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Reasons I am dog:

- must take pills with cheese

- yodeling singing off-key

- cannot wear clothes. but must have blanket

- fetal position

- sit still? What is that


- whiny

- Ambulance?????

- thunder scares me

- Love The Outside!!!

- eat dandelions

- will beg for a bite of your food even if I have my own

- loyal as all get out

- will snuggle and watch tv with you until one of us dies

- will NEVER turn down a stuffed animal

- or literally any food

- cannot eat bread or grapes (don’t like chocolate)

- CATS!!!

- must call my name six times before I hear you

- “oh my god how long have they been gone??? I bet it’s been TWO WEEKS”

- need to Find Myself in a field of fall grass for a while

- car rides are very good

- might eat something off the floor

- love. chimken

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I think my dog thinks I’m going to leave… A while ago I went to my room to change out of my current clothes and put on something warmer, and this little shit just appeared in the room, sat on the floor and starter shaking while staring at me.

The moment my ass hit the sofa, she just went into “camping mode”, sitting on top of me to stop me from leaving, still shaking. I petted her and tried to comfort her, but nothing worked.

Eventually she started wandering around the room, but now we are stuck in an odd game of musical chairs where every time I move to get up, she charges back at me and sits on me before I could stand up…

I think my dog has attachment issues 😂

A picture of TP in the background pulling a funny face, a small sandy dog in the foreground, suspiciously looking at the viewer.
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my comfort oc !!

his name is doby,,, and i enjoy drawing him sm . he great emotional support .

i love drawing him sharing so much love and support,, always trying his best to be positive and helpful . he’s a real trooper ! 💕

the doodle on the bottom right with asta is from an rp i did with some friends

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