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snowflakewolves · 13 minutes ago
Look but I want to see Lottie in Sophie's Team Valiant cape and circlet
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srflowerbakery · an hour ago
For just $29.99 Not only can your kiddies decorate their own cookie- they can paint on them too with plant based EGGLESS royal icing!! Even better the cookies are GLUTEN FREE, VEGAN, ORGANIC, EGG FREE, DAIRY FREE, NUT FREE & SOY FREE. As a mom this is extremely hard to find, so I created this especially for you (my kiddies love it & keeps them super busy). I also choose to include a painting palate. My son has special needs and to squeeze a pastry bag is extremely frustrating and challenging for him. This option is much easier. Hope this feature helps others like my son. No kid wants to be frustrated doing a fun craft!! Sets include: Cookies -double packed , sealed w/ ingredient lables. EGGLESS Royal Icing - 4 cups - plant based food coloring (NO ARTIFICIAL FOOD DYES) Sprinkles- Plant based Natural Sprinkles- Vegan. Paint Tray - 1 tray for kids to share & mix colors (fun) Paint brushes - 2 per 4/6 cookie kit or 10 mini cookie kits Perfect for fun, parties, socials, family gatherings especially holiday time, rainy days, etc. Larger quantities & themes are available. - Baby showers, Zoom Parties, Birthday Parties, School fundraisers, etc!! Please contact me and allow extra time for delivery*** About Cookies: Ingredients: Organic Sorghum Flour, Organic Brown Rice Four, Organic Cane Sugar, Expeller Pressed Olive & Avocado Oil Blend, Pink Himalayan Salt, Less than 2% Aluminum Free Baking Powder, Potato Starch, Tapioca Flour, Xantham Gum, Phylium Husk Fiber, Pure Vanillin Extract, Organic Maple Syrup. These cookies are part of my Healthy - Organic- Non GMO- All Natural- Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Vegan , Soy Free , Nut Free , product line with all natural plant based food coloring. Nothing Artificial!!!!!!!!!!! I have a mission to help kids/ people enjoy all natural, handmade, healthier options without hurting / harming them. It is human to want a sweet treat and the ingredients I use will help benefit the body not hurt it!! Have you looked at the ingredi...
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pumpkincarradio · 3 hours ago
Input and Output of DVD Player
Input is something you connect to a device that sends information into it. The output is something that you connect to a device that has information sent to it.
On the DVD player, when you click ‘PLAY’ on your remote control( Input), it digitizes the input and sends this digital information to the DVD player. The computer inside the DVD player processes this input information and works out what to do. It will start to read the DVD. The video and audio information from the DVD is then sent to the monitor and the speakers( Output).  
Tumblr media
Generally, DVD players are all most built-in SD card slot and USB port, they can read the disc, SD card, USB, etc. There are also many outputs on a DVD player, such as RCA jack, HDMI output, and AV output. The universal 3.5 mm jack on the DVD player supports a wide range of mobile devices, multimedia devices, computing, and gaming devices. DVD players also support earphones, speakers, monitors, television, etc.
Built-in USB/SD/MMC card slot, Pumpkin DVD players allow playing all of your downloaded media. They also can output to televisions, monitors, earphones, and other devices.
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beeapocalypse · 4 hours ago
looked at the waltened files tag on ao3 for like two seconds i do not think i will be doing that again <3
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autopumpkin · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
DVD player input video from car radio via AV cable
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green-puppy · 7 hours ago
Kuvira for the ask
@pumpkin-panda24 Kuvira
the moment we've all been waiting for.
much like my opinion of zaheer and the red lotus, ppl who say "kuvira was right" like some gotcha are insane, especially when used to dismiss the intentionally written hypocrisies of her character. like yeah, she made points, can we criticize how she went about em?
why was anyone only surprised about her "reeducation camps" for dissenters or purging of fire/waterbending earth empire citizens? shes a tidy, neat, control-freak that wants nothing more than to totally unify the heavily decentralized earth kingdom into her perfectionist earth empire.
shes infinitely more in the wrong than suyin, no argument. the lengths ppl will go to blame suyin, the matriarch of an autonomous city-state, for not -reads note- unifying the earth kingdom (which was arguably never that unified in the first place) is ridiculous. sure, she should've sent help, but you can't honestly see kuvira blackmail states into her empire just to enslave citizens and extort resources to make a weapon of mass destruction and go "well she had good intentions"
i appreciate kuvira, not because i think shes in the right, but because she isnt. because she was what korra could've been without accountability, without a heart. because her observations are on point, but her conclusions are so off the mark. shes an amazing send off for the series
fuck rote for trying to backpedal on that
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haunteddonutshopn64 · 8 hours ago
So after watching the Bo Burnham's special I got inspired to make some tiny paper pumpkins. I used a mold to make these.
Tumblr media
I made some tiny paper clay pumpkins
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chironshorseass · 9 hours ago
i just realized that beacuse all of our faves are gonna be actual 12 year olds in the TV show, im probably going to end up thirsting over Luke, or Chiron, or one of the gods
.......i hope it's the gods
Sally isn't mentioned because, of course I'm gonna thirst over that queen who isn't?!?!?
- @pumpkins-book-blog
sally is milf material and poseidon is dilf material, but if i publicly thirst over chiron just assume that i’m possessed by joe biden’s horse girl great grandmother or some shit like that
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batvillainz · 9 hours ago
I don't even really like starbucks but ppl keep giving me gift cards to it, which means i go a lot to use them, which means ppl think I like it and gi ve me more at holidays, I'm trapped ❤
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kalquinn · 10 hours ago
Crys is mad at me
Pfffft, what did you do now?
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ashtcnirwin · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Genuinely saw this and the first thought I had when I started to comment on it was “this one’s funny cause it’s like he’s sitting on me” and then I went “well wait a damn minute that sounds terrible” but I thought you’d appreciate it.
same brain dude cos i did in fact think of you when i was plonking his cute lil butt onto that pretty pumpkin
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