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Fandom: Teen Wolf

Ship: Thiam (Liam/Theo)

Summary: Liam has reasonable suspicion to believe that Theo is ticklish, so he recruits the help of his friends to confirm his theory.

“I have a theory!”

Mason rolled his eyes, pulling the front door closed behind him. “Hello to you too, Li.”

“Hey Mase! Hey Corey! Okay, I have a theory.”

Corey snickered when Mason just sighed in response.

Liam bounced around, both of his parents were at the hospital, and Theo’s shift at the bookstore-cafe hybrid that he worked at wouldn’t be finished for at least another hour, so he had the whole house to expel his energy in as loudly as he wanted to.

“Okay so this might sound crazy, but I think that Theo is ticklish.”

“Dude,” Mason’s eyes widened, looking up at his best friend after toeing off his shoes.

“No way!” Corey exclaimed, his eyebrows meeting his hairline, “where is this theory of yours coming from?”

“Okay, okay, so,” Liam slapped his hands together looking between his two friends, “Theo had wanted to do something nice for my mom, so he was baking her favourite brownies, he even got that weird milk that she likes and the egg substitute she uses in her cakes.”

Mason huffed out a laugh through his nose, “of course you’re already sidetracked as soon as you start your story.”

Corey rubbed Mason’s arm and gave him a look that asked for patience, and Liam continued.

“So he was trying to hide it from my mom, right? As like a surprise or something but you know my mom and surprises, I love her but she always has to know everything like that one time we tried to plan that dinner for her and-”

“Liam,” Corey’s voice was soft, and his tone was somehow both encouraging and warning all at once.

“Right, so every time my mom would try to come in the room, he would stand in the doorframe and block her view by moving around, but my mom was getting a little impatient, kind of like that look you’re giving me now, Mase.” Liam’s dazed look turned to the boy in question, his eyebrow slightly raising.

“Sorry, Liam. Continue.”

“So my mom did that thing she does with me where she gives her whole ‘we can do this the easy way, or the hard way’ spiel,” Liam’s voice had raised comically in an attempt to nail his impression of his mother. “Except Theo’s new so he didn’t know what the ‘hard way’ would be so he just told her again that she would have to wait for a few more minutes. My mom took that as him asking for the hard way and she tickled his sides, he jumped like he had been electrocuted or something! I think he might’ve even giggled too.”

Corey was smiling, nodding along to Liam’s recounting of the tale. “Alright, sounds like a sound theory to me.”

Liam grinned wide at the validation from Corey, since he and Mason had started dating it felt like a breath of fresh air that finally there was someone patient who would at least listen before teasing him.

Not that he didn’t love Mason, but sometimes he just didn’t want to be kept on his toes.

“How do you want to go about this?” Mason questioned, his fist under his chin as if deep in thought.

Liam couldn’t help it when his mind blanked momentarily, “go about what?”

“Proving your theory?”

“Okay, okay, I was hoping you guys would help me. I have a plan.” The dangerous glint in Liam’s eye was one that Mason had seen far too many times over their lives, and it gave him a clue that Liam’s plan would probably be theatrical and crazy… But it would definitely get the job done.

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[Scott coming back to check on the Puppy Pack and finding out they did something bad]

Scott: That’s it! You’re all grounded!

Scott, pointing at Liam: No lacrosse for you.

Scott, pointing at Mason: No mythical books for you!

Scott, pointing at Corey: No Mason for you!

Scott, pointing at Nolan: No hiding in your room for you!

Scott, looking at Theo: What do you love?

Theo: Vengeance

Scott, pointing at Theo: And no revenge for you!

Theo: Well I’d say “you’ll pay for this” but I guess that’s off the table.


Or alternatively since I want a chimera pack version too.


Theo: That’s it! You’re all grounded!

Theo, pointing at Tracy: No killing random guys for you.

Theo, pointing at Josh: No getting high on electricity for you.

Theo, pointing at Corey: No sneaking off on dates with Mason for you.

Theo, pointing at Hayden: No sneaking off on dates with Liam for you.

Theo, looking at Donovan: …do you even love anything?

Donovan: Vengeance.

Theo: Then no vengeance for you.

Donovan: Well I’d say “you’ll pay for this” but I guess that’s off the table.

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I’m making this plan for a packfic where (most of) the chimeras live and the puppy pack is more a large group of young supernaturals since, y'know, coping. This sounded like a good idea in theory until I realised

1) I’m going to have to write from my point of view, since talking in 3rd person makes me ✨incredibly uncomfortable✨

2) I’m going to have to write about triggering scenes,,, from my perspective,,,, that’s going to be fun

3) I have to watch season 5 to figure out the plot and how to make the AU work.

So in other words, I am once again proving that I am NOT a smart individual.

But it’s worth it because I just want content of everyone being happy and if nobody else is going to make it, I’ll make it my damn self.


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Fandom AU Fest 

Puppy Pack Au: Day 5 Drama/Suspense

Liam, Nolan, Theo, Mason, Corey & Alec, six boys who don’t know each other but end up getting in detention together at school on Saturday. They don’t have much in common, but they agree on one thing: this is the most ridiculous thing.

The day starts out boring, your regular detention work and no talking, but soon, like none of them could have predicted, the situation turns serious. When their teacher disappears and gets attacked, the doors get locked, a voice threatens them over the intercom, they realize that they are in danger, and need to work together to get out alive, even though they’d never spoken and gotten along before.

Liam, the charming lacrosse team captain who feels the pressure to constantly do better, takes charge and comes with a plan, immediately challenged by Mason, the brains of their class and the seemingly perfect home life, in his turn feeling pressured as well.

Teamwork in their little group seems unlikely, with class clown Alec, golden boy turned bad boy Theo with a past no one dares to ask about and the quiet ones Nolan and Corey with difficult home lives not making it any easier, but time is running out and they have little choice.

They make it out of the classroom, taking everything they can find to defend themselves, and soon it becomes clear that every one of them brings some important skill to the group. Tensions turn high, things come to light, learning things about the others no one would’ve known of even guessed. They’re paying attention, real attention, to each other now for the first time and get to know each other, learning to not be too quick to jump to conclusions anymore. And as the day goes on, they learn to rely on each other, the dire circumstances helping them to grow a quick and strong bond, growing extremely loyal to each other.

All six of them have secrets, an idea of who this person is and why they might be after them, not telling the others out of shame and fear they’re the guilty party, but together, they defend themselves against whoever is hunting them. They can fix this, and get out of this mess alive. If they do it together.


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Returning To School After The War

Pairings: None, just puppy pack friendship

Words: 873

Rating: General

Summary: First day back at school for the puppy pack after winning the war, and Liam and Nolan don’t understand why it’s so easy for everyone else, but Baby Alpha Liam will get them through it ft. The co-captains conversation


“You too?”

Liam turned around to see Nolan. The boy had his school backpack slung over one of his shoulders. He was slouched a little, like that would help him escape the gaze of everyone around them. He stopped at Liam’s side, and stared ahead at the school, the same way Liam had been.

“I never get used to it,” Liam opened up, “every time… every time something supernatural happens it freaks them out, and by morning it’s like no one even knew about it,”

“Isn’t that a good thing?”

“Kind of… doesn’t it bother anyone that every year kids at this school die?”

Nolan flinched at his words, and Liam knew he should’ve been more sensitive. Everyone else may have been ignoring the death that plagued the school, but Nolan knew it, and it was still fresh for him. He had witnessed a lot of death recently, too much for a kid their age, and unlike everyone else after the anuk-ite, Nolan hadn’t bounced back as easily.

“I’m sorry,” Liam looked at him,

“No, I’m sorry,” Nolan shook his head.

Liam opened his mouth to say something, but then Mason’s voice was in his head, and he turned around to meet his best friend.

“Hey… Hi, Nolan…” Mason looked around the Liam,


“We were thinking of doing a study group tonight at my house…” Corey spoke up, “Theo lost the bet, so he’s buying pizza,”

“With what money?” Liam asked,

“I chose not to ask… anyway, you’re welcome to join us, Nolan… just don’t stab me in the hand this time,”

“I- I swear, I- it wasn’t- I’m- I’m so sorry-“

Corey chuckled, “it’s okay, I was joking… so? Meet there after practice?”

“Yeah,” Liam nodded.

Corey smiled again, and then he and Mason made their way towards the school hand in hand. They made it look so easy. Liam envied how they did that every time. He couldn’t relax as easily, every time he wanted to, something else happened, so now he was just constantly stuck on edge, especially with Scott no longer at his side, and a school full of people who knew exactly what he was.

“Your friends are…” Liam looked at Nolan while he found the right words, “I really like them,”

“Yeah, they’re the best,” Liam agreed, “I don’t know why Theo’s coming to study group, unless he re-enrolled, but I think it’s safe to say we won’t get much studying done with him around, so word of warning,”

“Wait,” Nolan’s head snapped in his direction, “you… you’re okay if I go?”

“You were invited,” Liam reasoned with a shrug, “look, I’m past it if you’re past it,”

“I am,”


The school bell rung, but still neither Liam nor Nolan moved. It brought a strange comfort. Liam had always been the last one to bounce back from supernatural drama. Mason and Corey had each other, and Mason was highly educated on it all. Scott had to move forward, Malia found it just as easy, and Lydia never threw away the opportunity for peace in her mind.

Liam always felt like something was wrong with him for holding on to it. Now, he had Nolan at his side, just as caught up in the mess they’d been through as Liam was. It made Liam feel normal. The things that happened were traumatic, and he was allowed to feel as such.



“I want you to be lacrosse captain again,”

Liam’s eyes shot to Nolan,

“You earned it. You worked all summer with Scott for it, and I shouldn’t be captain anymore,”


“No… it’s your title…”

“Well, I’m not taking it back unless you agree to be my co-captain,” Liam bargained, “lacrosse has always been my outlet. My stepfather taught me how to play, that’s how we bonded. And when Scott bit me, I used lacrosse as my connection to normal… I think you need a connection to normal, Nolan, and I think lacrosse is as good as anything.”

The boy smiled slightly at him and nodded.

It hit Liam in that moment that maybe this was how Scott felt. Right now, he had flashbacks to himself. Scared, unsure, completely unaware of what would happen next. Nolan was in his shoes, and he in Scott’s. No matter what Nolan had done, he’d chosen to be better, and now Liam would guide him through this new world he’d joined. Liam hadn’t realised until right then, but Nolan was a part of his pack. This was how Liam came full circle.

He took a step closer and squeezed Nolan’s shoulder. He wasn’t sure the boy knew it yet either, but he would in time. There was still damage that needed repairing, but they’d make it through.

“Come on…”

Liam started to lead Nolan towards the school. Somehow it seemed less daunting now. Maybe it was because he now felt more secure in Scott’s place, maybe it was something else, but Liam actually felt empowered as he walked through the door with Nolan.

Who knew when something else would come along and try to kill them, but Liam had trust in the people around him. They were all going to be okay as long as they stuck together.

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The baby Wolfpack and the officer are adorable and precious!!! What if Plo caught them trying to steal from the cookie jar?

here’s some more puppy pack in this trying time!

“Can’t you guys do it any quieter? Master Plo is gonna hear, and then we’ll all be in trouble!” Wolffe whispers from his spot on the ground, a protective arm around the sniffling alor’ika.

She leans into him, clutching her pillow. The poor girl had a nightmare and woke up crying, afraid; Wolffe came running to her the moment he heard her sniffles. 

He’d do anything for her.

And that’s exactly why they’re sitting on the kitchen floor as Sinker and Boost attempt to scale the counter to reach the cookie jar.

The little commander rushed to wake his two brothers up, the alor’ika clinging to his arm, unwilling to leave his side. Wolffe knows they’ve reached the cookie jar before, and so he asks them to do it again.

“Shu’ up, Wolffe!” Boost whispers back, albeit very loudly. He’s holding Sinker’s ankles, hoping to push his brother up onto the counter, but he’s heavy.

Boos’ c’mon, I can almos’ reach it!” Sinker whines, finally managing to push himself up onto the counter. “There we go!”

Boost cheers as his brother is finally off his shoulders. He complains quietly under his breath until his brother holds the jar over his head, having snatched it from its place on the shelf.

“Catch!” Sinker grins, gently dropping the jar into Boost’s hands. 

Boost catches it and grins before skipping over to where Wolffe and the alor’ika were sitting on the floor. Sinker follows behind him with a soft thump, landing carefully on his feet after hopping from the counter.

“See? We’ll make everythin’ better!” Boost grins proudly as Wolffe takes the jar from him. 

The alor’ika nods, wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her pajamas. “Thank you.”

Sinker quickly slaps at Boost’s arm as a look of panic crosses his face. Wolffe turns around, hand in the cookie jar, as he sees Master Plo Koon walk in behind them.

“What do we have here?” the Jedi chuckles, watching as Boost and Sinker step away from the cookies.”It’s well past your bedtime.”

“I know,” Wolffe nods, turning back to the alor’ika as he offers her a cookie. The tips of his ears turn pink as she takes it from him, replacing the lid after taking one for himself.

“Is there an explanation for this, commander?” There’s a sense of humor in Plo Koon’s voice as he watches Wolffe help the little officer up.

“The officer had a nightmare, sir,” he explains, “I wanted to make sure she was okay.”

The two boys behind him nod in agreement as if offering a testament for his story.

“I’m sorry to hear that, little one,” Plo sighs, kneeling down in front of them. He gently brushes back her hair, noticing the dried tears staining her face. “If it happens again, just come to me.”

She nods, sniffling as she finally takes a bite of the cookie.

“I don’t want you two - or any of your brothers - to be climbing the counters again. It could be very dangerous,” Plo explains, turning his attention to the brothers for a moment. “I know you’re getting taller and stronger, but there’s always something that could happen. I want you to be safe, do you understand?”

The brothers nod, thankful there were no other consequences for their actions.

“Good. Back to bed, everyone. You’ll need your sleep for training in the morning,” he continues, ushering the children back towards the bedrooms. 

Wolffe falls in step alongside his leader, holding onto the alor’ika’s hand as they wander down the dark hallway. 

“Good work taking care of your officer, Commander Wolffe.” Master Plo Koon reaches down to ruffle the boy’s hair. “It’s important to help take care of others.”

“Thank you, Master Plo,” Wolffe smiles, giving the alor’ika’s hand a squeeze. 

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Theo’s Instagram

  • After months of Nolan nagging about it, Theo finally gets Instagram
  • It’s ridiculous. Theo has never thought about social media.
  • Posting pictures of himself? Why would he? He knows he’s handsome, but why should he show other people what they are missing out on??
  • The first thing he does is following Liam and liking all his pictures
  • (Almost all. There are two with random guys he doesn’t like and one where Liam is kissing a girl’s cheek)
  • Then he does the same with the others; Liking the couple pics from Mason and Corey, the aesthetic shit on Lori’s account and the memes on Alec’s. He comments on Brett’s, calling him out for almost never wearing a shirt and comments on a pic of Nolan with a stray cat that Nolan was like a stray cat himself
  • Then, he finds out about stories and damn, no one is safe
  • He walks in on Alec and Lori making out and puts their reactions on his story with the words ‘Lori tops Alec, we been knew’
  • His story is full of sleeping Liam pics and videos all the time Liam hates him for that
  • No he doesn’t but it’s embarrassing
  • And the first picture he posts is Liam leaning against the hood of his truck, looking down at his phone with a disgusted expression
  • There isn’t a single picture of himself, just his pack because he finally has a pack and he loves them even though he would never tell them explicitly
  • After two weeks, there are already five pics of his truck bc he loves that damn thing almost as much as Liam
  • There is a picture of Alec in the bathroom, wet and only holding a towel in front of his crotch. His eyes are closed and his face twisted in anger
  • 'Next time, lock the door, idiot.’
  • Lori reposts it
  • She destroys her theme for that shitty picture just because
  • The next one is Mason drooling with his head in Corey’s lap and Corey staring at him with a loving expression, their intertwined fingers resting on Mason’s stomach
  • 'That’s true love bitches.’
  • It gets over a million likes
  • That’s the story of how Theo becomes kinda Instagram famous
  • People think it’s hilarious, that it’s the best entertainment they could find
  • Theo just likes the attention because he is secretly a slut when it comes to attention
  • Liam knows and uses that information quiet a lot
  • Nolan is the next victim
  • He’s looking straight into the camera with a done expression, his hair combed back and his tie skew to the right
  • 'Not the only not straight thing about him’
  • Nolan hates him
  • Stiles comments 'Amen’
  • Theo deletes the comment
  • After a few other pictures and videos (Brett, munching pizza; Mason screaming at his book (Caption: A ten seconds summary of my life); Lori braiding Liam’s hair when it gets long enough; Nolan and Lori discussing which colour is the most aesthetically pleasing; Alec sleeping draped all over Nolan like an octopus), Theo posts the first picture that isn’t screaming funny or embarrassing
  • It’s a group picture. Lori made it with her selfie stick (“It’s a great tool and good investment, shut up Liam”). Nolan was sitting in Brett’s lap, Corey was snuggled up against Mason’s left side and Alec’s head was propped up on Lori’s shoulder
  • And Theo and Liam sat, with Liam’s head in Theo’s lap, in the background, not caring for the picture. Liam was looking at him with so much love in his eyes, his hand on top of Theo’s on his chest
  • Theo gets all warm and fuzzy inside just by looking at the pic at his wonderful boyfriend
  • And there was a real, small smile on his own face that he doesn’t recognize, no, he has never seen himself like that
  • Liam comments 'Love you’
  • Theo is an emotional mess and responds with a black heart
  • But the next day, he is back on his bullshit with a picture of Liam, nose scrunched up and looking back and forth between two hoodies
  • 'Should probably wash them both, every1 in BH can smell them, little wolf’
  • Liam throws them in his face
  • But he is smiling, so Theo counts it as a win
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Title: Freed

Author: parttimehuman


Rating: Explicit

Tags: Smut, Porn, Roommates, Masturbation, Date Nights, Blow Jobs, Rimming, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Choking, Light Dom/Sub, Other Additional Tags to Be Added

Characters: Nolan Holloway, Liam Dunbar, Mason Hewitt, Garrett, Theo Raeken, Corey Bryant, Brett Talbot

Summary: Nolan and Liam are roommates. While Nolan’s sexual frustration grows bigger, Liam has lots of sex with not one, but five incredibly hot guys. Nolan starts fantasizing about all of them having their way with him, Liam finds out about it, and things start getting intense. 

Or - Nolan’s way to the puppy pack orgy. 


Read Chapter 1 here!

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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Title: Helping Hand

Author: ExtraSteps

Rating: Mature

Warnings: N/A

Summary:  Post 6B. Liam is exhausted. The whole town knows about werewolves, but now with the influence of the Anuk-ite vanquished, everyone instead wants his help. Working to the bone, it takes one chance encounter to realise that someone a little closer to home needs his assistance. Enter Theo, homeless, hungry, and his mask finally crumbling to dust. Liam offers him his friendship, his home, and maybe something more.


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