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#qrow branwen
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Winter: I am seriously fed up with Branwen, he has been following me around for years and arguing with me over the slightest of things, it is driving me mad. I cannot get any peace, and he gives me these big ‘puppy eyes’ if I ever do something he does not agree with, which is nearly everything. Oh, and he is smug. Constantly. Every second of every day is ‘Heh, I know you want me, Ice Queen.’ And maybe I do or maybe I do not, but it does not matter, since he annoys me and refuses to leave. Now I am starting to fear he never will.
Clover: Didn’t you marry him?
Winter: Irrelevant.

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Qrow: (see Willow)

Willow: (see Qrow)

Qrow: I am a former alcoholic who’s lover was just stabbed with a giant sword.

Willow: I am a current alcoholic whose husband is abusive and cruel.

Qrow & Willow: do you want to suffer in eternity together?


Willow: (burst into the room where her three children are sitting) you have a new father!

Winter: What!?

Weiss: ???

Whitley: good for you mother. (not paying attention)

Qrow: (walks in)

Winter: oh hell No!

Whitley: … wait isn’t he a criminal?

Weiss: good for you mother! (genuine happiness)

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Ruby - [comes off the boat and walks onto Menagarie soil to see her uncle] Did you miss me ?[semblances onto his arm like a baby koala] Did you miss me ?! DID YOU MISS ME

Qrow - [stares at her for a good long moment] Of course I did

[Ruby gasps in surprise]

[Qrow shifts her into a hug]

Qrow - How’s it going kid ?

[Ruby is too happy to speak]

[Yang comes off of the ship and pauses at the sight of Qrow hugging someone. She tries to go back to the ship]

Qrow - Yang Xiao Long, you get into this mandatory family hug this INSTANT

Yang - [groans] Uncle QROW

Qrow - [points to his feet, which are within hugging distance]

Yang - [walks towards the waiting hug, groaning] My fiancée is here ….this is so uncool


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Qrow gets a friend 2

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Qrow - No one will ever beat my first super bestie , better than the resty “Summer Rose”

Kali - Is that so ?

Qrow - Yes

Kali - Why don’t you tell me about your nie…..

Qrow - [pulling out his wallet, talking excitedly as he shows pictures he had saved over  the years from important life events] Did you know the firecracker punched down the wall of her classroom when she was 7 ? After the yelling from the teachers , Tai said she was a prodigy !

[Kali smiles]

Qrow -  [proud of his nieces, showing one of rubys first concepts of Crescent Rose] And I taught Ruby everything she knows. She made her scythe all by herself , not many kids today can build  something so complicated, she…..

[Qrow catches Kali watching him]

Qrow - Sorry…that’s not cool is it

Kali - You’re a proud uncle, there’s nothing wrong with that

[Qrow nods as Kali brings out a picture of Blake]

Kali - This is a picture of my daughter Blake. She’s on a team with your nieces

[Qrow nods and listens to Kali gush about her daughter]


Writing Requests are OPEN

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