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the monsters we become
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Some outfit doodles requested by couple friends!!
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Wanted to doodle @popatochisssp boys Pyre (and merPyre) and King
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Birthday stream art for josie, u know who you are!
(Pyre is @popatochisssp 's Underfell Papyrus, he is excellent!)
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So hard to sign my own surrender
So hard to do what I鈥檝e intended
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I saw this and I wanted to make one too, so
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Took an eternity but look Pyre's kitchen is done !
@nightmare-castle @studionovella @studionovella @studionovella @studionovella @studionovella @studionovella @studionovella @studionovella @studionovella @studionovella (see I made sure to tag you)
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鈥淵ou need me Reader. Your free will is an illusion!鈥
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my top 5 favorite indie games 鈥 asked by anonymous
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@gamefaq鈥嬧榮 played games of 2021
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Darren Korb - Songs Of Supergiant Games: 10th Anniversary Orchestral Collection | Supergiant Games | 2021 | Black | /1000
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atenobear 9 days ago
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This little comic is inspired by a meme I saw a while back. And well soup is food no one can get me to think else way.
@nightmare-castle @studionovella
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pyrepalaver 7 months ago
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i got the songs of supergiant vinyl and i am in Love with this look at how cool everything is and it sounds Amazing
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So curious about the person always asking job applicants about their fav animal at Supergiant Games
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Hell yeah I ponder my orb.
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jodariel, to zagreus: my brother in the scribes you would not pass the rites
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saurexhas 6 months ago
A Really Late NMC Halloween Story Because I Love Halloween
Is it anywhere near Halloween anymore? No Do I care? Also no
Halloween is my favourite holiday, so when I finally had some time to work on some writing stuff, I did this. Who cares if it鈥檚 a month after Halloween? Though at this rate it鈥檒l be a month or two before I do any other holiday stories. Why is the end of the year filled with so many holidays?
Anyways, mind the tags as I seriously cannot picture Nightmare鈥檚 crew pulling punches when it comes to spoopy season.
Nightmare Castle belongs to @nightmare-castle and all other characters belong to their respective owners.
鈥淚f I am to allow you to participate in such a foolish mortal tradition, then I have one stipulation. These鈥 costumes that you鈥檙e supposed to wear, you must all don the appearance of that which truly terrifies you. Only then will you be allowed to commence with your silly celebration.鈥
Those were the terms that Nightmare gave when his minions started pestering him about a Halloween party. He didn鈥檛 see the appeal in the event himself, only seeing it as a pagan ritual that had long since been twisted and perverted to reflect nothing of its original goal. Now, it was nothing but an excuse to avoid work in favour of silly confectionery with too much sugar, tacky decorations, and overly sexualized costumes.
He honestly should鈥檝e known better than to sanction the Halloween party in the first place, because it seemed that his condition wasn鈥檛 even enough to deter his fools. The god could hear them all downstairs on the ground floor, setting up for what was likely to be a loud and noisy night. 鈥淚f they鈥檙e this loud while setting up, then I鈥檒l never get any work done,鈥 he sighed, massaging a temple as he looked at the paperwork on his desk. It was so tempting to march straight down there and yell at them all to get back to work, but he was nothing if not a man of his word. So, he鈥檇 let them have their stupid little party. At the very least, he could feel the negativity from many of them from being forced to wear the faces of their worst enemies.
The noise went on for hours, distracting the king of negativity and hampering his productivity in a way that seriously tested the limits of his patience. He wouldn鈥檛 go back on his word, but it was oh so tempting to start barking orders and put a stop to all the racket. Just as he was considering doing such a thing, the noise stopped though. It was as if the entire castle went silent, not even a breeze from outside howling against the glass panes. As much as he was suspicious of whatever the idiots downstairs were doing, he wasn鈥檛 going to waste possibly the only chance he鈥檇 get tonight to get his work done.
Just as he set his quill to the page, a knock echoed from the door to his office. The sudden sound startled Nightmare, causing ink to be smeared across the page he was working on. If he wasn鈥檛 frustrated before, now he most definitely was, growling as he stood up and stalked to the door. As he grabbed the knob, he practically threw the door open, snarling at whoever was on the other side disturbing him. 鈥淲hat?! What in the hell could be so important as to disturb-鈥
Nightmare had to blink a few times to process what he saw on the other side. There was Cross鈥 in a cow onesie. The normally stoic soldier was fidgeting and tugging at the soft material, a pleasant mixture of fear, discomfort, and anxiety radiating from him. Despite his feelings over his costume, Cross still bowed to show respect to the lord of the castle. 鈥淔orgive me for disturbing you, my lord. The others鈥 sent me up here to ask if you鈥檒l come down and join the party.鈥
It was obvious that Cross wanted to be anywhere but here, and while that aspect of this encounter was amusing, the invitation had him raising a brow in disbelief. 鈥淵ou want me to set aside my work to join my minions in celebrating a perverted and noisy pagan ritual? Am I understanding your request right?鈥
鈥淣-Not just me! Everyone鈥 we would all like you to join us.鈥 A light purple hue streaked across Cross鈥 face, the soldier averting his gaze as he continued. 鈥淲e know you don鈥檛 see a point in Halloween, but we did try to make it into something you鈥檇 enjoy!鈥
鈥淥h really?鈥 He sneered, enjoying seeing the monochrome skeleton in such a passive and uncomfortable state. 鈥淎nd how, pray tell, did you bumbling buffoons cater such a gaudy festival to my preferences? How would you even know what those preferences are?鈥
鈥淲ell鈥 how will you know if you don鈥檛 come down?鈥 The unsureness in his tone did little in his favour, but Cross must鈥檝e noticed how unconvincing he was as he was quick to come up with something to offer in exchange. 鈥淵ou said we were being too noisy, right? What if we promised to keep the volume down once you went back to work so that we don鈥檛 distract you?鈥
鈥淲hile I applaud your attempts at diplomacy Cross, have you forgotten who you鈥檙e speaking on behalf of?鈥 Killer alone could cause more than enough trouble to be a nuisance, especially whenever he decided to antagonize Cross. 鈥淗ow can you guarantee that such a deal will be upheld?鈥
鈥淚f we get to be too loud, I鈥檒l wear this stupid onesie for a week.鈥
Now that caught his attention, a wicked smile spread over his face at the interesting prospect. He could see the chills his smile sent down the soldier鈥檚 spine, chuckling to himself at the idea. His minions almost certainly wouldn鈥檛 be able to keep quiet, but Cross鈥 disgust for his current attire was obvious. Either the monochrome skeleton kept everyone in line and Nightmare was free to attend to his paperwork, or the volume would be kept at a fraction of what it was and he鈥檇 get the constant feed of negativity from Cross being stuck in that outfit for a week. 鈥淣ow that is a deal too tempting to pass up on. Very well, I shall join your鈥 party. But once I鈥檝e had enough, you all best keep the noise down鈥 for your sake.鈥
An audible gulp came from the smaller as he nodded his head, leading the way downstairs to where the others had set up their party. The silence continued as they descended, nothing but the sounds of their feet against the wooden steps to be heard. It was almost as if the castle had been deserted, the god almost believing such were it not for Dust waiting for them just outside the space that had been commandeered for the event.
It was strange to see Dust without his hoodie on, and even stranger to see him with a wig and a false smile on his face. The smile only lasted for a few seconds though before he gave up, fury burning in his sockets as he folded his arms over his striped shirt. Nightmare could only imagine how painful it was for him to appear as Chara, though he wasn鈥檛 surprised by him choosing the genocidal child that still haunted him. Green striped shirt, brown cargo shorts, a brown bob wig, rosy red cheeks, and a glimmering knife made for a complete costume, one that seemed to leave Dust even more uncomfortable than Cross.
The lord of the castle regarded his angry minion for a moment, gaze cool in contrast to the hot fury radiating from Dust. 鈥淲ill this costume be an issue? I鈥檇 rather not have you lose your temper and destroy something simply because of your appearance.鈥
鈥淢鈥檉ine鈥 already broke a mirror though,鈥 Dust grumbled, trying to look at anything but himself. Nightmare sighed but nodded, making a note to keep tabs on his emotions throughout the night to ensure that they didn鈥檛 get too out of hand. 鈥淜iller told me to wait out here for ya, he wanted to know when you were coming in.鈥 And with that, Dust turned and knocked on the door, waiting a few seconds before opening the door.
The room itself was completely dark, though the god鈥檚 night vision rendered such efforts pointless. That didn鈥檛 stop him from focusing on the spotlight in the center of the room, highlighting Killer striking some bizarre pose in an even more ludicrous outfit. 鈥淜iller, what in the world are you wearing?鈥
鈥淎h bup bup! It鈥檚 Sailor Moon tonight, Boss!鈥 Killer winked with the eye that his fingers were making a V over, playfully sticking out his tongue. He was indeed wearing a Sailor Moon costume, complete with pigtails and sailor outfit. How Nightmare even knew of the character was beyond him. Killer just turned his attention to one of the others when his words got no reaction, grinning at Dust. 鈥淚sn鈥檛 that right, Chara?鈥
鈥淵ou call me that name one more time and I鈥檒l send your fucking dust to the moon!鈥 Murderous intent radiated from the skeleton beside him, and for a moment the god considered letting Killer suffer the consequences of his actions for once. But he鈥檇 rather not let the castle be caught in the crossfire, so he siphoned off the excess negativity to prevent a fight from breaking out. Dust merely huffed and wandered off, grumbling to himself as he disappeared into the surrounding shadows.
With the crisis averted for now, he turned his attention back to his right-hand man. 鈥淚 said to dress as the most terrifying creature you could, so why are you dressed like that?鈥
鈥淏ecause there鈥檚 nothing more terrifying than a teenage girl wearing a mini-skirt. And this girl has the magic power of鈥 gravity defying hair! Unfortunately this wig does not and just flops everywhere.鈥
鈥淐-Can we turn the lights on now, Killer? I-I really can鈥檛 see all too well, and you got your dramatic reveal,鈥 came Pyre鈥檚 voice from the shadows, his tall frame somewhat hidden to the point that Nightmare couldn鈥檛 tell what his costume was at first glance.
Obviously disappointed, the teary-eyed skeleton in the middle of the room deflated and let out an overly dramatic sigh, trudging over to the light switch as his pigtails dragged behind him. With as much exaggeration as possible, Killer flipped the switch and cast light all over the room.
Instead of revealing the tacky decorations that Nightmare was expecting, the room was filled with such gruesome scenery to most definitely traumatize a child. Blood and body parts littered the floor, both of which were thankfully fake and would not smell or stain the floorboards. The ceiling was covered in cobwebs, everything stretching and creeping down the walls to ensnare fake corpses that were impressively realistic. Much of the light fixtures were carefully modified, some looking like will-o-wisps while others looked to be screaming undead coming from the walls. Mist drifted from a bubbling cauldron of sorts near a table of various food, the items available looking to be made from dismembered corpses. No doubt Butcher had a hand in that part.
Speaking of Butcher, he and his brother could be seen near a withered old oak tree, the gnarled branches scraping the ceiling while more disturbing decorations hung from its branches. Yet again, one of his minions wore the face of the one that made them into who they are. Butcher鈥檚 bones were painted a sickly blue-green colour, fins stuck to the sides of his skull. His dead right socket was covered up in bandages, leaving the red one free to stare at the room around him. A bright red ponytail was stuck to the back of his skull, and instead of his usual tattered outfit, he was donning a crude replica of Undyne鈥檚 armour.
Unlike Dust however, Butcher didn鈥檛 seem as bothered by his current attire as he munched on what appeared to be several severed fingers shoved into a bun. He just waved to the others that had come in, not bothering with clearing his mouth to speak as he stepped out from behind the tree.
By far the most surprising costume belonged to Pyre though, because the tall skeleton was dressed as鈥 well, as Nightmare. And in true Papyrus fashion, not a single detail had gone unaccounted for. Four tentacles sprouted from his back, static instead of fluid like the god鈥檚 tentacles truly were. But they were accurate in their appearance, right down to the glistening tar that leaked perpetually from them. That same tar-like substance coated the tall skeleton鈥檚 bones, his right socket even obscured from view. While the attention to detail was impressive, he could only imagine how long it took Pyre to pull together everything鈥 or how a monster with poor eyesight could stand to have one eye blocked in such a fashion. Regardless, the costume was extremely flattering. He was one of the most terrifying creatures that Pyre had ever known, and for someone that came from such a desolate world as Horrortale, it was quite the achievement.
Striding up to the tallest of his minions, he could feel Pyre鈥檚 nervousness radiating from him. It was as if all of the others went silent, all filled with a mix of curiosity and dread as to what the outcome of such a costume choice would be. Once he was standing right in front of the taller skeleton, the god鈥檚 neutral expression quirked up as he could see all the meticulous detail clearly. 鈥淚 think your costume has to be my favourite, Pyre,鈥 he purred, seeing the tall version of himself deflate as he let out the breath he was unconsciously holding.
鈥淭oldya he鈥檇 like it bro,鈥 came Butcher鈥檚 calm reply, even if the anxious cocktail of emotions radiating from him were anything but calm. No doubt, Butcher would鈥檝e been at his brother鈥檚 defence in an instant had their king been insulted by the costume.
Before anyone could try to call out his false bravado, Killer was beside them to be a pain as usual. 鈥淗eh, Pyre looks more like your brother than your actual brother does! You finally got your own Papyrus boss!鈥
A sideways glare was thrown his way, tentacles thrashing about in annoyance. 鈥淚s there anything in this stupid celebration that will shut you up? Or will I have to gag you with those ridiculously long pigtails?鈥 Though he hated to admit that Killer had a point. Pyre looked, for all intents and purposes, as if he were related to the king of darkness. He鈥檇 certainly rather have some like-minded Papyrus than his goodie-two-shoes twin.
鈥淭he only way he鈥檒l shut up is if you break his jaw,鈥 Dust piped up, tossing around the knife he had for his costume with relative ease and staring daggers at Killer.
The teary-eyed skeleton was quick to pipe up with an alternative. 鈥淥oooor we get Grandpa to show up like he promised and then I鈥檒l have someone else to annoy!鈥
Cross looked to his teammate as if he鈥檇 grown another head. 鈥淵ou want to annoy Error? He鈥檚 just as able to kill you as anyone here, if not moreso.鈥 The monochrome skeleton rubbed at his sternum a bit with a pained look, no doubt recounting his own experiences with the destroyer.
鈥淚鈥檓 honestly more surprised that you idiots got Error to agree to your shenanigans,鈥 Nightmare sighed, about to question how he could possibly drag the glitching skeleton here to appease the others when a crumpled ball of paper appeared out of nowhere and landed at his feet. Picking up the piece of garbage, it was quickly revealed to be a note from Error himself. I鈥檒l show up when you dress up too. They told me you鈥檇 be your biggest fear.
Crushing the paper even more, it took all of the god鈥檚 patience to not lash out immediately at whoever dragged him into this. Though鈥 the thought of seeing Error鈥檚 greatest fear would be quite entertaining to him. Assuming that the destroyer was secretly watching and could hear him, he called out into the air, 鈥淚鈥檒l do this only if you promise to do the same Error.鈥
The others looked to him in confusion for a moment, silence reigning save for the loud sound of Butcher munching. After a moment though, another crumpled note fell out of what Nightmare could now see was one of Error鈥檚 glitchy portals. The note only had one word on it this time, though it was enough to make the negative being smile. Deal.
Since Error wouldn鈥檛 appear until he played along with his own condition, Nightmare decided to make use of his shapeshifting abilities for the first time in a while. While his body was still the consistency of tar, he was able to morph his appearance enough to appear as his greatest fear. Once the change was complete, he waited expectantly for Error to make good on his end of the deal.
Not a moment later, out walked the glitched skeleton dressed in all manner of bright colours and tacky clothing from the 90鈥檚. 鈥淔resh, hmm? And here I thought that you鈥檇 try to personify touch.鈥
鈥淭ch, dressing as that neon abomination is simpler, can鈥檛 stand that freak.鈥 It was only then did Error stop to look at Nightmare鈥檚 new appearance in its entirety, blinking a couple times before snickering. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e afraid of the rainbow asshole? I thought for sure I鈥檇 be looking at Dream right now!鈥
鈥淲hile my brother may be a very large pain in my side, I鈥檓 more worried whenever he drags that stupid creator onto the field of battle with him. There鈥檚 never any telling what Ink will do in the heat of the moment, whereas Dream is鈥 relatively predictable.鈥
鈥淕uess I can鈥檛 blame ya there, even I can鈥檛 predict him after all the times I鈥檝e fought against him. Not used to seeing such a tall Ink though.鈥
鈥淚 agreed to look like that fool, not to be the same height as that midget.鈥 He was pretty proud of his impromptu costume though, his new appearance complete with the creator鈥檚 scarf, coveralls, and his lack of shoes. Even his left eye changed shape every so often, though the right one was still covered in negativity as per usual.
Killer was the only one in the room daring enough to interrupt the two powerful beings during their conversation, clapping his hands once to steal everyone鈥檚 attention. 鈥淎nd now that everyone鈥檚 here, let鈥檚 start the party!鈥 With a snap of his fingers, the teary-eyed skeleton turned on the music. It was classical music with a slightly sinister vibe, perfect for the occasion and a far better music choice in the god鈥檚 opinion compared to the garbage modern music played around this time of year. Some of the others headed towards the food, trying to get some before Butcher ended up eating all the good options. None of them seemed to balk at the grotesque appearance of their meals, not even Cross whose tacos looked to be stuffed with brains instead of beef.
Pyre was enjoying the music, dancing by himself in the open space in the middle of the room. While it certainly wasn鈥檛 any dance befitting the era of the music being played, Nightmare bit back his criticism when he felt the enjoyment coming from Pyre鈥檚 soul. In fact, everyone was enjoying themselves, even Error who had snagged an entire tray of chocolates shaped like various body parts. What really shocked the dark skeleton though was when he found himself tapping his foot in time with the music.
Sure, he had work to do, but鈥 he always had work to do. And with how much fun his boys were having, he knew that Cross wouldn鈥檛 be able to keep the volume down as he promised. Maybe鈥 he could stay鈥 just for a little while. After all, taking breaks between work often led to an increase in productivity following the break. And the spread of food did smell quite appetizing despite its appearance. And the chosen music was pretty good鈥 鈥淕uess I鈥檓 not getting any work done tonight,鈥 he sighed, heading over to the food table to try a few of the morbid delicacies prepared. He probably wouldn鈥檛 hear the end of this for a month at least though if Killer鈥檚 smug grin was any indication.
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2x18-19: THE ESCAPE
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Tumblr media
Hedwyn, such a good boy.
Probably cooks with oregano oil when he gets out of the Downside.
Tumblr media
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