway. 
The opportunity to psychedelics 
Studies suggest that one in three COVID-19 survivors, that meaning have had the virus and recovered, may suffer depression, anxiety - or both. Whilst already around 50% of 18-24 year olds already experience depression based on an averaged, globally recorded scale. 
Now, in existence (and unbeknown to many’s knowledge) is a company called Cybin, who is pioneering the way with the entire concept of psychedelic therapeutics, is a leading biotechnology company focused on progressing psychedelic therapeutics by utilising proprietary drug discovery platforms, innovative drug delivery systems, novel formulation approaches and treatment regimens for psychiatric disorders. To devise these drugs, thankfully, the four main molecules being utilised have actually been around for several decades, thus the brains behind the chemistry are more than familiar with their safety profiles, biochemical natures and the ways in which they metabolise within the body. 
Proof thus far
Major institutions, from the likes of Imperial College London to Caltech, are all clamouring now to get a piece of the psychedelia. Already, a study in America which involved 24 patients with a depressive disorder were given two doses of psychedelics. From this trial, the results determined that 71% of participants experienced a clinically significant reduction in depressive symptoms, and 54% in complete remission of diagnosed, clinical depression after just four weeks of taking the psychedelics. 
Potential usages
This innovative and diverse drug technique could be applied, and not limited, to the following conditions: 
Depressive disorders
Addiction disorders (i.e. drug and alcohol addiction)
PTSD and other forms of trauma
Psychosis / Schizophrenic based disorders
Bipolar / Mood disorders
Anorexia / BED / Bulimia / Orthorexia 
OCD and Paranoia  
And more
New drug delivery technologies
Research is taking place in Canada and the UK, where Cybin will conduct first in man trials later for alcohol use disorder. Further research is being done presently on the time is takes for the drug to act within these specific types of patients. By already knowing and understanding the characteristics and receptor binding abilities of these molecules, they are able to optimise the duration of action of said biomolecules and from this, underlying assisted therapies can be created more to a more scalable degree - ultimately making them commercially viable. 
What are the new drug delivery technologies?
Sublingual film technology (dissolving against the interior of the cheek or under the tongue) 
Disintegrating tablets
These manners of drug delivery form networks in the brain, making it more receptive to creating memories, which helps with dealing with the likes of trauma, addiction and PTSD. 
  The importance of public re-education 
As psychedelic drugs also have an illegal recreational connotation, it is important to remain aware that public re-education and the public health ministry must take important and necessary steps to re-educate the general public, as well as those working with the medical community. Education programmes, workshops, possibly protocols such as exams to ensure comprehension of the administration and topic are more than doable to implement into society. After all, we can never forget and perhaps hold blame upon the “swinging 60s” and the rise of hippy counterculture which is what saw and sparked these substances to seep onto the streets and became popular drugs for recreational use in the first place. This has led to them becoming a long term stigmatised, politicised, and ultimately illegalised category of drug. As we finally begin engaging in promising research for their clinical uses, education and the voices of leaders ensuring safety and proper conduct is paramount.
The actual molecules in question
There are four molecules currently known and being worked upon in-industry with psychedelic properties. Below is a concise table to explain the four molecules in question, though a further, more in depth document of each specific molecule will be produced as a follow up to this essay:  
3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)
N,N-dimethyltryptamine (DMT) 
The future 
While these trials and others are a beacon of hope for the psychedelic therapy field and for patients in the grips of treatment-resistant depression and other disorders, there is a long way to go before such substances become market-ready. 
Larger trials in far more diverse patient populations are needed and more need to be conducted head-to-head with existing and widely used treatments for mental illness. For this, psychedelic research will require more investment and funding from public institutions and private investors, as well as clear regulatory pathways. 
Regulator involvement will also be critical to increasing acceptance of psychedelic medicines as mainstream therapies and diminishing their reputation as “party drugs”. Now that the FDA has granted breakthrough therapy designation to treatments derived from both MDMA and psilocybin, the medicinal psychedelic field might just be poised to hit the pharma mainstream in the coming years
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I Cacciatori di Conigli My new sketches about my and my sister's(@elmart) story.
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most days i'm pretty happy with how carefully curated my tumblr experience is
other days there's SPN drama and i'm missing it all
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Stomacache: all mechanisms behind or beneath that you should know
Stomacache: all mechanisms behind or beneath that you should know
Stomach pain is a symptom people complain of when they experience pain in the upper and middle of the abdomen. A sensation that is quite common and certainly experienced by everyone once or twice in their life. In medical terms it is defined as epigastralgia or epigastric pain (Greek term which means “above the stomach”). In anatomy, in fact, the epigastric region is the highest and most central…
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You’re still my (only) favorite *what if?*
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