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anderwater · a month ago
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"Cool." - David in Was ist Dysphorie? | DRUCK
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picturefirelizards · 11 months ago
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so Vax has two types
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sillyskull-xam · 7 months ago
It’s interesting that Charlie, who lives for hundreds of years, casually talks about how nothing matters because everyone & everything will turn to dust eventually, yet when Q talks about his own death multiple times or asks how long it’ll take for Q to turn to dust (most likely foreshadowing that he’ll die very soon with all the enemies Q made), Charlie straight up said “No <3”, and I got a feeling that Charlie won’t allow anything bad happen to Q. However, if this implies that Charlie will backstab Q in the future…
Q & Slime friendship: (1) (2)
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vanillawaiver · 11 months ago
once purpled gets involved it's over for the egg
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tubbbin · a year ago
i’m laughing at the concept of purpled joining the lore, because i Know if that mf joins he’s just gonna be stuck in a perpetual state of confusion because of the wack ass shit the rest of the server gets into. like the amount of fucking morally questionable shit that goes down there is normal to Them, but to everyone else it’s really,. not. just imagine;
PURPLED; so, i heard you’ve made a new home, in. uh. snowchester!
TUBBO; yeah, it’s a nice place!! :DD it’s very comfy there, and there’s this tunnel system as well, and—
PURPLED; oh, that’s nice—
TUBBO; yeah! it is! oh, and there’s nukes there!
PURPLED; oh, that’s great, i—
PURPLED; wait. there’s what.
TUBBO; nukes!! :]
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kurohaai · 5 months ago
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Bloodswap Indigo Ofi & Purple Das
Individual designs under the cut:
Tumblr media
Ofi is fronting as a spoiled ojou-sama. She secretly helps sheltering lususless lowbloods and disguise it as her needing a lot of servants because she's "high maintenance". Her bloodswap sign is, ironically, Sagisci / The Sign of the Genuine.
Das traded some of his bastardness for physical violence. He doesn't cull lowbloods because Ofi wouldn't like it (hurting them is still game however). He is very loyal to Ofi like that.
Lmao his bloodswap sign is true Capricorn I'm-
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kittencalypso · 27 days ago
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Two queens in a king size bed,
like angels in the snow💜
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corpsey12333 · 4 months ago
Now that I’ve finally finished watching all the vods i wanted to watch, I can finally list down my favorite things from mcc16 (my absolute favorite one so far):
Dream: CPK is a streamer! He streams 6 days a week! Hear that, chat? He streams! Watch him! I don’t stream. (At this point, it is just v hilarious to me. and also cpk saying “if you want to see your streamers, they show up on my stream sometimes!”)
Finn being in a Girl!Dream cosplay + CPK with pink nails, pink hair, and pink suit + bbh with the pink parrots skin with the pig on his cape!!! Dream “I don’t want to change my skin” wastaken adding the lavender ribbon!!
People assuming Sapnap would be overbearing and mean to Oli and Dan when in fact he is Baby and is too shy to interact. He literally called them Orion and RT most of the time because he didn’t know how to call them. Also at one point he called Dan “James” and was super awkward because he is bad with names.
Oli thinking “Sapnap and Sylveey are friends, they should team up in BuildMart” only for those two to scream at each other the entire time and fight so much that both Oli and Dan went “Please!! You’re tearing this family apart!!!” (this is the funniest moment in mcc for me XD Sylveey and Sapnap are a comedic duo.)
Oli: “I thought you were friends!” Sylveey, who just spent 10 minutes screaming at Sapnap: “This is how our friendship works :)”
Sylveey popping off in Survival Games (4th!!! Fountain strat pog!!!) and attributing her success to Dream’s prophetic dream.
Wilbur’s Ace Race monologue. It’s iconic. I have no words.
Ok I know a lot of people got the ace race skip at the beginning, but Dream did it so smoothly and I AM parasocially in love with him, actually.
Punz number one in Ace Race<3 My streamer is cracked<3 Also number one over all!!! Orange had a hard time but he was such a presence. He really pulled his team forward :) Also!!! Shelby is the light of my life.
“What did I say before the event? If you finish top 30, I’d be very proud.” Dream making me wanna cry in the middle of Ace Race :/
Punz asking “Who are you rooting for?” during dodgebolt and Puffy being so offended, going “It’s Dream and Bad and Finn! How could you even ask that?!”
Dream going “What is that luck?! Where is 1 in 7.5 trillion luck?” and CPK laughing in shock and asking if only Dream was about to joke about it. Then Finn saying “Dream knows mathematicians” a few minutes later??? Please. The speedrunning jokes are only funny if it’s from them specifically. Outta pocket behavior.
Admin Stream just had Dream’s POV during Parkour tag and Sands of Time. They really said Dream is the Most Entertaining Player to Watch<3
Admins v obviously watching Dream’s POV and immediately sharing that Dream liked Gridrunners and then saying they could use Dream’s commendation for promotion.
Meanwhile, Dream is actually actively doing an Ad read for gridrunners after his team finished <3
Also noxite joking about proposing and then being answered “yes” so the whole stream, the chat was just asking about the next mcc being wedding themed.
Special MCC idea from noxcrew: Sands of Time but a long time limit + the rooms connect to other teams so they could kill each other<3 The greatest idea of all time, actually. I want a special MCC like this, please :)
CPK saying “Sapnap is great at the game” during Parkour Tag and Dream proudly replying “He is :) Hell of a player.” And then bbh dming Sapnap to say “good job :)” That’s their sappynappy <3
Tubbo punching chickens For Chaos and for nerfing the pvp team in particular.
Dream googling mid-mcc which players were best at hole in the wall so he could decide if it’s the better choice lmao. That’s my sweaty gamer<3
Lime Llamas somehow ending up talking about urinals and Dave being... afraid of urinals? Niki confusedly asking “How do you spill over yourself? How does that work?” and just... all the boys being anti-urinal??
Niki cried and that was the worst, actually, but it was so sweet when she saw Dream’s message. And even when her teammates wanted to support purple, she stayed with supporting pink because she wanted to support Dream ;~; (scott smajor... please... let them team)
on that note! Ranboo staying with supporting Pink this time :D Twerking to distract Purple so Pink could win!!
Fruit’s dodging was out of this world and I’m so proud of him.
DREAM FALLING OFF THE PLATFORM!!!!!! made me laugh so hard I cried. It was tense and all but it was so funny. The silence from the team. (Plus the fact that Sapnap said “I would have made fun of him immediately.)
Watching a bunch of POVs meant that I could see how they reacted to Dream falling, mainly: Red Rabbits wondering if it was on purpose and Wilbur definitively going “he wouldn’t do that”, Punz saying “He had to have done that on purpose!” because Dream wouldn’t just fall, right? But then he saw the message so he went “no, dream isn’t the type to do that” then Shelby agreeing with him :D “yeah, he wouldn’t” (my heart<3), Sapnap and Sylveey both going >:( and getting annoyed because Pink could lose because of that (and immediately dismissing the idea when Oli and Dan asked if it was on purpose). Also I rewatched it and realized “Was too hard. Had to make it easier” were Finn’s words and Dream just wrote it in chat lmao
Bad called Skeppy after the event! “I get the coin, Skeppy!” and Skeppy going “you get the coin, the crown, everything. You deserve it” all softly. Skeppy not even being in mcc and somehow still making me the most emotional :’
Dream won!!! He was happy and hyped the whole time!!!! That makes this the best mcc so far for me :D
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yungstoneyjust · 9 months ago
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Good morning
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sapnapnotfound · 11 months ago
Tommy collects siblings and Tubbo collects dads send tweet
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superliminalselfships · a year ago
Self Ship Ask Meme: Purple Emoji Edition
😈: Do you and your F/O have any inside jokes with each other?
👾: Talk a little about your F/O’s source! What is it about? What do you like about it?
🦄: Are there any favorite AUs you have for your self ship?
☔️: What do the two of you do during rainy days?
🎆: What’s your ideal date with your F/O?
🔮: After the end of the canon story, what does the future hold for your F/O and S/I? (If they die in canon assume they didn’t in this question)
🧬: Do you have any kids with your F/O? If you do, talk about them! If not, what do you think they’d look/act like?
💜: Free pass to gush about whatever you like!
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bonetrousledbones · a month ago
hmn.. have you considered any possibilities for your guys in a Dark World? i guess design-wise?
i have, but only briefly! i actually do plan on having the boys go to deltarune after they leave mishap, but i’m gonna keep them in the light world because i dont know nearly enough about dark worlds to make up one of my own 😔 you can bet your ASS i’m gonna squeeze a heavily implied knight papyrus with Anxiety in there tho
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shiningstarlight · 6 months ago
nowistendtaller -> shiningstarlight
finally changed my url 🌸
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toomanythought · 8 months ago
Julius sends the captains on team-building retreats you heard it here first folks.
#black clover #i can't stop imagining him forcing them all to go camping or something #Yami knows how to do everything because he spent a good amount of time just traveling #but he doesn't help anyone because he thinks it's funny #fuegoleon is the only other person there capable of starting a fire but if he didn't have fire magic he'd be useless #the captain of the purple orcas *disappears under mysterious circumstances* because I'm not really sure how either of them would fair #nozel isn't made for this lifestyle and keeps trying to get Dorothy to let him into the dream world #but dorothy wants to have fun and go camping #what she lacks in ability she makes up for in enthusiasm #Charlotte also isn't made for this but she's not gonna let that stop her #(has to show off for Yami too possibly) #i get the vibe that Jack probably could survive on his own if he tried but he doesn't try and instead causes problems #William also disappears under mysterious circumstances but it's because he decided to sleep in a tree #rill is ready to paint nature #he is not ready to forage for food #eventually Yami leaves and comes back with a bunch of fish+other edible things and clean water #'so you idiots don't starve yourselves to death' #and Dorothy proceeds to go #'Aw you do care' #a week later Julius swings by to pick them all up like a parent collecting his kids from summer camp and they are Changed individuals #Julius: did you learn any new magic? #Nozel: we learned how Not to put out a fire if that's what you're asking #William: and that just because the birds can eat it doesn't mean you can too #rill: does how to fight a bear count? because I did that #everyone else: 👁️👁️- excuse me?? what? #yami: there weren't even bears?? #rill: yeah well what did i fight then #yami: not a bear??? #magic knight captains #why isn't this showing up in the tags i spent so much time writing tags
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song-mingi · a year ago
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SEONGHWA || WAVE (190627)
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koloriiit · 4 months ago
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this was supposed to be normal side profile practise
but then i had too much fun
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frostysfrenzy · 3 months ago
List 5 things that make you happy, then put this in the askbox for the last 10 people who reblogged something from you. Spread the positivity💕 (i ended up sending it right back to you)
Not a problem! This might start getting specific, I'm running out of simple things
Breakfast food
Very specifically the Smallville soundtrack
The Blue Jays (or at least the actual members of the team)
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r-acicularis · 9 months ago
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4/20 🌺
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orlasgartland · a year ago
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fuck it. face reveal 🌌
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venturousheart · 8 days ago
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               EDITS OF CLARA C. OSWALD (33 / ?)
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