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#pummel party saturday
apollos-boyfriend · a day ago
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mans has the most (◠‿◠✿) energy even as everyone else is crashing and burning it’s amazing
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twilight-sage · 3 days ago
if foolish gamers isn’t at this weeks pummel party I will understand, but I’ll still be complaining about it. deal with it
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voidghostbur · 8 days ago
〤ppsat out of context quotes and overall weird shit 〤
again, i could only watch ppsat halfway :(( so here's what I have from the first hour and a half. this is basically just a boomer glossary at this point. ahjsgda
also, heads up, some stuff can get a lil nsfw bc well,,,, its ppsat it always does.
〤gumi: "well hello mr worldwide handsome"
〤*uncalled for meowing*
〤“invest in kpop”
〤“my idea for a krinios mcdonalds meal is 4 big macs, but just the buns, in a bag with sweet and sour sauce poured into it…..”
〤punz: “the relationship between you and my chat is now way too dank”
〤punz: “fishmoley has rights” boomer: "he’s so gross he’s cute"
〤boomer: “oh my god, antfrost my little meowmeow!”
〤“I think i just got eggplanted bro”
〤boomer: *sings give me everything by pitbull* "that song is actually very deep, if you think about it”
〤boomer: "If you had to choose between being a donkey or a horse, what would you choose?” everyone, without a second thought: "HORSE"
〤boomer: “I wanna eat that little cupcake on your head, i want to lick up your frosting”
〤gumi: “you heard him, he ate paper as a kid”
〤boomer: “my philosophy in school was that if it was real, you can eat it”
“you can eat lava,,,,, only once though”
“playground wood chips were literally like croutons”
〤boomer:“party at my iggy, who’s rollin up?”
〤“There’s one where they steal your credit card info if you log in, so that’s cool”
〤“Im writing a twitlonger dude, why bbh is problematic.”
〤ant:”fuck the cat” “YOU WAHT?”
〤boomer: "ant be like ‘back off of red, *hisses*"
velvet: "yeah, then he’s like *choking noises*"
krinios: *concern* “does this,,, always happen here?”
〤punz: “I built a fucking skinny penis. the shaft is lacking”
〤punz: “i feel like i should save my suck for more than one person”
and then i had to leave the stream,,, but im sure there's many more ajhsgdja
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krowkrim · 8 days ago
I just joined the ppsat stream why is everyone’s names on discord bts members
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Ayo guys Punz’s middle name is Eden it was just confirmed on stream!!
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twilight-sage · 29 days ago
has foolish gamers been anywhere near the top 3 in pp ?
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ranboo-brainrot · 29 days ago
pummel party saturday lets gooooo
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stuffthatireblog · a month ago
Tumblr media
Punz asked and he shall receive
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stabbysideblog · a month ago
Boomer saying he has a tumblracc that doesn't even exist 😔
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ranboo-brainrot · a month ago
Tumblr media
this but Platonic Dynamics
two tols and a smol - benchtrio
we are going to beat u to death - pummel party crew
collective braincell - karlnapity
the homies - sam, punz, and boomer/dream team
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Gumi: The glass is half empty
Boomer: I think the glass is half full
Gumi: I think you're full of shit
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Gumi: Hey someone is waiting for you
Boomer: Thats a garbage truck?
Gumi: E x a c t l y
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stuffthatireblog · a month ago
I was planning on watching Boomer's pov but then I saw Ant had the Foolish cam up and I couldn't control myself
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