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Kopf unter in #collaboration with @zweifelnhoch2 #broilerporn #project #ishootfilm #believeinfilm #expiredfilm #expiredphotopaper #lithprint #irony #satire #flackerlight #atelier #lichtbildprophet #berlin #darkroom #print #handmade #puppet (hier: Hobbithöhle)

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I haven’t been on here lately! I’m very invested in Welcome Home I can’t show, Commissions, and my own company! But I’ve redone Wally’s eyes! (Also more clothes! More are coming tomorrow! Wahoo!) :o)! 

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I’m so excited

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I don’t really got much new stuff to show off besides this and a wip that looks like someone just smeared the color blue on a canvas

Cw: Eye contact

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Let’s have a discussion

Who is the best puppet combo killer well? Let’s talk

And also who would win in a fight

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I spoke to Alex and Joe about WordAi today.

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Do they sell Kermit the Frog puppets?  Not one of those crappy little hand puppets, I mean like a full-size arm-length screen accurate licensed Kermit muppet.  I’ve never been able to find one online, but surely they exist, and surely they’re extremely expensive

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