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Y’all I just made a tinder account - anyone willing to give me feedback on my profile?

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Just saying👀 If ya’ll like my song or album on SoundCloud or decide to follow me, I’ll give you an internet spacehug😭❤️🌻

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Another OC of mine.

Her name is Blair Rogue and she likes to roam the city streets at night with her demon pet cat that gives her powers or something idk

First look is her main look, the others are her casual alternatives.

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Haveces quisiera perdonarte por haberte ido y dejarme rota y cuidando de las de más personas que rompiste , no se que es el amor de padre a hijos pero estoy segura que nunca quiero ser como tu en mi vida , ahora quieres regresar a tirar la barrera que me costó construir para no pensarte mucho menos llorar por algo que se nunca más se iba a pegar.

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Tragedy // The Lure

Every last ounce of sympathy, every last bit of emotion

Saturated with this bitterness and situations

Stacked end on end end on end

And tonight there will be no resolve

For those who lay awake clutching their children

Listening to bombs drop and boots marching down barren streets

Soldiers marching down barren streets

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