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hi! your internalised racism combined with the racism from your family is warping your view of yourself and I am so sorry you have to deal with that from your own fam. “PoC” is a perfectly valid term for you to use for yourself, as is “mixed” “mixed PoC” “latinx” “afro-Latinx” “Creole” or “Puerto Rican”. Being mixed doesn’t make you a watered-down version of your heritage, its what gives you your heritage. Being light-skinned just means you have a degree of privilege, acknowledging that is great and necessary and doesn’t detract from your identity as a PoC, it’s another aspect of it. also, it’s sadly common for mixed with white families to have racist older white members, your feelings about them are 100% justified. it’s okay to feel guilty, and hurt. you do not have to tolerate or forgive them for their racism just because they’re family. keep yourself safe, and don’t do racists job for them by invalidating yourself. x

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