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and i don’t care at all, i’ll drink some alcohol
it’ll make me who i really wanna be
but i’m that kind of special person that drinks too much
‘cause nobody understands me

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just thinking about how freaking cool my dad is like he was born in the early 60s and he grew up with two parents that were in the Hollywood scene like his dad was an actor and his mom was a singer so they went to Hollywood and New York a ton and went to shows and they owned a theatre and they put on productions and knew frank sinatra’s family when his parents got divorced his mom married a man who LITERALLY WAS FRIENDS WITH ELVIS AND WROTE SONGS FOR HIM and as my dad was a teenager he was in a punk band and put on concerts and so now he knows people that are like kinda famous and he saw queen in concert and had bright red hair at some point and the jocks hated him like in a movie because he was weird and skinny and punk with crazy hair and he slept in a coffin for a little while but it wasn’t comfy so he stopped and he spent the night in jail once (he didn’t do anything thats a story for another time) and he married a cute cheerleader and went on to paint at Disneyland for a living like this man is so cooL 

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“People like to say ‘I live my life without any regrets’, and I think that’s bullshit. I think that if you don’t have any regrets then maybe you didn’t really live. Life is about mistakes and life is about scars and those are the things that help us remember we’re alive. You shouldn’t get everything right - you should know what it feels to feel sorry.”

— Frank Iero

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Asian Musicians Everyone Needs To Listen To

*note: Asia is the biggest continent on the globe, so please excuse me if not all countries can be covered.


Sunset Rollercoaster


Taiwanese synth-pop band

Notable songs: My Jinji; I Know You Know I Love You; Vanilla

Zee Avi


Borneo-Malaysian indie/folk singer

Notable songs: Bitter Heart; Kantoi; Concrete Wall; Dream A Little Dream Of Me



Indonesian swing-jazz/indie-pop band

Notable songs: I Remember; On The Night Like This; Teman Sejati

David So


Korean-American R&B/Soul musician and comedian (love the duality!)

Notable songs: Honeymoon Avenue; I’ll Do; All I Need



Filipino indie rock band

Notable songs: Drunk; Luna; Newspaper Girl

Annette Lee


Singaporean pop singer, with influences from rock and indie-folk

Notable songs: Song For The Underdog; Remind Me; Spring Will Always Come

David Boring


Post-punk band hailing from Hong Kong

Notable songs: Brian Emo; I Can’t; Men

Gym and Swim


Thai alternative/indie band

Notable songs: Sunrise; Yuuwahuu; Don’t Leave Me Behind

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