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#purpe flowers
a-buncha-bad-ideas · 3 months ago
New fella !! Picca!!! :] n a tidbit of lore w/my JSAB AU bc it is way too big 2 explain quickly atm!
Tumblr media
Picca is an unfortunate newscaster in Chip City! This cynical, and way-too-blunt beat oftentimes keeps to themselves outside of their job!
 Though, otherwise; they & their team- five shapes n’ one flower covers any & all events, both from the city and beyond!
At the time of the canon games events, this included the Corruption event. At a time where tensions between shapes & beats were rising- it was fairly odd to have a beat manning the news, let alone a Sun-shape!
Sun-Shapes are peculiar, yellow beats & shapes- a color not usually otherwise found in Paradise (outside of the occasional pastel flower, n player shapes, which can be almost any color)! 
These shapes- and beats- are unlike others, given they get their energy and power from the Sun, and rumor has it that they were created by the Sun! With the Treeangle playing no part in their existence! Given their odd creation, they have no connection to the Treeangle, or the land created by it.
Unfortunately, this also means being purified, assisted or altered by Treeangle pieces is completely out of the question for these fellas! 
Subsequently, Yellow corruption cannot be reversed by any common means- n unlike the Red, Purple, Orange, and Pink variants; the only thing that could potentially reverse it would be certain crystals hidden deep in the winding cave systems that tunnel under the entirety of paradise! (They occasionally grow in crystal outcrops on high, sunlit surfaces near flower grottos!)
 Shapes of this type glow ever so slightly, and are often warm to the touch- meanwhile beats are basically nightlights, and constantly radiate a scorching heat! Beats also take on a more “fragmented” appearance than their various counterparts, gaining a lot more extra, floating parts! N are typically a lot less spikey!
Yellow Cacti are large, droopy, lumbering, incredibly chunky cacti; with absolutely massive petals. N’ they’re strictly cave-dwellers that like to hide on the ceilings n walls & surprise shapes from above! They’re also slightly bioluminescent, but not nearly as much as their shape n beat counterparts!
Sun-Shapes, Beats, n Cacti fellas are few n’ far between, with Picca being the only yellow beat in the area for miles in every direction, n only about four yellow shapes existing in that same area! The number of yellow cacti is unknown, since no-one ever travels deep enough to avoid encountering them! :0
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aurazoro · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
g purps - g6 “jet fuel” x purple punch
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ralphbutler · 12 months ago
Intermezzo : dura phlox, sed phlox
Intermezzo : dura phlox, sed phlox von Eddy Van 3000 Über Flickr: Phlox flowers. The name phlox comes from the ancient Greek word phlox meaning flame (a lot of varieties have intense colours). Nederlands : vlambloem. (Fuck Corona I miss my photoshoots)
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rubsta · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sour Space Candy CBD
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venszo-artz · a year ago
Tumblr media
Okay, so this is supposed to be my animal crossing character. I wish you can change your name in Pocket Camp( I don’t have a switch lol We’re too poor and I don’t think it’s available in our country)
So uh I turn them into my Oc. He is now part of the world of Rellow and He is a Plant species, A flower
He is a Gerbera Daisy. It means Cheerfulness and He is a very cheerful person
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ayyleeann · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Picked up some beautiful buds this am (too bad I’m too sick to smoke) 😫
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