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Pass the happy! 馃尰馃寛 When you receive this, list 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in the notifications!

thanks 🥰 💓 okay so, some small things: a satisfying conclusion to a book, chatting w pals, finding a new song/artist to play on repeat, fresh air, winning chinese checkers 

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can i request hcs for kuroo’s f!s/o being bff’s w bokuto & akaashi?

  • If there ever was one supreme crackhead group, this is it. While Akaashi keeps you all grounded to earth, you guys have the most fun.
  • There’s a bit of jealousy coming from Kuroo when you’re especially close to Bokuto at any given time. But poor Koutarou has no freaking intention of stepping in the way of your relationship - he’s too himbo for that.
  • The group chat is most active very late in the night. Or early in the morning, however you look at it. Akaashi has it on silent, though, and only checks it when he feels like it, or when he’s been @ ‘d or pinged.
  • Being friends with two volleyball players, plus dating another, means you’re always at the courts watching them. Because they’re on different teams it’s hard to pick a side because you want both to win!!
  • Bokuto will come up to you at the end of a game and be like, “Did you cheer for me?” But then Kuroo will be right there after him, asking the same thing, and if you’re not careful with how you decide to answer you might start a brawl.
  • Kuroo is always eager to point out that you’re his girlfriend, and although the boys have known you for longer, he’s the one dating you currently. For whatever reason, he thinks this puts him up above them, but it really doesn’t.
  • Akaashi is there for you with your emotional support - if you just need to chat, or take a break from all the crazy energy that your boyfriend and Bokuto give off. “Girl talk” is what he calls it, and yes he calls it girl talk.
  • When it comes to sleepovers, they’re all pretty respectful. Besides the fact that Akaashi is the only one that puts the toilet seat down after using it pfft- anyways, they’ll all either turn around or leave the room when you’re changing. Plus, you’ll get the bed before any of them.
  • Listen, it’s kinda like you’re dating all of them, except the deep feelings are reserved for Kuroo alone. Everyone loves everyone as friends, and it’s a beautiful thing.

.・。vinny .・゜rules ✭・. masterlist・✫.

best friend bokuto is literally my fave.

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music man moodboard with loud and aggressive things please? thank you in advance!! :D

I’d be more than happy to! I’m just a bit confused, would you be able to give me some more ideas? Sorry, i’m having some trouble adding stuff. Are there any colors or additional themes I should add?

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The boyz reaction to you being on the same show part 2/4


Originally posted by mingyusbinch

Hyunjae (Running man)

The two of you were already a couple and have been public for 3 months. You were invited on running man for a special couples episode. The two of you were going against the other couples in a relay race, and you ended up winning, considering Hyunjae is very competitive. He actually kissed you at the finish line, which caused everyone to tease the the two of you for the rest of the episode. 

Juyeon (Law of the jungle)

Juyeon was just a fan of your group when the filming started. But during filming he found himself watching you more than the others. Any chance he got he would help you, whether it was lifting something heavy, helping you grab something that was too high. After filming he wasn’t going to say anything, but you had actually asked him for his number, which he gladly gave.  

Kevin (Hello Counselor)

Kevin had a big crush on you, but he’s really awkward so he probably won’t talk to you too much, but when he does it comes out with a stutter, or just doesn’t make any sense. He tried his best to not stare at you the whole time, limiting it to only when you were talking. After filming he’d probably try and ask you for your phone number, but he’d be very shy, so it wouldn’t come out properly. It would probably go like this. “Hey, uh, you uh, do you uh… sorry. Just uh forget about that.”  “Do you want my number?”  “…Yeah.” 

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Bist du ein Mensch der anderen schnell vergibt und gäbe es etwas, das du einen Menschen niemals vergeben könntest?

Ich hege keinen Groll über Menschen, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass ich die Tat vergesse. Ich vergebe schnell, weil ich keine Zeit für Verbitterung habe, aber ich vergesse nichts.

Betrug und Verrat sind Dinge, die dir die Menschen antun, die dich in keinster Weise lieben und wertschätzen. Für diese habe ich weder Platz in meinem Leben, noch in meinem Herzen.

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no im not a “pet mom” with an indoor cat, i have like 10 feral children who consider my garden a crash pad and think of me as their weird aunt who lets them stay while their parents are mad at them

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I realised (part of the reason) why I’m so angry with how the season 4 of The Magicians ended.

It always ends badly. Doesn’t matter what it always ends badly for any queer characters or at least not how it’s supposed to.

Shadowhunters? Yeah, the characters were awesome, but the show got canceled so instead of having a whole season to finish their story they had to do it in 2 episodes.

Dirk gently? The show got canceled the season before the characters were supposed to get together (at least that’s what the rumors said)

And now, when l had the hope that for once I’m going to see my two beautiful queer characters happy together, when they gave us so much hope, they killed Quentin.

So yeah, I’m fucking furious.

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