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i shun your transman qrow becomes a maiden theory and raise you trans girl may marigold becomes a maiden

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Probably my most controversial rwby ship opinion is that I ship “birds of a feather” ( Qrow/Robyn)

Your all going to call me straight for this but it’s really cause I’m Bi and have a crush on both of them ( I also low key hc them as both Bi or Pan as well)

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That was an ask response and the ask said, quote, “I think it would beautiful if Mercury died in a fight against Qrow while Qrow was drunk.” Which um…. yikes 😶 Yikes for multiple reasons ._. 

Yikes #1: Mercury… Is a victim of abuse from an alcoholic father.

Yikes #2: Qrow is an alcoholic, with volume 6-onward a RECOVERING alcoholic.

Yikes #3: Qrow getting drunk SPECIFICALLY to fight Merc… is an insult to both characters .-.

Yikes #4: No one deserves to relive trauma especially not in their final moments ._.

In conclusion: Don’t make Qrow get drunk he’s been doing good >_> And if they DO get Qrow drunk, which’ll make me very upset <_<, don’t have him KILL Mercury .-. Also yikes

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Here’s a sketch dump. Happy Clover day too!


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{{ boredom hit while playing Minecraft so I spent 30 minutes on this. Maybe I should make a Vol 7 one and a clover one for my hubby and me to have matching ones 🤔 }}

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Well look whos come back once again.. -_-  (I said i didn’t want to draw him ever again because he was soiled for me now its reverse psychology that he’s been soiled so much to the point I have to draw him again.)

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So uh, I think the Fair Game discord server I was on got deleted. Anyone have the same occurrence of it just disappearing?

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I know it’s going to be cinder in the prison with Qrow but we all know Raven is a maiden capable of also using fire when using her maiden powers. I’m just saying let’s not rule out Raven portaling to Qrow and having to fight Cinder again before getting Qrow and Robyn out.

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everyone: uh oh

me: qrow isn’t gonna die because not matter what his semblance doesn’t want him to

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He looks…. so girly here….

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Did you know

                                               that crows are

                                                                                                 a sign of bad luck?

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Have a Qrow x King Phobais doodle cuz a friend ships em and now I do too. And yes Im taking requests of this ship

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{{ this is my contribution to Fair Game and what may forever be my crowning moment on Tumblr. A sketch that will be unfinished.

Now time to go back to my hole of art block }}

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@qrowbadluckcharm continued from here:

Winter was already regretting this. She had agreed to go on a lunch date with him, sure, but that didn’t mean she was fully prepared to do so. In fact, she didn’t go on dates, so she wasn’t even sure what to do. Looking at herself in the mirror, she swallowed and then headed outside.

The fact that he was waiting for her made her cheeks burn slightly as she walked over to him. “Don’t make me regret saying yes, Qrow.” She sia,d but there was very little bite in her tone.

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Qrow: Clover, can we talk?

Clover: yeah, what’s up?

Qrow: Um… it’s just… Well, sometimes I… Don’t feel like a man.

Clover: Qrow, I’m trans.

Clover: I mean, it’s no secret. I don’t hide it or anything

Qrow: *surprised pikachu face*

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