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Welcome to the NCT Discord RP server!

Do you enjoy NCT? Have you ever wanted to write as your favorite member outside of tumblr with? Look no further! The point of this server is to bring fellow NCT fans (new and established), to write, have fun developing our characters and make new along the way.

The group will naturally be held in a canon setting as they go through their day-to-day as idols, while also trying to navigate a polyamorous relationship and keeping it out of the public eye.

Full details of the roleplay are located on our blog. We hope you check us out!

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part 14 — not alone📍

↳ qian kun has always been the most responsible out of his group of friends but what happens when he’s tasked to look out for his bestfriend’s little sister who refuses any of his help?

or, a story in which kun tries to break down her walls but ends up shattering his own along the way.

— masterlist📍

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wayv reaction: their best friend confesses to them while drunk

     Because, as one of my favorite mutuals knows better than anyone, wayv deserves more content. Don’t sleep on wayv. Most of these are pretty freaking long, so have fun with that. Now, Enjoy.




Originally posted by officialqiankun

     It was all for nothing—the shiny emerald dress, the jeweled stilettos, all of it. This night is completely ruined. And after way too many wide-rimmed glasses of champagne, so are you. A particularly judgmental stare from a bleached-blond in a tuxedo across the hotel’s ballroom is enough to send you to the grand doors, throwing them open. You take off your heels, holding them in one hand, and stumble back to your hotel room. When you arrive, you plop down onto the white king-sized bed and cry. You cry and cry until there’s a soft, somehow apologetic knock. 

     You manage to get to the door, if shakily. Mascara has attacked your face, making you look like a wreck. “Where were you?” 

     “The show ran late.” Kun lowers his head. “I’m so sorry.”

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Kun: you stabbed him?!?!?

Yangyang: in my defense, you didn’t hear what he said.

Kun: what did he say?

Yangyang: “what are you gonna do, stab me?”

Hendery: I’m with Yangyang on this one, that was practically an invitation.

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ᴡᴀʏᴠ'ꜱ ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ᴛᴏ ʜᴇᴀʀɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜ

ᴍᴏᴀɴ ᴛʜᴇɪʀ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ɪɴ ʏᴏᴜʀ ꜱʟᴇᴇᴘ


woohooooo alrightyyyy thank you for requesting my lovely 🥺 anon uwuuuu ilysm

i’ll do the sfw one in a day or two but enjoy the filth in this one ig 🥴 i hope you like it hhhhhhh

PSA: this is actually gender neutral btw owo

also, this is like,,,,, DIRTY dirty so,,,, i would refrain from reading if you’re under 18 as everything under the cut is inappropriate and is adult content,,,, also dont read if you’re uncomfortable with insinuated sexual content okay?

otherwise enjoy bbiessss 💕 (requests are open uwu)


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favourite thing — qian kun

warnings: dom!reader, sub!kun, handjobs, oral (m receiving), overstimulation

requested by anon ; hope you enjoy!

the way kun whines, body jerking and writhing as you stroke him through his second orgasm of the night, only makes you want to keep going. his hands desperately search for something to cling on to, sliding from gripping at the bedsheets to clawing down your back. it’s how you can tell he’s already lost control, mindless with orgasm, because he would never want to hurt you. but now, his fingernails dig into your skin, clinging on desperately as you keep going.

“shit, no, no, i can’t take it,” he whimpers, watching helplessly as you don’t slow down your pace, just using the slickness of his own come to keep jerking his dick. it’s so spent, but kun can already feel himself growing hard again.

“you want me to stop?” you ask, already knowing the answer.

with barely a pause, he shakes his head vigorously, before throwing his head back against the pillow with a moan when your thumb slides over his head, pressing into his slit harshly and teasingly.

“too much, so good,” he whines, before mumbling some more incoherent noises and curses.

it’s your favourite thing; to bring kun, usually so put together and organised, a strong and caring leader, to a begging, sobbing mess. his hair is a mess, the fading blue stuck up in places from where you’d pulled him to you in a searing kiss earlier, pushed him down onto the bed with force. there’s marks, hickeys, covering his body from where you’d made your way down slowly, murmuring praises into his skin. there’s some on his neck, but mostly over his chest and stomach, and you’d had to resist biting a heart into his soft tummy, kun wriggling adorably as you licked and nibbled onto where he was so so sensitive. and now, with a hand around his cock and the other caressing his cheek, you watch him fully as he breaks down for you, sweating and panting with effort.

“you want to come again, darling?” and he nods so fast you think his neck might just break.

“want, so much,” he can barely gasp out the words, hips bucking and thighs twitching with want, with need. “please, please,” his begs are so sweet, voice raw, and instinct tells you what to do next. sinking down, you only have to wrap your lips around the tip of kun’s dick before he’s coming with a cry, soft sobs as he shudders and spills into your mouth.

you lean up so you can kiss him, and kun pulls you closer when you do, eagerly licking into your mouth to taste himself even in the haze of his third orgasm. when you pull back, he’s a picture of ruin, swiping his own come off of his lips with his tongue, and tears staining his pink cheeks.

“was that the last one?” and you can’t help but notice the disappointment in his voice.

“not unless you want it to be,” after a moment, he shakes his head shyly, and you slide back down, licking a trail through the puddle of come on his marked stomach until you’re taking him into his mouth again. he whines and shivers, so sensitive, as always, when your tongue presses against his skin. you draw back so you can lick a stripe down the length, looking him in the eyes when you trace over his balls before turning your head and pressing a soft kiss to his thigh.

with one of his wrists in each of your hands, you guide him gently to take your head into his hands, feeling his fingers thread into your hair.

“i want you to use my mouth until you can’t come anymore, taste yourself on my lips when you kiss me again, use your little cock ‘til it can’t be used anymore. can you do that?”

with a groan, kun uses his hold on you to tug your head closer, push his dick to your lips.


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You sit on the kitchen unit, watching carefully as best friend!jungwoo places yet another batch of muffins into the oven. You see, the members were all getting together to celebrate Taeyong’s birthday, only he had absolutely no idea about it. Everyone had to keep quite (while Kun bribed Chenle and Jisung with rolos and chocolate to make sure they said nothing).

Doyoung had taken up the job of preparing savoury foods and Johnny had put together a list of drinks everyone would like at the get together. Jaemin had volunteered the job of getting a few tubs of ice cream, and the rest of dream had prepared decorations to be put up later today in time for the celebrations.

y/n, what else do you think we’d need?Jungwoo stood upright, dusting the flour from his apron front. Honestly, you had no clue as to whether he actually needed anything else. He’d already baked three trays of tiny cookies, fourty-two cake pops, the actual birthday cake, four trays of muffins and a traybake to top it off.

um, don’t you think you’ve baked enough, woo? I mean, I know there’s a lot of you, but do you seriously think you’d all be able to finish this??

You gesture to the table, where all the treats had been laid out and wrapped in cling film.

You’re forgetting that we have a wild Lucas in our group, y/n”

With these words, he grabbed a cloth and began wiping down the kitchen units and sink. You helped a little by placing the sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla extract back into your baking cupboard (as Jungwoo was using your apartment’s kitchen to prevent any visits from taeyong).

Well, in that case, you could make a few, I don’t know, toffee apples? Banana fritters?

At this point, you were turning to dishes ten had told you about, hoping to at least present the illusion that you were trying to think of something. Jungwoo listened, nodding at the options, thinking over the ingredients he would need to complete these treats.

Even if he never managed to make them, he knew having his best friend with him would make everything 100× better.


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okay this took me forever to get around to oops! hahahha this is honestly way too many words for nothing to really happen but I had fun writing it. would love to maybe continue this eventually!

tinder!au i guess??

kun despised the idea of dating apps. absolutely hated it. he always criticized the vanity and impermanence of meeting people online and stood by his ground that you could only find the perfect match in person. when kun created a tinder account under the influence of a few drinks and some very resilient friends on a friday night in, he still hated dating apps, but he’d admit now that maybe he was being a little early to judge.

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