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[ID: A picture of two types of pumpkin seeds against a white background, with labels in black font. The first is larger, and white, and is labeled, “pie pumpkin”. The second is smaller, and more yellow colored. It is labeled, “Jack O Lantern.” End ID.]

More pumpkin seed comparisons! 

Label your seeds or play Russian roulette when it’s time to plant…

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How about that background glow up? Still working hard ♡ I promise. #animation #cartoon #show #mrdevilandhislittlejimmy #darkhumor #halloween #satan #art #vintagehalloween #original #satire #devil #spooky #satan #pumpkins #october31 #decor #samhain

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Do you MIND? 😠

I’ve started pruning in earnest so once these boys are done blooming (Maybe five days max?) they’re going to get snipped SO fast. I’m keeping them alive just in case I need to pollinate someone but I’m going to be glad when they’re gone

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Their Human: “Alright, guys, everyone ready?” *takes picture* “Very nice!”


Their Human: “Uh… Mudpie? I’m over here…”


Their Human: “Mudpie, what are you doing?”
Mudpie: “Pumpkins!”
Their Human: “Yes… pumpkins. We were uh… trying to take a day-before-Thanksgiving photo, here…?”
Mudpie: “I want pumpkin seeds!”
Pillomin: “There will be time for that later, Mudpie…”


Their Human: *sighs*
Bricken: “You’re not gonna get any like that. Our human has to cut it open first.”
Mudpie: “Open! Open!”
Their Human: “Not right now. We have time. Maybe Friday.”
Mudpie: “No, now!”
Their Human: “Okay, but let’s just do this picture for now, and then we can-” *lifts him up*
Mudpie: “Noooooo!”


Their Human: “There we go.”


Their Human: “Okay, everybody say-… where’s Mudpie?”
Bricken, Pillomin, and Mish-Mash: “Where’s Mudpie!”
Their Human: “No, I mean, really, where is he?”


Pillomin: “Over here…”
Bricken: *laughs*
Mish-Mash: “Persistent, isn’t he?”
Mudpie: “Time for pumpkin seeds? Now? Yes?”


Their Human: “On Friday. I promise. You have my word.”
Mudpie: “Gonna hold you to that!”

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