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Here’s a sketch dump. Happy Clover day too!


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I’ve been thinking.

Clover says to Qrow that “someone had to take the fall” meaning him being stabbed and dying because of it. It’s clear by his tone that he is not mocking Qrow “taking the fall” for his death, but rather saying in a somewhat lighthearted manner that it was either you or me. Like Harriet, he thinks his teammates are replaceable, and he believes this so much that’s he’s convinced that it doesn’t matter if he dies. Someone was going to die anyway. Eventually it was going to be him.

And while this isn’t an outright accusation that Qrow is to blame here, it’s about as close as he can get. Still, when Qrow tells him that he’ll have James take the fall, Clover somewhat laughs and wishes him good luck.

Let’s say Clover does somehow come back. Staff of Creation worked and he’s kicking. I’m not entirely sure Clover, despite the fact that it killed him, would swap sides immediately. He still thinks he’s right when he dies. He thinks this is just another casualty in war. He hasn’t apologized to Qrow, but just reassured him that this is fine, that someone was meant to die and it just happened to be him.

Qrow offers him revenge and he laughs at him. Offers him good luck. He doesn’t think Qrow would win.

And it’s such a one-eighty from what we saw Qrow do. Qrow doesn’t take the chance to run, or fly, but stays with Clover, with Robyn. Let’s himself be taken, blames himself for everything, and holds Clover’s pin like it’s the most valuable thing he owns.

Clover called him “friend,” but he obviously doesn’t believe that, or if he does it’s in the weakest sense. He had no faith in Qrow. If Clover does come back, I think it would take a long talk with Qrow about what happened before he sees how much damage was done.

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Qrow: I like men and women, why the fuck am I still single?

Tai: I guess you’re just meant to be…

Qrow: Don’t.

Tai, putting on sunglasses: Bi yourself.


Qrow: This is why my sister left you.

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You know what’s better than a double proposal?

A spontaneous proposal!

Gift for @whatacartouchebag who is amazing and sweet and writes the most lovely fics for the lads. I can’t gush over Cart enough, so go support her works and shower with love pls! 

This comic is a based on some ideas we came up with together for our favourite pair. And if you’re wondering what name came before Terrible, it was Trouble pffft. Birb loves to tease his plant lad but isn’t always prepared for his responses. And to be fair (game), neither was prepared this time around.

All this to say, ily Cart! You always make me smile (and cry like a baby) you beautiful human, you. Thanks for just being you! <3

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Yeah that’s what I figured, the parents were already dead and the tribe saved them. The way Qrow and Raven talk about it, with Raven saying that the tribe was “family”, she definitely feels a lot more strongly about it than he does.

Which honestly fits in well with victims of abuse. Some victims will endlessly defend their parents’ actions (”they beat me because they loved me”), even while their siblings can see through the bullshit. We’ve seen how Raven treated Yang and later the Spring Maiden, she definitely buys into that whole “it’s okay if I hurt you because it’s out of love” mentality. Meanwhile Qrow figured it out early (probably because the tribe didn’t even pretend to love him), and he probably feels very betrayed that she always took their side rather than his.

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Maria: Qrow do you know what “pendejo” Means?

Qrow: nop

Maria: well, you are the greatest pendejo i ever met

Qrow: wow really?! Did you heard it guys?! I’m the greatest pendejo that the Grimm Reaper has ever met!!


Ironwood: I’m gonna tell him-

Winter: no you won’t

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Hey if I were to make an interactive RWBY story, would y’all rather I-

Write it out as a fanfic (on AO3)


Draw it out as a comic? (I’d post on tumblr and insta)

The story is gonna be about “if you were in Oscar’s position” so it’s kinda a self insert thing? It’s where you’re the host for Ozpin, and you get to make choices along the way of the show.

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More Maleficent Qrow doodles!! Qrow 🙌

@yoomschoocs once again did lines haha

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Clover VA Chris Wehkamp twitch ClipsI 

Sharing Clover voice requests from Chris’s past twitch streams. 1 for each day (possibly more) until the hiatus is over. He streams, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, so feel free to join the Clover Squad. (He also voices characters from My Hero Academia (Aizawa), Ace Attorney (Mile Edgeworth), Fire Force (Takehisa Hinawa) and MANY others.)

12 days until the second half of V8

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Tai: You know you can relax.

Ruby: *pacing around the dorm nervously* No, I cant.

Tai: It’s just a final for the semester.

Ruby: That’s why I cant relax!

Qrow: *polishing his weapon* Never thought I’d see the day when Ruby would worry about a test.

Raven: *getting up and wrapping her arms around Ruby’s waist* The boys have a point. You should relax. Worrying about the worst will just make it happen.

Ruby: *stopping in her tracks, feeling weird about the way Raven was holding her* I wasnt prepared for it. What if I fail? Then I’ll get kicked out of Beacon and I’ll never be a huntress-

Raven: And you’ll be fine. Tell you what, if you pass, I’ll take you out for a congratulatory dinner.

Ruby: *sighing* Alright, I’ll try to relax.

Raven: *smiling* See? It’s not that bad.

Tai: *leaning over to Qrow* You know, I’m starting to think I dont have a chance with either of them.

Qrow: And what was your first clue? The fact that neither one has shown interest in you? Or the fact that Ruby seems to be more interested in my sister?

Tai: *sighing* You’ve been waiting for this, havent you?

Qrow: *smiling to himself* To tell you what everyone else has noticed for months? Of course I have.

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I fucking love Qrow so much I just wanna kiss him so badly

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Qrow: So, are you dating Tai and Summer now?

Raven: Yes.

Qrow: Why?

Raven: I happen to find them very appealing…

Qrow: Yeah, I can understand that. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong with their heads.

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Oh how can they not.

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