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someone has probably already done this already but

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JanuRWBY Day 27 - Switch ❤️💙

2 underrated characters who I wholeheartedly miss 🥺

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schnee week (schneek!) day 3: weiss multiship

hey, everyone! so in between other fics, i’ve been chipping away at that HoM sequel — aka Schneekos Fic™ — and i’m superrr pumped to actually finish CH. 1 eventually and post it for real lmao, but for now!! please enjoy a preview :’))) <3

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PEARL OF ATLAS (Heart of Menagerie sequel) [preview]

ch. 1, “Thief from Thieves”

There were other, more pressing concerns, of course, but Weiss realized, collapsing into her seat and staring out at the crowded platform, that it was her first time on a train.

In Atlas, she’d always had her father’s airships to whisk her away from place to place. Well, granted she had the permission. Now, though, all of it, the etiquette, the approval (more often a lack thereof), that glittering birdcage of rules—it all seemed so unforgivably stupid. Like there’d never been a point to any of it. So, yes, it was her first time on a train. Her first time in Argus. Most surprising of all, her first time running away, though not, however, her first time telling a somewhat easy lie to her father’s face to do it.

She curled her hand around the cold, smooth object nestled deep in her coat pocket. It was her first official heist, too. And it wasn’t exactly petty theft.

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Jaune: *Holds a cooking contest* They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So Let’s find out if that’s the case.

Ruby - Can only bake cookies (5 points)

Weiss - Cant make anything at all (0 points)

Blake - Will only make fish dishes (5 points)

Yang - Burns everything she cooks (-10 points)

Pyrrha - Doesn’t know how to cook but tries really hard. Also looks super cute in an apron (7 points)

Nora - Will only make pancakes (5 points)

Ren - Is actually a really good chef (9 points)

Jaune: So Ren, what are you doing this weekend~?

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-Beacon Rooftops-

Jaune: *Wipes the sweat off his brow* Well then, thanks again for all your help Pyrrha. I can’t believe how much better I’ve gotten in over such a small out of time. It really is all thanks to you! *Grabs his backpack and heads for the door* I’ll see you later partner. And be sure not to stay out here for too long, you might catch a cold.

Pyrrha: *Laying on the floor twitching, cum leaking, with a fucked stupid smile plastered on her face*

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you ever just uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh p,,phYiogfs,, pyr,p,rsaadddddddddddddddd, pyHra,,,,

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Glynda: They act out the scene from Lion king where Scar drops Mufasa a LOT. Jimmy did it to Oscar during one of the earlier takes of the “shooting Oscar off a cliff scene” Ozpin was Simba.

Pyrrha: If you meant show wise, not really. We do make fun of all of Ruby’s “protagonist speeches” though! We say them overly dramatically, in funny voices, with silly accents, stuff like that! It’s all if good fun though, Neo’s even joined in a few times!

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Current Prompts for a theoretical Aurora Borealis week:

1. First Date

2. AU

3. Hurt/Missing

4. Beacon Dance

5. Family Life/Domestic

6. Meet the Parents


7: Secret Agents


If you have any other suggestions feel free to put them forward! Only two further prompts, and suggestions for the timeline!

Thanks in advance again! :D

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janurwby day 26: formalwear

“So, are you going to just stand here, or do you want to dance?”

Pyrrha deserves to wear a suit

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also because i went through the effort of editing the backgrounds out, here’s the transparent versions

Luna and Marina were already transparent, so i’m not reposting them here

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It all started out with a mistake. Jaune had let one of his sisters draw a heart on his cheek because “it would look cute” on him. He knew he’d regret letting her do it once. He knew it would be an endless amount of drawings the next time she asked. He had washed off his cheek and sighed. “Sometimes I’m sure all she wants is another younger sister….” And that’s when he saw it happen. On his other cheek, a few more hearts started appearing in various colors. At first, he thought he was seeing things. Drawings cant just appear on someone out of nowhere, can they? 

He touched his skin where the drawings had appeared and his skin felt dry. No smudging or wet marker feel like when his sisters draw on him. Jaune quickly grabbed a marker and drew on his arm, adding his name to it. He figured if these drawings were coming from nowhere, then at least he might be able to get a name. He waited for a few minutes before going to bed, deciding to wait until the morning to check. 


Pyrrha stared at the name that appeared on her arm, having a mild freakout. “M-Mom! I have another drawing! And this time there’s a name!” 

Pyrrha’s mother, Athena, walked over to her daughter and smiled. “Maybe it’s your soulmate. Just be careful dear. I dont want you getting into any trouble.” 

Pyrrha nodded and started drawing some more, leaving her name on her arm as well. “Dont worry mama, I wont.” 

“Good. And you should start going to bed. You have training early tomorrow.”

Pyrrha smiled and finished writing her name, adding a heart at the end. If this was really her soulmate, then maybe she’d be able to find out more. And maybe have a friend. 

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Ruby: *wincing as Pyrrha sat her down* I’m fine…

Pyrrha: *frowning* You have a broken rib.

Ruby: And I told you I’m fine! *wincing and holding her side* I didnt fall from very far.

Pyrrha: This is why I told you not to go alone. You’re lucky I found you when I did.

Ruby: *sighing* I was fine. I’m always fine.

Pyrrha: No, you’re not.

Ruby: How would you know?

Pyrrha: Because… I get what you are going through. But pushing yourself like this isnt the answer. You have to calm down.

Ruby: *frowning* You have no idea what it’s like!

Jaune: *walking over to Ruby* So you’re just going to put yourself in danger all the time?

Ruby: I’m not putting myself in danger. I can handle myself-

Jaune: No, you cant.

Ruby: I’m fine-

Pyrrha: *pushing Ruby over, pinning her* And we’re not going to watch you push yourself into danger like this. What exactly is the plan when we get to Mistral? If we see Cinder, then what?

Ruby: *going silent*

Jaune: *walking over to Pyrrha and gently putting a hand on her shoulder* I… I think that’s enough right now. We made our point.

Pyrrha: *heading out of the room to go on a walk around the village*

Jaune: *sighing* Ruby, we care about you. And we want to help. We really do. But, you’re making it difficult for us to. Please, let us be with you when you practice.

Ruby: Fine…

Jaune: *smiling* Now rest.

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Pyrrha but she has fangs reblog if you agree

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The prom episode in Volume 2 was the pinnacle of human evolution.

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Rifle Pyrrha (Pyrrha Nikos) from RWBY: Amity Arena. (2) (Posted January 26, 2021)

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