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note: this is just something I wrote up after  finishing  volume 6 last spring and never posted, I figured Id do it now since the next Vol. of rwby is premiering soon. its the first time Iv done an analysis on a character so its pretty simple 

Since semblances are a manifestation of a person’s soul through their personality/ego/ response to trauma we can use them to infer about a character’s backstory even if it is only implied to us 

for example, Blake’s represents disassociation, Ren’s is emotional repression, Weiss is defined by her family, Jaune, Thinking his worth is tied to what he can give other even if it destroys him in the process, etc

Since the bandit tribe goes by the mantra of. “The strong live and the weak die” I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents/parental figure of Raven and Qrow heavily favored Raven over him, and contently belittling Qrow saying he “was a screw up” “couldn’t do anything right” or “brought bad luck everywhere he goes”. ( I wouldn’t be surprised if this person is also an alcoholic since Qrow is and it’s implied raven is as well) with all of the belittling from this person ( and later his sister), he begins to believe it and it becomes his entire identity and eventually his semblance. 

while Raven, on the other hand, was embraced by the tribe and therefore took their teachings to heart and explains her patronizing, selfish nature as well as her “survival of the fittest” mentality.  That’s why Ozpin was never able to completely get through to her as even though he shared his magic with both of the Branwen siblings and trusted them. Or perhaps she was once as loyal to Ozpin and her family as Qrow was but lost it when she learned the truth about Salem.  That would account for her semblance of being connected to family members, as strong kinship was necessary to the bandit tribe for survival.

When Qrow and Raven are sent to beacon to learn to kill huntsman he changes his ways because of Ozpin’s mentorship ( And I like to believe summers love for him and his love for her) and shows him that there are good things he can do for Remnant. That explains the line from after “the lost fable” And his rash actions “No one wanted me” the people that helped Qrow see his own worth are gone, summer is dead and Ozpin was lying and has no idea how to actually defeat Salem, everything he worked for was meaningless now. That’s when he starts to hit rock bottom.

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  • date nights usually consist of exploring the mansion together, having a romantic candlelit “dinner” (ozpin can’t eat so they just talk), or just cuddling together
  • ozpin is freezing to the touch, but this doesn’t stop qrow from hanging all over him. he says it’s like having a portable ice pack.
  • on the other hand, to ozpin, qrow is like a space heater. part of the reason he allows qrow to touch him so much is because of the warmth he brings— although he feels guilty about it, considering the cost for him being warm is qrow being cold.
  • it took a long time for qrow to finally ask ozpin about how he died. it was more of a confirmation than anything— ozpin’s smoking outline, burn marks that flickered onto his face when he was annoyed, and the general state of the stove in the kitchen were more than enough to tell qrow what had happened— but it gave ozpin an sense of relief to be able to open up and talk about it.
  • (qrow once asked ozpin how oscar died. ozpin went mute and froze until qrow snapped him out of it with a frantic apology.)
  • ozpin is extremely overprotective of qrow. he knows the mansion curse is going to kill him one day and he’d rather his boyfriend stayed alive as long as possible. he knows how awful it feels to die.
  • ozpin can’t sleep, but sometimes he’ll lie down next to qrow at night and shut his eyes. qrow thinks it’s cute.
  • sometimes qrow chucks random things through ozpin for fun. ozpin hated it at first, but now he’s so desensitized to it he won’t react at all. qrow once threw a dictionary through ozpin and ozpin didn’t process it until the book hit the floor and startled him.
  • ozpin goes incorporeal when he’s startled. knowing this, qrow has made it his mission to scare ozpin when he’s holding things so he drops them. so far, qrow’s startled ozpin into dropping seven books, three pencils, and, on one memorable occasion, the toaster.
  • qrow says ozpin’s kisses feel like a butterfly flapping on his face. he finds it endearing, but it only makes ozpin wish he was alive again so he could give his boyfriend a real kiss.
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Fairgame - Chasing Cars, part 3


One more part to go after this one! Hopefully I’ll finish it a lot sooner😅

The gorgeous hand-lettering is once again done by the amazing @ludussy !💜

Thank you all for the support on the 1st and 2nd part, and all the 254 wips inbetween. Love you all!💕💜

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