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headspace-hotel · a day ago
Sometimes i'm really struck by the tendency of psychology and psychiatry to "other" experiences that aren't part of a strict set of cultural assumptions.
Tumblr media
this is from a book called In This Body by Servando Z. Hinojosa, and it's about Maya spirituality—though my use of the word "spirituality" probably is itself "othering" and reflective of a cultural bias—anyway
i was really hit hard by the tendency of outsiders to shove this condition into either a "physical illness" or "mental illness" box, when it's obviously both. and it's both in a way that I feel should be familiar to anyone diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety.
Like before I was medicated for anxiety, I was sleepy, fatigued, and nauseated basically all the time. And when I've gone through periods of depression, I get COLD. Physically cold, in a way that just doesn't go away. The description of the lump in the stomach also struck me because I recently read a book where veterans with PTSD described a similar feeling of a physical lump or blockage in their abdomens. Like as I was reading this I was like "Yes, I know this."
It's so fucking wild that physical symptoms in response to a "mental" illness are seen as so exotic for people in """western""" frameworks, because we feel these things too, we just learn to think about them differently. In a lot of ways I feel like medicine without the idea of mind-body dualism is the better approach.
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cock-dealer · a day ago
the problem is professionals recommend things that do not help and when you're like "that did not help and in fact made me feel worse can you please recommend something else" they're like "maybe you're not doing it hard enough. idk"
I had a very blunt conversation with the group facilitating therapist about how “grounding” techniques only give me more stress and pain because you are asking me to draw attention to my body, which hurts constantly. And she didn’t have a response that satisfies me. She told me to focus on my hearing instead. I have an auditory processing disorder. There was no other suggestion given
So maybe mindfulness works for some people but it sure as fuck doesn’t work for me. I prefer CBT and the practice of it because I’ve actually benefitted from it, something I can’t say about mindfulness.
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phoneybeatlemania · 23 hours ago
‘But the axis shifted just before Lennon flew to Rishikesh. In early February 1968, he had a terrible time tryung to record Across The Universe and complained that McCartney was unsupportive. He later observed, “The guitars are out of tune and im out of tune because im psychologically destroyed and nobody’s helping me.”’
- Lennon & McCartney Part 1, Mojo Magazine (pg. 46)
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“A man’s face as a rule says more, and more interesting things, than his mouth, for it is a compendium of everything his mouth will ever say, in that it is the monogram of all this man’s thoughts and aspirations.” - Arthur Schopenhauer, Counsels and Maxims
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mexican-trans · 16 hours ago
Hey girls, gays, and non-binary babes! 
My team and I are doing a research study for our experimental psychology class, if y’all could take our survey that would be amazing.
We are researching single people who are ages 18 and over, and if you go through it at most it will take 5-10 minutes of your time.
Your input will help us advance scientific knowledge in the psychology field, and we are encouraging people regardless of racial, ethnic, gender, (dis)ability, neurotypical, allistic, autistic or neurodiverse, sexual, national, and romantic identities to take our study if it applies to them.
We are trying to oversample LGBTQIA+ folks, (especially asexual and non-binary peeps) ethnic populations, POC, disabled and neurodiverse folks in our study since we want a representative sample due to how predominantly white, abled, neurotypical, and cishet psych research has been historically, which is why we would love for members of these groups to participate.
Thank you so much to anyone that does take it, we value your input A LOT! Here is the link!
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decaffs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
it's been a rough week - my mental health hasn't been great and i've been neglecting some of my needs. being a student with mental health problems is so difficult because there's no handbook telling you when to take breaks and how to prioritise what your mind and body need over what your university needs from you. when you're constantly exposed to other students who seem to be working their fingers to the bone, 24/7, it becomes difficult not to compare your own experience with theirs. it is okay to take breaks.
it is okay to take breaks.
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booksartandpoetryy · 2 days ago
i just had a session with my therapist, and MAN now i understand why people avoid therapy even if they are able to go. it makes u open up about shit in the past that u buried deep inside, it makes u vulnerable and makes you confront ur problems. i dont regret it tho,, even if it's painful, if it means im healing, i'll keep going.
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quixoticanarchy · 2 days ago
This is an unformed thought but there is something remarkably compelling about feeling like you’re privy to a secret truth that only the brave few dare to see - I felt this in high school when I was reading a lot about us foreign policy history, and I did walk around feeling like I was looking into a whole different world from the people around me. When you feel like everyone else is oblivious to some horrible truth that you alone know, it fosters a strange mingled pride, despair, and desire to ‘wake them up’. And I want to stress that ‘truth’ doesn’t have to be actually true - just because it’s something like qanon or an antivax conspiracy that you think you’ve awoken to doesn’t make that effect less real or powerful
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n0rtist · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I decided to intermittently work on my Ultra Beasts rather than grinding them all at once.
Gestalt principles describe common tendencies people make when they view a pattern. For example, when a person tries to group scattered random points together, they would circle points that are closer to each other rather than making a group out of points that are across the map
Gestini (Psychic/Dark): The mysterious energy they can summon only define the corners of a figure but the energy is also in the spaces in between. They can summon a shadow clone between the gaps of their body as they survive off of others' confusion.
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beloms · a day ago
Me, extreme info dumping about psychology and my favourite psych theories to my bf and sister, who have no idea what the fuck im talking about:
Tumblr media
My bf and sister, listening to me with love and asking questions that encourage me to continue:
Tumblr media
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stthegemini · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fear, and where psychology and spiritually blend (for me)
*And for those who aren’t Hoodoo. When I say “cross our/yourself” I mean to hex, curse, jinx, or cause negative patterns, and bAd ViBeS to be present in your life*
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“Morality is the relation of actions to the autonomy of the will, that is, to a possible giving of universal law through its maxims.” - Immanuel Kant, Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals
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perfect24hoursblog · 2 days ago
What good habits are worth having? There are a few worth noting.
Set yourself goals every day. Make sure they are realistic and achievable. This will keep you focused and motivated. This way you won't feel time slipping through your fingers.
Read inspirational books and blogs. Surround yourself with people who give you positive energy.
Keep up to date with what is going on in the world. We are not isolated islands, we are part of each other and the world around us.
Make an effort to stay in touch with others. Just a simple 'like' on Facebook or a short message lets you know that someone means something to you and is important to you in some way.
Invest some time in your appearance and health. We are more confident when we look and, above all, FEEL good.
Pay attention to your priorities. Do the MOST important things first, not the most urgent. If you've never learnt to prioritise yourself, everything can seem urgent and this can run your life. Don't let that happen.
Smile. It will improve your mood and make you start attracting cool, positive people to you.
Keep things tidy. It's easier to work and you feel less stressed in an environment that isn't cluttered. Plus, a tidy room or desk is less overwhelming.
Allow yourself some margin in life. Not just a margin of error. This way you won't feel stressed when you encounter some unexpected life circumstances. Anticipate that something may (or may not) happen and leave yourself extra time for it.
Remember to take time for yourself. To relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. This is very important.
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phoneybeatlemania · a day ago
Aunt Mimi's Influence & The Jim McCartney Hypocrisy - a response
Hiya @quacka-quacka - some of the posts you included here (x) were written by me, and this isn’t a bitchy call-out and im not annoyed at you or anything, but I literally just wanted to respond to and clarify some of my points. I see a lot of similar arguments to yours floating around tumblr, so your post is really just more of a framework that id like to use to address some broader responses; this post isn’t entirely just directed at you or anything, so if I get off track from your initial post, thats why <3
Reading back on some of things I wrote (which can originally be found here (x)), I cringe. I disagree with, and take back some of my statements - though with others, I still agree with what I said, I just feel I should have been more articulate. I think when I wrote that though, I was still at a point where I was a little nervous with Tumblr, and hadn’t really come to any convinced conclusions regarding the Beatles as people, so I was very hesitant to make any sweeping statements. But to add some clarity to some of my points:
My intention when I say Mimi was abusive (or at the very least, a negative impact on Johns mental well-being) is not to deny that there was any love between them, and it is not to vilify her. But I just think if we want to understand John, and understand what led to a lot of his insecurity and abandonment issues that followed him throughout his life, we have to recognise the influence Mimi Smiths upbringing might have had on John.
I get this quite often, where I say Mimi was abusive, and people take that to mean that I hate Mimi, or that I don’t think she loved John, or that she was the only negative impact on his life - I dont mean any of these things. Im not contemptuous towards Mimi, and im not without any measure of empathy for her - but that doesn’t negate the argument that Mimi could be cruel and damaging towards John.
Verbal/emotional abuse is difficult to recognise and measure - if our partners hit us, its easier to recognise that something is wrong. Mimi never hit John, but there is still plenty to suggest abusive patterns of behaviour in her upbringing of John. But as you also invoked in your post, there is still plenty to suggest she could also be a loving and caring parent. We should recognise though that love and cruelty can co-exist, neither necessarily negates the other. But if we want to understand what events in Johns childhood led to him growing up to become a deeply insecure, abusive, and mentally ill adult, we should be discussing Mimi too. We shouldn't just brush off Mimi's impact by saying things along the lines, "There was this incident where she did something wonderful for John" or "John allegedly called her every week until he died" - these are notable and should be taken into account when discussing Mimi, but they are not the totality of her influence on him.
But perhaps she was the best parenting John could’ve accessed at that time - Alf wasn’t around, and though Julia Baird portrayed her mother in a glorified-light, im not really sure how accurate that portrayal is, or whether she was just being idealistic. I wouldn’t know if John might have turned out to be more mentally and emotionally stable if he had been raised by Alf or Julia, but its not really something im interested in deeply contemplating, because its not something that could ever really be confirmed. But I am more drawn towards believing that Mimi probably was the best parent John could’ve been raised by at that time, though that doesn’t mean I can’t acknowledge she still had a negative influence John, even if worse parents exist.
I also accept that Mimi was raising a child in the 40s and 50s, and to add to this, John could be a pretty disruptive adolescent. I understand that, and I do think its true that we shouldn’t judge people from a modern standard - but im not interested in judging her, I only aim to understand her influence and impact upon John, of which I feel was largely negative.
As for the comparison I made towards Mimi and Livia Soprano, I cringe at that now and in retrospect, I don’t really agree - but at the time, it felt like a framework to understand Mimi from. In my defence though, I never intended for it to be taken literally (and I might not have even gotten to the point in the show where Livia tries to get Tony whacked lol), but I do still agree with it in the sense that Mimi could be a derogatory and upsetting force, and as Cynthia Lennon once said of her, “She was hard to please, easily disappointed, and she would make it known” - which isn’t dissimilar to Livia Soprano. Is it a bit of a cringe comparison? Yeah. But do I still agree? To some degree, yes, albeit only as a hyperbole. (Perhaps its notable that David Chase even based Livia off of his own mother; he admits too that his portrayal of her is inaccurate, but again, its a framework to project onto).
Another point id like to address, is the argument that its unfair to criticise Mimi whilst remaining uncritical of someone like Jim McCartney. I personally do criticise Jim (and ive spoken in the past about him hitting Paul, but also the amount of control he had over Paul). But I don't think its as simple as were just choosing to vilify one party (Mimi) whilst allowing the other (Jim) a pass.
To elaborate, im less vocally critical of someone like Alf Lennon, not because I think him abandoning John is fine and he gets a pass - but just because there isn’t much to say or analyse with him. He left, it wasn’t right, and im sure it hurt John in the long run (as we see in this interview (x), it instilled an insecurity in him), but there really just isn’t all that much to say about his parenting, other then that he was abandoning. I can’t analyse much there.
And to some degree, id say the same is true for Jim McCartney. Not that he was an abandoning parent (because he wasn’t), but that I just don’t have as much to say about him, cause I don’t have that much access information on him. Whilst I recognise that there are a few anecdotes here and there alluding to or outright remarking abusive behaviour from Jim McCartney, there just isn’t as much of it - and so there just isn’t tons for me to analyse about him, because for the most part Paul and Mike have tried to maintain an idealistic image of their upbringing, with the exception of their mothers death, and the occasional “slip up” in interviews. Thats not to say I think Jim was a perfect parent, or that he didn’t negatively influence Paul, or that he wasn’t abusive - because interviews like this (x) suggest otherwise. But I just tend to refrain from discussing his influence on Paul, because quite simply: I just don’t know enough. If there were more quotes denoting abusive behaviour from him, id probably have about as much to say on him as I do with Mimi - but there just aren’t, and so theres only so much I can say about him and his relationship with Paul.
And whilst I get what people are saying when they compare the criticisms of Mimi to the lack of criticisms towards Jim, I just feel like it can often be used almost just to shut down the conversation about Mimi's influence, and that just feels deceptive and dismissive to me. I get what people are saying in illustrating the point that its hypocritical to remain passive to, or even as you pointed out in your post, to dismiss Jims behaviours - but as ive illustrated above, I don't think its an active decision every person is making, I just think its that there isn't much information on him, which makes discussing him more of a task. I have made efforts to research Jim McCartney more thoroughly, and to try and get a more nuanced and clear understanding of his personality - but even after having read Angie McCartneys book ("My Long And Winding Road"), as well as any other extract I can find relating to Jim, I just don't have a clear picture of who he was as a parent. Whereas with Mimi, I have access to consistent anecdotal information on her from the likes of John, Paul, George, Cynthia, Julia Baird, Pete Shotton etc. and ive tried to take all their information on her into account whilst forming an opinion on her; overall ive been able to come to a far more nuanced conclusion concerning Mimi then I have with Jim.
I have more elaborated in more detail my thoughts on Aunt Mimis influence in this post (x) if anyone is interested in reading that.
TL;DR - I have no contempt towards Mimi, and I do believe she genuinely loved and cared for John - but that doesn't mean I don't feel she could still be a damaging influence towards him. And the reason why I don't tend to discuss in as much depth the influence people like Jim McCartney had upon Paul, is just because there aren't as many accounts of him, and there just isn't as much information on him, and so I really just can't come to a thorough conclusion on him.
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30knight · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A comic about the spectrum of responses to stress - we talk alot about the more extreme ends of this and trauma, but the more subtle and every day responses can be harder to spot. if we can understand our own and other’s responses better, problems Are easier to confront and blaming is less likely to happen :) hope it’s helpful!!
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