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kithtaehyung · a day ago
Lie (Teaser) | PJM
Tumblr media
title: lie pairing: vampire!jimin x reader rating: 18+ au: supernatural/fantasy au, strangers with benefits genre: angst, smut summary: it‘s only an arrangement. a business deal. the words you say during these sessions mean nothing, and the emotions unearthed are merely fleeting. but lately… it’s starting to feel a bit too real for you. as real as you’ve selfishly been wanting it to feel for months. you need to leave before you’re caught in a lie. warnings: none for teaser other than a dismissive af jimin, but smut warnings will be added to the full fic on drop day!  notes: this is a teaser for the virtue, vice, and everything nice collab hosted by @missgeniality​​! check out the masterlist here and hype up/support all the other wonderful authors participating. :D banner by the wonderful @jaeism​ <33 teaser wc: 1.2k est. total wc: 8-10k drop date: october 13th, 2021, 7pm est taglist: open! comment, message, or let me know in a reblog if you’d like to be added. - - A staircase spirals above you, curling and curling up to the heavens. Magnificent. Terrifying. From below, you feel incredibly small, merely a speck of dust on the blood red carpet under your heels if seen from its apex. Given your situation, it’s appropriate. 
Immediately, your confidence wanes, shrinking and hiding in the waves of your elegant ballroom gown. 
What are you doing here? You completely underestimated what you agreed to. Why did you think you could do this? 
And why do you feel like you can’t back out if you tried? 
A door opens somewhere down one of the enormous halls stretching from the foyer, and your head snaps towards the sound. Meeting your gaze is a woman—smaller than you, shrouded in servants clothes, a tray of food in her hands. Nothing out of the ordinary. 
Until she doesn’t move for seconds, and seconds more. 
Perplexed, you greet her, thrown for a loop when she abruptly turns and rushes away down the long hallway and into a faraway room. The bang of the door leaves you shaken. 
You’re correct. 
You shouldn’t be here. 
If the racing pace of your heartbeat is anything to go by, you need to be anywhere but this place. A mansion tucked far into the mountains amongst coniferous trees and silence? Why didn’t you see this coming? How was a person like you so convinced from the beginning?
You don’t realize you’re clutching the silken material of your dress until you uncurl your fingers, promptly squeezing them again when you hear the answer to all your questions from the golden stairwell. 
“You made it.” 
There’s no hint of praise or surprise in his tone; those three words are only stated as fact. But your reaction to his rasp is always the same - immediate, foolish, intense. It’s futile to run away. Why did you consider it in the first place? There’s no reason to do so when you want nothing more than to be here. With him. 
Time bends when you lock eyes, your limbs turning to liquid and your skin starting to burn under his crimson stare. “Jimin,” you whisper, your throat feeling more than the opulent choker he gifted you wrapped around its column. “Yes.” 
The man takes slow steps towards you, his silver hair swooped over his forehead and his chest filling out an outfit fit for a prince.  
How fitting. 
He’s perfect. 
You feel incredibly out of place.
Jimin’s voice continues its monotonous slide as he extends a stiff hand, “I almost didn’t think you would show.”
“Yes, well.” You clear your throat, placing your gloved fingers in his palm. “We made a deal, didn’t we not?” Just like last time, his touch reminds you of frost.  
Except this time, you expect it. It’s partly why you added the white gloves to your ensemble in the first place. 
And the thigh high stockings for when he eventually makes his way down there, as well. 
Jimin raises your hand up to his lips, running the smooth tip of his nose over your knuckles before pressing a kiss between their ridges. 
From afar, the gesture would seem gentlemanly - romantic, even - but you know it’s nowhere close to civil. He’s merely inspecting you, like a new slab of meat sent to the butcher’s for cutting and slicing. “We did,” he confirms in a low tone, his stare all ice and tossing you into the cold. “Shall we begin?” 
“Yes, sir.”
The ghost of a smirk is all you get in response, but it’s enough to ignite the charcoal smoking in your chest, to thicken the smoke of lust swirling up into your neck. 
You’ve waited weeks for any sort of contact. Nothing transpired for days, and you were certain the deal was off until you received instructions in a text message a few days ago. All they spelled out was a location and time of arrival, to eat and drink well for the entire week, and to wear whatever was being sent to your door. 
Three simple lines did not prepare you for a mansion and Jimin appearing like a proper prince. 
You’re led up and up the stairs - the neverending, snake-like curve of gold carvings and red steps - and marvel at the surrounding decor to distract yourself from the growing pain in your feet. Step, step, step. Higher and higher you go, forcing yourself to keep going even though your thighs are burning and your heart rate is building. Step. Step. 
Jimin made you wear this get-up on purpose.  
He knew you would wear heels with the dress he bought you. 
What is his endgame here? 
On the landing of a high floor, you finally stop, grabbing the banister to catch your breath. “Please, Jimin. I need to breathe.” 
“We don’t have time to spare.” 
Why you hope for sympathy at all is laughable. 
The softness never comes. Like all the times before. 
Besides, how is someone like him supposed to feel that side of the human spectrum of emotion? It’s partly why you chose to make a deal with him in the first place. 
Nothing would become of this relationship because you came from two completely different worlds. 
Your knee suddenly fails you, buckling under the strain as you take the top step of a flight. 
And you’re left to crumple to the ground in a silk and chiffon heap. Your forearm slams into the carpet to break your fall, and you wince on impact before rage boils inside of your lungs to mix with the lack of oxygen inside. 
He didn’t help you. 
Of course he didn’t. 
But before you can lash out at Jimin’s lack of propriety, you see two black boots appear in front of your eyes, and his tone is dry when he tosses a reprieve onto your head,  
“Stand up. We’re here.” 
Finally. You wouldn’t have been able to last another lift of your leg. Simmering, you shift your gaze to the enormous set of double-doors at your side, strong and dark and imposing in stature. They seem to regard you with disdain as you observe them, wondering why someone like you is existing alongside their master. 
During your struggle to shift your dress around enough to plant your heels on solid footing, Jimin is already striding towards the sturdy oak slabs, hands clasped behind his back and rings shining back at you. As your thighs burn from continued use, you wonder if he’ll keep his jewelry on during this session. 
Focus. You don’t have a whole day. 
Your resolve steels itself in your determination, and you stand upright to walk forward and join him. Your knees and cheeks are already warmed just like he likes, and you know he can smell the blood from the small cuts in your arm. 
The bastard let you fall. 
But you know once you walk into that room, everything will change. Just like it always does. Jimin will be nothing like the blank, heartless shell of a vampire you see pushing the bedroom doors. 
So you wait as the oak rumbles open. 
You blink when the only thing that greets you is darkness. 
And you shiver when Jimin leans his lips right against your ear to whisper, 
“I hope you did everything I told you. Because I’m not going easy on you this time.” 
to be continued. 
a/n: hello, this is my first vampire fic ehehe so i hope i do it and wings era jimin justice! i know we only see one side of him here in the teaser but.. stay tuned for more :D taglist is open! let me know if you want to be added in a comment, message, or in a reblog and i’ll jot you down. thank you for reading!<3
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aredheadedmess · a day ago
Pied Piper || JJK [3]
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N Y/L/N, an investigative journalist for the Daily Bullet, usually doesn’t see much out of the ordinary; A missing person’s case gone cold, an old case reopened and solved with updated technology, the thrilling excitement when another puzzle of one of the biggest serial killers is cracked. But when an old file resurfaces, she brings back a past that should have been burned with the file a long time ago.
Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Word Count: 2.3k
Chapter Warnings: A few swears, mention of broken wood and glass, the host still being a butt, a super creepy forest, please let me know if I missed anything!
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Mystery/Thriller, Paranormal, Strangers to Friends
Chapter Rating: Pg-13
A/N: Sorry this is late! I was hoping that I would get this out on time, but the past two weeks have been kinda crazy. BUT it’s here now so I hope y’all enjoy! This is kind of borderline a filler chapter, but it still has some... interesting things...
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
My research, before I decided to take it upon myself and actually visit the town, was futile. Everything that I had in the file all led to dead ends. My time spent in the company’s evidence locker only left me believing that there was no such place as Blackgate. Even Yoongi had said that it was a legend.
With what little information I had on the town, I decided to pack up a few bags and look for it myself. My friends thought I was crazy, looking for a town that probably didn’t exist any more, but I was stubborn. I knew that I could find something, anything, as long as I looked hard enough. Old map in hand, and only the general direction people had noted it was located, I took off first thing in the morning on an oddly cold day in late August.
I should have known then and there that what I was going to get into could have been much more dangerous. With my attempts at using technology to find the place constantly failing, and the way the woman—who stopped to see if I was alright when I decided to pull over and look at the physical map I keep in my car—looked at me as if she had seen a ghost, I should have turned around. Given up on the case. But as I have stated before; I’m stubborn. There was no way that I was going to give up after a few minor inconveniences. So I took the woman’s hesitant directions and found myself stumbling upon the town only a couple hours away from the Big City.
31 August, 20XX
“That’s not… Oh come on!”
You tear the crinkled page from the typewriter’s hold. Wadding it up, you toss it to the ground with the rest of the discarded paper. Maybe you should have asked for a pen instead. It would have taken you less time to scribble out mistakes than trying to deal with the sticky keys of the typewriter.
“This is going nowhere,” you sigh.
You lean back in the chair and throw your hands up to rub at your face. It’s only been three days, and every plan you had for your investigation is thrown out the window. With none of your devices working, how are you supposed to close these cases? There’s only so much you can do without being able to look up more information on the town on the internet. And with the bipolar weather the town is having, you don’t have much of a choice but to stay inside the Bed and Breakfast for the majority of the time.
The clock on the desk ticks away as you sit there, unmoving. It fills the silent room with the monotonous noise. It’s just after 8pm, and you still have nothing to show for your research. Many of the pages of the books you brought with you are stuck together as they sit on the desk beside the typewriter. After all of both your and the man’s effort to save the books, they still weren’t able to dry completely.
The door to the room shakes in its frame. Your head snaps to the direction of the sound, brows furrowing as you begin to hear a muffled string of curses. What is he doing? For the last two nights, once dinner is cleaned up, the host is quietly off to do his own thing. You don’t hear a word from him again until the next morning when you’re somewhat rudely awakened for breakfast. Though you haven’t stayed here long, it’s odd to hear him move around at this time of night. The desk chair squeaks slightly as you lean forward to lift yourself off the seat. You’re surprised it’s still standing with how old and fragile it looks.
Swinging the door open, you’re met with the man picking up the last piece of a broken picture frame from the floor beside your door. He doesn’t spare you a glance as he moves to toss the splintered wood and glass into the trash bin in the kitchen. He returns back into the hallway, walking towards the front door as if he is running late to something. You follow, watching as he reaches for the closet door knob, twisting it open, and reaching inside for a jacket.
“Where are you going?”
He doesn’t spare you a glance as he throws his jacket over his shoulders. Once the fabric is situated on his body, he turns to open the front door.
“But I thought-”
“Lock the door after I leave.”
The door slams shut before you have a chance to catch it. Your hand reaches out to touch the lock, but you don’t make any effort to twist it. Where is he going? Especially at this time of night? You keep your hand hovering over the lock. Should you follow after him? Though, maybe you shouldn’t pry into his private life. You wouldn’t want him to do that to you. But with how late it’s getting---and with his strict rule of an 8:30 curfew---you can’t help but grow more curious as to where he’s off to. You drop your hand, running back into your room to grab your jacket. Who knows what the weather will decide to do tonight.
The sun has already set, leaving the town in utter darkness. Only a small handful of houses have their porch lights turned on. The dark sky makes it much easier for you to hide in the shadows as you follow the host into the middle of town. Though, it doesn’t make your surroundings any more inviting. Your eyes catch the sight of the playground again. If you look carefully enough, you swear you can see a small figure sitting at the top of the tallest slide. I’m seeing things. It’s just my imagination, you hope.
Shaking your head to rid your mind of the creeping thoughts, you return your gaze to focus on the man ahead of you. You’re lucky to have looked back at him as he stops to open the door to a shop a little farther. As quietly as possible, you run to catch up to shop before the door can fully close, letting you sneak inside before he can notice your presence. You keep yourself low, throwing yourself behind the first shelf you can see. You can’t see much except for the view of his backside approaching the front counter as another figure steps out from a back room.
“Jungkook! It’s nice to see your face again!”
A bright older woman greets the host as he enters the shop. You can hear him muttering under his breath, but it isn’t loud enough for you to catch what he says. He quickly steps closer towards the counter, leaning in a little closer to the woman.
“Keep it down,” he whispers harshly, his head twisting towards the entrance before focusing back on her. “You know I don’t like using my name around here anymore.”
“Oh, right. After what happened to-”
She stops. Clearing her throat, she shifts under his strong gaze. Letting a soft smile fall onto her lips, she tilts her head in curiosity.
“Sorry. What brings you here? I thought you weren’t due for more until next month?”
“Something unexpected happened,” he, Jungkook, hesitantly tells the woman.
“Well, no matter. Go ahead and get what you need.”
The shopkeeper waves him away, letting him free to find what he came for. You barely manage to pull yourself back behind the shelf when he turns to amble into the rest of the shop. You can hear his footsteps as he walks to an area on the opposite side of the room. As carefully as possible, you make your way to the other end of the shelf in hopes that you can spot what Jungkook is looking for. Though you don’t anticipate your movements entirely as the sole of your shoe comes in rough contact with the hardwood floor, scuffing the ground loudly. You quickly stop, closing your eyes and pressing your lips together.
It’s silent for a moment, seemingly more than it was only a few seconds before. You wait, hoping that neither one of the other people in the building heard you. That hope is cut short when someone clears their throat behind you. You slowly turn around, meeting eyes with the host. 
Jungkook doesn’t wait for you to follow him as he steps out of the shop. Like a child getting caught stealing a cookie from the cookie jar, you hang your head low to keep yourself from making eye contact with the shopkeeper. You push the door closed behind you once you make it outside.
“I thought I told you to stay.”
Skipping the warnings, he spits poison at you. It takes you aback at the sudden interrogation. Your eyebrows press close, a frown developing across your face. No longer feeling like a child being scolded by their parents, you step towards him, crossing your arms in front of your chest.
“And who are you to tell me what to do?”
“Do you want to die?” he retorts.
You tilt your head in confusion.
“What does that even have to do with anything?”
He doesn’t answer you. Instead, his eyes shift from their gaze on you to somewhere off to the side. His face is still stern, but the way his fingers begin to twitch at his sides gives his uneasiness away.
“There’s something you’re not telling me.” You poke at the silent air between the two of you. “Nothing’s adding up.”
Jungkook scoffs.
“There’s no way I’m going to talk to an immature reporter like you. Go back to your research if you’re so interested.”
He walks around you to enter the shop again. You turn to face him, stepping forward to do the same. He must have seen your reflection in the glass on the door as he whips back around before he can get a grip on the handle.
“Stop following me.”
“Why should I?” you challenge. “I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing aren’t I? I’m following you to get more information. Research.”
“You won’t get anything from me. Go back. And don’t look back.”
Without another word, he turns back to the door, closing it behind him. You can hear the clack of the lock as you reach for the handle yourself. You click your tongue.
Sighing, you turn back to face the direction you came in. This Jungkook guy is confusing.
Tumblr media
“The hell?”
You whip your head around every which way. How did you get to the forest? Weren’t you headed towards the Bed and Breakfast? Just a few minutes ago, you left the shop to trudge back to the house. So how is it that you somehow turned yourself around and ended up on the other side of town? There isn’t much you remember. You vaguely recall passing by the creepy park again, but everything after that is a blur. 
Groaning, you bring your gaze back to the tree line a couple feet ahead of you. If he didn’t kill you at the shop, Jungkook will definitely kill you now for not taking his warnings to heart. Though, you’re not sure why you are following what he’s told you. You’re a grown adult. You shouldn’t let him walk all over you. Yet, maybe you can see where he’s coming from. Seeing the forest at night is much worse than in the daylight. And even during the day, you have yet to step close to the area, the fear of the worst possible outcomes bubbling up in your throat from the mere sight of it.
The longer you stare into the forest, the more you begin to see shapes dancing through the trees. You can’t look away. The shapes entice you, pulling at you, making you want to step closer to see what the commotion is about. You have to will yourself to stay put as your legs ache with the need to venture between the trees. Your eyes follow as the shapes become smaller, dancing further into the forest. If you listen close enough, you swear you can make out the sound of laughter echoing from inside. You blink. Suddenly the ache in your legs is gone. You blink again. The shapes are nowhere to be seen. Were they a figment of my imagination? They had to have been, you realize. It has to be the effects of your terrible sleep the past few nights along with the fact that the cloud-covered moon is high in the sky at this point. The darkness of the night only brings trouble for your eyesight.
Taking a step back, you decide it’s time to head back. Surely the host is back at the Bed and Breakfast already, waiting for you like a parent trying to catch their child sneaking back into the house. You turn around once you deem yourself a safe distance away from the tree line. The town in front of you is just as dark and unsettling as the forest. Without the nightlife that you see in the big city, the town looks completely deserted. Almost as if there is no one occupying the houses in the surrounding area.
You don’t know what entices you, but you twist your head to look back at the shrinking forest as you walk. Eyes wide, you falter in your stride. A figure in the shape of a human stands at the edge of the tree line. Who is that? You bring your hands up to your face, rubbing at your eyes. Whoever was there is gone now, leaving you to believe that it’s just the dim moonlight tricking your brain. You rub at your eyes once more, blinking a few times, before hesitantly turning back to return to the Bed and Breakfast.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @jjin-kun @rosiereveries @joyfulhopelox @bangtanhome @swanguk​ @stanny-uwu​
If you would like to be added to the taglist for future chapters, please let me know! Send me a message, an ask, or reply to any of the pied piper posts!
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