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fractionallyfoxtrot replied to your post:

Alright friends!  It’s 7.30 and I’m a bit bored…

Banana bread. Rain puddles. Cat and Mallory@

A bread, you will find, that’s quite sweet
And really, can’t ever be beat.
But Fitz, oh my friend
Our friendship will end,
If walnuts you want me to eat.

The rain, when it falls, is quite lovely,
And gets the world really quite muddy.
But the best thing of all,
In summer or fall,
Is to go out and splash in your Wellies.

Cat Richardson, flyer supreme
And Mallory, Cat’s cherished queen,
Will hem and they’ll haw
Just like their pa’s
And say things they really don’t mean.

Bonus Cat/Mallory!

But things turn out right in the end,
Because really, they both can depend,
On the love when they meet,
When they both feel complete:
A marriage that never will end.

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