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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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Estee Nack - SullyNomad - DanielSon - IceLord - Con$piracy
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  • bastard will watch you with that stupid smirk on his face until he’s noticed. leaning on the doorframe, occasionally dusting himself off, he’ll intently watch you with his emerald eyes.
  • once you look into the mirror and notice him or just hear him not so subtly trying to hide his presence after a while, you shriek silently as he makes his way towards you.
  • “having fun, sweetheart?” he asks, placing his gloved hand on your soft cheek, leaning down to stare into your pretty eyes.
  • whether you answer or not, he’d chuckle and lean back to his normal height, then fix the hat on your head.
  • “hmm. you do look splendid in my clothes, (y/n),” he says softly, giving you his famous smirk once again; you notice his canines slightly showing up, as he slides his hands from the pink hat onto your shoulders.
  • “however,”
  • he then leans down again, whispering to your ear in a husky voice, “would you like to try on the rest of my clothes?”
  • you can feel his hot breath on your ear, as he awaits for your reply.


  • he doesn’t even notice he left his coat at your place due to his moody ass caring only about that he ran out of sweets.
  • so once he comes back and aggressively opens the bag of sweet pastries almost making it rip in half… he still hasn’t noticed he doesn’t have his coat on.
  • he notices however, that YOU are gone. 
  • Amaimon doesn’t have to search for you long mostly cuz of his demon senses telling him where his mate is.
  • once he senses you being in the bathroom, he shamelessly opens the door, munching on his cookies and chips. 
  • “what are you doing, (y/n)?” he tilts his head slightly as he asks, “and why are you wearing my coat?”
  • while you’re trying to find yourself a good excuse, he crushes half-empty bag of chips in his hands, drops the remains of his snack on the floor, then slowly walks up to you, placing his hands on either side of the sink, essentially making you unable to escape.
  • “so,” his voice low, honey eyes observing your face, as he sluggishly closes the distance between you two, until you feel his movements stop just right before your lips,
  • “why did you take my coat, Windflower? it’s not nice to steal someone else’s clothes; do you want me to punish you?”

edits by: @/rubyblackmoon

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