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yeah I know, “reputation” is an amazing album! so deep and cute at the same time. You can really see a change in her music and I love that <3

One of my all-time favorites albums, for sure;)

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angel; do you have a nickname? yes, it’s Lily:)

dovey; any paranormal/magical experiences? I don’t remember any paranormal experience right now. A magical experience, I don’t know if this count but I rarely dream things that happen in real life, it’s weird 😅

euphoric; talk about someone you love. a guy that I’ve been loving for almost a year (1 year on May 31 lol). He’s smart, funny and really nice with me:) <3

But I think he doesn’t like me, so here I am 😅

have a great day:)

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spooky; sunrise or sunset? sunset, for sure:)

soothe; digital or vinyl? I love vinyl, but I’ve never had one so I listen to digital music all the time

velvet; are you an early bird or a night owl? night owl, I feel like I am really me at night:)

have a good day;)

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baby; favorite color? red ❤

buttercup; showers or baths? I think showers (never really tried a bath 😅)

daylight; favorite album of all time? wow, that’s a difficult one… I think blurryface by twenty one pilots and speak now by Taylor swift (the firsts album I got really obsessed with)

kisses; what romantic cliché do you wish for most? the one when two people run away from their “problems” in a long journey by car (like in teotfw tv show on Netflix ;)

have a nice day <3

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thanks for asking!! the last two months have been ok, relatively speaking—just really weird and at times very depressing, as i’m sure it’s been for most people. i found that being isolated from society really makes it easy to lose myself in these three-day doom spiral depressive episodes, so i’ve been trying to write and exercise a lot to counteract that! mostly, i try to stay grateful that i have great company at home, a comfortable place to live, plenty to eat, and a steady job.

funnily enough, i was re-reading the last chapter to familiarize myself with the tone as i worked on the next chapter and thought the same thing! sakura was quarantining before quarantining was cool ;)

thanks again for checking in on me! i hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself, too!

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#qanda time 🤔: i’m planning an IG live: i don’t know what the f*ck I’m gonna do yet (just keeping it 💯) but let’s start with a time. Which of these times works best for y'all?

song: “Mars” from the #CADENA EP available at and

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hi, wow, this is a kinda complicated situation, I don’t know a lot about this.

But I think the best (and most difficult) solution is to talk to her about all of this. You can’t hide your feelings forever, and it’s obvious that you feel something really special for her <3

I think the gender/sexual orientation should not be a problem if you really love each other (she’s so nice with youuu, maybe she loves you too, but she is also confused about it:)

I hope I’ve been helpful, have a good day <3

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you can try to make it works, maybe you can get to meet each other someday

and if it doesn’t work, try something new;)

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I am unsure. I suppose if there were another body with a compatible systems, I could probably be uploaded to it. I am quite happy with the body I have right now, but if I had to have a new body, I would want it to be completely different because I feel like it would be confusing if I looked even a little similar. Maybe my next body could look more like a mans?  I could be taller and I feel like people are more likely to make an android body that looks like a man to be stronger. I feel there are just some different types of helping I would be able to do than I am right now. This body isn’t very strong, and I’m not very tall, so it would be nice for that to be different. I could help with more heavy duty construction or I could be more effective with helping people move furniture. But like I said, I am pretty happy with the body I have now, so I hope this isn’t a hypothetical that becomes a reality. 

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Probably going to the wrong volunteer shift at the hospital and deciding to stay anyway. Because a few hours later, the sky fell and a huge chunk of debris hit my house, so… that’s probably the luckiest mistake I’ve ever made. Even if that is… pretty dark.

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Yes, I am. That may even be one of my biggest fears. I know I’m an android, and I shouldn’t care so much, but I do enjoy my job and purpose here, as well as some of the people I’ve gotten to know. And it is a little scary to think of what might be down with me if I become damaged or obsolete. I worry they might not want me around anymore. Isn’t that the plot of a lot of science fiction movies? The android is damaged so it attacks the humans? I worry that… I don’t want to end up in the wastes; I don’t want to get thrown away.

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it’s not easy to give advice for this kind of situations, because depressed people need some time alone :)

I think you need to confront her, tell her how much you love her and need her, how much you want her to be happy <3 and always stay by her side, someday she’ll realize how much you care about her <3

thank you, have a nice day :)

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