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Fantastic Four #8

  • Writer - Stan Lee
  • Penciler - Jack Kirby
  • Cover - Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers

After the Thing storms out of the Baxter Building feeling like the team doesn’t like or respect him, the Puppet Master takes control of the hero to attack the rest of the FF. But with the help of his blind step-daughter and a captive Invisible Girl, the team might overcome the Puppet Master’s mental control.

This was a really fun issue!  I like the Puppet Master and the abilities and tropes that come with him.  He’s an entertaining and completely megalomaniacal villain and that’s just fun to read.  He really has no qualms about putting anyone in danger and he’s only out for himself.  Which makes Alicia all that more interesting in that she’s sweet and caring.  It was great to see her first appearance here and the beginning of what will become a long-time romance for the Thing.

The single biggest problem I have with the issue is that the Torch gets tired and loses his flame too many times this issue, only to have it reinvigorated within a few pages. Most of that drama was unnecessary anyway, so there was no reason to make a plot point out of it so many times. There are a few other “dramatic limitations” placed on other characters that weren’t needed either, but the overall story was strong enough to overcome those.

You can sort of feel how rushed Kirby is at this point trying to draw everything since his art is not really up to snuff here.  There are a few panels that just lack any real definition or have poor versions of the characters.  It’s getting time to expand that Marvel bullpen!

i had fun with this one and look forward to more from Alicia and the Puppet Master.

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Ugh omg yes!! I mean he has very little patience in anything so it’s a test of will for him to not be as rough. (Ok I’m not a writer but here)

“I’m not gonna fuckin break ya, not less ya want me too~” he would say as he’s pinned you against the nearest wall inches away from your already burning face. “I-I know, Im just n-nervous… ok?” You try to look away though he’s already holding you in place, feeling him huff onto your neck as he whispers up in your ear. “Right… weren’t so nervous ta become my little puppet~ and a ya won’t be as much fun broken, so…..” he drops his knife to the ground you see out of the corner of your eye “I’ll be easy on ya this time, heh at least till I get my fill of ya” gasping as he picks you up wrapping your legs around him “thank you sir” feeling him press against your hips already attacking at your neck “ ‘s whatever”

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Dumb Shit in the 1994 Fantastic Four show: A Saga

Episode 1:

1) When Ben first gets his powers he decides to hit Reed with a tree and Reed just stands there AND BEN SOMEHOW MISSES by like TWO INCHES

2) don’t even get me started on the wack ass way they got their powers… let’s just call it lazy writing and bullshit science

3) there’s a guy about to jump off a bridge and Reed tries to stretch up to get him and Johnny just fucking stands there even though he knows he can fly (eventually he gets around to saving the guy but he definitely burned him in the process)

4) at one point Johnny whips out a sandwich and lights it on fire because he wants to make grilled cheese, Sue then makes a force field around it and tells him cooking is only allowed in the kitchen

5) Sue gets stuck in a room full of sleeping gas and even though she clearly knows how to use a force field she just DOESN’T

6) Johnny lights one finger on fire while sitting on the couch and Reed makes a huge deal about it and says not to play with fire in the house… homie he’s made out of fire what do you expect

7) Alicia is blind but doesn’t act like it?? I literally couldn’t even tell she was blind until someone mentioned it

Episode 2:

1) Johnny spends 1/3 of the episode wearing only a towel and then gets knocked the fuck out for about five minutes

2) Alicia once again doesn’t act like she’s blind. She’s creating accurate sculptures, she’s waving at people, she’s vibing

3) Johnny is on fire for about five minutes and then says he’s out of gas?? i sense lazy writing

4) Johnny doesn’t give two shits about anything but his sister and being dramatic. felt that

5) the Puppet Master just disappeared at the end?? no explanation, no one cared, he just fell out a three story window and vanished

Despite all this you can bet I’m gonna watch more. I love these dumbasses.

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