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#q&a time

Guilty Parade is on the Steam Game Festival!

We are going to answer questions questions about Guilty Parade and its development, talk about our plans and share the latest news online. 

On June 18 from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT (New York Time) we will be waiting for you on our Discord Channel.

Come to ask your questions and get development insides! We will be very happy to see you!

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I LOVE a London accent of really any kind. After that probably a Scottish or Irish 😍. Oh and also RP (is that last one really strange? I feel like it is).

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Pikachu, Spiritomb, Lucario, Umbreon and a few others!

Pikachu: I had a couple plushies and I loved them to death. Almost carried it around everywhere!

Spiritomb: my friend and I were playing through Pearl again and since eevee isn’t available until after the main game, I needed another Pokemon. My friend suggested Spiritomb and I was just like “oh okay then” so I got it and named it Aku (my friend’s nickname suggestion!) and we made him out to be a bastard due to his nature. Every time we would do something, Aku had some kind of input (my friend gave him a voice too, it was hilarious)

Lucario: my first pokesona was one! Now he’s his own character

Umbreon: I actually don’t have a reason for why I like Umbreon. I just do!

Edit: heck, I forgot about the Bulbasaur line!!

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Uhhh I don’t really know any celebrities? I only know of Keanu reeves and like. The Spider-Man dude named Tom but that’s it. I’d say Keanu would have immaculate vibes.

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Heyyyy wow, this page is actually growing very fast tysm :D So I decided to do a little about me/Q&A. I’m gonna list some facts about me, and if anyone else has any questions feel free to comment and I’ll answer :)

About me:

1: I’m 19 years old (turning 20 this year :D)

2: I’m currently majoring in communication arts/Theater. When I transfer next year, I’ll be finishing up with Media & Culture/production.

3: I really love cats. I have seven of them 😭

4: I’m asexual :) (not aro, though they’re totally valid! I still have romantic attraction)

5: Follow up to 2-I’ve actually been acting for fourteen years. I really, really love acting.

Ask anything now :) but yeah thanks 💜

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SOOOOO I have big news!!!!

Today is the 4 year anniversary of my blog!!!!!!!! YAY

I am going to be doing a blurb night, and if you guys ask I’ll tell you guys all about what I’m working on!!

I know I’ve been MIA recently but being a college student and balancing my tumblr and home life was extremely stressful so I took a needed break.

BUT I am back now, because in TWO WEEKS I’ll have completed my first year of college!!!!!! YAY

I’m so excited to start writing for you guys again, send in all the blurb requests that you want, and I’ll get them done as soon as I can. If you have any questions about my previous works or future works feel free to ask those as well!

As you all know @calumsnatchedmyheart was so kind and gave me her blurb prompt list and that is still linked in my bio! MAE I LOVE YOU AND I AM FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU!

I love and missed all of you guys so much!!!!!! 💛


Originally posted by thenichibro

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Ahhhh thanks for asking! 😚

Actually, my biggest plan for this year got cancelled due to Corona. A friend and me would have gone to London to see Hamilton, but, well. We’re rescheduling now and hoping we can finally go and see it during the fall break…

About new plans: There’s nothing I HAD to do, whatsoever. But I decided to focus more on my Japanese studies and I finally got around to reading books on my to-read list. And I even managed to start writing a new book…

So, tbh, all in all quarantine’s been going rather well for me. I still hope we’ll somehow get to see the end of this sooner than later.

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