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winifreyd · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keep it together…
edit: this comic is based on this hc I made on twitter
Tumblr media
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patchesstan · a day ago
there's a man that you trust, that you're loyal to, that's one of your closest friends. this man tells you he has a plan, a plan to accomplish a goal that you both share. so you agree. what's the plan, you say. we have to pretend we're not friends, he says. easy enough. except, "not being friends" includes leading a crowd of people who hate this man straight to him. except, "not being friends" means having to watch as this man lets himself get killed, not once but twice, armorless, weaponless. except, "not being friends" means standing idly by while this man is locked in solitary confinement, starved, tortured. except, except, except.
eventually he comes back to you. he's different. a little more unhinged, a little more fragile, a little more painful to look at, a constant reminder of what you had to let happen to him. was it really worth it, you ask yourself. how could he just allow that to happen to himself, you wonder. doesn't he care about himself at all? but in the end you don't question him, despite your worry. after all, you trust this man. after all, he's one of your closest friends. after all, it was all a part of the plan.
(still, you promise yourself something, as he walks away. if he won't do it himself, then you will care about him enough for both of you.)
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klm-zoflorr · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
It was nice knowing you, Staged finale theory 🙏 thank you for playing with me
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punzop · 2 days ago
im gonna kill people who ignore c!punz lore actually. one he's good at his job and he deserves this part of the story. two, they've been building up to this for a year. three, many of his viewers have been waiting for this for just as long.
don't ignore that shit just cause youre mad about c!dream and/or c!punz having depth. it's disrespectful as hell not only to the CCs but to other fans!!!
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dreamquackity · 2 days ago
if i could share an opinion. i think c!dream and c!punz staging the final disc confrontation ISN’T a show of how they were ‘one step ahead of everyone’ the whole time. like, i’m sure that’s how they felt at first. whatever their intentions were. but the point is that plan still FAILED. or, well, since he’s now out, it’s mostly a huge delay. BUT. it clearly did not go according to plan. they were well aware that c!dream wasn’t supposed to be in there so long, they did not expect that c!awesamdude was gonna switch up the plan and run things differently, they did not expect c!quackity to start visiting, to torture c!dream. in all honesty, c!dream getting out was a stroke of luck. i don’t think staged final disc confrontation makes the actions of the other characters meaningless. if anything, some of them spent the days of his imprisonment making the deceit a huge potential source of regret. getting locked in pandora’s vault WAS a defeat for c!dream throughout the duration of his imprisonment. he just didn’t realize it until things got out of control. if anything it proves he isn’t the puppet master he wants to be, because people have and will continue to act in ways he cannot predict. he isn’t ‘one step ahead of everyone else’. he’s got plans and wants to enact them. getting locked in pandora’s vault for a year shows how those plans don’t always work. and so it’ll be interesting to see what he might do next, and how everything that’s happened will affect him
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tobi-smp · 15 hours ago
people have already written essays about why the retcon making the disc war finale staged doesn’t work, but I’m still annoyed so here’s a list of everything that makes no sense in this context off the top of my head
first off, punz:
1: when dream Told punz to pretend to betray him punz asked who the prison was for and he refused to answer, why? why bother saying that it was for “someone capable” if it was For Dream in the first place? there was no reason to withhold that information, especially not when punz Had to know to help put him in prison in the first place.
2: why have punz find tommy’s payment on stream and talk about how it’d been more than dream had ever paid him before, talk about how he and dream aren’t really Friends (implying why he’d be betraying him later). he had no one else to perform to, this was entirely for the audience’s benefit.
3: cc!punz has outright stated that c!punz has an attachment to tommy after he saved him at pandora’s vault. and this extended into c!punz in the narrative when he resisted the egg’s hold for a moment to mourn for tommy when he learned he’d died (while the rest of the eggpire was celebrating), saying “but I saved him” in a Genuinely small voice. he was egged, meaning not only would he have an excuse for not feeling bad for tommy (meaning again, no reason to act here), but it would’ve taken Real Willpower to express that Against the egg’s wishes.
second off, dream:
1: if the ultimate goal of all of this was to make the server think that he’d changed while he makes tommy look crazy (and untrustworthy), then the Best thing he could’ve done is just torture him. literally he could’ve just not told anyone about the revival book, because who would Believe that tommy was being killed and brought back if they didn’t know that was even Possible. keeping him in regular exile, experimenting on him, and framing him for griefs would’ve been Immediately more effective than what he actually did.
2: if his goal was to make people think that he’d changed and Not believe that he was hurting tommy then What Was All That Then? why did he tell sam about abusing tommy in exile? why did he Literally Kill tommy? why did he ask quackity if him killing tommy was cool? why did he have Multiple Public speeches about how the only thing he wanted was control over tommy? why did Specifically And Intentionally bring everyone into his attachments museum where he directly incriminated himself with something that literally no one else alive knew he had been trying to do? why did he have a shrine of gold for the discs that everyone else was going to see? why did he Intentionally have tommy bring tubbo into the fight, someone who most people on the server liked, and threaten to take his life? why did he Stalk tommy at technoblade’s house, showing up uninvited multiple times, breaking into techno’s house when he wasn’t there, and confront them at the portal? why did he have his “showing his true colors” speech during doomsday at the top of the obsidian grid where he specifically outed how he enjoyed hurting tommy and never intended to stop where anyone could have heard him (where quackity and tubbo Did hear him)?
3: if he commissioned the prison specifically for him to be put in it then why did he intentionally make the living conditions terrible? why did he Stop sam from making comforts for the prisoners? why did he intentionally create the worst environment possible and then give someone who Isn’t in on his plan, someone who he Intentionally provoked with stories of him abusing a child, complete control over him. why did he write the contracts to be as Binding as they are if he was intended to be put in and escape? why did he set himself up to be hunted down until fully dead?
4: why did dream never try to pay off sam in the first place? if he wanted himself to be put in prison then he could’ve just had sam do that without the disc war finale ever taking place. he literally did not have to do any of that x2
like, people forget that sam is as much of a capitalist as punz is. he was Fully Invested in giving the badlands power and he wants to Invent The Banks. why Only pay off punz when it’s Sam who would have the most power over him.
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portdebros · 2 days ago
i’ve literally never made a lore post before but one of the thing i keep thinking is that the final disc confrontation being staged doesn’t mean it has to be less meaningful, both to the other characters and to viewers. like being able to overpower c!dream and lock him up, even though he meant for it to happen, was important for c!clingyduo in their growth and healing. even though c!punz was working with dream everyone else who came through the portal wasn’t, and them all showing up unified the server in a way that will probably be really important to future conflicts against c!dream. watching it all happen was still super exciting! just because c!dream intended for the events to go down the way they did doesn’t mean what the other characters experienced wasn’t super impactful and you can find meaning from it without negating that having this be all part of c!dream’s plan IS based in the lore
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martuzzio · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Punz and Dream, traitors and backstabbers galore. Check out the sketches under the cut!
(aka the reason why I came back to tumblr after a couple months lol)
Check out all of my dsmp art here.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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patchesstan · 2 days ago
anyways staged disc finale truthers how does it feel to be right and sexy
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resonating-kitty · a day ago
So uh... what did the Egg promise Punz?
Did the Egg promise that Dream would be safe in prison? Did the Egg reassure Punz that Dream was fine and would be fine?
Is that what it took to get Punz to join the Eggpire? The Egg promising that Dream was going to be fine.
Edit: Wrote a lil thing for this
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b1rdza · 2 days ago
the disc finale was real in my heart :(
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metalichotchoco · 2 days ago
Let me say this since people are all wish washy on punz’s character at the moment.
Him working for dream and him having a soft spot for tommy aren’t mutually exclusive.
Just because punz is genuinely kind doesn’t mean that he can’t lie to people he loves or even hurt people he loves. Him and sapnap are brothers who love each other a lot but there’s no hard feelings when they are often on different sides of a war. Him and tubbo too, he often spoiled him with gifts early in the smp but has faced him in battle too, though not as rough usually he targets the adults like Wilbur or quackity.
Punz is allowed to have actual emotions about a kid he was always a few steps away from saving. Punz isn’t heartless he just doesn’t justify what he does to the audience
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rutadales · 2 days ago
I desperately need a "you should have paid me more" call back when c!Punz reveals his alliances but instead "it was never about the money"
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