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¾/2020 | Getting ahead on Neuropharmacology lectures because they’re all uploaded, also here’s last night’s sunset through a very dirty window that can’t be opened enough to clean

🎧 If You Need Me - Julia Michaels

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Emotions focus our attention and our thinking, and particular emotions (in response to something) call up particular thoughts and behaviours, thereby fuelling the same feedback cycle every time that something is encountered. When those emotions recur over and over, with each repetition of the feedback cycle, our overly focused brains inevitably change in a particular direction, entrenching a certain emotional experience a little more each time.

Marc Lewis

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Many people want to achieve more in their purpose live—in order to achieve any goal, we need have set, a short and long term goals that we commit heartedly to it. Try to be specific and identify those things that can fits which areas matters. When it comes to self-growth, many of us think about life-long process required physical, mental, and spiritual trhive. The more we know, the better, the core of it is to obtain knowledge, improve skills, and step out of the comfort zone. Thus, it’s a hard thing to do even though it pays off, idealy.

As much we grow older, we all to know, what the people drive in is come from different way and many background. We all start from different places, colour, pattern, sides, vibes, and change is possible to make a start point become a better of us. Not just to be a success—be proud of our daily changing grow and developed within compasionate and confidence.

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Dissociation is used as a defense to protect a person from overwhelming pain and trauma.

It is a natural ability of the brain. Hypnosis or hypnotic trance is a form of dissociation.
There are a number of types of dissociation: amnesia, somnambulistic states, localized paralyses, anaesthesias, and hallucinations. Hypnosis can reproduce all of these dissociative states.

The mind naturally hypnotizes itself under various conditions.

Perhaps the reader has been driving along a familiar road and the next thing you knew you were arriving home, having driven in a trance. Now let’s suppose you are driving to a movie and you are discussing next week’s plans with your wife.
The complex thinking required to drive just happens. You are awake talking to your wife, and yet on another level you were in trance driving the car.

You as a subject were both in hypnotic trance (driving) and awake (talking about plans).

There are 5 levels to the subconscious that the mind will naturally dissociate to. The other deeper levels require help to access.
People naturally can think on two levels.

Because people’s minds function on multilevels and there is a continua on a spectrum that runs from conscious to unconscious, it is often difficult to pinpoint just exactly what state of mind the brain is in at a certain point, because there is no single answer.

A light trance is where a person is daydreaming about his girlfriend. A moderate trance is where he imagines he is in bed.

A deep trance is where he physically feels he is in bed with his girlfriend.

Sleep is where one dreams of being in bed.

Behavior modification is carried out in the light to deep trances. The deep trance is a very creative level.

Hypnosis appears to affect several areas of the brain–the brain stem is modified into the hypnotic state, and the midbrain centers are inhibited so that other areas–the motor, sensory and memory areas can be manipulated.

Further not all hypnosis works the same way. Hypnosis can be used on the intellectual part of the mind, the social-spiritual part of the mind, and the primitive reproductive part of the mind.

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I love my therapist but there’s a recurring problem in my life she just can’t understand. I don’t wanna talk about it here but It’s one of the main triggers for my depression but it’s not something common and if you don’t have it it’s hard to relate so she keeps kind of offering “solutions” that are not possible right now in my life because of money and now also a fucking pandemic.

Idk i brought it up a few times already but i always end up feeling more alone in it because she just can’t comprehend the way it affects me and kind of brushes it off as a smaller problem because I don’t break down like I used to since I’m doing better.

I don’t know what to do about it or how to bring it up again…

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Over and over history shows that the ultimate failure of any society is that the leaders become disillusioned by the power of their own charisma and rhetoric. The truth is, the public tolerates much discomfort, regardless of personality or promise, until the hunger and desperation of their children forces them to act.

During the Feast, people are free to explore and project their personalities as much as they feel comfortable to do. When the Famine comes around, the roles we must play take precedent and do not allow the time or freedom to express our personalities. A society of people “just being themselves” is not sustainable. We all must choose a role to play in the community. One that is easiest for us to maintain the mask required to be successful at it.

History also shows that in times of crisis it is always better to have a sociopath in charge. Although, it also helps if they are competent.

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Reclaiming humanity from the mental health industry

Laura Delano’s story of recovery from what is done to the human spirit by the myth of mental ‘illness’ when it teaches us to surrender our responsibility and accountability, that we are biologically broken and who we are is an incurable lifelong disease, and that emotional suffering is abnormal and something to be gotten rid of.

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To be mad, insane, is just to be outside the norm, madness is a label assigned to those who think ‘differently’ by those who lack thought. Alternative thought can lead a person down infinite roads; can cause both revelations and breakdowns, yet the ‘thoughts’ of the normal only lead to one place: nothing, the empty land void of anything meaningful. It may seem nihilistic at first, but bear with me, what happens when you die? Everything you felt, everything you achieved vanishes as if it never existed at all, if there is no longer anyone to perceive your existence did you even exist at all? Sure, some of you may find happiness, feel of sense of satisfaction when you come to face death one day, but did you really ever accomplish anything? Most likely, you haven’t. The truth is most probably, that you did nothing but work to breathe and breathe to work; perhaps you had a few moments where you enjoyed some good times with friends and family, but that doesn’t change the path you’re on, doesn’t mean you aren’t just working for someone else so that they can work for someone else so that good and lucky workers like yourself can continue breathing. Now think, when did that behavior start, when did you fall into this desperate cycle? It wasn’t when you were born was it? No, it started much later than that. For most, it started with school, others fell the moment they were old enough to hold a plate, for some extra unlucky people it started when the world they thought they knew was violently shattered before their very eyes. “Oh, you got fired? Welcome to the real world.”

What about any of that seems normal? All of it. How much of that should be? Absolutely none of it. You can agree with me on that, can agree on ‘should be’s, but the moment someone says “it can be, the world can be better, life is capable of being better” you start shaking your head. You view progress as impossibilities, you think of them as dreams, fantasies that can’t come true. Be satisfied with how things are, force yourself to nod and smile, stay complacent, don’t rebel. It all comes down to societal norms, each thought and action you make decided by society, there is no such thing as an individual. The sad truth of the moment is that we are hindering ourselves, breaking down our fellow people for the temporary gain of ‘ourselves’. No one benefits, and no one wins. Now, I want to bring us back to where this all started: to be mad, insane, is just to be outside the norm, madness is a label assigned to those who think ‘differently’ by those who lack thought. My thoughts, my ideas, will very likely be viewed as ‘naïve’ or ‘crazy’, but I’d like you to take a moment to think, try to do something you’ve never done before. I’d like you to tell me what you want; there are two parts to this question: ‘what do you want to create out of what you have?’, and ‘if you could create something out of nothing what would you make?’ What is it exactly, that you want out of life? Let me know what your answer is, if you don’t know, then say so, I’d like to analyze and help as best I can.

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