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ruthsica month ago
It's a truth universally acknowledged that if you're a man named Shen in a danmei novel, you are a devastating beauty
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yuziyoua month ago
Tumblr media
Qiang Jin Jiu AD s3 ep 4 cover
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momoliee13 days ago
Hi, momoliee....Thanks for answering my ask....If you don't mind me asking, who are your top 5 (or top 3) favorite couples from all of the danmei novel that you've finished reading until now? And why do you like them? Sorry if you've answered this before.....
Usually when it comes to ships, to me it鈥檚 always more about how much I enjoy the dynamic itself rather than the depth so here goes :
1. Ranwan : two lifetimes. three personas. three separate stories. beautiful. full of love. We have the tragedy and angst that鈥檚 Chu Fei and Taxian jun with all its pain, we have the bastard mo ran 1.0 and his obsession with Shi mei while Chu Wanning watches from afar in pain and self deprecation and longing. And we have mo ran 2.0 and his gentlemanly respectful manner trying to cover up the beast within as well as the flustered and overwhelmed but nevertheless happy cwn. They give you angst, jealousy, possessiveness, sweetness, fluff, respect, sex. One chapter mo ran is preparing a whole feast based off of cwn鈥檚 tastes, the next hes fucking him brainless before one of them is somehow dying or getting his soul torn out while the other cries while holding him. Basically it鈥檚 a full package stuffed into one ship馃拃. That鈥檚 of course without even going into the analytical depth of their love and relationship and all that but let鈥檚 keep it here.
2. Fei Du x Lou Wenzhou : I remember while reading the novel I thought, this is one of the hottest steamiest slowest of slow burns ever without even the explicit sex. Fei du constantly invading lwz鈥檚 space, constantly flirting with him, constantly making his moves and the moment lwz so much as gives him a sly glance, watch him fall down the stairs cause he wasn鈥檛 expecting THAT. Their relationship revolved a lot around then sizing up each other and constantly trying to piss each other off. And then finally, our sociopathic little boy at last found someone to love him and care for him after all these years of suffering and pain and鈥 pls theyre just wonderful ok.
3. Cezhou (from qjj) : enemies to lovers need I say more. Their dynamic started off very very fun, I鈥檇 laugh at how they鈥檇 act around each other, feeling like each was trying to pull at the pigtails of the other with all the mocking and pettiness. Then it鈥檚 slowly progressed to romance and their romance is so so sweet and so so sensual. It鈥檚 full of love and feelings and emotions and you can just feel it. Even the sex feels so鈥oving idk theyre just so in love it鈥檚 heart wrenching
4. Wangxian : pls we have the class clown/trouble maker x the good stiff rule abiding student and who doesn鈥檛 love a bit of that. What I love about them is that they really understand each other without any words needed. Wwx doesnt have to explicitly tell him why he did what he did, cause lwj knows and lwj understands. Lwj doesn鈥檛 have to smile or raise his voice for wwx to catch that he鈥檚 happy or figure out that he鈥檚 angry, he can just always tell. There鈥檚 this communication without actually communicating that many couple no matter how much they blow each other鈥檚 ears while talking, they can never reach that level of understanding. Idk they have a very very very deep and genuine connection and it鈥檚 just, it鈥檚 nice.
5. Hualian : they鈥檙e warmth, they鈥檙e healing, they鈥檙e home. They feel like a sweet cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Them healing together makes me feel like a part of me is healing too. Maybe it鈥檚 the everlasting love or all the quotes like, 鈥測ou made me realize how simple it is to be happy鈥 but, I鈥檓 just very fond of them.
Honorary mentions : Ximang !! And yushipei :D
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nyankocatnyana month ago
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fionafuartwork7 months ago
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awanoa month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I'm getting a little tired of the number of times Chi'ye calls attention to Lanzhou's neck these days. Boy needs a cold bucket of water over his head.
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root085 months ago
OMG OMG Qiang Jin Jiu will be adapted to a drama..OMG I鈥檓 screaming!!!!!!!!!! I can鈥檛 believe it!!!
Tumblr media
I love the novel and the characters. It has a very heavy Storyline ( if you do not like Empires/politics/wars/ or power schemes , you probably won鈥檛 like this book.) Personally when I started reading, i was bored and confused but by chapter 20 i was suck in it, i couldn鈥檛 let go; it鈥檚 so good (for me anyway)!
The plot is amazing with many twists and mysteries. And the main characters are *the cerises on top of the cream *! They are so complex and NOT your loving loving usual BL couple. They were ennemies at first , As a matter of fact, they were always trying to put little traps for each other and sometimes the way they communicate is so funny, they back stabbing each other with words馃ぃ ( reminds me of that couple in Peerless which i love by the way as well). But they protect each other as well and are cute in their own way 鉂わ笍
Protagonist: Shen Zechuan also called Lanzhou
Tumblr media
Yooo he is a piece of work okay? He is soo ruthless, cunning, scheming and almost indecipherable. Sometimes he is killing and you will be: 鈥渓ike what???like how can he do that? no wait did he just do that?鈥濔煠p煠ike damn I love him. In the beginning everyone is seeing him like a beauty (which he is, he鈥檚 the most prettiest man described in the whole novel and he got the Gong/Seme so much in love with him) incapable of doing nothing even to a fly and then he turns around and BOOM he kills hahahaha. OMG i love him so much, he fits right in the bill of my favorite type of protagonists which is scheming and strong Ukes.
ML: Xiao Chiye (Ce鈥檃n)
Tumblr media
How can you not like Xiao Chiye? He is badass, wild and ALWAYS horny/ in heat (estrus whatever, i mean who bangs on a horse?tsk tsk anyway..)! He is so intelligent and moves like no other. In the beginning, he acts as a fool or more a wasteful rich young master BUT he is just as scheming as Shen Zechuan if not more. Everything he does has a reason and he understands and see through mostly every schemes around him except understanding sometimes what Shen does ( even i as a reader i have a hard time to decipher Shen鈥 moves).anyway....
I can鈥檛 wait to see the cast especially of the main characters cause they鈥檙e so complex, i wonder who will fits the bell! I鈥檓 so excited already.!!!!
If you鈥檙e interested and would like to read it. Here is the link:
Artist of the arts/illustrations: @澶忎箣鏉 (weibo) ; however she also has an account on GRACG with many beautiful arts. here is link to her profile
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andoqin6 months ago
Novel Rec
Qiang Jin Jiu / 灏嗚繘閰 by TangJiuqing
Tumblr media
QiangJinJiu (QJJ) is about two men who at the outset couldn鈥檛 be more different, or really from more different circumstances, who are thrust together by the vagaries of politics and fate and find that they have many similarities that bind them together.聽
Shen Zechuan is the only surviving son of a concubine of a traitor Prince (not royalty prince) who barely survived to adulthood (no thanks in part to our second main character) and is now on the path to bloody revenge on essentially the whole of this empire鈥檚 aristocracy.聽
Xiao Chiye is the youngest son of another country prince, surpremely blessed in physical abilites and the arts of war. His family is responsible for a large part of the nation鈥檚 defense and so he is sent to the capital as a sort of hostage for the emperor not to suspect his family of traitorous thoughts as well. This is the worst kind of environment for him, because he grew up on the wide plains and hates the confines of the city,聽
SZC and XCY鈥檚 first meeting does not go well (SZC is imprisoned and already close to death and XCY gives him a kick that is pretty much meant to send him to the underworld) but they both grow up imprisoned by the politics of the capital. SZC hides away for years, before he comes out into public to execute his revenge and at first XCY鈥檚 dislike of him holds true, but soon enough the fascination between the two of them leads them to have what is pretty much a one night stand.聽
From there their relationship develops further and further while the outside world believes them to be on opposing sides. And while the two of them definitely have their own goals, they are an amazing force when combined.聽
My personal feelings/review:聽
I really, really like the way this relationship is developed, initially there is so much animosity, but you can tell there鈥檚 something else there too and they have sex fairly early on. Afterwards it doesn鈥檛 immediately develop into love, but neither can deny that the attraction they feel is real. SZC even goes to a brothel to see if he feels anything when looking at the kind of men/boys to be found there, but they leave him entirely cold and it is only when he is with XCY that he feels that heat.
One thing that I really appreciated was that SZC looks (and mostly acts) like a pretty boy, but he can chop people鈥檚 heads off like nobody鈥檚 business if he so desires and that鈥檚 something that XCY really appreciates about him too. He is ruthless when it comes to reaching his goals, as he needs to be, but if聽
Furthermore the politics in this novel are insane in the best way, there are so many names you have to remember and so many named characters play an important part down the line.聽
Another thing I appreciated, which is similar to LSWW, everyone (in their camps) knows XCY and SZC are together and it鈥檚 not really commented on beyond the fact that the guards often have to listen to them fucking haha. In the most recent (translated) chapters they have been talking about getting married as well! I don鈥檛 think that鈥檚 technically a thing in this universe but who鈥檚 gonna stop the two of them. They are *such* a great unit together, but they also understand that they have to fulfill their own goals.聽
The translation is going very fast, currently there鈥檚 110/282 Chapters translated with a new one coming out around every 3 days.聽
I have no idea if it has a happy ending (if you have spoilers, pls hit me), I could see this ending up either way, but honestly what a ride no matter what.
TL;DR: should you read QJJ?
If you like really intricate plots, tropes like enemies to (devoted) lovers, murder couple, and possibly bringing down all of the aristocracy as a main goal? Yeah, do check it out!
Edit: maybe I should include links too...
English translation here:聽
Original JJWXC link:聽
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khunsimp9 days ago
I wish qiang jin jiu could get a thai drama, not a c-drama(Hell, even a occident country adaptation or a japonese yaoi anime studio would do) because the sexual tension is too important to they relationship, and, cenzhou started with hate sex/ pure desire. How the hell they will do a drama without that? I wish that, at least, qjj could receive a manhua( they can put more content in that. But a japonese yaoi manga with everything would be great ;-;. But this would be too good to be true) . Qjj isnt the most explicit, but have one of the most passionate and sensual couples in danmei, no, in all kind of romance books. Isnt just chapters with sex or kiss. Its passion, in all the ways, more and more complex per chapter. Its something constant and intrinsic to the plot and character. Mdzs and 2ha have more explicit content, but the quantity and raw passion is waay bigger in qjj in all aspects and in importance to the history. The passion is important to the plot, to their characters. U can truly feel it in your bones when u read this amazing novel. I am afraid of the C-drama. For real. (Also, its almost 300 chapters. If they even try to put this in 30 episodes... gosh).
(NOT SAYING THAT IS BETTER than wangxian(i am wuxian biased for life) or 2ha, just saying that about this element. Its a fact. )
Also, probably, the best adaptation will be Heavens official blessing, because dianxia isnt just hua cheng lover , he is his god. So, they will just put all the obsession and care in this aspect to pass censorship. It is, maybe, the easier danmei to be more truthful to the story with the danm censorship.
Tumblr media
Qiang jin jiu(also, for some reason, i read and wrote it as qiang jiU jiu for a loooooong time. Why? Who knows) deserves better! Cezhou huge passion and love deserves better! Fuck china censorship, hate u
(My english is shit, sorry (not really) for that).
Also: a group for qjj fandom! We need to, u know, prove that we exist?
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yuziyou13 days ago
Tumblr media
QJJ [ 灏嗚繘閰 ] audio drama s3 ep 8 cover
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mo-dao6 months ago
Qiang Jin Jiu
AudAudio Drama Covers ( PART 2)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dangermousie2 months ago
Hello !
I was wondering whether you could rate and tell us of your top 5 favourite webnovels/cnovels of all time ?! (Sorry if this has already been answered lol馃槄)
Thank you, stay safe and have a nice day馃枻
Awww, thank you and that is such a lovely ask!!!
From n1 to n5, here they are (they happen to be all danmei.)
1. The Husky and His White Cat Shizun (2ha) - my n1 forever and ever.
Taxian Jun, the horrific cultivation emperor of the world who razed cities and destroyed sects, is surrounded on his mountain. The righteous sects are terrified to confront him but tired of living, Taxian Jun consumes poison and dies by suicide at the age of 32. And opens his eyes as 16 year old Mo Ran, Mo Ran long before he became Taxian Jun, Mo Ran who is excited at a chance to save the one person he loved and lost. Oh, and to deal with his loathed shizun, the unapproachable and strict Chu Wanning, his past life鈥檚 biggest enemy.
I have no idea if it鈥檚 objectively the best on this list but it hits every trope I love, its bleak worldview (the world will change only incrementally but that鈥檚 enough, average person will not appreciate the sacrifice but it鈥檚 still worthwhile, and love is worth everything) mirrors mine, and the sheer complexity of the plot and cascade of plot twists each of which is insane and yet completely logical, is amazing (this is a rare novel where it鈥檚 even more fun to reread than read for the first time because you keep seeing all the hints and trail crumbs laid out that you did not see the first time.)
And the characters!!! I mean, this novel has multiple universes/timelines, a side trip to the Underworld AND the demon realm, a plot more twisted than a store鈥檚 worth of pretzels and yet the thing that hits me the most are the characters. Mo Ran is my favorite web novel character of all time and I love Chu Wanning so. All the secondary characters are wonderfully written (and some of them made me bawl) and they are all complex. My opinion of all of them changed many times over; the novel doesn鈥檛 make it easy to love some of them but then you do and it鈥檚 so worthwhile! That slow change is one of the delights of the novel - I started out disliking the unpleasant, superior Chu Wanning and cruel, callow Mo Ran and then I loved them so so hard and cried for them so so hard and was in awe of their heroism and sacrifice and selflessness and capacity to love.
Oh, and the fact that this novel does something almost impossible - it has its protagonist start out as so clearly irredeemable and then slowly and painfully and thoroughly redeems him (without ever letting the reader forget what it is he needs redemption for.)
Also, for a novel that made me cry so hard I felt ill, this book is just so damn funny with the most sarcastic sense of humor imaginable (the serious angst doesn鈥檛 even kick in until 90+ chapters!)
Anyway I should stop or I will write a dissertation. But this is the one web novel that I would put in my top 5 not just web novels but any novels in any shape or form. The plentiful trigger warnings are there for a reason so stay away if they are an issue, but if not, if anyone hasn鈥檛 read it yet, what are you doing with your life?!
2. Stains of Filth (Yuwu) - another novel by the author of 2ha. Clearly she just pushes all my buttons every time. This one is much shorter and has a plot that is twisty but less twisty than 2ha. Still, all that means is that intensity and the pain are more concentrated.
Aristocratic Mo Xi and former slave Gu Mang were both legendary generals of the empire and lovers. But Gu Mang betrayed the country and switched to the enemy. Now he is back as a peace offering by that country and Mo Xi has to deal with the fact that his feelings are as strong as ever.
This novel!!! So much pain and intensity!!! So many amazing plot twists and supporting characters. The same bleak world view, the same unjust society, the same protagonists doing right things despite the cost. Mo Xi鈥檚 intensity and inability to let go (he鈥檚 imprinted on Gu Mang and that鈥檚 it) is romantic, bone-shakingly intense, and tragic all at once. And oh Gu Mang! So many times I just wanted to reach into the book physically to protect him. The novel deals with unjust societies, memory versus personality, what it鈥檚 like to be good in a bad universe etc. And it both made me sob and giggle, repeatedly, and sold me on literally death-defying (but not honor-defying!) love.
Oh, and special shout out to the fact that like 2ha, you may start out hating some characters and end up a rabid fangirl (cough Murong Lian!)
3. Qiang Jin Jiu - a dense political tome that takes a while to get going but then it鈥檚 a runaway train.
In a fictional dynasty, Shen Zechuan, the only remaining son of a disgraced aristocratic family and Xiao Chiye, the younger son of a family of generals guarding the border join forces (and then something else) to get power and pull down the dysfunctional system.
This is so elegant and smart (a rare web novel I鈥檇 recommend to anyone who just loves solid period fiction) and you probably need a notebook to keep track of the politics and military strategy. These characters are very very smart not just because the author says so.
As to the characters, there is a large cast and I love many of them, but for me the novel is made by Shen Zechuan and Xiao Chiye. SZC is gorgeous and delicate and icy and can kill you before you have time to blink. Saddled with the sins of the family he had no pleasant interaction with, he claws his way out of hell (seeing the sinkhole he was trapped in, literally as well) to take down those who wronged him but also to amass power so all the tragedy and corruption won鈥檛 happen again and the whole rotten system comes crashing down. XCY is a military genius who is trapped as a hostage in the capital because the court doesn鈥檛 trust his family. He longs to return to the plains of home and to take his rightful place. The two men start out as bitter enemies, then reluctant and sniping allies, then as friends and eventually as one of the most gorgeous, tender, swoony OTPs.
Anyway this is one is a bona fide masterpiece, equal parts smart and emotionally intense.
4. Wu Chang Jie - are you an emotional vampire? I am and this novel is a banquet.
In a highly fantastical setting, we meet our protagonists - the sunny Xie Bian and the intense and surly Fan Wushe. Xie Bian is a human who assists his master in conveying souls to the underworld and making sure no mishaps happen. Bian is concentrated sunshine in human form and to meet him is to love him. When the novel opens, his drunk master brings back another human to be his shidi and assist with duties - said human is uncommunicative, intense and surly Wushe. Bian is excited to have a shidi but little does he know that a story dealing with the horrors of past lifetime is about to start.
Anyway, why WCJ? So many reasons. It has such a dark bleak worldview - this world is a horrifying system where powerful cannibalize each other鈥檚 cores for an impossible chance to ascend, where gods have sealed off their realm and all that鈥檚 left is neverending human misery and hell (the only way you鈥檇 see a deity is if they鈥檇 been sent down to suffer over and over and over), where even reincarnation doesn鈥檛 fix things and bad acts are often unpunished. And the novel then asks - is it worth being a good person in such a world? More, is it worth being a good person in such a world when nothing good has ever happened to you and you have been repeatedly betrayed due to your goodness? And the answer, on Bian鈥檚 part, is an uncompromising yes.
Ah yes, the other reason to love this novel - the protagonists and their fucked up fucked up relationship. Bian (who was Prince Ziheng in the past life) is so genuinely good. But he is that rare thing - good but not saintly, noble but not cloying. So much of the novel is his getting taken apart over and over and barely able to put himself back together every time but his soul is still as amazing as ever.
And then there is Wushe (who was Prince Zixiao in past life, Ziheng鈥檚 not-bio-related brother.) Wushe is not a good person. He is a monster. And he loves Bian/Ziheng more than his life and his soul and the entire world but he鈥檚 also the one who hurt him more than anyone else ever could and did it over and over. His love survived a literal century of torture in the worst kind of hell and refused the usual memory loss of new life. But it also humiliated and broke Ziheng down to his constituent parts.
One of the things that is so fascinating to me about this novel is the question of what can be forgiven/what should be forgiven/what kind of expiation is enough/can you ever love someone who you loved so much and then he hurt you so badly and is now repentant? And it never sweeps trauma under the rug or hand waves it away but deals with it head on.
If you want healthy relationships, you should stay far away from this novel but if intense insane ones with a feral barely human one capable of destroying the world leashed by love and guilt to the sane deeply good one is your bag, come right in.
There is also the world building and the fact that yes, the big fall out between Ziheng x Zixiao is based on not knowing all the facts but it鈥檚 not 鈥渨hy can鈥檛 you talk?! This is dumb!鈥 But is totally in keeping with both events and their characters. It鈥檚 reasonable for Ziheng to do what he does and for Zixiao to misunderstand and decide Ziheng is now his biggest enemy (but still one he鈥檚 fixated on) and for Ziheng to never be able to clarify.
Anyway, once again this is trigger warning central so please heed those, but if they are no issue, this one is wonderful.
5. OK, this is hard and switches between Sha Po Lang, Heaven Official鈥檚 Blessing and The Golden Stage depending on my mood. So what the hell, I am gonna write about all of them.
Sha Po Lang - so smart and so much clever world building. There is enough politicking to satisfy a Qiang Jin Jiu fan, it鈥檚 steampunk, and our two protagonists - Gu Yun, the empire鈥檚 most powerful general, who鈥檚 loyal to the empire despite being badly wronged by it, and Chang Geng, a cursed prince with barbarian blood and horrifying childhood - are wonderful separately and together. This is a huge slow burn but it鈥檚 totally worth it! They fall in love with each other鈥檚 hearts and brains and ability as much as anything. (Yes, this is the one with the yifu thing. Gu Yun is made Chang Geng鈥檚 foster father when he rescues him and brings him back to the capital as a way to keep CG safe in imperial strife. They are 12 and 19 at the time so clearly it鈥檚 never a parental relationship.)
Heaven Official鈥檚 Blessing (TCGF) - I love it鈥檚 sprawling narrative and cast, I love its inventive setting and picaresque story. It鈥檚 hilarious and can make me cry. But the novel鈥檚 place on this list is due to Xie Lian who is part Kenshin part drama WWX part pure goodness wrapped in heartbreak and trauma wrapped in sunshine.
The Golden Stage - two smart and principled (yes, they both have principles different though they may be) men navigate their arranged marriage, their past friendship and their past break up, become a super couple (one of the healthiest danmei couples I鈥檝e ever read and proves healthy doesn鈥檛 have to be boring), save the country and bring down the emperor or two and just generally this is my rainy day book.
I guess I didn鈥檛 write as much for the three n5 candidates as I did for 1-4 but my brain is beginning to curdle so...
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nyankocatnyan6 months ago
Tumblr media
[ He hated this empire to death. He also loathed these faces to death. ]
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fionafuartwork11 months ago
Tumblr media
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hamliet11 days ago
Hey hamliet I want to read QJJ but it鈥檚 a little intimidating...could you tell me a bit what it鈥檚 like? CP dynamic and what kinda story it is (tragedy, hopeful, plot-heavy or romance-heavy?) thank you! I鈥檇 like to hear your thoughts on it.
Hi! Yeah, it's definitely plot-heavy and... complex. I feel you! It's also romance heavy, though. They're really well intertwined.
The main pairing is enemies to lovers, and it's told equally from both of their points of view. As for their dynamic:聽
Shen Zechuan is the youngest son of an accused traitor who barely survives a massacre of a battle thanks to his elder sworn brother saving him at the cost of his own life. Because Shen Zechuan is the only survivor of the battle and of the Shen family, he's arrested and tortured as a scapegoat. Shen Zechuan鈥檚 father was a聽鈥減rince鈥 (think governor more so than a blood prince) and his mother was a courtesan concubine (plus he was the 8th son), so his status even in his home was pretty low and his blood brothers weren鈥檛 really part of his life.聽
Meanwhile, after Xiao Chiye鈥檚 elder brother wins a decisive battle, Xiao Chiye is sent to the capitol city as a sort of hostage to prevent any thoughts of rebellion in his elder brother鈥檚 mind (because the kingdom is reeling from the Shen incident).聽Xiao Chiye is the youngest son of another 鈥減rince鈥 (governor) who is also a renowned general. He鈥檚 the second son, though, and his father, despite being a tough general, is a romantic who never remarried after his wife鈥檚 death. Xiao Chiye is very much like his father, but his elder brother is rather like his mother, yet still a formidable military strategist. You can see the parallels and contrasts.聽
Anyways, Xiao Chiye hates being a glorified hostage and leaving his home, so when he sees Shen Zechuan, he blames him for his circumstances and kicks him hard enough to kill him. He survives, barely, but is left with lingering health issues from the kick and the torture.聽
Five years pass, and then Shen Zechuan is finally freed from the temple he鈥檚 been confined in and ends up reluctantly working with Xiao Chiye to uncover several political plots. They have a one night stand, and then... feelings start developing even as the political situation gets more and more unstable. Xiao Chiye pretty quickly realizes Shen Zechuan is actually after 1) revenge, 2) proving his father was not a traitor, and 3) plans to rebel himself...聽
It鈥檚 pretty antagonistic early on, but there鈥檚 a fascination between them and really good foiling (they鈥檙e opposites, yet similar; they鈥檙e yin and yang). Xiao Chiye is the more sentimental despite being the more traditionally聽鈥渕anly鈥 one, and is the heart to Shen Zechuan鈥檚 mind. Shen Zechuan thinks all he has left is hatred, but Xiao Chiye reminds him that he鈥檚 human and that humanity comes with a full spectrum beyond just聽鈥榟atred.鈥 Xiao Chiye likes challenges and taming wild animals, but he needs to actually tame himself. Shen Zechuan is, in meme-terms, dead inside, yet his greatest desire is to live. Xiao Chiye is full of life and vigor, yet he is much more cavalier about his life. Their dynamic is pretty great, going from tension and what鈥檚 basically hate sex to聽鈥渙h how I love you so鈥 and 鈥渉e did not want this person to hurt anymore, ever again鈥 in a way that feels more than natural.聽
Thus far only about 2/3 are translated, but a new chapter is translated every 3 days, so you don't have to wait long. I also got spoilers from some very very helpful people who are able to read it in Chinese and took pity on me.
It's both tragic and a happy ending. The main pairing gets a happy ending, as does one of two side pairings (the wlw one--yes, there鈥檚 canon lesbians--gets a happy ending; the secondary mlm one sadly does not). Shen Zechuan and Xiao Chiye get a happy ending not just through life, but through accomplishing a lot of goals, family, etc. So it's happy.
Don't get attached to most other characters though, because the author is pretty brutal. And yet the characters are so likable it's hard not to. There's also an issue with... there are no real "enemies." Even most of the antagonists are genuinely not bad people, and there are two perpetual themes that come up: what is the cost of victory? and the idea of scapegoating. Sooo a lot of the antagonists are scapegoats and what happens to them isn鈥檛 鈥渇air鈥 even in a poetic sense. From what I've heard what happens to one of said antagonists at the end will Make Me Unhappy, but I've also heard it is indeed framed as tragic.
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鉅 鉂勶笍 鉅娌 饾懗饾拏饾拸饾挍饾拤饾拹饾挅鉅饟嵓鉅饾憵饾懄 饾憥饾憶饾憯饾憭饾憴
饟崲 鉁夛笍 饟們 to:: 饾懞饾槱饾槮饾槸 饾懗饾槩饾槸饾樆饾槱饾槹饾樁鉅鈥 鎴戠殑蹇冩槸浣犵殑鉅 馃枊
娌 饾槆饾棽饾棸饾椀饾槀饾棶饾椈鉅 啵憗 鉅饾槾饾樃饾槮饾槮饾樀饾槶饾樅 饾槬饾槩饾槸饾槰饾槮饾槼饾槹饾樁饾槾鉅 馃帎
钀ю潚勷潚嗏欚潚傪潚 鉅 饟彶戟 鉅饾憵饾懄 饾憼饾憿饾憶, 饾憵饾懄 饾憵饾憸饾憸饾憶, 饾憥饾憶饾憫 饾憵饾懄 饾憼饾憽饾憥饾憻饾憼
饾惐饾悽饾悮饾惃 绛栧畨 鉅 鉃 鉅饾惁饾惒 饾悰饾惃饾惒鉅 饟娍
饾悧饾悎饾悁饾悗 饾悅饾悇鈥欚潗饾悕鉅:: 鉅浣犳案杩滃湪鎴戝績涓爛 馃惡
饾悧.饾樉饾櫇饾櫈饾櫘饾櫄 鉅饢セ鈾ワ笌 鉅饾懞.饾檱饾櫀饾櫍饾櫙饾櫇饾櫎饾櫔鉅 藪藪 鉅姘歌繙
饾悅饾悶鈥欚潗氿潗 鎰 饾悑饾悮饾惂饾惓饾悺饾惃饾惍鉅 馃崄 鉅饾憼饾憸饾憿饾憴饾憵饾憥饾憽饾憭饾憼鉅 鈼
# 钀х瓥瀹 to # 娌堝叞鑸 :: 鈥 饾槓 饾樃饾槩饾槸饾樀 饾樀饾槹 饾槱饾槩饾槸饾槰 饾槩饾槸 饾槮饾槩饾槼饾槼饾槳饾槸饾槰 饾槱饾槮饾槼饾槮 饾槩饾槾 饾槾饾槹饾槹饾槸 饾槩饾槾 饾槺饾槹饾槾饾槾饾槳饾槪饾槶饾槮 饾槩饾槸饾槬 饾槮饾槸饾槰饾槼饾槩饾樂饾槮 饾槷饾樅 饾槸饾槩饾槷饾槮, 饾槦饾槳饾槩饾槹 饾槉饾槮鈥欚潣潣, 饾槹饾槸 饾槳饾樀.
饾棲饾椂饾棶饾椉 饾棸饾棽鈥欚潡潡: 饾梹饾棃 饾柨饾棊饾柤饾梽 饾棐饾棃饾棊饾棆饾棇饾柧饾梾饾柨
饾棪饾椀饾棽饾椈 饾棢饾棶饾椈饾槆饾椀饾椉饾槀: 饾柨饾棊饾柤饾梽 饾梿饾柧 饾棐饾棃饾棊饾棆饾棇饾柧饾梾饾柨, 饾棐饾棃饾棊 饾柤饾棃饾棎饾柡饾棆饾柦 !
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鉅 鉅 鉅 鉅 鉅 鉅 鉅
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鈥淩egardless of who my parents are,鈥 Shen Zechuan turned his head to the side and whispered into his ear, 鈥淚 am Shen Zechuan. Whether your word is the truth or a lie is of no significance to me at all. I am my own nightmare.鈥
The land under his feet?
Zhongbo could not tie down Shen Zechuan at all. He was not as attached to his native land as Xiao Chiye was. On the day he fell into the Chashi Sinkhole, he became a man without a hometown. Ever since then, he severed all attachment he held towards the land. He could never gallop in the grasslands; his wings were born out of the darkness of the night. If Xiao Chiye was Hongyan Mountains, then Shen Zechuan was the frigid wind coursing through the territories of Zhongbo.
Shen Wei, Bai Cha.
He did not care for them at all.
This chapter once again showed how cold and ruthless SZC can be in pursuit of his goal, and also how his past has severed his attachment to the land. His only attachments are to the few people he cares about, like Xiao Chiye, his husband. And yes, he did call Ce鈥檃n 鈥漢usband鈥 earlier. His parents aren鈥檛 important to him and can鈥檛 be used to affect his actions.
It was here Shen Zechuan stood, yet he remembered the abyss in his dream. He had always stood at the brink of the abyss without taking that one step forward, because he did not know what kind of change that one step would usher in. But then, he heard the sound of horses鈥 hooves.
That was the wind that came from Libei.
Shen Zechuan released his hand. At that very instant the eaves collapsed, Shen Zechuan strode a step out. His white robe went fluttering in the wind as he plunged down like a bird with its wings folded. The wind swept past his ears. He felt as if he had experienced a dream.
Still, stagnant waters lay at the bottom of the abyss, and it was here Shen Zechuan fell and stirred up waves of ripples. But the breathing in his ear was so, so intense. A vibrant life force brimming with vitality dispelled the darkness as strong arms held Shen Zechuan tight. In that split second, the lifeless waters seemed to have brushed off its extraneous dust to metamorphose into Xiao Chiye鈥檚 chest.
Xiao Chiye had caught hold of him.
Insert obligatory moment of swooning at these two鈥
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