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fictionkinfessions · a month ago
(please post on june 26!)
god. it would’ve been, what, 36 years ago? or, well, in most of my timelines. i don’t know how many june 26s i’ve lived through.
to every kid i tried to save, i want you to know that i’m sorry. i caused you all so much suffering in a blind pursuit of justice that hurt more people than it helped. you deserved so much better.
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fictionkinfessions · 6 months ago
can’t believe the fazbear frights time traveling ballpit is what helped me figure out who the murderer was in my dn/fnaf au canon. also can’t believe that that is a sentence i just typed. anyways uhh b? i can understand why you hated me and i’m sorry, and i can also understand why you wanted to stop the kira murders before they began, but killing five kids and kidnapping a sixth is NOT the answer. in no situation is that the answer. what the fuck dude (#puppethell)
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