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#public school

Hello again,

So for today’s class we discussed about the social context of students here in Colombia. We had to ask beforehand a student from highscool or primary school about their social context, their school needs and their personal needs. If they had enough resorces at school and at home, and if there were any particular cases such as bullying and family violence.

By our own research and the one our classmates did we discobered that there are maaany problems here. To begin with schools don’t always have a good infrastructure. walls, roofs and seats are not always in their best state. Not all of them have this problems, privite schools are usually better than publics but they also have problems such as bullying. Another problem is that some schools are placed in dangerous places which put children in danger. And finally something important that I noticed is that teachers don’t know what to do when they are in front of violent situations.

There are so many problems in public and private schools that I feel overwelmed with the question of “What would you do to solve those problems” First I think I’ve got to know how the sistem works (which I don’t know now) and them see what is in my hands that I can start changing. But I’m sure I will be able to help in some way, I want to give my best for those children, that’s just the way I feel when I see the poor situations in which they are. 

*°:⋆ₓₒ   Ideas for my future time  ₓₒ⋆:°* 

Today I whatched a video about the origin of racism in the United States. In these video they mentioned that in public schools they don’t have extracurricular activities and teachers were not well paid. So it occured to me that If I was a teacher in a school in a similar situation I would like to voluntary teach art classes in english as an extracurricular activity, no matter if they pay me or not I would like to do it for them. I don’t know (as I said before) how exactly a school works and who takes decitions here but it would be wonderful to give these children some joy in creativity. 

This is the end of my entry, thaks.

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One of the worst things about school was the bus. My last class was on the opposite side of the school so I had to run just to not miss the bus. That meant almost every seat had at least one person in it, sometime two or three. So I had no choice to ask every person if I could sit with them. Some days one would let me fairly quickly, but other days, every person I asked would just say no. Those days were torture. Having to be rejected like 5 times in a row just to SIT DOWN. TO SIT DOWN AND LET THE BUS LEAVE. That people would rather keep the bus from leaving then let me sit down next to them. It always felt like a punch to the gut.

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I knew a couple boys in high school last year who were “friends”. And by friends I mean one of them was a manipulative gaslighter who constantly berated and harassed the other for literally anything, even when they hadn’t been talking. The one kid would ask a genuine question and he’d be mocked under the other guy’s breath, and the way he laughed it off you could just hear the total lack of amusement in his voice.

I passed him notes several different times, telling him that wasn’t normal and okay, and he shouldn’t be friends with someone who literally punches him (in the shoulders and back and such) then plays it off as ‘just a joke man’. He always scoffed and passed them back to me with no other comment, and I was never able to get a moment to actually talk to him.

I eventually just tried telling the teacher about the harassment to get them separated, as they sat right next to each other and were always disrupting the class anyway. Multiple times as I told him about this he waved me off and interrupted me to say ‘I’ll look into it’. Literally nothing ever happened. I told this teacher to his face that this kid was being harassed and borderline abused by his “friend” and the teacher didn’t care about anything except getting me out of his face as quick as possible.

Then winter break happened, I got moved to a different class, and never saw those two during the day anymore. And I never got their names.

It still pisses me off and I really sincerely hope that kid realized what was going on and ditched that fucker. That is not a normal friendship, that is not an okay or healthy friendship. Teasing and good humored insulting is common with a lot of friends, I call my friends stupid all the time. But we also support and encourage each other and show in other ways that we really do care about the other’s wellbeing.

I don’t care how close you are though, you don’t endlessly mock and bully someone to the point of physically pushing them around and hitting them (the kid on I believe two different occasions in class outright told this guy to stop it because he wasn’t in the mood and neither time did he stop harassing him).

Boys deserve healthy, loving friendships just as much as anyone else. Male friendship abuse shouldn’t be normalized cause they’re just ‘being boys’, no. That isn’t ‘being a boy’, that’s being an asshole.

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Weird stuff that’s happened at my school

  • Kids snorted salt and pepper off of the tables at lunch
  • A kid snorted soda
  • Someone stuck an unused feminine pad to a seat in the cafeteria, when I showed a male teacher he said “is that a shin guard?”
  • A kid came to school in an inflatable T-Rex suit. It wasn’t Halloween.
  • A kid came to school in a Rasta banana costume. It wasn’t Halloween.
  • A girl brought a water bottle of lemon vodka to school and chugged it in the band room.
  • A group of kids passed a water bottle of vodka around in a math class and got water bottles banned for everyone in that class.
  • Someone bought thousands of plastic cows and hid them all over the school. They even got their own Instagram page!
  • People copied the cow kids and started to hide plastic ducks, pigs and hedgehogs.
  • Someone taped pictures of Danny DeVito all over the windows.
  • A girl came to school so high that she passed out in the bathroom and wasn’t found for 2 hours.
  • A kid snuck pot brownies into school. Twice.
  • There was a kid that was dating a 12 year old (he was 17 almost 18).
  • That same kid then broke up with the 12 year old and is currently dating his 2nd cousin (hes 18, she’s 15).
  • My social studies teacher had a sword fight with another social studies teacher. My teacher had a metal yard stick and the other had a wooden one. The wooden one broke, flew over my head and hit the girl behind me in the face. My SS teacher than yelled after the other teacher “THATS WHY YOU DONT BRING A SWORD TO A LIGHTSABER FIGHT”
  • That same SS teacher once tried to pull the Joker Magic Trick on me with an expo marker. (he put the marker point up on my desk and faked like he was going to slam my head into it) I laughed the whole rest of the class.
  • A kid hacked into a teacher’s email and sent p*rn to the rest of the administration. He was suspended for the rest of the year.
  • There was a kid that threatened sh*ot up the school, and he’s the child of one of the teachers. I don’t know what happened to him.

I’ll add as I think of more, but that’s about it for now.

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Marrickville Public School. There’s been a public school on this site since 1864. Original buildings demolished to make way for the current school houses still in use (1890-99) for about 300 students. Continuing the proud tradition of free K-12 public education for all, regardless of income, status or background. (School closed temporarily in 1919 and was used as an emergency hospital during the Spanish Flu Pandemic). Marrickville.

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In high school anatomy class we had a male sub while we were doing projects on different bodily organs, and my group had the womb. Each group was supposed to present and convince the class that their organ was the most important.

The group that was presenting about penises went right before my group, and they made a point about artificial wombs making people with real wombs unnecessary. The sub didn’t say a damn thing.

My group went up, and I made sure to add a point in about how sperm banks made penises irrelevant (I didn’t even know back then about the fact that bone marrow can be used to create sperm). It was mostly offhand, just a counter-argument to the previous group.

The sub stopped me, dug his heels in, and demanded to know if I thought men were useless. I kinda floundered back and forth with him, unsure why he was so adamant and worried cuz I wasn’t used to arguing with teachers. Eventually I got frustrated and just said ‘yes’. I was embarrassed and confused in front of the entire class, where I didn’t really feel comfortable in the first place cuz I was REAL socially awkward in high school.

It pisses me off to this day and I wish I’d been more knowledgeable and outspoken so I could’ve called him out on his sexism. As it stands, absolutely FUCK that snide, smug substitute teacher whose name I don’t remember and who I will probably hate for the rest of my life.

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I was sitting in my seat in math class, and I turned around for a second because I heard running footsteps, and this kid runs and karate kicks the wall and his foot went straight through the fricking wall. The entire class on the other side of the wall screamed.

The best part? They still have no idea who the kid was, because he had his hood pulled over his head.

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I was in PE on the track when this happened, so I got to see it all. This kid climbed onto the roof with a bag of chips, and just kinda sat there. He didn’t do anything, he just sat there eating chips. The school went on a mini-lock down, because we had no idea what was going on. Eventually three police cars and one firetruck pulled up in front of the school. The police were trying to convince him to climb back down, but he just flipped them off and kept eating chips. Eventually, somebody climbed up on the firetruck ladder, and carried him down. 

He was up there for a solid two hours, though.

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today someone claimed the google locations card of my school

“barracks beilngries — military board”, open 24 hours and 1-2am on fridays, one review saying “best casern. instructors top!”, the website button redirects to the webpage of the german bundeswehr, the added photos are —

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American Public School Gothic

You enter english class, there’s a kahoot review today. Somehow there are more people in the kahoot than there are students in the classroom. No one notices. People begin to disappear one by one fron the kahoot, no one notices. The bell rings.

You’re in the cafeteria. A wave of applause sweeps the room. “Why are we clapping?” you ask. Everyone looks at you in terror and shakes their head. You decide its best left up to the imagination. The bell rings.

You sit down to take a test. You ask if you can use a calculator. Everyone looks at you and someone says, “This is a history test.” You are not sure how you made this mistake. The bell rings.

You don’t understand something. The teacher comes over and you ask about it. They respond in a strange language you can’t make out. You pretend you understand and ask your friend. They respond in a language you can’t make out. You decide that you’re just going to fail the test. The bell rings.

You walk into a class where the teacher doesn’t collect homework. You haven’t done it today. The teacher says they’re collecting it today. You’re fairly certain they only do this when you don’t have it. The bell rings.

You join the lunch line. It doesn’t move. Time has frozen. You’re suddenly in front of the servers. How did you get here? You’re not sure. The server gives you a cup of punch. It’s brown. Looking around, no one else has noticed. You decide not to comment. The bell rings.

You arrive at your next class. The door is locked and everyone is waiting outside. Someone says, “If the teacher isn’t here in 15 minutes we’re legally allowed to leave.” The teacher is suddenly there, almost as if that phrase summoned them. No one else seems to notice. The bell rings.

You’re in math class. An inhuman scream of agony comes from the hallway startling everyone out of their stupor. Someone says “mood” and everyone laughs. You are concerned. The bell rings.

A student is arguing with the teacher. The class ends and you go to the next one. The student is there arguing with this teacher. You dont remember this student being in this class, but nevertheless they are there. The bell rings.

You are in bed about to fall asleep. The bell rings.

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Weird things that happened at my school part one of three.

Tw for violence

A kid killed a crow with a stick. He swung it like a sword and the bird came down. The worst part was he ripped it’s wing off and decided to take it into class.

It smelled terrible, and I had to sit next to him. The wing wasn’t cleaned or anything. He kept showing it to the other kids, until the teacher caught him. She told him to throw it away outside, but he later told me he actually just put it in his bicycle basket, and he might still have it around.

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Quarentine Chaos

- No, bacon is not the anti-coffee

- What is the volume of a liquified toddler?

- I have once again been cheated, both by the universe and by my own stupidity

- Wazzup fools? Just got back from a 12-hour depression nap. What’s popping?

- You’re not wrong, but that doesn’t mean you’re right

- Ok, well, I’m gonna be late for death practice, so gtg

- This is my fifth sniper duel today! I am on a roll!

- How can you possibly expect me to bend my hand into that shape? I am not an octopus!

- You, my good sir, get the grenade launcher of truth and justice

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