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#pure mdma

Ich schütte Liebe in mein Glas. Ein Hoch auf alles, was ich hab. Ich will heute Spaß,

Ich schieß mich ab

Ich find dich nice, MDMA

Oder ist die Liebe jetzt schon verbraucht?

Du bist so heiß, MDMA

Nur Illusion oder magst du mich auch? 

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There is no drug that will get me high enough to love myself

I’ve come to the conclusion, I just never will

It’s instilled in my mind that I am incapable of being truly and unconditionally loved

Reality is a weird concept for me to grasp

This mindless repetition and constrictions for what?

I’m ready to transcend this existence

I feel that I’m starting to rot, from the inside out

I’m glued together, but falling apart, sliding around drenched in sticky Elmer’s

I’m happy but I’m not?

I need to fast forward my situation

I need independence and motivation

Everyday is just painful to be alive

I miss being reckless

I want to drown in oblivion

I want to numb the pain

I want to melt away

Sting me with your needles

Shoot it in my vein

Fuck, anything to feel whole again

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