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According to the researchers, led by John Dunlosky (et al.2013) from Kent State University,

- both techniques have been shown to boost students’ performance across many different kinds of tests, and their effectiveness has been repeatedly demonstrated for students of all ages.

You can use these for your exam preparations now that many countries are removing lockdowns.

All the best 💜

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I’ve been really busy the last two weeks due to exams, but now I have time for myself again. Today was a productive day, I made some digital revision notes, worked out and went for a walk with my dog.

I hope y'all are doing okay and aren’t struggling too much with the quarantine. Please stay safe and take care of yourselves, don’t forget to do things that makes you happy.

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I apologize for not posting any photos of my notes and study spaces for the rest of the semester. Since my semester went to online classes, I haven’t been as aesthetically organized as I was previously lol. But! I was able to pass all my classes with amazing grades! All thanks to a lot of hard work and a bunch of extra credit assignments 😆 I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there! 💕✨

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hello :) i didn’t post about it, but in february, i’d gone to the uk for what was supposed to be a semester abroad with the erasmus program. of course, what with the pandemic, it wasn’t your typical erasmus experience, but i thought i’d put it out there in case anyone stumbles across this and has any questions about my experience and erasmus in general x

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05.05.20 // Another sunny day in lockdown. Starting to condense the reading I’ve been doing lately - I like to work with slides as ‘note cards’. It forces me to only keep the essential info, but I can still edit and refine them as I go (unlike paper cards; plus they’re easier to organise and flip through). Also started using my moka pot again so I can make nice coffee at home!

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💦 Studies in adults suggest that restricting fluids enough to lose just 1 percent of body weight can decrease concentrationand alertness. And a few small studies in schoolchildren, who are more dehydration-prone than adults, indicate that access to extra water can improve attention and memory. .

💦 For worriers, there could be another benefit as well. Sipping water during an exam is sometimes suggested as a strategy for easing test anxiety. By offering a momentary distraction, it can break a chain of anxious thoughts and free the mind to focus on the task, leading to better performance.

💦 Drinking water can also aid concentration the same way a sugar pill can ease pain: by activating the placebo effect. Water has received a lot of good press lately. If people believe that sipping water helps the brain work more efficiently, that expectation alone could be enough to boost brainpower.

Original Source : psychologytoday .

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Hey there! Hope all of you doing okay. I have been absent, and it is mostly due to me feeling frustrated with school work. Too many quizes, too many assignments..

I got too many things and being stuck on same place, doing same things over and over is starting to get on my nerves. I can’t concantrate. Yet, still managed to finish studying class notes, now studying chapters from the course book to make sure i didn’t miss anything.

At least the puppy that lives next door helps cheering my day up a bit. Hope your day goes well and productive! ~

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Morning sun.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted something but this semester has been chaotic and then covid-19 happened and all hell broke loose with my university. We have SO MUCH WORK to do now! I can’t believe how much worse it has been since quarantine started in March.

My anxiety has been so bad… I swear I’m one step closer to a full on breakdown. Haven’t done anything to my hair though.

I’m doing this paper about prostitution and sexual abuse for my forensics class that I don’t really like but my professor is so kind that I feel bad for hating the class. So there’s that.

I hope you’re all staying home and doing the best you can. Everybody with online classes I wish you all the peace and strength during this time. 

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