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#pure child

Kaminari: Whomst’d’ve consumed my ice juice?

Kirishima: The sweat and tears of Jesus, good sir?

Bakugo: …..Should I call a fucking exorcist?

Sero: I hath been the one to have ingested your ocean sauce.

Jiro: Just call Shiozaki so we save time and money.


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"Is dat guy huwt bad? Gibe dem a wot of hugs so dey get bettuh soon!" The logic of a four-year-old is flawless, isn't it?

“Joker? My user? In a manner of speaking, yes he is hurt. And so log as he does not mind, I will indeed give him hugs so he gets well.”

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So my 3 year old sister really likes Iron Man, whom she exclusively calls Tony. She’s never actually seen the first Iron Man movie though, only stuff like the 2nd and 3rd ones as well as stuff like Avengers. Well right now she’s watching the first one with my mom, and when she saw the soldiers at the start she said “are those bad guys?”

My mom replied with “No kiddo, they’re US soldiers, like Mommy and Daddy used to be.”

My little sister said “Me too! We were all yoous soldiers together! And then we turned into kitties and we had wings and we flew in the sky! Sissie and the puppies were there too and sissie was a kitty and they had wings too!”

I think my sister may be pursuing a military career path haha, or maybe that of Iron Man. I just heard her say “That’s Tony Stark. Tony Stark. Tony Stark.” God that kid loves Iron Man and honestly I’m so proud of her.

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This pure child right here.

Marina, she gave me hope.

I found this pure girl, and thought.

Is this it?

Has a true being of God come to us?

She watered my crops.

Cleared my skin.

And has cured my depression.

She has got ridden of my anxiety.

She is the reincarnation of jesus.

I will go to heaven right now

And bring God to show him this blessing

That he created.

And then go back to heaven

To show the angels that they missing

One more angelic angel.

I shall, and will do anything for this child.

She will bring world peace

Easily without a thought.

I will love for Marina.

I will live for Marina.

I would die for Marina.

Marina for president.

She can make government better than what it now is.

She will turn the rich into the poor.

She will end all of the wars.

She is the key that we are all missing.

To stop all corruption.

My precious bean.

This precious bean will solve all our problems.

She can solve our problems.

She will show us the true meaning of life.

The gates to heaven.

The elixir of life.


The fact that I now she’s just here.

As we are all here.

And that we live and breathe.

As she is breathing right now.

Is just


@husband-of-lucoa @plucky-belmondo

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I was looking at these 2 screenshots, and they speak volumes about Tangleboi.

The 1st one is when he is listening to Dr Saint Croix, and, Varian not being an idiot, he undestand what it means : Cassandra is not going to be able to keep her word.

His eyebrows show distress, his eyes are wide with surprise, shock and disappointment. When you know this character and the underlying abandonment issues he’s dealing with, you can tell he’s practically heartbroken. For himself at first.

But then (2nd pic), he’s thinking of Cassandra. He doesn’t want to break her heart, even though he is hurting. He’s not trying (unlike later with Rapunzel…) to pass on this pain to someone else (and let’s say it, Cassandra would have deserved it). He is thinking fast and decides to make things easy for her and goes “Don’t worry about me…” (and barely manages to hide his sadness until he leaves)

This is the pure child that he is at core.

Betrayals, day after day (his father not looking at him the way he craves, Eugene telling his secret about his underground machines, Cass, and later Rapunzel when he is under immense stress) cause him to snap, because he is shattered on the day of the storm. So are his good feelings and intentions. And Dad is not here anymore to remind him the limits.

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